The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1941 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1941
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1941 BLYTEEVILLE, (ABKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVETT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line i'or consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc r\vo times per line per day—08c rhree Limes per line per day..OGc cix times per line per day 05c Month rate per line 60c Card of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered i'or three or six limc-s and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment Sf bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Aibmitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accom- anied by cash. Rates may be easi- computed from the above table. Advertising ordered i'or irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect insert-ion of any classified ad. PRICE JITTERS Front 3 Room Apartment, nished. 809 Hearn St. Fur- Two large Furnished rooms with kitchenette. 708 W. Main St. Desirable bedroom, twin beds. JMeni preferred. 1017 Walnut, Phone 102. UC-ck-U A Used Cav Price May Be Low ill $5(H) or High at $100 A ear should be judged by|4 Room Apartment, ?iy Ash st..| continued performance, rath- Fhune 727 - 25-ck-ti, er than by original performance. Therefore it is wise to' buy only where the WORD of the DEALER is absolutely DEPENDABLE. H»v With Confidence NLMV Sears-Roebuck RADIOS AT DISCOUNT V'OK CASH! Radio Hospital IiiRi-ain lililjr. 10:< K. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'KM SEE" Over Jo« Isaacs' Store Phoue 5-10 Wanted Colored Womim cook to live on Place. Apply Store. a I Faul Byrum's Minnows for Sale Goldfish and Shiners, 'JOO E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 12-ck4-12 For Sale or Trade Plenty good used cars/ .Longest tcnn.s. Sid Bryesms, 1% miles North on Highway GL 8pk4-8 1940 1 ;| ORD DELUXE TUDOfi 1£WJ CHEVROLET MASTER COACH For Sale CHEVROLET COACH ......... CHEVROLET TUDOR Excellent grade soybean hay $ 1 J.UO, par ton. Alfalfa hay $12.00 per 1035 FORD ion at my barn 1^ uiile-s north- cast of Bassett. I. A. Sims. 25pk2 No. 1 Alfalfa Hay $15.00 per ton. See Jean Bradbury, 3 miles south Roseland. 25-pk-l Corona adding machine. One Corona Standard Portable Typewriter. Like new. Can be seen at Don Edwards. Phone 511. 2Icktl' $580 $355 $199 .$99 $174 3 room Furn. Apt. Krigidairii. ga-1 rage. Private bath. Phono 294. 22-ck-tl Well appointed 4 room apartment, with good heating plant. Call 197. 21-ck-Lf 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath and garage. 401 So. Lake St. 10-ck-tt FOR J7ENT—-Two-room unfurnished apartment. Lights, water arid hot water furnished. Ccuplu only, West Ash. JVcktf Three room furnished apa.i:tn.u.Tit. Newly decorated. (JOG N, Filth. 17-cb-W BLUE KIHliON Tractors & Equipment ALL GUARANTEED DELTA Implements, Inc. FOR SALE 115 I,-:. Ash SI. 5 room* & batlu auci' ?:M.OO uiuuthly. at. once. THOMAS LAND CO. U. C. Ciiuipbcll, Sulusnmu of nuts—Tank car (o your c;ir. (Totmethyl Gus) JOYNER OIL CO. lj. S. HJKluvuy 61. North Jfr '.'.i.M.uip- Service,.. ..i 40 Models-Galore Chevrolet* - Fords - Plymouth Cars * Pickups and Trucks Buy Ahead of the Big Spring Market and Save $50 to $100 A: 1 \» Tons Bedroom. Steam heat. Walnut. 