St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on August 11, 1904 · 3
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 3

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1904
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- JIJRY LIST of Women Is Sent In forApprovaL - SUBMIT LIST OF WOMEN JURORS INCLUDES STIOUIS WOMEN 1 Expect National Commission - to Accept Selections of Lady Board. - - ' The board of lady managers, through Mrs. Frederick Hanger. chairman of the committee on awards, sent to President Francis yesterday afternoon for .approval the list of women juror's on.the various groups. There are thirty-five groups in which they have been permitted to serve, although the ladles expected at first t9 be able to appoint 144, one for each group of exhibits. - - ; The list includes only a: few, St. Louis qit omen. several who were on the first list having been Omitted because ; the' groups to which they were appointed were 5tri6ken -out. It' is possible -that . when the list 'comes to-day to the 'la' Ilona' commissioners a few changes may he made. but- it -Is not likely. as these - - gentlemen seem very willing to accept the verdict of the ladies in the I matter. ' - The St. Louts women who have been appointed are Mrs. Eliza Eads Host Miss Mary Perry and Miss Mary Bulkley., - The following is the complete list:. Names of Ladles. - nrquo 1EIPmentary education, Miss Anna Tolman Smith Washington. D. C.: alternate. Miss Clara helling. Plainfield. N. J. , Group 2Secondarv educaticn, Miss .Anna G. liacDougal. Chicago; alternate, Mrs. J.. N. , Gore. Columbia coileire. New York. Groun 8Higher , education. Miss Caroline Ilazzard. Wellesley. MasaL alternate . Mrs. , Charles Perkins. XraYsville, Tenn. I Groun 4---Fine art. Mrs. E. A. Tha-jter. Denver. Colo.'. alternate. Mrs. Charles Cary, Be,' fah). N. Y. Grout) 1State Instituthins. Mrs. Sarah Platt Pecker. Denver: alternate. Mrs. George Noyes, Milwaukee. -Group 9Painting and ' drawing Mrs. J. "Montgomery seare. Boston,: - alternate, i Miss ;Man. Solari. Memphis. Group 11Sculpture. Miss Eliza St. '1 John ' "Matthews. New York: alternate. Miiis-1 Enid Yanaell. Louisville. KY. Group 12Architecture. Miss nose Newport News. Va.;-,alternate. Miss Susan N. Metcham. Carnegie, bail. New otk. t1roup 14Art wdritmanship. Mrs. Eugene Field. Buena Park. alternate. Miss. Alice Barbar Steven hi s. Philadelphia. , ' - Group IdPhotographY. MISS Frances B. Johnson. Washington. C. alternate:. Mrs. Charles Ladd. , Group 17Pub11shing and bookbinding. Mrs. 1Iorace S. Smith. Chicago; alternate., tiss - Bulklev. Hillside. M. Groun 18Maps and apparatus for geographY Mrs. Fannie Hicks Woniwine. Atlanta; alternate. Mrs. M. G. Scrutohin. Atianta. - .1 Group 27-1,ibeta1 arts. furniture and househoid decoration. 7.1rs. Candice Wheeler. New York : alternate. Mrs. It. A. Edgerton. Bers 111. Group 45Ceramics. Mrs. Isaac Boyd. Atlanta: alternate. Mrs. Henrietta ord Jones. Hannibal. , ' Group 52Bleaching aiul C.Yeink. Miss Wynn. Deerfield. Mass.; alternate. Mrs. F. S. Majors. Shelbyville Intl. Group 58Equipment- and processes for making clothes. Mrs. Elisha Dyer. ; sr.. Provb. irience. R, I. ..alternate. Mrs. Frederick Na- , than. New York. Grout) 58Lace trimming and embroidery, Mrs. E. D. Wood. Indiananolia; alternate, Mrs. Noble Prentiss. Leavenworth. Kan. - Group 81Industries connected with Cloth-. tug. Mrs. F. K. Bower. Chicago;-, alternate. Miss Burnley. Clinton. N. Y. Group 7bAgriculture. methods of improvs Ins lands. Mrs. W. H. Felton. Centerville. a.: alternate. Miss Myra Dock. Harrisburg. pa Grotm 84Vegetab1e products. Mrs. Christian Terhune Herrick. New York: alternate. Mrs. E. W. Williams. Winona. Minn.. 1 ' 1 i i , E. W. 'Williams. Winona. Minn.. Group f44Bread and pastry,.. Mrs. V. H. Pugh. Bellevue. Neb.; alternate. Mrs, John B. Henderson. Washing-ton. - -... ' 1. Group SOMeats. fish and fruits. mrs.1 E. D.I Lamb. Jackson. Miss.: alternate. Miss Minnie II. Lawton. Omaha. Neb. I Group P2Wines and brandies. Miss Cruse., Helona. Mont.; alternate. Mrs. W. C. Kahl-ton San Francisco. Group POSugar and confeetionery. Miss Car. own Hemstead. Little Rock. Ark.; alternate, Mrs. R. D,.. Bland. Lebanon. 'Mo. 41roup 101--Pomology. Mrs. at R R. HrrY, Prankfort. Ky.; alternate. Mrs. Robert Fu'der. Buffalo. N. Y. .: Group 12reLiterature. Miss Grace King. New - c rieans; alternate, Miss Annie Scoville, Stamford. Conn ' : Group 12,1Somology. Miss A lice Pletcher. waseinrton, I). C. alternate. Mrs Nelson H. Doubleday. New York. , Group 121Ethnology. Mrs Alice P. nemiero 19011. Tacoma: alternate. Mrs. Matilda Coxe 1-fen4erson. Washington. D. C. Grano 3,Ethnography. Mrs Zelia ,,,mttel. Cambridge. Ma . es. alternate, Miss Cora Peters. Washingigon, D. C. Group 1214Study of Social conditions.' 1Es Caroline Greisheirner. Washington. D. C. fai- r b.rnate. Mrs. J. M. Glenn. Baltimore. Md. Group 135Provid,mt institutions. Mrs, Eliin. rads Ifow; alternate, ,Misa Wade., Washington, D. C.. D. C. Group 138--flonsing of the working classes, Miss Jane Addams. Chleago alternate, M,ss Fonhla Wright. New Orleans.. Group 13 --Liquor question. Countess of Aberdeen; alternate. Mrs. Ralph Tratartinn, e w York. Group 139Charities and corrections. Miss Mary PeTTV. St- Lou; alternate. lkiss Josephine Woodward, Cinelnnati: monielPal Improvement. lIrs E. P. Toyer. Dallas; alter- nate. Mrs. Condai HamIR. bt. Paul., HUNDREDS OF AUTOMOBILES TO BE IN FAIR PARADE. i; ! Over 1200 -automobiles will be in th i:joks e automobile i parade on Automobile day at the .Worldis Fair Friday. There have been issued already 1200 permits. These entitle the holder, his machine and the occupants to free admission. ! The city governimnt will for two or three days snspend the lieense as it pertains to visiting- automobiles. and allow them every privilege-within the city. The holders of practiCally every automobile license in -the city has provided himself Ng ith these permit A band will play throughout the fore- Wien in the automobile section of the palsten of Transportation. and during the parade. at 1 o'clock, will he carried in an automobile. Cominissioners7 Association Meets,. The weekly meeting of the state:executive eommissioners' association at the Worlds Fair was held yesterday after- 1100n from 4 to 5 in the 'Maryland building. the principal question up for :discussion being the difficulties of the agricultural and,horticultural exhibitors. The committee committee on public affairs. which bat; been investigating tbe complaints of -the exhibitors. renorted that all the4 difficultiee and differeviees had been settled in a conference with the Exposition officials. The agriculturists were granted a band and w:11 not have to organize a farmers' band. The only matter not ,settled is the 4 loeation of a drinking fountain. '1 The cemtnitteo working to obtain the -opening of the Fine Arts palace on Sun- days reported that nothing had,yet been accomplished. Arkansas Women Appointed. 'LITTLE ROCK, ARK.. August la -Lieut. Col. W. K. Surridge, commanding the provisional regiment of the Arkansas etate guard, which will visit the World's Fair, to-day-announced the following appointments: :Miss Jean Bentig of Paragould to be sponsor; Miss Mary Hale of Osceola 'to be maid of honor; Mrs. Clarence C. Taylor of Texarkana to he chaperon; Mrs. W. H. Haynes of Little Rock to be matron. - Harness Men Visit Attractions. , The Natlonal harness manufacturers and dealers' protective association, which ;'. Is holding a three days' convention in St. Louis, spent yesterday at the Fair, tray-.ling about in a body. The party was matte up of 300 members and their wives. Last evening the party took dinner at the Inside Inn, after which they visited The , . Recital at Texas Building. The :1:30 recital at the Texas state building yesterday afternoon Tway; given by McNair Ilgenfrits, soloist: and Ella Fruchs. accompanist. Both of the musicians are composers. and several songs of their own composition were rendered: St Louis Texans are in charge of the Texas building this week. OUR WARSHIPS ON GUARD IN CENTRAL AMERICAN WATERS WASHINGTON, August 10.4The navy department to-day received a cablegram - announcing the arrival at Monte Christi, an Domingo, of the gunboat Bancroft. sent from San Juan at the request of American Minister Dawson for the pro, tection of American interests. Cruiser Montgomery Sails. COLON, August 10.