The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 211. BlyllwvlHe Courier ElyUicvJHe Herald Blj'theyiile Dally News OF NOHTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOtTTHKAST MISSOURI Claim German Planes Dropping Parachute Mines Into Sea Lanes ^n^sss^sr^^Ls^,- £5 sources waul today in fntcnaiflcalioii of sea wurfai-i-'whicl has taken a loll of 22 ships of!' tho British Isles a ml i I ' English Channel since Saturday Hie parachute mines—a start-*— Ung new Na?j <lcvclopment in, modem warfare-was disclosed by 1 British sources. Reports were received of five more ship sinkings. I Two Nazi airplanes were beliov- ed to have sown sea mines In the Thames estuary last night, either ns an experiment or as part of u broad program. Naval sources snicl (hey believed that the mines planted by nir- pJfine had been responsible Cor a Itirge part of the recent shipping disasters. Experts said Ihcy believed thnt Ihe parachutes dropped from the planes dissolved in the water, permitting the mines to sink to the bottom. The parachutes, presumably, were designed to prevent damage lo the delicate mechanism of the mines, (lie British naval exports said. The experts claimed that the sowing of the parachute mines had been confirmed nnd expressed belief that the five latest reported sinkings were due to them. The Inst two reported were the trawler Sulby and the steamer Darlno Three others had been reported early today. The three were the Greek freighter Elena ol 4,570 lolls, which sank off the south coast, where 24 persons aboard Including a woman, were rescued, the British steamer Geraldus, of 2,495 tons, sunk off the east coast, where the crew of 26 wns picked up by a British warship and a French • trawler, sunk oil the southeast coast with probable loss of nine of the 10 persons aboard. In the House of Commons Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain rejected a suggestion that German prisoners be put on British ships as a deterrent against illegal Nazi mine laying. "Such action would be contrary lo the convention governing treatment, of prisoners of war to which His Majesty's government Ls a nnd • which they . willJ.con- • Urine -to observe,'" lie said; * .: Boy Accosts Two Girls And Lands in Harbor BOSTON (UP)—Social arbiters might frown on this method, but James Smith, 15, certainly hns learned not to speak to strange girls. Confronting two girls on nn East Boston bridge, Smith asked: "What's tiie password?" Withcut a murmur, tiie girls grabbed Jimmy and heaved him Into the harbor. Spectators rescued him. Palmer Says Program Has Proved Boon To Tenant Farmers LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 2!!. (UP>- Temnornry Chairman c. E Palmer told 25 members of Ihe Ar- ,uu,u:«i. ^Tm,Mh-,' 1 i™ 1 *"^ commission In some quarters it wns expected at a mtetuw her, ,„*,„ that the thnt for every reduction in D, t" A UK A XSAS, THURSDAY, NOVRJIHEH 2:!, !!);!<) Fes, WeAreAnwngTliose Who Are Only 'Looking On? Today Holland May Gul Kxpovts to iMiglancI Be Blockade Move AMSTERDAM. Holland. Nov. 23 Ihe lend .of President Ho:'sevelt,:ob-' •Sprvcu TliQiiJtsjjl vine Dftv wtltlc tlie others looked on. nwnlitnir t\\n lr,-\- I for In (-'tuilm^l R~ "I--"-' diiional date nest Thursday. tO Lllglailcl BccailSC! of A survey showed most, of ..- Dutch uqvcrn'mcnl' lo- riny strongly protested to Great Britain against the allied order for seizure of German exports on the ilgh seas which will "severely hit lie neutral powers." A similar Jictesl wn.s expected to bo mndf >y lielglum. "Attention is being drawn to he fact thnl Ihe comemplntcd British reprisals are very unplcns- nnt as fur (is Holland is concerned s they reportedly were Inkcn nfler ome shipping disasters of which, oss of n big Dulch passenger ship vns by fnr the most Important he government press service nn-' Ihe nounced. land policy here act e "One of the commission's great- 'ni-iHi I'st successes." he said, "has been rallying public sentiment against the evils of tenant farming." a similar reduction in trade with to maintain and renewal of T. noy Reid, regional chief of man charges that small neutral nations were submitting --- J -.