818 West 11-ck-tJ 1937 FORD PICK-UP . Nice New 4 Room House on Lot 7,0x175—$650.00. Rollison & Cagle. ill North 2nd St. Phone 1128. . 24-ck-U l^.:337 Ford Pickup. In good' condition. Bargain i'or cosh. Phone 1G4Q-W. lM-ck-28 iyaa CHEVROLET •i: TON PICKUP . 1940 FORD PICKUP $197 $379 $488 2 and '3 room InrnLshcd a part| ments. Reasonable. 1315 W. Main. 15-ck-ti 1937 GJS1..C. RUCK . ... Vj TON in as CHEVROLET 1',,. TON TRUCK AT... 1940 Chevrolet 2-door. Very reasonable I'or cash. Simon Apartments, Main and Second, Apartment No. 2. 24~pk-31 Big type Poland China pigs. Registered and vaccinated. Out of sows weighing from fj50 to 300 pounds. Write Arthur Aeford, Steele. Mo. 8-pk-4-8 One complete 2 or 3 chair Barber Shop Equipment. Also, one complete Shoe Shop Equipment. Real Bargain. Call 761 F. Simon. 7-ck-tf 5Ui $395 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phones 810-1122 WaiiuiL Sis. Phone 810-Jri2 3 room furnished apartment. T18 Chickasawba. Airs. Ramsey Duncan. 14-ek-tf M room- I'lirnlshed apartment. Private bath. Call UH8-W. Mrs. A. Wert. M-uk-if DON EDWARDS "The TyjtovritiM' IVlyiv" KOYAL. MM.ITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON POKTA.BU5 TYPL'WKITCKS GLENCOli; HOTEL BUILDING (Every Transaction Must Be Butiflluctory) Comfortable bedroom. Private entrance. 51T) Walnut. Phone :551. 13-cfe-tf Bedrooms, near bulh. Hot water. Reasc'uabl':. DOG Walnut, Phunr 1144. J2-ck-l-121 Bedroom, one block from postal fice. 301 North Broadway. Phone 970. 12-ok-fcf EFFECTS OF SPIRAL LESIONS Chronic vertebral sLrain.s arc!! by careles:;, sloueliy hal)il.-. of .siltinu. :^aiKliuQ ;inc! li'uumatic JJijuiy. They nol only rausi; )jnin in (he neck, .•jhoulder.s uncl b'jcl: Imt. :;yttiploms ol' sciat.irn and rhcjunjat.ism. clistiii'ljaDct. 1 c>)' r)rci:!nlion, which ailrrts the 1 unctionitu; nt 1 lulornal oruiin;-: :uul ylnndy, Unvcr.s body rrai;;t- anee from the re;Mi!iini.'. nerve pressure, maluni; one more sus- eept,ible to cold:-, :•;inu.itIK. dim i :;tive Ul;,uirbaneeH, heart, ailmenlr., ete. Osteopjiihle inljuylmeiit'; corrects such i-lniins and condition:-. DRS. iNfliS & NIES 514 M:iin IJIytlievflle, Ark, I'liovM' I'ft isaiiKZ&sasx^^ Stock No. 49 64B 77 40 355 65 81 34 317A 36 373 Model 1940 1940 1941 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1939 1937 MAKE Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan Clievrolel Deluxe Town Sedan Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe Ford VS Tudor 1'crtl VS GO Tudor I'lymoiitli Deluxe Scdnu I'oril VS 'S5' Pick-up Truck Chevrolet \_y, Tun Cab & Chassis Dodye ;!/,) Slake Body Truck Chevrolet Cub Over Engine Truck <;.M.C. I!>j Ton Z S(ii'(ift Triirk X. Umly Was $675 $675 $625 $625 $635 $625 $549 $595 $550 $485 $325 Now $575 $595 $545 $559 $497 $529 $495 $545 $450 $345 Save' $100 $80 $80 $66 $138' $96 $54 : $50 $100 $140 $239 $90 9£—More on Our Big Used Car Lot—92 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights and Sundays Loy Eich Chevrolet CO, PHONE 633 Comfortable room, next to bath, i ALLKY OOP Buck and One block from Hotel Noble, i Phone 978. J2-ck-tfj ihree-rouiti apartments with bath. 136 Sycamore. Phone 104'" or 28. 