The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1966 · Page 2
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The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 8, 1966
Page 2
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Hospital Notes iwwVWW!Wf i VLmetal J4mpiUl Hospitality Shop y Wur.tanly Staffed by 5 Homes 1 Auxuiarj Monongohela Memorial Hospital Admiion 'Vintrnt Cirella Jr.. of Fifth Street. Ponora. Mrs Frank Talkn of IS Allen Uhert Wilson of Box 98. RP ",vvi!ir Mrs Irene Regard of 1113 Cr Street. Monongahela Michael Wichols of RP 2. Eighty Four. Mr'. Louise Rattle of IW Gilmore Avenue. Ponora. Mr l-Wen lwstu'er of 201 W?t Main S'reet, M"norgahe-la , Cory ii' rv of .'2 Fark Av enue. Monongahela Mrs Edward Warren of lfi"5 Luret'a Drive. Monrcgahela Mrs Noah Thomson of Gas- tonvjllr. Mrs. Kenneth Srlimalhach of Pianne L Setree of Charleroi. 412 Grand view Avenue. Monon- Mrs. Robert Kopanic of Pon-gahola ora. Fens n Tctninia of 408 Births Fourth Street. Mnnongahela. The daughter of Mr and Mrs. Mrs Edgar Isloll of Hc If Julius Pefrosky of Belle Ver-PP 1. Charleroi. non. March 4. Mrs Thomas Rmdi of RD 1. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Belle err,on. it'ontinueo on Pace ihree .Clarence R. Morton of RP 1.! t Column Four) Funeral fcRICE . . .Sarah Catltn Bnre, ft ?no Vino Street. Mnnongahela. in New Castle, Fa., Sun-; day March fi. I. at 5.50 a.! m Friends received by family from 7-9 pm Monday. 2-4 end 7-9 pm. Tuesday at Rebuilt and Vohe Co. Funeral Home. 500 Second Street. Mo-, rongahela. Remains will be, removed at noon Wednesday! to Rethel A M E. Church, Mo-' rongahela. for services at 1 pm.. the Reverend Faul Martin, pastor of Rethel Church, the Reverend William H'hsn and the Reverend J. A. Jarvis officiating. Inter-, nent Mouongahela Cemetery.! (R&Y 3-7, 8); CKEY5H0CK. . .Stephen M. Greyshock. fil5 Founh Street. Monongahela. suddenly at borne Monday. March 7. 19hfi. at 10 pm. Friends received After 7 p.m. Tuesday at L. M. Fne Funeral Home, 427 s West Main Street. Mononga-, hcla. Requiem mass Thurs- day, March 10. at 9:50 a m. in Transfiguration R. C Church, the Reverend Paul P. I-eger. pastor, officiating. ! Interment St. Peter's Ceme-' tery, Brownsville. (F 3-8.9). HUHRA. . .Anna R. Huhra. 448 Seventh Street, Ponora. at Charleroi-Monessen Hospital Tuesday. March 8. at :50 am. Friends received fitter 10 a.m. Wednesday at Rudolph R. Schwerha Funer-, al Home. 54fi Thompson Ave-! rue, Ponora. Blessing serv- I. .a lUnt.A tVifl -,- I f rrU 11 I' c um .u 1 I lurn . .'tfiivii 11. at 9 a m. followed hv requiem . . j. . n. r. mgn mass at v soin ,m. ioni - line's R C. Church. Inora. the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph A KiKhner nastor nffiriatinc r r LUermcnt St. Dominic's Cem- tS 3-8. 9. 10. a'.rry. ,ire , w JONES. . -Mrs. Jane Meredith toin:.s, roidna .Mines, t a., ai uine couniy .Memorial hos- .. w -i,t pital. Waynesburg. Sunday, r.arcn n, r.. ai i:.. p.m. friends received after 7 p m. Monday at Michael Lucas Fu- rerm Home. . mu;h ine Street. Carmichaels. Services Lnere nennesaay. Marcn h. ...c nnnnra ..,.urfj, L'd is. ouiciaiing. in- icrmem t.reene tounty Me- off Moral Fark, waynesburg. (L 3-7,8j AcCLEUAN. . .rfc. Brent Allen McClellan. 21, 3 Braden Flan. Clarksville. Ta , in Viet Nam February 27, !!. Friends received after 6 p. M Monday. March 7, at Greenlee Funeral Home. 24. n:y"-j . w u - "n"'1J' Aidicn v, ai z p. Pi , the Reverend Charles S lv Daniels nffiHatins tt.r,-nt u - ith full military rite in No l Mn h a a a 1 v-ninese airnn capaDiiitv Eeallsvilie Cemeterv icVth. ,, . . . . ! Rllt the Chinps? f,e,d armm roul(l only be measured in - Kwry. nim against a tunnel waJ. Jlack heavy and self propeUed.battalions." the institute says. ... tl. HIH.IIIIUU, nr: Fentleyville. Pauline R. Barber ff 4W M Discharged J , Gwrje Barkey of Mononga- la. Parrel Fieri of Ponora. Mrs. George Kirby of Monon- gemma . Frank Mnslev of Monessen. Thomas Mannella of M-wn-ga'nela. Richard Simmons of Ponora. Mrs. 5lvia Toth of hela 6y; Mrs. Clara Weber of Monongahela. DH Andrew Roman. 