*,..., K-glvuull CIIJI'I LII «J_ the Farm Security Administration,; praised the act and said (hat ru- without protest to the allied block- - rai rehabilitation is aiding a greater percentage of tenants Tn Arkansas than in any other stale. He said this was because of the cooperation in the efforts of the state and federal governments. Aged Man Attempts To Crank Car, Breaks Legs UJXORA, Ark., Nov. 23— Both egs of H. A. Wise, '17, were fractured below the knee when lie was pinned between two cars while attempting to crank his automobile at 10:30 o'clock this mornm" Removed t:- the Memphis Baptist "elgium I'rolesls BRUSSELS. Nov. 23 (OP)— An official announcement tonight said the Belgium as well as the Dutch government had protested against Britain's order for seizure of German exports nt sea. Cannon Carrying 1'lams? BERLIN, Nov. 23 (UP)-Gciman airplanes, understood to carry rapid firing cannon, shot down five French planes yesterday the high command announced today just befcre Adolf Hitler joined high army officers for an Important meeting at the chancellery. Tlie Nnzi fighting craft were de- heavily populated states, with the exception cf New tiiighmcl vvht-re the first Thanksgiving was established 310 years ago. were among 28 observing the holiday 'today. Twenty-five stales, including five ihal decided to oUwvo both dates will celebrate Nov. 31), Ihe Insl i'huisday of the month. Tlie split was caused by the pros. IdenL's deckle n thnt ,,n earlier Thanksgiving would help Christmas shopping, ii HI mos |, of ihf . lnl . ecl . cltlc.f shut down for the lurkoy festivities while others curried on as usual. Stales observing Ihe holiday to- dny were Illinois, Lcutstnna, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, California, Indiana. New Vork, Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, Missouri, Utah, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Soiilh Carolina. Virginia. Wnshlngtcn, West Virginia and Wyoming, nnd Nebrnskn, Colorado, Texas, Idaho and New Mexico. The latter live, because of legally-binding gubernatorial proeJnimiilons (lint conflicted iMlh Ihe president's and ether reasons, will celebrate next Thursday also. It wns an official holiday in New York, Washington, Chicago, Kansas City, SI. Louis, Snn Francisco, AUnnta, Cleveland and Philadelphia, all major business centers. Boston, Hartford, DCS Milncs, Minneapolis and St. Pnul and oilier major cities, were operating normally. s ,„,„„, hospital in an ambulance .his con- 1 schmitlts .dilion was very serious at noon to- Bay.'>He nas accompanied to Memphis! .by his daughter, Miss Nora- and'.his son, Will Wise, and they were met nt the luspital by Dr. T. p. Hudson, who was nlreadv in Memphis. ,. Tlie accident occurred in front of the B. O. Wilklns Drug store. Mr. Wise's car had been left in gear and when he attempted to turn the crank, the machine lurched forward, pinning Mr. Wise between the bumper of his car and Ihat of another car parked in front cf his machine. Onlookers released Ihe injured Says U. S. Threatened Montana Begins Year's Harvest Of Yule Trees » r \\r- \M I KAL 'SPELL, Mont. (UP)-Har- OermanS Win War vest of one of Montana's most CLEVELAND (UP)—Refusal of airplanes to Prance and England in 'the present European war would •"<= nmvrau season insts until be a fatal mistake for tlie Unite;! Dec. 10. During ihat time about Stales, says Dr. William Y. Elliot, one-sixth of the 9000000 Christ- abundant crops— Christmas trees- Is under way in the western mountain.? of. the state. The harvest season Insts until . Eccnoniically, the industry is an important one to Ihe state. Two men arc needed to cut a 1 carload of trees and the season's 350 car- — ,^ —_ lk , _., iTiLAJiuji j, jiijju^ unw-oj^wj ui liJt a,UUU v(Ju <j| hend of Harvard-University's no- mas trees used annually in hticnl science department. country are cut. "If We