The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1939
Page 3
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NOVEMBER 22, 1939 _BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS, Sect Ponders Question Of Joining Leader Now In Exile BRILLIANT, B. C., llov 22 (UP) -If Peter Vcrcgln in can't' leave Ills Russian exile to join his Douk- liobor flock In British Columbia then the Dotikhou:rs will have to go to him. ' With nn eye to Oiw eventuality, a conference of Doukhotjors in tlic West Kooteimys recently decided tnnt all their children must be given equal selirollng- In Russian and English. Spokesmen for the Doukhobors said the plan was a precaution against the day when they might have to return to Russia, whence they emigrated at the turn of the century to escape religious persecution. Seel leaders said they hcped Peter Veregin III, heir-designate to the mitre of Peter Veiegfn II, eventually would be able to come to Canada from h!s Russian exile. They, said thai "international complications" had prevented his coming, and that if he did not ocme, the Doukhobors of British Columbia would join him in Russia. At the conference it was decided (hat births in the community should be registered in conformity with the regulations of the provincial government. Marriages and deaths were net covered in the decision. The Doukbobors insist oil FLAPPER FANNY By Sy ivia CWR - "» BV lit* SIRYICC.IKC. I. u. Bid. V. 5. MI. Otr.—— continuing to flout authority this matter. in The conference consisted of 100 members cl the Spiritual Community of Christ, a union formed last year by the late Petei- Vcregin IT Peter veregin II died in Saskatoon, Sask.. on Feb. 11, 1039. He came to Canada from Russia in ISJ27 to succeed his father who was killed in 1924 in a train explosion near Farrcn, B. C. Annual Pre-Cd risi m as Kvenl Is To Be Bigger Than Ever CARU'i'ilERSVIU.E, Mo., Nov. 22.— Clayton Srliuliz. gmeiul chairman of (he Junior Chain'M? Christmas Festival, yesterday anncnnccd that the festival would be held Monday night, Dec. 4, with Hie parade to Ix-gln nl 7:;iO, and Ihe .series of events would be climaxed with u dance »t the National Guard Armor}- at 10 p.m. Kuch hliili school urn! each civic club In the county will be lo enter floats, nnd prtos "\Vhaldya mean, is business that bad? Aw, that isn't our sales-chart—that's Chuck's disposition for Uus month." involve staff expansion. Before this year ends, 132 new field offices will have been opened, to supplement the 332 Brown would get a lump stun en.iml (o six times lier husband's beucllU—in this case, $154.511. in — ....^^.v,,!,.***. vi,^ uoi. ijiuviuiLMy addition, when she reaches the age in existence. By next June 30 some ,of 65 she may <lf she has not re- 2300 new employes will have been married) draw $19.31 a month for ° rl ''" rl the rest of her life. Suppose Joe Brown $100 will be given lo the winning floats, and lo Ihe best inuichin:-; nnd playing bands. Awarding prizes to particlpatlnt! Imnds will be done Hits year for Ihe first lime, mill no bund will be eligible for nny l»o prizes, making It possible lei ficvcrnl bands lo emerge winners. Already several bands have entered the jmrnde. Including llic Clown Band, dircetcd l>y Felix ; Kyi? of Ilils city, street decorations j or evergreen and colored lights will be In place by Festival Night, and local merchants have Indlentcc (hey will hnvc Christmas tlccora- licns and displays in ||, e lr show windows. There will )je n Wcyele unit in the parade, wltli cash prizes foi Ihe best decorated bicycles, and nf- added. Congress voted an extra 51,750,000 for administrative expenses. Total administrative expense foi --- ....... - ------- - x, — i-i.