80. of 819 Sheridan Street. Monongahela; admired February 2. at 12 f p.m.. died March 8. 1W at ! - a m- Charleroi-Moncstsn Hospital Admissions March 4. 1?66 Clinton J. R'y, of Mneen. George Majergs of Charleroi. Mrs. Charles Armstrong of Belle Vernon. Mrs. Oliver Shoemaker Roscoe. Rarhara Ann Rex of Belie Vernon. Notices ROMAN . . Andrew Roman. W. 19 Sheridan Street. Mononga hela. at Mononeahela Memv rial Hospital Tuesday. March 8. 19Mi. at 1:20 a m. Friends received after 12 noon Wednesday at L.M Fne Funeral H'ime. 427 West Main Street. Monongahela. Panachida services there Wednesday at 8 50 p.m. and rarastas services ThrcHav .t 7 in nm Renui. em mass Fridav, March 11. at 10 a m. in St. Nicholas G. C. Church. Monongahela. the Reverend David J. Smolev. pastor, officiating. Interment Monongahela Ceme.erv. (F 3 8' 9, 10; 1 j VOLK . . . Fannie Sickle Yolk. 301. First Street. Ponora. in Monongahela Memorial Hos- pital .New Eagle. Sundav March . Wfi. at 8:10 a.m. Friends received at Lawson-Rabe Funeral Home 701 Thompson Avenue, Donora. Services there Wednesday. March 9. 1 p.m.. the Reverend Hen-gust Robinson. Jr.. pa-stor of First Methodist Church. Don- ora. ornciatirg interment Aiononganeia v.emetery. .Mon- ongahela. (L-R 3-7, 8) Budget For Ccunly Pared By $50,1 ." 7 )" '"' ,nf lAnUI,,. 1fW U " - U . .. f. rmniur i.nn 1nillifll V.UU1I- (v budget will be sciutinized , 1 1 .... iiinner ny wasnington Uiunty Commissioners today. In their first full dav of fmal hiidret herino FriHav vam. p- it.i ined departmental fiscal re quests and clipped $21,000 from I the tax assessment budge, and $11,000 from funds soueht bv ;hp rprord of dmj. off fa , ; --...v. ....... 'i ty . l Willi fill illl.j O.C 11 m ,j i,i v penditures of $4;0.000 over 1965 . i iimminiru nuu Ol v. A . lhe Commissioners must slash ,he bll(lRel ,tjl, more hvilv trt rvoid a rM, estate tax jncr 0f three mills n,:.y6 budget. on whicn hearings resume today d0es not include 11 250,000 m temporary loans which are paid during the year's tax reve- niis rome in Final adootion of the eountv budget is scheduled for March ' Robena Miner Is Fatally Injured CARMICHAELS. Pa. ilTD- KJ,r" ouJ,,c' 01 "onco, rayette County, was killed intV. was klllMl Par. tcJav nh th 1 .. " ' Z w a.i inrrj mt in in hArna ! ik Kr y ! wS3Afy2& o G-OGf- ;TT- of I I I i I I I 1 n f r .isis2JiLi! I A FIRST AWARD wo won by ence held at the University of Pittsburgh Saturday. The newspaper scored highly in sports, photography, column writing, front page makeup, and inside news in competition with newspopers submitted by more than 20 district high schools. A panel of six news experts judged the entries. Two class sessions, a banquet, and the awards ses- sion were part of the day's full schedule of activities. Mary Frances Baga is editor. Shown left to righr are the stc.T I of the winning newspaper: Marylea Ritzer, Editor Mary Baga, Headmaster, the Rev. Hugh Long, John Sedlak, Assistant Editor Mary Anne Sedney, and linda Falorio. Sister Margaret Ann is moderator. ! Communist China j (Continued from Page One) 'into the Western anti-Communist bloc. It's true the Chinese fought ( the United States and her Allies, in Korea. Rut Johnson administration tvpert and many outside authorities are convinced Tek-! ing sent hordes of "volunteers" into Korea onlv when American 1 an it 1 1 1 ann .Allien mrces nan crosseu the 58th Parallel into