The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1941. 'These People Are Tired.. But They Also AreTough'\* HARRJSON IN HOLLYWOOD I the Nutehc/, in a run from against the current- Bencon lights leans' The Robert E. Lee along the, I UV 1'Al'L MANNING XEA Service SlutT Ccr respondent LONDON. — Theso people arc tired. Two years of war, in which defeat ha*_ been more common than victory. c-rm do thai to a nation. And two years of grinding black- , out, when the Idea of spend-: ing even one night in a city ablaze with light? and peace and security' becomes ^ a thought as precious as poid. can do it too. But the*:- people are also louyh. And rsfier emerging from six ol' the toughest months into something ihe" poets call the br«Uh of Sprint'., they can .still laugh and tell you the" outlook for cricket in Muy. They can still stroll with apparent, unconcern on u Sunday morning around Leicester Square into the motion picture theaters. Or walk over to Trafalgar Square and feed the pigeons in the shadow ol Nelson's monument. i But that is London with its pua.rd up. To fret the real leelinfi oi wartime London today, you go to the movies. There, it! the. dark- ; died theater. Ls this city as it is; more sentimental and ncstaly.U: than at any time in ius lon» hr>- tor. : . i UFMINDERS OF PEACE KRIXG TEARS Twice recently I've seen this. The first time it was during a two-reel short titled, "Canada Carries on." The picture traced the evacuation of British children from war-torn London to placid Canada. It showed these children entering their new homes, beiny eri by their new foster parents' ^H^^ : and. after they had stared long and unbelievingly through n window at the electric lights of the city spread out below, they were same way. But picked cl,»bU* in,, .heir new b ~ V ° r """ from a different reason. It was! of bombs—even during long periods more one of nostalgia; a longing of calm. i for the Frit nee that was. The For example, in almost, any Am- The scene that the incident of the -above ground. ''• *™ n ™ of It was a tear-jerker at this j racy point. The men and women in j P'egne woods, thai ^nriipiiop were so "lad to see j clicked was at Seaborne Britislf children c^v ! little typist watchin, from a wintering the idyllic world of a peaceful continent that nearly everyone, when the Him ended, was „,„ a recent newsreel watching through _ In -Arise My L<5ve,"' it' was the (he reaction was bardment. they are painfully aware cious spiral" of wages vainly chas- in» prices. The housewife today is finding that her pound note buys a steadily diminishing calamity of »oods. Which means that some of that now-found kick is now beginning to fade. Not only among the thousands of Welsh miners who are n«nin unemployed and so are on the dole, but among the men now of quaint Com- showinu U. S. Navy dive-bombing practice, would have probably been I.iH-ic Neville, is pinch-hitting For Paul Harrison, now touring army camps aiul deltnso industries. V t » BY LUC IE NKVILLF. N'KA Some*' Stall' Oowspoiulwii HOLLYV/OO!).—The movli-s havr- lounci :< loi, of actresses on band- sl.tinds, swaying audiences while they swayed their black satin-clad curves and sang of home and mother or "Oh, you nasty man 1 !" There have been Alice Faye, Mail' llealy. Ruth Terry, Dorothy La- motir. Sliirley Ross, Ann Sheridan, Rosemary Lane, and lately Cobiiw Wright. Jr. Nov.' 