The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1934
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Served by United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER TVFWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAl'Wt OP NORTHBABT ARKAflBAfl AND BOUTHKAST HUMOURl ^"^ BOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. MS lllythcvllle u»ily Newi niyilicvllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader mylhevllle Hortld ..... ..,.,.. , ., .„,,...„ I i HKY ILI,K, ARKANSAS, KU1DAY, SKI'TKMBKH 7, lO.'M SINGLE COl'IES FIVE NEW ORLEANS Heads Textile C Strike Inquiry! Meets Union and Employers Leaders in Conferences loday WASHINGTON. Sept. 7. (UPI-The federal mediation board began textile strike p-ace conferences lo- day, meeting first wit;: fiery union leader Francis J. Gorman in a hur- j ried attempt lo hall further blood- j shed and pcrhapj end the walk'jut of liM.GOO workers by Monday. . Gorman accepted the first peace I overture by ilie president's special boavd despite his warnings Ural no m-bitrntioii would be accepted until i every ml!l is closed. Gcorjrc A. Sloan, spokesman for j couon textile industrialists, agreed | to a conference later today. j The actual smrt of peace al- I tempts came as Ihe strike death loll stood at 10 and as national guardsmen paced before every large mill in the Caiolinas. and while President Roosevelt prepared to consider a demand of sink? leaders for federal troop intervention to prevent further bloodshed. Strike Leaders Mtfl Board Gorman appeared at tlie headquarters of Ihe mediation board promptly at •> p.m., accompanied by iv;o other members of Ills special strike committee, Abraham Blnns, i and Emil Hievo. They were received immediately by the board. Robert Bmerc. chairman of the cotton textile relations board, aiso was on tile conference slate as the three man board pushed peace moves only a few hours after gathering iiere. Otlior lat"- major developments as the fifth day of the strike waned: 1.- -Five workers injured in I.T.H: caster clash as' oiitbrcaks>fla'rc"d uo in T't'imSjH'anra and New"£iigi;iiKr 2.—Hying squadrons' of pickets slackened activities in the South in the face of increased troop activities. Mill rcopenings reimrtcd from scattered towns. 3.—Governor Blackwood of South Carolina reported receiving death threats for calling out the national guard. \Vi!! Ch;i!lcnge Hmulrecls] of Voles Cast in Sonlhj Dislricl of County Tiie ur:c;J IleudiuK 'he voluntary arbilra- tion cotn111 [tloe- that will inquire Into (lie tc-vlilo workers' strike Is Cinv. 'ohn t;. Wluuni of Ni-w \Vinaiil was mimed . chairiimi] by President Il.ou3i.>vc;!l. \\lin FU- lucled th« thiM (vliilllitlceineii. Calm Prevails in South ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 7 (.UP A comparative calm descended on the southern textile centers today in contrast, to the bloody warfare that already has taken ten lives. National guards in the Caro- "I'm Not Afraid," Says Nevv York Woman, Con- vicled of Murder Ccuvier New> learnr;] ullnn'ily today that a .':•. ing thv nuaiiJuiLmi of f! ;i:> Djmu.i.uir- caiidi:lii^- c.Uii cbrk. will !)•> I!!.':l of Ai'l: ion Smith in U., e::f; Monday of tlie pi'rioc! ':r br^n.'inci si;ch 1,11 nctici!. It is ''C.ndeist'jod that the complaint will ciiallfiigo the validity cf at Ir-r^: .several\i \o\v-; can in four or mare bo::cs in Ihe C: : L-?o3a district of ti-e county. l'.ibu!a(ions of the e'.irnty Di'mo- cr.nic central comitiliU'C. on which Ltrtifiraiiun of Craig as the patiy nomine!