The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1936
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VOL. XXXII1-NO. 199 EaLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _J!!!!J^_ A .™^^ rl l.iJ. fV O Dlylhcville Courier iiivihpviiio null* NI.IV« . " ' < — __ ROOSEVELT „. .. , .... SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U Blylhevllle Courier Ulylhcvllle Dally News , - \ — ~ — !!"'"""* v """' "*"* "''YTJIKVIU,!!!, AHKAjCSAS, THURSDAY, NOVKMHKR 5, )« IT SOUTH SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Navy's Newest Recnnl---ami Its Fastest Corpora I ion Control Plan Tops Program, Dutcher Believes Uy RODNEY DUTCHKH NEW YOR.—This dispatch presents the writer's conception of a Ulimpje into the next four years under Franklin D. Roosevelt. There' are mnny> factors of uncertainty, notably the fact that; there may be a huge difference be- ' .£.» uv-scn what Roosevelt wants to do] IS& and what Congress will let liim do. \Z^ No one who was closely associated with she president in the iast weeks of the campaign .igrecs with the many predictions that he will now sleer a more conservative course. There is every reason to believe that Roosevelt has in mind a con- umicfl attack on monopoly and the larger concentrations of industrial and financial control. When he said in his belligerent speech at Madison Square Garden that "w e have only just begun to fight," In. porlrased his present mood. 'Witnesses for Muvclcr Case Defendant Are Unable lo Appear It appeared unlikely early (his urtei-noon that Charles "Ilmldy" r.i, charged with the llrst miirdci- of Mrs. Kuln Wilson, ii-oiild fiice trial a Said to be capable of greater speed than any destroyer in the United State., Navy, the U. S S Reid " HS COhinilS&lOllPn fnr C»rmnn ni 11m T>b>nnl.l...t 1.1 . . ' . . ' " service at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where it Is pictured Healing beside : the rr q o M .,|,.,,, .„ .. , ' ' "" tlt: "• lb i'«=iur«i ncaiing beside, ti U. S. S. Main,.,. The Navy's new greyhound Is named after Cuplnl,, Samuel Chester Reid, of Nor wich. Conn., hero of War of 1812. of circuit criminal current- term court here. JiulBc G. E. ICcck indicated that, he would grant a motion of the defense for coiiUnuiince for (he! term If the motion was sworn' by the defendant. Claude- F. New Deal Triumph Grows; Roosevelt Plans JFishing Trip »Y I,YI,K C. WILSON United Press Staff CuTrv.spimdcnl • NMV YORK, Nov. 5 (UP)--President HoiwcvolL nrc- Piu-ed lor n fishing holi.luy t 0( | ay illui thn ntt u on ^-I Him If i e nt Io wllfc|1 llc nil 'a ht ncc °i* 'riie Sl i»y' S ... ff'SfLriSrz. BB n miiml!iiu tu n """ 1 ""- 'i'-ii s --H T «,, (W) , T ' -^onU±;V' CUll ";! S |, fr T' S1UWl)<11111(1 «' «'«*"* prcclnclJ^S^^^pia- it the ° t " 1 " D( ' lo su ' c " " lo Honsc-*— ———— , dent Fniiiklfn u. Roosevelt lo \lslt Iminul Veil load over Governor I.nil- nnni., .-_ Buenos Aires during Ihe Inter- Extension of Caribbean Fishing Cruise to Buerios Aires Indicaterj- BJIILEy 10 GET 'Jo'hn D." Visits Demist lle was so bitter at the n-publican payroll envelojie campaign attacking the Social Security A°ct' that his advisers were forced fo opply Ihe brakes to dissuade him from making, an even more radical speech. And when he expressed the hope Wat his administration would prove itself "master" of the "forces of selfishness and lust for power" he was portraying his p-rsonal conception of political history in the nex^ four years. Wants No Class Clash Rooevolt doesn't regard himself ,i rity. - aBai " st 'fe is intensely anxious that there be no class bitterness such us might lead to a atron» American Fascist movement and )i e mav -^rArsaV^ griiele against some of those he calls "economic royalisU" is'slron» "»e biggest single objective i!:" his next administratio ,, under be which m is expcct- corporatlon law His Appearance Mere Will Be Feature of Armistice Observance The visit of Gov.