--The United States cruiser Montgomery sailed to-day for San - Andreas, from which port she will proceed for Guantanamo. Cuba. The converted yacht Scorpion will remain at this station. ' Automobile Candy Boxes, Busy Bee. - ., - 1 LLAMA 4,14. OCIA 1.0, mama y asw a.astt I - EIM., , SA gA, I tents a toOtt-10. 3 ,,,, het 3routs patin 610 pmsJaat ci)1 ll eAgttst 11, 1BU4 - An ExTert's Notes on World's Fair Pictures , ' 1 1 1 Tha American Section. ' 1 Iti continuation of our selection from the Pictures by American artists we shall now proceed with those contained in the smaller, rooms ; which surround room 'le, 'en the :east siele 'of the central hall! of Sculpture, begirming with roma 2. No. Nee,' "De Peofunels," is by Gustave Henry, Mosier, New York. Had the original idea of this large and important canvas been what the title indicate:le-the relative Importance of the keynote of the composition,' the funeral procession.' le that of the man and the two horees, painted. as they are, on- the scale,of life size, would have been tise reverse of what it here L. In other- words, the impressiveness Of the funeral would I have been the leading- idea, and this group !would have been treated as a subsidiary :episode. It ' is clear, therefore, that the picture eon: Meted originally facilely of an ,agriculteral ineleenta French peasant' resting his team. That this was the case is borne Put by the perfunctoriness of the charactere color and diminutive size of the 'lig, tries.- of the procession. .4' i Ambition, or some artist friend. must ' have -suggested the idea of converting a splendidly executed prose subject into a poetic; and emotional one by the very simple device of Inserting the procession. The ,only available point where it couM ' be ' introduced, namely, on the sky ,line behind the fence, where the land begins to clip. just beyond the rise On which the horses are standing, has been selected. By taking advantage of this dip, the effect of distance. ,it was thought, could be given to the figures, by their .partial concealment. That being accomplished, all that remained was to bow the head of ' the man, andthe pathos was complete. lenfortlinately, the ezill-important matter of the -proper tone in aerial perspectfte of tile figures was Overlooked. They, there-lure, leek as if they were patched on to -the sky, tete, ,there being no atmosphere to modify, them. and put them in their :proper place, ' instead of- appearing !distant. they are only just on the other !side' of the very evidently near- fence. They are, -therefore, when seen to be in ,that proximity, -far too sznall. Here is a clielentma which is only another proof of' the "eedage, "One can ncet serve two masters." The picture then, from an art point of viewa vieW that rigidly demands that If emotion: is intended, it shall beexpirese,ed !according to strict art canons, or not at all. must be relegated to the category of failures in that regard at least. The average spectator. however. if . for I example a picture with a :visible 'moott in : it: is celled 'Moonlight," Is very apt to be i prepossessed intothinking, whatever its color or treatment may be, that the feeling of moonlight is present. So great Is the power of suggestion in an art that. necessarily. in nearly - every detail. and every touch, is a deception of the eye. The truth of this statement as to these figures will be at onee apparent if with the forefinger: they are 'hid front- view. The color and the force of the rest oe the picture will be greatly ' intensified.' In other--words,' it becomes at once obvious that the Interpolated procession is a decided element of weakness. : -What 'then remains for the ,artist and connoisseur to admire? Much, the original inherent great qualities of the picture; and that in spite of the bowed head of ,the man, for lie is otherwise robustly and firmly drawn.' The drawing, 'modeling, anatomy and color of the gray heree. especially on the scale on which it- is, represented. it would be hard to find equaledunless. indeed, we iturn to its eplendid brown teammate. with which it forms so fine a contrast. There is no philistine eye-search here. for mere imitation of hide and hair What 'with fine discrimination and -knowledge to carry it out has been sought for is the well-cared for power; the docile, healthful, familiar domesticity of these helpmates of mare 'Then the soil on which they stand Is sound in color, and as satisfying, as in 'so close a study of fresh turned plods it could be made. The drawing of the singletrees is perfect. We have, however, strong -doubt about that of the plow. The painting of the strip of sunlight. in contradistinction to the admirable clarity of the cloud shadow over the group. whioh -is Mr. Mosler's own,is very conventional conventional in the sense that it is Matteed by the methods taught to students when painting sunlight on e. large scale, both in Belgium and leranceeeet is destitute 'of spontaneity. a purely mechanicatpiece of brushwork and coloring. The sky in the upper clouds is of a rather uncertain, mottled,- woolly, lightish purple, and is weak in the blue. It has also a tendency to be vertical. as it certainly is to the right over the procession. These defects are., however, more than counterbalanced by the finely felt' anti finely' got atmospheric vista seen under the belly of the gray horse. This stretches away to the distant aerial- blue ridge. There is also'a feeling of alr'te--ween the eye and the lovely purples of the hill on the left. Of the subtlety of both these passages. even Mr. Ochtman might be proud., ; ' : . ' 1 in spite, then. of These defects.' the story is, after all, however it is brought' about, : to be commended for the striking and solemn ,message it carries home to the hearts of tee allthe human sympathy and reverenee of the young French farmer for the passing dead.. - 1 Below this picture is No.,450. "A IMillrace,' by Jonas -Lie. , As we have' now learned to expect frmn this most 'conscientious artist. he Makes of this 'l subject. 