The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT Sutherland Believes Game May Ha\c Consicleiablr Be" PT 01 ll't 1 Mis i? i»p' ah TV B\ JO \ SI It Ilnl tL I inn , ' PMTSSUROil, — ."?!tlrc>i hive C3 i 'c fa tli riul'iH il mfi™ al fr.otbiill c'.iamplon-lihi dropped b\ 1 1 ^ i\ d in 11 i" \ hoi il lots as they Invo thh :?is-:i ST Kr;.u liiiv; b3;n t!i2 enmities thai In f- fii i i k In I> i i ill i t i nr? o'lly a handful of im;tefe:ile:l c qi> Js In 1 i iu( n Ins Ut. < nd I \ i\ ilt<n 15 is cl*uc;l tor F.->!etlion of a !!•>• Borl r.iiidMate .incl tliit tain mnv Lc th" iln i f t'l A 1 bi i i Ml •> c; in i 1 i i Til? Ciiimcn TUin ituv ir i Mi?bt favorite Hi llih ^ain\ clik'f H ' 3 of til fi ' t nl J in T K n In n is c i n fi ' « i » I I \ Itn Inn Ju M'l n i f in ill In this c:m!s-t niit ih- wAiits nirove any, an.1 it ivill ill the =li n ' i r WT\"> a' i i "u mi i n i u i do its i i con Ii I \ If if{ 1) Da s n 1 n n imm \p do I t pii h bi V. i>v p I t I ) 11 > it t i Tiilanc, in tinc'sy Bryan. In? a rrii-il pe-Cbrii!:'!-, anrl l:ls duel svltli nils;' fur i!Klividii:il liono:s \vil! make Hie game a |;rrat attraction. Othsrcgarars la the south lln:l Auburn and Louisiana '-'uai'. both uiirtefc.iteil in Sout!i?r:i C'jnfe a e |.Hv bit ln;in n s a i !> ui 1C -1 bit I'll-, stiir fc A ibiini mu't r \ C v i I ih Tl i.i) •gmrcrs lilt a inidsnissji eluinw. nn:i, tmtes they can come 'out of it. Auburn will move a liit!e closer (i, a. sectional tlth L S U t 111 S*it" tti 1 h il din ej-3» c is W°l) to ID r c in 1'ie li"e:s North Carolina Stile makes an iiUsrsKliomil irlp lo Boston Cal)""e an i I* n\"]\ to tin II L i lurn joii ti T I, t dlsir-j! it 1 Irish Ovrr Navy in the 02;t. Navy ami Notre Dame p obalH oflci t u i/- m , Bo h ae r eit"d tli 5 n' \ rt i lr PU* i i rji ' tin. ir it In intti' (,-uiic'! in i>in heluH in u»\ H slacVs up, Ilie Ivis'ii. probably will b" fi\o it s b» au -• of snpc ioi nmn powor, but Navy will be tanqli n °ne j c h nitll brenij loo e M chloan meets P mi in Phila deli.'i i TI c QII\\ 15 stron r tha i in % i - ml uitv, n 1,1,), r morale, nr; llio pick over the Wol- •verliiM,- despite ths l.itter's interscctional r;cord. Forilhnnf ami Pu«lu= gat lojetlur in New York. mid (he Ram, because of tl-s jrcal defense; 1 is favored. • ' .Coliiinbij and Dartmouth onga»o nl Hanover. I lik: Earl Blaik's .•njirlmouth Indians in this one although Columbia, (bsiiih its losses, is (Ills lo g.'L goiiv?'a;ain. \V!i"ii the L:ons tf;t Eft for a:iy one team \vatch out!' ' . : H;ly Cross stacks up agninst Colgnte, ami ruM n o « An.1y. Kcrr's lateral attack must be giy- cn the erlsc. over the Crusatltrs, who have sho-,vn nothing in (lie way of an olrense this season. In other c.istDrn games. Yale s..oul!livt have a lot of trouble with Brosvn, Princeton's powcrhaiisc Koms lo be tea ninth for Cornell's sophomores, ar.:l rm nfraid that Pcna Stit? dDcsn't lK>k as tbiijei- oas to Pitt P.S II did a month n->o Still, this Is THE gams for the