-Elect and Mrs Carl E. Bailey lo nlytheville will be the outstanding feature of the Armistice Day celebration planned by the Dud Cason post or the American Legion next Wednesday. It Is only fitting that Blythevill?, which is the home- of the Baileys' 1 only relatives in Arkansas, should accord the incoming governor and Mrs.! Bailey the honor of bein» guests of :honor at the- celebration.' Leglc.ii- 'officials '-salcnodav Since Mr. Bailey was nominated last August, local leaders hav<5 been' planning to honor him on a special occasion before he'look ollicu and all agree that next week's observance is the most appropriate time to entertain him. While Mr. Bailey will he free during Ihe afternoon to visit with old and new friends, Mrs. Bailey will be entertained with a tea to. be given In her honor by the auxiliary of the post, plans are being .required to meTceS, ™n- i co '"P lcteti ^V for this alfah- ciards in their relation with |, U J P nldl mn be attended by repre ors, creditors, labor, al ,d die p,,b- j ™"te ° f '° C:l1 OrglulU Stack Prices Advance in Day of Heavy Trading NEW YORK, Nov. 5 (UP) Trading an the today agaii -share mark stock exchange popped the 3.0BO.ODO to the biggest vol- ; V1 » a ' f or<l ball) beauty and entertainment for children, as n e li as grown-ups, with the boys and girls to piny an important part. New features arranged include clowns trom the West Amusement Company. and other attractions of this show, who will perform while in the Ccoper, defense counsel, salil that Summers was prepared lo sign Hie motion which set forth that | 15r. Ployil Webb and u p. wenv- I er, malerlal defense witnesses i could not testify al Ihls time. Br. Webb, who Is temporarily cut of Hie city, would testify, de, that a result parade. ume since February. Prices in the main list reached the best level since 1931 but towards the close profit taku,° reduced gains in many sections and supplanted small losse^ in others. Altogether the post election market rally was believed to have enhanced the value 'or all listed .shares by at least $1,500,000.000. Shareholders were rewarded in more ways than the price rise. Directors or 15 corporations today declared extra, creased dividends to the amount! or $18,OOO.WO. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel .. Cities Service Coca Coin Gen. American Tank Gen. Electric Oej). Motors . Int. Harvester . "l McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central '.'. Members of Company who will be In the parade, will give an exhibition of machine gun ing at the fairgrounds, where t,,cie will also b e drill exhibitions and chorus singing a s Floats already entered in the parade include the Lion Oil Company. Charles Ozler and Coca-Cola company ;„ u , e ,,0,,-competIltvc nnd local Boy. Scouts, Para- Busmcss and Professional "ixjruuons today .••——n's club, and-local D A R ipecial and in-j "fP ler '» the competitive group to the amount. 