St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on November 11, 1885 · 8
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 8

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1885
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, . - . , , . , . -, . , , ! . , r ) t , . . . , V, r It is pairt) Glatit-Pent6inittiMttntisba,p Vitinting, Eulatinbtr 1, 1S83. 4 ,. of t7 - , - ? 'b ' -- o THE SCHOOL BOARD. A Noisy 3leettnr, Resuits in the Mee tion of eresident Hickman. At the rezttlar monthly tue,at;og of the .,-ehool Board, held la-the board-room at thy Polytechnic Building last Want. there Sere present all the members wit Axjctpuork of Messrs, Cupples. Bombe A wat Ar.: --ception r and Stark loft. received from James era wit omba t ark . received t z,4 - A co r lot 9024K - - - era 7 applying for position as janitor. Plaeed flle. E. M. Bailey. agent for E. 31. Block,: presented a communication in reference to certain notes ,asking that deed of trame be reieased of record. 'A lively debate foeowed on a resolution intreenced by Mc-O'Connell. to the effect that returns or the late election be deliveree the President. and teat new members be questioned end , sworn in accordatice with Rule 6. Mr. Yee-tine cailati Itr tire reading ot L'uns 5, and it was read. ' President Hickman said the Vice President should preside. , Mr. O'Connell. The President of this board can Dot call the Vice President to ties chair unless President Hiekmad. The Vice President will pres ide. Mr. 0-Crannell. We are here, sworn to fel low the taws laid down for our guelance. Let us return to 014---time knpUvIty. md not resort to technicalities. Ateireson here move4 that the attorney and bailee be itestructee to open and report returns. - : Mr. O'Connell. The Pres:dent ought not to , entertain tees mption. lie can note. The rulee do not provide for the openinr and an' pouncing of the result of an election by the attorney. secretary, architect, er any other Meer but the Preeident, and tele law ought to be obeerved. - - :- President Hickman. The Chair knowe what the rules of the board are. and will call the Vice Presid:-f at te tue chair. Mr. O'Connell. Wis are se orn to obey the law . and 1 call upon the members of this board to pay atteniton to this. Mr. Atkineon said that for three v of his experience in the board.tilis question had not come up, and he (soled not pulleretand : why it should be sprung to-niget. lie tweeted - the law obeyed. but Leda' teuneerstand It the way it had been exolained by Mr. teconnell. After considerable descussion. Mr. teCouuell ; referred the gentlemen to the rule whiter says the President shall open aud anneunce the votenot the Vice President. :ere llornmuelier callee attenttpn to the fact that President Hickman was a canal-date and could not announce his own election. Presideet tiles:man put a sudden stop - to the debate be ruliug ali discussien out of -.order. Mr. O'Connell appealed from the decision of toe Chair and was ruled out of order. The reports of the attorney, architect and ot tier onicers were received and eleri. The report of the Bulidlug Cemmittee wag then taken u a and Nit'. 41Connell moved thnt section 9, in reference to sellool desks, be laid over until next. meeting. Mr. Itornmuelier moved suspension of the rules, and the yeas and navs were called-- for by Mr. Atkinson ' asking if the Noble de ee was gelectee for superiority. eir. ilorninneller replied that it was.: The rules were suspended and Mr. Borumueller then saki he desired to piece his committee right before the public. lie and the members of the committee had been , charged with corruption. The committee had - chosen one desk liecause it was the best. - The committee had acted faithfully and had been honorable hi all its transaction. Its members were ready te face Elie world on this , proposition, and Mr. Bormnuelier denied the right of any one to acense tee committee eof haying dune wrong when the euembere had done their just and faithful duty. - A motion to lay over Mali next meeting was lesteand Mr. Bernmueller.rising to a questiou - of privilege, made a lengthy explassation of the -action of the committee. lie moved - the adoption of the report of the committh e. and after eiscussion of the nestle of advertising employed by the committee the Chair ruled that the sending out of postal cards was advertising. Mr. 0Conneli appealed from the decisioe of the Chair. The Cuairl was sustained and the report, of the Building Committee in favor of the accepted (leek adopted by a vote of 16 to 9. - ' The Teachers' Committee report was taken up and adopted as a whole, after discussion of the eighth section of tile teachers' report and the report of the joint committee of the teachers' and salary committees in rerer, ence to the appointment ot Miss McCulloch as the instructor of programme class of the - kindergarten teacners in addition to her - present position of Supervisor of Kindergar ten 4, anti that-25 be adeed to her salary. elr. Atkinson went into a lengthy recital of the old kindergarten troubles', In explanation of why Miss McChlloch was tendered this ad- ditioual position and salary. Mr. loerstel asked that the matter be laid over until tile next meeting, statine that he bad made title motion not because he was opposed to the appointment. but thought time enough should be givea to investigate the advisability Oi the matter. The motion to lay over was lost. and Mr. Foerstel gave no-- . Dee that he would move a reconsideration at the next meeting. - On motion or. Mr. Ilickmate the opeeine of ballots and announcine of results of the recent school elections was- teeert . un, and :Messrs. D'Amour an-,1 Russell were appoint-, ed to assist the President in tne duty. The following members elect were announced, interrogated as the rule.; provide. rine adneuistered the 'Jae.' of office: LhiriitEt Verd. Win. C., 4sreen; Eleventh Ward, lienry Hickman; Thirteenth Ward, R. Fisher; Fifteenth Want, L. L. Aerlaficl: Nineteenth Ward. H. el...Bryan: Twentieth Ward, Pat-leek J. KetW, Twenty-Meet Ward.Henry Ude; Twenty-six-tit Waru,W. L. Hawkins; Twenty- eighth, Ward. Theodore Fischer. Acting President Bornumeller then announced that election for President of the board was in Order. Dr. Wm.U. t.,ireen placed In nomination ttat present incumbent, lir. Henry Hickman. H. M. nryan. the newly elected member for the eNturteenth Ward, nominated Thomas A. Russell, and the Secretary then called the roll. with tile following result: IlicemanMessrs. Blaisdell. Blank. Bodemann, Bernmueller, D'Arnour, It. lecher, Ineo. Ilecner, Green. merileit. Koenig. Russell. Schubert, Schwaner and lcile--14- RussellAmok', iteslev. Brady, Bryan, Butler, Foerstel, Hickman, Hawkins. Kelly, O'Connell, Taylor, Cue anti Vastineil. AbsentStarkloft. The acting President- announced the election of Mr. lliekman, and he was conducted to the chair oy Messrs. O'Connell and Arnold. and made a brief address,thanking the meta- bers of the , board for the honor conferred. The election of Vice President was then proeeeded with, Mr. Feerstel nominating Mr. Russell anti 31r. D'Amour naming Mr. Born- -timelier, Mr, Russell being elected by a vote or hi tto 11. Mr. D'Amour moved that a vote of thanks be tendered the retiring members. Messrs. Ilonibauer, Meteudy. Atkinson. Keating and Clippies. Mr. Russell advocated the adoption of the resolution. and seconeed it.. The resolution was unanimously carried. The Doard then adjourned. ' IIE-No tea is only sold In the -original pack ages. SUBURBAN. , East St. Louis. Mrs. Mike Methie, wife of a- saloon keeper - on Illinois avenue, near Ileim's brewery.was found dead In ber bed yesterday morning. She bad gone out into the country a little beyond this city, to visit one of her tenants, anti retired to bed on Monday ulght in apparent good health, but not responding to a call for breakfast in the morning, her room Ixas entered and the dIscxverv was