The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1936
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VOL. XXXI1I-NQ. 200 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - ™E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARK^BA^D^™^^^ J* 4, YJU. ?? O Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald Blylhevllle Mississippi Rally News Valley Leader ,„ ' " — - - HUM HHVILLK, AHKAX'SAS FUID\Y NOVRlHrU (' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' PRESIDENT WILL MAKE BUENOS AIRES TRIP , . „, , __ : ____—^—.—_____— — j • - . ^^^^ • ^^ ^* ^B^H ^H DEIS GDILT SS HE MEE15 DOTH T New Pastor of Methodist Church Condemned Wife Slayer] ProtesfS;- Innocence to Last ' TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark, Nov. 6. (UE>)—A 42-year-old while farmer died an electrocution death here today for the murder of his , wife, insisting to the last thatj . "you're killing me Jor another man's crime." The condemned man was Dennis Turner, charged with slayin» of his estranged wife, Gertrude, a Works Progress Administration em- ploye in a sewing room nt Tins-1 man in Calhoun county. •-.'••Mis; Turner's body was found Oic'iSale Is! Seriously fll ; »i , e o " 5 - oro or e past five yea.s. Blood stains Indicated It had and Mrs. Wade arrived here today to make their hom e while the R short distance from a highway >m her residence to Ti man. Blosd stains indicated i been dragged from the road. "Another Man's Crime" Turner emphatically denied complicity, nu only comment aft=r being seated in the electric chair was: • • "Captain (Tom Cogbill, prison farm superintendent) you're killing me for. another man's crime." Turner was electrocuted at 6:55 a.m. Two charges were necessary 'o end his life. He was pronounced deaCd, in five, minutes. As he.walked lo the chair, seven negroes in -the death chamber sail" "When the Saints po Marching' Home." • [ Smoking a cigar, he smiled at l*c 30 persons assembled to witness his death. Refuses Minister Before walking Inlo 'the execution chamber, Turner discussed . with former Calhoun county friends _ .where he wanted to be buried and ^•#1«!« n ' c t~ to ,officials two letters Ifor bound with wire in a wooded area The riev. H. Lynn wade, oastor of I est a short distanc fr h ' ' Announces ' 10 P c f Cent Boost AVith Provision lor Changes Up pr Down NEW YOHH, Nov. C. (W)Wage increases, averaging 10 j>er cent ami rinsing- lo 25 p:r cent were authorized or under 1'Onsicl-' erallon for the 526,700 cmplovcs of tin; nation's sleel industry io- day. A 10 per cent slen wage rise would ,,ut nearly 880,000,000 more annually into the payroll envelopes of the nation's sir-] workers. SAN' FRANCISCO, Nov 6 —Columbia Steel company, the First Methodist church at I Pacific coast Joncsboro to,- the past five yeais. United Sates sic Mr - «« tot a " . P»">r of the Ftat.craTcir v ^ f tci'jhis small 'children.: '••' -.,H« -9 |e . ^.hearty dinner last night '.:.W!l: «>u*=d .to allow' Superintendent Cogbll! lo summon a minister. He said: "If there Is any saving of my soul I'll have to do it." Distant relatives waited outside the prison gates lo claim his body and return it to Calhoun county for burial. Temporary Job Lasts Through 60th Year EVERETT, Mass. (UP) —When John H. Lawson took a job at the Waters.Governor Company's plant here he was told it would be only temporary, but—• Recently he celebrated his 60th anniversary with the same company. Lawson, 19-year-old superintendent, attributed his success to doing every little assignment as it came along in the most efficient way. New York Cotton flEW YORK, Nov. Cotton closed steady, open high Dec H88 1188 Jan UBS 1183 Mar lies 1185 May 1185 1185 July 1119 1180 Oct 1140 1HO 6. (UP)— low close 1182 1182 1179 1177 1177 1177 1178 1178 1171 1171 