The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1941 ers Little Is Favored In Land Of Sky Meet After Rain y On LinksAfter Postponemen t The Sports Spotlight I.AYMOMJ the Couj'H'j N In Cards Corner smic BY HARRY r United iVess Sports Editor ASHEVILLE, N. C., March 28. U.'i'). -The power hit- :*.!. :O:i^ '.;;•;; i;';; :if:::(irci iiot to have .1 prciit'S'-ioniil uiiM-uull iKiin lier* 1 tni.*: year otvaust'- of a .si',uy'Joi! tluii can be summed up ii: uvo 1 \voru>: I'l'o iiHeivs 1 .. 'i'iu 1 Auii-rii.'uu Litton, only loc:il o/ r '.un/iti.iOi) which t-vin;-ed imi-r- ters—the boys who can dig 'em oui 01' ,-og-fcy fairways—-jest- m sponsoring a unvt- for were favorites toda, as a of 100 stH out. across a wat- s wii.ii which to fm-.uu-" a erlbgged course hi ihe §5,000 Laud ()!' Tin* Sky Open Coll! in f iu! A hard rain feJl all day yesie-uay, • forcing postponement of ihe first j round of. the tournament over the ' Biltmore Forest- Country club. In- | stead of four rounds of 18 holes a day there will be 58 tod-ay.. 18 tomorrow and 36 on Sunday, LsR'Son Lihle. National Open champion who is lated the best "ivmdder" amony the pros. was the favorite. A broad shouldered guy who can hit 'em a mile, Little has a great record of winning tournaments when the rairts come and the greens and fairways <jet wei. Ke won the Texas Open through a | final round, that brought rain.! snow and mud. Two years ago he fired a 65 in the last round of the Los Angeles Open and won the tournament on a day that was better for duck luuuing ilmn goli. j Others who are rated as a fcuod j bet for the §1,200 first money andj i\ share of the $3,800 for the other j top runner are Sammy Snead.j Clayton Heafner, Jug McSpacien and Craig Wood. Wood, built like a halfback. Ls particularly dangerous in heavy weather. Greens lu Better Shape Until the rain slowed down the course Byron Nelson, former Na- t-onal Open champion, was the outstanding favorite. Rated the best iron player in the game, Nelson Ls fresh from a victory in ihe Grecn.s- boro Open and appears to be in one of his hoi streaks when he is almost unbeatable. Sos^y fairways, however, are likely to take the edge off hs crisp iron play. 'The-ram was not so bad as it seemed, however, for while it. may have damaged the fairways it improved the greens, in the opinion of most of the professionals and amateurs. Won Last. Year d Ainateurs Box In Three lings Monday U) drop jTtit:sdn_\ i in the titors uj '.In Arkun.s'is -he whole iiiy, Ift't-r lo c Jtmd: When the golfers arrived here, they found me greens slick and tricky and. pulls were rolling like .stevedores on Saturday night. The rain slowed down i.he greens tu the point where putting may be better • The tournament -;vas won lust year -by Benny Hagnu, the little Texan who fired an il under par. He came in with a 273, a record for the tournament, init. he played under .winter rules which permitted the improving of lies in-the fairways. This .year- ihe tournarnem, '•will be under summer rules, ; Dick Chapman, national champion, heads the amateurs.'The foreign players are led by Marline Po?e. oi Argentina and Jim Jtrrier. Open and Amateur champion of Australia. ' BOSTON. March 28. i UM—The ' National Amateur Boxing ehain- pi'jiiKhip.s. still in the three-rinj; circus bring together nearly L'OO youthful bnitlers irom fill .sections 01 the. country n.t Boston Garden M;«roli 3!, April 1-2. Seeking a springboard to fistic .success by winning a ritie, boxers —black, white, red und yellow- rax 1 primed for icsts that will slise UK- fluid to tH before first-day's eiiinnatiuiL? are com- The usual eij^ht ch;uni>iims will l><- rrnii'acti in the 3lUi removal of the tournament whk-li also tv;ts held here last yvni: Sei'tic.nul litlists who wadbti thrum;-!) local elimination:: will represent sonic 25 of thf 12 association nu'inbers. Although officials promi-si. 1 the "iTiv-nlesi arrav of "Aftor :i very careful survc> wt' 1'imi it i.i'ii possible to make buseball sirli'-supjiortiug' aiul ue do nut find' enough hiierest ut tiiis pui'iicular lir/io. VS'c find I hut so put the grounds In snufi^ and to icjilucf tlic pole.s would be jirai'tk'iUly irnpi>^i- hie. . . . Upon imTStiguiitm M<* find that bui<-biin could uol It- sell'-sui.'portms and the American l.