«i.j\. iui Kiliiui IHIU MUjLIlL'I , IjUlll OvCr UJ the Board this year will probably On his death they ivould ucl SI? 88 r BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON BY EHUCE OA1TON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Nov. 22. — A major change in the federal social security program goes into effect on Jan. l, During the coming year more than 900.GOO men, wcmen and chil- approximately dren will 5114,000,000 receive in old age insurance , I benefits. They will be paid on a far more liberal scale than was planned when Ihe act was passed in 1935. Last session, Congress broadened the act both as to the people who may get benefits and the amount of benefits. Money that will now out during the year is only a stnrter. By the end cf 1944, the Social Security Board estimates, benefits of $2,093,000,000 will have been paid— lit billion more than would have ben paid if the act had not been amended. IMPORTANT CHANGES SIMIMARIZED Briefly summarized, here are the Important changes that are about to go into effect: „ Benefits a wage earner niny receive are to be based on his average wage rather than on his total contribution vin the payroll tax. This means higher benefits for older workers, and for lower-paid workers. 2. Families of insured workers may now draw benefits. Not only does the insured worker begin to draw benefits when he reaches 65; benefits will also go to his wife when she reaches Gs, and there arc supplementary benefits for his dependent children. 3. If a worker dies, his survivors may draw monthly benefits instead of a Hat lump sum. 4. Many workers who became 65 after the act went Into effect, and who thereupon received a small lump sum payment and then went out of social security coverage altogether, may now get back in and qualify fcr regular, life-time monthly benefit payments. 5. Payment of benefits has been advanced two years, from 1042 to 1940. Other sections of the act have been liberalized. These changes mean new work for the Social Security Board, and Soy Beans We Are flayers For All Varieties. of Soybeans. See or Phone Us for Highest Daily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. R.R. St. Phone 555 run close fb $25,000,000. Actuaries who designed Hie .set- nil estimated that BV- per cent of lax collcclirns would be needed for administrative costs. Currently these costs are running slightly '•?low 5 per cent, One more important change was made in the law by the last Congress—a negative one, postponing a prospective increase in taxes TAX INCREASE CANCELED Tlie old age retirement insurance program is financed by paj roll taxes of 1 per cent on the worker and 1 per cent en the employer. These were to have risen to 1U- per cent each in 1340, but that increase has been canceled at an estimated saving to the two groups of taxpayers of some $215, 000,000 in the coming year. At tilts same time, the reserve Account..set i;p under the original plan — which was to have grown to a gigantic revolving fund— has been dene away with, and a simple insurance trust fund has been set up in its place. Samplc Cases John Smith is pas't G5, the retirement age. If he has been work ing regularly since 193G. in one of the occupations covered by the act, at an average wage of $100 o month, he can retire on 525.15 a monlh for life. If he has a wife, also 05, slic can get $12.88 n month If he dies, she can get $19.31 a month for life. « • * Bill Jones was 25 on Jan. 1, 1937, when (he Social Security Act went into effect. If he stays on the job in n covered Industry drawing $100 a month, he can retire at 65 on $35 a month; and his wife, at 60 can collect $17.50. Joe Brown has been- working for three years in a covered Inthislrj at $100 a month. lie dies, leaving a wife and two small children. His v.'ife can collect three-fourths of the monthly benefit he would have been entitled lo plus an additional sum equal to one-half of his benefit for each minor ciimi. I n this case, his benefit would be $25.75 his widow, then, can collect $1031 a nicnth, plus $12.88 for each of her children. She and her two children, thus, would be receiving $45.07 a month. If there were no children, Mrs married but was tin was supporting lils father and mother, both over 05 month apiece for tl,e rest of their lives. .--— •*..,., vim, ullu Ul- lor Ihe complete line of parade nns jmssec], Stcele, Mo., Goodfellows club is (lie first out-of-town crganiznllon to enter a unit In Ihe civics club division of the parade, Chairman Harper staling ihey hnd notified him they would place the "Sadie Hawkins" chaiacler.s- In the imradc The Lincoln highway (s than 3300 miles long. Dance Chairman Scliulln staled that (he chrfstmns Festival Queen would be olficlally crowned ut the I dance after Ihe parade, nnd would more I lead the grand march at ten o'clock _ [She will bo named from among the Own this car that cuts your cost of •• _ ,1 •y iMitei-ed iiy Ihe high Rrtiools Hie pni-nde, by oul-of-c unty oys And Girls Defeat l.'Mchville i' c. a in s In Giuncs Last Nicht LEACI!VHJ,E. Ark., Nov. 23.