1131 1134 Spots closed quiet at 1227. off 7. Spot Average Is 12.12 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 12.12. according lo the BlytheviUe Board of Trade. Board Is Contemplating Lease of Institution to Western Man The governing board -of Blytheville's municipal hospital has under consideration the leasln" of the hospital to private management on a different basis than has as yet been attempted It 'is understood. ' ' ' , •-•-,,/ ; ; Tl)^ board.,;, at.; .a meeting last nightr took:, under-. -advisement, 'a proposal for the leasing of^the hospital to an Oregon maai imt not contract has'Sas yet> been entered into. } • ' '. , 'If, ;••• Cr. p. L. Husband's lens" 'of (he municipal hospital Is to ex- a short time. Hi pire has .been the lessee of the hospital .for several years. Before Dr. Husband leased the hospital It was operated by Dr. Paul L Tiplpn under lease from the city The hospital wns originally built and operated here by Dr Husband but mis purchased by the city with the proceeds of a bond issue voted for that purpose almost 10 years ago. ' Arson Suspected in Big Fire at Hatcher LEPANTO', Ark.—Fire Wednesday night destroyed a bit, barn on Ihe o. W. VVolford farm, rented by J. M. Wolford. The loss was estimated at . about J3.000. Over 33 tons of hay, three bales of seed cotton, 300 bushels of corn, two cows and calves, and all farm implements, including n new spring "'"""•• were destroyed. The farm _,. t tli nn; nil w, HI borhocd, about ten miles iiortheasl of Lepanto. .-. The fire is said to have b-en started by a relative of woiford's who became angry when the former refused to lend him money He first shot into the house and barely missed hitting some of the New Orleans Cotton] S I inlo the stock' NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 6. (UP)— " Cotlon dropped 1 to 7 points today as traders evened up their accounts in preparation for the government crop report, due Monday. There was a moderate amount of hedging. Liverpool traders fear the government might release more of Us holdings. open high low close 1184 1186 1186 1184 1178 1180 1178 1180 1181 1181 1175 H77 1180 1180 1115 1178 1172 1172 1170 1167b 1132 1132 tT* I n • ' OCOf/C PflfiCS Nov. 6. (UP)might irregularity .sliding scale of wage 'payments that will be in relation' lo Ihe cost of living, provision j wax. made that the now- rates of! pay shall be considered to com-j pensate employes for an increase! in living costs and for, further readjustments in line \vilh future changes in the cost of liv- ln S- . H Should, the index of' the ' slatistle oral bureau of labor show a further rise of five per cent or a drop of that amount in living costs, the wago scales mil rise or fall to fhat extent , scrIous| i r »"n Hollywood. Calif ^ „. «>iiiui£ nun starn| iS on the stage. S;ile en- War-Weary Fighters f ,, ,n ' ati °''' nolcd comcdJan, ' 1C for one THEN SELF Son. Crilically Wounded, Is Sole''Survivor of Al- luilu Family .. j ATLANTA, Cia., Nov. 0. (Ut>) — L«m N. Owen.' 40-ycnr-qfcl World war veteran, jumped from the brcnklast table loday, grabbed a 22 j caliber rifle, killed his wife and ..u.aiiBliler, wounded a son, tuv.l f.i- Inlly wounded'himself with a bul- j lei- llr«| through' the head. The wife, a clerk In (he federal reserve bank, died within n few minutes. The husbiiml nnd daughter, Miixlnc. 14,.died shortly after bshig taken to' a hospital. Mrs. O-raii'clnd hrpii.lamns nnd .' n bathrobe, was lying beside the refrigerator. Maxlnc wore blue •| swks and 11 brown corduroy Jncfc- 1 ct. she had slum]>cd near tin I'auge. The son, L. N. jr., wns In n critical condition with n bullet wound under the left eye. Tlij husband iuul wife engaged i" n heated argument al the brcnk- fnsi table .and L. N. jr. rushed lo n neighbor's residence lo summon pallcc. The wounded lad was unable to give details of the argument. "Daddy Irlcd lo kill my mother »»tl mr sister," ho mumbled to'hos- pital attendants. "I don.t know why Offers 10 Per Cent Kaisc PITTSBURGH, .Nov. 6 (UP)— The Carnegie-Illinois- steel corporation late,.today offered its em- ployes a year's contract : providing- for.:. a wage, boqst; is-.