St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on April 18, 1908 · 9
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 9

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1908
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St. ;laths PailD 6Ight-gemorrat, EASTER BUNNIE MERCV1 1 HOPE I WON'T BE - BLAMED FOR THE CONTENTS OF THAT EGU. AMUSEMENTS. AUCTIONEERS. O. J. LEWIS MERCANTILE Co. N1 1-11C.Z.-1(3.N MATINEE TO-DA11. MARGARET ANGLIN I EENRY MILLER in THE GREAT DIVIDE. BEGINNING (TO-MORROW) SUNDAY. Scats Now On Pale. SHAK E PERE -WEE K. Mr. William A. Brady Announce. MR.. MANTELL In SHAKSPERE. z Sun. night and Sat. Mat MACBETH Monday mght KING LEAR Tuesday night. -RICHELIEC Wed. Mat-THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Wednesday night HAMLET Thursday night. Shakopere's Birthday, one act each from Hamlet, Macbeth. The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Othello. Friday night OTHELLO (as Ingo) Saturday night. KING RICHARD ,.. General Auctinneers a nd Cammlselon Merchints EIGUITIU jANI) LUCAS AVE; TELEPHONE MAIN 1376- Sales Daya:- Tuesdiy, Wednesday. Thursden Friday .,-- . SPRING AND SUMMER ' FOOTWEAR - AT PUBLIC AUCTION.' TUESDAY; .APRIL 21sts, We Will offer an -immense assortment of Men's. Boys'. Youths'. Women's, ;Aisles's' and Children's ,fthe and medium grads footwear In groat variety of style for Spring and Sammer wear. , , ' 0, J. LEWIS MEM CO.- R. U. LEONORI AUCTION AND STORAOEXO. iCENTURY 112. NTIOLH.T GENERAL AVMTIONEERS AND STORAGE. dies. Grand and Laclede 'Avec tact Ina Rooms, 3615 to 3621 Laclede Akio,. ESTAPI-ISHED IS601. SALE DA Y.At Store. Every Friday. Sales at residences a specialty, Cash 'advancod. H. B. Frazee Prexenls A KNIGHT FOR A DAY To-Morrow (Sunday)--Seato;cow on Sole. LILLIAN LLS,SUL,I- OCEAN STEAMEES. t ! 1 r i . t. - t tt , ; ' - te. c1( - tr of , th I of 71Th th- Of I CO: : I - Co Inj rul me tor , 7 f 'Col me tin. -rr8 , r tioi bo - - GENERAL RAILROAD NEWS. EASTERN LINES'' 'DOE n tee from gthe Eastern lines to continth K. the bridge arbitrary conference. no set . tlement having been reached yesterday. , FENNSYLVANIA - AND NEW YORK CENTRAL FIGHTING OVER REDUCED FARES. CONVENTION RATE QUESTION. Besult Awaited with Interest by the Attendants at All Big Suzamer Gatherings. gliscaa.r. Draes.Ton TO THE OLOBZ-DZICOCIAir6 - CHICAGO. ILL., April 17.--Tho two most powerful railway interests in the country, the Pennsylvania and the New York Central lines, are engaged in a de. termined battle over passenger rates, the officials of each road contending that they are fighting for the right principle and for the conservation of revenues generally.. The New.York Central lines are contending for the-principle of reduced rates ' for conventions and large gatherings and strenuously insisting that a lower rate for large movements is. an 130110Mi0 principle from which there can be no escape. The Pennsylvania insists that the making of lower than a 2-cent rate for conventions takes from the railroads the main prop in their suits-to have a 2-cent rate declared unconstitutional. To-day In the meeting of the Central Passenger Association the fight was waged anew between the two interests, and for the second time the New York Central lines succeeded in securing a two-thirds vote In favor of making a rate of 112 cents per - mile for large conventions. The New York Central lines officials regard -the question as settled. The other faction insists that the battle is to be renewed next Wednesday, when a special meeting of the assoa elation is to be held. I SIXTY-Two SUITS FILED FOR STOCK LAW VIOLATION. Government Will Demand Maximum 1 Penalty Against Eight Bail. roads. sPECTAL DISPATCH TO THE GLOSII-DEHOCRAZ CHICAGO, ILL April 17.--Sixty-two suits against eight railroads, 1 charging violations of the twenty-eight hour law, that provides- for the protection of cattle, sheep and hogs in transportation in stock cars, were filed in the United States District Court to-day by District Attorney Sims and Assistant District Attorney Atwood. One hundred similar suits that were commenced several months ago are now pending before District Judge Landis, who is expected to xlecide them within a few days. - In the cages filed to-day fines aggregating $31.000 are possible, and District Attorney Sims asserted it was the -intention of the government to demand a maximum penalty in every case. Yoakum to Address Traffic Club. - The next meeting of the St Louis Traf- fib Club.will take place at the Jefferson Hotel on Wednesday, April 29. The dinner - will be of unusual interest as several railroad men of national reputation will be present. including B. F. Yoakum. chair-ran of the executive committees, Frisco' Rock Island lines; B. D. Caldweli . vice president Delaware, Lackawanna and ' Western Railroad; C. A.