made that she was dead. Coroner Woods held an Inquest, and a verdict of death from heart disease rendered. Mr. Edward Byrnes. the newly-appointed Internal Revenue Agent at this place. has tied tkifi Meat bond, in the sum of zlo.00th Tancred Commandery, Knights Templar, will hold their annual conclave this evening for tile election of officers. The Hezel Flouring Mill, at this place, has shut dow n for ten days for repairs. For fast driv in it on the bridge, James Cline was fined the sum of f,3 and costs yesterday. E. L. Cross, ot Jerseyville, was waking Inquiries here yesterday about a horse eteolen from him sunday night. Fred Speckman was tined .13 and costs yesterday for selling cigars w Linen a license. - ' - t Belleville. ' Capt. Brooks Moore and Mr. James C. Waugh left yesterday morning on a bunting PielltS!011 to the victuity of Anna, Ill.. and Counts, Treasurer M. T. StOokey and Mr. Cyrus Thompson, to New Madrid, MO. TheLlederkranz concert which was to have taken place on the nth Instant, has ,been Postponed till the 21st. Tanered Commandery, Kafiri:Its Tempter. CT this city.tiolds a regular conclave to-niglit, 'at which an eleetion of officers will take The trial of George Vetter on an indictment , tor larceny Is set tor to-murrow in the Circuit Court. The Countv Court, Jheige W. J. Underwood , on the bench, has been engaged the past two days with probate business. The engine house of the Gartside coalmine r at Alin& was burned yesterday. The extent ttt tne loss could not be ascertained. Mr. Henry Raab, state pertntendent ot Public Instruction, and Mr. E. Cotnetut and Mr. E. J. t'now. ot New York were among the strangers in the city yesterday. Marriage licensee were leaned yestrtiar to Jaeob Bien, &sett 21, anti Minnie -schaeffer, aged 20. both or liellevii:e; to M. J. li-eitiey, - 4, anti Mamie J. Alien. ti, both or sprineboro, Pa., and to Frederick Muni. 29. Mai,- wieoutah Township.and Lizzie Kraris.22, Eugelmann Township. - 31r. Joseph Leopold who has been visiting In Cermany, sailed on Sattirday last Forssheim, Germany, on the &teenier Nor-- Linty. , tiz-No tea Is not cured on cooper pans. 1 THE KNIGHTS OP LABOR. President Powder ly Unable to Attend to Business on Account of Visitors. The General Executive Board of the Knight of Labor were busily engaged all yesterday receiving visitors. It was o'clock yeeterday mOrning before the last of Mr. POwdertys callers retired, and be was rapped out of bed again at dawn tills morning by a Party of enthusiastic workingmen wile wanted to hail their chief bright arid early. Front that time until nightfall the stream of visitors sv as continuous. and In consequence the board Was able to do but very little work. "We shall have to select certain hours for business during which we can not be inter rupted.' remarked Mr. Powderly last night to a GLOBK-1)V.11MALAT reporter. ''Are your visitors all Knights of Libor?' "Ily no means. business men.doctors.lawyers and clergymen come to see and Ilk with us. The private citizens who have called upon us. have expressed a feeling of regret that tile t-eneral Executive Hoard , was not consulted in regard to the strike. The Impression. I am glad to see. prevails that if we nad been consulted matters would have taken a oifferent turn." When the District Assembly declared the strik-e off could the Cleveland Assembly refuse to accept that ultimatum?" "When the District Assembly declared the strike 13 on the 2Ist. It Wits off. and it is In cus-equenca t)IT to-day. "Have you yet considered the question of revoking the charter of Cleveland Aliseniblylo sernblyr "The agitation of the question of revoking the smarter of the Cloilreland ANbertAtny selnit to be codflned to the newspapers, 1 We are considertng some matters In which that assembly Is interested. We are motnering information every clay but we all not take up tuts matter tile b.; sh ard until to-morrow. There are some very good men connected with the Cleveland Assembly, antl it Is a question whether it Weald not be unjust to cleprive them ot the rignis they now possess because a few Individuals utay haVe transgressed the laws of the nation. k "'lave you discussed the Wabash Matter?" I tiO not know that we have anything to discuss in regard to the NVabash. We knave never stated that there were any ditterences between the Wabash people and our organization.' You will devote to-morrow, however. to the consideration of Lim local Interests of the order' 1 he business we have on hand in reloilun to the cloven:tits' Assembly WILL be tilsposetiof to-morrow." flE-NO tea is not colored. ST. MARK'S ACADEMY. A Mazazine Projected for the Treatment of Catholic Topics. St. Mark's Academy held an entertaining Meeting last night at the St. Louis University. Among other things. the academy voted down the proposition to cnange the night of Meeting. Jacob Schaeffer real a Breton legend of the "Ave Maria." The Director, Rev. Thos. Hughes, S. J., once more enlarged upon the theme which he had treated two week-s before. There was need of something substantial. material. he thought. for developing their ,usefulnessfor Instance. the starting of a magazine or review. Its object would be the spreading of a high, divine Catholic Influence. The general absfract theory was goad. and -they ougat to look Into the prautical worktngs of tne question. Two eleinepts were la the plait. one financial anti the other literaryvery different, inoeed. Tee literary society wOUld desire to be free from the financial burden. Not merely capltailsts. but those In the business. a publishing house. might be tuterested. It accepting the burdens It should have the emoluments. lie went on to show that a managlue board and editor should be appoluted! Ile declared that publi.thing houses would be glad to as-seine the financial responsibility; facts had substantiated this general view. Deliates among the members hail come to the decision that a monthly would be preferable. aud that a part of It should be eelectic, a part of It original. There were articles appearing all over the world In different languages which slieuld he given to the English-reaeling Cattiolic world. Conde Patten delivered an address. covering the same ground and urging the aeademy to take action. After further reniarks. the motion was squareiy put. fur the academy to assume tile literary mautteement Of such a magazine. It was indicated, however, that the hest writer all over the country snould be eneaged. Quite an earnest debate was had. Eugene sieVin, M. J. :nlitiVall and Ed J. plink:Witting. Finally a Cointilittee or three was appoleted I i report on tint Matter at the meeting two weeks henceConde relief'. Ed E. Carreras, Eugene sievin. L. lkoisliniere. the President. was added. awl the meeting adjourned. IIE-No tea 1 4 better If drawn one hour. THE POLICE BOARD. Official Report of the Arrest of the Dynaint terS. The Police Board Met yesterday afternoon, the chief matter of Interest transpiring there being the report of Chill-el Police Harrigan upon the capture of -the dtfln1e conspirators. The report Is as follow: Of PoLice CorirgissIONre: ("Est LEM EN-I have the honor to report tuat since tlio last meeting Of your honorable body. the persons engaged in placing explosives on tbe tracks of the street-car companies have been arresr. In tnis connec- tion I would respectfully all to your otten, non the creditable conduct of the officers engaged on this case, which occupied so much. Ur your time and the attention ot the public. sergeant McN, aatee Informed me that NVithroe,. one of the prisoners arrested by the officers of this department, was willing to make a lita te men t of his connection with the explosions. I detailed t-argeant McNamee. Detective Tracy and special ()Meer Lewis to arrest the parties implicated by Vithrow. This was done on tile niglit of the 4th inst..t he last arrest being made at 5 o'clOck the following morning. During an examination