Lions, and we hnve to <ri, llr d against, th; ii«.vitii:n thn: prsvath-d "1 the game with Diiqussn;. Kentucky is too piwsrful lor Manhattan in (h:ir schi-dnleti f-sv York gnmo. Harvard should tuke Virginia, ans Carnosie T-i-li should prevail over New York On Spot Li Grid Games Saturday ' BLYTHEVILLE (AEK.) COURIER NEWS Uradlii" their teams Into the fray as the 1D3B football season enters the home slrolrii i,. n,» « , den, are out to B lvo thetr all for their alma mater, on Nov. 1. Up |1C r left "s Dtt Bo^n T ""*""'" °' Konmh »' tee - M - Hiuvkcyc eleven against Minnesota In Minneapolis. Lower left Is a North Carotin St .'. 1" 1 "' ci ' ta ck 1 who leads an unclerdc? meets Uoslon College In Boston-he is Joe llyneskii, fullback, who hulls from Ainesbnr >V ''°" ** rit>llt nt h . ome whcn llis (calu Oregon fullback. He performs nisainsl U. C. L. A, in Portland Inset below n-aimV"^!! *"'"*' KiCkl " S '" CC " t<?r 1s Fr!mk Ooodlri,- signal., against Michigan at Philadelphia. Ki c kln K ,u rl B ht Is Bill Mallls. Tulane halfback' wl'o T" 1 "'"^ Sl ' OWS " Ow he ' 1! ral1 ^-'^^'l^^^^^J 11 ''' 1 ' S °" thcm Mcl "°' 11 -*' "111 pilt mrnlnst the running attack of reins" University, although the Tartan, ii'ill have to guard ajulnst lakln-j the game too lightly. (Jnjihcrs Itoll Ailing In the Big TJII sertlon. Minncscti meets Iowa anil should have llttl. 1 trouble rolling along. Chicago doesn't olfcr dlilo .state too much comiiotilion, uiul Northwestern should be able lo handle Harry Stuhldrelicr's Improving Wisconsin Irani, although the " ' liy I lurry GraysO't too ,m el Mil CHICAGO.—It will not te neccs- o .- snry for the rule makers to limit, = - Badgers nrs ' the occasions when the lateral niss about due to upset someone's nrog-, mny in- USC tl. te£s ' ' I susj>?ct Dint. Minnesota's heart-* j- vj« n, ^..^,,,..,3- j —'cnkhig i-evei'se ot the hands of ton to take on Indiana, ami It ap- North-western, .(he nrst In 29 starts, pears Unit Vie Hanson's Orango I definitely put an end to excessive is due for another defeat. Mlchl-' employment of this dangerous, hut Stale is toa fast for T-cmplo, but Ihe ijnme at East Lansing will bo c!os2. VoMiIng probably will happen In 'hi! Missouri Valley lo take away Nebraska's claim lo the Big Six tlth. The Hnskcrs will h<ivc"iiltic (rouble from Kansas, while Kansas State Js c.V-ctctl to jolt Oklahoma lo remain undefeated In the Conference unreliable weapon. Exccaive use of the lateral dkl not beat Minnesota, but It, was the principal factor In preventing the Vikings from coming from behind hi a .savagely-fought fourth quarter. Foolish tossing of the, ball resulted In Minnesoln losing . it no less than four limes after North- wcslern scored. The main Men (den . »L-aii,-iji .