Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1910 · Page 10
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Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Altoona, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 17, 1910
Page 10
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MORNING TRIBUNE. THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1910 10 ALTOONA ATHLETIC TEAM. FERD BENDHEIM, Golden Eagle Clothing Hall, Eleventh Avenu at Thirteenth Street. CONNIE MACK'S GREAT FIND Trying Out a Man Who is a Physical Wonder in the Pitcher's Box. Well Known Local Baseball Squad Are Getting Ready. The Altoona Athletics, which for the past few years have been one of the popular baseball teams of the city, are once again putting in an appearance and by organizizng at a meeting held yesterday afternoon, show that thev are going to keep the 1 ! place they have won by their ball j playing of last year. The meeting, was held at the Silverman pool room. 1 The members of "the team are Clap MMAW J 'Aj S V XT ' per, Beegle, Kelly, Conrad. Hoyer. ! Keller, SeasoRz, Kopheimer, Heller, Harmon, Rice, Stewart. Werner and IS A WONDERFUL FLffiSER Tosses the Horsehide With Equal Strength With Right or Left Hand. Kemp. At the organization meeting Frank Keller was elected captain. w The manager is Phil Werner while D. M. Stroh is the president and book ing manager. John Werner hats been chosen treasurer. The managers have already gotten busy arranging a schedule tor tne team ana some strong nines will Ibe met during tne opening weeks of the season. In a Atlanta, Ga., March 14. Charles Freine, the boy from the Pacific coast whom Connie Mack is trying 'out down here tin the fified ham belt for a regular position in his flock of pennant-chasing pitchers. i3 a physical freak. Not that Freine possesses any physical peculiarities short time the squad will get busy at practice and expect to make a big showing when they get started after their enemy's scalps. Catcher Sullivan Laid Up. Good Values for Those Who Appreciate the Best Clothing for Boys, Big and Little. Our Boys' Clothing Department Presents an Animated Scene Nowadays. Miss Nixon says: "She is ready as never before to show the most attractive groups of interesting values wh;ch have ever besn assembled at any one time. Neat, nobby and dressy styles for Boys from 2h years old to the big brothers 16 and 1 years." Although the Price quotations are low, none but trustworthy merchandise is offered ior sals Merchandise that adds to the. established prestige of this store as one that deals in dependable clothing only. There Is Profit as Well as Pleasure In Getting the Boys' Clothes Here. (ST. PATRICK'S DAY) For the man who walks or the man who looks on, for the man who is buried in business, or steeped in pleasure, here's the rijjht suit, from $12.50 to $30. Without harping on dress keep in tune with the times, by keeping touch with Leopold & Bigley. I Los Angeles. Cal., March 16. Billy Sullivan, catcher for the Chicago Americans, is .suffering from blood poisoning, as the result of a wound in-I flicicd in his toft foot by a rusty I nail. Sullivan's condition is said to be serious. He stepped on the nail while coming from the grounds at Chutes park after the game with Vernon, last Saturday. He was taken to his home at the Elks' club, where he now lies delerious from fever.,. that would pull down the coin on the dime museum circuit, as he has the regulation number of arms and legs and isn't thin enough to carry his salary at the human skeleton's job nor fat enough to hit three hundred as the prize fat boy1. Freine isn't, that kind of a freak. To the casual observer he is nothing more or less than an ordinary human being, but, just the same, nature must have got mixed in her signals when she turned out Freine. I dont' know why it is, but nature seems to have contracted the habit of turning out specimens of humanity with only one useful upper limb, the other one merely being hung on the off side of the human frame for the purpose of symmetry and as a sort of accessory to the useful arm in such emergencies as hugging a girl ou the parlor sofa, et cetera. Attell and Driscoll. San Francisco. Cal., March 16. Promoter Coffroth recently signed AJbe Attell and Jem Driscoll, of England, to fight twentyfive rounds at Colma, on July 2. The weight will be 126 pounds. Coffroth counts on getting a large crowd of visitors who will be in the city to see the Jeffries-Johnson battle on July 4. Boys' Double Breasted $ Suits at - - - - - 2 Boys' Norfolk Suits made with