Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 3, 1891
Page 6
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RELIGIOUS MATTERS. DAY OF GOD. "This is the (!.<ty the Jxml Imtli 'iniulc; we Will rcjoici- anil b c ylaU in lc,"-Pti. US.-21. O Day of God. so wonUorful, O flowers, so swuet nnd fair, O songs -thiii tliri)i 1K lono lienrts to cheer, O n.coiisi'-buriH'iiDil itlr, O hopes and trusts, O homes ana loves, O heart that -jliia hast been This full.blown Day the Lord hath made; Let us behind tlK-reiu! winds O clouds, whose winc-press hiboriu-j _\\ itii ponderous thunders tivud. ™ s ' llf -' red ''Sli'ninffs out, until The life is well-ni-rii dead • •O clny of mournful mystery, Of doubt un:l feiir and clfii, •How canst tlion be some Day of God -Ami we bt S l;ul therein? 2-orO, tfiicli us how nor storm nor calm The outside world can brin-- -Nor ill, nor K o,i<l, shivi; make or mar Tlie lyrics Lure shall sins; love to ciieli day gives lovolliiL-ss Draws even «ooil from sin ; -lull says: All Days the Lord liatli made, Let All behind therein! —Rev. Denis "Wortimm, in X. Y. Observer. UNGUARDED WORDS. or my brother this day? Have I lived worthily and as one should who hopes to sUnd at last, forgiven of sins, in the presence of Cod and of the holy angels?—Christian at \Vork. Cease Thinking of injuries and Be Able to Overlook Him Forgive Thorn. If there is a nature more unfortunate than another in this world it is the one that finds it hard to forgive and almos impossible to cease thinking of an in jury. It becomes a common saying •with persons of this unhappy tempera ment: "I am so constituted that however others may be able to overlook and forget a. wrong, I never can;" and it would seem, judgingfrom the frequency with which the remark is repeated, that ihere is thought to be something un- ysually fine or noble in the nature that, once offended, can never accept rapara- tion, or cease to harbor hurt or wound^d r feelings. Quite to the contrary fcowever; • it' 'is the 'small,' childish •unmanly or unwomanly disposition ^vhieh hugs an unkindness, brooks over it, and holds it up for constant inspection from day to day and from month to Snonth. And the worst of it is, once allow an affront to fill the mind with bitterness and resentment, or even with the pathetic sense of abiding injury •commonly assumed by those easily offended, and it is astonishing how offences abound.... Slights will increase, : every little remark admitting of unfavorable interpretation will multiply, until the sensitive, miserable beings "so constituted" will imagine themselves martyrs, orrtargets set up for continual persecution and abuse. It seems as though just one simple ques- ' tion, which is an exclamation as well, ought to be enough to reveal the folly and uselessness of giving •way to such weak and misery-breeding a tendency. What possible'good does it do? Suppose something aimed at you does sting a little. Suppose some unkind word or thoughtless act is allowed to rankle, how does it help matters tc sro over and over in imagination the unimportant, perhaps unintentional, affront? The crude wisdom of Josh Bil, lings puts the facts in the case in an absolutely true light in the face of a burlesque style of expression: "Thare 12 BO more real satisf ackshun in laying uj in yure buzzum an injury than thare 12 In stuffing a dead hornet who has stung you and keeping him to look at." There . is more in that than at first appears. • U the hornet wasn't stuffed it would soon go to pieces, for they' are but frail creature at best. So an injury, a more than half-imaginary one, would soon gc to nothing, dying of its own worthlessness, unless stuffed by the imagination, and carefully preserved for continual and irritating consideration. Three brief words, ones often used as a sentence, are more forcible than most anj> others that could be employed in proving the sad mistake of harboring either hurt or resentful feelings: Life .is' short. If the world is but a training -^school in which to prepare for a bettei and nohler existence, what time is there, pray, for petty heart-burnings, small *rettings,and worryiugs over either real or fancied wrongs? Warn children and young people from the outsel against being oversensitive. It is a pitiable, miserable mistake to believe 3Jiat only a coarse or .unrefined nature "HS not susceptible to every passing wave of thoughtlessness which may seem tc fitter an unguarded or seemingly unkind