Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 2, 1924 · Page 11
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Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1924
Page 11
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f age U Worthy Firms To Patronize Trade i In Altoona tlMmillMUIIMIHIMHIWIMIIHIHHIIHimiMHIIIMHIOIHIHMHIHIIMIHHIIIIHHMUMIIHHIHNIIHMMHHMIIMMimH IMIIIIIinMIUMHIIIIMKHII ALTOONA TRIBUNE, MONDAY, JUNE 2, 192 BUSINESS 1ADE DIGES and en J - I - - l: A NEW FOUR ROOM HOME II. I STRUCTURAL STEEL PLAIN OR FABRICATED' and Plate 'Work for, Every Need Roof Trusses, Beams, Channels, Grills, Gratings, Balconies, Fire Escapes, Cranes, (hand and power), Steel Vaults, Steel Doors for Cellars and Vaults Machine Shop , i Development, Experimental, Repair and Machine Work of ' Every Description. Expert Engineering and Mechanical Advice The Bellwood Steam Shovel Co., Inc. Bellwood, Pa. . . Bell Phone No. 2 Make Plans To Care For Autoists At Convention m ! lllllIIIIIIMWII'HllMMIIIl'IIMHIMIIIllIIIIIIHIHIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIItllHmiHMH . MiMMtMt W MM .MM..t...iM..J WISE FURNACES PIPE AND PIPELESS MORE HEAT LESS FUEL RALPH D. GIARTH 522 Sixth Ave. Phone 3996 1 k1 i. ..; W. T. SHIELDS & SONS 2100 Fourteenth Avenue Cut Flowers for All Occasions and Bedding Plants Phone 1072 " Take Fifth Ward Bus EDGAR W. JONES Funeral I'arlors Private Chapel and Rest Room 1222 13th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Phone 2661 (By Autoclated Tresi to Altoona Tribune) CLEVELAND. May 29. The thosuands of persons who plqn to motor to Cleveland during the Ke-publlcnn national convention the j week of June 10, are to be well taken cure of according to Fred' II. Caley, president of the Ohio Stale Automobile association and secretary of the Cleveland Automobile club and the new American Automobile associa tion. ' The problem of finding parking space has been rendered less acuta by the action of the city government in taking over property near the city and county buildings which was occupied by cheap restaurants, , shun-ties and ramshackle tenements, with the purpose of clearing it. Though the grounds immediately surrounding the convention hall will be closed to parking, plans are afoot for providing space on the neighboring lake front between the country court house, and the city hall for nearly 4,000 cars. v. ' It is expected that any cars that have to be left out over night will be watched. A special police squad will ' be detailed to the conventjon zone,' and the automobile club operates an anti-theft department. A manifold service which the Cleveland Automobile club ordinarily gives to members and sells to others will be furnished gratia to convention visitors. The club, according to its officers, is the largest automobile club in the world operating strictly ' as such and . exclusively in Its own county. It has nearly 43,000 members. Its extensive suite- in the Hollenden hotel and its .additional headquarters opposite the convention hall will be open for the service of the convention. It will provide convention guests with stickers for their cars,, bearing the emblem and telephone number of the organization. In case of trouble, the visiting motorist may telephone the club, and, a repair station will be notified. The, club has an approved list of some 75 service end repair stations which are under cash bond to accept the. decision of the club in all disputes. The dub broadcasts by radio road information and description of stolen cars. It keeps close watch on the observance by gasoline stations of a state law Imposing a maximum fine of $500 for short measure. Legal advice Is furnished by a department comprising "seven attorneys. Four draftsmen and assistant draftsmen will make special maps for the occasion. Local streets will be marked to guide visitors to special points. Information on state roads will be distributed through the 83 clubs of the state association. These clubs have established a standard ized road-marking systn to elimi nate confusion with commercial .signs. . Last year the state appropriated $30,000,000 for roads; In 1922. $42,-000,000. This year license money was turned over to the secretary of mate ' easier than formerly, and in March, $4,000,000 was available for maintenance and repair. Information eon-cering detours - will, be circulated through the' association. ' City officials promise that no local streets will be torn