St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on September 15, 1900 · 2
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 2

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1900
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' - - . . . , ' - I' t ' . . tAll. 'lot - - I - OUTS ZI , . 1 61obt-Pttlicaril). 5,aturban- atornt.ttg, cStpittither-13, 11100. - - . In i I ' ' k -- - .. , . - --,- I torn away from the rule - STILL' ' ADDING TO DEATH ROLL tion of the GcluM interests and the Santa 1 04.41.4444,460,404",124,0 1 - N N. -,trot Nr a Nelor-'4F - N, 'IM....11001,11,1.100VN..100630L, i 1 ured by. the raging , waves. T Fe people in co-operating , on rePair-ng t . ' - . z I I - ed to assist them. all last - bridges clinches it. Galveston will be re- NVED IN AILOSPHERE I ed. She would call out in ' - - built, says every business man from that - o her dead parent end child. ' .. , M,. city who has arrived here. and now the or GLOO , I action of the railroads confirm them. FALL and WINTER g ch wi'dly as if trying to r:s- t . t ,:fotirnioesst lathieatiwyeosd.identrinwisotauktm a Big List of Additional Names of Those Who Perished in the G save themselves. The spec- KILLED' e ..,,, From a Globe- Staff meeea- Galveston THIRTY-EIGHT CONVICTS . TIP t ff Correanona- ' St . . - very 'ad one and deeply , Storm. , Penitentiary System or Texas Solfered GAL1,-ESTON TEX-- SePtembert14- aru oi those who beheld it. - - - a Loss of olloo,000. y They marry and are given in mar- , FAsilloNs grzetat DISTATCJI TO Tat OtOalltTATUOCILAT 1: riage. A wedding has taken place r'' cee Of Mr,. Harry Steele, a , Smart dressers and all men who ' 1 Following is an additiInal list of Galva"- 1-1-,0YD, BUCK. AUSTIN', TEX, September 14.--Financint .... in. GaIV'eston. It occurred at the NOW READY.' ' 1 ' o was employed in a cotton Lt-Divi(1 al-B,31T . ton 's dead: printer Agent -NV. II. C. Hill. Of the statet peniten- q? Trenlont Hotel. Ernest A. Mayo, a ' ,1 , ,eston, were-- dreadful, ' lie at.T.Tinv at TR -Cm it lir sf vinAbT f:AAJI-1;;Tr":rr W. 115-iFil1 Q A 0 aria pipter. NELLIE X. tial-lioc rplaehfl bra itn-dal," and reported . Isee.... ...,,,a ,,, ......A4,4... 4,-,.. ,e,....,..... i . ' , , desire to dress in good taste should ' 11--:'ren torn away from the rule oevoured by. the raging , waves. y see tried to assist them. AU last see raved. She would call out in el tones to her dead parent end child. s ,, would clutch wi'dly as if trying to r:sr-ae them. At times she wool(' mastake t le about her for lost relatives. and would fee to them to save themselves. The spec-I cle was a very Sad one, and deeply touched the bear us of those who beheld IL HARRY STEELES THREE ESCAPES. The experiences Of Mr- Harry Steele, a young man who was employed in a cotton house In Galveston., were- dreadful, 'He lived five blocks back from the beach and was at home with his wife when the gale tore the roof from over their heads. Ile hurriedly left his home and sought refuge in another houre, anal he had Scarcely ensconced himself with his wife behind the sheltering walls when the storm tore that house to Dierem. A third time he Sought refuge in at house and this shook and rattled so that becoming alarmed he determined to leave it also. Alearttime the water had risen beyond .hin depth, but being a strong swimmer he contrived to catch hold of a door floating by, and with this and other debris he ine-arovieed a raft. upon - which he placed has wife. , They drifte4 about at the mercy of, the gale, breaking over the raft, but he held on and both were saved. Mr. Steele is from New Orleans, his father having at one time been cashier in the United States mint there, mr. W. It Jones, an employe of the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe road le sawed, but he Mourns the loss ef hie wife and daughter. Ile was at his place of business" when the storm broke. and when it became evident to all that the building would suecumb to the fury of the elements he, with some fifteen or twenty others of the empicyee, clasped each other's hands and stool around the stand pipe of the water works company In order erevent themseivel from being blown away. Mr.Jorie has been searching among the ruins of ble house, or rather the place where hie house Stood. hut Ilas been unable to find any trace of hes yel-et.Ing wife anal dauebter. Many instances of devotion of hueband to wife, of wife to husband. of eked to parent and parent to child tan be mentioned. One poor woman with her thild and her father was cast out Into the raeing waters. They were separated. both .were in the drift and both believed they went out in the gulf and returned. The mother was finally cast upon the drift. and there she was pounded by the waves and debris until she maned Into a house against which the drift bad lodged. and during all that frightful ride he held to he 8-months-, old babe, end when ethe waas on the drift pile Phe lay upon her infant and covered it with her body. that it might eseape the blows of 'this planks. and she came out of the ordeal. cut and,malmed, but the Infant had not a scratch. W. 13 . S. CAPT. RAFFERTY A HEAVY LOSER. Property Worth 415000 (oneThirty.. One of tits Men :Mingling. tseitt a. GLosa-DemocitAr STArit emtitiesPONMINT. tIALVESTON. T.E.X., September 14.Bat- tery 0, 1st Artillery. was supposed to have been almost annihilated. On the first dhy after the storm it was supposed that not one-third had escaped. Some of the reguteri were carried many miles on raft4. Thirty-one are now missinz or known to have perished. Eighty-one have reported, Capt. IV. C. Rafferty commanded the battery. Ile lived in Fubstanttal residence near Camp Hawley. Whtn the storm assumed dangerous force the Captain, with the members of his faintly, several soldiers and some civilians, went into the beavy battery at Fort Crockett. There the,, people remained with the water In great waves dashing over the battery with an awful roar. They were drenched, but the force of the water Was broken bY the fortification. and the mechanism of the ftinch gun battery. Capt. Rafferty's .personal loss is $50u0. One of the regular soldiers In the camp at Port Bolivar citing to drift for thirty-mix hours before he as itecued in San Jacinto Bay, miles from whre he started. - Musician V. J. ItAdigan. of Battery, 0, went with six- soldiers to a school -house from which they rescued a dozen women of tha vicinity. Two-thirds of the people will sought refuge in the school house with the , regulars perished. Chtldren Were swept away before the eycs tit the Soldiers, WhO were unable to reuzIt therm 1 Following are the tlattlee of members of Battery 0, let Artillery. United States army. whose lives wore lost In the storm of Saturday night: GEORGE. litt;II R.. Firet Sergeant. MARSH, JAMES A Sergeant. ROBERTS. SAMUEL, Evrpral. EANTNEK, JAMES W.. cook. LINK, 0 E0110E. mechanic. ANDREWS. 