— Manllii and Le.irlivllle ojiwiwl the baski'ttal] season for both schools here lust nl^lil W llh Mnnllii llluh School i.ions winning both jinnies Mnnlln girls won alter a nurd fniiijlii i;nme by (ho score ol" 28-21. Watkins scored 12 points lo lead the Manila K h1s. Mays with US jKilnls led the l.eachvllle yirls, •'The boys t;:inu' was !i thriller from start to finish with Ihe lead ' IK fiTtLiienlly. The Ihml founO both leums with a total of 21 points. The llrst thicr niliMile overtime period fulled to imlnnislc Ihe situation but In llu> second overtime period Miinlla foiled alieait lo win 23-21. Harold Fowler led the Manila boys with seven points, while Uoyd Scott ted the l.enchviUe boys In n lost cause with !) poinls and in addition played a slellnr game on defense holding lasl year's All County Center Clarence Shcckley lo 3 poinls HOYS niiinlla Martin li Fowler 1 Puee 2 Branmmi a THESCRlPtlONS Treshest Stock Guaranteed Heal Price* Auby Drug Stores L. Scott 0 Kay 4 p : Smlt Hlltton 2 * Substitutions: l.eanwllle—Uorlch, | Clajycim; : Manila—Grunt •!, Aslia-| UnintHT 2. Mtutln, icl- PAGE . 1>O1 LUii'"--- UVliiskV Y" u *" =;tSSHss : = UST IN QUALITY ^o, ; *"•''rvpJVM "> Yi'Aw*^ Ih ^HM'-r 1 ^V & «$/ I>^;;;;^' A/ ,1 ^w,:;;r;> x Bourbon Whlikny, 100 prool. Copy rl 0 lill939, ScKoiiloy Diillllon Corp., N.".C. Greatest new-car success in 10 years! Over 50,000 delighted Studebak-cr Champion owners have convincingly proved that this good-looking, restful- riding, super-safe team mate of Sludcbakcr's Commander nnd President is 10% to 25% more saving of gas_ than any other leading lowest price car. Come in and sec how completely this distinctive, thrifty, low priced, 6-cylindcr Stitdebakcr sell itself to you in a trial drive. Low down payment—easy C.I.T. terms WARDS SENSATION^ "-TUBC J. F. LIVINGSTON MOTOR SALES Onfy $1.25 Weekly '•, < $5 Down , .. carrying c/iargs/ 90 PROOF McKesson & Bobbins, Inc., Lincoln Div. 112 North Main Sfrcol Little Rock. Arkansas MELLOW AS MOONLIGHT This is All whiskey. The old- fashioned whiskey made the old- fashioned w.iy. And none finer, mel- xr, more agreeable at any price! idc is distilled from selected grain, for its characteristic life and vigor. "FROM THE LIFE VIGOR OF THE GRAIN" Pint $1.25 $ 1 New nnd ilinVrenll Mnroon border with soft-colored flornl dc- ai|;n. Go1<l-lrlmii!«l edges! First tllimlly scml-iHircclniul Hurryl 94-pc. Sorvlco for 12..15.75 $5 Quo/if/ Appliances Vow Oio/co Beautifully matched clcctricals in mirror- polished chrome finish I Walnut handles. Complete with cord sets! Rogers AA Silverware $3170 Open S/oct B • P Sel Biggest sllvcrwnrc buy we've ever seen! 87 pieces, complete service Tor eight, i,, n licnuliful nntl-lnrnisli drawer chest, Lifetime gunrmilcc on every piece! Mmlc by O;iciiln. Umitalf ^^^H f??x$?®m ~ ( " " Vi [fe*/»^&.] "ti^f ^->\;l: jm f ys' — ~^s : OVAL CAKE '""" FOOD ROASTER COVER CHOPPER BUio cnnincl, Holds 7-lb.fowll 12-lb. size. .Sit Keeps pnstrics frcslil Decorated en amcl finish! Hnstraydcrocfcl Rust-rcsistingI ^ sftlf-sbnrpcn- inu steel knivcsl Non-lcofc bnrrcll FLASHLIGHT CELLS Reduced from Sci Exceed U. S. Government specifications! Free Home Demonstration I COMPARE POINT FOR POINT WITH SETS AT TWICE THIS PRICE! Big 42" l!-tube AC console gets Europe direct! Has tuning eye .. . tone control.. . 15" speaker . . . 3-wavc-baud, full-vision dial ... Hi, Fidelity! READY FOR TELEVISION . . . with television sound and phono plug! TRULY ... the best Christinas gift any family could want I Come! SEE IT! Farm t 51 JJ COMPLETE with 250-hour long- life batteries! Supcr-hc!crodviie set has built-in loop aerial automatic tuning, ROTO DIAL, alloy dynamic speaker I 106 W. Main PJione G7fi twa^Jso^ ^^ WJJ ^ life s °ve$r fo$8t W/F r / -~^40J^>'t — *u* .""/on . 'erms ^'"erica't /• * V »'*r^' C ° m Wre it r a '" f ^Ct cni ^t wf(ft •S.^S.E?^.^ ;^«^?*-W^',^ kSJPX B'J? t, " "nd that \a ^ lsr «t . "' "'" *=• -ss£S? ^jJBB^^^rj&PSfcj^j.!•-»—. .• . 406 W. Main S$t. WAEB Phone 676

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