-JL-UJ^'U. i lie main KiCit (hen ni« race on the west coast is | wns for thc olanks of tlic North narrowing down, and the two fn-1 to han g onto thc slippery leather. vorilcs, Soullinrn Giilforniu m } d( Hut the Minncsotnns bud bc- Was.iluglon aren't expected to, come so laleral-mindcd lint they have much trouble with their op- '-•••- poncnts of Iho day _ California ind Stanfard. respectively. The elD?cst gai, that tea "r' team fn 0,"o n fell back on Ihc sphere -Jug.lln- which paid such- big dividends as far back a s the Pittsburgh Bam- of ,"" "" l ' aM ' i 1S34 ' Tiley bc;>t N ebra ska with a tween U. C. !,. ' lateral In the last 0!) sccoivl, of ° tottBr play - U Jntcrnl K Ion! lih Ov,!« sAd",m J?n S S Mi no»ni, T , n, bee S, U lasf rr U >nl ,m i i.i ' , sS'"" 1 iJ be Stadium, Evanston. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1936 ^rSL^i^' cl i 2 ' 1933 '! to 1! « "W"' »'«! b«t bidder Laslic Seeks lo Maroon and Running Plays • i uiMtc Section 2289 R. S. Homestead Entry, Little Rock, Number 02.1205 for Lot Number 1. Section «... Township 15 North, Range 1C tasl," Fifth Principal Meridian Arfcm«as, has niei notice of In- trntlon to make ilnw ycai final I I'roof, lo establish claim, to the I lr-ml above described, before Carey pyoodburn, County Ck-rk of MLs-' P f i' "^W County, nt Illythcville, I ei'iCCljrtrkansiis. on the 30th day of Sen- IVM • • | tcmbcr 193C. \\lllieSi Claimant names ns wltncwes: ! E. p. collier, of Gosnell, Ark- j ansas. Rain and a soggy field fulled .J.^"' 5 lio!linso ". of Gasnell, Arklo (laii)il (he training program of the lilyiheville Chicks as they fircpped yesterday for thc invasion of Ihe Newport Greyhounds, Friday night under ihc Mazdas at Knley Field. ' | Coaches Carney Laslie a:id J. mes Ace Puckett drove the two siinads throussh an hour of intense slanal drill before they were dismissed. Evidently convinced ', that ihe li'lbc Is In goo<l shape, no fcrlm- nii>Bc or oilier rough stuff has been on tap so far this week. Ilov:- erer, despite the snow last nigiit they may have a light scrinnnaui! this afternoon. The' usual drejss rehearsal under the lisjhts [s slnt- tit for tomorrow night. „ , -nf' » , llwla 3 ' n ° x 8C ' lllc . Arkansas, D ' K - p »n'o(l, Acli »B .V.silstani Commissioner 21-2B-I-il-lg NOTICK roit I'ljisucA-noN' Lcpartmcul of the Interior General Land Office at Washin"- 'on. D. c., October 19. l»3«. Notice is hereby given that James lidward Kolley. of Dell Ar-| kmisas. who. on September 3,' IU31, made Hompslcad Fntn Nmiibcr 022017 for SE", Seclior 24 Township 15 N . Ra ngu 0 E oth Principal Meridian, has nice iictlcc of intention lo make final proof, to establish claim . „.„„.,., Unwilling to take a chance on' l .° tllc lalul ol!ov '' described. having giant "fullb LcKoy "Broncho" Brown '" ru Care . v Woodturn, Counts .illback who was injured In ,."!•' at " Dlythcvlllc, Arkansas. 01 me Greenwood till, permaiieiitly j e ."'"'h day of December, 1930 hurl with Searey and Forrest City, c ' a "" r "iSs as witnesses: two hard games, coming on/sue- Lo " Watson, of Dell. Ark. CCSSl Vf* U'fiolr _f>»^rlc t \in n(,;„!.