01,2011i1E F , private. ANDREWS, WM. L.. private. RANDER... LEOPOLD privatt; 'TIN, privets. 210 DELANEY, V117.1dAl'il prat. - lioWNEY, PETER. priNate. MESS, FREI). prix ate. ItUNT, FRANK W. private. - j KELLEY, Jt ot I N. private, LEV lit. EVERETT A., private. NIITCHELI,. BENJAMIN I). prhate. PETERsoN. GEORGE, prWate. SAUERBER IVILLIAM 11., ptivate. t,EFFERS, OTTo. private. PiENJAMIN, private. ' WHEELER, wAnswoRTH E.,. private. wHITE. HERBERT It, private, wILHITE. (ARYAN M.. private. WRIGHT. SI DNEY, private. IIDSPITAL CoRPS. FORREST. RA Si private. tlOsSAOS.. J04irrit, private. McILVENE. ELRIGHT. private. INSURANCE COMPANIES IIIT HARD Lilo Policies May lile Paid Without Litigation Srec:Ai DISPATCH TO Tan OLOSII-DICUOCRAT. DALLAS, TEX., September 14.The In-aureate, Questions are beginning to receive serious attention. Life insurance compa- flies are going to ha hit very hard. The question that particularly engages the at tention of their representatives is whether pettlements shall be made without 'Riga, Hon. Many of the agents are advising their companies to settle claims if positive evidence is produced that the policy-holder was in Galveston at so recent a time as the night of September 7 or the day of SeptemS. Under the law, many persons interested In collecting claims contend that this flood diraster produces-a situation where the body doe3 net' have to be produced to prove death. - Messrs. Tresevant & Cochran. keneral Souttweetern agents for eight big insurance companies. and other local insurance rtgente. were, interviewed to-day about the Storm Warms and the amount of tom insurance orried by Galveston property holders On their belongings. They Stated that all Dallas itinerants Met C011etlf In the opinion that the ineurance policies against storm losers carried by Galvestonians will not aggregate $10,t)00. They eay there was abeoletely no demand for such insurance at Galvestert. Mr. S. P. Cochran said: "We did not car' ry a dollar or storm insurance at Galveston. I feel quite sure that the storm insurance was sery small. We never had a request for storm insurance policies. If there had been any demand at Galveston or insurance of this kind we would have heard of it We held $50.000 storm insurance on two big oil mills at Houston. and our loss will probably be S40.000 to $50,o00 on tbese two structures. We held $25.000 storm insurance at Port Arthur and about MOO at Alvin. The ineurance situation at Galveston Is very quiet. There was no lose by Cre and I think the Insurance against storms was DESTRUCTION NEAR ALVIN. Fifteen Mlle at Territory Swept Clear la Buildings. Seems, DISPATC11 To TB OLOSN-DYWOCILAT. HOUSTON. TEX.. September 14.In a statement issued by Mayor King. of Al-Yin. be says that every business house. as well as practically all the residences in a territory eovering fifteen miles have been ruined, and all stocks of goods, and that relief must be had at once. Statements of similar character are coming from many towns which have suffered severely, and the task of rellevIng all the -distressed grows greater every moment. There is uttering outside Galveston that is more Intense than any there. Dr. J. Mark O'Farrell, one of the leading citizens of Richmond, Fort Bend County. hao written your correspondent as follows: "The true statement of the condition ef Illichmond and Ford Bend County. has not been published. A statement appears that Fort Bend County's loss is about Slik).othe E. H. Cunningham & Co.. at Sugariand, , alone lost more than that sum. and the ( town of Richmond was a sufferer to the extent of $150,000, conservatively estimated, while the county's loss is $1,5110,ts5e and probably more. For miles on the prairie - not a house is left. Missouri City and Stafford are almost totally destroyed. In fact. the county is wrecked and almost ruined. Nineteen lives were lost. Conditions are simply terrible. We are asking no charity. We are to-day raising what we can to send to Galveston. , FREAKS OF THE STORM. Ilia band Snatched from a Window Be. tore ill. Wife. Eye. NEW ORLEANS. LA., September IL One of the most pathetic stories of suffering in Galveston was learned to-day when the Southern Pacific train arrived from Houston. Among the passengers were Um Mary Quayle, of Liverpool. England, and I xne Nth sen atm Rio THE STORM. , STLLL ADDING TO DFATI-I ROLL Bi Following Is an addittInal list of Galva,- tolfa dead: ALLISON, S. R., family of ninnA NTONOVITCII. PINKIE. JOHN and grand-- mother. A tiUSTIAL, P. and wife. ALIEN. E. B. and wife. e(lie, A.. and famlis. 1.0EDE korn. cH-RLES. LERt.ER, pr.RS. BANKERS. AIRS. CHARLES. BEACII. 2t1 I-.' NINA. of Victoria. - I-()EUECKER. H.. father. brother, and sisterPARN'ARD. MR!. NVINNIE AL BECKER JOHN, wit and daughters, Mae and Vida. EAIf IF. MRS. and William, father, mother and brother of Clarence. ItEL,11.. W. ta It and mrts. J. and daughter ROURDON, MRS. L. A. 01IARLES and grandchild. BLCM, MR. and MRS ISAAC. - il10M. MRS SYLVANBARRY. MRS. M. E.. MISS M. E... MISS V.. JAMES D E. L. and BERRECKMAN, EDWARD. MISS -LOUISE. do( ght.-r. BELL, CLARENCE and mother. BUCKNER. MR- and MRS. FRITZ. two children, 1-('NSTONI, Elt4 iElt()N AMR., and four children. - BANNE',N'IL, MILS. ANTONE. and two children. --- 11,-ATIMAN. T. Anol,rr. -elle. son and daughter. CLUIP, MRS. t'HARLES ( IcALEY. MI-SES NELLIE. LEE. rdzyrrit. LILLIE btntl MARY,. '04 W ILL.' AM. - (00K, MR. - scurr. and four children. (AILILIN, MRS 001,1'S. ClIARI.ES, wife 'and six children 't( W A N. wife and daughter. 0A1(1.10N. CHARLES, wife and boy. eitATZ. JACK. cLARY, AN. and three children. 0,(1.(DARI). ALEX.. niece, May. Bray. and three children. - CHI( ISTA AN. JOHN. cA l'ILELL. NVILI.. MitS. MARTHA. J.. and MISS Lt)1.71tia. CARVEN, MR. wife and daughter. OARNEIT. MIL. and wife, of Orange. (-It A NN FORD, Ft AY titlitN 1 (ARSON. FRANK ("- CI iNct Mkt'. MARY. and children. GEO. A., HORACE. I.EE W., JOSEPH 11.. WILLIE B.. and FREDI.)(2 ne.MS'E MR. and MRS. DAY, NV'ILI-I E. I(UNNIN. AIRS. HOWARD C.. and three children. DIRKS. HENRI', and family. - ALFRED, found in a tree. 1)ARFEE. MR. anti MRS. and two daughters. DAMMILL W. I). and wife (colored). 131AlliANI, GEORGE R anei wife. I(IINIIAM, GEORGE. It. JR.. and two children. DiANNELLY. 1.)00f)rt, MADEIJNE and OCTAVIA. DAVIS, MISS EMMA. DREW& Ii. A , DEMESIE. AIRS . and two sons. 1A.I.Er4 g A SI VF1, wife, and one child. I3AVIS. 'MR. MART. and childrenCARRIE. A 1...101, .nd EDDIE. 11-ETT,-ATISS M. I,Elt. MILS. SAMVEL, and one child. DAVIS, MRS. TOM. LoilitIN, MRS. C. and Six children. Fl-s11.1 MRS. JoHN, and two children. PhIJOIT. 