a-emark. If, Instead of laying up the Jiarsh, severe words, they could be met with kind but fearless reply, in hov? many instances would .follow a quiel .settlement and understanding at once. And ifreproof.be merited be careful tc Give a reproof of a nobler sort Than an angry look or a keen retort; yet it is possible, sometimes proper, tc meet rude speech with a kind of justifiable scorn that will silence at once. £-"!... UAL TASTiNS An Expressive and -Slsniflciint Word Use to Describe n Itellfrlous Experience The term taste, used as a noun or a verb, is in the Bible employed to do scribe religious experience: and for thi purpose it is a very expressive and sig nificant term. If a man has an orange in his hand he can not tell whether it is sweet or sour by simply looking at it or by handling it. He must actually taste of it: and then the resulting sensation wi J settle the question of quality. Precisely so is it with religious experience. Such experience is only truly gained by spiritually tasting of reli- •ion. Then the expei-ieuce will come, not as a theory, not as something mercy conceived of, but as a, heart-felt fact. The Psalmist, for example, says: 'How sweet are Thy words to my aste! yea, sweeter than honey to m'y mouth."' (Ps. cxix, 103.) This language represents the spiritual delight and joy, the comfort and hope, of which piety is conscious when in thoughtful contact with the word of God as contained in the holy Scriptures. Such piety actually tastes the word of God, and knows its qualities and relations to feeling by tasting, as no one can possibly know them without the tasting process. The difference on this subject between the sneering and scoffing infidel who really knows nothing about what he is sneering at, and the believing and devout student of the Bible, is heaven-wide. The latter actually tastes of the power and blessing of that book, and feels the power and blessing in his own heart, and knows what they are by a happy and glorious experience, and is hence a judge of the Bible as the' former is .not, and can not be so long as he maintains the attitude of a scoffer. So, also, the Psalmist says again: "0 taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed, is the man that trusteth in' Him." (p s . xxxiv, S). The Lord is always good, and His tender mercies are over all'His works, whether we taste or not; yet His goodness becomes a realized fact in our experience, and a source of comfort and joy to the heart, only as we spiritually taste of it. The sinner who is overwhelmed with the burden of conscious sin, and fearful of coming and deserved wrath, when he comes to God by penitence and faith, and asks to be forgiven, and is forgiven, and then has the sense of pardoned sin imparted to his soul, and the hope of glory substituted for his fears and anxieties, tastes and sees and feels and knows that 'the Lord is good. He has a song on his lips responsive to the praises of his heart. Forgiven sins are in his experience, and the light of God's countenance shines all through that experience. The feeling of his heart is that God is his friend, and that He will not fail to make good to him the Gospel promise of salvation. The sweetest, purest and most select companionship of his earthly life is that which he finds in God Himself. He has . no occasion for atheism, or any form of infidelity, as the antidote of fear. He can believe in the whole doctrine of the Bible God, and yet be hopeful and happy. He has tasted that the Lord is good.—N. Y. Independent. CHOICE' SELECTIONS, —The beautiful hidden virtues are the m ost lovely. —Pascal. —A e-ood man is kinder to his enem are to their friends. than bad men Bishop Hall. —Conscience is the voice of the sou the passions are the voice of the body —J. J. Rousseau. —ii-you haven't got enough religion to make somebody else happy it is no surprising that you are not hapnv your U T) ' rf -^ ^ A sell.—Kam s Horn. —True icpentance has a double as pect; it looks upon things past with a weeping eve, and upon the future with a watchful eye.—South. —All the while thou livest ill, thou hast the trouble, distraction, inconveniences of life, but not the sweets and true use of it.—Fuller. •Spiritual things are as much more important than temporal things aseter- nifp is more important than seventy years of time.—United Presbyterian. —Patience strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, stifles anger, ex- ;inguishes envy, subdues pride;" it'bri- dles the tongue, restrains the hand and tramples upon temptations.