which lasted tor five hours litatements were elicited which, in my opinion. establisliel the gUlity complicity of the various parties arrested. SUbsequeutiv learned of Thomas Tobin's connection witn thti explosions. On Saturday. Tth inst.. Chief of Detectives O'Neil detailed Detective Desmond and special Officer Lewis, who arrested Tobin at the southern limits of East st. Louis, while in company with six of the striker. The work done by sergeant McNamee. Detective Tracy and Special Officer Lewis in wasing the arrests In this city was highly creditable. as was also the arrest of Tobin by Detective Desmond and Special ()Meer 'Louis In East St. Louis. where. under the circumstances, much courage and coolness was required. Very respectfully. ifAIREtt;AX, Chief of Police. The board. accepting the report. thereupon passed resolutions thanking tile entire police force tor their faithtul course In the emergency, and especially commending the GMeerl named in the Chiers reoort. Officer Dougherty of the Fourth and Officer Vette Of the second District were disninksod the force for drunkenness. The case of Officer 3Iorgan Boland, charged with a similar offense, wa4 continued. One of the emergency specials In tile Third District was also dropped from the roils ifor patronizing the flowing bowl. tea must draw thirty minutes The Cattlemen's Convention. M. W Warner, at Fruits. ovriting to Secretary Atwater. of the National Cattlemen's Convention. says that every stock-grower west of "divide" wilt be preseut at the coining meeting. Secretary Atwater yesterday completed sandbag 40,000 circulate to cattlemen throughout the country. - The sub-committees of the Finance Committee were putting in some good wort in getting subscriptions, but the bu,iness men and others charitably inclined can uot re. pond too quickly to the committees request. Several new menibers were received Into the organization yesterday. Col. Hunter displays two quarters of beef which he claims are preserveki by a new process. 'the Colonel says that he has bad the quarter s banging in a room for two months, and that the thermometer has been as high as AO- and as low as The quarters are in as an apparently good condition a it they had beetton ice. Mr. Hunter would pot state what the new process was, but claims that it will revolutionise all systems for keeping beef. - ; --- Coming to the National Convention. Special D patch to the blobe-Democrst. LAS CRUCES. N. 31., November W.The Dona Arra County Stock Growers' Association send the following delegates to the National Con vention which meets in St. Louis. November el: lion. John It. Geo. Lynch and D. H. Hancock; alternatesWm. H. Lynch, John Mel-eod and Charles Ii. Coleman. lion. Win. L. laverson. Ot this place. will attend toe enveution as de,egate from the Territorial Assoc;ation. TUE quality ot 11L-No tea. Is always the same,. HE USED A SHOTGUN. An Old Feud. with Probably a Fatal Termination. About 6 o.clock Past evenicg a shooting affray took place in the allay between Anna and Edney. Bismarck and Third streets, In which Samuel Kohn was sbot In the right arm above the elbow and In the region of the groin with a dealbla-barrel shotgun, In the hands or a man named Jerry d'Itkels From circumstances of the shooting. gathered by a reporter. the altercation arose trout an old grudge which Pagel4 has hernshed against Kohn. At the above time YaL happeued In tile alley wbere Kohn le employed by toe Norman-Brown 11.6e ComPauY. he called for Kohn., and stohel in the twiddle Of the alley with a tent' ou 014 shoulder. At this moment holm appeared in the doorway, awl without a word being uttered tin .titer side I'agels raised his gun, and taking aim fired two shots, the nrst On taking effect, in the region Of the groin. and the other in the right arm. After doing the hooting rageis went to the Brooks Bide Company. w here he 14 employed all foreman. The store ii only a short dletance from where the shooting occurred, and after remaining there long enough to tell a fellowworittuan that lie went there to kill the s and did It, ha then - burrietily passed out of tile - front nom- with itts guu On Ills shoulder and went towards the river. sergeant McNamee and Officers McGuire. Loon! and Klein were eoon upon his trail. and round that Pageis had taken a skiff trout tile root ot Anne street and pulled Over the river to the Last side. where be will prooably remain for some tittle. Kohn was taken to 104 home. llit; ToIrteentu street. ano sptespethaltcr was caned In. An egaillinatIOn or toe injuries ehowed that the wound In the arm Is not con4idered dangerous. although the wound In the groin was found to have re,..eived torty snots. the leaden vehlets being No. 5 squirrel soot. Mr. Kohn. who Is atkhut 54.) years old. le married and reeddes at the above nuintwr with his wire and six children. Jerry Pageis lives with los wife and three children at titue Solari Third street. and is about 4:t years of age. lir. Mudd also attended the Injured man and pronounced the wounds of a serious nature. Ile thought that Were might be a bare possibilitv ot recovery. but the chancel' were very small, and thought that the man Could not live any longer than mornteg. a ALwAtA mate 11E-No tea In an earthen pot. THE ROBBERY RECORD. A itiontte blanket was stolea front A. Lone at the krencit Market. A set of harness was stolen from David N. Br Own- 2Z'; Thomas street, rev,: 3etsee of 2-24 Partin street, will have to shiver tor awhile, for some wretch stole his overcoat. tone Kgsr hopes that good luck may at. tend the wretch who stole hie idiotguit out ou the Kings highway. Foe-CT-Five yards of unbleached muslin were stolen from Mrs. Kennedy. of No. South Chanulug avenue. E. D. Ns:L.1,1.1,15dd South Eleventh. and Y. Aderson. ot No. 2712 Morgan street. mourn the loss of their overcoats. A ctottiks line In tne back yard of Otto Ellinetneyer. Ni. 1412 Bremen avenue, was despolled ot a lot of cluthlug. FOURTEEN white sheets. a lot of snverware. valued la al at $1011. were stolen from Mrs. ..lohuson, Of No. 412 aouth Second street. MARY AIKINsoe. of No. 1214 North Fourteetitit street. reports tile theft of a cloak. two breastplus and other valueble Jewelry. Mee. EMMA PECK. of No. 1314 Pine street; reports to the pollee the theft ut of a lot ot tilaulond finger-rings, ear.rlugs. brouches, ete. Two boxes of cigars and several bottlee of whisky were stolen from the Sakant Or Bobert Cotureuth. on Newstead avenue awl the Natural Bridge road. Jolty J. GteuEr We put On trial Testerotty for defrauding the Lafayette hank out of $2.14 by means ot a bogus check. The case was not concluded. sett may take up a great part ot to-day In the Court. TlL GALvie. I. Eddy Kieley, and Con Galiaglier. 14 years of age. were arrested by Meer Win. King yesterlay for Stealing a case of hats from the Scott-Junes Hat Company, 54el North six in street. GlioltGE DOUGLASS. of 6IS North Ninth street. wore his new $40 overcoat for the second time yesterday. Charles Iranklia. a colored luau with a bad reputation. beeped la and stole It. but was arrested. anti will be prosecuted for grand larceuy. AnotT 5:43 last evening. as Mrs. Charlotte Kreuaser. residing at ttio traitGin avenue. was comiug out of A. 31olis grocery store. ou :seventh and k ranklin avenue. a colored man snatched her hand-satchel. contain ing abuut $30 and rail south With it. Mr. 31011's employes gave chase. and be threw trio satchel away. see recovered $!1 10. AT 7:20 last evening. 'stifle Miss Nettle elm, mous. eeIdleig at set NirasningtA.vaavenne. was golug east on Franklin avenue. between Seventh and Eighth streets. on the north side. when at the alley a uegro snatched her hantl-Satehei and ran away with It toward Wash street. It contained $4 73. The negro was described about 22 years of age. 3 feet S Inches In height, very dark, and had on a brown fatled cap. dark sacque Coat, and trouser of the same color. THE flavor of 11E-No tea 'never change,. LOCAL BREVITIES. AN unoccupied frame shanty on Newstead and Mates avenues owned by R. R. Collies, was destroyed by 11;e Monday evening. ABM'? 