-erartng 10 per cent for/its 100 000 em- ployes but,. ; erriv)loyesV of.'some of the: plants','rejfcted ,'th/ offer i a'nd held •'.out for-*higher ; .fwages.'1 I •Representatives '6f 2'5,CO) workers, in nine- sheet and tin plate plants rejected the offer and a committee notified the management it would accept: nothing less than a 15 pel-, cent: wage ad' -* '' . . — : "wage advance would • cost the ; United smths Steel corporation, - of: which the Camegie-IHiiioI.s - corporation is the largest subsidiary, about'$37000,000 annually •: instead of the 525,000,000 cost qf the 10 per cent raise. The Bill Denton, accused theft ,of a- i raornliig won .... „„,„„ jof a defendant charged;"with u /felony at the hands of 5 a.,Jury •during the • wr.-, v ut ^clrcul^td.A term. vaiice; . A 15 v per cen Cotton Picker First to • Be FreecHy Jury in Felony Case Two] policemen accompanied '••;• Ufrhts'liomc. As they step 11 Ihc front porch (three sl, ul o wore fired from one of the rear rooms. One bullet passed im-ou-h the fronl door, wounding Ihe boy Police found Owen, his wife and daughter lying on the kitchen floor. of thei. Br ™fcfnst was on the stove-toast car at Manila, this burilctl and coffee percolating. Ihe first, acquittal Owcn llsc <i ft single action rifle with a boll, making It n:cessars i Him Dog-tired from Ihe nerve-wracking 'experiences ol battle, 1 the Madrid defenders In ihe foreground try to rest In n shallow, hastily dug trench during n lull In the light with rebels. Their conniidcj remain on the alert lo avoid being surprised In h. Midden sorlii; by the enemy. f o -" »-v<.«ni3 lor him to reload after each shot • Neighbors were- horrified: by .th6 lcrm -.. tragedy: Tliey'belleve'rt'lhY cRyens , Denton, who .drifted Into this f?. te ° happy family. The father section . as a -rcotton r picker, was -W^ver, wns reported -to have b'eii charged..with, stealing-the'; car of'- ^ a<1 nc alth for 1 severiii ••..mruh* ,a neighbor from the" streets o Mnnilp, the state's case being based largely on circumstantial evidence. He was represented bj Gene E. Bradley, by'-appoitilmenl of the court. •••••• f George "Buddy", Summers, charged with the murder of Mrs Bula Mae Wilson, was granted a continuance for the term yesterday en his motion' setting forth h'ls inability to obtain the testimony of two material defense witnesses at tills lime. His motion stated that Dr, Floyd Webb would An nuimal may common names )mve several in one locality but it has but one scientific mime throughout the entire world. 'Filmdom Has New Romance ed n check dent. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. .. e r levels although it was m around the 3,000,000 share A T and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel, Chrysler CilicK Service ..'.'. Coca Cola m.irk. . 181 1-2 . 53 . 73 1-2 . 134 7-8 4 General American Tank 53 3-4 General Electric 50 6 . 