<'{;'ion has voli-d uol lo sjionsor a. U'am Uiis Floyd ^^ Us \Vhiu- of the commit lee Ve liad mori' than i'j.OOO with which io linam-i 1 a n-um. bai we jusi decided to drop the whole thin^ after finding out the cost of fixing up the grounds and i moving- tin 1 i have gotten lijilH poles. We t-otild through this .season, maybe, but on a shoestring. Next year we would have hud nothing but more trouble m raisin-- $3.500 In our opinion the move to drop the! wa.s u wise one. We wort- told wln-n we cams 1 to Blyihe- Punch Appears "v .I\CK runny 0uite»t Press Staff Correspondent NK\\ r YORK. March 28. OJP)~ T!u> sillv <• a>on is here again, with Max Addlepate Baer rejecting f <.ui;, for . Conn, rind Lou Daffy- ''(jiii" Nova announcing discovery ' a "cosmic punch" that \vi!i siil!V'n Utter quh.-klv In their li»•v und brnwi a v.v-r-k from tonight. ft war; .su^esU'd that both be 'lit 1 i siiai i.'hcst -thumpers ai ioday';> i-!:mmi.v>ii;» i:h'.ck-up. ''•\<-': inn) his manager, Ancll ''on'mr.n. ;tciual!y tmwd down a -fT'if'H-'lH'T title fij'.hi with Joe LMII-: ve^U'i'day mid demanded in- !'-ati a May bout with Billy Conn. Thi* occurred ai Maxie's canij) in Lakt-wooii. N. J., v.'iiere Promot- •-.'• Mike .Jacobs optimisticaily of- ff-.rai BuJ-r a coniract. for the Sop- i«jiibt-r !il: iji CUM J lie fiofeal.-; his l(-ll(ju'-{Jalifoi niaii. Nova, in t-r.nK .ircrs' bill tit-. linild for $l.,0fl0,0fl() GaU: licJljiian and Baer told the sur- pn'-^i! prc-mou'r i.Jir-v nro nol inter- t'.^KMl in a Loui-' bout yet. because tii:- |)ubl!r will demand a " Conn match after Maxh' belts out .'N'OV'H 1-riJuv ili>;ht. Hoffman said. "Lot Conn prove ihat tie's a proper opponent for Louis in the proposed June nehi by beating Maxio in eitrly Maxie and Conn will draw of money outdoors. Maxie knock him oui easily and punching inleni ever ;'tuhli:d in ville that there no interest in b.uselwil here insofar as local tans any similar championship meeting," absence, of a Hawaiian team due io a date conflict with the inter-Lslnnd title bouts will remove both color and competition. Hawaiian* Are Kememhered The Hsiwaiinns earned ihe plnu- cilt& of spectators hist year \vith j Ihfrir courtlv manners and potent , -.-,,/, -m •• , . , H . j attendance ot 30,000 tans could be were concerni'd with local baseball. They like their baseball, but nol in Class D variety and noi at a park so far removed irom town, etc.. we heard. When u team still will lose money--and that's what we think would hiive resulted—even if an , ,,.,, lc „, . . . , lunches. The islanders, uiio start ed each bout by decking their oppo- < , j dniwn throuuh the local turnstile.s lowed up the gesture of friendship by knocking thoir rivals into semi- c-.ou.sciousness, qwihfied six men for the semi-Jinn Is and copped two titles to .slinre honors with Petm- .ylvnnia The fortunate G-l who survive thr fir.q.' dnyV iriol will matdt hooks and jabs in a struggle for 32 quarter - final berths the second night. Those with the hardest, wallops, most skilled inciic.s and vjreat- at 20 cents each over a season's time, then you've a white elephant, that you might, as well be \Vc don't lielievi; unil imujrin^ thai .10,000 M'oultl pay admissions io hase- bull Dailies ht-re in a season. Ami wi- tliiuli Hie Legion was liXiiTHU'ly rortunaie not to have continuetl its ba.sehall phin.s, LecitUhC its decision to abandon the project previtntrtl a worli! of worrv Uiis summer. will then r 'u:-.v another million-dollar gate with Loui.s in late June—like they did bjit-k in I9:i5." When Jacobs heard money-hun- - TV Hoffman worrying about "the publk-." he fif.uivd immediad'ly i here was dynamite somewhere in the coalpile. He ftyuretl HoiVman is • 11 rev. 1 in.