1 .," "^ P rj ze for the best float "Tooth t.oubles come to eicry man' might be tlie morn! of this new picture .showing John D. Rockefeller M-., making his latest periodic v,s.t to his Florida dentist. The nonr^enW,, "Jfr^v shield from the rays of the semi-tropical snn at Daytona' B m cl is attended by a nurse, his chauffeur, and a persona, aide . Tls now past 97. feme counsel claimed Wilson did not die : of a beating, which the state charges Summers administered with falnl results when Mrs, Wilton, with whom lie was living, came homo drunk one night -last April. Vomit' Weaver, who rc- mitly departed from this city and enrolled in a, CCC camp In Colorado, would testify, it, W as claimed, that he was with Sum- doi), \vlio \v«,i Hie wonst Ijcalon prcsklcnlinl enndidiite since 1820. i The united States BovernmcJit and the governments of most of (lie states are in Ihe hands ot Democrats today. friction i s Ukrly Hunged behind Mr, Jtooscvelt i s a mixed army of voters, The democratic election triumph was so tremendous—1C of 48 states— r •!/->•• that friction niiioiiij lloottveUhim ' ''d'^-ICCl LltlZCIlS . - , -- --- —.--Ing the intM- Amerlcan Conference for Maintenance: of Peace, the. United Priss earned from niithorltollvc somces here today. riPMTl , AIU ""iEli'slate department ofn- T hH continued to cast doubts on J 101 re|)Dlls lhiu - «>« presideiit"; an. noiinccd plans for a lishlng cruh- In the Ciiribbwin , vo i,ld liicliide a . dash lo the Argentine' capital fioiu other official qiiarlcrs equally reliable came new evidence that piep muttons for such a trip are (ictiuilh lliirmrii'iiif * n of various political philosophies s inevltnble. Tlie chances of keeping pence In a political family which embraces the Carter Glasses and Hurry Uyrds of Virginia our In- underway. to Outskirts "lo Help Rei)el Attack "" <;) 1 and militant labor former Scclalists or MADRID, Nov. 5. (DP)-Clti „ .. »njii^jvii-/, INUV, 0 ' leaders and of Madrid, spurred n I, "um slight. But as of today Mr. nooscvoll Is comninnacr of the mightiest day political army ever moblll/ed on The Shells to renewed Die city's |U -, , ^.. „„,. i^ lllv MJunlpf.l I outskirl.s of the capital in a dcs- •""•"'•• Educators Consider Rev- Florida Men at Turpentine cnuc Problems al Springs Meeting If Weaver Is eventually brought here to testify, or his deposltloi Is. .taken in Colorado supporting Summers contention, It will throw different light on what has 'been generally accepted (BS Sum- mers'.^delense. He is alleged"', to ,havc told- officers•: at - tV^ «m of. his arrest that he •'• was' i\] litiine when ^(rs. .-''\VllsoF|. Ai'os thrown out ol a : taxi, dead drunk rit<. the door of the hoiise, arid that, she must have died as result of something that occurred before she reached home. Mre. Wilson's daughter, Dorothy Wilson, about 12, is said to have been an eye witness to the beat- Ing, the state claims. 1'urse -Smilclier on Trhil Trial of Roosevelt Majors, negro, accused of a Main street purse snatching of several months ago during a series ol such robberies, occupied most of the court's lime loday. . s was Identified by Eunice Crawford and two companions as the negro who snatched a pocketbook from one of the three girls. In cross examination of Ihe slate's witnesses. Claude F. Cooper, defense counsel, sought to show Hint I would have been Impossible for them to have obtained a good veil of the purse snatchcr near .he Main and Seventh street Intersection, where the robbery occurred on a Saturday night. Friday was designated as "city appeal day" by the court this norning, all appeal cases from the police division of municipal court being set ofr trial. Yesterday was devoted to the trial of misdemeanor appeal cases from the county division of mu- court and justice of peace rnni i , ' " * unra »'ec of j l"« ac " l »e smoldering ruins of t , e control for several elections ( 0 ! r "'l« bojubcr. No victims were ccnie. rrivM-r/vt IM M.« „«._ -, , »*..\- - —£-„..