- Blood, freight ' traffic manager Lehigh Valley Railroad. One of the members of the Interstate Commerce Commission will also be present and make an address, as will two or three 1 of the principal shippers of St. Louis. , - The Traffic Club was organized last fall tc promote a personal acquaintance and , closer -spirit of co-operation between the transportation and the shipping interests of St. Louis. and has been a success from the start. i The club has no domicile. its headquarters being located in the Offices of the freight bureau of the Business 11en's League. Equitable Building. Its membership consists of more than 200 of the leading railroad. officials and officers of the principal mercantile and industrial 1 , concerns of the city. - ' Burlington Case Affirmed. -4t The verdict of he United States Circuit Court denying the petition of the Chicago. Burlington and Quincy Railroad for an injunction restraining the Nebraska State Railway Commission from enforcing a ruling reducing the rate on grain shipments in Nebraska, was sustained, by the United States Court of Appeals in an opinion rendered -yesterday. Working on Bridge Arbitrary. - The Municipal 'Bridge and Terminal 'Commissiow yesterday took up in a long meeting in- the mayors office the abolition of the bridge arbitrary on grain and grain products. The subject of the abolit Lion of grade crossings was also consid. LVaza e, ,-, - ered at some length. - Arrangements will ba made in a few days to meet a commit.. - , AL1. (4Ci. VI, &LA - Ono E, Ion," i 1 0 , ,Apr.-30!Barbarossa..;. May 2A , , termined battle over passenger rates, the raarti'''se 01:7 gu''llaly'", TO WED AFTER MANY YEARS. st indict ar.e Kurfuerst .. . May 71 DerM Meer May II - - 4, officials of each road contending that they Vice President Johnson of tbe Missouri SEMI-WEEKLY - - , are '-, Mediterranean Service. - - - fighting for the- right principle and Pacifi in charge o tr c, returned to c, f affi it?"' tP M. - headquarters yesterday from New York. Mrs. Bridget Flanagan to Id A! " 4 From Piers 51-52:4 , N ew S . S . " Guiana " and other steamers NAPa ;T::- flierd;sii.X.:!...T 1114-y 14 for the conservation of revenues general- He attended a conference with the Mu- fortnightly for St. Thomas. St. Croix. St. ly.. The New York Central lines are con- nicipal Commission In the afternoon on Moses Mt Flanagan. ' CD41 P. Irene May 4, Luis Mae 29 ,' Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Mar- , ' North River. N. Y. - tending for the principle of reduced rates the g-rain arbitrary question. which is Moses M. Flanagan, employed by the 01 s ea- pSatnyLoausiseBylmillatoWrorwik nanbde gluatZ Oeirich N S ad 'a N soon to be settled. d Corn to n-- - i For illustrated pamphlet, passages. , Mo tinique. St. Lucia. Barbados and Demerara. Cenral National Bank. Fele agent. St.Leuta,., North German Lloyd Travelers Checks. for conventions and large gatherings and William L. Derr, who left the service e 'CUNARD. LINE - w." , A. E. OUTERBIUDGE & Co., TO EURO from which there can be no escape th , PE -'Every - Tuesday - , strenuously insisting that a lower rate for of the Alton last summer to become gen- day afternoon to Ihrs. Bridg t - - Agts., Quebec S.' S. Co., Ltd., 29 Broadwair. large Movements Is. an 130110Mi0 principle eral superintendent of the New York City his boyhood sweetheart in Ireelang.naRan't P,allway. has resigned. The poon has was twenty-six years ago, and since - ! Queenstown, Liverpool, London, Parts New York; ARTHUR AHERN, Seey, Quebec), - -- . , been abolished, its duties being assumed en both have been married and left 4114:7- Canada, or R. FL M. PAIN. 900 Locust at. Record Passage---5 Days 15 Hours. ' 'OF THE Including the Warld-Fimetl, Steamship; ' by One of t e FOUR FLYERS h. The Pennsylvania insists that the mak- by Oren Root, who has become general free to marry again by the death of thejr ing of lower than a 2-cent rate for con- manager. , mates. Flanagan has seven children and wsnrANIA dc MAURETANIA ALLAN LINE OCEAN STEAMERS ventions takes from the railroads the MAYOR SUED FOR SIGNATURE the woman two. He met her In become his wife has r in Chicago a year ago, - Largest , Finest lad Fastest Meat New Ttirle-Sorew Turbine Steamers. main prop in their 'suits -to have a 2-cent TORIAN ouid VIRGINIAN. 12.000 tons TIC n L North Germa' - , rate declared unconstitutional. To-day and the lold engagement was renewed. d4411, ettensonodations and sit partlentars sooty to . he arrived from Chicago a week ago each. Only turbine steamers on the Canadian In the meeting of the Central Passenger jackson Applicant for Saloon License he is sir stopping at his home at THE-CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO, Ltd. - Route. Absolutely no vibration. Midshin sa- , , r , Association the fight was waged anew Wants Executive's Name. 322IA Fisklin avenue, where they will , Ioons, music and smoking rooms on promo- ' KalserWilhelmder Grosso between the two interests, and for the keep house. He le 45 years old and she Lean seats NEW YORK BOSTON CSICAGO de deck. Electric) light and bilge keels. na , Every modern improvement. TP--1-- ILITSIIL.,-i , second time the New York Central lines An alternative writ of mandamus was is 40. Tier husband has heon - 112 WV II 10 I Ira ous Ea, tas I aff , , - .