- was ba-:c<!. siiowed Ci'.il'.-! as winner of the lace by 33 voles. 'Ihe (.ommittce's ^c-iint did not in- r-ludc thf .Manila l»x. however. l;e- jcm;sc ;<i',.i!s on ir.c vote cuM there j were ii:i! :ni-lu:!f :i in returns [tu lh? eorii:niltee. and contained an nimleiiti:im; en or further reducing Cvai'/i margin. Craig's actual lead on '.:ie eo::ipli".!' return: wai JIJ4 voles, which it will be necessary fur smith to overcome n i:Ls contest succeeds. Should the contest sni; be file:! a special sewion of court will I:*.; probable. Statutes provide for an answer to b? filed within a short time and the issue presented lo Ihe court, such a contest taking pre- codcuce over u'.her COOPERSTOW.N. K. Y.. Sept. 1 (IIIJ)— Eva Coo .fcars . notl>Ui",,>1H - , snvn 'iier from the olocfric chair, the told the United Press today. "I know I'll burn— but I'm not Dfraici," she said. Osceofa Dentist Heads Noitheast Arkansas Group .-. Ocorgo, Cone. Osceola. elected president of thn Noither.?.' Arkansas Dental society in :li semi-annual meetim; ycsteidav a Dig Lake. Other officers nr'.me:! Strike Magnet [Tropical Disturbance — • Nears Virginia Capes WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (UP) — Tlu 1 weather bureau lodny wdeied 1'iMthca'it .slunn wurnliiKs dlsplay- i'ii (mm WlliniimlDii, N. C.. to tile Viieuiiii capes Ijoc.mse of n Iropi- r:d disturbance cenU-reU nbout. '^.1 (IcijiTi's and :i(j miniiies north and 7V dcgm-s ami 10 inlnutes west, movliii! nurtliwiird iiliuiit 13 miles : n hour. 'Hit 1 disturbance \vas atlende<l liy :lilflins miles and pruljnljly winds i.i liuiricalle toice over a small .iira in-ai ]|s ccniei, [he bureau Mild. Sinclair Treads Another 1'latform suit's mm ELiTED ftT TOnOLHl Liberals Jubilant at Change ' in Attitude of 'Roosc- ! volt •Fran BILE Diive Pavlain Praises State' aiul National Adniinis tralious, Hits Critics HOT SI'ItlNGS. Ark.. Sept. 7. UP)— Lauding state and national dmlnlslrallons and attacking former President. Hoover's current uaidiK' criticism of the New Deal. O.ive IMrtaln. o [ Van linren, swept r Arkansas IX'inocrallc convention inlo itlrrlng approval willi his keynote Speech today. He praised Oov. j. M. Ptitvcirs leiulurailp throiiijh two years of recovery and made n sweeping de- uundntlon of the iccently organis- ed Amerlciui Ubcily league and former president Hoover for their crlilclsms of the Koosevelt ndinln- efforts to make tlio textile slriliu lull IH-J- cent effective, union otlicials are even using ?cx ippral. \Vra .Maylme. [H uuo of ni.iny pretty nir)s iu Casinnia. N. O., wearing these poster a;r [leals Ic*- -icoLJei'Mlou of mill I1Y ItlWN'KY ]>im:ilKR Cuiirifi- N'tns Washington Oorre- sixmdcnt WAF.IIIN'GTON'.—Tool-toot! Here comes ilie Hand o! Hope! All '.]•; genuine Sew Dealers nnd j crnu ' 11 "«"'"•" the "yoinij liberals:'—which Includes' '''"" most of the brain (rimers—would 'Governor Futrcll look ofllce m'o years ago nfter the slate lui<l indulged In a wild orgy a! spending nnd frenzied expenditures In Ihe cunstiHcLtiMi of highways." Partaln tald. "Now debts are being ]>ald, antumcblle license feo.s have been cut In half, and ears arc being oy- • be paraiUny down Pennsylvania av- ' emit, perhaps even burning red it ilie followed their strongest instincts. This Jubilation is j>erhaps the most significant present fact in national affairs. It rises from a gen- critl belief tr.p.i the ndminlsirution Is headed bravely toward the left. I Hint we're to have more New Deal p A 1 ' T\ t I rather