The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1941
Page 3
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i?r> in \ A," A r \ -n T' n oo / il ij_'. i. 1 , »il.-XH.V.'iJl — O. You Never Hear An Enjilisshrnan Complain; "Oh, Dear. Housekeeping Is So Monotonous! By KOSETTK HAHGilOVK KEA Service .Start Oorr LONDON.--The "monotony" ol household du'ies. a^,:iin> r whii-h wonuT. cvrrywhtrr 1 havi- always ixvn wont. IO n'Ot-i. has t.-oiiiplflt-ly di.^i;;;n-;u«i :rom wartime Britain j - \viih a vengeance The wo in on oi England don't.' nfod 10 bo told '.hat in this war j '.lit"/ arc- as mu?h in ihe from line a c , thf-ir men. Th*y know ii. Kverv ; •mnvise brings a new problem 10 j rhe kitchen front, as alinos' every 1 iwili^hi brings H.s air-raid alarm, I pulling a somi-rulon 10 a day. j A.s the 1 year draws on toward 1 spring, even UK* mornini', starts ' Dili, with a difjVrenf-p. Alter .'our monciis o!" someihing like fourteen hours a day ol blackout, spring' brings the relief of breakfasting or, ai any rate, o'i selling abou 1 household chores in daylight <Tir>blackout- business is a dull care something like a not very painful, bin constant, toothache.) A SEIAKKtH* In our house iherf are somethiri'i j like eia-hif:en -.vim'tow.-:. ami iiV ! i ray o!' likhv i^eis through to the sireei at, nk;ln. Otherwise Ui-" , warden loses no Lime rinyjn? th r I !)ell to have you adjust the cur- j tain. Each morniii--' taking dowr i 'he blackout Is the first "must" i before starling ihe dnyV duiie- ! Next comes shopping. Air warfare has shaken uo tho home i' more ways than one: the government lias lust appealed to womer to get their shonmn» done b; j for 4 p.m.. so thai train apd bus route- are left free for workers 10 go* back LO their homes arid havf some food before the ^irr-ns set ir '.heir wail. "Kitchen" shopping, i* is urged, should be gotten over in the early moruhvi. leaving house- hoi ri duties for later on. That mean' a complete shakeuo of most women's ordinary schedule. But even if it upsets routine 1 ? shonpitve is now usually an adventurous expedition. Some day- many of Che Kerns on your ILs" won't be available, so it's no goo' telephoning orders—you have ic see what is offered to nuike you 1 alternate choice. Again, you ai" asked to curry home as much a r j you can. Deliveries are re- > stricted. i Messenger boys as well a? : maids are a rarily. They can fine' '• more remunerative and specincu- i lar jobs in the munitions indir-- j try or in factories making other war necessities, where the gov- i eminent, needs them bncily. Th r j A.R.P.. the A.F.-S- and other war-" | lime organisations, too. havr ab- ; sorbed quite a number of them, j Last month, disgruntled clien;.* 1 j were given permission to change i their registered tradesmen. Hith- ; c-vto. once you had registered s with butcher and grocer for your ' rationed foods—meat, butler, su- ! ctiir. lea, fats, bacon—you could i not cliange your mind, Over a < million applications were made, i and ii is to be supposed thai this i million British housewives can't! ';e wrong. ! I'AKTJES ARE FEU | AND FAR BETWEEN I The old ciLsiom of barter seems | to have been revived sine? Ute. war. { Your week's tea ration, for m.VTlM-Tll.l ; 'u;>uuns llnllina.