-, .. - - - -- 0 - U - II Johanna. Poskin (nee Cowbey), beloved wife SrITEA., Entere? into rest' on Thursday, ItieeoldthIllExlintr 25c CATAPLASMA KAOLINI.U.S.P. Sailing Every Thursday at 10 ap om nu The Municipal Bridge and Terminal 11plintinanta of Thomas Foskin and dear mother of Danko April 10. 190S, at :55 p tn. Hugo V. scheas, tpoaflurnieig aterial) 500 1.---11-1.11ppi I t...autps 111.ILI..0 .. Established 15 years. All work guar- H. OVERSTOLZ. 106 North Broadway. !mission' yesterday took up in a long le. McGrath. Mrs. Thomas Maloney n ad Mamie dear father' a Hazel. Elsie 'and Hugo Sehe . c(tecd8, ----, G. Foskin. anteed 20 years. E. E. COWiPa, 715 Olive it- leeting in the Mayor's office the aboll- - tures cravnag Tor L l'n Cl MvP Henry Hewing thee geheaa). stall , . Ion of the bridge arbitrary on grain and eeley nr 1 Funeral on Sunday. April 19, 1908, at 1:3o )ur dear brother. aged 33 years. UNION DENTAL CO .L Fcr Sprains. Boils, Felons, Croup, etc., ap- National Bank ply RED CROSS DENVER M17121;,accept no of Commerce. Agent.. in ra products. The subject of the aboli- ....ags and Tobacco. I p. m, from family residence, -No. 2651 South Funeral on Saturday. April 18. 1908, at 2 i et --T cit s to and from at Iowa o grad , 62' OLI1E ST CORNER SEVENTH. other claiming to be the same thing. Tell EUROPE ton f e crossings was also consid- s, S Agnes , e2 . m. fr t , om h e funeral r paki r f Ha s ouck it Branch Office: 331 511SSOURI AVE., your druggist you Want the RED CROSS est rates . Bertha resomde red at some length. Arrangements situ libor Ure 28(13, .Lacustm ileSi Thirteenth treet to L Church thn p , to calvary cemetery. vei S..hmitt, cputh Grand avenue . Interment East St . Louts. l abel. the original and n other Bol I BRDA CO Agents o , d by J. r. AY ., , .. 15 Alp Seventh St , A 0 Znade in a few days to meet a commit- Relatis and frends Silt S ab.t Int cub atAltra smemeneee,r invited to attend.' ' ' ' ' private.. . , . ii . asentwassnamenesse 4 all reliable druggilitth I ' 4 ' , - - - , .., tee from e the Eastern lines to continue the bridge arbitrary conference. no settlement having been reached yesterday. ' Railroad Notes. General Superintendent Ustick of the Missouri lines of the Burlington has arrived at the St. Louis offices, Liggett Building, to assume his new duties. He was at one time superintendent of the St. Louis terminals of the Burlington. Several officials of the Frisco traffic department accompanied the remains of Freight Claim Agent Leith to Dallas. Tex., where interment will take place to-morrow. Much sympathy is expressed for the familv John A. Humbird. one of the stockholders of the Chicago Great Western. Who was instrumental in securing from the United States Circuit Court an injunction prohibiting the company from putting into effect the new Minnesota commodity rate law, now asks the courts to Order that he be reimbursed for his expenditures in the suit, and also that all subsequent proceedings be carried on by the receivers in behalf of the stock- holders. ' John M. Beall, general passenger agent of the Mobile and Ohio. announces that a change in the train schedules will be made or Sunday, April 26. Vice President Johnson of the Missouri Pacific, in charge of traffic, returned to headquarters yesterday from New York. He attended a conference with the Municipal Commission in the afternoon on the grain arbitrary question. which is soon to be settle& William L. Derr, who left the service of the Alton last summer to become general superintendent of the New York City Railway, has resigned. The position has been abolished, its duties being assumed by Oren Root, who has become general manager. MAYOR SUED FOR SIGNATURE. jackson Applicant for Saloon License Wants Executive's Name. An alternative writ of mandamus was applied for yesterday in the St. Louis Court of Appeals by Conrad Schade of Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Mo., against Robert W. Russell, mayor of that town. Schade asks that the mayor be forced by the court to sign-his name to a dramshop license permitting Schade to conduct a dramshop in. Jackson for six months, beRinning April 16, 1008. Schad sets up that the County Court, the Board of Aldermen and the interested property owners all have given their consent to the dramshop, but that the mayor refuses to sign the license.. Judge Nortoni mada the writ returnable April 22. Edward D. Hays of Jackson appeared for Schacht. Boy Bun Down by 'Wagon. Gus Gauer,,14 years old, of 1408 Clinton street, is at the City Hospital seriously Injured, as the