—Chicago Standard. * —It is a serious thing to die, it is a more serious thing to live. So as it is a freat and glorious thing to die, it is a hing greater and more glorious and God-like to live a resigned, active and blessed, if not happy life.—Schiller. —There is force in the homely phrase ology of Manton, a divine who live( two hundred and fifty years ag-o 'When men'.s,zeal boils over in a false, pretended holiness it quenches the fire' and destroys true godliness and religion Excess is monstrous as well as defect,' —Christian Inquirer. TATTOO EVERLASTING. strip of skin upon which a coat-of-arms appeared. Beneath the skin the design remained visible. By degrees the flesh was removed, the design in India ink still r Tnn/frnno* in oirrli* iiv,iJi f: n_.. ,•> r sight until finally the bon was reached. After a thorough spong mg for the purpose of removin"- th blood and pieces of flesh remaining i was found that the representation stil appeared. After cutting away a small section o the bona the India-ink mark was foun to have not penetrated beyond.—N. Y Journal. An Open Hand. The man who shuts up his hear against the poor does them a wrong but the worst injury is to himself. H can never be the same in tender feeling and consciousness of having done justly after having resisted a pleading, hor-es and legitimate appeal, coming from one of God's.destitute ones. The open hand s necessary, if there is to be a genial happy soul.—Ram's Horn. >"o Chance of Getting- the Disfiguring Ink Out of the Flesh. It has often been claimed that tattoo marks may be removed by pricking over them goat's milk. This is a mistaken idea. Chemists and others have for years experimented with various preparations in the hope of discovering- some agent to wholly remove India-ink marks from the human skin. Nothing, however, has as yet been found that will remove a portion even of the objectionable marks, unless, possibly, the attempt be made immediately following the tattooing process. At Mount Washington University hospital, Baltimore, an experiment was some years ago made in presence of the writer upon the forearm of a noted character of that city who died there. Before his death the man granted permission to the students of the university to experiment as they saw fit with his dead body. One of these students, curious to learn everything possible connected with the process of tattooing, cut from the dead man's arm a HOW IS YOUR CHILD? Swift's Specific is the great eveloper, of delicate child. It regulates the secretions; it stimulates the skin to healthy action, and assists nature in development. There is no tonic for child- ren equal to S. S- S- Send for our treatise on Blood ud Skin Diseases. SWTE-T SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, G». Housekeepers —YOU CAN— IS OUT OF ORDER (ess and unable to get thronitU -IY "work *>rsocfal enjoyment** " a burden to yon. £7<-J -WHICH COSTS— Less than Half the price of other kinds. A TRIAL WILL PROVE THIS. Pounds, 20c. Win euro yon, drive the POISON- out o* jroar ey stem, and make you strong and well. They cost only 25 cents a box and may BUT* your lite. Can be fcad at any Ihrng Store. IVO RYPUSH PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOB IT. FLEMING BROS,, - Pittsburgh, Pa, , lOc. Quartern, 5c. "1 Sold by Grocers— j" In Cans only KOFffll/IN'S HARMLESS HEflMCHE POWDERS. the Best CURE ALL HEADACHES. "hey are nota Cathartic . .-. THE GREAT EJfQLISH REMBDY. ~- ---.Kd to ctirc nil forms of Nervous Waafcness, Emls- •faoa, ImpoCencj, and all the effects. • ''0'° from Life. of later yean. Oioa immediate itrmgth andviy- or. Ajk drn for Wood'i phodlne; taken tet On amnhU ' fw«r . 186 So. _ , Ills. (ClarkSt. The Regular Old-Established IPHYSICIAH AND SUBCEDH Is still Treating with the Greatest /SKILL and SUCCESS ; !>_MAT.»IJ- I AD|FC%PEERLES^ L«UIEO TDYES »o Your Own DyefcttR, B t Home. . . y will dye .verythi™. . Pri Ben fisher. 811 Vonrth street. TO WEAK MEN Bnfleil£g from the eflbcti of youthful erron, a*rly deay.mitiiigveakiieM, lottio»nliood,eto.,Iwill •end » valuable trutiie (sailed; containing fnll puttied!*™ for home cure, PR EE°* charge. A iplendid medical work: ouould be read by STOUT man irho It nervonj and debilitated. Addreaa, grof. g. C. FOWLJEtt, Hoodtw, Conn. Write for »ico,,; old by Ben Fisher. 