„ S. *P. KlTf 111*111 nf llnll A ..1- ccsslve week-ends, the Cliickasaws may present a slightly revised lineup against Newport. Max Hulchlns, the Manila flush, may be -shifted to fullback and Hojner' Bcshtuse to right halfback. In that case Dan Warrington will £<•' to right end. Hutcliins ran in Brown's place ° c " a " after the latter was removed and Ocneral turned in a line job. He carried the ball nlcclv and did a nifty job S. T. Freeman, of Dell, Ark. Marlon Koehlcr. -ot Dell. Ark Franfc Rilcy. of Dell. Ark. D. K. PARRorr, Acting Assistant Commissioner 4-11-18-25-2 '""" "I' 1 U ' m)t '° NOTICE KOIt I'UBLICATION Department of trie Interior, Olfice al Washington, D. C.. October 19, 193C. Notice is hereby given that Prank Kellcy, nf Dell, Arkansas a " bi -" c "o any at- sn't have w n ncsota mentor could see no S? ,,s= CllilrgCS Otac-ier Hnally Melts had won the title of backing th e j| ne W |( n capinin Fral) ' ! Ke "cy, nf Dell, Arkansas "Ripper" Walker. Bcsharsc i,as £ ho ' °" SsP'eMbcr 3, 1931. made dene yccnmn service at the term- , "'""'''ad Entry. Number 022SHC lual and has had few oimortuni- ,, SW!i Sc <Mou 24. Towiislilo 15 tics to carry the ball. But when •",- " c S E ' 5th Principal Melie has been called upon he has ri<lla "' ha -' i fi'«l notice of Intention responded with good yardage In 1°,'"?.? flnal l hree-ycar proof, to , ap. of the Mli years to be a jinx to Blennnn. It, „„„ was there (hat his Tula'ne lentn. loach lost l(s second game of 1930, after! being undefeated In luenls. Green Wave then —., tnc ting '—-.-~« .111.11 £uuu yiiKmgu in , , ,. .>—. i-.wu., m the Golden Glacier. With their D(l;] lliun, he has blocked expertly r 1 .If l clal "i to Hie land above smashing 33-0 victory over a line At Walnut Ridge on his only try 00," ,1''* Care y Woo - uuri1 - le- j liccmne convinced (lint lee water ' down - H '« t°lal yardage last week l:an ? !ui ' °" lllc Ninth tiny of Dj- back. 1 flowed in thn win* nf „,„,..>. ™s 5C in D trim Huii-hi,,* i,.,,_ «t'nber. it names as witnesses: Walson, of Dell, Ark •-. T. Freeman, of Dell, Ark. Marion Koelilcr, of Dell, Ark M-ank Rilcy. of Dell, Ark. D. K. PARROTT. Act ing Assistant Commissioner. 4-11-18-25-2 But VKHJICCU inat ice water — " i^uti yurtitige mat, week , the veins of members ™'? f,° '» ° ''''us. Hutchlns lug- cinlmin inncnnolls machine They BKt tne ovttl tc » Hints and net- v ' l "" nnn imcriinMminr . «c ' their '«i 76 yards. |. Lo " i Warrington showed his mettle when the jnm came it.' .'.'!!*'' n '' c . las ^ "' cek & l " mi "S »' ._ ' — ' ««t wiien cnc ici])i cnniA \t "' -- "-> ••"•*"• is m ,' 5nucng " se - i '""'«! out that thc Gophers were ' If'"" 15 h * bcst P^'formaiiOD of Wave then „,< nmn ,, ono , „„ ...... ..',.' s V. ere Ihe season. Because of his limited inu uiuen wave then ••« n.. 1n i4 n i — —j.-.^.o ^tn.- turned nrouml to cop 17 In a row iiL ° tto " !llllils , "»>' "H'er collcc- Unfn,,,, i..,i ..,.', . _ .. uon of fonLhnl iiiij*-m- r 'm.