result of being run over by a delivery wagon at Shenandoah and Gravois avenues. The boy is believed to be injured internally. Remember' those Wbo are April Born with APRIL BinnimorITHi RIUGS DIAMONDS Th e blfrImAopnrtih. stone :: Easter Lily riTohweerbtrohrrnAopnrtihl. You should see onr beantiful' collection of Rings for April giving,. with the gem and sower, individually or combined. , ----- 1 !alit told, Clamant In Canter at Lily, $14.00 ' Solid Gold "Lltr Sigest $4.00 141-11" 114411,610-- i 1 i widts Diamond , tiontinma's Diamond Ring, i Bing, $250.00 , $100.00 ' MERMODI JACCARD &KING Broadway, Cor. Locust., 11 iinannanm1 tures cravnig Tor Liqui-4 eel ey xis and Tobacco, reit, 28(13 LUCUSt street Si. Lools Cs IL a 1114&14 Masmatail I ' , - ,-.94.11. 111.,,,,, 0 ,,.,.014,,. j.11 , 0 ''e .'- ("Pr ,b - -- - 11100,- t Solid Gold ."LnrI alit told, Clamant Civet Blatt In Canter at Lily, $4.00 . iL $14.00 r'irlimmiliti011ia (111111.1111k: itow. 46,--7-4-074 r, ..4, . -.,a ',4,t l'r ' 'AMY - - s - Z I I LARGE LANDED' PROPERTY OF LATE C., M. CHRISTY. Extended Over Eight Missouri Conn' ties and Covered Extensive Mineral Rights. - Absolute ownership of a tract of land covering five square miles and, the ownership of the mineral rights on an additional tract :covering over lwenty-sia . square miles was shown in the inventory of the' estate of Calvin M. Christy, president of the Laclede-Christy Clay ProdUcts Company, which was filed yesterday in the Probate Court. The land is divided into parcels, ranging in area from a city lot to 2043 acres, and is distributed over live Missouri counties. The mineral rights listed in the in-ventory are all in Missouri, being distributed over Washington, SL Charles. Audrain, Lincoln, Warren, St. Louis, Gasconade and Franklin counties. Besides this 'land . the estate includes notes $20,315. stocks $814,908.80, bonds MOO, cash $990.41 and goods and chattels MO. all aggregating a total. without the land, of fb43,964.21. CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS TO WED AFTER MANY YEARS. Mrs. Bridget Flanagan to Marry Moses Mt Flanagan. Moses M. Flanagan, employed by the St. Louis Mill Work and Supply Company as estimator, will be married Sunday afternoon to Mrs. Bridget Flanagan, his boyhood sweetheart in Ireland. That was twenty-six years ago, and since then both have been married and left free to marry again by the death of their mates. Flanagan has seven children and the woman who will become his wife has two. He met her in Chicago a year ago and the lold engagement was renewed. She arrived from Chicago a week ago and is Aow stopping at his home at 322IA Fikr lin avenue, where they will keep house. He is 45 years old and sh0 Is 40. Her husband has been dead four years and his wife six. They 'will be married at the Holy Rosary Church by Rev. Father Daniel Lavery at 6 o'clock. Novelist's Daughter to Wed. , NAPLES. April 17.The marriage of Miss Eleanora Crawford, eldest daughter of Marion Crawford, the novelist, to Cavalier Pietro Rocca will take plaoe next Mendayt' The witnesses will be Prince SonlintPrince Summonte Colonna, Marquis Strevi and Marquis Campolatarci. ex-mayor of Naples. WAGONER UNDERTAKING Co. 3621 OLIVE ST. Day or Night. Lindell 1298. Delmar 2148. - r DIED. CAMERONDied suddenly in Eureka. Cal., April 12. 1908, Col. William D. Cameron . beloved husband of Genevieve &rusher and eldest son of the late John and Sarah Cameron of New York., Funeral services at Wagoner's chapel. San-day at 8 o'clock. CHAPMANFell asleep in Jesus, Thursday. April 16, 1908. at 4 o'clock p. rn.. at her home In Chicago, Ill Mrs. Eugenia E. Chapman. widow of the late Joseph H. Chapman. daughter of the Jate Capt. John and Minerva A. Chapman. dearly beloved mother of Sumner L. Chapman and dearly beloved aunt of Minnie. Robert. the late John and Abbie Chapman. Funeral from residence of her niece. -2038 Adelaide avenue, Sunday. April 19. 1908, at 2:30 p. m. to Bellefontaine Cemetery. Friends Invited. To know her was to love her. To name her was to praise her. k COOPEROn Friday, April IT 1908. at O'clock a. m., Helen Cooper. -aged 54 years. - The funeral will take place from Donnelly's funeral rooms, 1010 North Twenty-first street, on Saturday. April 18, at lo o'clock a- rn., to Calvary Cemetery. Friends are invited to attend. CRANETEntered into rest on 11'r1day. April 16. 1908. at 8 o'clock p. rn., Charles J. Crane, beloved husband of Anna Crane (nee Boland) and our dear father. --Funeral win take place from the family restdence. 51501A. Wells avenue, to St. Rose's Church. thence to Calvary Cerrietery. Friends are 'respectfully invited. pus notice of time will be given. Cincinnati (Ohio) and Washington (Ind.) papers please copy. Deceased was a member of St. Rose's Council No. O. K M. FIEBIGEntered into rest on Thursday, April 16, at 6:80 It. m.. Alvin& Pleb's (nee H Meyer), beloved wife of enry Fiebig and dear mother ft Hilda, Leona, August, Viola and Milford ebig and dear daughter, sister and sister-in- aw. attar a lingering ilineee. in her 41st year. Funeral from family residence. 