The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1967
Page 5
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Hytherffle (AA) OoorUr Hewi - faturtoy. Jun> tt, MIT - Pi|* Hf» UP FRONT Mauldin Sees Israelis Take Key Syrian Town A.S. Names Dr. Hubener In ceremonies to b« conducted in Jersey City, N. J., June 16, Dr. L. L. Hubener of Blytheville will be among those formally received as diplomates of the American Board of Abdominal Surgery. The organization's board of governors last week announced (EDITOR'S NOTE: Nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin o! the Chicago S'm-Times gives ; «• "'(ness account of the Mideast conflict). By Bill Mauldin JERUSALEM (Delayed by censor and in transmission) — I arrived in Jerusalem just in time Tuesday to hurry ahead and watch the Israeli army lake the highly strategic town •f Latrun from Jordanian Forces. Latrun is on the Jordanian side of the border and we had reached it by walking right through the border. The taking of Latrun pinched off a deep Arab salient into Israel where the Jews lost 500 in 1948. In that war it was rn Arab stronghold on the read which runs from the coast to Jerusalem. It lies in the Judaean hills about 15 miles northwest of Jerusalem. In that earlier war, the blowing up of a pumping station cut the water supply into Jerusalem. STAR DASH 9f G As I arrived on Tuesday, one )f the soldiers told me, "This vill cut 'down the driving time 3 e t w e e n Jerusalem and Tel 4viv to 45 minutes." "What if President Johnson asks you to give it back?" I asked him. "No comment," ha said, eaning on his automatic rifle ind staring at me with a poker ace, more evidence that they know how to put on a good show for kibitzers. A short while later in Jerusalem the censor looked up Tom copy and asked: "Are you sure French Hill has fallen?" "It sure has," said a voice over my shoulder. I turned and it was Joe Alex Morris of the Los Angeles Times whose dispatches from Jordan are also appearing in The Sun-Times. "How did you get into Jerusalem?" I asked. "I just walked through the lines and across the border," he said. I drove up to Jerusalem Tuesday morning with about the same ease. I was with Shelby ^ FTfl D 'Sil ' '•^B^^JB ^aDawi-Afct^ 8y?W/ •."'•S^B ^ \A_i-. *" <i <S5s<«**>i^5^^ - «^ — ^" 1 "'" " iiii*^^****««4 by Abigail Van Buren At 13, Should She Shave Her Legs? DEAR ABBY: I am 13 years old and my mother will not let me shave my legs. It seems every girl at school shaves her legs and some even slip behind their mothers' backs to do it.. I don't want to go against my mother, but I wish she'd let me. The kids at school call, me "Square," "oddball," etc. I pretend I don't care, but I do. And anyway, my Knee socks don't go together with all. my clothes. So what should I do? HAIRY DEAR HAIRY: If you want , to shave your legs because all the other girls do, it's not a good enough reason. If you are really "hairy" ask your , mother to take a good look at your legs and to be reasonable. What a pity that when a girl reaches the age where her legs need shaving, her mother is at the age where she needs glasses. DEAR ABBY: I have been keeping steady company with a girl who is 24. I am 26 and we have a lot in common. We have talked about' getting married but that's about as far as it's gone. She says you never know a person until you live with them, and she doesn't want to get married until she is SURE it will last. She suggested that I move in with her, or she move in with me for about 3 months. That way we can find out for sure how we get along. My folks drive up here to see me every once in awhile as they live only 80 miles from me, and I am sure they wouldn't approve of that kind of set up. Actually, I am not so sure I do myself. In a way it makes sense, but in another way it doesn't. Can you help me straighten out my thinking? FIFTYFIFTY DEAR FIFTY: Tell her you aren't that kind of a boy. If she wants to live with you ibe'll bave to marry you. DEAR ABBY: I am a divorced man, 56 years of age who would like to remarry. The trouble is, all the women in my age bracket are either divorcees !K'ing on alimony, or widows living on social security. Before a man can discuss the economic facts of life with a woman, he has te know her pretty well, and this mean •iuiuU.ii • Int «* Mm* *ith ner. He can't come right out on their first date and ask if her financial security would be forfeited should she remarry, can he? My question: Is there a shortcul to finding out these things about a woman? STUMPED DEAR STUMPED: No. Go ahead and ask her. That would be the acid test. If she bas the urge to merge, she'll be glad to talk dollars and sense with you. If not, you can save a lot of precious time, and proceed to the next prospect. DEAR ABBY: In our town, when you are invited to a party, I am told