-v.vo Ka'lUUi S Mulli'M (. A. Buiu'h, (A K.) PAGE-THREE iiu; dub j ,. •* , , ^ . f . n John P, LQpltOI PlCKS ClYl ' Loin •;<• R'.'eii. K\uiol[>h Jo/ill lYrj lio!h! f on* 1 < v xpect to find i'li-priidueliK'. cows- In a jujied dairy section a* r, wiMl-ejiiahli-'iied dairy (tie uppei Missiifsippi ClirN Make Own mvr tin- nuriin 1-H Club Frld:i rlub members, iv visitor |jreseiu- tor a! and Clod which were leci m<' , \ vo .-o: i ;•>••.•. nU i -x .\!Ui y Hlomii;: l In iHi- club r:ipt:iar O Uiile.s ,CW,UM I'UjM on rive member.- ; Kvin- vup'.ain. ivporrii on IjH 1 :-,; Hi'ily Curiir-l!. :'; (Miming nipuin. M'. doLhin^ iMptsiin. ivMf Mh'iiiiJtTs: Miknvd H irv captain, repor. c'ti bw.; 1!. D. Uhlt's, pi- ponocl on 15 niiMniw-. Woods, room lain, reportfd improvomrni rap- on .-.even inrmb.-rs. ^UPP u ulS \ I MUFPAl.O. N. ,V, iUPi- Ai patitifi one of ilu; bk p .!i<-si (. lakes ,shipj)lnu. seasons in h s : every executive, sailor. d;n-k isncl ship chandler in Buila'o L:T is liops'lully pri-pariii 1 -'. lor liar- i-arlv tea bet\veen chores these tlays, convcrsutic-i is likely food raihcr than on fii^itions <u - r.i'oplc. nip Hostess*':, in \variime Britiiin need no longer worry about HUMP friends' focii t;ids. \Viicn n'Cek-erul quests arrive, they fn-quently hrin^ their meals along- with tJiem. AltliotiKl) iln- season \istuiUy ;,|;ens about Ai^ri! 15, most seu- iiu-u ex|jOi'i ii tc» bt's'in ui loast a week earlier ihb. year. Robert \V Sovs. 30-yeai- lake vi'tcinn mid Ur : ; nuinecr lor Connrlly Bros., shir i i'ancllt.'!'s. even ventures to sa> that "tiiinv's will beuin movin; :!i:out April 1." "This year the ice only runs Hi :ai- a.s Dunkirk." Sors said. "Smno- limes it ^oes .solid all the way u L'rie. And then-.s only one Mnal/ windrow where the wind has pile up ice. All we noed now is a KOOC! iL^ierly wind to blow ilu lei: out..' Shipowners are preparing for '<'st of business inspired by fin. industrial bcom brought on by de- tense order.s and Aid-to-Britatn contracts. !'Mv<llctions have been made that there will be a record traffic of Tfi.GCi,.WK) tons of iron • t.,re on the lakes this year, a ^ain of 13.000.000 over i'J-10. when the ere fleet operated at virtually 10U per cent capacity. At the import a tit Saul l Ste Mane bottleneck between Lakes Superior and Huron, navigation it r.xporl.ed to vStart around April ". i The Coast Guard CUIKT Tahumti ! is Ijceakin 1 ^ ihrouwh the ICL in UK- j lower St. Mary's river to open a i channel. ! The lirst boat charters to move | wheat from Duluth to LJuil'alo have I been made at -1 cents n buslu'l. The rate is higher than UMKI! at starting, time because most i'jf tht carrier heel, is u,oin>; into ihe iron orr moving trade. o' Kranklin le me ;.;eitinv. a! :i eost ol 'rise\ niako Ihe . Wllli I lie aid ol i;l (rainiiii.', r-hop Shoes r a.1I»> - The liii'.h -ciiool in llieli 1 shoes Ihl': les^'- than $2 ii luvs Ihi'iu- boys in lit'' Dr IF. A\ Rrewer Den tint Hlvlhovilli', Arkansas Specials! Extractions - - - - $1.00 l^ul) Upper rtnd Lower Plates $25.00 GOOD/ TIRES Each one a leader in its class— Yours at surprisingly low prices! LOOK AT THESE GREAT VALUES! ^:* THEATRE LUXOKA Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 nuc! -J 1'. M Ivvcry Nljfht 7 1\ M. Always lOv - 20c SATURDAY ). iMulford's ii Htou did queen for pie. is. more than sufficient for your needs, but you have a friend who is long- on su£;tr but siiort on LtM. o- M.ort o-.i onions bin iontj on cheese—both as rare a.s a snows form in July—so you barter your ^ootb. This system may perhaps be frowned on by the powers that be. bu: nothing can stop it. so far as I can see. With the recent more smngem rationing restrictions, entertaining in ihe home has been reduced to the vanishing point. If you invite friends for the- week-end, they know that they musr brin» their ! rations, and wrfk-end meals turn j out, to be a scries of Dutch treats, j Sherry parties ;iro rrpla"iny j oocktail parlies, because it's get- < ting- more and more difficul! to ' obtain ingredients lo mix a simple Martini or a Bronx. Prices too. are almost prohibitive. Whiskey costs four and u half dollars a bottle, brandy is worth its wei'/ht in xolci. and even ihe price cT sherry Is continually rising. -Sandwiches are restrained and reduced to their very simplest expression both in variety and quantity, for most "fillings" come under the rations heading. As a jhatt.M- of iact. parties are few and fur between these clays.- usually yiven only for men home on leave. iTs too hazKrdous gst- around after dark, what with the blackout, irregular public services and the incipient danger of night raiders. Most people only vi.sil in their immediate nei^hb:-.:-- iiooci where, if things get too hot, they are within easy reach of home. Besides, the mere btisincss of living these days Ls pretty strenuous and "early to bed" has become a pretty general custom unless you're on some sort of night duty, or gunfire and other dis- noisss keep you on u.inernooKs waiting Clear." \ NEW ATTITUDE exam- i rov/ARI) HOUSKK the "All Conversation among women these ' ciays usually runs to food. Heciting is, or was. the second most important subject. Now that the worst of the winter is over, the rather inride.ciuate ration of .six hundredweight of coal per household loses much of its grimness. but central heatinu Wi>^ never one of England's y:"M ; points, and one'.-, lowered vi' ; iiiv mad'.- ii difficult, during the winter months to ke.i-p warm on ever-decreasing, hoat. The exchange of recipes or tales of experiments with new foods have replaced small talk about changing styles, new hnir- rl.o's or ju.--.i plain iios.siping. Cook- iiiL; is once again being reco^ni-^ti ns n fine art. When this war is over. England may be known for ins wholesome cooking instead ot ;»i> che home of the sog-;y boiled potato and watery cabbage. So oven those \vomen who used to profess a ciTi-un disdain for housekc^niny;. deeming it un- ima^inative and uiterlv devoid o'" interest, hsvp had to change their viewpoint Somehow- it has iVious?d their fiihtinsi ins;in:-ts. 4-R Club News Notes The full name of tho Ni/am of Hyderabad, said to be the wealthiest man in the world, is Mir Mahbi:-b Ali Khan Bahadur Asaf Jail. Our boys in Washi riphl well selecting a the 19-11 ClHM'ry Ulossom Fes- ; tival. Stunner is Nnncy Alden Strong. 17, d».-bulanl daufihtci 1 of ' Lieut.-Col, A. G. Strong. j South Called Nation's Dairy Of Tomorrow MONTGOMERY. Ala. iUP> The •' r :u!li vas liiii'i'd MS "the nation's "iiirylnntl of tomorrow" In an ad* 'M'.S.S here by K. J. Mather, of '.Va:hin!;t!