than less, and that Koose- bflVC AdVlCC on Defense |V ett is at last definitely committed AoniiKl TI-iiY-alpnprl At-" 0 " l' atn '°' rar() Senaor Norrls, /Igcllllbl 1 HtLdlCIICU rtl Tncli^n Tl r «n^,i, „„,) u M r^,J r, rack by Peruvians WASHINGTON'. Sepl. 7 (UP)— Rex ford G Tngwcll, rather -than, a middle course some! lines veering lowart An Ani-ik-an naval officer, was 1 '- rb f t Sc " a or B >' r<L ttic dl1 l '~ on(s ' Cltrs Arlilrvc-Miruls He prnLscd t:ie o ! (he linns, however, watched closely any sll ominous movement of flying squad- die." Mrs. Coo, 47-year-old inn keeper, was convicted yesterday of murdering lier crippled handy man. Hurry Wright, to collect his in- T0115. While John A. Peel, vice-president of Ihe United Textib Work- cis. announced al his Greenville E. C.. hcacquari?™ that 250,»ifJ nf the Koulh's 3CC.COO tsxtiic ivork- ii>i ha« jo!n:d ll'.e nvicn-wi(!e slrtke. reixirts from ;:omo of tne Carolina mills showed th"y nad I'-opvnu!. I- lyini; squadrons which were so effective in closing jnills earlier Mrs. Coo is a native of Haliburton, Ontario. She left home. v:ueti she was 17. almost 30 years ago. Her family lost track of her until th- trial began. She is a iviaox. "Wright, v:as killed on June 14 near Oneonta. The stale allegjtt Mrs. Ceo and Mrs. Marl'ra Ciift conspired to kill Wright for h;3 in- furanee. :ur;;. Ciift. turning state's evidence, testiflxl that Mrs. Coo kiiocked the crippled man unconscious with a mallet, an nnd t crowds. The precautions were Uiken tinder n plan io attempt reopening ot eleven mills here. across the prrstrale man. Hi is week hart disappeared from admitted drivin; Greenville comity as' guards were on dutv. Tiie American Spinning and ' Dun ran inuls, where strikers were most numerou-; in Greenville, were running full fhlfls. Thro; units nf the St. Paul. N. C'.. co-ton mills resumed operr.- tiun this iiLOrnini willi national guards on duty. Mills Plan to Reopen KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C., Sept. 7 <UPi — National guard officers isnicd commands to troopers tojiv to keep children off the streets prevent formation Mrs. Ciift automobile noon and the afternoon was spent in a busine.^ session. Dr. w. D. Matthews. B.-ursvu.o. the ;ctirins, piviidiu; of t!ii« oim. ivliicli m?pts eacii Gfpt.'in- T and Fcbniiirv. Hollywood Bound Britain Plans to Close Nation's Smallest School STAINTON-l.LB-VALE. Lincolnshire. England tU!')— The smallest school in liritain is to be closed down. Tvro teachers have been instructing three scholars at the local school, but uo\v (hey will have to go to tr.e neighboring village. The village is very isolated, has no holel or j>oliceman. ami only re- censly lias acquired i'-s Sirsl te!e- phone. I ; Steele Child, Injured ty Auto, Is Recovering STEELE. Mo. — Leroy-. small son Gold Coast Nations May j Learn English by Radio' LONDON (UP)—Wireless will be! used to teach English to dusky j .,.. ycuni; natives of (he African Go'.;l j of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Niclm'.s. [or Coast. whose recovery from injuries sus-1 Naiia Sir Otori Atta. the para-i tamed he was hit by an an-1 moimt chief of the Gold coast, vis-1 ' ited the great nidio show at Olym- \ pla. anrt bought a scven-Uiuc set' for experimenting among the more, advanced pupils in his country. j Sir Ofori is well known for his' nuvlcrn outlook in the matter of :ducaticn. Nevertheless, he clings. lomoblle Wednesday little ho;x; was Held at first, is now"showing marked Improvement at the Blytheville