the hostess expects to be called a day or so later to be thanked. It seems to me that a sincere "thank you" on depar-. ture from the party is sufficient evidence of appreciation. And if it was a large party, the hostess will have plenty of cleaning up to do on the following day, so why should she be. annoyed answering a dozen or more phone calls to accept repeated thanks? What is correct? PUZZLED DEAR PUZZLED: When a hostess has gone to considerable effort to entertain, the gracious guest will send a written note repeating his thanks. (It's not necessary, bu it's nice.) There is always a chance that a phone call may be an intrusion, but I think the host ess who would resent being "annoyed" with repeated thanks is in the minority. • CONFIDENTIAL TO "S.O.S. SILVER SPRINGS": SORRY, but I don't buy that saying, "As you have made your bed so must you lie in it." If you discover that the bed you made is giving you a pain in the back, and it's possible to get out of it and make it over, do so. People who needlessly sleep on "mental" lumps must enjoy the punishment. In France a 50 mile speed limit is set for all drivers un der 20 years of age. This speed limit also applies to all driver less than one year. Specia stickers are affixed to the wind shields. In 1966 American motors con turned 70 billion gallons of mot or fuel Scales of the Seattle Post-Intel- igencer and along the way we saw Israeli Mirage jets work- ng over Jordanian positions where the border runs alongside the road for some distance. When I returned to Jerusalem artillery and small-arms fire was still harassing some parts over and at noon our time on Tuesday a few people were already venturing out to inspect their riddled cars and broken windows. The damage to buildings is generally light on this side, but ;he Jordanian part of the city two blocks away is in shambles. Hussein's legionaires still have plenty of weapons and ammunition, judging from the noise coming in the window. Most of the fire is now being frantically directed against Israeli attackers who a short while ago needed only to take the area called French Hill to complete the conquest of this historic city. STAR DASH Scales and I had driven to Jerusalem after a fairly suspenseful night in the blackout listening to one air raid alert after another. Most turned out t» be false alarms. I couldn't help comparing the dilemma of the man at the siren switch with that of the Midwestern weather bureau forecaster in the tornado season. Too many alarms and people isgin to ignore him; two few alarms and people get hurt. Arab forces did drop some artillery around Tel Aviv air- sort shortly after dark. But at ! p.m. I got the garage man at the Dan Hotel to slap some black paint over the headlights of my rental car so I could drive a United Nations representative to the airport to catch his official flight. (Commercial flights were suspended.) A few hours later somebody in the hotel lobby caught an Arab propaganda broadcast which said: "What will you do now, Jews, since Tel Aviv and Haifa are in flames and your army is fleeing?" You could actually hear people laughing up and down the back streets as other radios picked up the same broadcast. Astrological * Forecast * By CARROIX WiiffTltiR fo determine jam [oncast, nut* paragraph opposite datti whlcb Include rout blrtb data. SUNDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You now find that although lere are some unexpected up- els possible, if you will keep warm understanding smile and really live the Golden Rule and do what you know others about you like, you are able to steer clear of any and all trouble and gain the good will and active assistance of whomever you like. Be calm. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Concentrating upon whatever is of an airy, pleasant nature is of an airy, pleasant nature jives you a big lift today and n P.M. Try to please others more. Be sure to attend services of your choice, and then delve into charming hobbies. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Those at home require your time and energy today, so be sure to please them, bring more larmony in that important sphere of your life. If you think jig, you can make tne new week ahead more productive. 3e calm, cool and collected. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) important you get to church oday and show others you are most devout, really believe in what you preach to others. Then off to make visits that are im- Dorlant lo your career, personal happiness. Be charming with everyone. Don't argue. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Impressing others with the fact that you have good sense is wise and also assist ;hem with advice how t» add to ;heir abundance. Good day to plan big. Then you get right Tidhods for progress. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) A day to dress nicely and make an excellent impression on others and convince them to cooperate with your finest ideas. Be more social - minded than you have been in the past. This becomes your finest avenue for success. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) If you want backing for your finest plans, you had better first see how well • prepared you are, what progress you have made with them. Then con. cern yourself with, spiritual matters. Be inspired. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) This is the day to contact that good friend you have not seen in some time and show thai you really are devoted. Plan future social affairs that can be most delightful. Take time to do some reading tonight. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Some new system can make your business life more successful and your social life more satisfying as well. Be sure to safeguard your good name, oth erwise you will feel the result! far into the future. Show dev* tion to loved on*. McNatunt tnmeate. a* SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Keep your mind focused on whatever is of an elevated nature and be happier, more successful in the days ahead. Do some studying that will give you an insight into more gracious living. Be ambitious. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Do whatever gives greater understanding and tap your own subconscious for right answers as well. Come to right decisions quickly. Be romantically happy in the evening at some charming place of amusement. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Ideal day to get together with associates informally and come to a real meeting of minds. Band together againsl any opponents. This is the key to your success in the days, months ahead. PISCES: (Feb. 21 to Mar. 20) Being tolerably certain to assist those around you is quite importanl today, since you wanl to be liked more than in the past . Plan new week's activities early. Make welfare ol associates your business. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY he, or she, will be most attractive and will have ,he ability to see everything in its widest and biggest scope and the combination of those two qualities will lead to much success. There is also an abil ity to work along very well with miners and this is the key to >ig business, g re a t creative work, etc. MONDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: This is a beautiful day and evening for whatever has to do with gaining the good will of others by a very generous, noble and expansive attitude on your part. Show that you are able to please those of whom you are fond by some present or special compliment that makes them feel just great. Think big, get big. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr.. 19) Ideal Monday to get your most productive ideas before the right people; get their support for them. Then off to the hobbies you prefer. Whatev .• is ol a romantic nature augers wel for you. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Strive to be most agreeable and pleasant in handling those who dwell under your own roof Getting property made more presentable and basements cleared out a fine idea. Keep busy and get ahead faster. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) By being complimentary witl allies, you now gain their back ing to the nth degree. Show tha you are a true friend. Kee[ • those important appointment 'on Urn* and b* ready will tne selection ot ur. *. ^. uuey, also of Blytheville, as a diplo- mate. Minimum requirements set by the board for its diplomates are one post - graduate course in abdominal surgery each year and one annual surgical meeting. QUICK QUIZ Q — Which epistles In the New Testament are known as the "Pastoral Epistles?" epistle to Timothy and the epistle to Titus, because they contain the advice of a pastor concerning church government, church officers, teachings and Christian faithfulness and endurance. Q _ Who introduced the rosary into the Roman Catholic Church? A— St. Dominic. Prayer beads are of ancient origin, and were probably first used by the Buddhists. Q— Which is the most intelligent of animals?? A— The chimpanzee. acts and figures. MOON CHILDREN (June tZ o July 21) You are highly ingenious right now and can convince bigwigs to give you advice, support you need. Have a more practical system to follow. r ind ways to increase property you now possess. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Use hose dynamic Ideas you have to make big leaps toward greater success in all spheres of your endeavor. Out to fine parties and be your most dynamic self. You can meet some wonderfu new personality, person you lave long wanted to know. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Plan to meet others confident ially and band together towarc some common and worthwhile goal. This can bring real sue cess in the days ahead. If yoi are particularly nice to mate attachment, you get his or hei full sunnort as well. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 A good day to repay some ob ligation of a social nature am showing generosity, also o spirit. New friends .can also bt made. Don'l neglect some im portant business duty you have to perform complete, either. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 By showing that you can run fine partnership, you make ar excellent impression on impor tant conlacts. Doing some civi work can help you to becom more popular. Show that yoi are very adept at this. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 h Dec. 21) You are highly inspire now how to gain your aims bu make certain you remain on th loftiest plane of operation. Cor respond with those who are ou of town. You can get fine result CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Be your finer self and pu responsibilities behind yo quickly and show others you d keep promises you have made Romanticism should be very ap pealing to you tonight. Read your husband is away. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 19) Go ahead with plans to im prove relations with associates but generosity is the key tha opens most doors. Come 1 meeting of minds on a very nig Jlans. Then fine benefits accrue Keep busy. .PISCES: (Fb. 20 to Mar. 20 Find best system for taking car of your duties in a more harmonious, efficient way, and the be sure you make abode, sho: etc.. more comfortable, charrr ing. Build up your halth. B more dynamic. IF YOUR CHILD IS BOR TODAY he, or she, will b of those young people who early life pictures himself, ( herself, as doing both heroic an big things, so be sure you do n curb this type of right and d namic thinking, since this w pave the way to real succes Be encouraging. Find the for early and slant the education long such lines. "The Stars impel, they do n compel." What you make your life is largely up to YOI Carroll Righter's Individu Forecast for your sign for Ju is now ready. For your coj send your birthdftte and $2.00 Carroll Righter Forecast (nan of newspaper), Box 1921, Hoi wood 28, California. ORDINANCE NO. TM AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT REVENUE BONDS UNDER ,CT NO. 9 OF THE 'IRST EXTRAORDINARY SES- ION OF THE SIXTY-SECOND ENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE TATE OF ARKANSAS, AP- 'ROVED JANUARY 21, 1960, AS AMENDED, FOR THE PUR- 'OSE OF PROVIDING PERMANENT FINANCING OF THE COST OF SECURING AND DE. /ELOPING INDUSTRY (THE 'ARTICULAR INDUSTRIAL 'ROJECT IS DESCRIBED IN THE ORDINANCE); AUTHOR- ZING THE EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF A TRUST INDENTURE SECURING THE BONDS; AUTHORIZING AND DESCRIBING OTHER MATTERS PERTAINING TO SAID NDUSTRIAL PROJECT, THE CONSTRUCTING THEREOF \ND THE FINANCING THEREOF; AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. WHEREAS the City of Blythe- •llle, Arkansas (called "City") s authorized by Act. No. 9 of he First Extraordinary Session if the Sixth-Second General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, approved January 21, 1960, as amended (called "Act No. 9") o acquire lands, construct and equip manufacturing buildings, mprovements and facilities and o incur other costs and expenses and make other expendl- ures incidental to and for the mplementlng and acconiplish- ng of the conduct of manufac- wing operations; and WHEREAS the City Is author zed by Act. 9 to issue Indus- rial Development Revenue 3ond» payable from revenues derived from the industrial pro- leot •> acquired and constructed and secured by a lien thereon; and WHEREAS the necessary arrangements have been made with Columbia Controls Re search Corporation, a New York corporation (called "Columbia") 'or a substantial industrial pro- |ect consisting of lands, buildings, improvements, machinery, equipment and facilities for an industrial plant which will be utilized for the manufacturing of office supplies and such other products as Columbia shall elec to manufacture (called the "pro ject") and to lease the Projec to Columbia pursuant to the erms of a Lease and Agreemen subsequently identified hereir and referred to as the "Leas> Agreement"; and WHEREAS permanent finan cing of the Project costs, re cessary costs and expenditure incidental thereto and to the expeditious commencement o manufacturing operations, the cost of the issuance of bond and the amount necessary tc provide for interest on bond until Project revenues are avail able is being furnished by th issuance of Industrial Develop ment Revenue Bonds by th City under the provisions of Ac No. 9 in the principal amoun of not