up at the time of the convention.' The local club will provide guide for tours and motor parties, and will dletrlbute repair cars at points easy ,uf call during tours and parade. The club is co-operating with a transportation commute-- of which Albert Ingalls, a railway official, Is chairman, Another committee, headed by Allard Smith, a banker, Is preparing a handbook- of Cleveland for the guidance of motorists, and other visitors. THE WORD "SURGEON." Surgeon does not look much like a French - word, ' but it is decidedly French In its origin. Back in the middla" nses, when surgery was the work of barbers, with their cups and leeches and crude operating knives, fashioned somewhat like butcher-knives, the French applied the designation "ceruurglen" or "clrurglen" to such knights of th razor. The English, who were cruder than the French at that time, borrowed the practice of barber-surgery from the French, and with the practice they took the French name designating it. But as the modern word "chirur-gien" Is difficult for English lips to pronounce, the ancestor of the English part of us simplified the word to "surgeon." And there you are. m ' A LWAYS on the job! U -V Not only to serve St you but In the choice IU ' j ' our vegetables and gjs II meats. W. give attention : nj K to detail and 6ur reward is t 1 ff constant praise from our Si H patrons. Let us prove this U I to your satisfaction. 1 m I "We rater to all tastes" 1 j ffl I George's Kl 1 Restaurant : jD I 1117 11th Ave. Jj 1 33BSPi i ' . On a forty-foot lot with sewer, water, natural gas and electric light, cemented cellar, cement sidewalk and lot walks built of good materials for $4500 cash. i This home will be ready to move into in a few days. i Let us show you how complete it is. Call us now over phone for an-appointment. Blair Home Co. H 523 Central Trust Bids. Phone 716. Office open 8:30 A. M." to 5:30 P. lM. except Sat urday when we close at ndbn. Open Tuesday and'i Thursday evenings, 7 to P. M. 1 S3 m LAFFERTY & TOBIAS Funeral Home y 2036 Broad Avenue Altoona, Pcnna. Phone 576 i "" ....... ,,....,).. ,, l.a.M. .! ...............(-' 1 ni H. L. WILSON 1021 CHESTNUT AVE. For f - Wallpaper and Paints Contractor in Painting and Papering, Decorating, Hardwood Finishing, Sign Painting, Wall Painting in Plain or Blended. Full Line of All Paints Reasonable Prices DRINK r-'m '!""""""' """iiHiimiiiHimif i PLEASINGLY REFRESHING INSIST ON THE ORIGINAL IN BOTTLES BY M'ELDOWNEY BROS. Manufacturers of Mineral Waters Bell Phone - J I7l. aO 1 Bell Phone C1 1 Drown ana vvnite ads C1 1 1 O 1 1 1 Stand at Twelfth St. Entrance Penn'a. R. R. Station ' dill t;'lllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlfy; 1409 Eleventh Ave. Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'. V 1409 Eleventh Ave. REMEMBER! ' Everybody Likes Candy Especially PENN-ALTO CHOCOLATES Made l)jr CASSIDY CANDY COMPANY ALTOONA Ask For This Brand PENN'A. Prompt and MoneyToLoail Fair and private N $25 to $300 Safe loaned on household furniture without removal. If you need money, you will find it here at repayment terms to suit your convenience. Licensed under State supervision. Do not hesitate to inquire No obligation. We offer this week a fine quality Imported Neck Hair Clipper. ' Cuts very fine. Just the article for keeping the neck clipped clean. Special at $2.00 Each Headquarters for Fine Quality Hair Tonics and Toilet Water and Cutlery. Altoona Barbers' Supply Co.' 1208 Eighth Ave WATCH OUR WINDOW FOR THE NEW 3-PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITS MANUFACTURED BY US ODD CHAIRS MADE TO ORDER : J WOLFBERG & LEVINE 1015 CHESTNUT AVENUE . ALTOONA, PA. nillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli? s . f IMtlltllliMIIMIMHMIIIIItHHIIlil It.ttt.l.t. ? Carey Roofing Cement Blocks Sheesley Lumber & Supply Co. LUMBER, MILL WORK Builders Supplies and Coal BELL PHONES ' . ' 5118 and 5119 - 1722 Margaret Avenue x Altoona, Pa. , I DUNTILE Builds Better Buildings Cheaper. They Cannot Burn Altoona Duntile Products Co. East. Holmes Ave. Phone 4058 M Ui i - - i ' tmmt.tttmt.n , iiiitim jMI iimihhhmimiiihsihmiihimhhh' M. J. Holland Hardware Tinning Rudy Furnaces 610 4th St. Bell 857 ALTOONA BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Phone6108 V"MMaMMM.flM.a.MMB..Maa.a.. a , . i. i . i iii .... ii i . I 4 St III""""! HIMIIIll KEYSTONE BODY WORKS E. F. T0ML1NSON, Prop. 6th Ave. and 27th St., Altoona, Pa. PHONE 4046-R Manufacturers of Commercial Truck Bodies; Auto and Wa gon Painting, - Repairing and Trimming. : I HIGHGRADE BRAND , HIGHGRADE BRAND 108 Fourth Ave, Weiners, Meat Loaf and Hamburger Beii Phone Altoona, Pa. Aurich and Binmueller 1952-M : :i ; .. - I .........t......... 1 I...W..M...WWM Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co. W. . peMUTH, Mgr. x BRACES FOR ALL DEFORMITIES ALTOONA, PA. 907 GREEN AVE. ImiimillMii.iM.itiMi, a.. HOOFS OF DISTINCTION EXPERIENCE! QUALITY! BELIABILIT1! GET OUR PRICE AND IDEAS FREE ALTO ROOFING AND INSULATION CO. 