'teen-age character actress Vir^ijiia Weidler plans to reverse the discovery system and have a microphone maestro ask her, How'd you like to sing with my »and?" When that day c.omes, i Hollywood wiJl liave to /imi Useli' mother i:J-year-o!cl to play brat | roles, because she'll say "Yes." j Just now, her professional ca- ' j'eer as a singer is meeting with the usual discouragements. She thought she was set for the solo •>pot in the 11-piece orcliestra re- tently organi/ed by her brothers — 18-year-old Walt, younger Warner, and George. She had been warmly urged to tak*; a .swing with the hammer and paint bin si i when I the boys were building musk: racks and a bandstand, and whenever the pianist or clarinetist couldn't make a rehearsal, good ole Virginia could step in. She's pretty hot on both instruments. SHE N f O\V TAKES L£SSON r S When everything was ready for the first engagement, at a local country club, little sister was told to scram. Indignantly, she clemancl- the left side. Try it and come back to see me in a couple of weeks." Cummings started to pui it down as another peculiarity of Hollywood's movie geniuses, then de- that, since- he didn's have New Orlean ! look 90 hours and f>l minutes to j make ihr 1.154-mile run i'rom New j Orleans. I The distance now i.s considerably shoricr since army enjoineer.s ciit out many loops and bends in the river. Now-a-days, however, ihe race anything else to do, he'd He stayed at home, with one ol his wile's stocking tops converted tr U- I probably would be run by d vessels shoving barges banks would help guide them 'and a radio receiver in the piloi house would help avoid dc.><A lays. ^ The old-timers would welcome this as better than nothing. Bin they'd rather have it the old way, with nearoes heaving wood into the boilers while pickaninnies scamper over cotton bales stowed awav on ihe lower into a cap for his lotion-pla.siered head, and trained his hair. At the end of the fortnight, he emerRed with his face and hair- part synchronized, and Aurr wve him the role he had wan led. Sincf* then, Cummin*!;? never has lacked for a job. Guaranteed Hem - Aid Ointment, i thai these people are weakening back if vou are not But like any group of human be- viewed only with mild interest. But here, in a little theater ofT ciow, as the Germans machcd into Leicester Square, it was cHfl'erent. Paris; when she turned without a The planes were flashing clown in then' onc> two, three order to a target i below; bombs exploded with terrific Impact. The whole scene didn'i take more than two minutes, but when it was over a sharp, the rustling of leaves swept through that house. To these people it wns just too graphic. For they knew that when ed explanations. Well, they said, she was pretty young and she'd word, walked to her desk, burst into bitter tears. There's another reason, too. for ychv-! to a motion picture theater. Ii is a fiood place to spot the fact I , , ldj ' tlo PILE RELIEF Does the misery of piles make j that the London civilian toduv voiir life miserable?" If so try NashY j has a slight bomb neurosis. take away some of the dignity of the band". Why, she didn't even have an evening dress! Further pressing brought ottt the real reason: one of the brothers' girl friends had been promised the job long in advance, and not only was she more decorative than Virginia, KEEP yp un FBB PICKETS Streamlined Sleam b o a i sj Believed To Be Feasible 1 On Mississippi NEW ORIGANS UP i-The old timers, who with misty eyes drah scan the northern reaches of the Mississippi viver. predict that the nay is coming when racing steamers will "toot" for the right of way around the bend. The steamers probably will be a far-cry from the packets of an- j other era, the old boys will admit. There won't be plumes of black smoke belching from the twin stacks; there might not bo any stacks at all. They've seen odder thinsa than that on the river. California has its steamboat racing on the Sacramento river. Why not Louisiana on the Mississippi? the old timers ask. Commodore Edward C. frCoenig. owner of the steamer City of St.- 1941 MODEL E-10 ? 