0II.kRLES. I'D(VARDS. A. R. c', and family. EISEAIAN. PAUL. wife and baby. EN'ANS,- SIRS. KATE, and two children. FALK ENIIA P(1 E GEORGE. and wife. FORGET, JULIUS. FREITIIER. AIRS FRITZ. - FRAU'. MRS. AVOUST. and daughter. EASY. (". , wIfe and two children. - FOSTER. AIRS. At-GI'ST. FREISE. Aill rind MRS. CITARLES M. JOHN and FREDDIE. I'RETM'ELI-, J. R., MRS. and boy. T'OSTER. AIRS S F. FARBER. AlISS NANNIE. of Sullivan's IsF(ANK ANTON, wife and two daughters. ALK. MILS. Fistiflit, MILS. KATE. three children. 1-0()Elt, FRANK. GoLDAIAN. TilKononE. - 0AIT. A. E. and wife P'1101'.. and family. ()ENTRY. t'llAILLoTTE (colored). fIoNZAI.ES, ANI)RENN', wife and daughter, I' A 1-1,IN !-. GRAHAM' :iit: II , and baby. GARNETT. to)BEILT E. GliisoN, ATARI' I.'. (1I'LLE'r, ('01,, or Victoria. 11. K.. and farnity43,REV, IL 1 and family. ()RAY. RANI)01.111. four children and sisterGIBSON. ATARI' C. GAILITALI(1. Al GUST. II, (LI, ANL. MILS. JAMES. TOG! Ns. All's I Li (EPRA NT . r-Rrn. II A R Itis. MISS RT.' ILECCA. NIISSE,I t(1041," and EMMA. HAINS, "deter nf INIRS. CAPTAIN. liCEI(I,NEIL, AIRS A and boy. I. att'41FITON. l IT,TAE 0, lirNTEtt, .r1 A r-.1 Ni C E(..)1(C1E. ITOPENIAN. IT TT if 'VI AN , tS A RD. in. and two children. 10:IIII I.E,(NARD. wife and twO children. 11 tY AI AS 3, N If' and tour childrenIlltViN. J0t4E1,1c .101INSON. It I. and J. nortAtac-rt. load bff barge. 3a.. Howard. JOIINSTON NtlIrl NV-. J. JEFFERBROilK. MR. and MR.. ArGI-ST. JOHNSON. AIRS. 0. S. JONES. J.. and wife. JAE()ER NN'ALTER IL JHNSON V. S. - JHNsN. ODIN tette and child. JOHNSTON J. A., and wife. KCI-INA. lviRs KLEM and two children. IC INDS. JOSEPH. NELSON. ALMA and LORIS KIMPAN, PAL'''. and AIRS. KEEFE. T. J.. eire and daughter. KALB. AL-OU'ST. wife and mother-In-law; KALB. C. I.. and child KALIF. MR. .101IN and four children. 'KELLOGG. of Tichenur place, and whole farrt- ily. K A TFIER LOVIS wife and three children. N'IN'SFIADE.R JOE. wife and child. KELLY. FI.,011FlICE and TILLY. KIIIKY. 0:01LGE. wife and three children. KING. MRS IARVEL. MRS JACK and four children. ICONSTANTOP0LOS. ICREywELL I)Avin and daughter. - L. wife and four t-hildren. I. A "artN. CH A I.Es. wife and child. 1.111W30). AI.ETIFD. ' mother and sister-in-law. LACKEY. MI( father and mother. LEWIS. AcIvES., LEWIS. MAnIA. ' - LYLE WM grandmother and sister. T,TAtuoN. Mr. Jonathan Hale, of Gloversville, N. Y. Mrs. Quayle came from New York to Galveston, arriving there Thursday before the storm accompanied by her husband. Edward Quayle. ,,a tabulator on the Liverpool Cotton Exchange. Mrs. Quayle and her husband took apartments In the Lucas Terrace. a fashionable place in the eastern end of the island. During the storm Saturday evening, while Mr. Quayle was peering out of a window. there came an unusually violent gust of wind and the window was literally sucked out as if by a, mighty air pump. and he was taken with it. Mrs. Quayle was thrown in the opposite direction against the door of the room. When she came to her senses she began to call for her husband. Mr. Hale. who occupied the adjoining room. came to her assistance and-cared for her until dawn Sunday morning. Then they went out together and searched throughout all the adjacent portion of the city for her missing husband. But riö trace of him as found. The search was kept up until Monday night without success. - Then Mr. Hale brought Mrs. Quayle via Houston to New Orleans. and they took the throuih Louisville and Nashville train for New lork. Mrs. Quayle will return to England. She was completely prostrated and. although having not yet reached middle age. had the appearance of a frail, ,decrepit old woman so terrible had been the ordeal.' ' . -i - --- List of Dend Between South Ga lireutott -I anti City Limit's. , SPECIAL DisrATcu TO TILE GtOILE.DEMOCEAT - GALVESTON, TEX., September 14. Theo. l3oehl, who lives twelve miles down the island. repbrts the following- people killed: 'r - John Shuerder's whole family. . Henry Schnelder's whole familY. Fritz Opper's whole family. I William Schroder lost, his wife and several children. , - Sam Kemp (colored) lost all his family. - Fritz Boehl and wile. Ans. Boehl lost wife and three daughters- Ostermeyer and wife. - - Only about six houses- remain between South Galveston and the ,city limit& Of a probable 1000 living down the island. at least a third were lost.. There are 200 bodies on the beach between the Mott place and the city limits. Eighteen people' in his neighborhood got together and began burying the dead. They are out of provisions and altogether have but $2.-, lie is here to get supplies from the relief committee. SOUTHERN riciFic's PLANS. Dee 11101111 to Continue Improvements Cheers Galveston. SPTCUL Disrarca TO TES GLOBIA-DSMOCIAT HOUSTON, TEX.. September it General Manager W. G. Van Sleek, of the Atlantic system of the Southern Pacific, this afternoon stated positively that his company Intended to stick to Galveston. A big double track steel drawbridge will repiace the ancient piling. The great water front improvements are to be carried out as planned originally, and ha Intimated that there would be even larger improve-went& No announcement could evidence more surely the fact that Galveston will be re- a ,built and become a greater coinmercial tner. . 1 - I later. - I st; sg,vouis paik 6tobt , - LLOYD, BUCK. LUDAVIG, ALBERT. Printer. LABETTE. H. J. I,ABETTE. LOUISA C., and (sister, NELLIE E. LACKEY, and children,- LEON and PEARL. LITTLE. MRS. J. A. LEPEHEAR. J. IL wife and three children. LANAIIAN, LAURA. FRANCIS, TERRENCE and CLAU0E. children of John LanahariL,ICA. MRS. J. LEIEI. MRS MARY. LAN., F. A., four scone and one daughter and colored nurae. - LINDNER. MT. LOUISE, and five children. LEVY. MAJ. W. T.. wife and three children. LUCAS, four children of Mr. J. I.,c,s,sis(1, mils. HORACE. LEVY MISz4. of Houbtun. LEGATE. LOTIS. wife and son. LEGATE. MRS. P., two eons arid two daughten LEGATE: CIIRISTrAN. - ' MEtVAN. JOHN IL. JR. AlAo,SET, Tom. NIW.1E. ORIN, KING. MARTY. AIRS. R. , MOTT. MRS FRANK. - - MARTIN. JIM. and three unknown. MARCO. BURR0, entire family. wife and four children. ' MiLLER. JoE, wife and one child. MER. JOE. family of two. McGOAERN, JMES. AlclIALE. JOHN. two children. AIENAltD. M NIELLAIt. ROBERT. and wife. Al-A,'ET, AIRS. J. NV. and Mis'S LORRAINE. NIORTON AIRS, AGNES and daughter. - MANLEY, Jor-1 muther and two nieces. MANLY. NIRS S. R. .Mi. - .. and five children. colored. AIARTIN, 11 ERNIAS. and part of family. AloGrIRE, JOIIN AloPIIERSON ROBERT, colored. MRS. J. and MISS RUBY. At A TrtROOK, --, wife and five children. -.MoRRIS. HARRY, wife and three children. 1MERI. NNIA and NIURINE. AtAReOTTE. MISS PAULINE. AL-VAT. Arra E. C. ' Alt-LSBURGER. TONY. and wit.. NEI,St.)N. MR:;. . and daughter. OfILSEN. Nill. arvi MIS 01-O,FItNfAN ALBERT IA. and wife. OYSTERMAN NICK. entire family. ii-'11.1Z. ANITA. 