North Korea and were neanng me Chinese border. ( Avoid War Tlie sdministrat on reaons that Peking will avoid tanelir.2 vith the Lnited States unless American and South Vietna - mese forces appear on the verge of overrunning North Viet Nam and bringing hostile forces once again to China s immediate borders. Thus President Johnson and advisers, declaring thev nan, t0 av0ld nv confr0ntation wi(h Cmna ar " str0Ilgiv ,iat t - s 0hjetives in Viet Nam are limited to halting aggression "r 01 1 ransiiguration Koman and three great-grandchildren: (rem the North, not destroying Catholic Church of Monongahe- one brother. Jeph Kovach of the North Vietnamese Commu-Ilge 455, BP.O K.; the Ponora, and one sister, Mrs. nist regime. American Russian Club and the Joseph 1 Susan) Pelansky of As Pet'ense Secretary Robert 0w,s Club. He also was an hon- Charleroi. . McNamara told the Senate orar' member of Brownsville Friends will be received aft-Foreign Relations Committee: .Volunteer Fire Department. er 10 a.m. Wednesday at the ' No efforts have been snared Survivors include his wife, Rudolph R. Schwerha Funeral an() none W1 ne Sparel in tJirp.t anfl m infjirp.t diploma - dim in muimi uijuwuirt- public and in private-to unicate to the leaders of rv ;n commun Communist China that Ameri- 'ca's limited objectives in 'iet dill JJT'.S P Ull V (1 L HI IIH 111- ;We urge the leaders of China to i listen and understand." I Intentions in Asia But beyond the immediate Viet Nam question is the issue n i; ,n.;.. "i v.i'iuiiuilii.11 tiniifl 3 intl'll lions in Asia. The administra- tion has arraed that Viet Nam is a test case for China's s $ IlOn wars of national libera- can succeed ana mat therefore this theory must be refuted now. ! Tlio lnilnielriti.,11 r,,Ar f-i,,-- - i;.t Cluna's whole future policy W3S 'a'd dow" ft SoP'emr ill 9 iAi'iimnnl 1-. V i w n .f Z"1a ," IZ,u'Z!-. Z M l ,U1C1 8 m Kampf 1 "c vnun-sr wmumnu . . , . . . v.. , ,, ... iiah.l.i t: ts; ''ni o ,iiiMidi un rid, the Peking , rc8ime s . defen' i rt- '""". and mairman oi tr Committee of the chairman of the Central Chinese ommunisi party. Lin's 20.000-word manifesto . r ronidinea a genera argument .h wir in ii-uiuuon. ne r1' .V " , ""Red bank, N.J.; one grand rimmsn. ana ima e-tung's iheorv of , , y! wor on a S now lMao lse Protracted guerrilla made to work on a globa' n:ale. Peop! Art Strength China', strenph really lies in ed us numan resources. The regular army, according to the British Institute, is adequately equipped with infantry wea- tars, rocket launchers, recoil-j Uc. l;u. j -s." .-..u.,, dniuei j . ana in some cases inie - - f- . iter-1 1 Monongohela Valley High School newspaper, "Mon-Vnl-lore," Bakery Proprietor Death Claims Stephen M. Greyshock Stephen M. Greyshock. pro- nriAtnr IIrp-K,-M'L-'c niL-orv ; ... 10 " "reel. .Motion- nokoU AA . ...l.-l...,!,. u;- "i w"k-i m m home last night. IVath came at riu p m. 10 the well Known oak er. shnly after he had ascended the stairs from an errand " " 1 V" . T ? jn fh bakho., dume hls us. ua, hnurs at dav fc A ; 7 J 'j" f ''f ,cm'er 1S' "e lued 10 M nd had o,er- f,1, bakery for 21 cars i. H,s Ia,e home ls al iU "mi,"'h SlrteL was born in Brownsville .Vp- "r- Greyshock was a mem- Anna K- Greyshock; one son. )rthn N- of Monongahela: one daughter, Klinor A. Greyshm l West l Angeles, Calif. two granddaughters; three brothers, Michael of Mmonga- hela. Andrew and Auirust of '1 Brownsville; four sisters. Mary .Greyshock of Brownsville. Mrs.! 'Joseph Comminsky of Mans- e,a. unio Airs. Kenneth naugherty of Finleyville. and Mrs. Stephen Mester of Fred- - 1 1 -- r ien.s wiu oe receivea arier P m- ,oda at 1,10 L. M. I rye ru"prai Home, nesi Main """' Mr$ Therg MoHjn, funeral services were he d tnriav fftr Ir! The.esp tm.inr ma ua a mmnir ir xt 84, who died at the home of . ..... h'r hter, Mrs. William Gettings. 