106.95 Only fASY TlRMSi Not Your money well pleased Get relief now this i ings who have been subjected too easv wav. WOODS DRUG STORE. ; long to too much murderous boin- wcrkinu who still vividly remember j shc had a bettei . voice ihe bitter days of the past years. They remember those days, not only because you can't erase a decade of bare existence, but because once again they're back on their old diet of fish and chips—varied sometimes by sausnges and mashed potatoes—and they are wondering That wns loo much, declared Miss Weidler. Nobody wa.s going to say her voice wasn't good enough, not while she could do, about it. What she's do- * »: AlXJtT .SPRING TONIC FOR YOUR POCKETBOOK A TRIP TO WOODS'. Of course you want tin* best in d r u » ;s and toilrtru-s. You wouldn't trust your health or th,.- healUi of your fumily ID :iuy- (\\\i\K less. That's why Woods Drug Store is so ruividly bcconu'ni; popular. Here you can RCI *thc lincsl na'ioniilly advertised -and locally known r-rccluets . . . and yet our juH'^s are as tow as you'!! find anywhere a ad. in many inslan;v..s. lower'. So pep up your budget and your up on these specials: medicine chest by storkiiu they stepped from the theater that j ir .something can'L be done about same kind of bombing might sud- it nil when plans for a new Britain unfold. Tnke Mrs. Robert Oakes. a typi- husband's salary from London'_every week. 1 could not get denly begin. Only they would be he target. British health in general today j cal Eas{ Enc } evacuee mother. She s no worse than it wa.s during *- nc | SH y.s: ''I've had my baby, so what? en years precc-diny this war., «p ne y sen t me to the country. I Vhich is damning with filinl! ijkud the fresh air and the quiet, praise, for the health of the Brit-j Bm uiough T received part of my sh working man and his family— nmicuhirly of those thousands liv- ;iy; on the dole—wa.s never too ood. When war was declared, once lertlict industrial areas begun «. Shipyards and factories which had long been closed re- cpsned and began turning out the Instruments of war. Employment mounted, wages increased and for time the health of these men p.ncl women and their children, ing is taking lessons, between school and working in "Man From the City." . from Metro's music coach, Al Siegel. He's also coaching Shirley Temple, and Ethel Merman wa.s one of his star pupils. The last report from the Weidler brothers was, "We'll let Virginia try it, but she has to go home at intermission." HE GOT THE JOB Bob Cummings Louis, announced his willingness to wager $30-000 against any | steamboat, in the country in 1939. i HLs challenge quickly wa.s accepted i by the River Lines of Stockton. Cal.. ov:ners of the-river steamers Delta King and Delta Queen, triple-decked floating palaces. The cost of transporting one of the vessels around the Pacific coast and through the ^Panama Canal was prohibitive, "liowevev, and the race never was held. Commodore Koenig's challenge still stands. The racing record on the Mississippi was set by the Robert E. Lee in June, 1870. when the old- time packet pulled into St. Louis a scant five and one-halt hours Feature oHer feature found in Electric Ranges costing many dollars more* • Super-Size, Twin Unit Oven • Accurate, Automatic Oven Thermostat • High-Speed Broiler • Large Storage Dr»*er • Thermizer Well Cooker • One-Piece, All- Porcelain Cabinet • One-Piece, Stainless Porcelain Top • Many other quality ad vantages I 'Cooking Top Lamp and Cook-Master Ovea Control illustrated, optional at slight extra cost tXDcD 1941 Kode! B-10 IT TODAY! 1942 New, Exclusive Radiantubo Cooking Units each with five practical cooking speeds l-:i DOWN — 1-3 FALL 1941 -— 1-3 FALL It' you purchased a Frigidaire in 193G with the Meter Miser you may have the original protection warranty extended if you act at once. HARDA.WAY APPLIANCE CO. J. W. Adams, TV. Main St. Phone is one of the lown> bul hc can rc- tlme when h e \ V as we needed even there. Which is busi( , st> most .successful young bad for the baby and me. T sny comecliaus i that if we're going to have a bet- j member lne ter Britain there must first be a ' n)aking thfi dreary rounds of pro-: scheme which provides^ better food ducers . oifices , \^ iL \ n hand, and to the working people." i getting very litle response. He's Mrs. Oakes and men and women ° la(1 now th ' al( ne nac j Lo b e polite like her are not seriously com- ^ nd couldn't wear his hat, because FLOUR, Sfillley's Best Plain or Self Rising 24 Ih. Sack 48 !b. sack §1-38 plaining about the food setup as it he b e u ev es the turning point of of course. They know the decreasing imports ore traces to that. Republic Stu- Hallow checks bloomed and almost everyone started to get their old '•i: i k back once atiiun. WOKKLKS CANT GET C;OO1) FOOD But in very recent weeks there hs!