bloomer pants $398 As a general rule, the useful am. is "draped from the right side of man's upper works. But occasionally, just for the sake of variety, nature sticks that utility fin on the off side of some fellow and he plugs a'one through life drinking his coffee from the wrong side of his plate. Fashes from the Diamond. McGraw says he is not counting on having Mike Donlin in the outfield this year. REMARKABLE SCORE. That Made by Bowler Tom Haley at Mich., March 16. Tom Haley, of Detroit, was the sensation of the closing clay of tlio tenth animal tournament of the American Howling Congress when he rolled the remarkable score of 705 in the individual event, winning that event and setting a new. tournament record. He also won the prize for the best total of nine games with 1.9G1, which is another new American bowling congress record. Haley's great series came in the afternoon alter practically everyone had become reconciled to the almost certain' victory of Wiliiam Richter, of Chicago, with (',92. He opened Come and See Them. You'll surely say they are a good $4 worth and quality of material backs up the looks. Notice the clever style of cut and fit and think of the price, only $2.98. Other splendid good values at $1.98, $2 48 and up to the highest grades. What Wonderful Suits! For so J ittle money that's what every mother says inwardly or outwardly when she sees these beautiful suits, How can one help feeling delighted with such values ? You can't match them anywhere. Other splendid good values at $248, $2.93 and up to $5, $6 and $8. Joe Kelly is trying to persuade Willie Keeler to sign a contract to play with the Toronto club. Down at Hot Springs, veteran But one day, when she was.,- working overtime in a frenzied effort in fill a large order of ball players for the outlaw leagues on the Pacific coast, nature ran out of accessory arms and had to finish up the last of the consignment by hanging a good all-around working fin on each side of his frame. This one they called Charles Freine. It was twenty-three years ago when nature pulled off this stunt, and Freine grew up doing every Confirmation and First Communion Suits. Dressy garments, Norfolk and Double Breasted styles of blue Serge and black Thibets, $3.98, $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00. baseball men say that Bob Beschei Is due to break all modern base-stoat-ing records from the way he is starting out. Otis Clymer, the former Pirate, is reported to have joined the Minneapolis hold-outs. He sent word that he wanted more money. Matty Mclntyre is not experiencing any trouble from a lame ankle this spring, and Jennings is delighted with his form. George leidy, manager of the San Antonio club, claims credit for df veloping Ty Cobb. He was first to give the Georiga peach a professional job. Indianapolis fans are calling Hugh Jennings a "bone-headed manager" because he won't pay Ownie Bush as much of a salary as he does Ty OLDFIELD'S GREAT MILE with 2oG and the crowd went wild when ho hung ui' 2U8 for his second a total of 504 for two games. He needed .I8H to win and made assurance doubly sure with 201. giving him a ! ad cf thirteen pins over Kirluer. The former American bowling congress record in the singles was 69!, which was made by Archie AVengler, cf Chicago, at. Cincinnati, in 1308. The former hish mark for nine gam.-i was 1.924, m-id- by R. Crauie, of K: i.ivtrpuo!, ()., in IKOS. Matey rolled consistently in Hire-;: events. - In the five-men event be wade filT, with the Burroughs, of Detroit, and, rolling with A!ex Xim-mo h satlwreil. 633. The pair counted 1,193 and went into eleventh place. William Richter, of Chicago, finished second, with ii!l2, and George Quaiey was third, with 68!). thing with equal facility, from either the starbo'rd or port side of his works. When he got ready to go out and stab the world In the face as a baseball player he couldn't decide wheiher to be a southpaw or a right-hander, so he sijlit the dift-i erence and became both. Many ball tossersthave tried to de-vriloti this ambidextrous ar. but they have never succeeded with any :great degree of success. Whatever degree of dexterity they have ac-miired with the unhandy flu. they have always remained specialists with that whip that nature intended them to use. But Freine has tht goods packed in etiual quantities 01 both Fides of the house. Freine first attracted attention while pitching for Santa Clara college, the school that turned out Mai Chase. He won nearly every game Cobb. Stroud, of the Tigers, resembles Mordecai Brown in action. He