« up a Conn smokescreen 'U Mii>! Bat'r can cteiay .signing : r !.cui- until after Friday night's, '• hi,. .Sl.-otdtl Baer win impressive-i ly aver Nova. Hoffman will be in position LO apply the chisel—to; rjrrpi'.nrt a large !)ercen;a^;e or even a bin muirnntee from Um:!t* .Mike. N<tva lixjtfots to Win Unfortunately for Jacobs. Hoffman and Baer can lake their time INS/OE TRACK F/LLM& VACAKCV AT ST. LOUIS CAR&MALS' INDIANAPOLIS, CUBS WAS UAM£f?-UP To LOU WOV/KOPF FOG COAST BATTING HONORS .,„ Cards May Offer Problem To Reds ItV CKOUGE KIltKSKV ST. PETERSBURG, Ha., .March 27. iUP)-.-]Jio things un- from the St. Louis Cardinals Oils .season. They started to com* with a rush last mid-season and played the best ball in the National Jeap-uV from the July '.ill-star game until the season's end. There is a yood chance that* ------- . _____ ... Rc-uV most, per.sis- m they'll be the u?ni challengers, v.' i i li M. i c k e y Oven sold loj thr* Dodders and! Joe Oreingo and; Bob Bowman to the O hints. However, the loss of these three mav not hurt ihe f Cards at all. The Cards can hit and run, ana Billy .Southworth, who took over! auer Ray Blades'' iij.sini.ssai 1 a s t' June, seems to Mickey OYVCJQ •Some cliunges havi- o£-en »nade. know how to get the mosi out of iiLs talent- Gloomiest pan of the St. Louis outlook i.s the unsettled condition their infield and the big responsibility placed on 35-year-old Gus Mancuso. brought ba-ck from the Dodgers to do the catching. Only first base has a permanent guardian in the Cards' infield. Johnny Mize. after a long holdout! !he mm ' l >' outfield jobs, siege which ended with a $17,000 contract, is rounding into form and is expected to continue Lo blast out chose homers. He led the majors last season 5 with 43. May Bench Marion I :ml Krist, Ernest White, Murrv I Dii-kson and. Hurry lirtn-Jir-frn. Left Field a Question Wh:i.> and Bi-fidieen ur«^ hM'ties. 1! Lli(-y siiek, the Cai'u.s will bo top-heavy with .southpaw.:; sin.v i hey alir-iidy Jiave Shouji and Lanier. Matthew Surkont. who won 19 and lost 5 at Dec-aiur. .siiows promise but may u.-eci year In the minors In the omfield, the onlv question i.s: Who'll play left fii-ld? Dis; year's regular, Ei-nir:- Koy. ami rookie Harry Wuler—brother of t.hc- Dodgers' Dixie — are battling for ihir joo. iiince Koy hits»thanded and Walker lefthanded, <in-y jnay alternate. Walker is a yreai fielder wiih a fine arm. bm hi .I:.-: KO''•• extra base power. Terry M'oore will play center and possibly ger the No. 5'bailing spot behind Mize. Eno.s Slaughier 'a^ain Ls in right. Conker Triplet t. who hit .339 at Columbus; v?ierun £-- tel Crabiree. who hit .31-5 at Rochester, and Johnny Hopp, who also is first b,ist- insurance, will handle Fish continue to grow as lonv, us t-hey live, according LO .scientists. Today's Sport Parade posts. The rest of ihe infield may be Jimmy Brown at second, Martin Marion ut short and Steve Mesner. who hit .301 with Rochester ai infield may comprise Creepy Crespi, wh hit .301 with Rochester, at second; Eddie Lake, who hit .295 j with Sacramento, at short, and ! Brown at third. Marion has many __ boosters, but Branch Rickey told By HEMtV MeLEMOKE sider—the draft questionnaire it- inlurmt -es he expects both Crespi united Press staff Correspondent self. Speaking as a man who just 5 illld Lake lo win DAY TON A BEACH. Fla., March . spent the past, two weeks filling | Tnis would bench