—•"•• i . ' • ' Camp Arrested by Fed-' Cicnc Lowe o' was round guilty | ,\ t J of public drunkenness and fined eral Agents uealed from lower court tlons were successful. convfc- Recce was found not guilty of dls- . • _. ~-"jt,'^, tWJ j^j, iUIW Lois Hooper, at the Courier. News appeal cases for Ihe state on In- office, is in chars .. ) ""' s " cw "Bt'i'ng units, win 'o convey the presidential Uellable indications were lodaj that the cruiser Chester, which Sailed from Long Beach. Cul.. last «a c v tmder sealc<l orders, will net u? convoy. The Incllniri'oolU Is non somewhere on the ca% coast ' but navy department officials' refund flatly to riLwiiss Its ivhermbouU or future sailing plans. Oilier auLlioi-llallvc sources saU Ihe Indianapolis Is beln» held in readiness lo take tf e president Into South Anierlcnii u-nters ' s who Jllst nrrivcl1 costly — lo vole unequivocal nil- lurncd the tj'.to the president to -carry I with machine gu^nnd nc"(fTlcces l iiong .the course set.lh. MarehJ They senl a rieel of bombers over ..when l, e . promised' better-j.the .capllnl l,i A a ren,,wed ah-'ralj One rebel bomber fell In flames V.'.. ^::Rfi n . n Carlola district after ir » , ' ultect States, the Press ;Mr,-nobsb'vcit has'won 52s ejec?' Pliirnllty promls'e? "to" ''reach"" or exceed Tl lc '•',, . c aer a tl.rilllng air :ba[tl c high above • cl -' . . war plnijes In 'the raid e Press ,„, '' C -"" ijess tabulations so far show: The down' by •-—- ....,.,,,,i,uu» so . m . sunw: uuwn. on. tne - heavier ui rT^" ^,'w'lS? 1 ^- : °- .WS nnre! irsuit ships. , - • , . , jes'swooped on. the,- heavier, slower 13,809 Landon Lcmke Thomas ... Rcosevelt's rcnsccf their senate strength Iron, 1.74 votes with a guarantee of ,„„„,.„„ ^ ,....£ jjn, Hint;. ji 15,436,500 «" with a lerriflc crash. One of 5G8,GGa i tnc rebel flyers leaiwd out with "•'•> iraraohute and is believed to margin, O.lli.caa. piobabiy have hi- , llls . , ^ •*••« 'O UL'HUYUtl IO have landed somewhere on the via Alvaro. ^Policej>srmltlcd-no one to ap- smohlorlng ruins of the :cme. In the house the adminislmtlon reported in tile air raid. he 200 odd tioa of 1D34. Woman Calmly Awaits «P in'the eie'c- Death Irom Hydrophobia MEMPHIS, ~^mi. _ s uf f er i ng irorn hydrophobia and knowing that there is no hope' f or her Mrs. Rubye Blackburn, 31 of Trenton. Tenn., is awaiting ,i ca th In n hospital here. She wns bit- en on the lip by her Boston bull terrier three weeks ago. She stnrl- £L th ?.,. Past . e " r <rc«linent three -—. I . . -•*•«• nntlll. 1IH LTJ President May Seek Goal "^^«?ay. Mrophobto • *' Piecemeal, His Supporters Say , g o reirr mediately to Rio de Janeiro. Robinson Wil! Head s Roll Call UTl'LE fJOCK7Nov/0 (UP)_ United States Senator Joe T rtob- Inson today accepted 'the slate chairmanship of the 103C Ameil- can ficil Cross, roll call I n Aik ansas, .wlild, will begin on Armistice Day and continue through Thanksgiving Day. * , "To those of us who' have seen the. Hcd Cross in iictlon," senator Robinson said, "Us work sim bolides unselfisiiness. a spirit of helpfulness to others thai v,e a<; Americans should cherish and preserve." • ' HYDE PARK. N. y., Nov . 5 ((J U—President Roosevelt, 'studying means of carrying forward the » T . dn'te ?mi l ' t ', lier h , Is now man-1 Newport Man Charged date from the voters, probably vy-.i ~ . ° • 74 3-4 f ? r llle - 5e - A' prize of $5 w ill b- 95 ! - 2 .I™" " 1C P nrcn '-Tcaeher Associal U3 . s ton or school having the chorus 60 1-8 sm S'»g war lime songs in the best « 1-2 manner, and the prettiest dr-corat- I rvl KISn ...111 t... ^- . ut-tuiat,- ai.w ivbinitlert a report fa'vorIn" ' >' cstcrdn >'- arc William Knabb. Barl the continuation of the Hill tu'^' Klwl)t ! Frwl Jon - s «nd Edward per cent sales tax. which 'cxnlr-s i """• T ' K ' r hnl1 w(vs sct at s1 ' 000 .rnlv I. 1!137. -'" rvi each. Juiy 1. 