1 CVNEEEE. MRS. I. arid son. ' - 01 orov. TttoM t4 fL, find wife. 01.4iON, STEVE and CHARLIE. Oe(iN NOI,I,Y. MISS MA M I E PR( )14T JAMES. wife ai two children. I'LO'rONIF2Y,---wite and four children. HERmAN ' - 1,0TOFF. CHARLES w"fe and five children. I rIELI'S. ituTH and RVIITPEKI.INGE. AlltS an'i mother. l'INT0, MRS. Ti)NY. an,i TER-A. - PECO I.E.oN, wire and four children. iErtSON ;MISS 'At ART and ALICE. IERSN. FRANK'. PETT. Ai RS. ARK, AIRS and 'two daughter& ptxFrt AIRS ELLA. POWERS. AIRS, and child, PALMER. MRS, MAE. and 6-year-o1d eon, LEE f'ATTERSoN ri,oRENOE. - rRi-ESAIITI-1 MRS. F.. and three children.. ' It RI'MAIELIN, ED and JOHN. IsEA4iAN. ii 3 wife and four children. RALEI,l11. ADS'S NELI.IE and Miss wiLLTE. litTHERNIANII. E,. wife and two children. ItEAMANN. AIRS ItADFOR,D. MATTIE, CLUDE and J. A., col, red. RrcliARDSON, WIT,I.IAM. UTTER. AIRS. W. M. -,IESEI., I. wife and two Children. TIOEHNI, AVM. F. and two children: IiAVEY an,1 family. ItANDol.Prr EDITH. - 1-,(ENBEB,1 ,----, arid baby. RiREIIMUND FROF., wife and two en14- then. ROE. IC. toolored). EUTE R. (-ITT() - Ri-TEit. HENRY - 1(Tt-Ell, HENRY wife ei,nd hree children. PIE-,EL. MRS. and thillren. EAT an' IIA. ItoBEIITS -1-IERBEItT N.- ItiloDES. MISS in trained nurse. 3,1 FRANK, MRS. K.. LEON. ALRFAUFN, JofIN Itr n Ire and five chi'. dr,n. F4 'Tit I:1Z, err A ItI.Es': , . OT. ANNIE AAA'', PRANK. ' ciiRf,Eg ( - Seri I-1.1'4. FRED. and FEIP PEI .T. AL. wife and five children. - AI RS. MA RT. and baby f colored). AIRS. MAItT- SCIIT'TTE. R., win. and two children. SINIPsoN W. It and two children. JAMES and, PERRY to 'IA I I ER, A., wife and five children. .slPAolER, .L, wife and two children. SMITH. 0 Avife and four children. - SEINAS. Mits t SENOTE. ktIcar, STO('RFLFTII. SIRS 'PETEr . and children-- WILLIE FREI), MABEL and JOHNSArt,lENT. TIIGMAS, ARTHR anti ALLEN. sir FE. 'MRS. SLADETc'E. Ft. T.,. wife and three children. STEWAR-r. AIR.", LESTER. - - sTANFi flf). AIRS PlMNIA. SCIIW A rtTZ, AI A RTE. MAGGIE and 'WILLIE. W.- yER. rm. J. R. SiliENSTEinF,rt. aotrg. FIR A IIER, V RT. S'EMMERS. MISS SARH'. of Ceding. Ky. SNI JACCO I onaccounted - , FPANN wif.. and dsinrhter. Tr'4KETT. WALTER. wife and children. TIRNER. MRS. J(AP.I)AN. - THURMAN. NqRs TPOSTMAN. MRS. E.. and three children. - TvrR VATM and T. C. 'UNGER. mil. and MRS. E.,.-and TRECHEIN. 1-N,7iE1 l MRS F. snd five children. VAN TAPIA'. NIOI,LIE. VAN BUREN. HER'l AN. wife and three nhildrPn, NV ILLIA MS. S A MVEL (colored). - v1 I.T.IAMS. ADIS E C. (colored). ' NVOol)PoW. AII.DA. IVARREN. TARING. MRS., of Chicago (colored). NVISBCIDT, AUGUST. JR.. wife and two chil airen. WETSS. OSicATI wife end five children. AS(.oDWARD. E. . . JR. NA 11.1 F A Nis, 110S-A NN A. WALTERS F. A.. wife and fonr chiMren. - Wiod)s, ii-LrA. and bon, Frank (colored). WICK E. MPS AVI'XINER, FRITZ. end wife. c NVEINRERn, oTTo. ,Atte and five children. N VALIZFR. I.Or-IS D. NV A T t: i NS AIRS. F.. STANLEY, ARTHUR and ItERNA'. WALLIS I,EE, riff.. mother. four children and 1 little oriduin girl -who formerly lived at Pal- WAT'RINS, STANLEY and ARTHUR. N vircityr. Jennie T. and LULA- , AV-AL-KEIL JoEt wit,t,,,t AN. RosANNA (colored). IN BERG. MRS F. A. and FRITZ. firn. WILLIAM ZUNI RERG, CH.S, wife and tIV11! children. - - 0.::::044 4.4 y ItUNDREDS OF MESSAGES Y D Y TO 711E DEAD. ): If '1111 ra UtAU. y f y , : c pPet al Dispatch to the Globe-Democrat. ,4s DALLAS. TEX.. September 14. A Probably never before in the history j A of electricity has there heen so 'Mlle i : telegraphing to tbe dead. The 11,ad - 1 4, 1 eo A quarters of the Wc.tern Union ani .S. I the I'ostal systeths located in this 4 I. . 2 . city report that in Dallas, Houston :: Jo, and Galveston are thousands of mes- .3., : sages addressed to rersons who can s ., I never call for or receive them. Stalbe ? lol of the rersons addressed are known 6.1: i: to be dead and there is no doubt that 14 ..1.. hundreds of others are anaorg the .t. I thousands of unknown and uniclenti. : . . fled victims of the 6 tOrni W110 C Se 6. 4. bodies have been dumped into the 41 sea, consigned to unmarked graves . or cremated in the great heaps that 0 S. sanitary necessity marked for the . i l torch and the incinerating pyre. IZ.1T - . - A city than it was before the storm. for many of the business men of the city were awaiting the decision of the Southern Pacific., before making their plans definitely. The ae 0 , DEEMS IVA-6 HED PYLON list Of Galva,- ' LLOYD. nrcK. AUSTIN, TEX, September 14.--r Inancxot in, GalVeston. It occurred at the , , I 1 PolOW KtADY; 1 of lng E T printer. . 11:111Ti.1k.A1-1115.1 11 . Agent W. 1.,AliETTIL. Li-VC-ISA C., and rieter, IN-El...1.TE E. tiaries reached - - --- . hero to-day and rported . e ir. Tremont Hotel. Ernest A. Mayo, a. ) lawyer . end a candidate for Prose- . ' I desire to dress in good taste shoulo no. ' see our exhibit of Fashionabli , RN and grand- children, LACKEY. and hdren, LEON and PEARL. IL, C. Hill. of the state peniten- convict cuting Attorney, was the bridegroom. , 'LITTLE. . farm, on the Brazos River, below Velasco. .4, Mrs. 3essie Roberts. who had been LANAilN, FRA - ' LEPEHEAR. J. IL. wire and three children.' te the Geverhy' - A LAURA. NCIS, TERRENCE r that the Clemons was devastated by the storm, and eighteen ee .5. emplo y ed by Garbade, Er band & Co., ms. and ,AC L.I. children cl John Lanahan. convicts killt,c1. Two others were fatally ! - , . - Fall Hats. .. - , ' ', il Err,- Nol-.4. J. injured. The entire cotton cro on the t was the bride. The engagement was - LEIRE. MRs mARY. . coLkAweNdclnuFrne A and ons dughter a . ., tour aerie and, bpa ladnlytatdioanmtlzg-a esd ruiltradnyand the sugar calle ..i: o buildings on t e .:. much fronitit'itr:it:Itgor 1 rn. c3TthheySereffeerid:: reliable, - SVe have all kinds that are good and reli all,th, I other, and sister- LINDNER. MRS. LOUISE. and five children. troy tr 1 best makesdignified and quiet stvlesSwell an ecd.lemmonrs. lifairlimesatnimolaatte9liarlem were des- the total loss to the that it was bete to ast their f or- 1.,EVY. MAJ. Nv. T.. wife and three children. Lt CAS, four childr-en of Mrs. J. tunes together. Friends approved. 1 ghters, Mae LEVY. MIS.-i. of thlueton- eremony took place Thursday.' LOssING. mRs. HORACE. Peant.iteititItlrymosysTtheme toottaTierxuetms bWe-rilloragegorn The c e:- sT.. . ff , , dau , , $i to i t-let; killSd is thirty-elzht.. -swagger effects . ...,. 90 .- $5 0, LEcIATE. LOUIS. wIte and ann. 1 I W. B. S. . e t, father, mother LEGATE. MRS. P.. two sons and- MO datigh- - , and daughter I-EnATP efinIRTIAN. CIRRIED TO SEA IN A BATH TUB., , ...:..1.....:,....e .:..:.4......:.:.1.." .,.4..s.:04..) Our $1.90 Hats are the qualities sold everywhere a MI.