444 Railroad Street, Monongahela. at 11:30 a.m. Sat- nrJa,. ar,h 5 dt , A.. . . . r,, Tr(. tnHinp aB u,im Marseille. France, March 29. -... .-i - v v ig,i '"i ii 1881. She came to the United States in 1905. .,u..,K ,. ., c iu udutsn- iri.s. .u. weiungs ana mis. Annur liacgini of Okmulgee. 0kIa . (ne Jom M()Uine f)f ine of ins. wi ,rand- daughter, Mrs. Jack iPati Ro- ,ey J Re"! Vemm' three grandsons and one great-grand- B , I ,ev of The Reverend Martin J. 0- jTooIe of St. Sebastian's R.C. Chlirph Roll Vflrnnn ff,io. . at the reouiem nraver serv- M ice this mnminu in the UarnM R. Toner Funeral Home, Belle Vernon. Interment, in Belle rnon Cemetery, followed the .:it . . . . . muucij, uanspwi. raaar ana communications equipment. ..kl. ,.l , . ... Anna H. Huhra, 60-Year Borough Resident, Dies Anna R. Huhra of 488 Seventh Street, IV mora, died at 6 30 a.-m. today in Charleroi-Monesson Hospital, at the ace of 70 years. She had been ill two weeks. Mrs. Huhra was born in Slo- vakla Mav 1895. She came small iirl and f0 K,n,,ra ae a had resided M jears in the bor- 0Ugn sie VM nieniber f(f a Dominic's Roman Catholic Church of Ponora; Catholic Slo- vak Brotherh.. Branch 29; Urea,n of thf lr hWlt- Hriin h 1; slovak Political and Beneficial AssiKiation, and H.,!y Rary C,.fraternity. Her husbaml. Joseph, d.ed Ju- ,y 11 14' Sun'ivin hpr are f children. Mrs. Kenneth ,Ajnies) IJllRhes ()f RD h M(V nonf:aht.Ia . Krmin .Andrew and Iuis (Paulinei Foiiuna. all of Dmora. and Mrs. Helen Roskos ,,. . har a 1 mnr. .'". t'UI 1 I lilt; l I a I 1 of Monescn: 11 grandchildren Home. 54 Thompson Avenue, IXmora. AndreW Roman. cc A JJ-Year Area 1 Resident, DieS Andrew Roman of m Sheri - dan street. Monongahela. died ai 1:20 a m. today in Mononga- lu.U t.m,nriat H,.cni,al rw,.th .... . ..rr, j'lcnii. "l ase loiioweu a tnree montn s uiness. Mr. Roman was born in Aus- tria - Hungary December 5. 183.). n- nu n 1.1 uu. area, residing at Gallatin be- 'ie remoMng ,o .Mononganeia. He WAS It TPtirefl nilllPr ,. , . Nicholas C.reck Catholic Church " " .. , ... . 9 His wite. Anna. aiel in lfll. trr"'' JohnaI"Mar olszvk (f'ew Yor'kN Y Ylrs Maiir ,ii,.'','i i rfn," ice (Margaret i Lvnns of lena- flv N J Mrs Harrv (nn) Kellv and . i-l' Mrs. Jean Kruki. botn of Monongaheai Jind IiSS T rs. f m . ,i(U . u n . , ii it i , t lAnf.nrTahnla Jnhn a n a Ann x c , - cr(,eant 0f tne U. S. Army sta- tioned in Korea, and Alexander of Manown Hollow; 12 grand- ..hilHrpn 6 Friends will be received after 3? noon Wednesday at the LM Frve I'uneral Home. 427 West . '. . Appeal Deadline May Be Extended HARRISBURG (LTD Leg- islation to erase all deadlines ...... .. :or stwxu aisincis appealing Mrom state - ordered reorganiza- tion plans was approved ny tne Senate Monday and sent the House. . at the ennual confer V3 f l "i m . -V . JB "' 4 William Barton Hill 'Bart' Hill Is Candidate For Assembly Wilham Barton Hill of fi2f! Shelby S,rp,, Monongahela. announced today that he is a candidate for State Legislator in the 48th District. ": umi"; l1"- didacv. stated, -When elected. promise the pccple in my District that Ml be a full time tici.,,,,. a4, u., nnA if,i.,mivi , f.i". ti.i, 1 rim n- ing tor tiiose measures that will nelp mv districts economv. and all worthwhile legislation for the betterment of our peo- (.ir. iu urm rti 100 ti:i and will vote on all legislation." -That is a legislators first At. I.. In Ui I " 11,11 "U1 v.u3, ' Not only must top priority be given for a new Lxpress- way in the Monongahela Valley, but exis)mg ,.