1037. During the morning session the bureau began an Invesliga- tlon which resulted in Ihe arrests », ,, , ""<> uesi, 51. sever <Ve«? Ybrk Cotton te =" 1narte ln Mh ' ' *' , XAVrH*f*l rlrnni n ., .1 i rvi in, ' . i'"- 1111 ' 5 '' aecorat- u«"»!4 >'"• i""""ug session the tlon svUch result cd bike will rcceft-c $2 and the >uv nwoc ! Jt:on members heard \v n TV. • • — ! best, SI. several cn?rt£ ,wvo i Km*- .secretary or the KeiUuckv ho t" fTT """- l ^ O|im ' arte in bof.h fnnttiri,. ^ KHi:cnlion association ,r-i,^ __'.- . '.. it'rp 1 ^ .SP".* - Nt "'- 5 (UP) Cotton Dec Jan March May July Oct steady, open high low clos< 1187 1190 u«3 |i 89 1181 1187 1178 1181 U87 1190 1182 118B '192 1102 1184 1185 bands from out ol th-, city are , expected to odd tntlcli lo the , JV ,v. .--,-, utlf H JIU CftK- tioucd the group to drop all prom gancla and (ell the truth - ' ing future schools. age. - iu- negroes in a state of peon- 1188 1150 °' clock - The parad '189 1150 1140 1180 -.UK 4I^U JI^W SuoU closed steady at 1234 up nine. ' ' » Spot Average Is ij.10 The average price or 1-8 inch middling cotton on the ten desig- imled spot markets today \m 1210 according [ 0 Ihe Blythevllle Hoard of Trade. t h, ,> lln with ll « carnival at the fairgrounds and the lea and «*bn«lon will be conclud d Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. No ' On Orlober 14. the bureau said, , Arthur Smith and Ed naker. nc- I groes, attempted to leave the cm- j Ploy or William Knabb and were rorced at Hie iwint ol guns to remain because ol an alleged debt they owed. with a dance al the hut Chicago Com open high Dec fn) 95 5-8 93 i-s • . <o),90 3-8 si 7 .g 90 (t;[>l—Ifoss: receipts, 8.050. I To;), P.60. I 170-HO Ibs.. 9.50-3.CO i J40-ICO Ibs.. 8.65-!).50. ' I Hulk sows, 8.50-9.00. I catlle, receipts. 3,500 | fic.-rs. 1.'25-0.40. low close Mix"' yearlings, heifers, 5,0 155-8977-8 Slangier heifers, 42S-]|)n llcef rows, 4.25-5.25. f>. - . -.. (:iiUt ,s and lotv cutlers, 3.00-4.00 vltatlon of Denver L. Dudley, district prosecutor. Jury Voles 15 True Bills Tlie grand jury completed its invcstlpuions this morning and was discharged after returning a total of 46 true bills. G. If. Grear served as foreman and W. J. Pol- Inrd as secretary of the jury. Tlie jury made no particular criticism in its report of Us examination ol county property beyond recommending that a- leak In the courthouse roof be repaired, that the courthouse boiler room be better kept, nnd that additional bedding be supplied Inmates of the county jail as soon •is possible. Gene E. Bradley was named by the court to represent three men Indicted by the grand jury who were unable to retain counsel. propose individual pieces of legislation to attain specific ob-i jcctives rather than seek re-enact-1 mcnt of such broad projects as! NRA, close administration sources believed today. The president's future course In the face of Severn! unfavorable supreme court decisions of the past aroused speculation today on whether he will seek by constitutional amendment or otherwise to 'put his Invalidated plans into cflccl. The overwhelming vote given him in Tuesday's election, which many administration supporters consider n mandalc to "go ahead." is not expected greatly to alter the court's altitude toward New Deal legislation. In spite of the widespread 'belief that the tribunal "follows tne election returns." Slayer of Officer Is Shot By Posse Members TUSKEdEE, Ala., Nov. 5 tUP)' -Jerry Ohappell, negro sharedou- pcr who shot his white landImd to death and seriously wounded a" deputy sheriff, «jis' himself shot to death last night by possemen The iiosse, led by Deputy