The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE H BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Junior High School Football Squad Complications Cause Mentor Trouble As Russellville Game Nears By J. P. FRIEND The Blytlieville Chlckasiurs limy ' be f:rced to enact the "Iron man" roles against the Russellvllle Tornado Friday. Losses ibis week by Injury nnd withdrawn} robbed them of ihroc regulars and a reserve which are certain to tax (he ahead/ limited Maroon and While squad in their conference lilt '*ilh Coach Wallace Bailey's unpredictable creiv. Captain Danny Warrington. stalwart right end, and Sonny Llovd. fullback and sparkplug in the Chick offense, went lo the sidelines with aiimems rcllou'iiig the Rllcy game last week and arc definite starling question marks. Then to aggravate mailers Travis "Hans" Bcmielt, Hie dependable 195-pound right guard, left Sunday presumably for a. visit ullh Irlencls and has not been seen since. Willis Ford, who has pkved first string fullback fiddle most of the season and tin nnd in a great performance last week tn a relief role, has n:l reporled for practice at all this week. Slake Changes To meet these emergencies Head Coach Joe Dlidv will return "Lanp, John" Paulk to fill the gap left vacant by Bennett, send lanky Jack Jenkins, chief understudy to Buddy Baxter at the led wing, move "Pounding Paul" Blnckivood up I:a starting fullback assignment, and turn the Mocking job back to Gene Hood. Paulk has been the durin? his three 'seasons nnd hi the wleivnin. He reported ns n (iilllmck but the coaches decided he was better suited as a tackle. TnelMblo his first season, he suent the aftcr- n'ons without n miss as' cannon fodder. In need of a blocklnz tack In '38 the mentors eroomcd him (is a blocker and while turning in a creditable Job for his Huilled experience, he; was lisled as n tncklc in the pro-season plans tills year. But L, c. Johnson and Alvln Justice did s:- well at those snols that a place was sought for him as lie was beliered loo valuable to have riding Ihc bench. A guard iob was the answer and there lie went where he shone'. Bui « blocking back need cropped up and he was drafted. Again lie came through beautifully, imnrovin^ \yith evcrv game. But with Ho'ri in good shaix; a^ain Long John takes over right guard. Jenkins nt Right Jenkins lias played second strint (it left end for two smsoirs and, although a capable performer, appeared to lack the necessary final requirement for a first .string .i:b. He stands well over the six-foot mark, weighs 170 pounds, aiic! is .one of the fastest members nf the squad. He catches passes well and operates nicely on end-around plays. He plays basketball and rnns^tiie hurdles In track;' ' f\f] Paul lias.come arcund so rapidly of late that, It is unfortunate thai the season is on Its last ls<js. But in the two final games of_ Inc.:season he is' cert-i-fc Ho scefplelttj-'Ja'C action and in '40 will be (he No: 1 fullback fr-:m scratch. He has always made a good showing when „.„_ „ called on but Lady Luck has failed i 01 running plays. Jenkins got av-y i to smile on li'm. Injuries before'on n jaunt (hat would have re- Members of the Blythcvllle Junior High squad arc pictured above- ' Front row, left to right: Wanlngton, nozlor, Stafford, J. Hood, Stone, mines Arklns Second row, left to right: Allen, Besharse. Little, Victory, Caraway, Afflick Pipkin c Hood Third roiv, left (o right: Calvin, N. Stone, P. McGregor, Roush, Tinker, Nicholson, E. McGregor Thompson Top row, left to right: Cain, Simpson, Greene, Strickland. Marsh, Mullins, Wilson Blonieye, lnompson members not present when the picture was made were Deal, Waldcn, Sweat and M. Besharse. : Courier News photo he season opened, a cracked rib n the I'rescott game, and a bruised arm ngninsl Joncsborc retarded his progress, but he lias worked Imrd o overcome these handicaps and has come through in great style. Tornado Has 1'owcr Jimicr Coach John Ed James scouted the Tornado in their unexpected (Went by Poncst City, 18-14, last week and warned against taking them too lighlly. Their line Is aljnbst ns large as Ihc Chicks'. They have three w;ho scale 105 pounds each: Sallcrneld, center; Rye. right guard, and Islng, right tackle. Gilbert, left tackle, Is a 100- pounder. Wilson (170), right guard, young (ISO), right end, and Parish (175), left end, ccmposc the forward wall. The backs are small but all are of the "sent" type, James reported. E. Fryer, 150-pound quarterback, and Captain Kcelon. no- poimd fullback, were the big guns against Forrest City. According to Caoch James, It was a case where the better learn lost. City clicked perfectly. Everything they tried worked and to perfection. Their aerial attack functioned so smoothly am! so effectively that the superior line and nmning attack didn't have much of a chance. He was of the opinion suited In a touchdown. Bo Coppeclgc and Billy Meharg turned In nice defensive games. 