-ENVAN. grandchild. M JOHN H,JR- ORIN, , , .. , , I :biAz"SEY. N!. MuLLIE. ICING. r c. . MARTY. MRS. R. . $2.50 and $3.00. ne have all the correct block MoTT. MRS. FRANK. - ' ' - - , Two Women Spent a Witt of Terror - ' - on the Gulf. do headquarters in this city from the general SA - - and newest colors; Every -Hat guaranteed. Lo m. E... miss v. MAR TIN. .Ity. . and three unknown. ..our SidcelA t D superintendent of the line, who is now on ISPATCH TO IBIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT. ., MARrO BLRRo. entire faintly. wire aual. I Foil. MISS msE. chil?ren., , ,, WORTH TEX.' -qeptember 14 the Seellet at Galveston.' , m i.I.Ell. .1(1E, wife and one chil& , mrs., Bociall Bailey and MI:-S Blanch e Ken 'Porcea of all lines are c,ornbining In re- ,,.... mEyk-R. .10E ramify or t wo. . .. . constructing one temporar) railroad bridge - - mccoVi.-fiN ..yAmF.1 , , nedy reached 'here to-dal. reftlp.ets from at'ross the bay. which will be used Jointly - . FRITZ. two Oil- -! , , - NteliAT.E. J(')I-IN. tw-t; children- - Galveston. TheY tell of a horrible expert- for the present. Piling all right except . NIENAtD. NIARY- . carried bo. where broken by a steamship drifting' b .bi 11 through. Permission has been given to 0: tilS children. - 5IEL.L.Alt. Rot-JERI an,1 win.. ence in the flood. They were Id-vEY. MRS J. NV and MISS T.0.1111AINV Into the gulf in a wooden bath tti . n c 0 and wo chil- drive piles across channel without putting ' ' ' t MoRTON SIRS, AGNES and daugnter . - they caught as it was floating paI them. are working front MANI...FY .1(d- mutho-r and two nieces. hirgdersdWabnrdiagee.xile."et'e to have the bridge . Clothiers, Haberdashers and Hatters, tin can Niiss ,- , , , aro, eaumht., 3, LA:.LI:iy: mas. s. RT , ,T,hoef,y,,,,,op,riurt,hetAil.ouy,t,vhtot selavitahnad were in the tiiT0:i..4tizOañ.Farrriting;TcS.;piiiii,-14:1110q.: tion of the GOtiM Interests and the Santa Fe people in co-operating on repair jig bridges clinches it. Galveston will be rebuii t. says every business man from that city who has arrived here. and now the action of the railroads confirm them. THIRTY-EIGHT CONVICTS KILLED: Penitentiary System of Texan Sairere41 a Loos of oltoo,ftoo. Beacom ttisraeca TO Tat Goost-DraocaAe. AUSTIN', TEX., September 14.--Financiat Agent -NV. 11. C. Hill of the state penitentiaries reached here to-da y. and reported to the Governor that the Clemons convict farm, on the Brazos River, below Velasco. was devastated by the storm, and eighteen convicts killed. Two others were fatally injured. The entire cotton cro on the plantation WEIS ruined aod the sugar cane badly damage& liany buildings on the Clemons farm and at Harlem were destroyed. lir. Hill estimates the total loss to the penitentiary system of Texas Will aggregate $100,000. The total number of convicts killed is thirty-ei.rht. CARRIED TO SEA INA BATH TUB. . , Two Women Spent at Nittht of Terror , - on the Gulf. , ir - S-eECIAL DISPATCH TO THIS GLOBE-DEMOCRA FORT WORTH, TEX.' , -September 14. Mrs. Buelah Bailey and Mii,s Blanche Kenndy reached there to-day refugees from Galveston: They tell of a horrible experience In the flood. They were carried out Into the gulf in a wooden bath tub which they taught as it was floating past them. They drifted out to sea and were In the gutt one whole night. With a tin can Miss Kennedy dipped the water from the tub and. i kept it from sinking. The sister -of Miss i Kenned3r was drowned. They succeeded in saving a 10-year-old 1-oy, whom they pulled 1 from the wreckage. Mrs. Bai:ey is the site of the son of the manager Of the GalvestOli Wharf Company. WIRE SITtATION AT GALVESTON. First Message Out of the City Was Sent at -tali P.M. Thursday. GALVESTON, 'TEX., September itThe first message was sent out of Gah-eston yesterday at 4:16 over a wire of the Western Union Company. The el,rnpany has laid a cable across the channel and rough it they transmitted the message. The Mexican Cable Company has gotten both ends of its cable and expects to estabnett communication via the City or Mexico this evening-. FREIGHT RATES ADVANCED. Diwersion of Cotton Shipments Results In Higher Charge. rusrATell rag GLoBE-I )EMOCRAT, FORT WORTI-I, TEX epterriber The flood situation at Galveston has greatly affected the matter of freight tri ffic! on the railroads. It was learned at the general office of the Rock Island to-day that the transportation of wheat Is practically at a standstill. and the shipments of cotton are being diverted to New Orleans. This situation applies to all roals. The diversion of so much export business tel New Orleans has led to an advance in rates of abotlt loc cm the lOn pounds on cotton. or about fsic a bale. The result is a serious One for buyPrS. Who expected to phi, on the former rate. Many buyers have ceased taking pur WARNING TO KODAK FIENDS.- Two of Them Shot Down nt Galveston Like Corpse Thieves. SrECIAL DI$PATCH TO THE GLOBE-DV,SIoCRAT., 1101,7STON, TEX., September 11.--Word received from GaIvestOn -to-day indicates that kodak fiends are, being., shot down Ilk... corpse thieves. Two. it is stated, were killed 3-esterday while taking pictures of nude female bodies.- ,Kodak fiends are notified to stay away. -- ,r1-10TOGAPIIEllS INIPRESSED. SrECIAL DISPATCH TO UE GLuite-DEmocuAtGALVESTON., - TEX., September It Daily papers and' illustrated papers have been wild for photographs of the Galveston disaster. The team is under nillitary HIN,- and the people are not in condition of mind to brook photographers focusing upon their ruins. To-day three photographers who ventured out had their instruments smashed and were ,impressed service burying dead bodies. - - No Priests' Lost nt Galvesston. SrLCIAL DOWATCft TO THU GLOBE-DEMOCILLT ' GALVESTON, TEX,. September 4 14. , Bishop N. A. Gallagher. of the Catholic diocese, states that no a. member of the clerg,y or one of the sisters in the City of Galveston were lost. The only losses of sisters were the ten at the orphanage down the island. which has heretofore been reported. lie states further that all church buildings were wrecked except the cathedral. TILE FURNISS FAMILY. : All Thought to Have PerishedRuenor of Suicide of the Son. A report was current at Maplewood last night that Ernest Furniss, who left that place Tuesday evening for Galveston. Tex,, after receiving word that is father and mother and three sister S had perished in the great hurricane had found that the information was correct and had committed suicide. The report came from an uncle at Palestine, Tex .. and seems to be authentic. Ernest was the only one of tha family left at Maplewood. His father, who Was connected with the Missouri Pacific Rabroad, went to Galveston some time ago in an effort to benefit his health. He was accompanied by his wife and three daughters. Madaline. Grace aril Edith. They were stopping at the Beach Hotel, and only a few days before the great storm they had written to Ernest at home to the effect that they would