to exceed One Millio Five Hundred Thousand Dollar ($1,500,000), (called "bonds" o "Act No. 9 Bonds"); and WHEREAS there has bee submitted lo the electors of th City the question of issuing th Act No. 9 Bonds at a specia election, and at said specia election the electors .approve the issuance of the Act No. Bonds; and WHEREAS Columbia Is a sub sidiary and in consideration of the City financing, constructing and equipping the Project, and entering into the Lease Agreement with Columbia, at the request of the parent corporation, the parent has agreed to unconditionally guarantee the prompt jerformance of all covenants and obligations on the part of Columbia as Lessee under the Lease Agreement, which guaranty agreement will be executed and delivered concurrently with the delivery of the Lease Agreement and the delivery of ;his trust Indenture; and WHEREAS the bonds are to be sold and delivered in series, with the initial series being in the principal amount of $850,000, designated Series A, and which are dated, bear interest, mature and are subject to redemption as hereafter set forth in a Trust Indenture authorized by his ordinance; and WHEREAS the City has made the necessary arrangements for the sale of the Series A Bonds to T. J. Raney & Sons and Stephens, Inc., of Little Rock, Arkansas (called "purchasers") at a ier« Is hereby, authorized and irected the following: a) The ule of th* Seriei A Bondi. b) The acquisition of the title to the landi embodied in the Project (hereafter described in the form of Trust Indenture authorized by this ordinance); and c) The execution of all necessary architectural, engineer- Ing and construction contracts for the constructing and equipping of the Project, with executed copies of all such contracts to be filed in the office of the Clerk for inspection by any interested person; and d) The performance of all obligations of the City under the Lease Agreement pertaining to the constructing and equipping of the project and the performance of all obligations of the City under said architectural, engineer, ing and construction contracts referred, to in (c) above. Section 2. That to provide for he authorization and to secure ndustrial Development Revenue Bonds of the City under Act No. 9 in the total principal amount of not to exceed One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars .$1,500,000) (called "bonds"), to provide for the immediate execution and delivery of the Seres A Bonds described in the Trust Indenture (hereafter authorized), and to prescribe the :erms and conditions upon which the bonds are to be secured, executed, authenticated, accepted and held, the Mayor is here- jy authorized and directed to execute and acknowledge the Trust Indenture, and the City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to execute and acknow- edge the Trust Indenture and to affix the seal of the City thereto, and the Mayor and City Jlerk are hereby authorized and directed to cause said Trust Indenture to be accepted, executed and acknowledged by the Trustee, with the Trust Indenture, which constitutes and is hereby made a part of this Ord inance to be in substantially the following form, to-wit: Section 3. That the Mayor and City Clerk, for and on be half of the City, be, and they an hereby, authorized and directed to do any and all things neces sary to effect the execution o the Trust Indenture, its execu tion and accept by the tru: lee. the performance of all obi; is of the City under an<? pursuant to the trust Indenture the execution and delivery o the Series A Bonds, and the per formance of all other acts o whatever nature necessary to effect and carry out the author ity conferred by this Ordinance and by the Trust Indenture That the Mayor and City Clerk be, and they are hereby, furth er authorized and directed, fo and on behalf of the City, to execute all papers, documents certificates and other instru ments that may be required fo the carry out of the authority conferred by this Ordinance an the Trust Indenture, or to evi dence said authority and it exercise. Section 4. That since the City is here involved with the con structing and equipping of complex industrial project, re quiring highly specialized wor and specialized types of ma chinery and equipment, it has been and is hereby determine by the City Council that com petitive bidding is not feasibl or practical. Therefore, any re quirements under ordinances of the City or under the laws o the State of Arkansas for competitive bidding be, and th same are hereby, waived as fc this particular industrial prc- :ely necessary In conneetlM ith the securing and develop- g of substantial industrial,op- rations and deriving the public. >en«flts referred to above. It therefore, declared that an mergency exist) and this Ordi- ance being necessary for .the immediate preservation of the ubllc health, safety and wel- are shall be in force and take 'feet Immediately upon and fter its passage. PASSED: June 5, 1987. • APPROVED: Tom A. Little Jr., Mayor TTEST: 1. I. Malin, City Clerk 6-10 IN THE CHANCERY COURT 'OR THE CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. 