4269 Ashland avenue, on Monday. April 20, at 1:80 p,. zn. Relatives and friends invited to attendFRENCHEntered into rest on Thursday, April 16. 1908, at the residence of her daughter. Mrs. George E. Walker. 23 Russell avenue. Mrs. Ann E. French. aged 76 years. weeks and 4 days. Funeral Saturday miming. April 111.--at Potosi. Me. POSTONEntered into rest on Friday April 17, 1908. at 10:25 a. m., after a short illness, Johanna Fookin (nee (owbey), beloved wife of Thomas Foskin and dear mother of Daniel P. McGrath, Mrs. Thomas Maloney and Mamie G. Foskin. Funeral on Sunday. April 19, 1908, at 1:30 p. m., from family residence, 'No. 2851 South Thirteenth street, to St. Agnes Church, then I. to Calvary Cemetery. Relatives and friends Invited to attend. ' i mom. V.0... ir,11 It ,I; ;2; am! : k,. L ,. , ,., , t51 LOOK, f011 TH15 tit:' THE , tj ' 01 1 , 4,1r.,-..,.1 bate - - - LOOK f011 TH15 LABEL ONTHE THE MI'CHAELSSTERN ' ORGANIZATION ts the largest in the world. It also has behind It an experience accumulated by several generations of brain and manual workers. , Also the necessary large Capital, which wisely employed, brings great results for the consumers as well as the producers of a commodity. Nothing is wasted ; everything is saved to be put Into betterment of Michaels-Stem N,.." 1 t; ' Eet E4 ''t?, ,f trl NA 's.-,4 'I'T'; b 0 ,., ,,,,,,, ...., lit k c-, 4 , Fine! Clothing that retails in the good stores that sell it at , R , I 2 t 0 35 ..,,,,, , , ,...., Have 7ou seen the new Summer Models ! Do. Sto ' Wins! Anyway; write or Booklet "Styles from Life" (FREE) ,I which includes ,, a correct Dress Chart ' and usefui h.,v - . Law Pointers.", MICHAELS, STERN St CO. 10 Mainufacturets. ROCHESTER. N. Y., !taw rasa. CHPCAGO, PHILADELPHIA. SAN PRANCISCO on ril ' lq log r.- :43 ) Mii;.ikrOStig."-1,-'4 C 'WV -fiC2E,17.,t,7,7 itArNEEE. ,A, - 7 1 -OCEAN FIZZIZ 1:23 A A 1101, 4. ti12' Att,1)4 I IP 4. e p. - - - Largest, Finest and Fastest Afloat ; F., ecconnundations and ell partfoulars spots to - THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., Ltd . or lelas rests - ,- NEW YORK BOSTON CRICAGO 10 -DIEP. : GOEBrtrntered Into rest On Friday April 17, 1908, at 9:80 a. m., ChristlantoeVel, be- loved husband of Helena Goebel nee Eort- mann) and father of Christian o ebel, Jr., and on of Caroline Goebel (nee Mormann) and brother of Katherine and Augusta Goebel, at the axe of 82 years, 8 months and 2 days. Funeral from residence. No. 2704 South Broadway. Monday. April 20, at 130 rx m., to Jeous Church, Twelfth and Victor streets. thence to New St- Paul's Cemeter71 1 HrGHESWm. G. Hughes. aged 64 Year. April 17. 1908. at 10:35 a. m. 11 Burial at Keokuk,. la. I Keokuk (Ia.) and Cairo (III.) papers please COPY. 1 McHTIGHEntered Into rest Thursday, April 16, 1908. at 4:80 a. m., ,MarythIcHugh knee Leonard). relict of the late Michael McHusa. and dear mother of Katie McHugh. after a lingering Illness. , The funeral will take place on ItIondar, Ann' 20, at 8:80 a. ron, from family residence, 1329 Blair avenue. to the St. Lawrence O'Toole's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Friends are respectfully invited. MURPHYOn Friday, April vr. 1908, at 8 p. m., Anna Murphy (nee O'Connell), beloved wife of Michael Murphy and mother of Frank. Paul and the late Edward. William A. and Percy Murphy. - Due notice of funeral from family yesidence, 214 South Beaumont street. will appear later. New York GC Y.), Chicago (III.), BILCILIS (Wis.) papers please copy. ' PAUCKrntered into rest On W.;641Adar, April 15, 1908, at 5 a- rn.. Rev.' Anton k'auck, rector of St. Engelbert's Church, after a short illness at the age of 59 year. The remains will lie In. state on Sunday at 2 p. ra-. at the St- EngelberreChurch. Funeral services will be held oil -Monday. April 20, 1908. at 9:30 a. m. Paiish, members and friends invited to attend. TrirsKSEntered into rest en Friday. April 17, 1208, at 6 b :30 a. in., Patrick Ricks, elovea son of Annie Ricks (nee Rooney), and the late Charles Ricks brother of John Ricks and Mrs. Annie Connell. , Fune,Lal wiU take place trent the II resideffs, 2323 Carr street. on Sunday. April 19. st 2 p. na., to et. Ilridget's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery: Sri-lands are respectfully Invited. ' ROHLING-rded peanefultY and hirs. of hie redeemer, ;eau', 1..uraday. April 5. at 9 a. m.. Frederick William Rob Inn& their of Mathilda Weetermann (nee Rohifing),, Clara and John M. Roh Ifing. , Funeral Saturday. April 18,1 at 2 1n. from family, residence. 8840 Cletreland avenue. ; ROLLINGSuddenly, Weonesday. April 15. 