refuse," Elliot said in a speech here, "Japan will clear France and England out of the Far East, and then go to work on us. "Russia will start communism down Into eastern Europe and across Asia. Germany prcbablv will be victorious in Europe nnrt begin a push into South America. Our national interest definitely will be j revenue on threatened." j mils trccs Rt a this .which carried cannon iinlll the --... cf iCi'iilui'ky vwuis i; HIP Ohio border, who worknl undnnntl, prolo.sled because Kcn- '"i'ky will observe Tlitinkijflvlnir iii-xt week. Ohio is cclebrall'ng lo- iiiiy. OfJIflully (iioy hud n dhy off with nothing lo celebrate, nnd next In their home lo :, with n states, most work. Mlhvuukcc mid Afndlsoii wis celebrnlod lodny despllc Oov! Julius "ells proclnninllon that (he holiday .should he observcil next Thurs- dny. Uflclgepcrt, Conn., wns (he only major city In Now Knslimd lo ob- ••"•rve tin- holiday lodny. All city unices nnd schools were closed. I lie slnte of Washington cclc- brnied lodny-e.x'cept n w ««,„ O f ciarkslon, acrass tlie Columbia Opposed To Fedora! Agency's Control Slalc Personnel Scleclion '.I'l'l'I,!.; HOCK, Nov. 2.t (UP) — fiov. llallcy reiterated lodny, Just wroiT bi'BlnnliiE his "iliovvdown confi-icnee" with nodal security clllclnls, llmt lie wns eolitu to Insist on slate coiiimi of welfni-e mid lienlthy dcparlmenl employes who handle federal fiinils. "If the stale should accept dlc- tnlioii from thn soclnl wxmrlty «<!-• mlntslrnllon on control of stnlo licrsonncl liandHng federal funds In Ihe welfare nml health clcpniU incuts we would forfeit our stntc " »Hl<). ... v ,-... 0 to sltind upon my ilfhls ns governor of this =; JST JB -TBS s. 1 a. s,;*» — Kt\ McDonnid. ii'Klonnl social c^r^r^ 1 Gov ' u °>"-•'•% ™"omTZs s cf nud Inmnles of state chnrlltiblc. inslllutlons feasted on 10,000 turkeys raised (hiring the year on prison fiu'in «i Jefferson City. The change upset college nni lillili school fo:tball schedules and McGregor, Texas, illsrcsnrded both a«»ca and announced It would hnvo il* frath'itlc.s on tho 24th when Ihe high scliool fo:lball team a team from a neighboring ° and four machine guns with Mrs. B. G. Coalfer, 40, Invalid 13 Years, Dies An invalid tor 13 years, Mrs. Zern Coalter, wife of 13. G Coulter, died nt her home In Hie Shady Lnnc community on Highway (il south nt five o'clock, this morning She was '10. Funeral services will be held Prldny afternoon, livo o'clock nt the Lake street Methodist church, "lite NOTEBOOK br Snmuel P. Norrli crew of two or three men They I wi "? llle Rcv - p - M. Sweet o(Hare capable of nbout 300. ihllcs o;il 8 wit1 ' °urlnl at Elmwood hour. Nazis claimed that their super- cemetery.- Pnllbearers will be p. n. Jar iorily in tlie air was demoiistrat- ""' wnlls n °l )cl '^ A - Scott, H ed by the ease with which Gcr- Go ' p - Tl Dixon nn<1 v - O- Ora mnn plnr.ra made scouting flights cey ' over London nnd olhcr pnrts of B ° vn '» Boonevlllc, Miss., Mrs England. Coulter cnme to near Blyt'hevllle i 1G ycnrs ago. Her condlton illd „.. ..„ For Three It's turkey nnd dressing lodny three postal employes In Bly- 'Hle but the olhcr 15 will wait .llier week before stepping'up .to Hie hcildny ironch'er. ' .Tlds sltiintton Is explained by I'ostmnsler Herman Cross who snys Us ad according lo the way you receive your pay from the government ns lo whether you observe the national holiday on November —„, !^ u^ ^nV^m^nt^ ^^^ * M^%^?^ itifiHAnpsT r, „ .... „, «BO. !„!..."! cl y°» sWiig "long with BUCHAREST, Rumniila, Nov. 23. ftB °- (UP)—Tiic govemment of Premier Argetoinnu resigned (oday in n cabinet crisis attributed to German negotiations for raw materials —particularly oil and cereals from Humtinla. The minister of armaments and the minister of national economy resigned yesterday nnd when a majority of the cabinet rejected tlie erman demands today the resignation of the government was presented lo King Carol. Deliver Jiombcrs LONDON, Nov. 23. (UP)--Thirty-six British Brcnheim bombers have been delivered to Rumania, the air ministry disclosed today. The planes were flown there by Rumanian filers. Fly Wounded Home Besides her husband vlvefl by one da , .