The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO; Newest Safety Montgomery For Fhcrs, Tv'O •MONroOMERY, Ala. (UP) — Maxwell Field soon will be a veritable lighthouse of tlie air. The U. S. army's giant tactical air' school Is being equipped 'with a new radio range station as p:\verful ns any In the country. The station, when completed this fllmes, vi111 have a rangs great chough to tie In with other povyeriul southeastern stations. It will be capable of transmitting both signals and speech. Its iper'atipii will ' mark the first time both commercial and military" planes Hying tnts section of the nation's air lanes will have this latest scientific sntety service available at all times. Const rue lion \yorjc is being centered at'the operations building, located at edge of the huge frying field and at an:ther site ?.5 miles \vest< oi' the army air lield. Five Antenna Toners Rise Instruments for 'controlling ilie radio range station are being In- slalled and tested at the operations building. At the oilier site, called'the Hunter Loop, workmen are. busy, installing huge geiim- tors and putting nnal Umuiies on the live 125-ioot steel antenna towers, from which signals to alr- cralt will be (lashed The Hunter Loop statlai will L-e controlled entirely from the operations building. The centra! antenna lower will be used for voice communication. The ethers will transmit directional signals to the four winns. These tour signals, traveling througti space norm, south, eosi and v,est vylll be tne "legs" oi Hit beam, along which nn nlrplime may set its course straight 10 oi frxm Maxwell Field. Each of these "legs" will send out B different type sound.'so tniu tile airplane contacting the sound would ljio,v vyheiner n was Hying in the proper direction. Tuese variegated sound waves or ''legs 1 ' will ba Interrupted frequently i.r station Identification. To determine whether; he is fly- Ing awa.y from or toward Muxwci -Afield the pilot would set me din his receiving set so' Umt lie hears the "leg beams." It, course ol a few miles, Uie ads become louder, he knows lie J is approichihg the field, and vice )yess Colony Control Passes From WPA To Officials Of FSA Finds Planes In Fog _ ever-increasing width of the **! leg' also will denote that uu plane is approaching the field When the plane arrives over tin field-It runs into a narrow com of silence. In this way, with ceiling zero, the pll;t «otild know lil:, exact position for landing. As soon as the plane passes over th field it contacts the beams ajaii and the sounds start again. The pilot at tnis paint woul« c:mmun!cate by voice wilh the. comrol man in tlic operations building, receiving explicit instructions for making a landing. The radio range station, in addition to its beams, will send out weather reports and ether facts pertinent, to air navigation. Maxwell Field at present hn two other systems of air commuiil cation, one extending- a few mile. • from tfe airport, the other f.i planes over the lie 1:1. Both .giv instructions for landing. The ne* station, however, con necting wilh other major beams ii all Hying directl.ns. will offer th latest scientific safety feature botl to th earmy and commercial flicrs The new range station will be ii. charge of Captain F. A. Piliek, communications officer. Major Harry Vitzthum is directing technical construction in collab:ration with Major George S. Deaderick, construction quartermaster. So Kate Smith Takes a Burn jmw '"," •) Kntc Smith tangled with a drier • in a beauty shop and cume out looking like this for licr regular radio