The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE Sl.X BLYTHSVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS One Coining, Oilier Goin< Sport Expert Declares Of Opponents lonight BY IIAIIKV OKAYSON XEA Service Spurt* IJIIIor SEW VOKK. Stilt. C.- I prcdk' thai. Barney Boss will win from Jimmy MrUunin in the Sunken Garden tcni^M mor: 1 derisively than he did when he lifted the wd- (erweijht wreath on May 28. It's the sun? old .slory. 0112 coin- in.?. The other going. As .1 matter of fuel. I siiipoc: that this trip the worn Mrl.nnim will catch the Loilanaloco ol l!.e IM>\> at, the shm-pi'st poak of his career. Naturally, the youngc-r Ross bc- comes ui|!Kcr. Mrtmijcr. ami more confident with each s'.an. 1 <lo ml believe Hint McLarnin licing pji-- mlllcd to come in at H7 pounds will make any (inference. The welglii for tlir lirsi maun \va.; M!i. and McLjinni t';:i'.;l cmly HJ. [j^v; will come in at a fraction tolow or above lua. There was no question tlmt Mc- I/irnin, v.ho i:ad lousht !<w than a round In competition In IB niontlis. nufdcd :i fii'M under his belt wh;n lie lio-.vcd to Flos'!. IJut whatever advantage lh= 15 round; in May gives him will be more than ollsct by the doable champion's assurance. Having sampled McLarnln's vaunted rl^.l. lio-ss no longer has to !eel his way. f > « By now, Ror.5 has proved himself to ire the test; lightweight since lienny Uniinl. I may lie \vron-}. but I don't believe iliat the McLarnin of 1934—with 11 years of ring scr- \icc behind liSm—can even n score vrilli .1 boxer of that e.ilib?r. Oil this occiisiini, McLarnin Is just another* lighter to i( 0 ?j. who Is an exceptionally sm.irt ring ^enenil. After all these years, old 'Pop Foster sill] is miikin :! .Ir.c mlsUki- 01 hnvlng McLarnin \iorl: nut with "a couple of cooks." it L, impossible lor Rlianins to bring himself to n line edge, in drills of that kind, and his work at O.-anjebiirij lias been list!'j:-s. The bout hardly will draw the 39.W8 paid admission; and the- S194.325.07 that ihcir initial efTort did. but it. will do very well. It has been well hcate<l by 11 ronple of newspapers who have gnne into tiie beak busting business to Hie extent of making their sports edilo-s matchmakers and putting a widely known ticket speculator out in Iroiu : as the 'promoter. The first ensa-nm'iu was foi [he. Free Milk fund, this one IP- a Christmas fmul. The first 10 pel- cent goes to the charily, lio.w collects 40 | Kr C (. nt of i llc vcinnlnins net, McUirnln 25. The porceiiliii-es were icversed before. Ross is likely to be. a lj-lo-5 la- vorile. He was on the short end at l-to-2 |n M.iy. when most of the Ftnrpers ryuml that ilierc was grave danger In his conc«UiHr a puncher like MoLaniln so mnch poundage. Tlie first fight was nothing to . write home about. Indeed, had Unt- iling Duller and Fearless Faster been i,, there, there V0 . M hnvo been lend cries lor more pyrotech- But so many attended exp"ctin<> to scc.Roa !xnd on his ear.'after Die fashion of Youn; Corbelt III, Sammy Fuller, singer, Ruby Goldstein, Click, Uiayza. Phil McOraw. Terrls. Louis Kid Kaplan, Joey Sangor, and Fields, or be belled | Inlo a stntc of helplessness as \vns | tlie aged Leonard, that interest increased as the plucky and cute C.