^ : __ of football players S f x ' len ' ence ' " !Il el> Pockets" has I _i._ ,. ' * *" °' Ailtll rippn j., *-^M~r .._ j _ ~ asrs mi«rs =£s= rr~ 3 £?s vsHr 5 „ „ „ 0 -•• • vlous-thnt the thouBlit i" ?hc f arkably fost ' He Ls P crlltl l« »« .,. CO !' C '.. " llrt , Smllhmi C«"for- miiKl-of every atlHete J ...p, ' ??.!»« "Ww .on the smmcl Cornell und Southern " *" ^-'tij. uimuic was '"I'llit; ,,, , i' " .— *' , . . - — -- —I" I''"!' simply must eo for a'tond, s sna BB C[l several. contests in comparatively, recent' dowii." The result was tin T,™ 80Ulcl he ciuJBllt a 6() >'« rd overlooked Ihe flnn ,„„„(„„' i"^ on thc toli ™", and ha, CaUfor- : niiiid>of every athlete WIK "Thu best pass "'Keivcr on the sni,, lk , "in won more than 21 consecutive play slmolv ,,,„.," ,"'„.„' .Ji" 5 ! " I(I has snagged several. At plira- , ' »..*,.j - '^mi^ uuivu. me result wa«; th^f Mimr »."u b ,, L , „ uu JUKI ncave yea, s but Ulo Minnesota record overlooked the fl e ,"mnl g' iame °," " 1C dCa1 ' ''""' nild llad Ile '»' Just broken generally is regarded. their.conch had drillci Into them * tllmbM - «'ould have gone over "s the Auesl in Ihe history of, and niade mistak '' M " lt0 UlCm ', •»' « touchdown. It is likely thai fcolball. The game becomes a bit i After 'all. the Minnesota players faster and more complex each fall. 1 ... '. fL .",!„ ,,. .. --.,—-o — Minnesota tackled thc best: in the : » i : iii' s J !,• kc tllc "'"mUei'S'Of WFsiM'ii r- n ,,r..,..,.,, L.I. „,.,_' ••"" ot 'ier college teams. Western Conference with Pills- t-ui'ghs, Nebrnskns and Wnshing- — w..^.* i-Liiivgu iA.-iniis Northwcsleni's splendid well-earned victory was ions thro.™ In for good measure, thl "«r W - °'T WBS " fl " e The wonder of. it all is how £,,£L- CVerybo ' Iy an<1 S °°^ M Bicrman kept his clubs "up"' Bencral. ( j F Bicrman kept his clubs "up throughout three wearing cam-' imiBiis and Ihc hejl part of a ' "' His temn wasn't exactly NCT1CU 01-' SALE Notice is hereby given that thc ird heave "'"'"'T"' 1 ' as Commi « 1 °«M- ol Had hi not ^- , Cll! ' nce '->' Cr ' l 'rt for the "lr,"!! Cluckusawta District of, Mississippi County,. Arkansas, ncthi'! uiuler authority cf a riecrei rendered September 28, 1930. in a cause •Department of the Interior , pcl ) c!l , n .? ^'"n Amsricnn Cen- Gcneral Land Office at Wa"hi nl! " L \ fC !' sura "<"! Ccmpany, Inc., and • ton DC wasl ""t- was plamtilT. and Ezra Hampton. fl "e August 15 I93fi !,' "V wpre <lcfc »«n»ls, will, at ^ L± b -K-.^r l ^-.,^ 1 thr^ ! ^ * , or a touchdown. It is likely that ,.,,,'?,',;. "I ihe will open Friday's game. ^ f ±,. °, f upon 11 credit, of three months, ihe foPowhrj dcscritcd ])rop?rty. IcxateJ Iti tli(? Chtek3sa«ba U:5 tilt! «! ,\ir=sL'si|>|ii County, ArV kan. L u.' 1 . to-wii: • TliRl pint of Die S^iittuvenl Quarter iEW.) of Section I'ou;' it> hiii» south aticJ c:is( of ilie north and west boundary line of thc li'jht-of-way cf the Mi5.ilE.slpp! liiver lawe ot Ihe Et. rrnncis lyivec Dis- Iricl, excepting the East Half iL"-) of the Ko' Qunr- ler <SE';> of : ; aid Kouthwest Qunrter (SW'.'i): West Halt iW-j> of the