sheriff John Daniels of Macou coiintj uas seeking rjlmppell after Mrs. James J. Davis reported the fatal showing of her husband during a nght with the negro. As (he four possemen approached the negro's house, they said he began firing, wounding- Daniels' Possemen shot him hi his doorway. Wsfnut Street House /-;'• 11 Damaged by Flames; Slight damage was caused to n house at 901 West Walnut owned, M*MP™. «o, 5 . , UP) _ Jolm ^^^^'^r^sr'i^rr Mrs. . -• '^-* >Ei u uumr exciicmenl, which physWaas "have ?]1 *? «" >™^ *uth. Occasionally she touches her will, a nervous gesture. thront or Newport, Ark.. State Capitol Closed for Tompkins Funeral LITTLE HO^TNOV 6. ,UP>- They arTlck W^en. cha'^' Statehouse cilices closed at noon I win, roi-gery and iillering; Trn- today by a proclamation signed by (maun Barton, charged will, forg- Gav. J. .\t. Futreil ill memory of — -•••" — ' • — ^ the late J. F. Tompkins of i)nr- dctle, funeral was scheduled for 2 p.m. lodaj-. ery and uttering, and 13111 Denton, "censed of grand larceny. John Shaiv, negro, accused of Horatio Greciiough was the first American sculptor lo be employed "t the Capitol. He was commissioned by Congress, in 1632, lo lorm a statue of Washington. Jchnson. negro, entered a pica or guilty lo a charge or second dc- grce murder and was .sentenced was — „ — .^..^ >xll(l orlvl intoxicated as a result of " igluvny 1 driving while crash r n '« r Lake. Mrs. c. H. Bradl r , ' Ntcn 'l lllis «'»s injured In the l , the accident. New Orleans Cotton NEW OHLEANS. Nov. 5 (DP)_ Cotton closed unchntigted to 01 Fomlf lilef.ier as rci-ei»ti' mw I this morning. Wall pn'pcr around a Hue thini- ble was ignited by a hot fire and burned around the - flue. - : ' ••• File Chief Roy Head estimated the damage at.$10. -•:• Oklahoma Rejects Plan to Legalize Liquor Sale domesti buying factors -> as : trade bolstered prices were continued .(ii-nniigm to til OKLAHOMA' CITY, Okla.—Citi- is foreign,' ai(d zcns of Oklahoma, one or the lew and speculative rcnl! >lnlng dry stales voted Tuesday --•- - — l ° retain prohibition. A proposed constitutional amend- Bullish unfavor- ,.v.c Luiuiiiiii'u umavor able weather, a. smaller crop estimated than was expected, renewed!'""' " lw """ S5t "P activity in u.c dry goods mar- to colltro1 «"« of II ket and a strong spot situtt-l slale warehouses and to 21 state penitential^. Jesse "Tjiffi . Imprisonment in the i x - tlon. ouen htffh low 000 1187 1187 1182 J a» 1183 118C Hfnrcli ngo n 87 M »y 1187 1188 i July 1185 1185 «t 1160 1150 Sixjts closed steady close 1187 1180 1181b '1181 1181 1182 1182 1175 1178 IMS 1137b at 1232, up or Jfa- "—«<, juiiuj vviiiiams 01 Ala- y-,, . — ""a entered a plea of gtiltty to ChlCflffO WflC((( btlrataiv 111 lh» ™tnrl,,<r n t . »-"»" " MClll. burglary In the entering Manila resident's chicken of a! housoij open high 1 0 «John Shaw, negro, accused of No sentence was lnVi»wd w,i i rx, , 0| cn lllg " 10H - = losi! the flrai degree murder o[. Jessie illR ^ behavior ^ -,' 14 3 ' 4 1I5 5 ' b 1H 3 ' 4 115 3 ' 3 ing goou behavior. Ma! l - - -, ' ' ' ' J May! la 7-8 113 3-4 112 9-1 U3 1-a n'cnMoTBpcril the statei prolilb't- , . sst ^ ^ commission ItKir through — retail stores. was behind on a two to one vote. Arkansas—Pair, warmer in west and central iwrlions tonisht. Friday partly cloudy and warmer. '. Memphis and vicinity—Fair ami slightly warmer tonight, lowest temperatures 36 to 38.' Friday lair and .warmer.. The maximum'.' temperature hero yesterday . was 46, minimum 27, clear, with a heavy frost, last night, according to Ssmiiei F 1 . .Vorrls. official weather observer, ' ,.. '

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