The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IEFHT PHILLIES IIGE; DUtpllTEII New Yoikers Now Seven Games Ahead of Cubs; Tigers Idle. The New York Qliuils, National league champions and headed for another league title If not another world sc-iler bunting, found the Philadelphia Phillies tnni;li yesterday but not too tough. The Giants look both ends of a double header by otic score, upholding tlii'ir icpnliUioii for mnk- inj only runs that arc needed. The Giants won, 3 lo 2 and 0 to 5. In the first game, with Huu- upll the whining pitcher, the deciding run was scored In the ninth inning and In the second gnine with Smith the winning pitcher, the tying inul winning runs were scored In the ninth liming. C. Davis and Johnson were the losing moiindsjiicii. Joe Moore was lhe hero with n homer wiih one on In the ninth inning of (he second game. The noMon Braves went to Unm al the expense oi .the Brooklyn Dcdgers. The Fcorc was 3 10 1. Manguin was Hie winnlnK luirler and Mungo lhe loser. The Cleveland indium came, from behind lo beat the St. Louis i Browns. The score was 8 lo 4 Clint Brown's relief pitching had a lot to do with the downfall of the St. Louis club. Papooses to Report Thursday The UlythcvlUe junior high school P.ijwose football squad will repoit nl Hnlcy Field- tomorrow nfternoon ni 2:30 o'clock. "Ace" . iickctl, assistant to Head Coach Ciirnoy Lasllo and director of thc destinies of the Junior group, announced tod.iy, • Puckett. who lids just, returned from ttt-u weeks In a military camp al Pfiisacolu, Pin., said ihnt no particular drill was phinned 'umorrow's session which will WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 193; <hUt ° Ut ! "'f c ° m T and P'»«d' to the, ling, used largely for restocking , animal, which Is one of the nwl I POllcyholJert credit against the an- the national parks waters, were L raccf ', ,„ .,,, "™ ' rcc ' ul '""•' i , Lookouts werejnual premium and the cost of ON 5EP1,26, Atlanta Crackers., set becomes the property of the . , . _, - ne Crackers In liolder. provided oayme .check. The Lookouts made n hits; been met regularly ami , without, a homer In the bunch, i tl on Is made In the amo payments have ly, and u reduc- the amount which the Number of Professionals! Already Entered! Birmingham Barons. — I must be Inserted to malntah: n -, Insurance. LO. | Larger sets for larger families Collect! by Radio i f "' cav °" abl °- , wor| i were ob- produced, showing an Increase of talne(1 ror lhf> museum toe L an 25 limes lhe number rvnvhir-.rt m Omaha man on a vlsl^o Germany 25 limes the number produced In the preceding year. There were 950.000 more large-mouth and small-mouth black ,bass distributed In the nation's streams, the report si sows. last year. Radium Is being used to detect flaws In steel plates used In shipbuilding. Have The lending Pelicans of $500 Plus Prize Event.i 801 ' 11 *™ Association breezed '"'" ""'- "— Travelers win,: UP)—A : insurance company Is collecting I premiums liy supplying i| 1C h ell-the Little Rode Travelers with' cnLs witl1 mlios °l» ra ted like n The first annual Tri-SUUe Open]™.,, to spare yesterday.' The mim™ 1 ,' 1 , 1 ™,,, 1 " mmnimf d «— ,wlll Ix- held here on fic-pl. 20 and i score was 0 to 0. Messenger neldi "•i julu> - for127 Hit loinninncnl committee of | the Pebbles on his hip all the ! Report Good Year WASHINGTON operating on a government fish (UP)— Altliougn reduced budget, hatcheries have be taken up principally wiih the taut equipment. By. Harry Grayson Prulie LfreRsr 1'lule Cache COSHOCTON, O. (UP)—A Cliche of dismantled nutcmohilcs nnd lake Illinois license plates, discovered in a Ccchoclon county cemetery, was investigated by Ohio Mickey Walker and Tony Can- amerl, down In the mouth nflcr their recent, disastrous experiences, oitishl. to Imp n boat for Australia, they will iifier reading this story of Tod Morgan, a worn warrior who was down, but who crime up ui;nhi In the land down under. Gee, the eerbay's potent these days. Morgan fought Ills last fight In this country at White Center, a Sciiitle subiiib, n llllle more than n year nyo. His cut. was $14. Then he went to Vancouver, B. ., lo promote, and flopped. Morgan was stone broke for n He lived with Doc Sncll n feather, in Seattle. He even have carfare down cache while limiting. Mur: 30 pairs ol counterfeit plates ... the Ill-MO series were hidden