'Any Kind of Roofing" Phone 3170 ' 2609 Industrial Ave. :. z Phone 3987-M Keller & Maier 15th St. Supply 307-309 15th St., Altoona,' Pa. Specializing in Miller's Friction Hand Soap For Mill Hands and all Mechanics, Painters and Automobile Men. DEALERS WANTED Don t let this 'happen to You! v. af rri.iMA vnut IhmJrM with RORABAUGH'S Auto and Brake Shop 3213 6th Are.. Altoona, Pa. . tM.ttMMSftllMt.ti(llfit .. 1Mtaltt.lf.Mt C. V. ilLEK H. E. EILEU FILERS' TRANSFER DECIDE TO BUY Building material from a house that handles the highest grade material in every line, and delivers just what you buy at the' time you want it. '- ' ; : Blair Building Materials Co. Phone 5196 V. Altoona, Pa. : Altoona Mattress Manufacturing Co. Manufacturers of Mattresses and Box Springs "Here at Home" . For Sale at All Good Furniture Stores 2214 Union Avenue DRAYING LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING AND MOVING J Bell m 1H8 Fourth Avenue, Altoona, Pa. f. 1 ! ' "".. ... FRANK T. DIXON l'KESIl)ET Built jn Altoona DIXON MOTOR TRUCK CO. Inc. BELL PHOXE S60 tub tdi rie nc tuc ortT i imitc tw at MAN EY CAN BUY OFFICE .AND SERVICE STATfON: 2501-03 BEALE AVENUE FACTORY: 24U.18-20-22 INOUSTRIAL AVENUE ANDREW J. RATH 420 Commerce Building Own Your Home in 18th St. Extension 5- to 8-room bungalows, semi-bungalows, two-story houses, lots graded, sidewalks laid, all conveniences. , PRICE $5,000 TO $6,500 We aim to aid the thrifty to thrive. Our plun of easy payments makes It possible for any one to buy. B. P. REIGH 1905 Ninth Avenue, Altoona, Pa. ,,in Donoirintr Spulallaln on. Valve firlndlng and AUIO Repairing TlorlnK Kittlngs for all Makes ot Cars. PHONE 3986-M ;i . ; ; ' : PHONE 2H44-R ; . - KEYSTONE BARREL EXCHANGE Dealers In ALL KINDS .OF EMPTY. BARRELS Lexington Ave. and 2nd Street ' . Louis "NVelner, Prop. . .,.. ALTOONA, PA. BELL PHONE 1861-J W. C. Harlan rulntlng and Papcrhanglnp Wall Paper Paper Hanging and Interior Painting is Practical Every Month in the Year. 1601 8th Ave, Altoona, Pa. IIHHMIiii ' Night 3566-R Phone Office 1511 STEPHEN MICKEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1122 11th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Hvconil Floor Insurance Engineering Specializing in Fire, Liability, Compensation and All Other Casualty lines. W.L. Nichokon Lippman Bldg.v Phone- 3760 - : i i i LOGAN LAUNDRY We Use Pure Soft Filtered Water Phone 1377 1419 4th Ave. ;........................................................; i SMITH & MERRIMAN 505-07 Eighth Avenue Dnyllcht Garafc. General automobile repairing. Specializing on ignition system. Day and higlU service. ' , Hay Phone 4295R Night phone 941-J lell Phone 2076 , DR. W. S. SHIMER Veterinarian All Animals Specializes In Canine and Feline Medicine and .Surfrery Office 1003 Green Avenue Altoona, Pa. n...............n.......M........................l.........................,.I.........,..... ' ",V"'"": i in Bell Phone 458 ' The Altoona Cleaning and Dye Works W. M. DOUGHMAN, Manager MAIN' OFFICE: v .BRANCH OFFICE: 818 Twelfth Street No. 3 East Tenth St Tyrone, Pa. FLUKE COMPANY, Inc. "BUILDERS OF BETTER BUILT HOMES'' GENERAL CONTRACTORS "CURTISS WOODWORK" PERFECTION OAK FLOORING NUMETAL WEATHER STRIPS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PAINTS BUILDERS' SUPPLIES AND HARDWARE 2605 BEALE AVE. PHONE 11 OR 800 ALTOONA, PA. J. H. BAKER P. B. CRATE Keystone Marble & Tile Co. Altoona, Pa. BATHROOM ACCESSORIES 2223 Eighth Avenue Bell Phone 2059-.H NHMIIIIIilimiHIINIIIINHNHIIMIIIMIIIHNMIIIIII HWIHIIIIItmilMUHINIIHMMMIHIMHMMHMMUMI IIIIIIUMItMHI . ' ALTOONA OVERALL FACTORY PARISH HKMIKRSON. Prop. Manufacturers of Star Brand and Horseshoe Curve Overalls and Coats. Union made. AU garments guaranteed. Sold by leading "Haberdashers and Department Stores. FACTORY 192S-IS31 I'MO.N A KXIE ALTOOXA, VA. at i I.W.I...M.UMHMM.H

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