soon be prepared to return. Tut sday morning a telegram came announeing that the Beach Hotel had been demolished and its guests killed. Ernest left at once for the scene. The following is a copy of a dispatch received here last evening by Vice President Warner. of the Misqouri Pacific-Iron Mountain. from Vice President Trice. of the International and Great Northern: "Palestine, Tex.. September G. Warner, St. Louie: Referring to your wires In regard to Mr. Anthony Furniss assistant auditor Missouri Pacific Coal Company, anti family. Mr. Culver, a relative of Mr. Fur-nips who works in Mr. Maury's office, just returned from Galveston. and advises that he spent all day yesterday in Galveston trying to locate the parties or gain some information in regard to them. The place at which they were located has been entirely destroyed and there are no houses left within a radius of several blocks in that vicinity, and even the wreckage 18 not there. Etg evervthing was swept out to sea, Mr. Culver also advises that he was unable to locate or hear anything of the parties with whom Mr. Forniss and family were boarding. He states the police rendered him every aid. and from the best informaticn he could get he is satisfied that, nothing will ever be heard of either Mr. Furniss or any of his family. "L. TRICE. P. and Gen. Supt I and G. N.' REBUILDING RAILROAD BRIDGE. It Will Be Beady for Trains to Cross in Ten Days.. - - The following information has been received at Missouri, KInsas and Texas .k Uldlt-- ,gti1 frAl ,b,o. .- ,.... 0..1-4 -a. r..: ) ,-,IL...?111,..... ....L...., od.110.0-11. , ...R., L -s, .immer011010." ,..;,40.... 4.4. b..- ow GAL 1STO 31 IS TO TEXAS- CITY. 'L I; From a Globe-Democival Staff Correspondent 4, GALVESTON. TEX.. September,14. $ They marry and are given in mar1, riage A wedding has taken place ! in. GaIN'eston. It occurred at the in. Tremont Hotel. Ernest A. Mayo, a. )lawyer, end a candidate for Prose- . cuting Attorney. was the bridegroom Mrs. Bessie Roberts. who had been A, employed by Garbade. Erband & Co., 4. was the bride. The engagement was of long standing. Roth suffered 4 much from the storm. They decided t that it was better to cast their for): tunes together. Friends approved. The cererneny took place Thursday.' headquarters in this city from the general superintendent of the line, who is now on Seen8 at Galveston: -Force of all lines are combining in reconstructing one temporary railroad bridge across the bay. which will be used Jointly for the present. Piling all right except where broken by a steamship drifting. through. T Permission has been given to drive piles across channel without putting In drawbridge. We are working front barges and expect to have the bridge ready for trains to cross. so that we can have train service into Galveston in about -Main track must be rebuilt from Texas Junction to 'Virginia Point, and from the south approach of bridge to the City of 1,alveston. The wharf company will have six or eight piers ready for business by the time we reach there. -Expect to have one elevator running next Sunday if weather continues fair. Other elevators considerably disabled. but not in such bad condition a at first thought. We have between 500 and 600 cars of wheat in Galveston. Large numher of these cars total lose. includIng contents. Portion of them of the track and a number turned over across parallel tracks. All have suffered more or less damage from water. Main track washed away from the round house to bridge entrance. Six passenger cars And one sleeper, which were on aide tracks at time of etorm . have suffered more or less damage. Missouri. Kansas and Texas local ticket office damaged greatly, but much of, contents saved. Will be ready for business in a ew days. Our passenger station and train sheds considerably damaged. but will do to handle business from. Several ships in port, others coming. Few, if any, di TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. , Take Lexattve Bromo Quinine Tablets. AU drift-elate refund the money If It falls to rum. E. W. Grove's slitnature la on eaah box. 25e. - ALLIES LOOT AND BURN IT LIU. TOW11 Surrendered Without Firing- a : ShotPeace Offerings. , TIEN TSIN', September 12. via Taku, September 13.--7Copyright. IWO,' by the Asso-elated Press.1-7The expedition -under. Gen. Dorward against the Boxers threatening the Tien. Tsin region. reached Tu Liu, on the Grand Canal, without opposition, and the city was 'occupied withOut a shot being fired. Three columns converged there yesterday after a, two days'- march and found that the place had already -surrendered to one officer and eight Bengal Lancers. !Gen. Dorward 'ordered the. town burned after it had been thoroughly looted. - -- The villages en route made peace offerings and., in moit -cases, were undisturbed. -A.pparently the Boxers have disbanded In that region and the Whole;country Is quiet; - 1 BOXERS MASSING. PEKIN l (date missing), via Taku, September 11, via Shanghai September .13.-7 Copyright, 1900, by the Altsociated Press. A report has reached Mr. Conger, .1:lilted Sta,tes Minister. that the Boxers are massing- in farce at Cho Chau, the original headquarters of the Boxers, about forty miles southwest of Pekin. Shotricl -further and more definite irtfarrnation be received. a Contingent of the allies will be sent to take the town. The situation here In Pekin is 'quiet. pending the receipt of Instructions ,from the, various governments. The Russians are pushing the railway In this direction from Tien Tsin and it is hoped that the line .will be ready for use in a month - , , It is difficult to obtain stores; - as the Pet Ho below Tung Chow is falling. Fortunately,' the Chinese are gradually returning and are ready to sell provisions. : KRUGER IN DETENTION. Ile Is Virtually a Prisoner at Lourenzo - Marquez. LONDON, September 15.According to the 'Lourenzo Marquez correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. Mr. Kruger is virtually a prisoner In the residence of the .41strict Governor. This is at the instance of the British Consul, who protested against Mr. Kruger using Portuguese territory as a base. Tile French Consul has been forbidden access to Mr. Kruger, as have also the latter's own officials. The district Goverrior has no Herr Pott (the Netherlands Consul) that he (Pott) who had acted as the Boer consular agent at Lourenzo Marquez, can no longer be recognized as a representative of the Transvaal, which is now , British territorY,, k "I have had an interview with the American attache, who Is homeward bound," says the correspondent and he is of the opinion that hostilities may dreg on for a considerable time as the Boers, in their despair, threaten to figlat to the death. "Acting President Schalkburger arrived here to-day (Frida)) to confer, with