< become noticeable what, economists and politicians cal! the "vi- to them for a little the impression that , you when J^flP IPANA Tooth Paste, Reg". f>0c . . . Listcrine. Tooth Paste :t-25c tubes Pint Iron. Quinine & Strychnine.. (^Oc SAL HUPATICA 50c Phillips Milk of Magnesia 2:u- KXLAX 25c B. C- POWDERS ^g n. OUR SPECIAL FOR TOMORROW! Fresh River Catfish peace comes and the experts start putting into etteci their plans lor •i better Britfttn. they will not be c-cntent to jio back on the dole. Cow's cheese. but John Auer. the poducer who interviewed him. gave him a most unusual reason for his refusal. "The trouble with you." Auer said, "is that you have a left•— 'handed face and n riyhi-handed , •n • .1 . crtiu-rr. nf most 1 part. T think you'd do a lot better! milk LS ihe souitc ot mosi, ^ __ _ ^ ^ ( ^^ ^ {f Qn|| . j. Hisc tills Morn inn and Ho( TRIESCHMANN'S CAFE Across From C'ilv Hall Will ANXIOUS the man who told me about Gibson's jrM Bourbon downtown last night ^pl irei in touch with me? I'm anxious to him a quart for putting me wise to smooth, mollow flavor. Gibbon's Straight Bourbon Whiskey-90 prooi. This whiskey is 4 YEARS OLD. The Gibson Distilling Co., Nt'u- York. N. Y. it> TOMATOES Argo Packed in Puree No. 2i Can 2 for 25c CATSUP Midwest Pure 14 Oz. Bottle : Ea. 9c HOMINY Grand Prize No. l_ Can 2 for 15c BEEF, Liliby's Scjuare 1 !b. Cans 20c PICKLES Green Beauty Sour or DU! Quart 13c PEACHES Delmonte Halves or Sliced in Heavy Syrup No. 1\ Can I7c PEAS May Day or Polks Sest Petit Pois No. 2 Can Ea. I2c Green's Pasteurized Grade A MJIk Fresh Twice Daiiy BEANS Blytheville Special Whole No. 2 Can Ea. 12c SOAP Life Buoy for Face and Hands or Bath 2 for 13c MJLK Pet Irradiated 3 Large or 6 Small 22c POTftTOES, pasked in niesh bap 10 lb: bagsjSc PINEAPPLE Delmonte Fancy Crushed Only No. 2 Can MATCHES Searchlight Large Boxes .:..:...SALMON Alaska Chum Tall Cans - •• -• Ea.l6c 3 for lOc Ea. I5c GET OUR PRICE ON EED OF ALL KINDS S2.00 Si?.e SS Top s ic $1.67 ALL VARIETIES OF SEED CORN /). P. L. No. 12 REGISTERED COTTON SEED FUNKS HYBRID SEED CORN NV NO FUNK'S 15 ATABR1NE TAHI.ETS 100 5 GRAIN QI T !NINE-SIH.PHATE Capsules SU«9 Toe BAYER ASPIRIN TABLETS 200 YEAST and IRON TABLETS S1.50 CYSTEX Sl.:M 221 WEST MAIN ST. TEL. 1020 DRUG STORE 1RMQREL, ARK. iaxweit Hoyse Hsg, or Drip, 1 pound tin 27c CORN Pride of III. No. 303 Can Country Gentleman Can 9c PORK & BEANS Phillips No. 21 Can ......................... Ea - ^ c OYSTERS Nigger Head Brand Regular Size Can £a - Uc Swift Premium, whole or i 14-16 avg., Ib. 25c CRACKERS Fresh anud Crispy 2 Lb. Box PINEAPPLE JUfCE Delmonte Fancy ND. 2 Can TURNIP GREENS Blvtheville No. 2 Can „ Ea. 14c 2 for 25c 2 for 15c J Cake Special; Devil's Oeli-ht Cake. Square, 2 layer... .2jjc Blythc- Fresh Hanana Cup Cakes, Doz *»c ville Fruit Stallen CoR'ee Cake, each *~ c Bakery SOY BEANS OF AL NEW & USED HOUSE DRAWN EQUIPMENT. NEW & USED FAUMALL TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT. ALSO—ALL KINDS OF FARM HARDWARE. Hams Picnic 4-6 Lb. Avg. Lb. 19c Beef Roast Chuck Lb. 23c Bacon Sliced Rind Off Lb. 25c Butler Best Creamery Lb. 36c Hamburger Meat Lb, 17c 0!eo Dixie 19c, Tasty Brand Lb. lOc Pork Liver Lb. 12c Sausage Mixed Lb. 5c Spare Ribs Lb. Lard Loose Pure Lb. 9c We Deliver 104 S. Division Street Phone 184 Wilson & Co. C. L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET Fri., Sat., M<m., 28, 29, 31

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