'S Cottom. COM POUND iCompoBod of Cotton Root, Tanir aa( Pennyroyal—a recent discovery by &n old physician. Is tucctSifuUv utec Effectual. Price 11, by mail. -a* £'• Mk 7 S UT dra <W'st for Cook'. Boot Compound and take no substituta, r inclose 2 stomp* for sealed particular!. res. POND tltT COMPANY, No. 3 Elook, 131 Woodward ET»., Detroit, Mich. Sold by Ben Fisher. If satirical lips should your actions review, Wisely protend not to henr what they say' " Who questions IID Insult, half owns It is true 1 " • Who knows how to scoru it, iue!t3 it away. ' Life is short. Far sooner than seems - possible during the heat and conflict oi active life comes the time for revievr. The evening of the day liring-s many a regretful sigh o'er "sins committed while conscience slept,"- unguarded words that have slipped unwarily from *• the tongue; looks that had far better Jiever been allowed; deeds that had fai - tetter been-suppressed. If there be somewhat to forgive of the feelings ol others, how' lies our own account? The familiar story of the mote and the beam comes pressing home its application, magnified to a startling degree. Alas! whc ^>ut needs God's mercy to an extent making- it a dangerous mistake to re- anember too long the slips and the slights committed by our brother! The -.strictest self-watchfulness is needed ••continually. It never occurred to ua •wntil now that we may be the very man •who in a certain sense takes his fellow- servant by the throat with the demand: "'Pay me that thou owest!" Come to face the matter squarely and honestly, the most needful, sensible and sensitive consideration with every child of earth should be: Have I offended mv When Charlemagne 'and his " Knights of the Ho'md Table " were making war on tha iSj in Africa, it frequently happened that Knights on cither sido would fight in single combat for the honor of their respective armies. Tho Saracens had been, for many yoars, the scourge — tho dreaded invaders — of Europe, and all waged war against this common enemy. But in these days the worst scourge that threatens us, is that dread invader, Consumption, _ Consumption fastens its hold upon its victims wbilo they are unconscious of its approach. Dr. Pieroe's Golden Medical Discovery has cured thousands of cases of this most fatal of maladies. But it must betaken before tho disease is too for advanced in order to bo effective. If taken in time, and given a fair trial, it will cure, or money paid for it will be refunded. For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Shortness of Breath, Bronchitis, Asthma, severe Cougha, and kindred affections, it is an uno- qualnd remedy. For all diseases that arise from a torpid hver and topuro blood, nothing can tal:a tho piace of Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Discovery. Nothing -will, after you have seon what it does. It prevents and cures by removing the .cause. It invigorates tho liver, purifies the blood, sharpens tho appetite improves digestion, and builds up both strength and flesh, when reduced .below tho standard of health. Sold by druggists, evarywheiw. i:t;;oi(;e n » Well as Weep. Let us remember that sympathy means more than pity or commiseration, It is a fellow-feeling with others in their varied experiences, whether oi sorrow or joy. If your friend has been successful in business, or if a special , blessing h;is come to him, enter into his joy and tell him so, and you will gel nearer to his heart than if you waited for ^months or years until his trial oi affliction gave you opportunity to ,^iy, 3 am sorry for you. "Rejoice with them that do rejoic and weep, with them thai weep."— United Presbyterian. —He who receives a good turn should never forget it; he who does one should never remember it. — Charron. WORLD'S FAS' SANTA GLAUS SOA My Couutry: 'tis of thec, Sweet land of liberry Ofthee!si:is; Land where our i;:i:i.,i-s died; Land where on; ,':!.. ;;v.rj cried, Over the wash-u-;-::;-:.; Let freedom riiis;. My native co'.invrv thcc'— Land of the noble, f re-;— Thy name I love; I love thy tucks and friiis But oh: what laundry 1-ills-, My soul with horror thrills; When I think of thee. Let music swell the breeze, And blow through all the trees Hail SANTA GLAUS: Let tired mortals wake And gladly try a cake, Let all for cleanness sake. Join the applause. MAKERS FOR ALL NATIONS. tonic, Mons anil Private Diseases, IfSTNERVOUS DEBILITY, Lost Manhood, Failing- Memory, Exhausting Drains, Tcrnble Dreams, Head and Back Ache and all the effects leading to early decay and perhaps Consumption