(ia(ls sloud be mo,ernized-" he said- "Single lane bridges and nar- row- unsafe roads should be ... , , , e'irriinatel immediately. They -WUTUHUIC a liaz-nill Itr nil villi" , , ..... : . , , .:, .. '"l' 'l l.fc.a ll" vlo 1 1 Inn fil tkAPA tAi4c CinrfU I i lift 1 1 a 1 1 l t:,t 1 vnil. t " 1 1 1 L. 1 v. lain onciges are an oosiacie 10 inc industria and economic devel- industria, and economic devel- Pmenl of our area- ''Fducational OTiportunities must be made available for all residents in our area." Hill "hall introduce legts- Ian"n proviuing ior a ix.a non-' al Training School and a much' t 1.. : needed Junior College in the Monongahela Valley." Hill said he favors strong mine subsidence legislation and a lmver sales tax through econ- omy in government. I A New Eagle businessman, Hill was born and reared in . ' tne iity ot Monongahela wnere he attended the elementary and nign schools. He is married to the former Joanna Rubino and is the father of two children.; , . . Value Set At $100,000 The State Deportment of Public loitruction ho nouncd the timetobie for tW distribution of more tho SI CD, COO in school library materials to public ond noo. public schools in Washington. ' " ' County. I Tnder the federal formula. The money is provided under Washington County is allofrd Title II of the Federal Elemen- S2 per school child for iihrary tary and Secondary Education resources. There are an ecj. Act and is ' for school library mated 4 0v in public schorl? resources, textbooks, and other and more than 5.2'W in nri-printed and published inslruc- public schools, tiimal materials for the use erf Certification statements will teachers and children in all be mailed directly to the lix-al public and private elementary school districts, according to and secondary schools." George Bindi In Demo Race For Congress George Bindi of 1405 Fourth Street. Monongahela. today an- j ...... fv 'AS Li 2 U George Bindi i i 1 1 nouncea nc win set K tne iem- ner wjh the Washington County ocratic nomination for election Planning Commission, has been to Congress from Pennsylva- ap),in((vi Washington Coiinty l r.ia's 2tith Gigr-ssional Dis- representative on an advisory !rut- committee to the Regiotial Hindi, a Monongahela alley Spa(.e Sludv c.lirrMlt!y he-automobile dealer for 30 years, inff comiu(.tecj bv the Southwes-sa;d, -I fed that business peo- ,ern pennsvvania Regional pie should lake a part in gov- rianning Commission, ernmcnt because of the huge! committee of eleven expenditures of money involved. mmbers will meet regularly My 40 years' experience in busi- wi)h tne commission's staff to m ! ! , ., mi " i'nrr.,.ii'i ,1'ilr I li-fl nAAH In , f H-.-.J ni.iiimn mm ii .-I make suggestions tor tneir ie the Monongahela Valley." spective counties or agencies. From Vm until 1958, Btndi I)roafi punV5e of the shi-was a partner in Bindi Broth- rfv is t0 develop a complete iiw ers. an automobile firm with ventory 0f potential open spac dcalershins in Ionora and Mo- nongahela. In 1958 the firm of thn,e ?rinny aroas which form Bindi Brothers in Monongahela an jnlerjm regional open spar was lislved and George Bin- acquisition development pro-di Ucame the sole owner of gram Bindi Pontiac-Cadillac with a Tne stlKv , necessity if dealership in Monongahela. Bin- rnunties and municipalities in di maintains his present place ,ne six-covintv area are to t of business on Main Street in eligible for federal funds to ao Monongahela. quire open space land. Hindi will be seeking the Con- Cnder the Housing Act of 1J eressiotial seat now occupied bv .k Representative Thomas E. Mor- gan of Fredencktown. The 26th Congressional District compris- es the counties of Washington. rrTm,e' and 'aye"e' A.. I In announcing his candidacy far the Demwatic nomination. D;-. .1.. rv., Eress. wi, (ievote full time ,0 ,h(1 inh , ujl, Hrp a mflnaffer ,hP Joh' 1 tt 11 ,,,re a. nianager 111 til fl t 11 i n 11 uf lh - . pSlneSS He said that his business ex- L a siL'nificmt factor in decid- h . , d fpd. . ,,., , ,.,ni. , hp M,win,aheIa Vallev. ' have a snh spot in mv . . .. ' . ! hcart tor Ponora. Hindi saw I staried mv business there, and 1 saw Ponora in its boom days. I hate to see a town so strategically located on a good hodv of water and two railroads. die'on the vine- 1 ,nink ,he good people of Donora deserve a better fate.' I .... . Since our congressman is "in jmiiv v uaiv nuw iii- . , n-.: i irviv i ai k,wtvi uiiiviH, iniiui cojrl T thmb triA f rwnn (TO hill O a 1 1 in ii inc. .uui initoiina auey nas noen snon-cnanpea when it ccmes to federal monev when it comes to federal money for roads bndges. and other programs, vte aie iiuin hip same roads today we rode 50 years ago. The condition and the size of the roads are the cirn nnm ne Ihmr U'upa thon "... "In every part of the coun- try. an you can see is roaa building except in the Mo- nongahela Valley. Federal funds are being spent every- where but here. I "Since our present Congress- man is the chairman of the most powerful committee in the ' . nouse oi rtepreseniauves iror- eign Affairs) and since he is so close to president Johnson, it the proper channels had ben used and the proper overturea. John Rowel!, directcr of the Di vision of School Libraries in the DPI and sta'e coordinator for Title II, who announ'-ed th timetable Monday in a letter 'o Lawrence R. Sutherland, assistant county superintendent of schools. The project applications, showing the school enrollment, are to he completed and returned to the DPI no later than March 25. The dollar allocation for ea-h school will then be computed. Rowell said the DPI expects to have the computa'ion compieU ed by April 18. The Federal Government lm appropriated $100 million far the firt ear of a five-year program under Title II. Under the federal formula Pennsylvania is alloted a maximum of $5 908.219 for the 19M-67 fiscal ear. County Man On SPRPC Commiilce Jerome ftenis. design plan work underway and . . 1 up 'to 50 per cent of acquisition (.ost (my jf the new sites ar in conformance with an open spat.e acquisition and deoelop. ment Pram for the entire re- ron Tf a;i 0!Xn space projects in ..." " ope" P , u -jchinfiion 1 tinTf u n 'n nm ai eed approved by , . " rewewM ana PP py the Commission, are also au- proved bv the Federal Pepart- mnt 0f Housing and Urban Do velopment, the savings to tha people of Washington County will be nearlv $535.42 or 50 , , . - - made to United States Steel, the situation in Ponora would be different todav. "I humbly believe that our present congressman has let hil working class cf people down - the same people who gava him Slich n"Re majorities ev- ery time he ran for Congress. 'i honestly believe the Mo , , ,. ,, ... nongahela alley is one of th ir; lAiUVUK ui mnt ...... .. J . . . . nnin n ni iu iia ir. v ii niv j ii"j nr-wt- rtrrm .trrJ Th n t ' tiVn n Jl ni' .v lit L. ivt. i ti . i nai nut can i mieresi mciusiry m seu ting here. " tling hrre. Industry will only settle where there are adequata nignway anu uaiisponauon iar c.lities. Bindi is- a member of St. I thonv", Roman Catholic Chur An- Churcli u. ..nnn-uRain m onu uiu memberships in the Mononga- rf lTnnAnirhfll. srH KlW neia mks ana nauan utizcns Club, the Saints and Sinners o Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, He is married to the former Virginia McClure of Forward) Township and has four children and three grandchildren. Hn . " .. . . . son. james. enusiea in in the U. S. Navy last Thursday and if presently undergoing hoot train. ing at the Great Lake? Naval Training Center. i J

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