8 =™, -,-' Spots closed quiet at 1230, off 2. Chicago Wheat high General Motors International Harvester McKesson-li obbi ns Montgomery Ward ..... New York Central .. ' • * "*J W »»LIJU UUII1U , .Carnegie-UhKoia Home- 1 testify, it, present, that Mrs WI1- stcad works wage committee, rep-1 son did not die of a beatinp resenting 10,000 .men, accepted the as alleged by the state and that 10 per cent .wage increase. Em- L- P. Weaver would testify that ployes at the Woods works,. Me- Summers was with him the night Keesport, Pa, where 750 are cm- !le "wns supposed to have fatally ployed,, also accepted .. the In- beaten Mrs. Wilson. Webb Is out cf the city and Weaver Is at a Colorado CCC camp. Trial of Jack Woolen, accused of forgery and uttering, was under way this afternoon. He is aUeged JcMiave forged and cash- on a Lcachvilte resl- Among indictments returned by Hie recent grand jury were two charging Max Baer, alias Joe Cook, nnd Charley Block alias Carl Snyder, erstwhile insurance agents, with the fraudulent salci of auto liability insurance. j Punishment for' liooscvelt MaJ-! ors. negro, convicted of robbers Main street purse sualch- ing here,, .was fixed at five years imprisonment by n Jury yesterday afternoon after a trial that consumed most of the day. Majors was represented by Claude P. Cooper. Clarence Staton, negro, accused of. grand larceny, elected to change his plea of not guilty to guilty afler selection of a jury to try his case had started. He wns given a cue year sentence. He admlllcd theft of a. cow. His attorney was Mr. Cooper. Sterling-" Thomas, negro, entered a plea of guilty to grand larceny in the theft ol a watch and was given a year sentence. 74 5-8 9S 3-8 11 1-2 59 1-2 45 1-4 low open ° ,,, , . a 113 1-4 113 1-2 113 dosc 1143-4 113 Dec May Chicago Com open high low close (11)983-81001-4983-8100 (n) 931-4.011.493^.4537.5 ,(0) !)2 1-893 3-8 021'-89-( 1-8 Livestock ,.^ S1 ' ST. LOUIS. III., Nov . „ (UP)—Hogs: receipts 8000 Top 9.70 170-230 Ibs 9.50-9 C5 MO-160 Ibs 8.0.5-9.40 Bulk sows 8,65-9.00 Cattle: recelpU 2,000 Mixed yearlings and heifers Slaughter heifers 4.50-1025 Beef cows 4.25-5.25 Cutters and low cutters SM-4.00 i;,r. Donlevy, oiu- dam's k:i>!iriR men. slopped ,, uo .-, !l»!)yivood' night club | ils( ;.pnrip otui thoic lirsl saw M,r- j on e'l.:iiio. one of the club's Muse,'.-'. Inlroductioii .itid touri I ihip followed and the |, air "| shown above, will \ VC d N C i v '|'s FViy. Miss Lane -m • Omolia K'-l, recently W , 1S '| ' : g film contract. . several ''months • Oiven was a floor finisher and served In the- United states navy during the Wcrld war Dismiss Charges Against Four in Highway Death CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —The state has dismissed charges against Fale Kuott, Oscar Bargcr, Wade Mulllns, and Miss Betty Huffman who were held under bond of $50o ench in connection with the death about a week ago of liobeit Earl Cribbs, who wns found dead on a highway south, of this city apparently the victim of a hit- and-run driver. The body was found by Mulllns and Knoll, who were accompanied cy Miss Huffman, and Inler officers discovered (races of blood on Barger's car. He staled the bloodstains had been placed there by two men fighting, however, and an four were released. The case against Jack and Alphonso Powell, brothers, charged with robbing the operator of their! mother's feny here, was re-set f oi next Thursday. Nationalists Within ,\Vhcn Arthur "Harpo" Marx, film comedian, mentioned to President Roosevelt, in a letter thanking the latter for an autographed piclurc, that "Harpo". had been married since September, it vvns learned the bride was Susan Fleming, above, former Follies girl. She Is a na- jtive of New York City and was educated in Forest Hills, Long Island. i oui Miles of Centci of Cap, rat VALLADOLID Bpflln' NOV C (U PI-flic icbel rid,lo station here i announced nt 5 30 pm that na 1 tloimlist.. fo.rccs had advanced 16 witliln sK klloinetcis (appro'tl mnlcly four miles)' of the Puertn i del Sol. central jjlhm of Mnclrld. , The rebels advanced during the afternoon, encountering fierce resistance from the loyalists. The broadcast stated that many Inrge buildings In Madrid were sel afire, presumably by rebel sympa- thisers I Rebel batlerles, It vm reporte-l fired upon the loyalists nil