'bare almost of interest , for the or-, dtnary spectator, avehiele of the keenest observation and gradation in color. I The retaining wall of the warehouse-looking mill. and the 'mill itself, though in 'clerk shadow,- carry an infinte variety of beautiful tones. : The reflections in the 'eater are incliceted by a few masterly tote-hell. and the erosion of the opposite bank is rendered in a most interesting way. , 'Both the local color and the feeling are un-' mistakebly fine. The buildings of the cross-street which closes the vista are finely generalized. as is also the passing throng. It is a pity that. threugh mere oversight, the few touches of red, inserted though they are with consummate keowledge of what is needed to give life and luster to the low-toned color scheme, are So rawly liquid. A slight scumble of gray, even the passing over thennof a dusty -finger, would .have: brought info color relation this. the ' only inharmonious note we have seen in al j the three examples of this artist. , , . , No. 619, next It. "The DaY of the Baces, Provincetown," by-Edward H. Potthast, New York, is a very daring. thoroughly successful, sun-illumined , color schemtee full of refinement and glory of cosioe. In Its exultant gayety, and that without the slightest taint of caprice or affectation . about it, it is a thing apart. A bight of incomparably blue water, a joy of itself, handled like a master, occupies the 'middle of the- scene. ' A pale yellowish wooden pier on the right is in delightful contrast. On this are arranged the light- - est, gayest and sunniest of figures. : The dress of the girl waving her handkerehief, nearest te us, is the absolute ideal of,sunlighted pink. Its form. and the way she holds it are the perfection of vivacite and fastidious taste. The hat itself . le -so artistically bright a color arrangement that it would drive any milliner to despair. ' ' - ' I The rich. sunny yellow of the canvases of the yachts that lie on each side of the - blue bight and the sunlit orange of their spars form beautiful color 'contrast. Between us and tee girl in :pink is a pale - red iron ring, not - rusty. but a lovely red; the dilapidated flour berrel brought into use as a color vehicle; the sliding door of a shed, a fine yellow ochre tint. and the building in line:with itin shadowa pale purple-blue, against which is the vermilion skirt of a girl 'close to the wall. and also in shadow, are all maryelous color , arrangementse Just below the girl in pink, and seated on the pier's edge in the sunshine, are a boy in drab. and a girl dressed in. pale, rich. indescribable red. The boy's face is lighted to a -healthy brick-red. Below their level, on the blue, water, lit the stern of a green- boat the tremulous reflections of which break into the !blue. Nearer the eye is a pale yellow splash of reflection to match those of the sails of the same color and the opposite side. A light red rowboat. tilled with gayly dressed figures. is seen to be crossing the blue. Alongside the last yacht and In contrast with her light yellow side and orange cabin skylight, is another red boat, and close to that a small blue dingey. The effect of the latter is to restore the dominance of the "note bleue." - The American flag , fluttering in the ,breeze from the gaffs of three of the yachts add to the vivacity, of the - color effect. In the- space between the masts and sails, the houses of the them, built on a rising baeit. front, gable itend roof appear. Thecae are -dexterously treated; somewhat In the manner of Siseeley, a lovely variety of form and color, with a suggestion or trees here ttnd there Interepersed. Above all this lovely ;scene soar clouds of light pinkish purple. ,melte ing- into the blue of the city. An artist, In order to keep his colors puree end to carry to successful completion -a scene like this, must be endowed with an intense perception of the height -to which smaller roc , en the -eas .1 -Sculpture, 1 No. Henry, Mos nal idea of vas 1;cen . tive impori , co to pool t ion that of the ed. as they e would have t here L. In 1 ness of the leading- idyl s been t rcate n is clear, th sisted origi e team. Tha f put by the ter. color a tiles' of the 9 1 Ambition, t have sugge a splendidly 4 d poetic, and t. simpld nevi The 'only y bo introdut e behind the 4t to dip. Just horse, are - taking adv. s distance. it to the ligu ment. Tha remained man, and t fortnnately, the -proper tile figures Ir. fore, leok , the sky, itr o to modify, 3. proper pia( tant. they 4- of the ver3 !- are, thereft proximity, 5, .entma whic - dage, "On r. The pictu s viewa vie If emotion ed faccordir at all. mus I. of falitnes average sp ample a pi ;4. r l it: 0,11184 be preposso its color 01 5. feeling of r Is the povve e necessarily. , every touct The truth figures will the foretin; The color a picture - wE other .-u-ord that the In 1- ,, cided elerta , remains lot .. admire? Mu qualities of - of the bow L-. otherwise r H drawing, m the gray la 4. which 1t is to find Leqt : to its side which it f0 is no philis imitation o fine discril ri carry it on 5. Well-cared f , familiar (lc r. of mart.'Th4 I- is sound in so close e could be , singietrees strong dou The paintlf contradistir of the cloud -is Mr. Most conventiona ed by the when paint both in Bel' tute .of spo aLpiece of t 7 The sky ir . er uncertai e purple, and also a tend, I. tainly is to I. These defe4 a counterba la finely got 4 the belly of a es away to, There is alit , eye and thc a the left. ( passages. E I proud., 4 In spite, story is. of s about, - to Is ,1 and solemn the hearts c and revere farmer for Below thi race. by J learned to scientious t j(tet. , bare E dinary spec c,bservation retaining mill. and tl shadow, cal tilui tones. 6t are inclicpte ta id the eta rendered in ; the local c t-',:3Kii.ltii:pail2 ,..05tr,t1e4..Ptminiat GUATEMALA NT A 1 colors are intensified by sunshine, as well as altered' in hue' before he could take beart-of-grace to attempt to realize them. We know one or two artists to whom, we are sure, it would be a joy to own this picture. (To be continued.) To GIVE DRAMATIC READINGS AT THE ARKANSAS BUILDING. , MISS PRANCES DAVIS. , - One of the features of the Arkansas state building vocal and literary enter- tainment on next Tuesday morning will be the work of Miss Prances Davis of Chickasha, I. T.. a dramatic reader, who has been specially engaged for three programmes. Miss Davis made her first appearance last Tuesday, and made such a decided hit that Prof. Bears. who manages the entertainments, re-engaged her. , POWERS PRESS -TURKEY TO GRANT AMERICAN DEMANDS . , EXPECT SULTAN TO BEQUESTS , MINISTER H LEISHMAN'S WITHDRAWAL- APTER, ; SETTLEMENT. SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THE GLOBE-DEMOCRAT.' I WASHINGTON. August110.The powers signatory to the treaty, of Paris: are bringing strong pressure to bear on: the sultan of 'Turkey to induce compliance with the American demands. The powers care little, about ;the.: American claims., hut they are keenly interested in preVenting any disturbance of the balance of -: power in .'rurkey, .Their activitv,-Secre tary Hay believes, promises a speedy set- t tlement, probably ,,within; a ' few days. France. Germany and Austria have urged the sultan to yield, and Great Britain. will acid her voice. M. des Portes de la Fosse,' the Freneh charge, Called on Secretary Bay to-day and told him of the steps France had taken,and that reports to the French foreign office from Constantinople that the American demands will be acceded to. Similar reports have been received from the .Gernutn and Austrian embassies. It was to arouse the powers more than to further frighten Turkey that Admiral Barker s battle-ship fleet was held at Lisbon, It was-admitted at the state department, to-day that the porte notified Minister: Leishman on Monday that it Would send him an answer to me American demands on .Thursday; bat,' whatever this reply May he, Mr. Hay 1 will accept no prom-, ises from the porte; they must come directly from the sultan. , There, is a suspicion irk- the state de:-, partrnent that as soon nsr the incident Is closed the sultan will ask for the with- drawal', of Minister Leishman. on the ground 1 that he has made , himself oh-noxious by the vigor- with which he- h:ts pushed the American ,clemands. - If iSuch' a request is made., based' wholly on per, zonal grounds, it will be granted,: but the result will be that Mr. Leishman will be promoted. The officials already are Italic, Inc, of a suitable place for him. TIere-is talk of making him ambasSader to E c. Petersburg if Mr. McCormick should rPsian. whicn. in the opinion of some of the officials. is not,improbable, ' - Sleeper to Fort Wayne, Ind.', 1 via Vandalia Line. 8 KSI -m. - , ,1 t 'TWO SPONSORS FOUND ' r . FOR GUNBOAT DUBUQUE. 