-.l- digoan oiilnmneuvercd McLarnin round alter round. Wliile McLarnin didn't, win nine losmtls, ivliscli were credited lo him Ly thai iln? old lilalmian, Tom O'liourkc, the decision in Itosi 1 la- vw was highly debatable 1 due to his (i-jhlii\B only in Hurries. McUrrijlii, who was dot'ke'd with no less thnn (ire frames for low Ijlow.s liy Kefenc Kdillt.. Forbes and llie other Judge, Ihnold S. li.iriU's, | made- U:c greater ]MH of whnl lit- i Ions U> lead the CanUtul* by ter* en gamM. The Cardinals deJe»t«d Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers 2 to 1 at Brooklyn. Dizzy Dean chalked up his 24th victory of the season, Two home runs provided the Cardinal scores. Tlw lone Brooklyn tally wns scored In Ihe fourlh inning. Tlie Phillies defeated the Cincinnati Hods 1 to 0 at Philadelphia. Bartoll and Adams mixed In c i 11 A -n i» "si 'tent In the mill inning. OChoollX)y Avenges Kccent Hanscn was the winning jiiiclier r\ i . i »• "nd Johson the loMr. Camllle's IJeteat by MarCUin; homer was the only score. Cubs F;ill to 3(i Place Arky Vnu8llai1 Wlls th e "ig show v-uus i an 10 jo i lace ns lhc Htt^,,^,, Plratcs d * rcil[ed Ihe. Uoslun Braves 8 to 2 at Bo 1 ;the winning Pirate shoit THURSDAV, SEPTEMBER 6, 1931 South May Offer About 12 Football By "VAI.'CO" LYl£~ [ will not enter 1934 competition i year; Jack Grlflith, brilliant quarterback, a tnt Mocker, »nd Buck I Chapman, 200-pound fiiUback, ptr- haps the hardest plunger In the South, arc the backfleld mainstays.! John Bond, sophomore sensation, last year, will cause no tears over loss of diminutive Homer Key, elu- Kchuolboy Rowc. yinnt .sensallon' ton. Swift was jol llie Detroit Tigers, got, sonic re- pitcher Vaughan He (iiililiiii! there ma np'muil thcjvuiuc at least, for tlie Imcrrup- stop, made hlls, scored two runs lUlei-nlh rmind. when \\ c tiivd, en-1 lion of his winning slrenk at lli and -stole two bases. ablh)<; ROSS to close with n rush In Hume* struleht. by the Athletics 1 tr.o otic- really decisive round ol the 'llie second edition should pro- eliy.v' iiioj-i- nri'ivorks, with the nik-r of two divisions (Jot'oUni; more lime to netting in licks uf his own r:ithiT limn UL'tliUjj :i«-uy from Me- And iir.d pllcher Johnny Miiicum when he fuced them again yesterday nnd won. 4 to 2. p Tlic Tlijcrs continued by the way lo sel n fust pact In the Am- eriniti leaeue while llw Olants , ...... - Ixiwled over the Cubs and .sent, ihu hand grenades. I latter into third place behind the - l:nvc been /Iglus IniSt. l.ouls CardlnaLi. On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" FundunenULs which Mcliirnfn hns shown thai, he ! The Tigers Increased iheir lead doe.-, no', care l» have tco much J over tlie idle Yankees to six games One thln l! Bl'l«ars certain about 1 rouble lushed i:ls way. Who does, i when Howe turned In his Irhimph a rat!:ci ' uncertain Ulythevllle " ' . " "•' | Tlie big Arknnsan didn't turn iii fool l>all team this fall. Ifcirnry Kora, allisl. (;l, v> |,. . seen by " InHUnnl game but line support rne '"y 5 arc SClng to get plenty Mive-cl him nt crucial moments of tralnll 'g in th» fundamentals of Tin: Cleveland tndlaiLs dug in on lllc Pastime. Unlkd Press SUB Carr«pond«n( favored to repeat since there are slve halfback. ATLANTA (UP)-Soulhern foot-'™ 1 " ^rue to five teams in each Georgia meets Alabama Tu- ball, which produce^ from three 'conference rated on par with lane, Georgia Tech and Florida lo K!X All-American digibles last' 1 "™- "" year, promises at least a dozen I top-notch players and a do/en.| top-notch teams this season. winner, and Duke, Souihern congcrcnce , among the more outstanding of I conference' teams. i feen Crimson Tld* The Crimson TKK?, which must *** SWftist Dop<strrs ! find ample replacemenu for Its Tennessee and Auburn, two • I two regular guards, Tom Hupke, Southeastern ' Conference stalwarts I All-American, and Bo Kirkland, last year, do not appear at the race In walkaway fashion, ran Into overwhelming defeat by the Arkansas Gazette team in tlie recent state toft unll tournament nt Conway. Varying rul;s for playing the game, which goes by a number of names, here nnd