The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1936 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Smiling -Wave of Thanks For Tidal Wave of Votes (Continued from Page 1) lermcdlatc skirmishes will lead— i unless Roosevelt changes Ills present plans—lo the most bitter battles III the next two congresses. Tile administration will seek early action on the ever-normal granary and crop insurance plau for agriculture; on the Wasrncr homing bill, which would provide subskliited housing for lower Income groups; Hie revised Onlfey coat bill, and a program of government reorganization. The administration probably will prove sympathetic to a leinand from organized labor that the old- age benefit program, belabored by Republicans in the pay envelops campaign, be revised to throw more of the financial burden OH income taxation—which menus on profits. Consumers May Get Help Another attempt ivill te mart;! to pass rood and drug legislation la- the protection of consumers. Rcoa-YOlt's promls3 to keop fijfht- ii»£ for shorter hcurs. hijl'er wages, abolition of monoply, and un- rulr competition.:; -and dishonest trade practlCM,? .plus' a promise to !>roiect consumers against "iiriiBC- cssary price spreads," will flint expression in various ways—with a federal law to regulate corpsratiohs the goal. Acccrfllng to present- plans,- the administration will resume i Is gradual attack on holding companies, which it regards as "milking machines" as well as dcvlc"S for controlling other people's money. Present policy is to slowly increase the federal tax on int'i 1 - i-orjKralc dividends, which now amounts to about 2'.i per cent, and give the holding companies 'time to dissolve. Principle of the graduate! corporation income tax, which discourages bigness in nnanc-i and industry, probably will be extended. The tax on undivided corporation surpluses may be revised.: but not in the interests of big corpora- liens. Roosevelt reasons that (hosr surpluses are the war chest of monopoly which enables Big Business to grow btsger by starting ns w enterprises which either gobble' up or drive out the little fellows. ' Delay Corporation Drive An early request for-new federal legislation as to investment corn- pan i-;s Is probable, since they have become an important instrument of concentrated financial'control . ' The fight 'for a federal corporation law' will bs delayed, because .Ajk. reasoned within .the •administration- that present state 'corpo-' ration laws set such low standards that any immedite congressional fight over the issue would result in a compromise Jaw which would be far from what She administration considers adequate for investor a;id creditor protection..' ", You may expect .an early recommendation for an excise tax on corporations which- incorprate' ill states where they dp "no substantial proportion of their business PAGE FIV* As Democrat Chiefs Watched Landslide First acknoulcdgiTOiil of one of the gieatest ictcs of confidence over given an American president soeklnir Mnihng waie of greeting gncn b* Picsident Hoo^elt lo Hyde Park neighLws who marched (o 1,1., horn, tuins shewed the weep or the Roosevelt tidal waie Tins tefepho to pictures the scene as the president g «on n.iuklm jr and Mrs. Roosevelt by Ills .side. ; ri» ( , ""' " llu, , «,ui S Landons Cheerful; It's Over This will be nn assault on'the 'tramp corporation 1 ', law of DUa- ware and will be designed to drife corporations to states such as Mcw \orfc, Illinois, nnd Massachusetts wr.ers corporation laws are strict In this way, NSW Dealers hope the standard of state laws can be forced up to a point where an adequate federal law might be produced. The administration theory as of this date is that the U. S Supreme Court has so {jalnitely killed tha Sherman anti-tttist act, as it was desi^d against monopoly, that there is no sense in trying to enforce it. What is sought i s a simplified law which can be enforced with- $5000 Party'Held j Furniture Destroyed Interesting News! With Spicer House «he party, chler .,r nl e 6 , 5 U , Im -, t, broadly as he points lo reports In the hand, of 7' n , ™^ Fifty Attend Dogwood Hallowe'en Party I Mrs. H. P. Splccr was living In (he Splccr home'in the Pride stib- , division at .the ttme It was <lc- About 50 sniests - r fray«l by Ore Tuesday night sl>" Hallowe'en party at ] informed the Courier News today. "' ' " ( Mrs. Hplccr lost furniture she ' I bo:l Jn t) ln building which was I not removed, the (Ire gaining mil jj ] headway before it, was discovered fire In Hie yard nnd these were served In "hot. dogs" with apples for refreshments. The number of pieces In a watch or clock lins not changed materially since clocks first were made. •••-.,- . From 100 to 1000 aliens surrc[i- titiously enter the United states each day. - enjoyed the "• ls Slli(l 'hat SOS broadcasts . -, ... the Dogwood' ' ol ' mls3| iig relatives of sick pur- school. A feiiturc of the enter-, SOI1S nre successful-In 54 per cent taln:r,?iil, vai.s ''The Hciiisc nfj 0 ^ ^" cas?.s. ' : Horror. 1 !" n-ltli Its "corpse." LiK-i cr games were played In another rccm, which was decorated In Hallowe'en colors. In the mnsnuornric, Mrs. Tom Perkins: wns given first prize, Mrs. F. Blcd.soe, second prize, and Miss Fe Marie Koonce, third prize. J. K Kocncc wan a.' prize o( a quilt, which won third prize In the recent county pair. Wclncis were roastcil over « Leadlm posed Mrs. Landon ! | Conceding the reelection of President Rooswelt Go\cinor 'Lnndcn reconsidered n,s ruling ag a ,nst last n, ? ht pictures and posed ,vlth j cameramen for this NBA-Acme telephoto befme a Iai 0 'e i,un[lov,cr \U\ich had* teen placed against a mirror m the executive minsion at Topeki the Republican candidate said, "Theo, come and-get your .picture j 'took'- while you've got. a. chance." j Turning to iihotographers, he \ laughed and said, "Go ahead, I shoot," and they shot, ' The fact that Mrs Slocfcvell Reynolds Alhyrtini,: wife of Ihe American millionaire.' gave & parly costing S5000 waa a matter of public interest. -'Justice Swift ruled in London"; finding ju'rtg- rnent against her in a suit charging she wa:i libeljed by publics. tion of tho story. It was related .that, she provided 600 hot- ties of champagne-and expensive foods Tor Her,.5UU.(?uesls. Read Courier-News Want-AS*.' 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