1 , . SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THE GLOBE-DENIOCRA . WAS'HINGTON. August 10.---Miss Margaret Treadway of Dubuque, Ia.. and Miss Anna Hull, -daughter of Representative Bull of Iowa, have been asked to christen the ,,gunboat Dubuque, 1 which ,w II be launch 'Y ed at Moreys Heights. N. , Au-. gust 27. and both have accepte j . . As there is no record of ,a launching where more than one bottle of champagne went to the Ivessel. and where, there was more than one young lady to do the christening. Secretary Morton of the navy will be forced I to -request either- Miss Treadway or- MISS Hull to "reconsider," and he;is in a . cuandry as to the selection he, will !rake. 1,, . r H I ' 1 11' The pcz'Aillar situation grew out of the receipt by Mr. 'Morton some days ago of a letter from C. H. Berg. the mayor of Dubuque, who has been, requested to se1E41 a sponsor for 'the vessel named after his town, and who maid that after a long and diligent search-he had been unable to find any lady of Dubuque who was will-, Mg te undertake the long Journey- to New York for the purpose of Christening the gunboat'. 'mil most of- the ,prominent 1 WOM?11 Of his town were at the World' Fair. This was considered the most remarkable letter that had been received at the navy - department for a, good while,, as there is usually considerable rivalry, involved in the selection of a sponsor for a United States war vessel. Mr. Morton, informed the contractors, , however, Of the contents of 'Mr. Berg's i letter. and suggested that they select the young lady to name the Dubuque. They asked Miss Hull, who accepted the' honor. The same day Mr. Morton received another ,letter from Mayor Berg saying that the Dubuque club had induced Miss Margaret Treadway to aet as sponsor. and that Miss Treadway had accepted. That! Is the situation at the present time, and Mr. Morton is trying to figure out a solution' that will please everybody concerned. , - 1 PARADE OF 5000 SOLDIERS On the Exposition grounds Philippine day. Saturday, August 13. This will be the largest United States military para e ever given in America. t , MCDDACVA OnD111101-0 -rn NEBRASKA POPULISTSTO! SELECT WATSON ELECTORS - , LINCOLN, NEB. August 10.Watson atri Tibbles opened 'the Populist campaign here this afternoon when the state convention met to nominate candidates. The Oliver theater was tilled. the anti-Parker element predominating strOngly Most of the delegates were in F.).., m pa t h 31 with fusion on state issues. but it was fvident that two electoral tickets would be put in the held against Roosevelt . 1 Mr. Watson was then iniroduced and I received an ovation. Heesaid this Was the first part he had taken in politics in eight years, but that the fires-of Populism still burned fiercely, 'within him He sedd true Populism would not bp swayed from principle by mere resultS at the ballot box, and after summarizing the tenets of his party he declared: ) 1 1 "Such a creed can never die." Mr. Watson scored both the old,partieS and ridiculed the Republican national convention as a cut-and-dried affair. Of the Democratic convention he said: -It made its appeal to. I het Deity I through a megaphone. and dra ted its platform by telegraph." His speech was an indirect appeal against fusion. At its conclusion permanent organization was effected by the election of former Senator W. V. Allan as chairman. Committees were appointed and an adjournment taken until 830 p. m. The Populists voted to select iWatson and Tibbles electors, regardless of any action taken by the Democrats. The question of fusion on the state ticket was then taken up. and provoked long and, at times . bitter debate. I i Idaho Republican Ticket MOSCOW, IDAI10.1August .10.--;1'he Republican state convention to-night nominated Frank R. Gooding of Lincoln county for governor. For justice of the supreme court I. N. Sullivan, present chief Justice, was nominated. Congressman Burton L. French was renominated. ,1 3 , ' Washington Sleeper, - , via Vandalia-Pennsvival;is 11:3S p.. m. daily.- , , . , I, .5, , .,,,:,,1-iti3O, 4,-,:rt,71:,,,, :';,k,,4, . , , 4:::::-.,: .::,f': .,,,i- - tt.V...!-,:-V::,,,' '',:,-, I --14.:,- - -:tWAW-z'Ws':.:,;:,'7.: r',:,, ?';'::'-',,:'!1,, : ::::f.:.::::: , 4,4;-,434-.: 0 :,:,;::-.:::::: .:,-::::3,:?5'.10:::: : 'i,?::: , 1 -J;.' t",i:.:::t-At,-,.,,,:4-, ,,,:-4,-.-ft:-.::-.:,:; , ?,7, - -,..0,7....,g..::...-:. '....I,' 7.4 ., i:'.4.-.1s-::,V.. :.--.,--i.....11,23Nrili...44.-,.: ' -.:i',,,':' ' : ek-;::..;,, t:!:'-;i4 -,:.,i,,.Likv,--,Ii.,?:::-- 3.., :ok ,,,t, . -,-,,0.-4-z...3."4,Kw.,,.---,:-.4,,,,,,.,f,:- ,::- - ,:: 4,,,t,,,, t-,-..,--,!:,?'. ,:43:4414.0:;.-:,: ,.,::-- .:,',, L : k-.j-'',-.:V.',: " '5' --r-,a,-,-v.-,:, 4,, ,:f,:,,,pog::,,,::;:-.;.,,,,,t,i, ,,,,,,&4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,c...:,,,,Y'4,4tt: -it-,.,V0,::,..0- I,,..e:-.:,.-rt.',':::',.-- ,:-.A: , '-::,,.,A-s4 ...:::--so':,:',z-,i,, -4,,,,,,.',,, -.:,xs,'-:.:?',::-:-..:' :,,, '-,-.. ; -: 1 ,-,,-,..,.::,. -:,....,,,,,:,,,z:.-:::.::. - :-. ,,,,,.. - 2.,''.. .':. :-::::z,,.::::?...' ,- :-..:: - .. ,... :'z,., --:,,,,k.' ' .':,-;,': .:::::::;::::;.-:-::. :., k ;'..s.1., 4'..,..4?-'-' .', ::,,,,,,--, ::,:- 4, -..: :-:,::::::::,:;::::::....::,::-.....::'-:, :: ..., 4kkifif.,". . ' .... ...''''. . , 'f , - '::::',:.-4.,f,:,:-;-,;,-:''' -; ':: ;,-'''''- :0 4 -,:,,e ..:,::::4 '5';14''' : :: 0 -:.-.,..,' '... ,:s.-:::d, .::. ' : '''s: ::''' : :' :-....,0404.114M. -: : ',. , ii : .urbaLi Commissioner Receives President Francis . 1 he Viorld's Fair , As a llipman Sees It lita , - ' a If yc Fair at , - If you should elect to g, ! out to the Fair eome Sund y you wou d ,do well to make an early tart, for t ere .is much , In the Sunday aspect of tht Fair' site to delay your steps "-, If you go' , in by the Admini tration gate, however, there will be the minimum of such hindrances, for you a old the !fascinating benches beside, the lagoons, and the attractive fie wer beds it der the! terrace. - The 'path, to the gate leads across a dusty upland -and down into an unsightly cut where lie the W:bash,tracks. There you are! at to fint ,a man, , who does -queer things upon tceasion. I He seems quiet , and harmless ienough ' between trains, but when th- rumble. and roar announce the coming o one he gets active. He stare s right out ii, the tracks and faces the c ming engi e. Now! you think it is !wicke. to ,commi , suicide,' and ih. hope he is 'not going to do t, but still if he is- bound to, ' nd there L..- not time foe you to rush in net tdo the I eoric saving act by draggin him from the jaws of death under the heels of t e Iron horse and get 3,our n n e e misspell -el in the pa- pers. why then 3 ou might a well see him 1l do the deed. -, , . . ' L ' Having .ttrac ed the att ntion of the oncoming engin -er, , lie lifts at him a clenched fist. l'ith its thumb pointing straight in the air. and then opens the fingers and gra ps them with the other hand. Next he . iVeS himself a glad handshake, i then er tsses the, hands at the wrists, and final ydra,svs apart the touch-mg fists in a wi e sweep.' - I By that! time you think hhn a harmless lunatic, vt-h-) but seeks to hypnotize the locomeitive., If you question him ,as to his antics! you 'ill get a sane, straightforward answer He was but telling -the engineer that. I his train was numbered either 6 or 4 -aher handmade simulated -figures) he was fci pick up ,one' car- (the single -glad ha (1shake) ' this side the crossing (the x making wrists) and, haul It away with hi (the separated -fists). Then ,the swi !hnian arnblres slowly off and sits down n the shade, until some-. thing else !needs attending tet on the 'Wabash. i - -'- .. - ' 1. Then' you go on un through the Fair gate, whose 'uni etentious simplicity' must have been- patt rned , after , that of the gates' of the m und builders, and So on out across the uadrangle and down the Administration lidding steos that im- mediately tall i to their best camera, pose 1,1 expectation f being photographed. ) . The foreign avilions make a rew of houses; from which the people-seem gone away for the summer. 