has the same windup, same way of throw" ng, and uses his pivot toe and sets himself like Brown. It Was the Fastest Ever Traveled by a Human Being. Charlie Can-, who piloted Indiana apolis to a pennant in 1908, is out for the American association rag harder than ever. Cam has twenty-seven men in training at Waco, Te FEAT A MARVELOUS ONE FIRM TO HANDLE FRANKLINS. Moser & Lamp Have Secured the he appeared in for .Santa Clara, and when things began to break a little bsdlv for his right-hand curves he would switch his glove to his right hand and begin to shoot 'em in with hte offside ipaw. This switching business always nipped any threatened batting rally of the opposition in the bud as Friene can steam for Well Known Au Agency tie Traveled at the Rate of 13L72 Miles Per Hour on Daytona Track. tomobile. Mosor it- Lamp have made arrangements with the li. H. Franklin Manu as. David Fultz, the ex-Highlander, ha been engaged to coach the Columbia university baseball squad. A large number of minor league players are asking for an increase in salary on account of the present high cost of living. It's going some when a team can r.tep into the first game and go nine innings without an error. That's vbat Chance's men did in their initial appearance at New Orleans. Daytona, Fla., March 16 Barney Oldfleld, driving against time from a flying start, in a 200 horsepower Benz automobile of special design. covered the fastest mile this after-uoon e.ver traveled by a human be them over with just as much speed and curves and control with either hand. I doubt if there was ever another ball player bom who could do this. If there has been, he has sue ceeded mighty well in keeping it a profound secret. The San Jose team ,of the California State league, then an outlaw organization, lost no time in grabbing up this two-handed pitcher, and for'ifour years Freine dinhed up his two-handed curves for San Jose. He was nabbed from the outlaw organization for Connie Mack's White. Easter Sunday, March 27 YOUNG MAN There's a Difference And You Know It between the ordinary, so-called custom tailored clothes and the product of expert wielders of tape line, scissors and needle. From the moment we start to measure a customer until he receives the garment, every detail of procedure is carefully scrutinized by us. We give the matter the personal attention we feel a customer is entitled to, and see to it that his garment reflects the individuality and exclusiveness of style upon which we built our reputation as expert tailors. Are you willing to take a chance with us in the making of your next suit ? You will lo3e nothing if we fail to make good. But there is no likelihood of either of us being disappointed. RAUGH BROS., 1126 Eleventh Avenue. facturing ceinpa:.., : handle Franklin automobile.; in his city during the season of 1 :!(. The Franklin car- for lfl!0 are being made in thii teen models, besides trucks. The output from tha factory for the coming s' :..:i has already begun. As has bet it ihe case with the Franklin from its beginning the engine is air could. There is in the method of the air cooling a modification which produces a marked increase in efficiency. A laminated wood chassis frame, full-elliptic, springs, large tires and an aluminum body continue to be characteristics of l.bc Franklin. Combined they are productive of two featureslight weight and easy riding. The cars are of three horsepower ratings, 12. 28 ai;il 18, and include touring cars. runabouts, close-coupled-body cars, limousines, landaulets, town cars and taxicabs. Terry Turner is showing great speed in practice work around second, and Elmer Flick is alleged to have fully regained his health. Let's hope both of these old warhorses are abla to stick and don't blow up before May 1. ' Ai youngster named Dtfvldtfon lis showing great class with the Cubs. Chance says bis veteran outfielders, will have to hustle or they may get crowded off the map by Miller, Smith and Davidson. Alan Storke, of the Reds, has asked for more money if he reports April 1. as Griff has requested him to do. He Is satisfied with his present contract if he can stay in school until June, as he did last year. Downev, of the Reds. Is hardly the ing. His time was Zi ii-iW seconds. Nothing ever projected into space by man save a 'bullet ewer has travelled 5,1280 feet at equal speed. The previous record was set iere four years ago -by Marriott, who drove a special Stanley steamer one mile in 28 1-5 seconds at an average speed of 1 1 27.