9:0 last night Joseph Fret, a tailor, 50 years old. and Thomas itaiintinOltS. 45 years old. employed at the gas-works on t'onvent street, were arrested by Orticer isatehwell tor committing an indecent act on :seventh street and Part avenue. THE W. C. T. U. held a meettng at the Union Ilan. Carontielet. with a large crowd In attendance. - :singing and piano $olos were contributed by several 'Ladies pre-ent. Mrs. Clara Hoffman lectured on The Inheritance of the pa st. and the transmissive to the future." Tut St. Louis Ransom Cab Company is at present prosecuting two of the cab ivers on charges of embezzlement. one Tor &Ling r d .1 cente an the other for taking 4e c ail. The case was called yesterday. and th Attorneys for the defendants called fOr a Miry1.0 try the case Thursday at teruoon. eters isustt.. Chief of Police of ilegton : Albers, J. Whiting and IV. M. osborne, of the Police Hoard. and I. C. Irving. :secretary . called at the Four Courts; yesterday to Investigate the workings of the police ystent hero, preparatory to making a report upon the advlsability of Introducing the patrol-swag-on system in Moston. They were much pleased With their observations. Atiour 7:Z.0 last evening Officers Bradley. McFadden and Private Watchman Andrew Kelly found i rank Williams and John Meyers, both aged lil years. In an empty store on second. between Vine and Locust streets. When searched at the station a dark lantern and a large Jimmy were found In their possession. It Is evident that they meant to no work, as the buildings on either side were occupied. and front the store they were found in they could have gained an entrance unseen. Motu claim to nave come from Chicago. IIKSn tea is always of standard quality, s Characters of French history. Marshall S. Snow is the Washington University people through the Mon gossipy series of lectures on French people of fame from Montaihrne to Madame de Steel, It was 31adar1e de Sevigne wbo was discussed last night for the amusement of an audience too large for the little lecture room in the University building. The lectures are of sufficient Interest to be given In the Memorial hail rather than In the cramped. makeshift ot a lecture room- Mr. t-tiow's lecture was as racy as the letters of the Parisian queen he depicted. and his descriptions ut tile life in the Ilotel tie Rambouillet full of Interest. and veritable pictures. One could almost see the quaint Montausier.theconcened,shoenotter's son t olture; tsorneille. the man of tho future; Moller's. the dr.t, Ilalsac. and all of the fatuous wits anti ladles whose broad affectations In simple recital subject thent to as nitic ridicule as under the lash ot Moliere. 'Vital Points on English Politics', will be discussed by Prot. C. l. Voollward In Memorial Hall to-morrow night and on next Tuesday night Mr. snow will read his lecture, Vortralts from lsaint-Simon. DON'T boll ILE No tea. Hotel Arrivals. Ilotel EarnumE. Nelsen. Indianapolis; W. C. k rankho, Nit.sunt, Platu.ant, Mo.; NI nl. Chester. 111.; ben. Taylor. tort NVayne; Chas. Burnett. Rochester: F. C. Luke and wife. San Irancisco; 1. Kuhn. Cape twirardeau. t-t. JamesJ. C. tooth. Clayton. To. : E. D. Graham. Mexico 3,10.; TOntlitiipee Matliew n J b. Jefferso Cite; J. V. Jamison. .,!!Ilez. NO.; John O. Letker, Butte. Mout. liunt-42. N. Dodd, Lebanon. W. E. Warner and wire, Columbus, Ky.: U. C. Willies, mem; II. I.. Daggett. Dayton. O. ltrownNV. NV. Knowles, 4 lueinnati: J. r. Aaatus, Elora. Neb.:E. M. Holmes. Hannibal. )1e). EverettJno. Callagbarn. Toledo; W. A. Wnite. tiallSa4 City; 31. isearuey. Springffeld. Mo. inantersJno. .. Benson. San Franetsco; Clu-s. C. Brown. Wasal:ugton. D. C.; W. Duggan. r. S. A.. El Paso. Texas: T. Irtu. Chit:ago:J. IV. Bargain. Loutsvilit: J. bianteapolis; W. H. 1L.e. ?-au Franetwo. foutPieru--4;ert. BobInson, 'taxing:ton. Nr.7- F. F. -temple. I glaleo- C. B. Moors. Puna. (two ph a ; t ilast.berl , L. t ititta W awn. No-x ilmiTtqA; James ,rautilu. Nasnvilla; J. Ii.Calton. san Antonio. Tex.: F. C. Chanibsriain. Bo 3 tow Cu!. ol Brackenridge, . a ban Antonio. UntiedG. E. Wes. New York: C. W. Warne. New York; J. Topper Brown, Baltimore; Thomas culvert. Detroit; D. P. Pone. Rochester: B. Artnoer and wire. Kansas City; Juo. V. Dodson and J. S. rage,...BooLon. ALWAYS pour boiling water on IlaSt, tea. Accit)EN-rs ANL, INJUIZIES. --- drift's O'Day, an itinerant pencti Tsethiler, cald at the Dispensary yesterday aftornoon and had his dislocated shoulder-Waco put In place. lie nail fallen down stairs sosixwbere. AT 8 40 last ntitht. T. C. Johnson. csiTorel. 41 years old. and reskling at bit south Rhin street. was found In a rooinis occupied by a colored family named Jenkint. tu au uncoilSCI0114 hts bead and left knee badly bruised, lint Injuries were dressed at the Dispensary, but ss hen be recovered, tie COUid not state now he received them. Al Inquest was bold yesterilaV afternOon upon Andrew Twey. the 'laborer who wac WO by tile fallin of a derrtck at sewer In pirocess of construction on Benedict street. between Grand and John avenues. Trier WEIS no evidence timilluz to show that the of the derrick was due to any negligence on the part of the contractor. A ple verdict of accidental death was rendered. AT 11-10 yesterday' mortising arcommosiat ton train I."; of the iron Mountain Boat stru,-K and serlougy Injured NV lillata knIttel. years tild. at Moraines, Station. be injured boY was placed on the train and Carried to Caroticeiet. whore Dr. starlioff examine-I hint gild pronou need itit InJunt voneulou or the brain. Is Wen wiii likely prove fatal. An ambulance st as Sent for and Knittel was taken to the boute of Ws parents, Oterotdd street. 11E-.:No tea is the kind the Chinese drink. A Tin Peddler's Suicide. A special dispatch to the tiLonz-bauckeittl last evening from Pacific. Mo.. says that a peddler. who Is supposed to have resiled at ClarX avenue,St.l.ouls.committed suicid at a small place called Oakfleld. about four miles front racinc. From letters found On his person It was ascertained that the unfortunate niaus name eras W. W. Kay. Coroner lietwieter held au inquest upon the body anti obtained the facts of the suictle. Mr. Gillespie. a, witness. stated that he was 11101et Ittl the 1flhI1Y from Wright county. this mate. to Greenville, 1aL. and as darkness overtOolt them at the point where tile tragedy was enacted. they concittized to put up tor the night. About an hour after sunset the peddler tirove up to their campfire and asked permit-don rennsin tor ins night. Mr. t.illespie kindly consented to the request. and Kay unhitched his team of mules and Meth, himself at home. When supper was announced Kay We4 Invited to partake ot the spread, after which the party retired for the evening. It seems that Kay was restless during the night. and would frequently get up and wadt around muttering strangely to himself. Ills conduct Indicated that he was troubled about something, but no one venture.' to propound any interrogatories. When breakfast, was real!, In the morning lie partook freely, and. after nnista. lug. left in the direction of 114 team. He mounted the vehicie and seated himself on a NIX. lie was absent but short time alien the reports of two shots were.heard iu quick successiou. Mr. (Allesple hastened to so.o what was going on and was surprised to nnd Kay sitting on the wagon with a rovolver Lightly. clutched In one of his hands aryl tile bion 1 oozing from hiS forehead. lie maintalued et natural position in the seat, but life was probably ex. tinct la a very few minutes. Among his effects was found a lot of tinware pictures. hides. hosiery and other property. and Inoue of 1114 pocket bt) cents in change was discovered. From planers found on hint it appears that lie was ititere.ted lu a tin store at Boilvar, Mo. lie was ,),e years of age. and inlicat.ons point to the fact that financial embarrassment was the cause ot his rash act. Do Ng r spoil II-No tea by careless making. 