'except that in front of one of them, maybe, there is a humming I gasoline-run air compressor feeding some h ,se-connected houseclean. trig machines t at are sueking tip dust cut of 'various carpets. From different directions, come too. the sound of hammers, where su elementary buildings arebe-ing doubly ru .bed on Sunday. when the crowds -are no there to get: nailed fast to boards i and .ealed up in-Walls. ! -;- ! - 1. , , ., GENEVA LANE. ,VISITORS. REGISTERED 'A.I. ' 1 1 '' ! THE! STATE BUILDINGS. - I .. . . IMany . Visitors were 'registered yesterday IT) the state bUi dingS at the Wor id.r Fair , , grounds: i 1 ' : ; , - . Missourl-4il1a arnlek, Greenup: Cora Wigginton, Columbia Aloilie Fostdr. Hume; Fannie F. Frakes, 1 eh Hill: Mao. AddiP knd A. iBertier. liannital F. G.. Freddie, 'William and Edward Jae:i!)i, Martin.iburg:: Eleanor; Stan-forth, Nora ltor s, Milan; Stephen Pool, MaNview; Mr. artil Mr. J.- R. Weaver. Louisiana! R. Miley and vi. Whitslite; iJohn 'W.I Moore and Bes H s ale. i California; Phoebe VO0n4:d, (-nolo:, Andrew dyer. Richmond: Floyi Dyer. Leaver; A. E".. Lkierr. P.-rryville; NV. IN.! Sears. Clarence: C. T. Harp, Lexingten:. j. W. Box, LaMar; B. M. lqckwood and wife. St. Joseph; nein Lee, Shell,lna, John 1!arstr1a11n.1 Allen. ton; D. 1).;CowdOn, Bourboni; T. E. andIlda C. Whittle and Paralt Bailey. Colmnbia;; Meie Baliew. Millerstairgp. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jenkins.. Kansas !City; Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Culter. End :Mr. b. nd Mrs. Charles :Work. J St. oseph; Aharl (.. es .-AleGinley,Al , ex. C . Wright, Independence; T. B. and W. N. Rankin. Tarkio; A. C. Union ...Chillicothe: (1. S. Bartlett,- Osage; Stuart "1.1 -Frazier. Buckner: Stenara; M. House. Grain , Va I I ev ; Nam) le Drake, NV a r- saw; Ralph R. Campb M ell, :r.- and Mrs.! T. NV Funk, Kirksville; Kittle Walley. Hannibal; John NV,, White. Kansas City; AlbertI Scars, Licking: Reena .7.. Weleh. Kansas eit M ty mr. and rs. Al. D, Hunter, Springfield:I B. Pile. Brookfield: dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cno. Santa Fe; Mr. and Mi. 1, H. Beoker. Kansas City; Mr. and 'Mits. William, Treloar, Jr., Mx- ico' , Mita4 MeIarrL Bogy, Ste. Gencyievez, Miss Mary Allen F.ay.1 Frederloktown; Henry Chick, Kansas City; C.1 H. ,Cowden, Bourbon-, Mrs. Henry Chick. Jr. Kansas Citv: IL B. Shultz. Carterville; John A. Jackson, Edina; John May. curryville Job Callriain Allerton:i Louis WillintTi 1,, ,Canar,- ;,Albany- an. Kasas ity: F. Hy 1-ni Z ;4;Yel;1:71.3,1,): :n n C II i ni ; .George T. House and wife, ; laIj',alnalnrn'Bize'elle; lientY ;Clare. Kansas ('its W. N. Stagner. DeKan ; c -() Reid, Albion A. B. Clark, Savannah; INliss North Cloud is. titurgis; ,trs. W 0 and W caster. Cit tia; S...F. White, Palmyra; L. I. F H . G. racklin, Train' H ie ill; Little May. Fa ier: Emma jean' May. i Minnie Tom Best:100's. Jodica: T.. J. and Annie Ile- shears, Curryvil in; J. M. and Addle William- 'son, Bowling G 'eon; Miss Mignon L. Comp.'o. 'Springfield; Mn s Felleite I,,eCompte, Ste. Gene- viev M e; argaret 11.7arviiadon, Canton; Mrs. Joe clhaks. Banja in: J ,W Shanks. Ban,lartiin; M'13. Harter, 1 eadville: T. N. Davis. Lawton; Georg. J ... . Di, 01.. Hannibal: n J. C-I Hele iand Mary at. Simmons, IJbertY; James A. and Henrietta Adrain. Martinsburg; .it.- Wornell, I Liber y; 1va 0; Piltz. La !Grange: Pearle and I rs, 3 . M. Craner, A lbanv; 'George Li John on H , Clifton ill; J. P.I McWil- liams. Einma T . "Mcwilliants, Minnie Lunte ;and I. F. Cart ey, Amity: J. AT. Ctu,so, Cal- 'law; Lena 1Vrt ht and Madie Fillet-Simi Cross :Callao; Si D. 1 hite, Palmyra; NV-C. Johnson. Clifton Ilill; E lie'. Shy, Sinithtorf:.', Ralph P. Dozier, Carrolltcn; Inez Sniler, 1 7bIllrabia: Min- nie Stewry. Sp inglielde Mrs. R. H. I Turker, .1lowling Green; Roy 'N.Vhitsile, Holden i Harry I'gg. Orrick; annie D. Brown, Windsor; cu lade B. Gar ett. Kansas ;City: Willing' H. Andrew'Payet e; Mn. L. Tasoon. Hamilton; L. P. Sillily. Louisiana; W. O. I )a ,aon. Etta Tr.-adwell rid Mrs. V. 0. Dawson, Alex andra; '1.3' E.' 1 -illiams, 'Huntsville; Mrs. I.,,,... ward and. Fran Shedd. Moberly; Mrs Arthur Gims, Ninberly: Mrs.: F. A, and George Wil- l Dams. Indepentenee; 'Nil and Mrs. NVood II. .Hamilton. ,Gallat In ; J. T. Kelley, Mol).ri.,,; IV 1). niftier, Independence; Mr. and Mr; Charles L. ('ookson.1 Kansas City.. A. F. tl;. :Miller, - Sedalia; John A., 'Mary E. 'and Sir oim Porvell. Lfrathrop:, Mrs. T. M. Magruder, Moberly: John II)yer..Stewartsville; George Mc:IA-MitMS. Clark dale; Grace E. Gibbs.: KanSan City: Mr.. and rs. F. Alexander. Edina: W. , Goi,fon t:alson land wife, Kansas City:- :Bragg, La Plat e: Andrew J. Dalton. I William T. Reardon. II. W. Johnson, L. T. HumptireY George NV. Ilui ian and J. L. Considine, Kan: sal; City; C. Fil Odell. Springfied Geo l: rge R.; Webb, Hickma Mills: A. lienning.1 Willow Snring's ,Mr. and Mrc; H. C. Elherg, Kansas City; A. I D. Frozier, Buckner; H. IL Jahns, Jamestown; J. W.' Morton, Jackson; F...0. Shouse. Liberty: T. N. Magru4er, Moberly; A. E. Myers. Hall; .I. C. and Neilson Pierce, ?.,11.11y Pierce, Kirksville: Charles Cole. Soring lkillly Pieree, 1, -1 rksville: Charles Cole, Snring:.. 1 tield; , Marion Anderson. Memi,his; Alnertha 1 Jordan, Mexico Mrs. Charles A. Rice, Rich- mond: ,.1 T. Lamb and wife, Nellie and Her- 1 bert Lamb. Jacksonville: Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Jones, 'Amity; ., H. Payne and wite, Lewistown; J.: W. Illekerson. Liberty: J. Q. Watkins and M. Lo raine, Kansas City; Mrs. Josie Neel. Butler.. KansasMrs. Andy T. Anderson, Atchison; r Oscar Andersen i Lindsburg; and Mrs. F. . P. Achton, Granada: Etnina L. Bernard, Galena; Francis W. Beasley, Ozwego', Jennie and Etta Brady, Parsons; It. A. Boyle, Emporia; Bonna Boner. Clay Center: ' . D. Bally, Levy; Dr. B. M. Barnett, Rosedal.; Matti e Barnett, Rosedale; Sarn4 Baughman. Chanute; B. R. Bassfield. Salina: Geo. W. a d H. H. Boyle!, Salina; Mrs. G ace C. Coop.r. lola;.!Mr., and Mrs. H.. H. C ombs, Ossa atomie; 'Mr. and Mrs.: Robt. II. Cogston, ,Sto-erv; Claude 'Cole, La Crosse; Ha ry and Lola Eaton, Winfield,' May Cain, Olatbe; Mrs. Lyrn.n C. Chase. Mai-sin; L. M. Du'iall, Glasgow: Dew ,and Chas. Dunn, Rusted; .1...tmes and Ben Dunn, RUB sell; Mrs. J. W. Daniels Topeka: Maude l Enoch. Horton; Mrs..C. E. 1".! tyholty, Chanute; ' Mrs. ,Eddy Ttilinsky; Topek : Theo. A. Fun-man, WathenE,.; Maude lair ,anks, Woodston; ' James Prance, Burt Scott; Lloy French, Eureka; Margare; 'Gleason, tehison; F. E. Guild, Parsons; ' A. E. Ga rid, Fort Scott; 1W . H. and Corn Goodnow, K, ISMS City; Ale. and Ruth Glenn, Atchison; izzie 'anJ Chas Glenn, Atchison: Nell L. olstoy,, Soldier Haney lurch. Wichita; May amm, Wintiela H. G. ii111115071i Eniporia; P, ul S. Hagernan. Wishington: Bernice and On. Hunt, :J. C. T. Hurst, Holton Lulu Hoffer, Emporia; Mrs. Eva Hull, Osslwatornie: II. F. 1(arter. Horton: Mn and Mrs. -J. N. Herr, Kiowa; Miss Belle Hough. Granada.; Clarissa Harman, Willis; Ad M. Jones, Wichita; Mr. and Mra. W. S. James Concordia; Herbert Jarvis, Sedan; Pearl and Fred James, ci!uncorti I ILI C. B. Keith, Moran; Florenee and Lulu Kar.Ofnuin, Wichita; Vaughn :Koerner. Cherryvale; 7'Amira 'Kimball, Smith Center; !Julia B. King, Winfield; J. A. Lindsburg, Bridgeport; John Lyneh, Pittsburg; H. H. Eeedy, ICedarvale; Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Lanyon,l Margery tAnyon, Dorothy Eanyon, Edwin Lanyonl, Pittaburg; Mr. and Mrs, Chas. A. Magill. Wichita: Gertrude McKee, Clay Center; Susan iMacManus, Newton; Mabel McConaughey. Concordia; John Tay, Atchison; Grant Mi n, nto Minneapolis; 'arrie. Matson. 