Marion- ames at counted on and to im, quiz. When the i pruvt ' ine <jarnm ^ i pitchers. Walker to Jack K earns last Septem- Not only yelling -uncle." but j lime comes for them to sit down I Co °P er - highly touted rookie catch| b( 7- ' ' "Uncle, lay off us—please." j and tackle the questions on the. ' er froni Colui nbiis. will handle the ; Mtuinwliiie Novn, traininy- at the You know why, of course—the questionnaires' pages they will ^ - -^ ot) - *^ e is a bright prospect Pioneer gymnasium, snickered sar- draft.. • have to abandon baseball until the I but doesn>l appear quite ready to the ttaer-Louis dick- j Many Affected lu .Minors , task is done. i move ini ° lhe No - 1 Job. Don , Padgett still Ls around but no one j knows whether he's a catcher, first j bateman or outfielder. New York has a water consumption of 130 gallons per person in signing tor Louis since tliev endurance clash rhe third ! nigh I in IG semi-final and final bonus from which an octet, of erin-s. Said he: -Baer dorsn'f ! The potenia 1 . baseball soldiers! to worry about future fi.hls.Jyou huve heurd about so far com- . hospital a »ona prLsC O nlv a handful of three Browns vs. Missions . SAN BENITO. Tex.. March 28. (UP)—The, St.. Louis Browns play San Antonio of the Texas league here • today -to end their current t.rp away from San Anlonio headquarters. They trounced Toledo. 11 to 3. at Harlingen yesterday. Tired by triumphant tyros will emerge as 1941 national litiists. Official:- IUUT deckled to con Unite the practice of limiting bout? on the first uvo nights to three t.wo-mimue rpuiuLs. No bout will be permitted to "0 more than t.hive rounds. C:u-)>enlvrs will sot up three rings for .use the first day u*ht«M bouts \viil start lit miil- aftcrnooti and continue tn mid- nifrlit. Boston has been the site of the championships ev.-n-y your but si:; since 15)07, because" (his i-i!y h;\. proved most profitable m ui r bo:: office. ("our'"- Mr- held next, mcetiiv,- will to discus* a softbail league, and that >;pori, ;oo, has struck a snay. A place is needed c" in t liter ! irei ihrou-h with him i i. eal i y nre in c i angBr O f having c'av rughi. l knocked him out- in U rounds two years ago. [t'ii '>f a !«l fiuirki'i 1 this time--with mv new cosmic uunch." ine 1 and j a i which io phiy. the Nova wouldn't explain his atleg- The ba.sf.'bull pm-k is out. deft- ^dly U'tlmi weupon. H'i h said more- It's too far from town and ly: "H depends uii co-smos— -is bas- \voiikl not be sell-sup- "1 on bnlniu'e: li will prove a sen- lit- It s*, - --*-•»->*«•* v* *.*.4\- V>**4V^,'-l KJHtiVO S-. W "* ic- .chaki and the giui- puiy eminent, let your hair down, und i-omlnent draft numbers have j lell u , cvervlhinff ihms :«. tn ,. nnw porting even ut the small cxpt-nse s flt.'cn Fridav night, the most for- Vitt, Martin Amorie Bi fi r? J"" 1 Leaguers Now On Coast altuchcd to thfiu. The NYA build- in'.; being ciY'.-ted ai. tho high school eliminate.s that field and • it'.-, probably a waste of time to ask for permission to use the foot- i ball field. But — the Legion. Junior Chamber ol Commerce and other or;.;-an- i/ations .-.(vking ; t Boys' Club here I may -succrcci in finding a spot j soon for their club and il ilivy do, i there will be a suftb:ill lield and \ fVtT.vthin" will he line. i Tlu-ro .should be a .so ft bull leaytte. ] however, and it won't, cost anybody ; u-ry much money. Il you're inter- i r.sied. let u> know no\\ . ;jrd ,-,fep in modern pugilism." li was reoalleu that when Nova rnm a down from the Hudson hillK m lO:iP to bnttlf Baer. he was in (hi: throes of Oriental Yogi-ism, and he stopped Baer. TZ-IS TOPS lay down the for the the prominent been given headline space—Greenberg', Rizssuto and t.op notchers like that. But scattered through the major and minor league rosters are score.s, if