'Yesterday's 11urial Permits., .10 tat J. Conroy. ) ears, JZ3O :toutn Ninth street Marta covintrton, S years, 313'3 I-anal:0 street-- kninev tio.tate. Itertha IA-tit-rm. 20 years. 411 Trudeau street-. tyldw-malarobl tever. t. kat les Lorenz, i9 months, 211 Ferry street-dtph-, Brown. 43 years. 3Intlanphy 1,,rtr. Irene Jets.. 9, 7.1 :tear, 3016 Carotin street-ott Mre unlit Jarkon. weetot Female tte..pital-nultitis.1 t.eorx Fines, In tuouttt, 21101. Nortb. .!'suta it met -narontn4. tr-1"411. 33 Tears, Indian Territory-intent ...... tn. twAttads Btatt. 72 Tears, 317 Russell avenue-par,. at -Is. Bantnt Memenutu, 10 Year". 1i South Thirti atret-t .1"in Inctswtu, 3.71 years, Poor Ilau,r-h!p-loint Jlina Itunt,er, S:1 years, 813 North Ninth street, rear-oid ate. K.le it"-rne, 8 months, 4119 St. Ferdinand street Welling ail, Alioate I...,WerV. lays, 1211 North Seventh streetcondennat it nArtes Ifrvitszt. utouttut. lOtt Plum street-internal spa Amale SchAti, 13 'ears, 2ta3 St- ',Quit itietluetir,9-t. Ati,t-rt Leineren 1, years. 2313 lkniter street-- Spina asetaingit,o. An Melia Snubbed. Local river politiclaus were iminewhat stir-'prised to hear or the appolutmeut. by the Seeretary of tie Treasury, of Frank M. Jenks as Assistant Boiler Inspeotor at this point. Heretofore the pos:tion has been at the disposal of the ateatuboat Inspector for the i1ls7 tract. which oflb-!er sent the -name of whoever he desired on to NVashington. Capt..ts bury. the new Democratic anspector.followed the usual prozraintito. and lent the is atio of John V. Harris to M ahiugton. eitiecting to receive hie appointment u eoou fie tile tor. malitic-i count be connidied unit. !dr. Items made all arrangnients to assume ids ant ici, petted duties, and le its-s.atientiy awaiting his commission. Mr..boilst is an entirely new man in the race. rapt. Abhury has 'several other offices to Ell. and the candhlates for 1.-ar that the i-ecretary of the 'treasury will feel that they. too, are his property. NEVER mak? 11E-No tea tu a burry. A Successful Festival. The fair at It;. Lawrence ttTooles school-hall. andertne direction ot Fathers Tallon And IYouald, opened put most successfully' last night and gave great satisfaction to Rev. James. Henry. the rector, 84 well as to an who atten.lett. 'tipper t able. retredlitnet table. seiloolchildrens fancy table. the flower stand, and other attractiOn4 were well patronlz,il. Auk eatiy ena!r a rocking-chair. a sewItiginachlue. a ta0VO. WO other vain able articles are to be rattled. An tingelcake Is to be voted to the most popular dal paper. 11E-No tea Is never sold In bult. A Missinz nestattrateur. Edward IL Harrison. the proprietor or a restaurant. No. .t-$ North Si 1th street. suddenly took his departure yesterday morning from his place of business and from latest accounts has not been 'wen since. Last night the head cook ot tno piece. Robert 'stetson. put In an appenrauce about the place and told all 'pm olo, es tout lie was in foil charge anti would rust the business uutit they a ere paid oft lu full. Deer litintInz In the AdIrondaeks Irrein the Boonville !Braid, Nevciiittkr5-1 The light fall of snow this we has made still hunting the dehirabie way of getting venison. ettll hunters and pot hunters sire Irk their element. awl under the proteetIon the law will savagely slaughter all the deer on whiell they can draw their guns. They kilt for 'Wont and kk ill ship the deer to market in largo ottantit lett. realizing a notninal sum for eacit deer klited when compared with tile value Of the live deer In the woods for sports-Men and tourlsts The emergencies of the case for deer protection Cita fora law, and that at oncewhich will prevent the pot hunt,- erS from killing deer from the 1st et November to the 1st of 11-e-ember. More deer are killed in this latter period throughout the W04)41S titan during the remainder of ttie season. and all because the 14W 14 1301, a. n01301.114 be. LetCh4a1.0r4 should gain intelligence on title subject and make a law that will prevent the operatinn or pot hunters. Just at the present time a pot hunter by the name of W lineup. from l'eunsylvalii. is repeating Ida record ot 'ski, Reason on the k ultkm ethers lie kilted thirtv-sig deer in two weeks. It hi probable be WILl kill as many this year. such wholesale slaughter will exterminate the neer of the woods twfore many years. :kir. M. !taker. guide of Jocks Lake country. 114 out of the woods and reports deer plenty. but say's the law to prohibit running deer with dogs it a fraud. Sinee the floating season commeneed lie reports the finding of many dead deer widen eseavied the huji ters And have died from wounds. kVhat exporienee he has had in tti woods convinee him that It in better to run deer tor a short period with dogs 11Wto put a atop to floating. .1 Sr RTING ; 1 I WiMNNP.,ON,M,M,,Mil,1 . I The American Turf conittrss. The American Tart Constra-ot cchtenes the .,outhern 111,1t el at 10 ocls,clt to:4 thorn-lux. h purpose of the merung Is t.o re. 1-tge the Athericau Mecham' Association rules. and to tuake dates for the laces next season. ' There are but itlx tracki represented In the co.ogress. The de1egate0 ars, X. Lewis Clark. ot Louisville: B. G. rrtice and J. T. Robertson ir 'Lexington Ky. ; V. J. ,let;Ibtorin. t-k-syquittollt lireesticr and t horses Gage. ot Chicaoo; J. C. 1 ratot.110. of Nabli gine. awl enarics t.reen. of to)o is. .td mese tent lemeou art-14-.441 III env' I4444t evening., be IL unT entIon 4it no In sesvism About 14 11413-4. and will be 3trictglY srivate. tp peraorts b, I is: present. es tI3 ti est1"11 or tile , routietotu ntrue 1 nkke. 4 oh, makers or poo1-seilers wAIL has. noticing I.) do 'altos It. aud tale his-mina vb I. toe atteuded by any of Loose tboople. Ilrighton neath Naw Yoau. November 10.--The weather was cold and the track multly at' Brighton teach to-day. I r YLr,I. yawl). purse rat. '4-year-olds. threequarters of a alnet Stasters-!-Ilessi B.. re"klkill,.1sahvia i,aura irrIin and Lo-m, tot,tra c.arris.,stt Jr us by IintI. baiuda secortzt titird. T1ose-1 seoond race. race One ary.1 Quo,. eightu,rstVar:ter,, Ten.'.1r1ke. thooustant. King 1.1.NVond t .ower.EnAytnion. llorechlinie. Ernest. Bahaism and Vol. Teti,,trii4e wort try a 1144.:q;., En4l7k e-00444. 'Joust:Mane tuirO. sist Triird rtic., f,Jr win-witnen'. One ntlle7 P.tartersConspennation. Eros. Nona.vs. iarenc.. list:std si.ecuistor. 11,,ceseishroog. Cnanticieer. I. It lo.. capt. $1 arrest atIA April Fool. Co.tipeastien won tit' a 1,h.:114. thsecrieuhroolt slcond. April Fool third. 1'11,ov-- 1,47-4. Fourth race, for Int sea...on , threo-quartecs of a mil,: trtrtersJ. W. t111tA. kraus E.. Wit. rios:tow. t'oarleY Kertspina,l Adiipts. Typ000n. an.kO. ktiul Prvaskomr Au I ctioetAw sk13 oy a len:rtn ant a hf tth,Iti se-coud. Alauvice tI I rti. TinseI 17.t. Fifth race. welter weight1 . seven-el zhtlis of a mile: P-t-trierstillsett-m. Tattler. ,sx,shy. Lrnan heosusi k artier. Leman won by two lengths. s'oX111) Second. Keolius third. TinneI :124. - AVisess (Texas) FZaceS to Cie it.a.b0-1).011..-111 Wsco. TXX., Noveinher 10.--The fall feet" at the NVilec) Driving l'arX commenced to-day with a very lar,ps attendance of stock and visitors. Titer are many 10...Th-flyers Isere and nne sport is et peoted. Ti e racing tw-slar was very good no the time shows. Tile grand stand Is g,neritily spoken of as one of the finest In the S Attn. and ati,irds a perfect an.' continuous view of the tracit troin the start to tile finish. Lverytoing wont off well, except that they g it to worX to 1s1. so iticit caused the, Ls-t race to be tiirown over until tomorrow. Tao postponement. Of tile tilird race until. to-morrow. wita ope neat to lite credit ot Uotit Top Sawyer and tt.ot, swim.aras a general Olstppolutillent. lite judges were John liaioer, County 4. iorit; Maj. IS hey Jones. a veteran horseman. and ex Lieutenant toovernor Marion Siartiu. sir. Mcking acted as official Secretary; First race. one mile trot! T.Ibby S. won, Dude second. 