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The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
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-THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1962 PAGE 2 nfteimds Ton PoscoyirDft Peired DAILY REPUBLICAN HERALD-AMERICAN Donora Firemen Hospital Notes Commissioners Plea Granted Monte L. Foor of. Belle Vernon. i at Hospital hela. lemon ora. Hospitality Shop Deborah Ann Pensis of Charle- (Continued from Page One) After breaking down the locked doors, firemen tried to turn on lights in the rear bedroom, but discovered the wall switch hanging from a bare wire, and a fixture-less wire hanging from the center of the ceiling. The electricity was on throughout the house, however. Donora Police report that Mrs. Carlock was arrested, despite her claim that she had asked the women living in the second floor apartment to watch the kids. The woman in question, Mrs. Joseph Web, denied Mrs. Car- Lippincott of Voluntarily Staffed by MrJ wnliam Women's Auxiliary Monessen. A court order signed Wednesday by President Judg Roy I. Carson of Washington County Court extends th discount period for payment of county taxes to 30 days from the date the taxpayer receives his notice. Ordinarily, the discount period ends August 1 for all taxpayers. However, a large number of tax notices have not yet been processed and some property owners will not receive a 1962 notice! ft Mark David Urko of Mononga hela. Monongahela Mrs Ralph J. MiUer of Char- by the August 1 deadline, jare delinquent and payable with leroi. Robert Memorial Hospital oocJtJt The extension order was signed a ten per cent penalty thereafter. C. Arthurs, of by Judge Carson after the County Now, with the discount period ex- Charleroi. Admissions lock's charges, and claimed she Commissioners petitioned the tended 30 days beyond the tima Kenneth J. Gabriel of Joseph Alonso of BP 2. Mrs. John Ferenee of Monon- Mrs. Arnold Balza of naa notning to ao wnn tne cnu-dren. When firemen questioned Mrs. Carlock at the scene, she told court to do so. Presumable, the the notice is received, the period) court order directing the exten- for payment at face value starts sion of the discount deadline also; at the end of the first 30 days and extends the period when the 1962 the taxes become delinquent and taxes become delinquent. (subject to penalty 60 days after Taxes are usually payable at the notice is received, discount to August 1, payable at! It appears that it will be sever, face value until September 1 and al weeks until all of the notices I John Metro of 1116 Fourth. Samuel E. Essey of Monessen. I Street, Monongahela. I Ml's- John E- JameS of Wone i Lawrence Davis, of sen- I Mnnnnwhela. RD 3. i MalT Rebecca of DlilV Mrs. Joseph A. Putnak of 116 levy- SALES BOOMED AT SPESAK MOTORS, MONONGAHELA, recently when Proprietor Paul Spesak and his son. Bud, pictured above with five of the cars, sold 12 automobiles 10 Dodge Lancers and two Dodge Darts to the West Penn Power Company for utility company personnel. Six of the cars were delivered Monday and six Wednesday. Spesak has been in business since 1945, at his present location, 228 Chess Street. He resides at RD 2, Monongahela. Mrs. Leroy Hill of Donora. Theodore J. Chalfant of Belle Kehric Avenue, Donora. John SoDko of Newell. a Sirs. Maimie Eckbreth of 615, Vernon. Finleyville World War Charles R. Conrad of Belle are actually mailed, although the tax assessment office personnel and the Treasurer's office is now working day and night to get the notices in the mails. Latest districts mailed were th second ward of Mononahela and Somerset Township. Being corn- I Rost raver, Smithton Ok It Veteran Dies I Chess Street, Monongahela. Discharged I Mrs. Andrew Oliver and son of ilonongahela. Mrs. Victor Spernak of Eliza- 9 "bmlinn ATnlia Tr nf Donora Vernon. Births The son of Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Golashewski of North Charleroi, July 17 at 8:50 a.m. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Mi- Avella Water Company Head Answers Flynn John Oscar Caseber of High-, puled in the Treasurer's offica them she had left the house only "minutes before the fire" to attend a funeral. The whereabouts of William Carlock, the father of the children is not known, police report. Suspect Arson Volk stated this morning that "someone started that fire. It might have been kids, but it wasn't her (Mrs. Carlock's) kids, because they were asleep." According to Volk, the recent weather and the location of the trash pile leaves out any thought of an accidental start. Tin cans and old mattresses and bed springs, boxes and old broken toys; even gargage was scattered by firemen in extinguishing the blaze. The cellar of the home, wide open with no door or closed window, contained piles of trash. More mattresses and beds, a chair and table, empty and full odon S. Hunt in chael 0. Guerra of Coal Center, Mrs. Joseph Campus of Mones- Julv 17 at 8:56 a.m. feen. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs land Avenue, Finleyville, died at (are the first ards of both Molt 20 p.m. Wednesday, July and Canonsburg and 1962, in Oakland Veterans Hospi-Uhe third ward of Monongahela. tal, Pittsburgh. When these districts are mailed, Mr. Caseber was. born in Vene-it will leave 21 of the County's 73 tia. He was a veteran of World taxing districts still to be fin-War I. Included in the latter are He was a member of Wrights L'nion and Peters Townships and Methodist Church and Pittsburgh Donora Annex. oar John Zitko of Monessen, July 17 1 The President of Avella Water at 12 41 pm Company, Joseph Sovicro, has ac- The daughter of Mr. and MrsJcusel Slate Assemblyman Mi-James V. Restivo of Monessen, chael R- F1-vnn of Washington of July 17 at 146 pm i making "rash and reckless state- Discharged jments" in a telegram sent Sun- Mrs. Margaret Burgan of Price- to -Gov- DaVirf L- asking the governor to intervene Paulett L. Cooper of Fayette1" Avella water dispute. Mrs. Annie Tempest of Monongahela. Mrs. Stephen Vasko and son of Donora. Mrs. William Signorini of Monongahela. Charleroi-Monessen Hospital Chapter, National Association of Down jointure Rusk To Talk (Continued from Page One) relief-food boxes. Hopes of a new-district jointure affirmative action in the matter. Rainbow Division Veterans and was a longtime member of Finleyville Volunteer Fire Department. Surviving are two brothers, Elmer E. -of Finleyville and E. M. of Clearwater, and two sis City. The -water company has for sev- n.m.u tn t-Via rMv4i an1 fVffl. eral years been lax in furnishing at this time, to be known as the Rstraver and Smithton School thA u.a- estimated Guido Tesi of Bedle Vernon H.HLO vri vvw i 1 1 i i .1. 1 1 July 17, Admissions J. DeAngelis of mg East-West issues of overrid ing importance. Rusk prsbahly Belle ville. serves. Ihe matter has been tern, were dissipated last niglit part 0f the proposed four-school Emil Vernon. ters, Mrs. Viola J. Armstrong of will not get back to Washington Mrs. William Antonio, of called to the attention of the Pub- when the South Huntingdon School joint systcm, but the West Newton B. Kitanning and Miss Wilda until next Thursday. lic Utility Commission which, ap--Board voted to return the contractual V0(ec against entering it Theodore Acklin, of Caseber of Finleyville. Edward Pivarnik of Fayette parently, also has been lax in en- and not enter the jointure. He has no intention, according at this time." With the rejection Teftfc City. rfl 1 I i uni innInn Friends will be received at the to well-informed sources, of offer- City. forcing regulations which Supervising Principal Guy Nich- riH, Ifrtrrinff rpnn atinns which SlinprviSmfT Pnncina GllV Nlf 1 raui ljrVldU Ul vllcu it-i ui. iwni juuui -i i 'thA cuiMVh, cS i-oci 'nllc rtf tho innth Hunt inaHun 1 i. 1- Work On Two Spans In City Progressing S.s aosepn rt. uianam oi nane- icnj mus in vuiusfu. "i ine measure nas Decn lempoiar- Walter L. Kennedy Funeral ing Gromyko the slightest conces-jHome, Washington Avenue, Kin-1 sion on the heart of the Berlin I. roi. Leonard Vargo of Fayette1 ine intense dry spell tins system couia noc defeated. leyville. Mrs. Peter Church of North City. Charleroi. I Alex Vargo of Charleroi. lids aueuieu uie huppiy in Ave l- i eacnea iCKsoiiany oui a Ki'vj Tie Slltersville School District la to the point where civic