'Salina: 1 Elmer E. Matson. Alba; Elizabeth and Maggie Moran, Parsons; J. N. McNaughtin. Elgin; Irene and Agnes Is'crElroY, Hanna McElroy. Folti Scott; ley Mc lasson, Moran; Mary and Ella O'Connor. Katie -O'Connor. Pan-Ions; Leah H. Oman, C. H. Oman,: Garnett; Maud A. Price, Wellington; E. ri Porter, Harold 1 Porter, Pittsburg; Jessie A. Parker, Olathe; .I. G. Perigo and wife Ellis; Harrison Rhodes. Burlington;- Fred Ryser, Parsons; Charles N. Reed. Washington; C. M. Rathburn, "Atchison: Mr. and Mrs. J4 II Ref- folds, Wichita; Charlotte Sutorius . Leoven- worth Elizabbth Smith, Emporia; Mr. and Mrs. Charles i Stypes. Olathe; D. O. Smith. Minneapolis: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stewart, Parsons; Mr. land Mrs. Thomas Sheridan. Jr., Newton: Mr. and Mrs. L, Steinrauf, Topeka: O. R. Shull. Lawrence; Anna L.. Smalley, Garnett; Milton Todd. Seneca; Charles H. , Taylor. Topeka; J. C. Temple. Wichita; Mary Lytherbaugh. i Claude E. Tilford, Emporia: J. D. Thurman.1 Parsons: N. J. Thoestenherg, Lindsburtr: Alfred and Walter Thiele, Washington: J. -Al Tharp. Eureka; -W A. Vowell, ' Fort Scott: W. H. Woodbury. Pittsburg: H. P. White. J.i W. Walton. Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wells. Kansas City: E. R. Woolsey. Horton: J. H. Wilkinson. Edith Wilkin- 15011 Emporia t Henrietta Ward, Caldwell: Geo. W. West. Manhattan; Jessie V. lWilmarth. Salina: Addle and Alice Wilkinson, Emporia: Maude E. Wilmarth. Salina; Mary and Hugh 'WK... - "EX,' S. Ark I1E, EL do 'Illgttst 11, IBIJ4. 41,,R.1 :qp,, Wilson, Pittsburg: Mr.! and Mrs. It F.l.'West,1 Fort Seott; S. H. Wentworth., Salina: Mrs., C. E. Warner. Mrs. Louisa sWairriereFort Scott; Mrs. T. E. oung-. Ella M. Young. Newton; Bernard G. Young. Fort Scott; J. W. Burke, taa rl Tear.; KJaarbl Las tietlyl.: Iitaorsyed, ale; Lena BUM'. 1 1-.L Buchanan. Burlingame: Anna S. Millen, Wagettiff, R. G. Brant. Barnes: Mrs. A. L. 'Black, -Garnett: Air. and Mrs. J. L. Blaelc, Belleville: C. IL Butler. Frankfort: F. W. Cutter : and wife, Vinland; F. G. Clark. Winchester; Mr. and Mrs. J. NV. It. Clardy. .. Powhattan; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Calman.- ,Hlawatha: Miss Bessie, Curry. D. E. Curry.-,;Straw-M; Charles Chris- tian, A tchison; J. P. Crawford. ParsOns; W. W. Crittenden and wIle. Topeka: Letitia M. Clark. Mrs, M. Clark, Atchisoni H. W. Dcw'nle.. Alayette; Airs.- C. C. Dillon, Osborne; ,Susie E. Dillinger. Rudolph ,Dillingsir, Garnett; J. J. Daniele and wife. Atchlaoll, Xenneth W. Du Mars. Topeka: C. :S. Drees. Kansas City,- . Wilber Elder. Pareonm, Mrs. 10. IL Earl, Os- borneee J. B. Ed s ward. VanalL Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Englhart, Wichita; V,D. EMbleY. Wamegot, Alice IA, Fuller, Topeka; L.! S. Gaddis, Mekune; Elias Graves. Alcildsont, Cora bi Gilmore. Oneida E. D. Garrett, -Lawrence: .J. E. Godfrey. Pittsburg: Mrs. W. S. Lawney, Ottawa: Fred Haddock. Rosedale: D. O. Hopkins. Ottawa: W. W. ,Harveye Ogallah; Flora If' Hedge, 'Ilalstea,d, Marv A. Hixon. Cun- ninaharn, Florence and Catoline' Hardesty, Concordicie Mrs. Frank Hintiller. i Concordia; W. S. and L. H. Jenks. Ottawa:- C: W. Johns- ten. Waterville; R. V. Kennetlye Corning H. Fe Marsh. Kansas City: Free Meyer. (Ann; 1.3.' M. Mackie. Beloit: Mrs. ele E. Montrose, Jenction City; Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Martin, Elk Falls, H. R. Moor. ChaPhlan: 'T H Martin. Atchisen: Al B. Moeele. Mrs. A. N. Mitehell. tole, Marie afel.auFline foncordia: Mary .NI,. INIortn F e, redonia; r. an, Mrs. W.- Al. Shotwell. eViehitae r ' e I ' ' Arkansas-Mollie Veil, Christine Illegler. Carrie Chapman. Little' Itoek, I M. F. O'Neal.- Hunnairey, D. G. Leim. Wireilowe'Nettle Neely. Paragould J. G. ',Nordin.' Russellville: ' J. Coffen. Hot Springs: ,11.' R. Shorten. Helena: Mita II Dammitnn. Nicji Krepp. ' Fort Smith: Elizabeth klurletee. Arinin- B. Gurlette. I. ,lai Priee,, Kathryn Price. Mrs. J. ,W. Wallace. Ruth IVallace, Newport; 'Meade Ball. Bessre H O aile.zark; Daisy Bruce. 'Conway: L. A. Row-lamb', Texarkana; Ruth Rowland. Camden: .G A. Cottrell. Ainift: J. S. le. Conan. M. ile; Conan. Fairest City: I Minnie iTuckerts, Mrs.' J. B. Field. Van Buren', E. Ili, Goodwin. Mrs. Go,gwin; Itatesylile: Juanita, E. Field. Elizabeth' Field. Van Buren: Thornas Willis. Pine Bluff; Annie liell. Ella. Merritt, Newoort: Will B. Seott. Fayettevillsy,' Lizzie' Gill; Pine Bluff: Grace Jordan. Faeett:evillee r Di Scott. Van Buren: R. Dan 'ci Fort ort - Sepia' il 'Stella Me-Grew, Lizzie AleGrew. Vine ard.' Illinole-eAda Klaholt. Mar e Amon. Bessie Enbanks, Janith Moore. air, and. Mils; J.' C. klaholt and Mr. and airs.e.10 I n Amos. Springneldll -Iklisses Fannie .13ensoni Clara Wallace. Nit. and Nire. NVallace Chicago: Alarshall MeDOnald. Jacksonville, J. It latest. Springfield; S. C. Logan, Taylorville: Ale H. and E, Baker.,I J. ,V. and Ray -Gimes! ,Sumner: Evans Cantrell! I.-.-leorge Newman. 1Tharies HOlgs0,13. . George II. Edwarrie and It.te iteman, Spripgfield: -misses Henry Berniee Hunt, Virginia:, T. 11. Lillie. Henry Clegg, Matteoni, Aaron Treer, Rost-bridge: .f. II. Wheeloelel Quincy: Bernice Barrio.' Edwardsville: A. F. 'And R. A. Flatt, Champaign: Charles D. Deari;and Hull Merritt. Salem, ,i F. Stock and wift!: Greenfield; :Ef- II,. David. Archie' Redman, it, Ida and Mrs., I'. H. LaSalle. Joliet: '. W. Jordan. J., F. Smith.. G. F. Gordon. Savoy; Mrs. William 'Rotten, ..klytn C. Bohere Edwardsville. i oklahema--3ohn W. ,Chestele Grant, Mr. 'and Mrs, J. Ve 'Afeelintick, Snyder; E. R. Biggs. Tecumseh:: Carrie Coburn, Z;;..ttle M. Coburn. Okarche; Dollie Sullivare i AleLovd: J., A, biatthews, C. A. Rodesney, Cf.. F. Schmidt, Jr. W. le Russell. Mr. and Aire. J. D. Hibbetts, J. 'F. Harbour, Josephine, It. Harvey, Oklahoma. : City; Paul Selmizi,!Guyttiln; Wesley Skala, !NA'heatiand: Frank-,Dusil, Apache,' NS; It.. Piper and Wif., Watonga; Mrsi M. Weinberg, Pawnee; Minnie MeCalcre 1Kinglisher: Mrs. S. L. McCabe, Billings, Frank leherain. Shawnee: ' Miss Zoe Thompson, Miss Sadie aliller. illtithrie, E. I. Kimball, Hintone O. :',3 Swim, Enid: George E. Clark, Grace E. Clark, Mangurn, Mrs. F. AL! Peters.- Medford: MyrDe Search, Hobart; Walter E.:Prim, Meeker: J. . W. aleAteee Guthrie; J. A. Thane Editth Rob bins, Blaekwell,- t', B. Robertson and wife, ' Shawnee!: 1., H. Ower 'and Wife, 1 t2ushing ; 1 Ed- ger Hagan, Miles lell e , Hagan; Moreton: airs. We D. 'fart well, Miss M. Ji Hervey. Mrs. M. )-E wells. Miss Matti. Griffith. Alisie Boxy Wells, 'Cushing; F. Lustig, Stillwater; Mrs. O. P. 'Morey,' Goodwin Broaddes, Ponca; Robert A. Glenn,, NV. C...Glenn anti wife, Archie A. Glenn, Perry: G. L. Itockeeell, , C. G. ..10nes, Mr')'. J. F. Humphrey, Lltelle Humphrey. Okla- botra. City; N. D. Kistler, Owen Northup, Willie Kistler, Mrs. N. D. Kistler -Plackwell: A. H. Martin. V. Petrasek. Antia' Petrasek, O homa City; R. A. Eames, Ni,rman, !Are. J. V; Lewis, Gladstone Leailie Dever; Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Hughes, Guthrie; W ALI Bruce. Okla-home: Miss Anna Choice, Oklahoma City; cries--; C. Chapel!. Aehere Florenee le r Gephart. 're, cumseb, Mabel 10. Cb-pharld Shawnee; May A. Neely, Pond Creek; Maude, aleinkharn, Flerenee Pinkharn. Guthrie', A rthue , J. ilaael. , Stillwater: Margaret Farris, Braman; Elbert Clift and wile. Beaver: E. 11.: Graham. A. H. Mc- Farlanit, Drunationit, Rene ,Hollister, Florence Haas, El Reno; Mrs George Oge A1,10t18, .0. 