1 The Dope Bucket By J. P. HCIEND nETURN—With the 1039 season well Into 'the home stretch and the Blytlieville Chicks definitely out of the championship, but stlil regarded with respect in the strongest circles, our attention centers about who will be on hnnd In (he tribal wigwam In 1940 to benr Hie Mnrcon and White football banner. Heading the list of those lo return are those touchdown twins. Norman "Monk" Mosley and Bonny Lloyd, hra of the best backs in tlie slate nnd definite assets to r _. any prep school team. They nre I started his grid career"' in mider almost certain to bo better next'junior Coach James Ace Ptickctt year which Is good news to Maroon Roland Rounsavlllc will be an- siipporters and bad news lo tho other snapperhack candidate but is opposition. Then there will be so small he may be converted into "Pounding Paul" Biackwood, . full- a guard. Another flue prospect is opinion back; Elliott nnd Albert Snllba, Everett Ctwslow, and a »ood one •egularly, and George Trusty, half pint backs too. Weighing 190 pounds Everett palgn under their bells should be is a right end. Others include: the greatest. Among the reserves is Billy Meharg, a tall youngster who may follow In the usual custom nf past Blythcville teams, that of turning out good wingmcn. Though lacking in experience, he fs willing and that's half the battle. Another gocd end prospect is LcRoy Ross, n hard, worker. He has been given preference over Meharg because of his experience 'and has done right well, thank you! Another position where Chick learns Jmve been fortunate to have out- Stafford, center; Stone, tackle; Tommy Little, guard, who has been used at fullback this season, nnd Bobby YVnldcn, end. The outlook does look rather gloomy with such outstanding players as Warrington, Godwin, Hugh Harbei't, Justice, Travis Bennett, 14 a y in o n d Bickerstaff, John Paulk, Gene Head, Howcll (Hal) Alley, Johnson Blackwell ; Jack Jenkins, and John Cramer graduating. But for six consecutive seasons the Chicks have turn- standing performers is centered out crack teams and who can where Bill Godwin winds up a' tell what another year will bring, brilliant four-year career. Leading; Let's keep our fingers crossed, contender next year will be Bo j STARS—Now is the lime for all Coppcdge, a six-foot-four-inch giant who scales 210 pounds. Serving his second season as chief understudy. Bo has not seen much action with Godwin, a 60-mlimtc performer, shining., But when called on he has done creditably. There is a possibility lliat lie .will be shifted to tackle, a position, he ,,, •• , j n i im ? lr , W '" f01 "'° lU Of| "' 110 nre ccrtt "" loll!!l l'' he, unas. c:ii!cks Work Uurtl AIvls been Harris, a fast stepper who might and may solve one of ibe guard developing right along WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, aspiring sports writeis to stick out their necks farther by chcosing nil-star learns. Frankly, I don't feel qualified to choose an all-state i eleven. I have not even seen all Ihs Big 15 teams in action and i therefore could not conscientiously I pick out a select bunch and label, them "all-conference". But .never-' Iheless I am .compiling such a team, based on observation nnd reports from 1 Hie other scribblers over the stale. While nwaiting thai information on some I offer for consideration an All-Blythcville Collegialc eleven; former Maroon and White stars who made good not cnly in high school, but continued to soar in various iiniversl- do well as n blocking back. Out- or tackle problems. George HUdcv- tics. Doubtless, yon can recall oth- slaiicling ball carriers from (he brand, a ulg, gangling boy with j ers. But the following team wovild i Despllc unfavorable elements, the s! -... „, „....„....„ „„, .,.„. Chicks put in a full afternoon. Junlor lanks are Kcrschcl Besharse hands like Puritan hams, is also a . They worked nl length on ihe n!ui J »'- T ' Victory. Rnssellvllle formations and plays In llle lil10 01!