1,.)nitor third. TimsII Second race, pacing. trod tor ailt oit Honesty. l'atsey tinker socoad., Ahersteen third- I tte.--2 The attendanee ir n e tottsck at the Fair Is large and Crthlltable. There is every indication ot fair Wt.Jailor for th we aal good sport is anticipated. 'Diens ere a great numbe sit sporting alien here &Lid Lao toitting In the pools Is quite lively. Vicksburg Ices. Special litwalch to Mc tilot,e-liclooccat. Vickauctui. Novembee 10.The Inaugural of the Vicksburg Fair .A.isociation 'oral a aucceas. In the race a two of the- favorites weredefeatthl. First race three-quart dash: StartersAnnie II.. TwI1I.T B, Loc1woecl.I.a4y of tile I.iihe, :retilli. aril V lona. it log tO the bait when tney an cloaed up and brebut snored In trout and on by two ienct us. Lady of ttit Lake set:oils". lona tinr11. 'I nue 1:th t-econd race, one nd one-quarter mile: Stortersitoacinsko. ilooda;ti anti Elie IL Eill4 IL took tile lead. followed by iloodaie and R(,ciu,-lo). After twiniii g. a toile koactusko reached i.C1- 11.. 811(1 after a wbipping leadiug Eine 11. by a bead. line2 .06 The third race, mile heatq. 'WWI Kangas the favorite; rpauktine. ililete and n,owdy Itoy iitartd. I,Ipatlisfillif 14 tat bota beats ea,ily In I:S.!. Tnti attendance wai 1". The Ntesfeivi rielca AtILTNK, R.. NOveinbor O.To-day was Occuplel iii compIeting the nr.t series of the free-for-all stakes and two heats In the second sertes. Kichniouil Openeil the days sport., with queen Iless as his Onnonent, &nil after ei hard strUCZIO won the beet by Its unsteadiness of shot. 1.11ilan a.fainst Bridgeport Caine second. the handsonte,t tbrce do,:s In the trial. The judges Iota dins-Way its" deciding this heat. lint atter being down toes hours and a half the victory was awarded to Ellison. In the second series' the winners In the sew. eral heats of the fir,t Iteried were pitted against each other. 'I riLlostis Jiang opened the rtice With Kansas (-sty 11 favoritet Palley. The contest was long and very cio,te. end hrough some errur of Pat trainer tile heat was given to Bang. I) the sorrow of the owner and his many friends who witnesset 1116 or foc the p3lot two days. agzslost (5P o as let down nett. lziebnion I get loo.nt4 . lhe heat was contInuel Until dark. astst.t'atd hitVitlat 110(411We,, to win. toe heat ell given to bins. To-illorrowss trial iv1:1 Lso, a continuation of the free tir.als. in 'a Inch the contest wit be between King an,11.i.hits. Rot toss sinner of that will go a;zainst i:ictlitloh I for nrst place. after which (be secoad and thirst 14 lit be conte.ted tor by Ilse next beet dogs. 'Dos orawings fur positions In the Derby was tilftie to-nizht, closing with tottrteen entr,es. vs Iih race onl not sse costspitoed sre aturitay. Tne ludges are il.sosised to it;ve every d anions tlb (ilophty Its clual!eati.tne In the election of otticers of the ess,csaDon for the nsultig year. J. tt Monson. of St. 1.4411i.. vitt re-elect...I Pre!oeni, J. A. Lolauti of Kansas Lity, lest Vh. IjOnt V !, a us 1 sa g of Ablest.. somt 't President; E. E. Pray. of Is,lover. Thtrst 1 lee PresOdent. and IL '. Yisulusru. of Kansas Lily. secretary lull Trtft,urer. - Jack Gallagher Arranging tor a Fight. Spvcial Dotemit te the t.lobs-Lfrreoetst Aux., November )1--.1ark Gallagher. ot Kattas Clty, a puzi:ho of eon. ehlerable reputation. arrived here to-Al my. It Is et 11perett arettu'l Its the slvortIttu traterni ty that. he cams up trunt Itrthas 10 liA,4' a nutt somewhere le this 1.tate tt1 e tirdzer tt into city. wit I, is inentionett In the paper a two CIALuowit.' Prize Flight at Toronto. TOnos-ro. ()sr.. November 19.--lx rounds Nt-ero fought hers It week between train natio. or Toronto. and Johnnie of tiontroal. 'tittle hat the best of the erht all Itirouutt. although k n,411,-orei a Limes-dots n In the MX :II rouud. lite referee declared the teatlt a utraw. Sporting' Notesrrstsrss arouud the pool-rtsione is sally on the deedne. Tit K last Ineeting of the Turf Congress was held tu hie-ago a year as). Tux Flambeau flub will totTit their ars t drill at tile Armory this ittetulug. At'utt !Au Ittitsr. the owner of Sentax and trkt,vvral other noted w inner s. a4 to toe city yesterday. F. I.. Seim left fOr LSI yesterday afternoon. Ile goes for ducks. and w.l1 re-ilia t o wee kt.. Tug new .jtekey club house at tits Fair Crounds will cost bete ern Sto.o10 and t:s.l.tosst. The plans wL be ready by stturlsY Tits Itrowns leave for New ofittans todav. Mr. Von der Ahe sites alone wr;ti them. flo anticipates a ette.:yssrul and mrontabie trip. sant V. 1.1-4-4 s was looking over the Union Grounds Yesterday afternoon tor the purpo0e of inaklug some Inihrovvuteuts beton. the petting id next scasou. Tits stars were defeated threerstraight Citifies by the totlesbur.-4 lust eveithor at tile btar ItInt.. the visitors 'doing some eXcellent Plitklutr. The two ninth w to play the scout 1111-11,10 of their burls or three al the titer this evening. Ma. rusts 1.11),C DLit An a I rutting down hie expenses. Last saturdise lie discharged hit; bookkeper ani paid the secretarY oft. lits also ordered the telent10,110 to tlet taken out of his Wile.. Sir. Veil dolt- Atte xplained this by tating that he must cutdown his expenseit. and aks there WV114 no particular "lurk; for the thou be let go at tyriteenk. Times le only one grale of It c-No tea. 1 Beautiful Rubies. flown the ',veto Newt.) b111 on the point ot zuy foreaurer yesterday that which Wilti TrIllati $7.1110. VCSA a mire pigeon-bluou ruby a efeblut four carats. It 1 ,n Of IU finest specimens ot thts from whIch has strer boon brought To Ma country- A 'gate street rtirr'irl tor ball It and one weigh t,z half a carat more. tint only value,1 at 16-4.m. A mate to the former ono form 4 tne ,-,enzer et a InilLZ11th,ent br-ssen. it Is so -rosin :ekt tour OtIV araL ret,tre tu-,.tt,Totte tt..itelk,1Ws aggragat,a carats 1 nave never seem an ornament tiazt:Init ant yet 1.0, chate. 14te a hole was ve-Incd at 111 omit. Itatos,s. 1 alit toll. (outlne tA) be the Muat taAboll able Itt.IT1S- TrIPY Ihre nt least the most expensive. It In irubles catt not bs, bad 'cc less than SLteln. "the eno,niver than that bear too close a reiertibblinCe te red ho emsraht. too. Is a very rKsttlitar stqte. but dlamotil toll their can aEiamst, aJ oesr-k-oulers 1 hey twre ucver ne 11,! ltd lustier holt ttie! Lave ta creas,d, In number. Tar bleamer cprved ;te 14 lb tu,bt rell&Lb INA nu V. raver. 1.0 1s tha ,brrta I Lae t LAU:1m Ilou tile tuktet &A pecto to by ',bur butte overru,etb. t guarantee to bell our ini.cbts 541 per real lebb t ban arty ollire rues. I . rLD LAbLit ctotli1 s0 Hot br. 411 and 413 ,N )rt44 Proe.1.4 by. 1111: EATILLI:. 1)411c Hu little.. Ilat rtayut 1.1.01k, !LUTIN-E. VIIrt ,STVUL AILlittVkuvki.vis, NuiretuLmer It). 10 p vt"ertations Wr tilted at tt pa;no tnymeut at all tati,int. ou the Inerldlan Ittaio: , I t t I . ; ; Weigher.. ; btATIONt, , ; I N ye '4 s,r14 4 se! .541; , k. st , 44 kt .10 ,1 , 0, 44, ,, 4.1st ostsks issst is ItS .st I s.otts. Ars, . :ts 1,t,ss b.. Es,as 4satorst,mo. I. sys, ; I.. ots ,,,t .4 A 4,. 44, E4 4ro lso.,o1.1i,se, tot s sss.s- 410- 44 IK lest sss 4! s,so onc.441. 1 MI,. 1, it 141;tscirws .4.4st-s in to. t.s.t I ..... 401 qt. . A tM. mi Mar s st 1, . ; - 4 ,,,s atsss s le,..sto, .4sos tAA.4" it ,,, :4 M. Assis t..;. 44 1,11 4 ns,s04-, 6, Ts. 4. . 1.14 VII t0,..1. :- 4, ,s 46,-.6. los ! 7-; ILA 4 rt.',11.0 (.11 tqc0. 61. 141 .10 Aa 4 1.4." AO 11.1 .100 an, s i t i 411 t ' .7, ..... . , . ; ... I .4 i ....-...... ......-...- 1 ........... ...-...-.. 44 t Vk . ... f 84- A.,.. 44 ' N, N -... l ,. sr. L 4 .ta t ikat. ie r s at. 44- 444- Ir.,. 4 sl t ' 4 ... 