nn- T der One ol (he dismantle! aulos. i|»ll. lormer didn't I own. The outlook was dlsinnl. Ccr- lalnly he must uc through at 31, Jind after H years of ring toil. Morgan no doubt WHS thinking tl« " mL W ''°" ' lc Dumped, '" lo B °n tns Tnicy, tin Auslrnlian boxer nulh- tnau orlm | by thc R lui j, cuU< , rs Bay , Stadium, promoters, ol Sydney, to lalent. It was last December that Trncy shipped Morgan lo the Antljxxles, tlw veteran Synthetic rubber tires, all Ihc in- ' tnk(n K (he trip lo be assured gro- ! CL ' rlM tor tlle w 'r>lcr. gredicnUi of which can be produced in this country, have been ' .. built and tcslcd by an American i M " r|! '" 1 lhe Klu " firm. . Production, however, is far Morgan drew more cosily than trom natural rubber. ' Last Time Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 7:00, 10-35c HAROLD LLOYD, GEORGE-BARBI£R with Ncl TntA'- lon, the lirllon and ran second lo n pair of home guards. He then won a bout or two, before Joe Ghnouly, young- St. Louis lightweight, once more made him an appropriate case for retirement. But Morgan obtained another chunce, and began hitting on all eight. He finished Jimmy Kelso, an Ausrallnn who previously had outgalloped him, In eight rounds, nnd belted out Tommy John, ot England, in thc first, frame. I "Pretty well all the accepted (principles of fighting and longcv- .Hy in pugilism, have been calmly | battered Into smithereens by Morgan," writes W. F. Corbett, Sydney's widely known cauliflower critic. Another scribe called his performance against. Kclso "one of the | greatest exhibitions of forceful and accurate pimthlng since Eugene Crlqul bent the Filipino, Denclo." Morgan reversed his usual form and became thc "killer," although, I suppose, the blokes over there aren't any too hard to kill." the niythcvllle country club definitely announced today after a meeting last night. The tournament will be lhc most auspicious iitlcmpU'd hy any ciubi.soi; The Ideii is Intended for radio increased production and disiri- but seven counted in G»ACE BRADtEY rwm lhc Solurdoy Exning Poll Stor» ,by .ClABENCE lUDINGrON XEIUND I'arnmonnt News . Cnntedv In this section and will Olfer as a prize to attract professionals from all over the mid-south and BS far north as St. Louis nnd Chl- cugo a grnnd purse ol $500 "plus". Tournament play will lw proceeded on Sept. H5 by a iiio-unia- tcur best ball event with a $50 purse likely UK the grnnd prl/e. The pro-nmateur event wll] Le over tin 1 18 nole route. The Trl-State Ojicn wiii be a i medal piny event over T2 holes with , 30 holes to be played on Wednesday, Sept. W. and the Una! 311 holes on Thursday, Sept. 27. Aheady a number of professionals from Memphis. St. Louis, Little Rock and Mississippi as well as outstanding amateurs have entered the tournnincnt. AckerlMMjm Knters Entries have been received (rom Julius Aekerboom. sensational pro of the Shrine club nl Little Rock and Todd Houck of the Sylvan Hills club at Little Rock: Shorty Oatmnn nnd Orvllle White, SI. I/Hi Is pros: O'Nei] White, 1'lne Bind pro; Nelson Glddcns, Jackson. Miss., pro: Jack Wenzler, Mississippi Open and former Teunesse-j stale and Southern ninatciir champion; Emmet Splcer of Memphis, former Southern amateur and Tennessee state champion; Ed Salomon and Charles Mctecr of Memphis nnd Louis Montdcnclo. Memphis city champion. Chester Harris, another former Southern titleholder, will also participate. Eapect 'Bi[t Name' Pros Spongers of the tournament expect n record entry of professionals and crack amateurs from the entire South and believe that nt least one or Iwo "big name" professionals will be attracted here by the $500 plus prize. A purse of nt least $500 will be guaranteed tr.o winning pro with the possTbll- Hy that the purse may be larger depending on the number of entry fees paid. Should an amateur win the event (he purse will go lo the low-scoring pro. Trophies will be awarded first nnd second amateurs In the tournament. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Wiillum J. B. Simmons, Plaintiff No. 5709 vs. Clara L. Simmons, Defendant. The defendant, Clara L Simmons, Is warned to appear within .hirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint, ol the platntilt William J. B. Simmons. - up his mnles Nugent and Wllloughby. Ulrmlngham's Barons measure of revenge >iii« „?!? ' fruls u ' ho wallt ' 10 provide for th?'buiion of game fish. H is reported wL w "' cr .l"iuLc of their children. Tin- radio : A report covering the ascal veai ws oil gained th rubbings received frdm thc Chicks "7_lTOunciin; the Memphis club. , . Jg the ascal year can only he operated by placing a i ended June 30 shows that the In- coln in ihc slot. ; creases In nine varieties of game For every franc put. Into, the I fell ranged fron: slot,'the set work-; for '21 explained. AL --Oic end cent, for it the steelhead salmon up to 70 per Extreme Heat Failed to Halt Animal Mounting HARTIK/jS. Neb. (UP)—Mounting of an accumulation of large mammals held in storage at the Hastings nutscum for some time has been progressing rapidly this summer despite the extreme weather. Good specimens, complelcd Curalor A. M. Brooking, have been placed on display at the miiE!Uin. A Stellars sea lion and a German roebuck are (he laicst of ilk cent for the black-spotted troui. j specimens, month the money-. Is collected by Approximately 6.000,000 gray-! The hide and horns of the- laCVr i FARMERS BANK & TRUST jCO. INSURANCE DEFT. Thursday & Friday Mayhc it's (h« Climate Anyway, from the depths of despair, Old Man Morgan, as they refer to him. agnln hll the golden trail. While the honor may be dubious, lie's cnlled the savior of thc game In Oustrylla. He's glorified in public print. Crowds follow him down the streeV-klds anxious lo touch his clothes;.and all -that sort of thing. ' • Yes. sir, there's Toil Jloredn, who made a sizeable fortune dc- findliiB the synthetic Junior lightweight crown oftcncr than anyone ever did. grabbing another slake after all these years. Yes .sir. there's Morgan, who lost his phoney crown by being knocked kicking by Benny Bass nl Madison Square Garden five years ago in a bout that was looked upon oblique-] ly, coming up from has-been alley into the brilliance of another nation's athletic limelight. H might be the climate. You'll recall irmt Billy Shade became a pretty fair fighter when he invaded Australia, and others have taken new leases on life in that fnr- away land. And if you nnd out for certain that (he Australian climntc returns youth to the aging In any respect please telegraph me collect. GOOD JUDGMENT " ltS 2?lh day Of R. I.. GAINES, Clerk By Elliott Sartain, D. C F. C. Douglas. Ally. 22-29-5-12 • "^^^••^^•••^^ Us Your Order for COAL now while delivery cost Is the lowest. We handle Red Ash, Monta- vallo. Ark. Smokeless, New River, Manchester. Zelgler. Kentucky and tHxhislecl Buckwheat for stokers GAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 pVERYWHERE... at the clubs, the JLY races, on the bo^virds ... you'll see smart women driving Ford V-8's. Women who have discovered that the Ford V-8 meets crery requirement of style and comfort. If you ask them abxj^ their curs they will tel! you what fun it is to drive a Ford V-8. How easily it can be parked. How relaxed they are when driving. How secure they feel behind walls of welded steel and safety glass. . And they'll tell you of the thrilling response of the powerful V-S engine that whjsks the car out of any traffic pinch. And you'll be told, too, of the satisfaction there is of owning a car with such beauty of line that people just seem to have lo want it! AUTHORIZED TOED DEALERS compartment onthvdatoUaa av«Uag horn* far puiBoandqlore*. • Th« Fold V-8'« tdn ot handling *bnpli- fiM paildn? and driTtng t» traffic. FORD V"8 AN ssKi,° i Easyttrms through Universal Credit Co.—the Authorized Ford Finance Plan • FOUD RADIO W A » I X C ; S ' • r -E N M S T I. V A N 1 A S S : EVERY SUN DAY EVENING-COLUMBIA NETWORK Before You Buy Any Car See and Drive the SMART FORD V-8 "America's Fastest Selling Car" Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Dealer Kead Courier New« Want Afla. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City t Fann Properties. Sptclal TlUc Sen-Ice LEE TRACY HELEN MACK. IELEN MORGAN AH Star - Comedy Willie H«pper Cartoon UNTIL 12C LOAN IS READY I witt advance you IOC a pound on your cotton SHOE SHOP Across the Street Prom Rosy Theatre High class shoe repairing with tlie latest type machinery end quality material. We Are As New YM As Yo«r Telephone Free call for * delivery service PHONE 1M Paul Hirtnre - R. B. Campbell Grand Leader Bldg. J. E. HASSON Phone 429 Bui/ing Agent For Export and Domestic Shippers

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