1908. at 9:30 p. rm, Martha Rolling me Faber), beloved wife of Dr. W. W. Rolling. at the age of 88 years. Funeral from Evangelical Lutheran Emmaus Church. Jefferson avenue and Armand street. Saturday, April IS. at 2 P -1Clevelan4 (Ohio) and Eicominirtou COL) papers IAMBS 00p1. , SCHEASEntered into rest on Thursday. April 10. 190S, at 1:55 p. Tn., Hugo V. Scheas, dear rather' a Hazel. Elsie and Hugo Scheas, g.n of Mrs. Henry Sewing thee Selman). and Air dear brother. aged 33 years. Funeral on Saturday. April la. 1908. at 2 n. m., from the funeral parlors of Hauck s..-hmitt, 3114 South Grand avenue. Interment ..e. t ,:i9jm ,,,,070 Arl......,... . ,,, i a rn-,, lor i t... . ....,:,) N ?Mt CL0111 I NG 1 VA TERN 0 - ,"sli . )N t behind It an ttions of brain ks:I d 41 PI hich wisely rs consumers as .-1.4 i.'-1-1 ved to be put c3 poeg os tern' . l 1 1,,, ling 604 h.el c11 it at K'illi.4',1',; , co ;5 it i,,4s! q-ci j es! Do. Life" (FREE) ! 1-111,,, " and useful , 1! ,41 1 Co. SAN PRANCISCO . I t4. Emmi MI: CrIMEE. ,4" ---:,i, El 1 - - , - - 1 - - -, MICHAELS-STERN MEMPIING $35 STEAMERS. SEMI-WEEKLY , From Piers 51 - 52 -54 North River, N. Y. - CUNARD LINE Queenstown, Liverpool, London, Paris Including the World-Famed Steamship. ' LUSITANIA & MAURErANIA I DIED. U SCRESSLERThursday. April 16. 1908, at 1:10 o'clock p. m.. Henry Schuessler. 6e:ove2 husband of Anna Schues H sier (nee uemeter), and Cu r dear father and father-in-law, at the age of 59 years and 2 months. Funeral Saturday, April 18. 1908, at 2 p. In., from residence. 4488 North Irourteenth street, to Second German Presbyterian Church. Nineteenth and East Grand avenue. Relatives and friends invited. YOEZLE)Entered into rest suddenly on Thursday. April 16. at 8:15 a. in., 11111 yoezie . beloved husband of Louise Toemis (nee Becker). Funeral from family reeldence. 121 Clinton street. on Saturday. April 18, at 2 p. m., thence to Calvary Cemetery. Friends are respectfully invited. Deceased was a member of Concrete Workers Union and Modern Woodmen of America sócTIETY NOTICE3 III AMOUNT MURIAII LODGE No. 40, A., F. and A. M. will meet this (Saturday) evening at 6:30 o'clock. Work. three thirds. Action on delinquent and regular business. All resident members notified to attend. orro G. KOENIG, W. M. E. V. WYTE, Secretary. ' AKEYSTONE LODGE No. 248, - A.. F. and A. M.--Special meeting MondaY. April 20. at I o'clock. Ionic, to Perform the funeral rites upon, the remains of our late brother. William H. Hahn. CHARLES W. sPEIRS. W. M. F. A. RAITHEL. Secretary. 0 ASCALON COMMANDERY O. 16, K. T.. will hold stated conclave at 8 O'clock this evening, Grand Avenue Masonic Temple. Visitors welcome.- WILLIAM F. SEWELL. Commander. O. H. P. GRUNDON. Recorder. . ,, NORTH END COUNCIL No. 1032 , , ,.. Royal Arcanum.Memrs be will meet .. at the residence of our late brother, .'"i' Henry Schuessler, 4433 North Four, teenth. street, Saturday. at 1:30 p. Irt. for the purpose of paying our last respects. Carriages will be In waiting. fly order of H. A. VHLEMEYER M. D., Regent Attest: H. A. BORGMANN. Secretary. SPECAL NOTICES. SPECIAL NOTICEThe State rard of Em- balmers will meet In St. Lou s. May 14, IS and 141, at the Marquette Note for the pur- pose of examining applicants for license and Such other business its may come before the board. (Signed) M. SCANLON. President IRL T. OLIVER. qecretarY PAINLESS DENTISTRY. Free Dental Mace Small charges tor material& Graduate Dentists OTIII BRIDGE f, - TEETH O WRK. re rer WITHOUT PLATES Tooth, , Arm DENTAL CLINIC PRICESt Best Set of Teeth 02.50 Gold Crown (cost of material 112.50 Bridge Work, per tooth $2.00 Gold Filling (cost of material) 50e Teeth Extracted, Poinleos 23e Established 15 years. All work guaranteed 20 years. UNION DENTAL CO., G22 OLIVE ST.. CORNER SEVENTH. Branch Office: 331 MISSOURI AVE., East St. Louis. 16.2 Poole COLUilli to: IA MATINEE DAILY. THE iNORLD'S BEST VAUDEVILLE EVENT OF THE SEASON. CECILIA LOFTUS England's Famous Artiste and America's Foremost Favorite, in Her - NEW AND ORIGINAL IMITATIONS. Wilbur It lack & Co. Baptiste & Tranconi. Batty Bears. Carter & Bluford. West & Mack. Pero & Wilson. , The Kinodrome. 160-110e-50c. Orchestra Chairs. Reserved. 711e. aMERICA MATIP4tE DAILY MATIPftE DAILY U 7th and's-Market St. Prices: 75e, 50c, 25c. 10e. Boxes, IFIL ALL STAR VAUDEVILLE W ALL 01 An V AULICIFILLL W The Original Marcel. Violet Dale Royal Musical Five Burnham, White & Co. International Gertrude Manalield Comiquee & Co. Th. Na panes, Orpheum Comedy Four CRAND MATS. WED. AND SAT.- glio and 50e. Night Prices-25c. it5c. 500, 115e and MOS. NI. 00111A LITTLE JOHNNY JONES Next Sunday MatineeGRACE CAMERON. 11 WM IIIII UM 111,1i WHERE Next Sunday MatineeGRACE CAMERON. ALWAYS LiAnirl WHERE PO ERE W! 11 CROWD S GO. 25e Mats. Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday: 25o MAT. TO-DAY. Fon 1 A Me :71 eE0 Thaw N cA Eil TR; nEt e Sy qtloporligctsLoay260 Next"Deadwood Last Shot." 8 TAN RD The floes of Folly. Two Frolics Daily HIGH SCHOOL CIRLS and Three Miura &stern Mat Kennedy. Next, Merry MaidensWrestling Friday night THE POPULAR I BEST SHOWS fOR, IMPERIAL 15c, 25c, 35o, 50a 2504 4..11. Woode.Latest Melodrama 4.1 Since Nellie Went : Away railerMay Homer in "The Holy City," GAYETY-14th & Locust TWO SHOWS DAILY. The Home of Refined Extravaganza and High-Class 'Vaudeville. DAINTY DUCHESS. NextHARRY DRYANTE. BASE BALL TO-DAYI National League Park Game Starts at 3:30 CHICAGO vs. CARDINALS OCEAN STEAMERS. , Elp, gr MAD Weekly from New York, forty-five hours by new twin-screw S. S. "Bermudian." 4111 est Indies New S. S. "Guiana" and other steamers fortnightly for St. Thomas. St. Croix. St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Gonda loupe, Martinique. St. Lucia. Barbados and Demerara. For illustrated pamphlet, passages. to, write A. E. OUTERBIUDGE & CO., Agts., Quebec S.' S. Co., Ltd. ' 29 Broadway, New York; ARTHUR AHERN, Sec''', Quebec, Camtda, or R. E. M. pAIN. 00 Locust et. ALLAN LINE OCEAN STEAMERS, Record Passage-5 Days. 15 Hours. NeW TAP le-Sorew Turbine Steamers. VICTORIAN anti VIRGINIAN. 12.000 tons each. Only turbine steamers on the Canadian Route. Absolutely no vibration. Midshin saloons. music and smoking rooms on promenade deck. Electric light and bilge keels. Every modern improvement. Regular Sailing, from MONTREAL to LIVERPOOL, GLASGOW. LONDON and HAVRE (France). Our steanytrs pass by daylight down the picturesque St. Lawrence River. Accommodations unsurpassed. Ratessaloon, 962.60 and upwards; seoond cabin, 242.50 and upwards; our one-class steamers. 940 and upwards. For further Information ask local agent or ALLAN & CO.. 174 E. Jackson boul., Chicago. John Ellman & Co.. s. a. cot. Seventh and Wph stn. SCANDINAVIANAMERICAN LINE ON To Twin-Screw Passenger Steamers Direct to Norway, Sweden and Denmark Sailing from New 'fork at noon. Twin-Screw rb June Steamship Wa F. TIETGEN 4. lc Saloon $75 and up: Second cabin Se1.'50. H. Overstols. 106 N. Broadway, St. Louts, Mo. STOCKHOLDERS MEETINGS. - STOCKHOLM-RS MEETINGThe annual meeting of the stockholders of the American Central Insurance Company for the election of four (4) ditoctors. to serve for a term of four years. will be held at the office of the cornSla Olive st.. St. Louie. Mo.. on Tuosday. the 21st day of April. 1908. Polls open from 9 o'clock a. Tn. until 12 noon. EDW. T. CAMPBELL. President JOHN H. ADAMS. Secretary, St. Louis, April 10. 1908. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERSThe annual meeting of the stockholders of the Brown Shoe Company will be held at the Moe of the company. Seventeenth at. and Washington ave., St, Louis, Miseouri, Tuesday, April 21. 1908, at 9 o'clock a. m,, for the ,purpose of electing 'oven t7) directors to serve for the ensuing ylar, and for such other business as may proirerly come before said meeting. G. W. BROWN. President G. K. SOUTHWICK. Secy. and Treas. STOCKHOLDERS MEETINGA special meeting of the stockholders of the Schram Automatic Sealer Company is called for ThuredaY, the 30th day of April. A. D. 1908. at 2 o'(lock p, in., to be held at the otlice of the company, at St. Louis, Mo.. for the purpose of voting on a proposition to take up the first mortgage bond issue and to increase the capital stock of the company from 9300,000 to $490,000-By order of the Board of Director& L1)0 DREY. 1DAv1D sommEnil B. SOraSIERS. FRED NOLD. A majority of the Board of Directors. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGThe annual meeting of the stockholders of the International Steel Post Co. of St. Lou!., for the election of five (5) directors. to serve during the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. will be held at the office Of the company. 71? Chestnut et.. St. Louis. State of Missouri. on the 5th day of May., 1909. at 9 o'clock a. tn. 31ILIUS W. KOCH. President. Attest: CHAS. A. HOWELL. Secretor. St. Mute. April gth. 1908. ftletirrutro U. r-1 PATENT OPINCE NO. 5.470 ORIGINAL do dP. IALao I I Al;rnPHLOOISTIC EMPLASTICO O DERn7g12 E&POI) CATAPLASMA KAOLIN!. Lt.& P. Fcr Sprains. Boils, Felons, Croup. etc.. apply RED CROSS DENVER 111713;,accept no other claiming to be the same thing. Tell your druggist you want the RED CROSS label, the original and no other. Bold by ell reliable druggist & 8 AMERICAN LINE. nrmouthCherbouirgttouthatnpton. St. Louis. April -25-4t. .1-ital. May 9 PhiladPiphia ....May 2:S"vr York May IS Philadelphicsqueenstown-74Averpoo1. Friesland April 25 Nieriort....-...-..May lit Haverford , May 2 E'riesland ,,. ..'. - ..hlay BO ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE. New YorkCondon idrect. -- Minnehaha 2 5 Minnetonka May IS Minneapolis May 9 Mesaba ' May 33 ',HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE. New YorkRetterdam, via Boulogne. Statendam April 22 Hyndata May S Now Anairdam.April 2'Potalam 14114 la RED STAR LINE . . , ' , New Vork.-"DoverAntwerp. Zeeland .