relicarsol. The burns were extensive nnd painful, but not .serious. Emphasizes Nee^ For Tuberculosis Fight The knowing statistics were received today from Hie National Tuberculosis Association by" Mrs Rodney u Banister, chairman of the local Christmas Swil sale, cm- imasizlin; the Importance 'of Ihls campalun t6" combat tuberculosis rlw Christinas Seal': campaign •will last from Thanksgiving through Chrlslmns, nmi will bo Ihb 33ra consecutive year that (lie 'iwlkm- wlcle educational campaign njnln'si tuberculosis lias been conducted ' ' "The aiiiwal dea'tli toll'from 'tuberculosis In (fib' Unlteq States would bo 250,000 If Ihc'dtiUh rate <f the early iflofl's still prevailed, under present mortality condition-! the nrmimldcalh toll'is about 64000. - '' "Tuberculosis tg still the leading cause of death l n Hie age group from 15 to 45, This group Includes oui- y;un B people, and men mid woincn In (ho most productive years of tlielr lives. Tuberculosis kills 175 people every t]ny"ln' the/ United -intes or pne 9 very eight "minutes " Lnsl year' rcppru slimy' that n iofal c/ 1003 peoplq In Alarms died of tuberculosis. Of (bis'imbi- ber," 674 were'while and'429 'were negroes. In Mississippi counjy, OierQ were 60 'deaths find ''approximately 5(M number of active cases.''"'"'" ' Commenting tfii these "Startling facts, Mrs. i3nnis(cr said:' 1 "NO Ijome Is safe from this disease until all li:mes arc "sale.''Tiie"purcna.i<j of these stamps makes jiossiblo a continuation of llipse ' measures which arc bringing iib'out the' grarj- ual cradlcatlpn of this disease. I tim sure we can count on the. people cf llils vicinity to malic bur own campaign n successful one." COURIER- [hns (he ansy/or far traffic, problems |—get the fiilure J automobile'driVr. crs yoi'mg arid tench thorn'right. A "Safety Town 1 ,! has been opened for children of p'rc-scliool' age ivliere they are taught traffic rule? under tlie' Mi'D'qr'vlslb'n' of the city recreation department. " ' Under the program of "Safqty Town/' traffic "regulations arc tnvglil by a game of "motorist and licdestriati" on a miniature street Iti'y-out with a small-scale traffic signal and toy Mrs. Head Ccurler News want ads. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23,'1039,''. Pre-School Chijdra\ Go to "Safety Town" MANSFIELD, O. (UW—This city Cause Discomfort (Continued from Paige 1) uggestcd sliv:e the colony was scl ip. Former Ciov. J. M. Fulrcll, now j ittorncy for the colony, asked 'nsecutlnsr Attorney Denver L., 3udley of Joncsboro In September, 935, to-investigate comiilalnts re- elved at his olfics of alleged trrcg- ilnrltles in the colony. The Osceola district Mississippi -omity Orand Jury rep;rted \\\ October, 1035, it had found no lr- -cgularltles or abuses in connection vlth the management of the colony. Mr. Dudley said at thai time all reports of alleged abuses involved only minor employes ill, the colony and that "no high oiflcials" "ere involved In the Investigations. Dyess Colony was the brainchild of the ln(e \v. fi. D,,'csn, state WPA admlnistrato:-. who was killed in an airplane crush near Go:dvvln, Ark, January 14, 1B36. The colony ufts naugutatsd May 22, 1934. Sinpc 103S it has been controlled by 'a jorporation wilh n board of directors headed hy Mr. Sharp. Read Ccutier News want ads. ipatjon Relief Stomach Wh'ch constipation brings on ncid indi- stion, bloating, dizzy spells, gavconlcd tongue. «our taste, ami tart hrcalh. your Eloinach is urnlnbly loaded up wilh cjr- lam undigested fixxlniul ymirlnwcls don't move. Si) you need both Pepsin to hdi> brc.ik up fast th;U