hospital, nolh of the child's legs were broken and );is skull was fractured when he was hit by an auto- iiKbile driven by Mrs. ixc- Walton. - -- - _ nf Blyilieville. The accident wns'to tradition In (he matler ot dress.! di^crilvd as umvoidab'.c ~ ' Arkansas Allotted $1,694,300 for Relief WASHINGTON. Sept. 7 (UP) — Srptember relief grants totalinS S56.M4.93fi to 20 slates were nn- iK.nnced today uy the federal em- ergcncy relief admlninratton. They Included: Arkan'as. S1.C94.30U. He never apiwars wlll'.out his gold crown, flowing robes, and large, fringed umbrella hold over him. Bovernor and. the legislature in passing bank legislation which anticipated by several weeks the course, taken by the national eorernmenl. "Millions of dollars had been unjustly and wrongfully takrn by plunderers of the public (reasury," Parlaln charged. "But Governor Fu- trcll Inaugurated an orderly system of checking public funds by passage of the prc-audll bill of 1932." One by one the keynoter cited ihe fact finding tribunal, 50 per cent reduction tn stale expenses, -the bond refunding .bill, nnd the. >.oii of various state departments ns tribute to the Putrell administration. The governor Is inlonscly interested, he said, in the proposed constitutional amendments which vould limit the legislature to ap- iropriatlons of $2,500.000 nnd prc- lent tax Increases except by referendum. Head Slated for Chairman Spry anil linnri;. tlpliMi Slin'l.'.ir. California's u.\-t>ncl»llsi Di' cralic uoiiiliiee. eagerly iniHsett through Now Vork City cnrnii'f to llyilo Park, wlicro lie v.a.1 KI'KJ icliediilcd to plattortu with proaldc-ut Honse- He Isslioivu on the rallrnnil platform as ho .phangei\ trains in Mavov Wnlmstey Declares] Citizens Y'/ill Not Be In- f tim,dated by Troops . NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 7 (UP) - -The military might of Louisiana ranreturale;! in New Orleans «'rtay as Senalor lliiey P. long j moved to crush Ilie "rebellious spirit" of ihe city administration. • • By I nick. bus. and train'troops | moved into tlie city today. The , lirst rimthiijcnl nrrived tit 1 a. rii. iViy IviicV fvom Ilownin and thfe I croup was closely followed by lino;,'s from nil parts of the state. I The soldiers were mobilized 'at Jiirtenn uarrncks anil there helil "In readiness' 1 on nrilers from Gov. | O. K. Allen. AL city hull Mayor T. Scnimes | Walinsicy issued anoincr iiale- inent, assuring the clllzens Uiut I the mllilla would nut Invade the [ public's rights. "No mubllliiitlon of troops will I deter the righteous people of Newl Orleans from canting their ballots I In Uie pilmary clccUc next Tuos- I day." tlio mayor said. "The elti-J i zens cniinot and will not be .In-1 tlmidated." At his coinmnnrt Msyor Wnlms- Icy had almut 1,500 police. They I ton are held In "readiness for 'any | •velopment." The muster of the entire Lontei-1 la nationnl Bnard was decided I iil»n by Governor Allen after Sen-1 alur Long ilnd the leeislative coin- I mlttee Investlgiiting alleced graft! and corruption in Ihe city admin-1 Istratlon demanded "prblcctlori for | witnesses." II. Strong and the charne was. ... ,, , nnde during ihe committee's in-' - Wc "' ] ™ al l nn J' one cmirv into affairs ot the Urlg B s " ce " L " ! ™ "'sappolnled conserva- and Engineering com-, " gec ^^^ ^^ There's a new spirit among the Ordnance and Engineering pany. of New York. Senator James P. Pope fDem., Idaho) read n report from Strong " lis l " e to the consul general of Colombia P'»« "icy nave even a 3ll