nol hundreds, of players under i-hc scrutiny of draft board officials. "lluscbcill is going- to be hit, and hit hard," a prominent major league official told me when F was .traveling through the grapefruit circuit u week or so those draft of the late the government says, 10 i in effect, to come right into the bosom of the United Slates tell us everything there is to know about you, including the name of the girl whose pigtails you dipped in ink in ihe fourth grade, j The best way to answer 0112 of ( j these draft businesses is to drown j j yourself so that your past, will pass j j in review while you are going down | the third time, t didn't have too i much trouble answering questions about myself, because 1 have, kept in fairly close touch with one 1 Henry McLemore for the past 34 Pitching .seems strong. Back from last year are Lon Warneke. Bill McCee. Morton Cooper, Clyde Shoun, Max La.nier and Ira Hutchinson, relief man. Most promising rookies are John Grodzicki. How- s' r EATS4JOWER "Right now it would appear that, f - vears - But the Questions about my only a scattered few of the players relatives gave me a deal of trouble, are hi danger 01 being shipped off to camp bui thai doesn't' mean queen of Miirble. v the tennis courts. SAN FRANCISCO, March 28. t third. Frank Srnlz- ami Bob Binti- a/P)--Ever>- team in the Pacific j ne r. former naii,mnl labl Coast baseball loa-uc will be man- , , : hampion. are brilliant voun aged by a tormer major league f fielders {ormfl . n player when the 39ih annual season opens In lour California ciiie.s , ,, ^pril 5 ' succeeds the late Jack L,<UveU O f . Heading the list ure three new- ' Seatl!t: \ He h lt5 ;An e >:nerieni-v! comers—Oscar Vitt of Portland j' ea1 "' m ' jlurim - owiiekirr Jo-Jo Johnnie . Pepper» Martin of Sacra- r^" le ' nrsi bnsi>ninr; T -' v Jimmy Lunsiord. Blytheville heavyweight li^lit star who re- i-t-n;ly j.v.nrd :hi- touriiu; fi^hi i oc { ny f 0 lio\vini: iier victory truupt- o! 5'romott-r-Manaucr Jack National Women's indoor <in<'!e< Kcarns in Klonda. injured Ills back championships, in training at Tnnjpa and is i-om- Miss Melz scored a threr-iitle . m;; _ nonss turn rest ... Joe sweep ye^terdny. She defeated sec- i Cr:r,». who owns the contract of ; ond-seeded Dorothy Mav B»p c h- oitrlu-r. i Jimmy with Kcurn.s. and who has ; fi-i, 10-12, 6-' 1 in the sin<'le- ""- 1 anything. Thf players with low draft numbers are keeping it- secrel. And naturally, when they got their contracts they didn't write back CHFSTNUT HILL. Mass.. March j and say they didn't think they'd 28. i UP^—Pauline Betz' worth as a ' better sign them, being as they probable successor to the former ' were likely to be culled into service within ?. few months. They Aaron Byrd under a 10-year con- ; then teamed with her opponent ; 0 inu-:. .said Koarn.s was pleased with win the doubles crown" over M«-» Byru.> shuwmt, \vhon hf won a •: Oonre Wiahtmaiv Brooklino. MT^ memo and Bill .Skit! ot .Seattle !• pltdier * Hal Tll nnn. Dirk Barrett. last year's champions ' '< s - vlvcsu>r Johmon :nui Paul Grcn- •ViU has one of the most for- i ory nnd mfielficr * l >'ck Gysolmnn midable; in the l^^ie The '• * 1Ki J ° e CoscararT - A11 hw had late manager of the Cleveland In- i D!g lea?ue cx P er ^ l »f fl who piloted the "Wailers" ! six-round botii day ni^lu. in Tampa Wedne.s- Orocnherg uomcr.s T CLEARWATER. Flu.. March 28. | Brooklino. to wn tthe m\^(\ doit- tUP> —The Detroit within one game or the American Arnold 'Ji£rser> Sratn will stnrt I lil ' 00 - t<! . vn L)od-er.s ay a in today after defeating ihem 10-9 ;«i Lakeland mi-ej the bh\'; title, i. ! & cunsidered enhanced • signed up and kept mum. They were gunning for a few months pay. Better to come South and get in Ma}'. June and July pay checks than none at all." Questionnaire