nfler- jioon us nationalist 'troops ,-id- vnnccd. The advance resulted In the capture of .several small villages, Including cerro dc Los Angeles and Vllle Verde. . Hugh Gibson, Ambassador to _ Brazil, Announces Decision-, WASHINGTON, Nov. C (UP)— President lioosevelt lins decided definitely to ntlond (he opening uf the Pan-Amciican Peace Confer'- ence hi liuimos Ahcs, Hugh Gibson, Amcilc.m ambassador to Bia- zll, snid todny nftei a White House -onfereiu-e Gibson icvenled lliat the pi'csl- .denl'js. pinns cull foi a tton O \PI' of one day In K1 0 dc Janeho Braill, on Novcmbci 2«, before proceeding to BI1CI105 Alics fOl tllO Unrfof the Lonfcieiice on December 1. _ » The ninbnisntlors ilkcJosuro \ras ninde nftci Ihc pie-Jclcnt nt his inwy confeiciice expiesscd himself cngci to attend u, e peace parley but tnld he would not announce n definite decision until the middle of ne\t \ieck Hopis for Model I'roj;rjm SlmultaneouMy Sceictaiy or Brain ? U ' C " IiUl1 f " f ° nilc<1 a to IP of »omcn peace advocates, umt he expect!, the Buenos Aires conference lo set up a model of pence mnchlnry which [he rest of Hie w OI Id will do well to eopy Hull tvnd the icmalndei of Iho American delcfntlon to the conference aic scheduled . lo leave New Yoik on th S. S AmciieZ wglon tomoirow! They plan t o m- rlvo in Uuenos Ahes on Novembci "• S«"S. ndTIIIICC of thc stlul The piesldent's ciulse lo South Alncrcan «ateis Undoubtedly wii ^.imlcle I,, the U s cruise, in• : llainipolls, cue of the faslest vessels In the Amerkan ntuy which could uuko a ,cco,d urn '"lo Bue,nos Alies, leaving Charleston ° V(;mbcr and ar- Gib son CMMc&s "MWem that they sm foi -nnd belief return large dlvl- Thousands Greet Him ._ Assured of another four yeal" iH, ' sident returned to the chpilal lodr.y, acclnlmed by thousaii-ls and prepared to'lncUe Chrysler Employes Will Share §4,000,000 DETROIT, Nov. 6. (UP)—K. T. Keller, president of Chrysler Cor- |»ral!on. today announced the company's third distribution of extra compensation to employes this year. A fund of £4.000,000 Is lo be given out during Ihc week of Dec. U. Five Perish When Fire Destroys House 'if.'. CAMBRIDGE, O.. Nov. C. (UP) — A mother and her two children and ,,,„ another woman aud man were Nnf'PornrrniV^ r i burn-ad to death here today when not KeCOgniZC Conquest Ore destroyed their small frame waoTc- - ' • lwmc ' apparently gaining headway PARIS, Nov. 6. (UP)-Authori- while thoy slop! 'tive sources todny rcvenlcd thnl ""•" - 1 ' France and Oreal Britain had agreed to refuse Immediate recognition of Italy's couquestiof Ethlo- Britain and France Will pia. Premier Benito Mussolini's speech this weefc at Milan was said to nave gone out of the wny to treat the British .and French "slight. The charred bodies were found In the. ashes in such position that It wns believed they had attempted lo escape. Either th? fire or the dense smoke trapped them. . :The victims were Mrs. Merkle Fife Wiley, 27, hsr children. Bstly, 5, and 'Vcrnoh, 1. Mrs. Mary Fife, 31, and George W. Sayrc, 65. vTlic women's and children's bodies were found 'by th? front door. i Mrs ' wlle y clasped her arms. .. _ | Mrs. Wiley clasped the baby lore Home Kazed, [her arms. 5 U f D I Sa > r ^ body was found in an ad- OOIa lor Darn, jcluing room. Apparently • he had tried to reach Ihe others. - - . •. GENEVA, N. Y. (UP)-The boyhood home of Millard Filtmore. 13th president of the United tes, has been lorn down be- se, organization showed enough Interpst in Us preservation pay the owners $700. Pillmore, elected Vice President in 1848, on the WluV ticket/succeeded to the Presidency in IBM "lion the death of Zachary TiO. lor ami s»rv«i , m t» i 8a . jfe was had lived In the Cay UiU county h olu? until lie ws Train Wliisllcs ., whistles nre Aimny Town UP)—Bells an lo slcep- WPA Will'Start Sewer Work at Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, 'Mo.