--..- ...t,u>i 411 iMuiaiiiit, mm u insband, she Is sur- your Thanksgiving on the trn T „••„— -• m 'S" to . Mf ss Mary tlonnl "last Thursday" which t »5 Mrfli. r Mc'riZy"' 5 ' ^i^ >—. to be I,, C JotJf Hanna Funeral Jtome charge. Former Luxora Doctor Dies At Age Of 75 Dr. Sidney Allen Lowcry, pkneor physician or Luxora who moved to Kings Mountain, N. C., in 1920, jyour £cllow Arknnsnns nml take "" ndl- thls Since the three rural mnll carriers hero receive thetr pay directly from the government they, hi common wllh clhers in llils classification nil over the country, observe today. Fifteen other postal employees here, however, nre paid locally nnd the government permits them to observe the Thanksgiving recognized by other kcnl business concerns. Therefore, today finds no mall vcisy. Names I'rojcc! Officials LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 23. (UP) — Stntc welfare Commissioner John II. Thompson announced loilny np- polntmcnt of W. H. 1'llcack cf Little Hock nnd O.wiir Pawccll of Lonoku to head the depnrtineu! which \\lll operate the surplus (ooil stamp plan project tc- lie put inlo effect In ' county. Positions Filled In U. S, Cotton Office The office established here yc.i- lerdny tor functioning of tho 15t:iQ govcrnmeii; loan on collon Is now In. operation, according lo O. O. Tobcy of Houston, Texas, who Is In chiirue. lie Is being nsslslcd by four other cotton clnssers and ten snm- plc men, nil of whom nre nlready hired, the sample room men having been obtained through Iho Iccnl office ol Iho Arkansas state employment iservlcc. : SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Dyess Colony Passes From WPA's Control To Officials Of FSA Winners Of PUl To Prosper Honors, Officials Attend Luncheon Agricultural progress In Mlssls- ll>|il County with particular em- 'Imsls placed on the purl |),ls i:unly takes In lh ( . aiimuil plant o Prosper contest W is discussed it Iho weekly luncheon mocllnu of He Hotniy club at the Hotel Noble Oiluy, Talks were made by D. fl. i l[m - rlp, county • Administration to tho Farm »<.yesterday. + ft is not likely that WPA officials will shed nuy lours over the move, Tho IC.OOO-ncre project In southwestern Mississippi county has been n continuous headache for them since It was set up in 1031 by !he Federal Emergency tfcltcf Administration, predecessor of Ihe WPA, The change In supervision was ncgolinlcd by resignation of (he , who present directors cf the Dyess Ru- nil Rehabilitation Corporation, operators of Dyess Colony, nnd timik- fer of (heir coinnun slock to-the J-'SA. The regional FSA office' announcement snld the transfer was Hie culir.iiiatlon of plans which had been In process ol development since construction cf the pioject In 19S7. It brought under management of Ihe FSA nil rural rehabilitation projects built' wllh government funds In Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. ; The FSA wa.s reported to be on llscusscd farm progress; Mlss'c-rn ' lllc FSA wn * 1 ' c li ol ' le < 1 to be on Lee Colciiwn, county home dein- mB ° of lnkl »B <ver (he colony mislrntlon uijcnl, who told of Ihe l s )"' m B )lllt 'UOl "cold feet" when 'Innt to 1'rospcr contest, and ll-y ft ' c B (5lntI vc Investigation of tho .Iltle. mnniijjcr of the liechllti c ° 1(m l' wns pronoscd nml n group arms, who explained why Icimnts ° lllssilllsr tcd colcnlsts held a mass on> farms received so ninny mccllll B ! » U'e courtltousc at Oace- litmors. Tho licclHIn farhi.H re-' o1 "' cnnv 6 ln B extortion, lepudlatlon clvcd first Dinco In the .stale I'uriu , conlr ° ct;i «»d brutal treatment „ 1 ,,., V , L , ,,, LHU fjUlXU 1' I Operator Division this year After those dlscussicns, Mr and to. A. o. Duclos, stiita 1038 Home niprovemcnt winners In the contest uio arc eligible for sweepstakes competition this year, Mr. ami Mrs 1. T. Uampbtill, who received second In Ilio Bintc 1030 Liindowncrs Division, mid Mr. und Mrs. Orccnc 'nyiio. whs wci'o second' In tlie lute 1030 lennnl division, were in- rocliiced. Each of Ihe men spoke irlofly. Second honor, and i Hollywood 'Gang' Slaying.No Movie . HOLLYWOOD, cnllf., Nov. 23. (UP)-Policc todny characterized Earth TrPtnnrc ns "gang rchillntlon" the slaying of iremors winners In tho , Tenant Division '111 receive a cash nwnrtl of $75 ml a certificate. The trophy lor lie largest percentage C f farmers nrollcd In tho contest will also go o tills county \yliinh hnd mo Minora enrolled Hits'year'.'