-6 miles an hour. Old-field's average today was 131 72. Returning to the starting line between files of ctheering spectators, Oldfleld again launched Ms great car from a standing start for a mile against time and crossed the finish line Tvith another record. His time wa 40 53-100 seconds, as against 41 .Elephants by Josh Reilly. the old-time baseball player, who lives in 'Frisco, and last year, when the California outlaw league was weaned over to organized baseball, Manager Willis .of the San Jose club, put ui. a stiff .fight to retain Freine on the San Jose team, but the National commission decided in favor of the Athletics 'claim on his services under the draft rule, and Philadelphia fans may have a chance during the coming season to see a pitcher who can hand them up to right-hand hitters from the right side and ther. switch to the port side and bend 23-100 seconds made with the same youngster most of the fans suppose Inspection of the back records shows ! car by Hemniery on the Brookfields . . , 1 AT National League Bulletin, New York. March 1'1. President li.vnch. of the National li'&jriie. has promulgated the following contracts and releases: Contracts With Boston. William track In England was snortsiODDing in uib that lie minors for many a year before he struck the big show. In the flying start effort Oldfield came down the rock-like surface of the track to the starting line an indistinguishable blur of roaring flame and smoke. Almost, before the overtaxed meohaiii'sm of the eye had ad-lusted Itself to the changing perspective of his approach he already was dwindling into the distance and al The Philadelphia Conference. Reading. March lfi The Philadelphia conference of the Methodist Episcopal church got down to work this afternoon. There was a lengthy riieciiRsinn over the proposition to them the other way for the left-hand stickers. And when the switching comes off, take it from me, there is no deterioration in the quality of the pitching. Last spring Freine pitched a game against the Chicago White Sox fot San Jose find let them down with six hits, and that's some pitching foi I'urke, Charles Evans, Fred R. Liese, ' A. Mattern, W. J. Swee.ny. Thcro-Ttickey; with Philadelphia, Bab jiving, John Titus, Fred Jncklifseh. Releases By Bostefn to Monmouth, W. L., Hosea Siner; by Brooklyn to Appleton, W. I. I.., Albert Miemiller; by Brooklyn to New Bedford, X. E. I... W .H. Mc-Cormick; Iby St. Louis, unconditionally William O. Gilbert. TAILORS TO PARTICULAR MEN ORDER THAT EASTER SUIT NOW a bush league team stacked up against big league hitters. "Freine hit .23(5 out in the alfalfa, belt, which is also some hitting foi a pitcher, and is a corking good outfielder as wll. Everything seems k. come natural to this freak of 11a- most before the brain had translated the impressions of sense into thought he had crossed the flnis'h line. The timing for both races was done by C. H. Warner, official timer for the American Automobile association, with the same mechanical deA-ice he used at the Atlanta and Indianajpolis speedways and which has been offl-cialy adopted by the association Ralph de Palma, Oldfleld''? rivail, who was unable to start against him because of a broken piston, acted as representative of the contest 'board. A surveyor's certificate has been filed for the distance )X)sts, and only the tax ministers one per cent, of their salaries to assist old preachers in the conference. In the beginning of his n.nmual statement, District Superintendent Lynch, of the South district, said: "While the cost of living has greatly increased, salaries have not gone up in proportion." Features of District Superintendent Shaffer's annual report of the West district follow: The ranks of the effective niiinistery have been unbroken. The year has been a. notable one in improvements. The benevolent reports indicate that some share of the returning industrial prosperity will be discovered In advance contributions. ture. Boxing Tourney Tonight. This is St.. Patrick's Day and to liven it. up with a little sport a boxing tourney will be he'd tonigflrt at 1420 Eleventh avenue. The fun will ntart at 8,30 o'clock and the program will include three bouts. The pre liminaries will ibe between local boys but the main bout ought to he one of interest as the contestants will he Joe Campbell, who claims Altoona as his homie, and Jerome Haney, of Johnstown and a fighter with a good reputation. TO TRAIN HIS UMPIRES. DR. G-W. TROTH in January were taken by 17,444 employes. The balance for common dividends after all charges amounts to $53,305,-573, or 10.48 per cent, which com PAINLESS DENTIST 15 Years