10-ck-tf No. 1 Alfalfa Hay. good recleaned Seed Soybeans, Avksoys and Del- sta-s. Burdette Pianiauon, bur- dette, Arkansas^ 7-pk-4-7 Stock bam and lote located at Manila, Arkansas. Delta Implements, Inc. 28-ck-tf REPOSSESSED TIRES All Sizes TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Farms For Sale Baby Chicks Custom Hatching- Marilyn Hatchery Phone 742 BlytheviDe Notice you eat American Lady canned goods yon can truthfully «jy that you are eating the best. Frozen Foods, Eagle Stamps. We Deliver. Phone. 1133. PICKARD'S GRO. 5 JVIKT. Welding NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANY SIZE TRACTS Small Down Payment FARM LOANS AT LOW RATE OF INTEREST Riales Land Co. Cooper !3Id£. Across from City Phone 409 AH or any part of Righter Truck Terminals Warehouse. Platform. Office. Phone 727 or 112. 7-ck-4-7 room funvbhed apartment. Close in. 212 So. Frunklin, Phone 1115 7-ck-tf r^arge bedroom. Tv:in beds. Steam heat. Men preferred. Cornei Chickasawba and 10th. Phone number I. 23-ck-tl NO.WfE DIOM'T SIC ) WB-U.SUFPOSIWG I THE GOV/ERMMEWT/ DID STEAL A PL.W^lE...f i : L OKI S-OU...THEV j DO VOU MOWHS3TW KUE.W ABOUT / THttOK TVIEV IT BEFORE WE DID USE VOUK VOU TI-UM\<, BY V. T.'HALVIUN IT T ypmg LEARN TO TYPE THE TOUCH METHOD Brand New Typewriters Instructions §4,00 per Mouth Mrs. Don Edwards EWOLICM-I TO (!MTROL->UCf= A : FAWT;VS.T; AC-Ol.n- CLE \ CMC •7 LOT OF FAMT;\ST'. Dl AKJCIEK1T E.GVPT : HEV^C. OM, S cOHA s WALK , V Personal BOOTS AND HER Arouse Sluggish the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, »unk feeling. Take one box of KIKBY'S ACTIVE LTVER PILLS DONT I Ti'itck Tin: and Wheel on South 61. Call 9M. 24-pk.-28 For Sale or Rent \ Room; on Highly ]','-. r.?r> Wi'st Main St. U5-pV:-2!J it- not nit-cd b one-fourth IIY ROY CRANK Phone 511! of the world's population. WASH TUBBS A ~X"HISJA,5 6ROKEM*. WHAT THE HcCK HUMPH 1 , \ -THAT M015E... \ MOT 6Y 6UV5 Likg UVTE MI6HTV SJJR.l V OU HIT H'V\ WITH r HIM ARE LUCKY TO RE ALWE Get the FacLs and You'll Buy An "IS" JUNK.)!? IMCK.-lil' l-;iulii>divcl in lliv rtjiivfruclinii «if UlT Ann .rhor "\V>" Jnnir»r 'Kalrrr ;trr the mnny approvril anti lip.>c IrstiMl fcnlwrt-s which fur uuij-f th;in half ;i cvnlury hnvr ptvi-.n Any Uie enviuhif rrpulwtion nf lu-iji!; tin- Irnrlrr in Uu-ir smyyth mi(J wfisrhl. Ni> loose "irc^ or broken iiieb n ruction I>e!-!ins at Home FKECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS If YOU'O. G^D TO LOCK WOOD YOU CAM FIMP our ABOUT HIM TH£ Ort-IE?; EVEMIMQ ---.[. DOHT WHO DO VOU SASOTAOEO YOUE PLANE? TMAT GOUMD3 &XACTIY WAS THE ONE> WAIT, A.MINUTE/ THAT'S Paul Byrum •:zmwm V&sx* >.>$$x RED RVDFR , A^vvo W > CSi V^-r-IffCTA oker 100 Strain 3 Stale eertiiied* re-cleaneil and Ceresan KE.'^' DUSTOrr c,^3oo6E ^D IlISAIIF = HyOHE Expert Electric and AcelyJenc , WELDING Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mower Sharpening 0. W. CRANFORD DeU, Ark. Washing, Ironing - 9uilts or Blaiikels 15c each IVIaytajr AVashcr—Drying: Rooui VilUc Bell Green, behind City Ice 'lanl, H.W. 61 Nnrih. 9-ck-10-9 CHAMPION WEIK A RECORt) MAKING TIKE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS- PHILLIP MOTOR 00 5tli & Walnut •-,_.*—*?1 QC f '** 1 • **V"jf'V i ____'>) fc _*" v-i:*'"* f T F 1 ' ' :i *' p| ••'""•^{gvqjilljiiij'l; is«i ts^w**ijM »-,'' [. ^ x T-V' t ' CO r H '^, BVNUStBVlCt .INC. T..M,PEft^U. » » >T O^^j jj_.'j_. _ v ——Jf—: r^- "" - ~ '

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