- April 23 Finiam,i- - may $ Itroot liand May 2, VaAcrienri May la Ti.. t.' ' ' W , : HITE'STAR LINE:, ,. New, YerkQueenstownLiverpool. - Cedric April 2;4 Celtic . May I ,Arethic A oril WI, titOtic May Di N. 17.PlymouthCherboura-7-Southamptott. .7k,dr1atic JApril 22 Oceantc May 11 Majestio A Orli lito- Tait tonlo '. Nlay 43 . Hoston QueenstoWnLiverpool. - Cymric . ' i...April 22, May 13 , , NEW YORK TO ITALY ' . AND BOSTON . SU Azores. Madeira; Gibraltar. Romanic.Ap 21i, 6:30 am Canopin.May 16,1021am Cretic May 9. noonRomle. May 30,10:309ni' . -COOK'S - ROUND THE :WORLD, ORIENT, . ,.. EGYPT, AND NILE, RIVIERA,' - TOURS - SOUTHERN EUROPE, ETC. rirrequent departures: Inclusive, fares. ROBERT 'E. M. ,BAIN. S. W. Power. Agents Both Phones: , Ninth and Locust tia 01.111106 Attila Brazil & River Plate Service Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santulli, Rio Grande do Sul, Montevideo, Buenos Ayres. , B. 8 Verdi.Apr. 20,Velasquez..May 20 S.S.ByropMetv 6' Tenn oon..June 4 T IE Steamers of this line are especially fitted for Southern voyages. Large and -well vetv filleted Staterooms. The Saloon'. Stnoking and Reception rooms are on the upper deck. For rates and further Information addreit'a ! local ucteraaefirs or BUSK Az) JEVONS, Gen. Agent 801 Produce Exchange. N. Y. , ItorthgermcmClogcL ' Fast Express Service. 't PLA'MOTITHCHERBOURGBREMEN, 10 A. M. Eitmprtria Wm.Apr. ti!Kaiser d. Or May 1 Nattier Wm. IL. Apr.28:Ceci11s (new).. ..May ,13 Twin-Screw Passenger Service PLYMOUTHCHERBOVROBREMEN., 10 A. M. Luetzow Apr. -301 Bar I, arossa....... May 21 , Kurtuerat ' May 71Derill1nger May ,- Mediterranean Service. GIPRALTARNAPL ,FS-:1117NCIA. AT II A. M. K. Albert: May riedrich ... May la P. Irene . Nlay 9,K Lula May SO North German Lloyd Travelers' Checks- Gelricha It Co, No. Broadany Y. Can'ral National Bank. Foie agent. St.Loule,M0. TO EUROPE-Every Tuesday 1, by One of the FOUR FLYERS OF THE North German Lloyd Kaiser Wilhelm der Goss Kronprinz Wilhelm , Kronprinzessin Cecilie , Kaiser Wilhelm ,, UNARD LINES Prom iiers, 51-52-64 North Myer. TO LIVERPOOL, via QUEENSTOIVN. Passengers booleed througn to London and Paris. Mauretania.An22, 9 arn'J, Carina nia..1,lay 2. 3 pm Etruria-Apr. 25, 11 arnII,uloitanta,May 6, 10 amn LucaniaApr. 29.11 arnfeaMpantaMay 9, 10 am , The MAURETANIA AND LUSITANIA, the Ittrgest and fastept stPamships in the world, will hereafter sail on WednesdaY, inaugurating A NEIV SEMI-WEEKLY SERVICE. HUNGARIAN-AMERICAN SERVICE TO FIUME., VIA , GIBRALTAR. NA PLES. TRIESTE. SLAVONIA. April 30, Juno 18. August PANNONIA ...... it. July 2. AUL 23 CARPATHIA May 28,July IR. Sept. 3 VERNON If. BROWN. Gen. Agent, 21-24 Slatest.. New York. opposite the Batten' , T. F, Harrington, Gen. S. W. Agent. Cor..Eighth andpitve stc141. Louis. Mo. HAMBURG-AMERICAN REGULAR SAILINGS .BY STEADY. MOD- - ERN. LUXURIOUS LEVIATHANS. London-Paris4lamburg Ka leerin (new).Apt. 23IDeutech1and April 8G P.Lincoin inew)Aor.27President Grant...May Sails to Marrrburg direct. 1 GibraltarglapletzGenoa Moltke -Apr. 22:Moltke June 5 Hamburg .:.....May 141ulgara June Li IRAVELERS' CHECKS ISSUED. Hamburg-American LIMO, 901 Olive St. St. Louis. Ma. CANADIAN 'PACIFIC. Empress Line of the Atlantic,- LESS THAN FOUR DAYS AT SEA, The Empresses sail tram Quebec to Live pool in mix days: two days on the majesti 51.. Lawrence. Kneed. comfort. elegance an safety are combined in these splendid sorest steamers. Ask any ticket agent for partiou lam or write , A. J. BLMSDPI,L, C. P. A.,; 725 Olive it.. ht. Louis.. Mo. Phone! Bell, Main 1711; Kinloch, Cen. 6541b AUSTRO-AMERICAN UN MEDITERRANEAN. ADRIATIC SAI From New York to Naples sad Trieste Martha Washington (new twin-.crew). -April AEGENTIN'A (new twin-screw ) May S. S LAI:RA (new twin-screw .day S. S ' ALICE (new twin-screw ) Juno Reasouctök roles. For fiassage 000 PHELPS BROS. Jr. co.. Coimbra. Agenda Washingtoo St. N. V. City C 01111P ACME CENERALEI .. TRANSATLANTIQUE Fast French Malt Steamers ' New YorkParis 6 Days Bailing Every ThursdaY at 10 IL DI H. OVERSTOLZ, 106 North Broadway. E. E. Cowles. 715 Olive it. National Bank of Commerce. Agenta - ELM 0 PEIfickets to and from at lowi est rates. Berths reservade J. F. BRADY CO., Arent 15 N. Seventh t. , - LAMPORT: 84- HOLT LINE ,' 6. , Ai , ifitol mat, AMISM CA , : fte lb6 ' , (e....N;I, 4 4. "tit 1 ' fr);):::(1! : ' I 41tor.. trize ' ' ' butaos moos Bahia, Rio de 'Janeiro, Santulli, Rio , , Grande do Sul, Montevideo, Buenos Ayres. 1413.Verdi.Apr. 20, Velasquez..May 20 S.S.Byrckri.,Metv, 6' Ten1130011, 74ne 4 T IE Steamers of this line are especially fitted for Southern voyages. Large and -well vetv tasted Staterooms. The Saloon'. Stooking and Reception rooms are on the upper deck. For rases and further Information addrei'a local ',Kiel-agents or ; BUSK do JEVONS, Gen. Agent 801 Produce exchange, N. Y. ,

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