groups man from his office said that! ws jn I 'f issue. Berlin Demand Unacceptable Khrushchev for almost four years has publicly and private 1 1 .1.1 tl Other Deaths ana incuviuuaLS nave souriii m.ei.ue we.e uv ui me proposed jointure through government officials. It members of the Board present tnu.ap(1 Two bridge projects are in the was for this reason that Assem-: the meeting. Four voted to return irk. construction limelight these days I- in Mononganeia. blyman Flynn sent the telegram the contract. The fifth refrained Township Scll00i District, in question. The company presi-1 from voting. However the inform-j LUC IAN SPALLA, 90, of Can- demanded that the Allies pull out onsburg died July 17, 1962. He of Berlin. The world now knows was a brother' of "Mrs. Mary Ba-anci he knows this is an unac-rone of Monongahela. jceptable demand. The Monongahela-East Monon sahela bridse is being recon- dent, among other things, accused ant said that the principal was E-F High School To Get Foreign Exchange Student From Denmark I Flynn of acting without full attending a meeting today with The first people to wear wigs. struct ed and improved, and a The Soiet premier has almost knowledge of the water plant and school heads interested in were the Egyptians. Ihcy, inci-i new span is being built over Pig- LEsTER R. SPROWLS, R2 out nis oft -1'epeated but making a "political football the jointure and that talks were 'dentally, were expert in the art'eon Creek in East Main Street. petors Township, retired phar'ma- er Willed threat to meet Allied 'out of the situation. ibeing resumed in an effort to get of wig-making. According to Anthony Garrub-1 10c0 Jn bv sicnine a seoaiata 1 ba, state inspector in charge of Hosmtal. after an illness Peai-'e with Comm'umst East Germany and giving local the river bridge project the first mr concrete for the new back wall; 9, The first foreign exchange stu-ih-ict early in August, Dr. Kolman H1 dent to attend Elizabeth-Forward Toth, assistant principal at the Reds control of ihe Allied access Chute Fails Peter Hundahl of Copenhagen, Denmark, will arrive in the United States August 13. He will be met by a representative of Amer- on the East Monongahela side of ggORGE J. PLASMAN, P.B, of routes to Berlin, the 54-year-old span was poured North Cnarlcroi diod unexpected-1 The time appears to be ap-yesterday. Juv 17 12. He was the fa- preaching when he must either The complete concrete tiier 0f George A. Plasman of whip up a new crisis, with all quence of placing new abutment Venetia janr of war, or accept the caps on all four corners, a halfj (western suggestions for ten- width at a time, and the building MRS ANNA SPEWAK (TEN- sion-casing arrangements which of a new wall to the roadway lev- tpner of Charleroi do not affect basic Allied rights. in (Conrmued from Page One) ican Field Service, New York, 1 Ml 1 1 .1 ei will De iinisnea one corner ai died July 17, 1962, after a short Khrushchev's decision will have time. cions ana shock, iivi lunuiuun oi ana wunin Jb nours is expeciea 10 Cape Cod Hospital in nearby Hy-COme to the area. annis was listed today as satis- The student will be housed with igi factory. Klein Merriman family of Miss Frotten, a Hyannis tcle-jiooo Old Hills Road, Elizabeth phone operator, was making her, Township, McKeesport post of- nidi her of a considerable effect on the fu illness. She was the Two-way traffic exists except William (Mary) Supp of ture course of East-West rela jtions. f'toMUM- lui uic ug'i uaiuua in uic DonOl'3 first jump, rrom an The Merriman lamily she had been trained well and sists of the parents and four chil- EJ all the precautionary measures dren, three boys and a girl, all of, 31 i i u- I i on eitner side. Meanwhile, work is progressing rapidly on early phases of the construction of the new four-lane span over Pigeon Creek. It is being built by the Frank Presto Construction Company of Am-bridge at an estimated cost of p- nnu iicL-ii iciM.ii. iwnoin are younger uiau ineir ex- Her instructor, Jack L. La pected guest. Roche, 22, of Watertown, was. Dr. Toth said that young Hun-m with Miss Frotten in the Cessna 'dahl will be a Senior and, accord-H 1S2 as it soared