1-.1; G age, 'A. 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Bennett, Bettle,Bennett, Love Bennett, Clinton; N. T. Mitchell. Jr.. and wife, Rockport; O. AD Mather and wife. Hodgen- villei J. M. Wyatt, d Fleming. (... Hattie Fleing. p. E. Grinstead, Bowling 'Green; George Ne. Stanley. Henderson; , Thomas Corwin Miles. Owensboro; W. M. Reed.i - Paducah: W. S. Pierce' and Wile, Miss Linnie E.; Wyatt, D: 4-. Bell, Bedford; S. L. ,Van ,Meter, Jr.., Lexington; J. L. Darnall, Owingsvilleg J. V. Prewitt, West Point, J. N.,1 Anderson, OwingSVIlle; Charles T. Meer's, Mrs. Jennie Morris. Bowling, Green; Celle McKay, Owensboro; Mrs. J. V. Prewitt and family, James Prewttt, West Pointi. Paul ( 'omptoni Hardinsburg; Henry, Ia. Vail, Utley; J. R. Montgomery, J. C. Brown; LelariOn; C. B. Housholder, Paducah; Rolami af. alough. Heulah Hough, la rs. J. T. Rough. May me Hough, Esther Hcalgre, J. T. Hough, Edwin M. Craig. Columbusl Airs, F. b. Turner, le'leklifte: C. Stinger ,and wife; Lebanon-Junction: Miss Addle Byrd, Miss ' Jessie Byrd, ea, docah; D. T. Givena, Bowling Green; G. En- rath, Emilie tenrath. Bertha Unrath, Anna Unrath, Paducalie Mary M. Hayden, Lebanon; J..H. Elam, Jr., Henderson, Katie Dee Cooke, Stella M. Neale, . Bowling Green; Hilda Good- II), Julia Goodin, -Lebanon, 1 -TJ J. Massie, Pa. ducah, L. ' V. Kennedy.- Morganfield; J. H. Maxwell and wife. Paducah. , TexasMrs. B. B. Bailey, El Paso; Mr. and Mrs.-J. W. Smith, Corse e:eit: Mrs. T. E. Ford, Grangt r; ' Louden Rullelge. Houston: F. '11. Meenalke, Ed V. Ryan, t....,.., (-sten; Travis Heederson. ,Paris, It. LeeiniNfili., .trei Brenham; Lulu Adams. AltrAl-tine. ie Al-tine. Mrs. Kate Campbell, Rosie i Richardson, . 'San Marcos:, Mts. Jamie letesTrt AIrs. Te '0, i 'Wrenn. Dallas:: Mrs. Lelia, talk. Fret V B iiirth, ob Ttutledge, San Marie's- R. B. Rohineitn. Gainesville; Mre. B. P., McDonald, Dallas; Mr q and Mrs. T. G. 'Terry, Dallas; Mies Ifriea e Hensiee, Mount Calun: leir.ed R. Brown, Vernon; Joe IT Fort Worth': B. L. Magere.' Ennis; Mr. and Mrs, 1V..,I.V.' Creenell, Belton; te A., Carey., aVaco, S. A. 1-Crooks, Carlione Will P. Brady, Bryan Williams, A ustine S. L. Edwards. Seymour; Mr.- and- Airs., W. 1W; Boone M , r. and Mrs. Armand Plaill. G. B.Wrank. Lena Noirson, San Amen to , Iiir.s. Paul T. K irk, Miss Anna Kirk. ,Afirs. F. W. nirdeeker, Mrs. J. to. Zang. DallaeeSarnuel- G. Newton. Jr.. San Antonio; Harry Clacks-mare- Dietrich Singer, Galveston: Miss Ada Allison, learmersville; A. M. leeriwell. Bonham: Ricatind P. Head. Vallee View' O Max berstein, Gainesville; Mr. ,aml Nil s, ..I. od , Smith. Corsicana; II. H. Hayelon, Texarkana: J. Robtl O'C4ininor, Dallas; Mist Esther V. Walker. Itenoter, J. B. Stoke. Stanton; P. O. Clayton, 'Gainesville; R. W. Manriel, Cisco. .1 , ,i 1 . Indian TerritoryEt ah : Carter. Fort Gib--eon: Martha. Cox. Almina Harrison. Durant; E. C. Wells., Chickashait Mrs. L. L. Keys, Sallisaw, It. H. Perry. i Correta; Clara E. Tyler, Ruth' A.' Tyler, 1 Charles A. Tyler, Voodley: W. B. Scott.' Flairland: R B. Rob- inson. Chickasheee S. B. i Hehee; Tahlequah; Miss M. Short. W. J. Short, Miner: C. P. Hamel. Cheeotah: S. R. Bareatt. R. M. Stephenson. Clarksville: Lena MSCarty. Purcell; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Vatighar4 V Lee ,Vaughan. Ilenryetta, C'. F. -Roaclat' J. S. Fugan. Okrnulgee: W.' T. Seen, U. A. Stephens. Tahlequah; Allison Coleman, 'Fay Mayhew. -Nellie E, Norris. Lotile Norris., Ardmore; J. E. Phillips. Chickasha; B. Re Wollenberg. NV.- M. Vance, Mary T. yance.! Isfuscogee; Ruben Bell. Henryetta; L. H. Meek. Purcell:- J. W. Hurd. wife and datighter.:Sapulpa, Harry Da' Riowa:- Ed Clklin. Holdensville; Nr. A. Faxil. Kiowa: Ben 4inr, Dalburg; N. Robinson. Covington A. P. ,Crawford. B. 'Crawford, Sapulpa; Mrs J. C. Hunt, Bates J. Hunt Vinita; Ben Boon. 1 Marlow: Mr., and Mrs.. J. F. Fuller. ulitlai; 1 J. P. Knight. Sul- phur; Alex P. Int Ada; i J. R. Martin. Jr., Marlow; Kate Bostick. L. F. Lucas. Checotah: Miss Earl Funs'.. ttoka: "J. L. Funua. m Okulgee: A. A. Werke. Tulsa: P. E. qtren- man. Bartlesville: Lilli n E. Hendricks, Chickasha; Theo. J. Okes., Soper; W. J. ; Chester. J. W. Chester. Grant!: Lena L. Key, Sallisaw: C. F. Roach, Okmulgee: Julia A. Rabe, muscogee: A. H. Moore. Okmulgee, T. C. Beeler, Minnie Waits. D; 'M. Huthinson. Dr. Henson. Charles Wayne. Thntriati CarrutheChecotah: C. W. Porter. K Mrs. J. L. Cary. Mrs. I-'. hn 1-(. Frost. 'Jee ain. 'Eunice Mo. elain. Blu,:!ogep: Savanra Blancett. Sally IdeDou'aid. E. Mc-Donald. leoff, Estelle Swartz. South McAlester, Marie T.i Vance,. MUscOgee: W. A. Teen. Melva; L. B. Holman. Chelsea V 17. II. Marshall. Durant: (r. B. 'Day and wife.- Muse cogen; Dr. Marie Libentia.. Dr. Mary Costae. Chickasha; W. B. Lester., J. B. Ellington. E. Lemur. Wagoner; Mrs. U. M. McClain. Kate McClain. Purcell; Pearl B. Guthrie. Cheeotah: tt. A 20TH CENTURY IDEA. DISINFECTANTS ARE HEALTH ECONOMY. Many homes are free from disease on account of C-N. Foremost as a preventive of disease is C-N, the famous household disinfectant. Safe, sure, nonpoisonous, noncorrosive, easy to use and inexpensive. it exactly meets the need of the average home. A .small quantity of C-N is put in a large quantity of water and the solution is ready. Use it freely in the drain plies, sinks arid closets, sprinkle it in the cellar, 1 in the corners of the rooms, on the stairs n d on.the carpets and furniture. It is absolute death to all germs, insects and odors. Brightens and freshens the carpets and upholstery. kills moths, roaches, water bugs, and destroys their eggs. ,Indispensable irt the sickroom. F. I Make C-N a household habit At the nearest dealer's In trial sizes. West Disinfecting Co.. New York and , , St 1 1 , t 7. , , .: 11111 (c), I ..s :i I I .. I . ' ' . .1 ' l i. ' - ' ' .. .' .. . ', : ', .,..e,, . ' - ATI, BOEHMER'S . - .. 1 ...., - t , , , , .,, ' :, .1., . . ' - !i : , ' . On every $5.00 Knot Oxford for men., in.-tbe.'house,---tan patent .colt , . ' . , ,.- patent; Ideal Kid 'átml.,.,y,ici 'Kid ',HI-eluded in this offerall go a' , BOEHIVIER!S ' i 1 ,..,' . . Oxford ' - 1 ,' i'! -' ..,, u1. On every $5.00 Knox Ond. ord for men., in the .hose:,---tan, .patent colt , patent Ideal Kid 'a , id 'Kid 'included , in this offerall go a' 1 T 30 ter cent off, or ... , . ''- ! 1 I i : ' ' , t': .,1 . , -- , . , ' , . , , I I 30 per cen.t. off, or , , , 1, 1 I , " , 1 "t115) ,1"tri7i1 PER , 1,1 I , t- ' ; '' t41;,, Jill D,., A 1 R" '' ' . , ,i111 ' . . , , , , i- . ji I - 1 , I ' 1 12 I 1 , , , ; SHOE: ... . ; i ' ! 410' and 412'Noeth Broadway.'',,, ',. , , .. . , . , , , I - - ,, Open Till '10 P. NI.. Saturday. -' ' - 1 - , : '' NEW PUBLICATIONS. , ' ''. I : . 1 4 Owing t6 the large ' advance orders for I . ... ,, , P t 1- , e , ,, (f , . ,r, , J ,,,, 4 .. T , .. , . c , 1, '. 11- I 7,11' '''' . '' . 4 ' ' '' 7. B' HARRY- LEON WILSON! -,.-, '1 , , , .- , I - - .. - ,' P . i II' - - I .. ' - ,- . . ' i ' author of 'I'The. Spenders," publication - has . ' 1 - i , i - . ,, , , . ,- until August ., - -, - , ,I ' -- , been postponed , 2'2. ' , -'., .- . ., ' t , -, i-; ' - - - j - ' - ' I, .', - , , ' ., ' Illustrated by Rose Cecil O'Neill. $1.50. ' ' , , , 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 COVI'MtY tirE Ore ;,i1; DC)VBLEDAY PAGE A, CO ME WORLIA I , , It ! 114 AMERICA'. as :34 IhillOti SOVAIE NEW 1131K ,s' 4. WORK' I, tAlmOpOmMED ' I - . I, - ' ' ' ' .,. : . ' . . . ' .., I . ' I ' - S, . " '.. . L . r ., ' I '' :., ,'. .. ..: ' . ::. .; , ' ' ' ., , : ' i',.: I . , . : . , , t oesn cost .muc 1: ': . 1 I , , I oloracl 0 to o I o g - ' , ' , ...,... . , . -, , . . 1, 1 ,: , , .. .. .,. - , ,,,,,., , . , '1 .