at the stale lour- champion, alll | a ll except Mlllard Howell of.WP on paper, but may surprise, 'its starting backfleld, laces strong-'the dopesters... Vanderbilt, Georgia , ^. , est competition In University of Te ch, Floi*!»; and Kentucky Georgia. Tulane and L. S. U. How-, promllse flrie teams, ever, 'Bama plays only Georgia, Duke, 1533 winner In the South- out of the three—Oct. 21 at Bir- ern Conference, rules a slight fu- minijhain. (Mark this down as one vorite over South Carolina, also of the titanic' struggles of the unbeaten in conference circles last euion). i year; North Carolina, North Carney, probably amounted lo a han-! Alter two seasons of reverses oli " a Slate ' w ss>lilngton and Lee, dlcnp that prevented llic Cowboys from Its usual top form Tulaiie an Virginia. Coach Wallace frcni cxhlbitling their best. It s**ks destined lo take its place * ad t' h P*e«f. ">ust replace Fred- would seem, however, that next year amone DIxie'6 best again Coach c ™»'ord, All-American Uckle; It would l« wise for the local league to amend its rules lo conform with rules as recognized in the state lourney if |>csslble so as to secure as near as possible a uniform style of play. Then, possibly, it'll be a different story. . Ted Cox Mis 22 of 29 letter-men n „ ----- ' J* 08 "? 'Conference end; i LU vj>urt. iin J i.± uj ^3 JCliri -iUCJJ -a L* r* »n« r buck and plenty of potential stars ""? ^' All-Conference fullback, to reolace who vm ln<t Thp ancl h ' Bl ' ^°rei; Horace Hendrkk-; Sr^Tm^f G<.orgia, L S U. «•»• All-Conference and All-South-' and Georgia Tech among the "i 1 1 uar t*fback; Carl Schock, cap- stronger teams In the South. „ eu * • and , lck Lnney alld LsTrrrr, , ^™^"^™ L. b. O.. feeling keenly the loss punting. .llie third line trenches when they Coach Carney Leslie's activities! ^ S ap of Jack Torrence. the 275-pound 0 , .. . . . 'lifiit the Iloston Red Sox, 11 to 2 'n the short time that gridiron 1 Soillc cflorl m the car future to All-Southern tackle and track man h »T )mn .°' thc P *' C " ., ,° Q *jf"' lit Cleveland. Trosky's homer wllll praclice has been underway >t I: ls ™ vlvtv t'i e boxing game here is ex-1 Jcluxc: George Mitchell, fine run-'- wawning are Milkall. L.b.U.; the Ijiisi'S loaded featured tlie game i^'cek indicates tfial he h going to lead some to believe that it of "Follow tl;c ball.' America makers. L. S. U.'s tough- gennuwness of a sock to the jaw Cubs back and Allowed the champ- real work to tiie art of smacljliii; lion mid experienced line mate- Ihan a Jack knife llie uncomplaining dummy whe rial at all positions. Coach Jack Hopkc Has 35 G Drill CARUTHRIi.SVILl.H, Mo.--Thirty-five candidates fur Coach Jack Ilopke's 183-1 grid learn answer?:! tho first practice call Tuesday. Suils \vcre tailed several Monday. iMXl practice bjgan the following tiny. Hopkc ha.s 14 men who have for- iniir gridiron exprrlenre lo build his ttnm uroinul this year, 'fhey Include Kenneth Asher, Harry Mnl- llns, riuartors; Biirlnn Ciruoms, Nelson Creech. G. II. Mai'guti. halves; fial))':, McCiislhi. elide Union, lulls: Ralph Ashtr. center; Joe CorbsU. Nlckcns, Du-ighl Nickens, ends. Hopkc exirects to fill the vacancies In line from tlhe ranks of new boys, and also, ]X>ssibly shift some of the backs Inlo llie line, providing a better balance. Among new boys out this year whom Hopke hojies will "come through" are G. W. Ledbctter, Weidon Ross, Henry liurch, Clint Murphy, Tterl Ross. Clinton Ross, Har- cici Cooperinan. Charles Essary. Ed C.allhcr. Clyde ^fcElvain, St«vo Medlin. Tom Stanley, Et) I'llim • done right. Next Year's RiJes The rough riding !V>bi:ison Drug company Cowboys, who lost but one yame in winning both halves ol llic