—Mayor- D. D. Pinion has announced that district WPA headquarters have advised him that work on the Eastwood Avenue sewer project will commence In a few days. The mayor also announced completion cf n similar project on lUishey Avenue. Doth projects call for laying new sewer pipe .bedded In concrete, a bed of (micksnnd having put the cily ~to considerable repair expeasc over the pnst few Log Fishermen Find . , "on. imlf Ot labor situi- Jlie strike will be one of the sub- jce s .for dlsc,«s,on nt Mr Roo e- vclfs regular weekly cabinet me-t- "ng this afternoon it was expected the president « 0 u, d , ttj ^ his advhors leports on efforts ihuj far to halt Ihe spread of man me • labor warfare With his cabinet officers he nas Blven a tremendous ovation in 'the huge union station, ihc cheei- "«g and shoulinj continued uiia- 0.1 led from thousands packed nlon» S« ? l ! C "I' 116 ProSwton from tho station to the White Home flic shouting continued lonrr after the president entered the mansion which he will occupy for another term. So'insistent was the cheering lhat Mr. Roosevelt twice «;as^ compelled to emerge on the north portoco with Mrs ' velt and their son, James He waved and smiled, In response to the crowd, and then retired for breakfast before going to the executive olfices for with. ' Roose- full ,day of administration conference.? lenders. Observers;believed he would lose no time in buckling down to the tusk of planning a program to car. TV mriVnivl : (Kn n _:.._t .. f. • c i t i | ,' ("""'""£ n program to car- lit in Sunken Lumber I y . f °™ard the principles of the New Dcnl. L Reunion Nov. 14 for MERRILL, Wis. (UP) — Log 'fishing" is proving a lucrative business to a father and son who Invented a device to raise "deadheads'—logs which sank In rivers and lakes during drives more than 23 years ago. When millions of feet of limber floated down the rivers nnd lakes I during the heydays of the logging ! industry in this area, thousands of | logs sank. . — -,..,.,,,, K «, Olto Bergman and his sou, Otto ' r °° r cf a " adjacent theater. '- --• - ' Papers in his pcket indicated he Disabled Veteran Plunges from 22nd Floor Window DALLAS, Tex, Nov. C.. (UP)-K. Lovcll Bowman, disabled World War veteran of F.iyetle\-illp-. ,\rk . plunged to death loday from a twenty-second floor window of Ihe Tower Petroleum building to the ---.__. ..„,. . . .„. vyno jicrgman and his *ou Otto ' ^vijuci-ia incatcr. •Polar Bear Veteran Corps;MX±£?,S! S^l^^^fflSt^^^ ^^-./^^-^...-o'^-^r^^^^ rigorous campaigns In Russia In the, latter part of Ihe World War Polar Bears Asocialton here on Nov. 14. "forest" of was deep. Their wouldn't reach the logs. The father and son designed and built ' ' _ .« surface. H the city council held in pe-'otlc ' - tompUa to sen t ers, the city council held In pe-lotic organization Unable titlonlng two railway companies to| tain an offer of more lhan ss'O subdue noise when trains Pass they dismantled It and sold thn M\r/sn(vli ' Ililc (rtn-n I HniUn_ *•__. -j .. - - * *•"' ' this lown. w I ""'cer for construction of a barn •Iveterans of the North Russian nnd the Siberian expeditions. Us members wear purple and red berets bearing Ihe distinctive _^ ~ ••••*• mil* .. on^llll'I, R. B. Bowman, of DD S Mnlnes. la; WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, somewhat colder in northwest portion tonight, Saturday partly cloudy colder In north and central portions. free/,e likely In north portion "- • vlclnity-parllv mill. white po.'ar bear insignia. ,. _ Paync co,drd l ° 36 j The maximum temperature here ,vas 5J, minimu wrote y, ( ris, official wealher obocwer 28,

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