- -. ..,-. ,Th' ere a',-11d,13'a-ct'$125 ; I. '-' ' ''' '. ' -. ' , .. - . All - ''''' ' ,--,-. Nt, , Louis , , ' ' Through Pullmans from St. Lows 1,- I. ' . Sall alfe:, . morning and night., Dustles 1 tracks ' ; I , , ii , , View of .Rockres for- hundred miles - . , ,:" , 1 11. . -1., ' Why not go ) .! - ,-1:., . '',. -' : : .. : - - I. : ',I ,- : ,. . . '1 ' H. 'I : . ' , ' .. , 1, Ark A. Andrews of A. T. &S. F. Ity ; , !, ; , ' - , . N et 108 N. Fourth Street. St.,Louit ' . - i , , . rionnioN111111111111101w , . . , - . . , . : ".4t::.1 .-tt ,. :,,,, , . t , ' ..-11.:lie,..t'.t . ,. ,' , , ' , . , , : ', ---- "- . ;' Corne Around ! i 4 . Vt. '',' , No that '3-ol u are in Misso ruorut wi,cte ewatnotutto ',1 .',. ....:' .. . . ,,..,.." .r. ' ' 4 'i , - I . ? ...,,,,,i . , ehow you the only perfected car in Am k Haynes-Apperson Automobiles erica- ' . , ... at ' ' kli(e i'' ' r , , - Ar, . prov 1 ed . the , very best in 17 con't . estg. The 1 , ' , , - oAlldiestt rtlaokoe(1..a.111!titththaell ntettivestt lintaprovi ofments. 1 ;',-- '''. a' tilt ' .. -I MACNISH AUTOMOBILE CO. ' ' - '''' - - 3667-366 I. 9 OLIV STREET. -: 1' 1 t , pox - i . ri !I ' . g' Both AUTOMOBILE ' . - ' . - '. ' . - - - ' ' ' ' ' ,1 ' 1 - , .. , , , , I ii ' I- . - . ., NEW, PUBLICATIONS. ' - - , I r - ' , '-By':,1-1.4.WrirLIXON:- , , ! 1,, ,-.! 1 .. author 'of- has been postponed until August , v: - - , , - - - ' ' Illustrated by Rose, Cecil O'Neill. , 41.59.1 UIT Ott: DOVBLEDAT PAGE A, CO (t) THE WORWS 3667 I' )0,13a PRE4R R A.1 a ranama: Grallam' Hogan. Pryor Creek:, W, A. Hammond. Hartshorne; Mattle Luker. Russellville: Mr. and Mr. E. J. Goldsborough. Sapulpa: 11. A. Campbell. Al, libom ENGLAND DENIES REPORT OF ULTIMATUM TO NICARAUGUA. , . IA)ND6N, August 10.--T1 foreign office ellthorizes the Associated Press to positively deny the New Orleans report that the British minister to the Central American states has been ordered from Guatemala City to Managua to deliver an ultimatum to the Nicaraguan government regarding the seizure of Cayman (Jamaican) fishing schooners and their trews bY the authorities of Nicaragua. The matter Is under discussion by the two govern-, ments, but the foreign office says no suggestion of force was contained in any of the British communications, and while the British government adopted a strong attitude. it is believed that a satisfactory adjustment by diplomatic means will be effected. . BELIEVE EL' PASO WILL t ELECT A REPUBLICAN. SPECIAL, DISPATCH TO THE GLOSE-DEMOCRAT. EL PASO, TEX., August 110.--It is now probable that the Republican nominee for the state legislature, A. L. Sharpe, will be elected. , There has been strong opposition to the Democratic nominee, Pat Dwyer, among the Democrats, and there was a fist fight during the nominating convention. Now Dwyees record in talking antilabor union at all seasons has aroused the labor element and they have told Sharpe that if he cares for their support he may have it without making any pledges, though it is to be understood that he will not tight their bills, even if he votes against 1,' , . 1,' , ILLINOIS MILITIAMEN ' PAINT NEGRO 1.51HITE. SPECIAL DISPATCM TO TEE GLOBE-DEMOCRAT. SPRINGFIELD, ILL.. August 10.--The 2d battalion of 3d infantry. Illinois national guard. undercommand of Maj. L. F. Strawn of Pontiac. went through battle exercises to-day. , - A neer - hanger-on at camp insulted icome of the soldiers to-day, and was painted withwhite paint by the irate men and then scrubbed off in the river. t The art preservative, has reached Its highest development in t3an1ta1 Tooth I Powder. 2:S cents at druggists'. , - 4 Mrs. Elmer Dover Taken 111. SPECIAL DISPATCH To THE GIMBH-DEXOCHAT. CHICAGO, ILL.. August 10.--Mrs. Elmer -Dover, wife of the secretary of the Republican national committee, was stricken by an acute intestinal trouble today and was hurried to St. Joseph's hospitti. Shortly after noon Dr. Fernald Henrotin operated upon ber, and it is said by the interne and nurses at- the hospital to-night that she rallied well and is sleeping. Mrs. Dover was Miss Peebles of Portsmouth, Ohio. - , ' Sleeper to Roanoke. Va., 8:44 a. tn. daily. , Sleeper t Norfolk, Va., 12:45 noon.. daily. via Vandalia-PennsylvaniaN. W. lines. , - - I I I There and back $25 Through Pullmans from St. Louis , morning and night. - Dustless tracks View of Rockies for hundred miles - Why not' go ? , Ask A. Andrews of A. T. & S. F. RN ! 1 if at 108 N. Faitath Stied, St- Louie I , Comb Around I Now that '3-ou are in Missouri. we went to nhow you the only perfected car in America. Haynes-Apperson Automobiles'' proved. the Ivery, best in IT contests. The oldest make with the newest improvements. 1 MI the goo4 with all the trouble left out MACNISH AUTOMOBILE CO. - 3669 OLIVE STREET. Both Phones. ' ' a I I -, AlltiYiErt-Ltgt fj. BETTIE; , rybo' y, STYV-St , , , , , INTERSTATE VETERANS , EL ECT ORISON COMMANDER , , : , DISI.AltFT TO TRIC GLOVITC-OEMOCRA -NEVADA, MO..' ,August 10.The ' etate soldiers' reunion to-day elected the Ifollowing officers for - the ensuing leommander, p. Gillson: vice comniander. Mitchell: quartermaster, Pat Shea: of-- Seer of the day. George. Sullivan; char-lain, Rev. Rufus Smith; adjutant, .1..,P. ! Kingsland: trustees. IL Mitchell, G. A. Pterson. A. H. Woods. Oa Charles H. Morgan of Lamar and !Aaron 15., Staples of Greenfield, were the ! ,speakers to-day. , ,, Over 200 veterans are now registered. :To-morrow will be the big day and the Imanagement expects Cyrus Walbridge of St.' Louis I11 -be present and deliver an address.,. , , I , , , Porto .Rican Appointments. ',1 Sp.:CIAL DISPATCH To Tipl GLOBE-DUMOCRAT. ; -7.. ' WASHINGTON'. August 10.---The Presi- - dent has appointed Mr. Aegis R. Post of New York to be secretary of Porto Rico and Mr. Erastus S. Rockwell,' of the Dis,trict of Columbia to be auditor of Porto A Rico. to take effect September 11 next. These app,ointments are made temporarily until the President .has time to organize the entire council., , , , , Garment Workers' Strike Spreads. CHICAGO, ILL., Afigust 1()0One bun-, dred, garment finishers Joined the ,clothing workers strike to-day, , when two local unions called out all members employed by firms who have adopted the open-shop policy. The executive notinell indorsed the strike' of the mittens and lhushelmen and called Out all of their 1 finishers. , Canadian Commissioner Honored. 1 1 OTTAWA'.' ONTARIO. August 10.-1-Thei emperor of Sopan has conferred the brderi of the Rising Sun upon Wm. Ifutch1nson.1 Canadian commissioner at the Osaka ex-! posttion in 1903. and his assistant. W. A.I' Burns. Mr. Hutchinson is now Canadians commissioner at St. Louls. I . Thousands o . ii 'ATE"( TERIS sickly p e o p I have b e e n re I CELEBRATE , stored to bealt , .' ., A and strength b .v ' the u s e of the 14.4, .. . '.,,..,, Bitters. Many of L . . voli. them voluntari.. ' tor i , I testify that It :' .. -. .;...,, ':''''; cinudrelgdetshtleomn o'. '' (r , C 1. ,--- 'A , Dyspepsia, I( , ; t 1. Constipation, ,,,,, k: , , 0- .,. Biliousness, ,..: . . , Kidney Troubiol STOMACH . or Malaria. 1 ' LITTER s too - It will eure-yon, .' ' i , '1 :-, . , Try it to-day; . i ' - MRS. WINSLOW'S 1, SOOTHINCSYRUP' - FOR CHILDREN TEETHING. Should always be used for children who ars teethinc It soothes the child. softens the gums. allays all vain, cures wind collo and is the hest remedy for diarrhoea. Twentr-ilve tents a bows. - , , , , , . , Ii , . , . 1 '- , . . , , . ,-. . , I ' , 1 i . , 1 . . , i . ' I . . . , .. . . , . , . . , , i i I . . , . , , , . . , I ; . . , .. . , .. . , .. , , . . i 1 , ' . , - . ,, . . . . . - . - , .... 1 . . . , . ., , ,- ' . . ,

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