ricii undigested foo<l in your 'Moma'ch, and Lasatiri: Senna to pull the tn'Eser on thoic lazy bowels. S<> be sure your laxative also contains Pepsin Tiikc Dr. Oildwcll's Laxative, l)ccnu?cils Synlp Pepsin help2 you sain that V.TOI- rtarfulstomncliconifort.whilc the Laxative Senna moves your bo wcls. Tests prove Uic poiverof Pciisin todissolyetlioseluinpsof undicostccl (irotciu loodwliidiSiayliiifcr in your stomach; totalise bclcliiiig, gnstiic nciJity. nml nausea. This is how pep-in- Kin& your stomach helps relieve it of such oratrcss. At the same lime this medicine wakes up lazy nerves nnd murclcs iti your txm-ctstorclieveyaurconsripation.SQsM |io\v much better you feel by lti;>»g the laxative that also puts Pepsin to work on that stomach discomfort, loo. Even liu- K.ty children love to taste this iilc-if-tiil fauiily laxative. Buy Dr. OildwcJl's i ,«. ativc— Scimn wilh Syrup Pepsin at your druggist today! Read Cnirier News iinul ads. Laughing FRIDAY 325 Good Hciisoiii why yon should :i(li>n(l MYSTERIOUS MRS,' X IV! Ill Mary Hart ,V Slirlwri wiinirn Also sclcclcd shorts. R CI2C¥~. Mitinecs—10n In Evrrvlxidr ' Night—lOc «- 20c' often" as Lepko Terror o( thc Underworld," grins amiably at v , c ?, m l ra as ! ie e»'«s New Yqrk Federal Building He con- Krrcd there on date for his trial on 10 narcotic charges. LISTKK TO KLCN 111 fJO a.m. —_lj-j5jMn.--j;3o p.m. For gulck relief from tlie misery of colds, take MS LlrjuW • Tablets . Salv-<i'."WoM Follow the leaders Good cooks choose £PPYU OUR GROCERY & MARKET ^faiic 15 W9 W. Main St. We Deliver PRICES FOR FRI. SAT. & MON., NOV. 24 - 25 & 27 Head l f PQZ. ISC Jnnilii) Stalks 8c Lurge Pink Meat 5c Bunch -18'$ Delicious Ea." 5c 10 Pounds Cloth Bags Pure Cai\e ONE lOc IUU3PY CRACKKR PIN T K 10'c HYDROX (20e"Value) 50 Founds 16 Lbs. Smoke Salt . 25 Itis, Smoke Salt . 50c 35c 8Sc RI5T YOUR I'-IIUIT 'CAKE INGUM)!'-' 15NTS NOW—>VE HAVE .VCOM'PLKrK ASSORTMENT HERE.' NATIONAL I5ISCU IT AllUlNAIj I5ISIJUH ,g jf», 100 BRAN }SJ£ WITH FREE SAMPLE « 2\ I'l)!!^!^ • Plain or S. R Mary Ann J5 m., Settled or Seedless, 2 lioxes f Half m- niTc \Vho!e "\h. iy Fresh, Bxh-a Q«l< Sclccf,' Pi. WA For Seasoning"*! IJc Pound " Iz'j Coiinlry I'ork "t"] Jj !/2-Wholc ll> 1*2 SAUSAGE 15 4 String Jft. Eifch **U (MCKERS . 2 !b, box 15c PORK CHOPS Lean EnrJ Culs/l'ij. REEF ROAST Brn £S,"? M SQUARES, iStiijar ; Cured, Lb. 15 BACON, Slic. <Jftc Rin'ri-On, Lb. L8VER Pound I .men '"Kiich 30 and 1'olish 69 .Forger's Caiiova Chase & ..... li>. 2(if Hi. Me Sanborn 21c Grandad's ... .lb. 15c Old .ludfrc lb, 2fic iMiixwcll Houac lb 20c CAKE FLOUR Swans Down ?ox 24c FLOUR Dixie Lily S Lbs. 26c VANILLA Imitation Pt. 15c COCOANUT 8 Qz. Pkg. lOc BRAZIL NUTS Lb. 17k ENGLISH WALNUTS Lb. 18c LARGE PECANS Lb, 20c DATES & FIGS Pkg. lOc PEACHES Evaporated Lb. lOc PRUNES Large Size Lb. 8c APPLE BUTTER Pure ...'. Qt. 15c MATCHES Searchlight Carton 18c SOAP Toilet 1 Lux & 1 Lifebuoy 13c BEANS Great Northern Lb. Sic POTATOES .: Pk. 29c CORN Pride of 111 No. 2 Can Ea. 9c ftLYTHEVILLE BEANS Can 7ic. 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DIME BRAND MILK fli Anchor Hox il m BOAST ,,,25' ID SAUSAGE , b 5 0) --•» vj *', ^m ^^ f IS^H If, ^** 13 fe(M Lb. Dry , DUOKS or Get Our Prices Navy Heartij u). Linia JSeans Lb. Uc Pinto Uciins ib. 7c Camay or Palmolivc Bar ' Pure Cant; 10, l,b. Paper Sack ' 54c P 4lb. v cln. Tissue Ro'l f&ALWSHAMPOOSy l ^ GE riibr_ j/!D!MF OKI / «j< 21c s SYRUP MEDIUM Cryslal While ...</j Gal W Gfiden ; 1/2 Gal 31 i^S B Sorgluuu ......'.1/2 Gal. :{(

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