• in nd- lltlon ia Ihu winners already 11.51- d, Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Holllugcr vcro slnlo homo Improvement, winners this year. of coUnlsIc by fnrm supervisors. . A legislative luqulry ivns averted only when Senator Ellis M. Fngan of Lltllc Rock put on nn eight- hour filibuster In. tho senate the night beloro adjournment of the 1030 regular session cf the dcnei-al Assembly. Dr. W. W. Alexander, national PSA administrator, placed direction of the colony yesterday In tho hands of a new board composed of T. R-y Held, regional TOA director; B. D. Whtlnkcr, nsslstnnt director; j. M. llolilday, regional PSA finance manager; H. E. Thompson, assistant (tlrecta- In chnrgo of tho Agrlcultu.?.r rnl Extension Service: anil " " Works Projecfe Admliiislmtor George Scluichlcr, .in, a former Nc« York resident, by iwo men In n l 'lf>rk seel in who crrwdcd his cnr to the curb last night nnd shot him four times. "Wo don't know Ihe motive," Detective Lieutenant Lcroy Sanderson of the homleide squad snld, "but, we arc of the cpinion thnt the killing *ns n ganj retaliation. The methods arc unmistakable." Chief Would Bury, Not Burn, All The Leaves j, • • "•-" •"• «• ^-. "' i'j/u. iiiL-iuioru. louny imtls no mall died in that city Thursday, Nov, o, being delivered on the rural routes A arn-a fire nt 4*1 p t n s^r^pkT^iCr, 5L°r oirr^,^ s«Sr i? HS bug friemUcf the Lowcry family. :Uo,,h, B as usual. On the other f o'clock? today There was no d-iT, In the 25 years thai, nr i/u»rrv hnml. rural cnrrinrn win \i-nr\- nnvi lnr, n years that Dr. Lowcry resided In Luxora he became widely known in his ^ork of admlnlstcr- „„,„.„_ ., i ln ? lo tllc sick "ml nftnr going lo CHICAGO. Nov. 23. (UP) -AJ Kings Mountain became aprotnl- m uees ana tnc seasons 350 car- T j ' —« ""'B» iviviuimni occame n proml- loads provide 1.403 man-months of ,,"" ', con ' c ^ ollcl(;n t - 5 «W '"day; nent physician In (hnt section. Ifc n,«y,T«,, * ' m the Journal of thn Anirrirnn' wns 7S « m ha '" a " g " brief lllness ' employment. In addition to foresters' wages j „„ „ „,„ p., ntMl , ,, a s evai Hie industry afso pays fcr truck all her wounded by airplane fromi"™"'^;' "-""""'B " •""••' mnuss, hire, stnmpage and office rental, battlefields in France according to dispatches sent here. Railroads estimated their I'm ir'a^^,^ •, I A 1Iatlvc of York, S. C., Dr. Low- tnen 183S lrn dcscnbeil it as one of the cry went "buck home" when he redevelopment in modern I turned to his native: state to con- pletc 40 years ct practice. , rural carriers will work next Thursday while Ihe Blythevlllc cilice is closed. W. L Crafton To Head Four-Day Meter School age. " " FAYE'ITEVILLE, Ark., Nov. 23.— Tn nn nnnoiniccmciil mnde this w - L - Cr afton of the Arkansas Mis- nflernooii, Police Chief E. A. Hlcc'' Smlrl Power C.rpointlon, Blythc- In >Sfatc<: tatCS Shnrj). ' officers •of- the KANSAS CITY. Mo., Nov. 23. <Ul')—slight emili tremors were felt in three stales lotluy but no damage wns caused and no one wns Injured, The earthquake occurred nt D:I5 n.m. nnd ivns felt nt that minute In Illinois, Missouri nml eastern In Kansas City the shock «',-» strong enough to rattle dishes nn« pans nnd jar furniture. Auto Stolen Last Night At Osceola , -.„,..„_ ullkL<l 1^, {I. IVH-L- I urged 131ythcvillc residents not (o burn leaves but If Ihcy insist on burning them, not to put them Into the iilrcels lo do so. Loaves burled make the best of A 193B Chevrolet coupe, owned' f"!!"