Sotithuusit Quarter lSli',> of Eirllo-1 l-'iv.' (5); That part of the Fas: Half IEW of Eection Ki'Jht IUI and that part of the North Hull (N 1 ,-) of Section Nine (91, lyin^ .soutj and at' Hie north and west bovnclary line o r ' llio ri^hl-o'~u'!iy of the Mississippi River Levee of Ihe St. Francis LCVPB District; All in Toftnsliij) I'VmU'cn IM) K'orlli. liange '1'wdVf (12) East. The purchaser will be required to execute bond «itli approved yccerity, mid a lien will Di.' retained upon the properly until the i:«'"chass prlc.! is pr.ul. WITNESS my hand as sucii Coni- niissioni'r this 28th day of October, 193J. A. F. SMITH. Special Ccmmi-ssiciic:- Slianc & Fendlcr, Solicitors for Plaintill. \ 23-4 CAR HEATERS PRICED LOW \ HERE'S THE WAY TO "SHIVER- YOUR CAR AND SAVE MONEY gene E Lowery, of "7^rr-—-• ~-w TH..IW ••!, "-j"«-•"".-, "" me mill cia Blytbeulle,. \ovembci, I'JSb, offci foi -"""• i-' — j . -v in»j ii jfiL^illi IIJ11L i'_'U 1U IlylJlllI ,^,f":±^ *§* !fc (leln3 ° of Gcorin * "S«"«' rur- "dowir when the end came M. \i nil (inc. | n B «ii ls t Northwestern, although it his club used the lal- was o'jvloiis that confidence, .taitl" -^ - ;— ^- - RNING MOTOR ENEMY BANISH MOTOR NEGLECT... PREVENT COLO WEATHER TROUBLES WITH MAGUOL.A . .. VVHbBnJ , llliri rrmianULIA WW5ERME ADVANCE SALE NOW GOING ON Hurry In/ • The truth is we're so enthusiastic ntxmt the new Goodrich Hot Wotcr Heaters that the news can't wait. To give you a chance • lo get yours in plenty of lime before cold weather starts, we're putting them on sale now—well in advance. 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Main »'» 1 CRANKCASE: Drain duly summer oil 4 CHASSIS: Mobih.Iiric.He thoroughly and refill wilh correct winter graJ^ ol with winter Mobilgreases accoroC to jATob.loi! to assure 'nmcker slarling am \ Chck-Cliarl recommcmlaliou- submiulc jnslanl lubricatioii to all pans of.,llio lailcd inspeclioii report. motor tJuring coldest weallicr. ra«iOl IMP- r-n r i , 5 GASOLINE: I-dl f uc l ^^ wil)l q(ljck _ 2 TRANSMISSION: Drain hcnvy sum . sMl " S win ' Cr * IM S™- mer lubricant and refill with correct 6 RADIATOR: Clean radiator willi nlobil Kadialor FIusli lo remove grease, nisi and sediment. Pul in Mobil I'rcczoiie if necessary. ' BAT , T , ERY: C '"' <k ballcr >'; fl " wit!l «l's- cmovc corrosion and grc.isc winter grade of Mobil Gear Oil so lliat gears will shift easily. 3 DIFFERENTIAL: Drain ,lirtv summer Gkcib Ou-hatd - . , BRAND ,- v-^'vN^^ V* KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBO^ WHISKEY Buy at the Sign of the Flying Red Horse! O 1S3«, M«inoll» Petroleum Co. B-WP-13 AMERICA'S FAVORITE GASOLINE AND MOTOR Qife a tlttnsc wMout norfrc FULL OF EXPERT BATTERY RECHARGING •We don't ",n mp - !illnr Tuvrbaucn-iryouwnnt af-jl,,. C|""KC.«lalcll.C!vlcc, low;,. Goodrich ty finite HOT WATER HEATER »HOmR>. F . COODRICK PMDUCT EASY PAYMENTS ufe Jsnes - Tires' rcnne'.Iy Jlnin Scivirc Slalloa |"

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