in Active Practice formal acceptance by the contest board is necessarv Ibofore the record Roomi 7.8-9-10 McHale Block, 1321 Eleventh Avenue. Chivington Will Take His Officials to West Baden. Chicago. March 16. A new departure in 'baseball which, it is expected, will be watohed with interest by critics, was announced by President T. M. Chivington, of the American asisocta'tlom, who has Issued a call for all umpires of the assooiaition to passes officially into the history cf Hie annihilation of distance UNITED STATES STEEL. Attell's New Manager. San Francisco, Cal., March Ifi. Benny Selig, manager of Joe Gans in In- $151,354,000 Surplus and Large report to him at West. Baden, Tnd., Atm'll 4, for a week's training and in pares with 4.03 per cent, earned cm the same capital last year. Large increases over 1908 in the number of men eiwployed and in salaries and wages paid are shown . The average number of employes in the service of all companies in the corporation is shown by the report to have (been 196,500 in ' 1909, a.s against l5,ail in ISO. Salaries and wages paid during 1909 aggregated $16-1 ,663,394, a3 compared with $120,-510,829 in the year previous. Chairman E. M. Gary sayg in the . TEETH, $5.00 With a. StickJJ'aat suction plate. The lightest and tightest fitting plate known. Pain-leas extracting by air, gat or an application to the gum lady attendant. Gold Crown, 22 karat. W to M Bridge Work, 22 karat, $3 to 5 Fillings 60c up creases in Men Employed and Salaries Paid. , New York, March m The annual report of the United States Steel cor . I Congress. Washington, March 16. The administration railroad bill -was under discussion during the entire session of the senate todav. In the house parliamentary questions consumed considerable time. Again Speaker Cannon failed to have the house sustain him in a parliamentary ruling, forty-two republicans 'voting with the democrats in opposition. After the questions relating to the rule3 were disposed of the house considered several bills uHn its calendar. Roth the senate and the house will be in session ihfs last wars cf fighting, has signed a contract to manage Abe Afctell. Selig eald he was open to all offers of men from 122 to 133 pounds and proposed that when Arte goas into the ring-next time he will fight from the tap of t!he gong, with no stalling. He believes Abe can capture the lightweight championship. poration, made known in Wall street report: "Substantial revival in busi ness activity which ibecame evident in the spring of 1909 continued with today, showed a remarkably fine business year, with the comipany doing business with the largest working capital and surplus on record. The woritin? capital aggregates $229,873,-fKlfl and the surplus $151,354,000 for the year 1909. The total amount of bonds issued during the year aggregates $20,875,- struction prior to the opening of the season. Heretofore umpires in the major leagues have been- called together for only a day in order ito be instructed in the rules of the game. Under the plan mapped out by Mr. Chivington. umpires from now on w-ill not only be expected to know tihe rules thoroughly at the opening of the season, but they will also bo expected to be in pood physical condition. Two meetings will be held daily to discuss the interpretation of the rules, and the remainder of the time will be given up to training. Of 'the-eight men who will etart the season in the American association five are : June, I Office Open innings Until 8. Sundays 9 to 12. Bell 'Phone 819-B BEST WORK BEST MATERIAL LOWEST PRICES Dr. Troth Gives All Patients Personal Attention. increasing volume throughout the bal ance of the year. "The total production of finished Dyspepsia is our national ailment. Burdock Blood Bitters is the nation products for sale in 1909 equaled Pitcher Camnitz Signs. Pittsburg. March Ifi. Howard Camnitz, star pitcher of last year's team, has signed with the champions for IftlO. Manager Fred Clarke wired this news from Cincinnati to President Barney Dreyfusis. Camnatz will join the team at West Baden, al cure for it. It strengthens stom-! 000 which, with bonds retired, left about 75 per cent. of the normal I maximum productive capacity of the properties." ach membranes, promotes flow of digestive juices, purifies the blood, builds you up. tue thur-sai a net increase in bonded and debenture debt of $12,718,639. The subscriptions for the 25,000 shares preferred stock offiered at 124 Advertise in the Morning Tribune AdvertlM la tho Morale Trttrau

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