E lit chance York, detailing defense of fl8htlng_ effectively for soclal- and' Peru's offensive «T'" ic . j ', Lsllce !hnt thcj oit^ht lo slick until booled oul. in New methods strength. . Thf nrisgs company sold guns . . Al "°"8 t!: f, sl 5" s P°ii«i»3 to Ir.e in Colombia but Louis L. Driggs. C: prcE:idenE. said he ''knew no'.hiny" afccmt Strom's aclion. | Veteran Forrest City | Publisher Is Dead FOnttFST CITY. Sept. 7 (UP1 — Edward Inndvnigt. DO. Confetlerale viieran nnti newspaj>er publisher i'.ere fer 511 years. <3icii at his t omr today Iroin pneumonia con- lr;u'tcd a few days ago. His onlv .sur\lviag relative is Mrs. Karnld . Claugh. of Memphis. Colonel L.inrlrolgt came lo Fov- rori Citv many years aso anct toiialil the Times, with which he co:il:ni:cd tmlil i! \\.as merycd with Ihe Herald in IPin. He V.M.- rerv- inu as etiilor emeritus and vlco- Pi'esideni of Ihe Time.s-lleraiil at| th? tin;e nf his death. Mayor McUuigbltn of Hot Springs welcomed the Democrats as they convened at noon. With clockllSe precision they approved organization plans of Gov- eror Futrcll by clee-llng Partn.Sn temporary chairman and kcvnote speaker. Jol-.ii Dulancy of Ashdown was made temporary secretary. -Agreement apparently had been reached to make J. D. Head, Tex- arkatin, chairman of the central commltlce. and Jnrije A. B. Primly. of Kussellville, permanent chairman of the convention. Governor Futrell had n prepared qicech ready lo deliver this after- nocn. Its context was not divulged In advance releases. Contests Possible Actual certification of the. United Sliiles. state and district can Farm Credit Administration. Will Not Permit Usual Deductions party nominees is not Second Baptist Church Calls Rev. J. T. Reniro I The Kcv. J. T. fienfro. ap k'v.-ir.fclist in the recent lub \ nv.'etiiv; here, hr.s accepted to tlie call pastorate of the Second i I'.aplin church. Me will as5itmc j l.if, duties Fi:iuhy when he will j 1 • in c tallcrl at the morning ser- Eincn- the !!ev. J. L. Ncwfoni rc- >i£.ned several monlhs ogo the iicv. J. II. FitZEjrr.tid lias been acting pnstor. The Rev. fainllv are th? church Main El. Mr. Renfro and his already at home In parsonage on West 2 Sets of Twins in 18 Months ARLINGTON. Mass. (UP) Very much nnr.oycd hy runiora "s flic'll marry I'ciijiy d'AUirciv. Ilia > — ,blo]:(io aii<' .ilhirhig I'ogsy Hop- Cooler Minister Gives His Farewell Sermon „,,,., . » ..„„, ••-.,- | COOTER. Mo—Tlie Rev. Cecil Wllrln a year and a half Mr. nnd kins Joyce ,,u her arrival in New 'Meadows, for two vears pastor oi Mrs. Moses Cleveland Belbln had, Vork from (ho uiviera vehement- I the Baptln church" here n-eMl'ed two sets of twins. Tlie nrct set o!,ly asserted alie hardly knew tlio I farewell s'rmo'i 1^<1 Simdav 'Hid twins, born Oct. 10. 1930, tvcrc'BCiitli'iimi. Wlien Ilie cameras I left this \\eck fc- Kxiri Wortli 'Tex namwl Margaret and Cleveland.! ;yero Ira hied Inher, however, she j to enter the foutlmvslcrn Ilieo- The second, born March ... - •te.Tf. named Marlon nnd Certainty that N'RA reorganization will be a "liberal- victory over General Johnson and bear a promise of «-ar against monopolists and exploiters, whom Tugwell calls "cannibal." Closer secret contact between Roosevelt a::ci Justice Brnndeis. Roosevelt's Green Bay speech and endorsement of La Follette. Tlie admitiLslr.ition's new sympathetic attitude toward labor and the National Uibor Relations Board's hard-boiled su«i>crt of Section *i-A. Resignation of Budget Director Lew Douglas, who found himself