Commercial Soft Ball league pniiu and groaners apply, may get their chance soon. yi.sul; James ViinAiisdnll, lackle tiirl Powell, Woodraw Dales, Bo and end; Ifarold Creech. James ' Hampton and Cap Galllan. MORSE & K1RSHNER AHSTRACTS City i- Farm FropcrtlM. . Special Title Service Thursday & Friday Mul. 2:30, IO-2Sc Nife 7:00. Ifl-SSc \ DON'T WANf n ANEW FATHER!" RACY MACK MORGAN tun All Star Comedy Willie Hopper Cartoon in COATS $710 to $24.75 eoatt ire longer than tiiey w«« W year, with a smooth- nttutal ihouldcr line-J Slcctu are generally leu intricate •nd their fulnejj • confined to Mow tin tlbom. l<a coUan— they're "really rrvoJujiooafd, with riffle men, puD-through ictrf rf ec/». tea-time e 8 ecu, rippltd j ibou, JoMequrt- lion mart and frame collar, and nocched lapel shawb. In the right FaH colon—low-pricedl and Dresses High in quality and value $1.98 to $5.85 J'enncy's shows you lio\v to dress well on little money! Every one of tlu'so dresses is new—find slyled ritflit.! New styled siilins! Bi"iiiil-ne\v sheers! Crepes with ilrjiniiitii: collars aivl tricky ettlVs! Iliindsonie novelty materials! Sixes i" the group for Misses, Women ! i'££ Penney's first showing of these new Fall Fashions! Just arrived— ready for you now in all their smart lines, colors, fabrics, furs ! NOW ON THE LAYAWAY PLAN A small deposit will reserve any selection until wanted. sawdust by a used for fuel, red Ui a ma- an enormous pressure on the fine wood parti- Cy Grant, cles, pressing them into bricks They triple-threat halfback who came I which have the efficiency of 3 3-4 near making All-American lust pounds of coal. Fabrics Cheats Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out Buy alLwool clothes-be sure-utith thisJLohel! Fabric Cheats are fabrics that are made of 20' ; to 80- ; cheap substitutes for wool. The markets are flooded with them. Clothes made frdm them shrink in the rain, fade on your shirts, acquire permanent wrinkles, the nap quickly wears off leaving threadbare clothes And you can't tell Fabric Cheats from all-wool by looking at them Evei;y fabric that Hart Schaffner & Marx use must pass this infallible all-wool test TIUS IS ALL-WOOL Caustic soda oats away only animal fiber leaving a clean hole In the fabric. THIS IS A FABRIC CHEAT See the vegetable flbsr remaining after the wool In the fabric client is eaten away by caustic soda. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES FOR ALL-WOOL Don't take a chance. Get all-wool clothes. Mart SchafTner & Marx clothes are guaranteed all-wool. They're here—in sizes for every figure—styles for every taste—and prices for every pocket book. New Mead Clothing Company Search-Light -Matohesf Boxes - - - Rite Price Grocery In OW 1'ost OffU't BWg. 'hone 23J - - We l)«liver Steak. K. C.-Beef .din or Round. L jreen Cabbage 3 l Tokay Grapes Lbs. - - - - ..25 c: Best Salt Pork 17i c 'ure Cane Sugar 10 Lbs. ictty June Flour (PI 1C A-IJ>. Sack ,J>1,1D Jalifornia Oranges Jo/en ipare Ribs .b. - - - -' 15' lalad Dressing Quart Jar Salt Jowls. For Boil:. Lb. - - - - .14' ihortening. 100% Cot-OCC onseed. 8-lb. Cln. OD Concord Grapes One Basket - - - - - - LI Cure Lard. Bulk Lb. ...... IC T)el Monte Peaches No. 21/ 2 Can - - - •inneapple, Peaehes or Cherries. Gal. - - Cream Oil. For SaladsATC ind Frying. Gal. - - JJ 'lean Quick Soap :hips. r,-r,l>. p ..33 l Rlvtheville Spinach No. 2 Can .... 9 ( ?ure Lard Lh. Net Can - - Betty Jane Flour Barrel $&50 PURE-LAUD •1-Lb. Carton 55c 8-Lh. Carton !)9c Domino 2-LI). Cloth Hag - - Best K. C. Stew -\f)\C Meat. Lb. - - - 162 Red Potatoes 10 Lhs. - . . .25 ( Rrer Rabbit Svrup Quart Can ---- • A THAT FROM NEW EMUM!

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