| y Buddy Baxter then wound up with a bruising nml L - c - Johnson will be hold- likely tackle prospect. The Papocses will contribute several excellent line candidates, p'cr- scrimmage. The patched up team overs from the powerful current haps outstanding is Roland War- did quite well alter a slow start tl ' onl ranks but they are a good ringlon, younger brother of the and the finish found them in high, .nucleus. Beth have been outstand- illustrious Danny, who may step Merman "Monk 1 ; Mosley, Hugh' ln E all season nnd another cam-' right Into the first siring job Ho "Tex" Harbcrt, and Blackwood re- \ ' ' ' — • —• " •icatedly broke out Into the open! ig have been callable of putting up i quite a scrap on any afternoon, or evening: Eugene Blackwcll .(Alabama), left end; Jimmy Tipton (Alabama), left tackle; Eddie Saliba (Arkansas), left Ebfrdt, (Alabama). guard; Jess center; J. B. U. C. L, A.'s Tie With Santa Clara Eases Way For Trojans LOS ANGELES, NOV. 22. (UP) — Pacific Coast football followers believe that University of S'.utliMn California's 'JVojnns are as good as in the Rose Goal today because of the scoreless tie played last week by UCI,A. Coach Howard Jcncs of U. S, C. watched Santa clara hold the Uclans pointless, and if he uttered •i sigh of relief he cannot be blamed, because the liruins stood as tlic lone barrier lo Ins hopes of steering'srullicm cnl inlo Hie Rose Bowl lor Ihc second straight year. Of course, which will get the Pasadena assignment will nol be determined definitely until the two clubs moot Dec. 2. The ijanln Clara tic, of course, had no effect on Ihc conference standings but It shoved J:n<a that the Bruins' lighting offense could be checked, and he thinks his boys have the power to do it even more effectively than Santa Clara. While Southern California is rolling westward lo meet Notre D.ime In their annual tussle this week, U. C. L. A. has a tough ccn- ferencc game in Oregon State. While a UCLA defeat would nol definitely seal the Rose Do'.vl for the Trojans, U v.'ould give a definite comparison of the leaders apiinst the third best club In the league. Even if Oregon State won, it is possible for the Uclans to snap back and beat the Trojans, but it certainly would not be likely considering- Southern California's previous 1-7 win ever Oregon State. Absence of fleet Jackie Robinson, negro backfield partner of Kenny Washington, might bs the answer to the /allure of the Uclans to score against Santa Clara. The brilliant passing and open field running cf tliese two ijacks have rocketed the Uclans within striking distance of their first Pacific Coast title, and loss of either hurts tremendously. Robinson has been on the sidelines for the past three ^ecks with a twisted knee ' ligament, but Coach Babe Honell has been nursing him al:ng carefully in hopes of his being in top shape for 'u. S. C. And, if he is in there, lie's a touchdown threat every lime he gets his hands on the ball. .lEars) Whitworlh (Alabama), right guard; Byron (The Ripper) Walker CVMI), right tackle; Dick Tip ton (Union), right , end; Hevschell Caldwell (Alabama), quarlerback; Herschell Moslcy (Alabama), left halfback; Glenn Shelby (Tennessee), right halfback; Pete Craig (Tennessee), fullback. For the benefit- of spine .Cy-.lio may not be acquainted with 'the record of Shelby, he was a member of the great Tennessee Vols of 1915 who lost.only one game, and the following year copped the Southwestern Conference championship without defeat. He was selected on the All-Southeastern learn. A feature of the above team is lhat six ployed in the Hose Bowl: Caldwell, J. Tipton, Mosley, Blacktvell, Whitworth and Eberdi. Mast West Coast fans believe the Oregon state Beavers have nn excellent chance or beating U. C. L. A, They were (lie early season dark hcrsc in Ihe conference race',, and beaten only by Southern California, have gone back to crush Oregon and California hi the last two weeks. While the outcome of the U. s, C.-NoIre Dame game will have no effect on Rose Bowl aspirations, Coach Jones is expecting a tough battle from the speedy Irish hacks. Elsewhere in the conference, Oregon .meets Washington in Seattle; StanCcrd, without a victory all season, clashes in Palo Alto with its traditional rival, California; and Montana goes south for a game wllh Texas Tech in Lubbock, Tex. Washington Stale and Idaho are idle. REMEMVER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobil a as Now Managed by Waller Cox, Jr. and E. i\[. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! Your Drinks, Too! This Whisky Made Kentucky Whiskies FAMOUS TT'Sno accident that Early Times •«• is one of the very greatest names in Kentucky liourbon! Early Times is made to be a truly great whisky to begin \vitli. 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