? 1 '' tllc , of " ccr prilllo(l out ' by the Osceola Motor Company, was l ",?'"f, "^f 0 to r ? lto , lh « lt '« vc « stolen from cf Ihe slrrcts at Own . pllcs niul lllcn '"Iry ni n !„.. ..,",;. , . . . nl U ' 1CC " llicm Instead of si.rlbln,/ „ m^irt. ' " "" > ''° 3C1 ' t ' ld Cl " Actual Photos :-: A German Prize^ at two o'clock this afternoon 0 ,is. l> ''° |3C1 ' ty ' mld " Cl " tlpn will. be: - Mr.' Heid,.'prejld. Mf. Whltnkcr, vice prcslde.nt,t Mr. .Ilollldny, treasurer. y rtoy D. jJinston ivns named ,-^«. ject ninnagcr. -For (he past year.'he*§ 1ms been In charge of operations' at' Djess, having been Irnusfeired to that position from the regional PSA oiflco. Mr. Reid said Ihe FSA contemplated ji;< drastic changes In operation of. the colony. He said no changes would be mnde until n report had been received from a committee of specialists from the state nnd regional ifficcs of the PSA who Kill be appointed to make a survey of the resources atid operat- •ij methods of tho project. Approximately 300 families are now hvmg In Uyess. Tnera are 500 ..ivcllliiE h.uscs, an oliice buildln^, a 35-becl liospitnl, posto.flce with rural lice delivery, four schools; a unnk, barber shop, machine shop, furniture factory nnd . woodwork' sh.p and a printing shop.' Sixty, nines at gravel rojtds connect .the - .tmous units ani 90 miles of canals have been constructed for drain-'^ age. me government hns spent tip..,,..... » «i>t* \j. i i;umnuJi, liiylliU- »• «v QXIL.I uuLi~iiv iiLia ^iJCiiu iil-J~ vllle, Is chnlrman cf dip education l»'°xlmately 52,500,000 in this soclp-^ fnr (lio f/inp fin,. ~..i~.. 102lnnl OXtlprinipnt nlnnl ottanintlii^ committee for HID four day extension school on meters and metering to bo given initlcr the nnsplce;; cf the general extension service, the ilepnrlmont of elcclrlcal cngtncerlng of the college of cnglnccrinj and (lie educational commutes of Ihe Arkansas Utilities Association. The scho:rwil! open on Ucc. 4. An attendance of beUcen 00 nutl 100 men Is anticipated. 'Steamer Dead Ahead!' * * • 'Heave to!' 'Coming Aboard!' 'No Contraband!' » » » logical experiment plant attemptliig tc. rehabilitate distressed farmers. That the experiment has not. been entirely successful was Indicated last .spring alien It was re- ! ported possioly onc-lhlrd of those who had taken a fling at farm ownership had become 'dissatisfied. Some underljilng lactors behind: the dissatisfaction were the . Inability cf ccrlnln of Ihe colonists to adjust themselves to the full-: lime jcb of fanning nnd lo .the sticky black gumbo soil and giant buffalo gnats that sivnrm about- Ihe area. Edward S. Dudley, former resident colony manager, said the project had been set up to assist only persons with fanning backgrounds but that rellel agencies several times had certified persons who were not primarily , farmers and who had regularly followed car-.. j:entry and ilher Unties, S. B. Funk and A. J. McCrnvin, lenders in the dissension move: In the colony, were ousted from the colony last summer. They appealed, to the Arkansas supreme court two weeks ago, frcm. a"' Mississippi chancery court decree holding Dyess Colony, Incl, was entitled to possession of lands In the colony they claimed. The propped legislative Investigation last spring was the second (Continued on Page 2) Lookout on German destroyer patrolling North Sea steamer. Sailor nt left stands by to relay this bridge through his microphone. r-2,-5 .uspedcd Danish freighter. aboard Danish freighter, slgnal- Ig-wngs the fact to his destroyer which recalls the boarding party. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, not "quite so cold. In east portion tonight, Friday fair, slightly colder in Horlhwest portion. Memphis and vicinity— tonight and Friday with rising temperatures tonight,, warmer Friday. The maximum temperature here yesterday 'Was 50, minimum 27,clear, according lo Samuel F. Nor-' ris, official weather observer.

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