no longer an effective conservative bulwark here. Roosevelt's two-hour talk wilh Upton Sinclair after the latters victory in California. Boldness inartmittlng and facing this winter's tremendous relief problem. Progress of the social security program. Increasing belligerence of 'big frliflcatc cancelled and a new business" against the New Deal ( OI1C lssu ed If he thought such ac- tendlng to draw the line of cleav- | llon warranted. If the disc were age more sharply. i"° l decided until after the general election In November and the contested nominee wore elected he didates scheduled until Just before noon tomorrow. Candidates certified as nominees could be contested even after they have received their certificates, an unusual situation brought by the Institution of the run-off primary law. Tlie supreme court has held that contests of nominations must be filed within 20 days from the date ot election. June P. Woolen, LSI- lie Hock contest lawyer, explained. Protests could Iw Tiled until September 17. The circuit judge who hears the contest case could order the state MEMPHIS. Sept. 7 (UP)—James ALICANTE. Spain. (OP)— nien are more modest, than, women as, I far as Unlnhif? suits are concerhqd, the Governor of Alicante Province opined today when he Issued an I order pvc'.iibiUng nude tartiin? on I public Iwachcs. Tlie order also prohibited^ balh- Ing In "light apparel which covers only part oi the body." The Governor pointed cut that he was forced to issue the order even lliomjh it alfccls tne male bathers, "who are more careful of modesty." But to prove-that Tlpton. regional manager for Ihe nc wns , n pm M s \i he "announced farm credit administration, nn- . thnl cor[nln aren s dislant Cram nonnccd today that farmers will lhc .,,,1,1^ beaches «m be set not be allowed lo deduct picking | nsW for )uld j baln i,, K . cosis from the sale price of their j cotton this year Iwfore paying off |,-, c ,. .. nr their federal emergency crop loans. luQS JiatlOn ITlan W3S Tiptoti .said it has been custom-1 D I •„,. i on t ary in tlie part to allow n certain j -"-""-lain IU " c " atnonnt per pound o- per bale to J be deducted for picking costs be- j NORTH WILBRAHAM, Mass, fore applyhii; the proceeds of the 'UP'—A woman motorbt. Mrs. W. lint cotton "to payment of the' E. En;llcott. of South Limestone, loar.s. ! L;y.lngwn. Ky.. stopiwd at Jim "I3i:e to Hie relatively high price Grltlilh's fining station and paid of cntton .seed this .season and to the fact that the returns from the seed will not only pay for ginninp; but a considerable anionnl in addilion to picking costs, no allowances will be made Mils year." lie raid. | All field men received instruc-1 lions today to proceed on the basis | centers hereabouts, of making no allowance from (he ret returns from lint cotton but lhc entire proceeds are lo be applied on Ilie indebtedness of the him SIO tor a bench. Insisting it was an antique. CVriffrlh took the money reluct- au:!y and surrendered tr.e bench, wliich had rested outside his station. He knew lhal that typs^.of b:ncli could be- found, ill qunntVty, in any number of halls and sccial tarrosvcr to the ministration loans. credit Radish a Perfect Lady Lo i Texas Ranker Death Toll Put at 10,000 AUSTIN'. Texas. IUP>— T exftS Hangers have killed 10.000 .men, Dr. W. P. Webb, professor of history al the University of Te.xas. has con- OCal Gardeners Report j cllldcd »"« J^ars of research in preparation for a history of the csl- So there's nn attitude of hushed would be removed. Removal would leave a vacancy because the con- lesice cannot legally expectancy—as of a regiment about lo go over tile top. I.onj » m i Painful , L ,_ „ „, .