high over the 'ing to his school records which lake. have been forwarded to the area jh Her fiance. John Burke, 26, of school, will study the Academic i West Yarmouth, had just com- course. pletcd a successful jump and' Expenses of $650, required by fc was waiting on the ground ready the Field Service, have been to applaud the girl's first descent raised by the Student Council of by parachute. the high school, through dances Miss Froltrn leaped but when and other projects. Expense of her chul failed to open, rescuers bed and board will be met by the began to a.scmblc and move in Merriman family, with the stu-ti on the h'ke. She hit the water trnt to live as one of the family V. call 'd "a with them. i 1 Following the end of the school $324,742. Many of the big willow trees which lined the banks of the creek have been cut down. Clearing operations and excavations have started with huge pilings assembled beside the old bridge. Driving of these pilings will begin at once. Forms are now under construction for the piers, and the first concrete for the northern abutment will be poured next week. During any phase of the proj T- Hie pil where term, the Field Service takes the: ect, two-way traffic will be main in .1 of tour ii n-ii in-i-i. exenange students on a tained at all times, according to ilt the hoi- (hp I nilpH St.nlns nwlinn al rn: Contractor Frank Presto. He Ht i' was credited Washinclon. hrfntn ihrv mentioned, however, that the I returned to their homes. II. 1 MIL'. 1 do side-walk of the existing bridge the and 1 c' girl sa'-ing over eSw ttr Cancnsburg Plant Awarded Second Contract rr on her way to Ihe 4 "I'll never jump auin." Lrtcr at the huspital Miss Frot-M ten said a sleeve of the par- rw. fiB VfWrf jm a' vciucli usuaiiv opens au- tomalicallv, bccanie tnncled in Fenvlvania Transformer P-yhrr said she was un- nf McGraw-Edison Co. at 35 to fi'f it. has been awarded a will be closed shortly. As far as a wind-up date for the project is concerned. Presto picked out December 25 to "present the bridge to the people of Monongahela a Christmas gift." One lane of the new structure should be open for traffic by November 1. Waiting for a Department of Highway's decision on Friday concerning bids for the dismantling of old houses in the path of the proposed approaches, Presto expects the buildings to be torn down next week. The new bridge will be four lanes, 60 feet wide, 152 feet long, with a sidewalk on each side five feet in width. Li nocli" s-irl before contract hy the Bureau of plunged inlo the water feet neclaimation at Denver, Colo, first, the sleeve loosened and the contract calls for 14B KVA chute opened slightly. automatic transformer for the Green Mountain Switch Yard. I II A. I regarding Ihe con- lUnCrSl NOlKCG hiiCt was in a telegram fni iu anonsnurg mayor ior I RYAN. Marcaret Carna- heit Lesniakowskl by Congressman Thomas E. Morgan. than Byan, 61. New Eagle, at Blairsville. July 17, 12, at 8:43 Th? Trawformrr company wai m. Friends received at Be- awarded a rontraet of Jl .093.790 bout and Yohe Company Fu- Monday by the U.S. Department neral Home, 300 Second Street, of Ihe Interior for transformers The chemical elements in the human body are worth slightly more than a dollar at present commercial as compared DONORA BOY STRANDED An Overlook Terrace boy, John Antonio, 9. and his small dog were stranded 75-feet above the Monessen-Webster Road yesterday, and had to be rescued by Monessen firemen. No one seems to know how the boy managed to get into the predicament. PROGRESS OF BRIDGE improvement and construction In Mononcjahela con seen in the above photographs. At the top, concrete is being poured for one-half cf a new bridge abutment on the East Monongahela end of the river bridge. Ai the bottom, part of the bank of Pigeon Creek is being removed where a new four lan structure will eventually pan th creek. Monongahela, Services in Chap-JwHh a high voltage capacity to be r-l thflre Friday, July 20, nt 2' used at a new government hydro- rm' Intemiejit Mt. Zion Cme-'oleelriP project at Glen Canyon I tBiY WAUi'Daa, Colo. with alwut 87 cents before World War

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