Mr. Kruger, but he was not permitted to see him, and he returned Immediately to the Transvaal. - TIIOUSANDS IIEPORTED SICK. Physicians and Noreen; Working to Prevent a New Horror.. SPHCIAT. DISPATCH TO THZ GLOBE-DZMOCHAIN DALLAS, TEX., September It Bulletins from Galveston are now principally devoted to the relief work of the various committees and the efforts of physicians . nurses and ocIa1 elements to prevent the outbreak end spread of an epidemic of disease Thousands of persons are sick' at Galveston, and hundreds who have left and reached Houston, Dallas and other places are under the care of doctors. Great fears are entertained that Texas will have a new horror to contend with before the second chapter of the great gulf disaster is closed. Relief matters are reported to be going forward excellently. Special trains of sup-Plies from the Northern and Western states and from all over Texas are rolling Into the vicinity of Houston. and 'their cargoes are being hurried thence by boat to Galveston. It is time to distribute some of the relief in the vast scope of coast country. independent of Galveston, which was smitten by the storm. This particular work will probably begin to-morrow. BOXER ARMIES ON THE MARCIE. They Are Trying to Cut the CA)MMI1111- cations of the Allies. PEKIN. September 3. via Shanghai. September 13.--ICopyright. 1900. by the Associated PresclAt a council of Generals today. the Russian. General. Linevitch. said he had received information that two forces of Boxer s. one numbering 10.000 and the other 4000, were marching from the South to endeavor to cut the commurdcations of the allies between Pekin and Tien Tsin. It was finally decided that the lino was sufficiently guarded. as the allies would certainly receive definite tidings of tips approach of the Boxers In time to mobilize at any given point. The council merely issued orders for increased vigilance on the part of the outposts. - - i The telegraph line has been closed against press messaf:es because .of , the enormous govermnent. business. FALL and WINTER HAT FAS1-116NS NOW READY. , Fall Hats. SVe have all kinds that are good ana reliable, all,the best makesdignified and quiet stylesswell and , -swagger . . to $500 ;ot Our $1.90 Hats are the qualities sold everywhere at $2.50 and $3.00. We 1 - . . oi 412.01111;e14"711:1( . 40-dlIcre- - Clothiers Haberdashers and hatters. 1-4 Clothiers, Haberdashers and Hatters. 14 - A e NE14' REPUBLIC BuILDrva. SEV ENT,' A4I1 OLIV'E STS. - ?It IISVOM!C - . - sOOMMVN,Vti - N''A.ANCVN To Our Customers: To Our Customers: - , 1 We are only slightly damaged.. Can fill all Orders. Be , patient; will be running in a few days.. , , . - - , - I, TEXAS HOUSE. , CL;41?KB COURTS.- We are only slightly damaged. Can fill all orders. Be t j e.. .0 mysw et., Id A 1 1 Tilt lint ' GALVESTON IS ASTIR.' 1 City Will Rise Greeter and Reiter Than EverEnergy and Pluck Displayed in the Clearing-tpThounands of Men at Work Removing the 1 DebriaStorea Rave Opened and the Women Are Shopping MS USUAL Eta. - , i Women -Are , Shove tors es Usual. Eta. - - . - - - - - 1 CONTINUED FROM FIRST PAGE. - e of gangs le sanitarY, 1 )1,tahing the been volunteering and In charge of gangs report 120 bodies destroyed. The sanitary experts now on the ground are pushing the work of burning the dead. No other disposition Is considered. People who have lost relatives and friends make no obiection and have begun to look upon it with favor. 13. S. NV. B. S. CLEARING STREETS OF DEBRIS. 1 - - Galveston 'Sete .About Performinee'ller Heavy Tnk. ' . GALVESTON. TEX.4 September veeton has begun to emerge from the valley Of the shadow of death Into which she has been plunged for nearly a weeic, and day for the first time actual progress was made toward clearing up the city.-- :. - The bodies of those- killedln-' the storm have for the most part been disposed of. A la.rge number may' be' found when .the iebri4 is removed from some of the build ings,,Ibut let present there are none -. to be eeen '58.Ve those. oceasionally- - cast up-14y. the sea. As far as sight,. at least.. is cOncerned, the city - is cleared el its dead. They have been burned.. thrown In t water, buried. anything to get them quickly out of eight.. . . Gete-Scurry yesterday succeeded in getting gangs of laboring men c)rganized. The progress made was remarkable,and to-day It will be much greater. Large piles refuse were gathered . and burned for the first time, the work of cleaning - up proceeding in a eysternatic- manner. . 'rhe, local. Board of Heath. through 1-)r, II. A West,' its secretary,. ha,e made a dee. mend that -the work of clearing up the dwelling houses- be turned over to physichina This work.. In common With the other branches of cleaning the city. has been iunder the direction Of Adjt. Gen. Scurry, and he has proved' hernsM No (ape.- We that the relief committee- dedined to make any division of the responsibilty. end the doctors were told that they could not have the work. - - - : THE WATER SLIPPL,T. :-- . More hopeful reports were received to-day touching the water supply. C. II. AteIlasters. of the Chamber of Commerce. has charge of the water -relief work.. The company is placing men all along the mains. Plugging the broken places, and thereby, assieting the flow. It was serving some of Its customers to-day, and hopes gradually to Increase the service. The water continues to run , by gravity pressure. - The only difficulty the people are having lb in carrying supplies to their homes or places of business-. - The Ice supply continues bountiful, and at many corners lemonade is being (served at 5c for as many glasses as you can drink at one time. - - - - More effective 'measures were taken today to keep undeetrable people off the island. 1 Soldiers patrolled the water front and challenged all wbo could not a proper reason. for their landing. or who were Unwilling to work for the privilege of coming into tcwn. Carte with disinfectants are going through the streets. The gutters are being covered with lime. Carpenters are having all the work they can do. The storm tore hundreds -of.roots off. and the people who are living in topless houses are eager to obtnia covering, so as to prevent the destruction of what they have saved If a rainstcrra comes alorg. Thus far, however . the weath . er has been clear, and there are no 411- mediate indicetiors of a downpour.' , The relief committees are stea-dily broad- ening the scope. of their work. They have established bureaus for the issuance of rations in every ward, and though there is a multitude surrounding every bureau. applicants are rapidly, being taken care There-seems no present likelihood of inability on the part of the committee to furnish all the rations that are asked for. There isoof tourse, a scarcity of fresh beef and of milk. but bread Is being provided in abundance, as well as hams, potatoes, ries and other articles. TART REPLY TO BAXTER. , Much attention has been attracted by the dispatch of Quartermaster Baxter to the War Department, expressing the belief that Galveston has been hope!essly ruined.