30ARD OF COMMISSIONERS IF STREET IMPROVEMENT 3ISTRICT NO. 4 OF BLYTHE/ILLE, ARKANSAS PLAINTIFFS VS. No. 17254 N. W. WRIGHT and other own- TS of delinquent lands in said istrict DEFENDANTS NOTICE All persons having a ciaim and interest In any of the following escribed lands are hereby noti- ied that suit Is pending In thi Chancery Court for the Chick- sawba District of Mississippi bounty, Arkansas, to enforce he collection of certain im- rovement district assessment n the following list of lands, he names of each supposed wner having been set opposite ogether with the amount'of axes due on each tract: N. W. Wright-Lots 344, Block 13, Bugg Addition, $13.51. : Bethena Williams-Lot 18, Block A, Ed B. Cook Subdivision, 110.10. Allie & 0. C. Johnson—Lot 1. Block 18, Edwin Robinson Addition, $13.63. All persona and corporations nterested in said lands art tereby notified that they are required by law to appear and make defense to said luit or the same will be taken as con- essed and final Judgment will be entered, directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said assessments together with the penalty and costs allowed by law. By GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk 6-10, IT ject. This action is taken b the City Council pursuant applicable laws of the State Arkansas, including particular! Section 5 of Act No. 28 of th Acts of Arkansas of 1959 (Ark. Stats. (1965 Cumulative Pocket Supplement) Section 194425). Section 5. That the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby declared to be separable, and if any section, phrase, or provision shall for any reason be declared :o be invalid, such declaration shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the sections, phrases and provisions. Section I. That all ordinances, resolutions and parts thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed to the extent of such conflict. Section 7. That there Is hereby found and declared to be an on the dollar and accrued interest for bonds bearing interest at the rates of 4V4%, 4%«, 5% and 5Vi% per annum as hereafter set forth in detail in the Trust Indenture. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by th* City Council of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas: Section t. Hut then be, and IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DIS. TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF SEWER IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 9 OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PLAINTIFFS VS. No, 17255 JERRY D. 4 WILLENE HUB- SARD and other delinquent lands in said district DEFENDANTS NOTICE All persons having a claim and interest in any of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to en- Improvement district assess force the collection of certain ments on the following lilt-of lands, the names of each supposed owner having been set opposite, together with the amount of taxes due on each tract: Jerry D. & Willene Hut bard-South 50, East 45' and West 55', South 50' of Lot 13, Block 14, Moore'l Addition, $109.29. Joseph H. Miller, MD (DR- 187-114),. .49.70. • All persons and corporations interested in said lands are hereby notified that they are required by law to appear and make defense to said suit or the same will be taken as confessed and final Judgment will be 'entered, directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said assessments together with the penalty and costs allowed by law. By GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk 6-10, 17 price of ninety-three cents (93c) immediate need for the securing and developing of substantial industrial operation in order to provide additional employment, alleviate unemployment and otherwise benefit the public health, safety and welfare of the City and the inhabitants thereof, and the Issuance ol the bonds authorized hereby »nd the taking of the other action authorized herein are immedi- WARNING ORDER '. In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. .. WARREN L. M. PARHAM, Plaintiff, vs. No. 17245 MILDRED L. PARHAM, Defendant. The defendant, Mildred. L. Parham, is hereby warned., to appear within thirty days., in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the -complaint of the plaintiff, Warren L. M. Parham. Dated this 2nd day of June, 1967 at 9:30 o'clock A.M. . GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D. C. Elbert S. Johnson, Attorney James M. Gardner, AttyAdUtcm

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