^,, rnc conservatives will ue pretty I place. Wooten said sore, but there won't be any satis- j lying the Socialists, who insist" Rccsevell merely seeks to pre.wrve lake Ihe the basis. system o na workable Old Oscar Ameringer. Ihe coim- Youth Describes Death cf Campus Sweetheart try's foremost Socialist editor, call-] NORMAN. Okla.. Sept. 7 (UP) — ed the other day on tils old friend ( Wcl-eyed and occasionally sobblnj Leon Henderson, director of N'HA's lopcnly. Neal Myers today told a division of Research and Planning.' jury of farmers how his campus- Oscar Is 0115 of those fellows who [sweetheart. Miss Marion Milk, died) thinks the Blue Eagle is just an-i'n lite arms last summer in a fatal! That radishes have ambitions to become "iwrfcci ladies" is siiown in a freak radish grown ty Mr. land Mrs. E. A. Fisher in their They found two radishes grown together in such a way as to resemble a lady. "She" is about 12 [inches long, slightly (aimed cx- icept lor lier head which is purple and her feet, knees, waist, sl-nilrtcrs. arms and head arc ensll 1 ^bra'.rd policing force. Dr. Webb puts that estimate on 100 years of Ranger activities. "Arranged in a row. head to foot." he s-.ild. • Ihe d"nd would make a line eleven miles long." Caravan Escaped Bandits CANTON. (UP)--After an cxclt- in? journey over ha/rordous mountain uaib, fighting bandits a good part of the way. a caravan com- «l--n>.l*.lo, nll.l.^ tvlku llv.^U rtl\j VtlSll* . . - f n II- , I J I.U discernible. The "arms" are Mini- l )r! . s;n ? nCO P- 1c . k ^ orscs lo:1 ' Jed wlth ler radishes with tiny roots projecting to resemble fingers. Dead Elephant. Blocked Traffic 03 Ceylon Street other buzzard and Henderson sought at letirjth lo convince him otherwise. icveiai.d.l «ero iraiueu in IHT. however, she I to enter the "o 1 1, 1932, tl)ro| i£lil oul [lila Eiinny smile, (or !ln» wmliviry R,i!ph. A 1 '. 0 .'? Hollywood bpiiu.l. has iiot'ynl been has not yet teen filled. ilis place here "So yon see." Henderson conducted, "we've already achiever) quite a lot." "Yah." Ameringer relorterl. effort to prevent motherhood. Then Myers. 21-year-old pharmacy student at the University/oi Oklahoma, has arrived in Canton from Yunnan. Vnlue of the consignment was over 900,000 tae's. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and cooler in .northeast, portion. Saturday fair, CEYLON-. (UP) -Motor I'0rns| nnrmrr in northwest portion, -lonked. rickshaw coo'.ics yelled and M-, mp - n is and vicinity—Fair and successfully withstood £{ sl »*"«* '"""= c <* lore Ms 'contlmttd cool this aflomoon and withering cross-examination. | ^ WM hnlt , d bryon(1 am . £»&"«• a«««"i a y fair and warm- Myers fe charged \ith mnvdcv | hope of ImmnAiatc irsimip'.rcn.'• •you j in connection with Miss Mills' | and il wasn't the fault of a woman j The maximum temperature here I yesterday was 74. minimum 55. remind me of a doctor I used to death. A campus beatily queen [driver, know and the way lie was trying]and daughter of a faculty mem-' to cure a ease oi smallpox— "Pimple by pimplel" ^bcr, she was seeking a degree al the university. i-l A careless mahout permitted. I cloudy, with .!<) of an Inch rain, master's I his elephant to drop dead in the j according to Samuel'F. Norrb, o»- inkldle of the busy street. ficial weather observer.

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