>n. president of Soui.ii- rn Dairies, Tnc. ' 1-1'j ::'.iO ei", l u South (TenLrnl •,'nt(:.'; report ed a '20 per cent rise : n i!::' number (if cow.s during the •;i.-:l 111 yr;i!'.i. comoiired with 3 v r 1:1 \\\. fur 'Jn. n .,• cl Uii 1 nation "Ixiirylni 1 , will cotitiiuie lo f:rcMV \ n imporlanre in . A l;-il:ama an;i lh' T '. >oiuli bi' this .'icoiion enjoys lie riaiiiral advania^cs of cheap, -i'lift [cully yea:-around tires," ii.- ! "The ren.'jnn ihe incroiu'e in mill: ; '^reduction flidn'l (;uitf keep pnco. A'itij the incivnse in eov; procluo ; ,icn is (he very rapidity of dairy• in^'s growth in (In- South. ; "We can't expect our farmers I o l>.:co:iu.' e/rpert dairyim-n ovcr- W1IJ.IAM IJOYO (.'Imp. !) "I>rtiLns ul' l r u Muiu-kin" and Sluirts SUNDAY AND MONDAY Tv| luion ol' uetlim' TypluiOh of lov<> Dorothy Lainnur. Kol)ort 1^-eston, Preslon Foster (JOMEI)Y unit NKWS —CO.MINC— Al'KIL 27-28 1 0©IE WITH THE mm COMING SOON "Tobacco Road" R^'ad Cnurirr N( ,-anr ads DISCOMFORTS *f-* E'dwiird Bunuli led the inceiin'^ of the Yarbro 4-H Club held Wed- v;tth 28 club members, four j H^"^" leaders and on;- visitor present. j ^^it Tiie group sa:iv: "PlowiiiL; Son'j" j ———— which was led by Virginia Wheeler. ! """~ 1L -ciu captain. ; j Miss Con Lee Coleman. county \ ' homo demcnstrarion a-^ent. J J. I Pickren. county agricultural agent, '. and E. W. Loudennilk. assist:int countv agricultural ayeni were '• r'-sc-nt. ",'• TliL- following leaders made talks: ' I'lmn,- John P. Hollingsworth. Richard ; Sxvain. Rudolph Lambert and Lou- . tcsi MENTHOL ATUM Quickly Relieves STUFFINESS SHSFFUNG SNEEZIHG ih;lji Agency Insurance 7!)? 101) N. rtrii OF ALL. KINDS FUM APPROVED ALE ALFALFA BUTTERSCOTCH SUNDAE Topped With Whipped Cream With and Whipped Cherry lOc WOOD'S DRUG CO. 221 W. Main Lespedeza and Beans and Peas of Various Variety Also Car of STONEVILLE Pedigreed 2-B and 4-B L R, Matthews Gin Co. i»h 8 « " way you tt-V V-v RISES TO ITS OLD TIME POPULARITY Phone 403-W-2 Yarbro, Ark. bourbon critical judges whiskcv Cof>v'i']klr<t I9J9 lu Sinclair Ktflning Ctmrssnt Hut.) Agenf Sinc/oir Refining Company (Inc.) Phone 200 AGENT Biyiheviiic, Ark. COMPARE THESE LOW PRICES! GREAT "G-3 World'a mosl »omott» - onlv old tir« OTHER SIZES PRICED IN PROPORTION RUGGED Built ospeci long v/ear-on! i33 lot ly. 6.00-16 Cai/> P ric * old tire OTHER IN PROI £S PRICED •ORTION YOUR TIRE IS HERE! "G-3" All-Weather - Still further fmprovecf. Goodyear's foanous diamond blocks give you 19 feet of non-skid "bite" in every ioot of tread ... Improved Supertwist cord ... longer tread wear ... a truly great buy! Rugged Pathfinder. Greater body strength than ever . . . increased performance advantages. Deep non-sldd blocks for safe center traction ... this tire is a great buy for you right now.. Popular ,4IMmerican. Genuine Goodyear materials and workmanship throughout ... at this amazing low price! Carries Goodyear's regular written LIFETIME GUARANTEEl ^__^_^__ ^ EASY-PAY TERMS WRITTEN LIFETIME GUARANTEE They make good or n lOWCOST..^ rTHKSH VALUE GOODYEAR SERVICE •It t,\-.'. .'.••::•* 110 W. Main Phone "ROAD SERVICE"

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