4.r. t bt au. .4.1 4 b-aor. b.4birt, 4 .1.) War ciat.'. lo 1.... le-ar. 4 ire 1,1110 4 a 1,0. 41 da. 4 1, a.r ot, 4 to- tr. 7-. 4 ao 4, 1. ao i ..... 4 er sr 4: N, . h 4 Ivor. k. ka.t. ' .1 r. ..11111C.O. t.l. 141 .!P Aa 114.01 i , r 4. I &MIL 1.11k. I. T lo. rt tb P4ort 4 INewl.s-01. 1).1 1 ',.,' ,,,rin Iv. I A ...... 1.-1 I.... A P. I A Sam I ....lit. 1.-x Tex I , 1-akr( .S Co I 1.1 .04 r .rat. 4.114r. 6. A. tIuk. Cleirpw-Al. "...Vika. c.:111., I e. A. Local Report. slt.s ILL 01 ft L. T. Lot 1". 10. 1.,5,. November a ,..t . g .7. I:1 1 6: . ; l :, . . I I t.: 1 ', l & z . I.0( Al. ENE. i I, i. .-... , ,I , r i t I --, .ii E!titlii-s1-1:1 sl..a.t...,,, . . 114 a. tit ' 2 4 2.24 64.2 i :-.4 '2 4 la 1 i 4 ay. ,:. e a. an. ' JI..1 4 41 I ....1. a 'a a '4 ,. ar. 44! .. a, ra . 21..1:' ..-. 1 1 41.1! ... 11 4 4 ag. 1 ', 44 p. am 41 .4,.-t.:, 4 ... 4 a 2 4, 141 ,. .4.4r. LtNi, OA -1, 4 4.7.41 ... ba , .s.. tu '2' Ai-. !-!;...a 44.a I a.- - - -I ---,. lb Nt lila , 7,1 tt 1 li 14 4!.? ; ... ' . . I ,4.,h.,,,u tempera nre. 1,, ' Al taisattlitt I. 4..1.,-ratar.L. 4 1.'..1 . Al .. ta2r 1. it.,46,.1aiurr hat 2 to4atia144.r. 4:: 1--. ... A. V1 4 14 c. t ...1..ral fr.rtasii IL of p'. t . ,.... A. indir4if fowl. VAtiiivotON. C.. NOvember A. M.-- For the tVt-st tiulf Mates. fIIt usmtber. nearly stationary tetnnerature. variable winds., generally southerly. fallinc barometer. For Tennessee and the tsitio Valley. fair. warmer weAther followed tinily's the night or on ilitirs lay by rain s. winds generally south, rly. it'll-1111)g In the Isce.teen pcIrt ton 14 southwesterly. falling barometer. For the 1.014-rr Lake region. steuerally lair. wattne'r y eat tier. youtuer;y witids. fsli,ng barometer. follossed isy ratrts. l'or t b I pper 1.ti1 y region. increasing cloudiness. local rains or sows.. y twts generally smiling to westerly. st3.:litly colder. 34 e,-,m1.-3, In t,orT.LiztalLtarn part, by In a rnivr st rattler. I4 t be I pper Nitss:sslppl I Alt vitalber. foLowed by lit-creasing-, cloudiness anti local Falb,. Th.:Lilly vrarmer. forosred In he sou 'Alert p)rtls.,a by tail it-t temperature. a in II. sloftlust nor: b. westeriv In northern portion. For lb. Missouri Ut.y. bur treat her. robots-01 by inereasitts Loolooess an local rams. variable int14. getwrallie ace.torr. alig114ir aarlintir. foliowssi by silghtly eoLter eather. or olorado. inerealuir ekvoi'llnL wLh 3ea1 rbi, 1-1Inar. 1,,Ikrorett by taa!ng tomtseratore. Sot' barsdas. incroahaing rt,A1,11u.nka a ILI, at, Illatcatt tor tots La 0,0 rcli rte boWer tit-410 an3 Lou -r 410 i:;itero lit tie, tje-314613). i64,,,a here tna river will renia:tt near.r ativii,,nary or stiglitic. 4'4113.31nm:1' eleitals ssi.d.nuo 11: attoulk ...It tursol Mir4mo au -1 1,43- pwroJr, tacvpt ( LiCaSu. flogs o So to! No LI es Li. Itut ftVerxmly p4etto.,1 Iti itiub bo.c.tht their wInter upply of suits, Tett-441LS &Z1 Mutt t It ear st the ri NIL .1& EJtoir & tik&14:,k4e not L. 411 sof 4E; N. Itros.tosT A 1100'31 IN TII ritti)n. Tbe U 0.64 of rare Paints IZepldly In. creablne Atssona' Chlrgr.o oment tat.' (Let 1K-sJo COmple 'Ion Is the Pt of trade :IL:: as. remarked a itat e street druggist. The use of cosmetics Is rapl,ry Int-Test:az In Ill:se:Ty. as you may have noticed. IA :Thin the last IX month there has beer: a gross tr,g activity In that 1:ne, and I in:Tanen ek 0 Ikea ttree times: as uturla of these gon.els as ere dist a year ago. I cant SCA,OUTI1 for It. xcept that IT le no tho.cts te uss som sort of taco oreoara:,on. lite sttko Is everything n ltii the bones. from cson pies-Ion to ha:r. arnt Mom hair to toetistis. It a th:ng echnies known at .the style thereli no a run on it. sou ttirr1r., no:matter In hat It Is. (stl cam see abut as m sue gressed taced women ott the strects of slcaro now as In New I ortri or 1.n!!aAtrip:I'a. n so- many as In Itatt.on:re or tt tots. 1 never saw greoiIn ;.-. carried to sut-tt extremes att it Is in tts ashinclon- It is th.Alve,y a relief ti 11.n1 a noman On Cis, street there n nit a na'shrel ehinph Lion. i'otnit tItur dealers have hdoted vie 1.a.icrn not ion of having toilet t,ariors. In sviiich they rig up the Laces et stinsteurist. Ladles, 5it1 this has helped akin g the Is e:m. 1 het rosnieto: teale Is :reit cox to les arled. There are him:Ie:1s of varieties tt bloottio. rust ses. :sowdors. etc.. tu tile market. and on most Leon neat ly lid tt then. Theis Itiere ere 1440 utlast awl u ier crayoos for th eyebrow: Is. tioesoe i4. ',earl POW LIStr r".9f .Phiet Ite.p,rult lLoont tt N'11011. trena(10,, Medh:sted Luttt-r 41,4tves. lonipea3 ttrintla Vonniolterti, and un I tio it hip-hove in a 11 tis hue and cry about t poison:0U elret or IIILt5. theY ruiu the natural complexion. and 0: uhtless sls. but they are itt no way denser:Jut. The rush In I r: Ica o is fnr race cream or powder. I olor Dot popuiar as ha the Lat. threlvn taales keep a lilts on baud Use- shells& erosstone rse un- a t such on th Cps or eiteel.a. tf cturs. softie ,or the cheap preparations are no better Matt paints. s-note 'women are reckless enough to use ilkie Or tie petqe tabion. tvelair CO in T14..1,1 Of Wire ot r!e bo.tstuth and being intetiutoe Is onlY with great oi ruccii tr. Aft,r repeatel u,ines it can't Ise taken off at all. and women Is Ito get lido this predicament Sr. . lik Noroli wife Itipthosi. Won 111.14 a paste les hard that It hou1,1 be got off only by a hot bath In a-ses mils. There are liundr-dt if girls And Arnmen In I tocag,t who Tzo year after year as the scs t Wan areltrian lk,ta011t Washing at alt. 'tt ben their eom;lexien Tales A litZ IA they put on more of the f,1111111. tot course. the I ronch beat the veer-111n trio preparation of face totisris. but itoollna Of onr American manufacturer are close behind them In the "natter of powder's and creams. Lii ooloriug toe )tench excel. - fr the party who has been tell:ns the Laclede Mill that thy porliter Infr1n;e1 his patent. and ntak:ng tlirests t3 sue tn. proprietors of this mid for using my purer. call at the office of knight tiros.. potent 11111- yen. corner I:roadway and thle street. and ales, them the (lets, of his patetit. If he has one. I a-111 be otiligei to hint. A. F. Kartt. A GHOSTLY ASSISTANT The I,ast Poker Gantt' of an Infatuated I'laver. 1, rola the Its. c) ba, erI stamt.ste4 Zt cver tee re Taara 'mild a 1u;v1 .11.1 gentleman vs Ise) bad watched tna telay at a &elet partly tlie other erandllit. 6,. and 1 will never dO a a; anct. Gamblusvg was a naturist bast tth If. but any desire I Intiftit haw hal eras ruishel aa Lac:dent about Ito Cm r.lertn-etle I iss-as CA tar roa 3 at Intl links. to beet,,ma a i;autPsIty rusg'.e-t-tesel me bus:mess to silt tu giunes and s laaa awav front lesoute every tst.:Ist ID tuse wee.'" la!re. twch la-a a's a tr t presesei y..istesss, arh, a Vile. hLat I sta.t. I too.11 Itit.a,oated 'ad!) ;I".. kt-:Is'rtten tst ,ie risk 1.i 11,,,1 Wer.11141dil, Plio. 't ti ILI I I a roptatillipn as an A I er-raler. I w...) 1,41,4 a ss ',tent tree beatme taro. It se-as sesvettxus. att. c,. n 1,46 ot sieeplei.S Alt Ith banks dr,I.Ist.O, Mt tut a:tor a isAse. au t cling tat rny ryss. tic boiv,u-ss Is ent s i,s.www. lot so, so tie. tr,evel my st:1',1 s.s,rec,.rtd lor Sind 111!!-.14m.",..,3 tor tie Pal..r.,. hr.-axial, 1.1. 1,1eot 1 sgahi n1 4s-11 but I la't 11. ill,reit the's. uI Is'.rhoka St 1,vr wara.4-14.. 1 lOtt. al I t.r.,e0 4:01,14it,s al.ty us 1st... ivuter I ,i.tteset." Ti. 1.1t cAttle iseAl 1 131". tt4,1.'sta and eiver one vi a. aid ,iIs story. ItLo Jostler s fr and bitterv ist,srv. 1 nos ,lystu sy:' a u,:a and ciin 1 in tir, F tit ytItne aste,1 to corn Ins w, tioecla:s;lon Its an et e ary nevn,' btil hilet I vneve I t e.r tke),1 A AV Irs.oitt t. Ia. kilrer a tit!it ras.linz IA 34 ,17'112a. Ai 1 1 All pAA., a. 1-1. II:1,e.. It ,3111 '14 I dad 1".111tt,, in:1,...,1m I t 81,1 Isla b... trar4.12 On by' a ruf..11...11-1. .Vert 111t4,1 VIV I CS AS 1.1,t;t. 4A,) tr 4,4 re--4 j eess,e--ss I ste sess cm' to. est. -L k l'y "u: o t tot tL'ire. 14., III A a to.1 1 veer tor a toloolt:s 1 LL y r. ,ou the cl, I .!' an1s,et ateest bsug 11.,mo rtr,1-0 tbe ubIsey 1 bad ostoL-si 1 1,,t ea we for st-t:Lol.: on toy an I I yy.:1 beiere a Pro i!a, a ne-r res .er-assse than I 'a i4. I 1 UJ t-'a art Dee , ihka etopeee.J tent a.n a".1 sot tue levet-. an.,s set gi era at vul..4 oistt tflVe UtSst I in that t at, L VI ON. stie,Ce.s!al I a kostil an-stwe 18411 Mott.. 11104, 11,y .latt TA 11:,.1 an ooct. and tiers I rust .:.t three ti.4. I e 4.4 1!"4. erv oropto I se.t an s t-rt th..1 ibt ttry'..t.. I taattert..1 arbt Irtu cant., opponesa "41 114. 