- Congressman Hawley. the only Republican member of Congress from Texas, who was not in the city when the disaster oceurred. but who has since returned. last night sent the following telegran to the War Department in reply to the dispatch of Quartermaster Baxter: "Galveston, Tex., September 13.--To Hon- orable , Secretary of War. Washington: While It might not be significant or worthy of notice. I have the honor to 'tate that Quartermaster Baxter's telegram to the Quartermaster General respecting Galveston is unworthy of a soldier. and in no way represents ...the morale of Galveston citizens and their determined purpose to restore their- city. (Signed) "R. B. HAWLEY." Contractor Z. C. Stewart, of St. Louis, is arranging to-day for repairs to the grain elevators which he built. BETTING ON THE ELECTION.- - The Odds on McKinley Continue to Be Heavy. 1 Erica Aro Dtsrsros To TN1 GLost-DititocsAv. ' NEW YORK, September '14.Election odds. which have been ruling for a month or so at 24,6 to 1 in favor of McKinley, changed temporarily to-day to 3 to I. At this ratio Louis W. Wormser bet 24.- 000 to 18000 with J. I. Judge to-day. Later he bet $22,000 to 10,000 and 10,000 to WOO with Bell & Co. Mr. Wormer still has a large amount to place on his favorite candidate at 214 to The report that Richard Croker had.btt 20.000 to $50.000 that Bryan would be elected was quits generally credited in Wall street to-day. The members of the Stock Exchange firm that. It waa said,- placed the bet stated that they did not care to discuss the matter. John 0- O'Keefe, of IT. L. Horton & announced to-day that he had 25('.30 to bet against 1000 of Bryan money, , Smart dressers and all men who desire to dress in good taste should see our exhibit of Fashionable lot have all the correct blocks :- . : . J - 1, - 1,'16,NN,::1N, 'VILVIC.4 vitatc he blotticit g I .ntellor: re on special easy terms of $2.00 ' 13 I down and the re betimes weekly or monthly. - Larg vartstr of al v6.,e e A Din Nen". OWA 11141 ilk th on. re I (Ibalance weekly or mentkly-4 - - Large varlet, of &ivies And wait.. '11 11 w w woo lob levies ono our . - , money bank in lull not well pleased. People outside of St- ,oula can also buy on credit.- Writs ms toe -- ti 111-0. stating ng at ery tow p rices your occupation. etc Watch repairi. V by trabi elaF8- workmen.- Maul aLrints. l50c,.and wont - el UFO- work then. - Matz sprints. rot. and all warly at &rice. 'I I F H'' IngaHs 122u3earOlive lit.,,-- a - leth ' -4, PARItER'0 HAIR - BALOAL1 rfumetee the growth ot the bah, and gives it the lustre and silkiness of youth. When the hair Is gray or faded it BRINGS BACK THE YOUTHFUL COLOR. It prevents Dandruff and hair falling and keeps the scalp clean and manly. .1011.N W. 31cELIIINNET NAMID. Took 619 Ballots to Settle the Jett., (qui Conteet. SI &CULL DUIPATen TO TUN OLOBVDSMOCKAT CHAMOIS. N10.. September it The thir- teenth judicial c-ollvention assembled at 9 o'clock this morning after ell all day - deadlock yesterday- They continued sess!on until 110011, when they took a recess until 3 p. m. During the morning see -11-40 ; v.f Nioe ft .J, - W. McELRINICET lion some of the delegate changed thole vote for a feeler, but-it had no effect ont any delegation, On aenembling at 8 o'clock Air., Kiskaddon withdrew from the race. Air. KiFkadilon at one time had a plurality vote. seven of the twenty-one votes of St-Louis County going to Vosholl. After the withdrawal of Klekaddon. John W. Aft-F3- , Marley was nominated on the Stitth ballot The very beet of feeling prevailed during - the conventi-m. IPV. McElhinneY 'le a man of excellent character. with a weft-trained legal mind. Ale was born and reared in St. Louie -eounty took at regular course in law sind wae admitted to the bar twenty-four years ago, since which thee he has practiced in St. Louis County,. - MATCH ARRANGED. - : TOTIIITIX, Atkins an4 llybon Bey WM - Itare for ilt5400 aid. arectat tAtik.4;rn TO Til GLoar-DirmocaAr. , - NEW YORK. September 14,Irozhill Keene to-day accepted Mr. 'Virlittney's offer of a raCe between Ballyhoo Bey and Tomray, AtIdne at 'even furlongs. each to carry 122 pounds. Each owner Is to add $5000 ter the race. , - Fechiral Jurors Chose. Srectst. DISPATCH TO THE GLORI-DirliftWRAT PEORIA, ILL., September it --Deputy Clerk Mills, of the United States couttd arrived here from Chicago this mornirig. and in eorttpany with V I Stemmens, the Jury,Commieginner, selceted the grand avid petit jurors for the next tertri of the federaf court for the southern division of ttte Northern di.vrict of Illinois, which convenes here October 15. , . tOrt 0 Ari p. r-z:t1( 44,t 1,,, , t Eat it and be happy. Eat anything you like. There's a ,box of Ayer's Pills ,in,t-thi house. , J. C. COMPANY Practical Chemists, Lowell, Maga. - Ayer's SzrsaparZla Ayes , Aytr's A4usCurs, Ayer's rigor Ayers cherry Feast Asa'. Comatose , . GALVESTON') Tnx. ' ' - 11 : . - ft IN) Lh , V. s of full If not well pleased. Poop) outside of St: Louis can also buy on credit. Write ms for par-it tiutara. stating your occupation. etc. : I W atch repairing at very low prices by entbi . i c s itie wo n rkme. lidaut skrn iga. SOc, and au worm ' q at honest &rice. - ' T - .i F 23 .- H. Ingalls, 12 , neaOlive r lethSt., Lql ; - , I , I . ... ,t, woes wa I ' 1 t-,c ,':-.1-t!44- PARItizac 0 . I t - 3,-A..,,,,i AIR I -t- ''''' ' H -- 1 i,t)1,:,-,-4 BALOArl 3 1 , i , - ,,,- . l'rchactes the growth Of the hair and ; I gives It the lustre andsliktuess of youth. , 4 When' the hair IS gra,' Or faded It ,1 't i BRINGS BACK THE YOUTHFUL COLOR. , I It prevents Dandruff and hale falling . and keeps the scalp clean and healthy. I , . v - . - .10115 W. 31tELIIINNET NAMID. - I . Took 619 Ballots to Settle the Judi., - 1 1 , -, , dial Conteet. i , Si cIAL, DIIIPATen O T TliN OLORZ.DSMOCILAT 1 il 1"1-1 1 ,UNt01-51 Nin SontPmhr 41, A 1-Thimb fM.N. .. ' i ..... ...- ................. , . 1,, i , , . . . -- z. "'.. i ..,30-....,k ,.,,.. , - ; 4.-. --- : . - . . , i .,..,-:5.4 ..,'' -. - ' ...-,.' 7, --if' , . 1 - -1 ..,. . ,,.. --1------ t -- ., , --. ri - -, ,:,, Tt: ' - A ', i . i:,: -; 1 :-----, 0 , Nk ..- - . 1 -''' -,0, -,1 . . -- -',14, -,,,, . ,- -- ,, :,--i.- ...e --A, ' ,,,;,,,, ',,,, , - 5,,,;:,:,,'.. , , . d ' 4 - . -..--- - ---- : . . : . L1 - , - , - ' -1 . , - - - , , - 1 - - , , , , , - - , ',-'- 1 , ,-,1- " r - . .1- , ' , - , - 1 - : ' : 3 1 - I I the!' 1 'oct , o'clock o race. uralltr 1 of St-ter tbe 14ary Quayle, of litverpool, , , ..,Ji.,.

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