Takes Time This official, and he Ls in a position to know how ihe owners and managers fee! about it. is certain that baseball will be stripped of scores of players and that be,fore the year is om games between various army camps, with major and minor league stars in the line tips will be attracting much attention. There i.s another angle to con- :ind Knthnv'me WinMirop. rhetor. Mass.. 6-4. G-3. Miss Be;/ comuletcri the sho paired with A! Sritt. Por the life of me T couldn't r- call what property my brothers owned, how much money they had ! in the bank, and bow much it, cost them in grocery bills a week. They never had volunteered such in for- i mation. lest r put. the bite on them i for a fiver. ; So, if your favorite baseball play- ! er gets one of these mammoth ! quizzes you might just as well ' switch your affections for n week or two. And forgive him for any errors he may make when he re- uirns. because he is a cinch to be suffering from fountain pen elbow. MEN TO BUILD/ R^R STEADY PULLING POWER. : TRY _^^: &&-** iNYoURMoToR ! nl5 22nrt >* enr in by asuin " ' Cvbs Vie Sox Again LOS ANGELES. Cal.. March 28. The Chicago Cubs and White Vitt has a good-fielding keystone j second nlace last ye-.iv. He has'four ' f "' oa ' son - R \ ld - v ^"o.-k. Charley Gch- j White Sox meet, today in the itfth League pennant, inherited a last l roamnzine the Los Ano.'los place, slow - footed dub. Attend-i * <3tatz - s " 11 ib onc ri the flossiest ance fell off miserably in i j orcland j cont er fielders in minor leciue last year. ' i baseball. He piloted his club ** Thursday on Hank Greenbert-'s ninth muny home run, Greenberg's drive his second o; the game and of the .sunny combination in Lindsay Brown and , AI Wright; average catchiru and j Ftlv ouifielding. Ad Liska. former sub- ! ^^ mariner of Washington, and Kay ' J1M1 Harrell. fast-bailer from Pittsburgh leniTue TSiomns. 3ol> \v Prim, Tlif- Arurels •nnant contenders . . , -w-- i Manaerr Leftv O'Donl. forwerlv .are his best hurlers. Vitt hopes to! National League ba-.Mn-j rh-inv>ion get aid from big league connections j will lead the San Francisco S^l.s S00n - : for the seventh stvnipht vear " Martin Full of Pepper : Sea Is are bankinc or ' ' , Peppejr Martin brought a load of j New York Yankees-second b^e- Uick Bart ell also had i ° : honors. York with a ho- rn T,ee Si ine. ' T'!^ Weiland and I «" 8SI V , . hould be • Gehrmger wuh two .sinsles ; and a triple, and Banell with a double and u .sineh-. During Di mt:*' tix-atU's by Geruuuiy past havi than two centuries been torn by a nv exhibition games. To date the scries i.s tied. Pitcher.- scheduled to see action are Claude Pas- seau and Dizzy Dean of the Cubs and John 'Rigney. Bill Dietrich and i Eddie Smith of the Sox. Yesu-vday the Cubs defeated the Los Angles up: Angels.' 10 to 8, in an 11 inning i other same. The Sox lost. Pittsburgh Pirates. to 5 brought his brimming personality that he contends will assert itself when he moves around right field of chalk! "Well get our uniforms dirty ] and do a lot of slidin?," Martin ' stays. The Seals hon« to -ct «so»th paw Tom Seat, from i>trol» The catching is stron* with ' and Bnic < ^do^ki Oakland will h P n^t * be mrcl8d assured fans. He appears to have a ball club of -talented veterans and youths. Tony Prietas, ex-big laegue southpaw, will head the t. infielder. The club might hit me iim division, but probably needs additional hitting' power Veteran pitchers are ~ Jack Salveson, Joe Henry Pippen. Regular J5c MILK SHAKE Whipped Cream Ac and Cookies 3 WOOD'S DRUG CO. 221 W. Main WHITER DISTRIBUTORS: JOHN MILES MILLER 123 W. Ash Phone 1188 « 375 ATTENTION FARMERS Again! SEE OR WRITE ME FOR Funk's "G" Hybrid Seed Corn The Best You Can Buy A. C. OWENS Rt. 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