11111,1 card. I eau tat a ten bill I .te de:dlr.or c.koss. ma. MIlectOs..1 a, fist her t 1.4 ij- 4:1,v, a. as rosy adversary Is tsooo haul Istere shak last g;art.11, migin ta f ure. lye tro:4t filet( toe had dt.aitta-as at hI whs (0 M y 1;re that I ,11,1 store t I 1k:1.4 TI 31 SildIrt ot tine It.en a tiro ta:ng mita vey Usti. I tL; 'Sant, 11,k" ill aa invtsot I II, 4.1 1,,e newt Ist V.'s an IninT 'WA 1.c 1:. t rte. artd I &In riA4 ,1-11-1tx.i.,i,..Lis, te.,,y et,. te-seete ou I. tout tut salts- t r to :tar Int.. 111,r o-rsos Ss a. loran as :::st 1.c4t re awl !hoards she 'mot& presetvee etttlitage,..1 1 sea tu a traons t nen. tut retuonsowr noW IL be avvit Inn pposti II ere rked 1Ü ittk':,1 .1 are 43 :it. Pa, 'a Crin14 aeroos t la tie I swill. use ,-seIs a:nob. e a ill II-. and 1-!.iria., so ,s,,n mv a r ..a. card .coante..vIt pa 76. 11011 n-1 1 wi,de to toe tre stvr,ts ho illy Land 1: Use ttue-en et Ite.srIg... T4.0 it&11,1 ot 1.:1"." sidrit remyt,el over an4 a ear s! trnnt tits. o-rft hand. It seas toe viet.e?, I I odt I prn. IV ,i,ls,41.1311 absed the it I Iv apt a ....lig I, 1... I z 41 FM- band- There Isere todr 14.11 I be'. t C.c. He ralsel me !" s,0. ai-1 4. 141 1.ty t tor ,t and I emoted. Ii, sal,tIttur ',topped p,tylna then a tI ma. a losi, Inat IlItzttl. thsd just 1.01e. cis In F Lon .r. mvt thy cornient the nest day an I Le salI so ale: t fiiz ) h:q..; ts-ehrrel ac.:-r 11t tryht- tss'niste I us. 4.-at..1.1.! 110 1. 11.t.1 a ,rand IInnts I or' Ire al ball. It a All the deut-e os. I tps-re.,,k,-Ti st iee11 IS illy bt,pry. a.1.1 I vescar boat .L t rde. LINLOLN PIZAIIEl. Ills IZeFporuke In 1S62 to a lielem.ttion tit Luthersn Minister. It flpia 14,r. N4.1110 Tort (11,0.1-1-tr..; Among the tehi,laus oelvoen,nalAtma our land the trat to take detindö et ;a 'frith l'o. eve of atrenz-thening the ba rut.; of th- lre dent by alt,..uring 11;m of the sin,,,ate ani pra)ere of 'II (Lair as t'oe Lutheran. In the to ring Of 1.0-2 a aer,et of resolutiona hatlaz 11114 c2i.14-4-1 lot , alopted by U. General Synto I of the Leangearal I.,utheran t'hureh Ia t'oe t-hte,e1 .statea I was prof:At-a orttnIrrantzi t',10 (-ontoMUT t a present t nein to the 1res!1.nt. the other truentler, (a the 4,tinnt.11 so. 14 ere Ithe Etat.' lot. l'otil.ttata lige r a a 11, ta..11,s A,aatay. 1411 ,r 1!,.70.. IIId su perInteuhie ot of Loahal:e.h. - the e.)in ut:t tire Caulf,2 at 1,4..0 partaktoat to are auge r,,r srt plz,TA-1,1 r. .rw. ard Stalowtt r litZ I bad a tle resooU1ion4 that oe vot ere a lt,,,nZ i bent a lite Urt-to.t,lettt lot4tu41 1.11 1 i.14 too betoet-Lana U hat he 'ea l re-:.kr11 11,, hlta a 1,4,ai .ro paper ht itIch ;het. lima toren liuttittlit.J. 11:,a1 1111.0 gt.,t f te not,n. a were 1,t rosho,est to Le 1. e.;. tient Loy Mr. !t-evt nrl. la ; gt-g.telit tr.1 vr,o,"N1e,pt o: Una rk.f.,.:14,i tct' I tge 4,111:Cer tgl It .riteral a .,pt Stot,tretlt. 64 4111 Si tr. ld mar$ . bt-u 1h4 l're,tl.tet"..t clan, to rottatart tgo sloa he Gould reaa st.tat ba,3 r.:t4-u. at, toe 41-1 Ii Isten inr;t4.1 tte tbe 1.eSt.,..1,: atoll freely Ica, eon or,-,r4.n. Utui u 20.;.rartIe. boa :noz 4,4t4Ite trtagt trcot, lo b eatt,tta 4U f ,r a t,g tata.getultt, 14 vet-art Len tge the treaL.Z.t.1.1 tj uo nal un-! o'.4 Li,J littaa arglintlate e igall tle.t.g1 brat. u goats iltsee Utli ilc, ttat at agat.. I a.rer art trat; aontry 1:tvegaltt bo,a4 peca oar ex..' ession heat al eat tug nti.t...-rt Agra, perk. I etti444,1 Mr. !sew ar,1 for the trannaerirt e etLntn r. Iuti peat, otae. t.;ere gave tut. 84: :4tt hal alit coi it reLa at Itgliittagt tttig It tott't 11 et 0.:,:tm.. here t1:0 seveGC:tit es of taw 1. r att..zet.:1.71ks Lathe rat,. o4 11Po L ti;Lel state's. I save', I 1.14 Fre; u la tat mieltursittet-ot 44, tb tort a At. of I he ..'0,1g eltt al ate I 1. . al t gait 1..y f,o.t.ter i;;',44-446 IS en re4 oco eroaa. 11.a;..-Is tut oletrb. 13 VI oot ohly ILA r,vet au 1 Int.; :;,,tas iLoerl.e of War too ti itlear atol. hut kes a lare oe tree ha re 41,-ous t Per, ...At lataaltat..1 le Ittanv cao--mep,,,,,, an I t Iun aCt..., I Oti 1.1 e-ij; I I lateu,,,,I.,yor reiutahl: I ae-oe; let Me 1e Of hartt. Jrol upon 4.;eti telt a ',vent 'oleos p'.atse tot Po tuternal e!U-Irlhe.1 ut car ccuritt lull k.I iL :if, t11,1 Vote, anti ILe Tr.s......arc, h ' ut,ote net- 414 Lave torollat.t taplitt laynt 1.q. t,letramtnt as Lica 1 , to has broult not l,tee eoeappt,. of re-at 4-oath-t1t-et $iLa $ I 11,Li. ,,.y at I in,. or 1,41 ipt:;1 niar rettt:te.. t 1.4.1.tts It 1,1a so ora ton. t,,,rert vial' lieu I "Ill Los..VVrtinlf.rit 1,6 Goo pra)ef a,1 I he mad tele ge.guttl.agitt tle.tare.ti A Wit a it,ie 41Ytoen,leott-e 1:ie at tt u.lir. tattni.dv and ret eret-g-It'. slice, reiterate Ita cli.ta go 0..041 nt.7.1 t4 I 'ta gg. rot tlaigli It bliatt pieta, the IgIvItge a a. 14 1 -t lito, 3 tletittlwa !tit tgott that 1 iS 1,-gga a Ittnttett pegttlo. Mi.' 11141. hu-oy tr, 4.'v Lute 104.1111We., Vir, iZ - i la - owniki existence a 0.-ur:-t Z tittta- 1eggsseivregs area Mew 8,,1 ALI c,asset an,2 conk! t :-ns '$1116.131. ' I alit it', gni eart Irk r U tb eta4m,Vlotte 3 htf.ite t. la ) brit la ht, dir,C,..011S n Its, e,cttcgi itt t,gs Is lad. rue nave. 1 not;gro tt- Intcrone algtit deocritoril lilt been r-4-, rtle4 in t I, I4 t.ortribi annals 400r vAtrrits4 !, et I Lwow that the re. 4 I Preseut Lae igttigerto peen pt. tol steed lu f J; I. t1'$usI. j. rr h iot 1)oze In 1:nztand. 11.4-T1,S totter I r,-1 .13.1 1 Ui. the past te Etwnt,h. have ta thy I rise- 1,-- Lee had to lost' :ti St le1 one cate 4' tleo ablea rety seek. itLen It la Md. sitlered how easily the disosse transnOtte4 Irons one animal to a ti t her. ( flats by a tisers, wit3ro. agnit tnenoe I 3 1141) human 10 not 0hrT rng that r. kT. ,4,244-u- 4 ber 1;JaclibeAth.sib4ua tittav tait i t a Ks 1arrA1 that. ha r;r-or tot. three eskaes 1.4 tiv. onclut,Lia I 030.31 a an In a tortniyht. ha thought it his date 11.1 e...millu , orn tlit.eloqeto IN-Nisee. t u tisit 1,1,M;'1' t trraoi Cr! t4,14 44 hy,:r 1.1.1e,11 ay (4.1t 11101111W113 tr.wealee hay n Le 1 in e arllyr etages and breeetitoia tx eat are at once he taken. It an anititrit eta lasers fr..tu Ina lueutn WO has a Lang at 4.4 I Ito er Jaw. atN.Nitap4rtie4 be a pe,,,ILse cher ::a In ;I bark.. it Is a clear ease ot ctura4 rat, a oontattion as the other form Toe 0 torn ot rabas 14 uore datou-rons. tse,-sttosek th doh: tnk.Wit his - it1114t,4r e.,i I. et en ab,,,ro triethhy Inan usual L13 Itt,tt. a ....rant-0, nt-rroustoeso. navoinit at eerytt,,,n,z t,at 14. b-tol hint and haro;e..t bat lieru-ar rats; i sstorh. ouosse hoard, ran never be I -r tot 'eh It thro th istatt test sOteral,n in Le barj ot a 1,..,a whottid at olLr-o be Intl i q-aranl.,e.r It any 4,134 Las 11,e nitst,rt,i he 1,1 be t,;'..t L,T a fflact g the best ul,nit to du is O. sib- is It to,' wound at ono. Cram the a morn I., .,1 1,00a,bie.. I his i tar t,ei ler than vaLtenta tk,11. rtlaloo ottIcees or ot 114T t.rriell. la 111,1.11,a. L. mho., 'red det boy stit t. ss Losti,t under the rorstr41t.t the!r his hers or tog. El,. are in a ratod state. 111)4 at',.,o los... guar liste Lkell 1..1Leu to' rah.duthat. that moans I nouta liobe tblitstate. bs eat er Minato that berrithe usrase, hh-n, st tJocP11 utiiciaeca. Ina," tlireaup & r tot 11).trol; 4 I 1 , K I et ; , i e S - 9- -

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