or Insanity, treated scientifically by new methods with never-failing success .03- SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and SWn Diseases permanently cured. .SB-KIDNEY and URINARY complaints, Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Stricture, Varicoccle and all diseases of the Gcnito-UHnary Organs cured promptly without injury to Stomach, Kidneys or other Organs. , «3~No experiments. Age and experience in ^P°f'ant. Consultation free and sacred. *»^AI1 correspondence is sacredlv privale Forty Years' Practice enables Dr. Clarke trGi'ar- anteB Oirp<; in a'! fuml-le CasoR ^ Eczema, Scrofula, Syphilis. Dlailcler and Kfilnev J)is' cases, LcnrorrhiKi tinil Female Troiilik-s-'Lircr tomp laint. Catarrh, all Blooil. Sliin and Ker- vous UlsoaKcjs. No matter who lias failed to cure you. write Dr. Clarke a fnll history of your case. Hours 8to8; Sundays, 9 to 12. Calf on or address F. D. CLARKE, M.D., 186 So. Clark St., CHICAGO, ILL, linslow^anier&Co., 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR-WESTERN STATES, CORPORA. TIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS. NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. EY M I ! ,'can b« tamed at our .\K« line of work 2S y . ° n l h .° 1 l°. r " 1 "'--. >'J- '!«« ?<• . , v ,„„,;,, , JV ^HOBB OI intlier «x, «uny or old, nud In thtlr own IocUltln,ivheKrertli*y live. Ally joor q»n> mom,,,,,, or „„ yo entirely new k-.a,and !>rin B toSSr ™S? •X-™E S£ SSthss!^-js,||' $3000 . YEA1U I I tindsrtnKc to brlfflr tench npy fairly lute] BgciHpmroii of oUicr >», who can n-nil nnd write, and wlio, | nfur inntmctioil, will work induatrioHbh- !!","''" tnr " Tl " 1 * Tl '«»»»»'" Dollar. * oc.llll.i,whCTevpr ill ej-llvc.1 will .Uofomirt, h» •ItuuHonorvrnploj-raont nt which voi tan c.mi IhntiniooDl om 0 n 0 yfor,,,ou n l,.,»,u«,,.r,,ln,;i )0 vo.K a ,ilyS q S'- earned. I dwiro but ono worker from c.ch (li.lrict or county I .YD nlrendy ,,, ue ],, nnll provided ,vW, emj.lovmenl tinibcr who ore nmklnp ovor 83000 » yimreitch. If.K ml !?<> r-t J> Ifull ^.rtlciilar. FKEE. Addre,, »t i.. C, AI>I.JEar. ilox 4««, Ai-icii.tii, QRQTAGDN UROF.DIEFFENBACH'S I SURE CURE ror stMINAL, NERVOUS I -"1 URINABT TROUBLES VYuUHOj I MIDOLE-AOED na4 OLD HEN. Nd STOMACH MEOICATIOK, NO UNCERTAINTY OR DISAPPOINTMENT, b«t posl- lively rellorcs the wornt cases In 24 hours Sole ogts.for tho U. 8. 1 89 WIS. ST Emrllib Dl«i».nd linut euol mri «i».n nu. ENNYROYAL PILLS -£T7v Orlcl«ml Bud Only Gcnnlne. - "^'^ BArc, juvuji reliable. LADIES uk Drqgj^at for C\ic\tfief'f Bnaliih Dia- imond Jtrand ID K*d uid Gold mculllo Ibaxci, BCftlBd -wltb tlno r(bboo. Take l*« other. Sefute darujtroiu *utn((rii* v *rtrt* and imitatlcnu, AtDrugglBti ( Dr>CDd4fl. Ti Btunpi for- panfcul&ri, toatimoalili and Hellof for Ladle*," <n tetter, br rotvrtk 10.0OO TnUmonj^C. .Vo«r Paper. Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." Condensec Time Table Is EFFECT SfARCff 1st 1890 Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peoria Mid Indianapolis and Mlcll- gan City. DIRECT Connections to and Itora all points in the United States and Canada Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the L. 1. & W. Trains as follows: WABASHE!E- "LeaveLoeansport,4:l3p.m..ll:20a,ni.. 8-19ft.ni••• Arrive Peru 456p.m...ll : «a-.m... 8:55a.ui L, E. & W. R. E. Leave Pern, North Boond -1:45p.m li'i-40»n- South Bound _ 11:50 a. ID WABASH R. R.. Leave Locansport, 8:45p.m.. 7:50 a.ai ArriveLaFayette, 4:55p.m.. 9:2oa.ra L. E. & W. E. a Leave I,aFavette, EastBonnd 1:50 p.m west Bound 5:JOp.m H. C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. y. DAtY, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of «aIdbrJlloc^Er^,iit«r~™^ '"" r£ll]idji.',1 ; £ JKor Sale Oy B. P. Keesllng, Druggist. Old EIJECTBJ Claims A SPECIALTY. Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. 18 Years EXAMINER U. S. Pension Bureau. A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL FEMALE DISEASES D. I. MURPHY, P. O. Box S34. Washington, D. C. B. F. Keeslibg and Cullen & Co.,sole Agents in Logansport. ICUKERUPTUBI A LOCAL APPLICATION -- — , **••} «*JJ. Livvti iciiyvu LLlu IHiujy 10IT female weakness. THe remedy must bo applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief PLAIN TALK TO LADIES EVERY LADY CAM TREAT HERSELF. /__ 1.00FO R _ON tEJ DNT E H;S B mAT«ENT. *&*&£*£*** J. A. McCILL, M. D., & CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHI8AGO, ILL. ^° tt SALE BY JB.F.iKEESWXG 0. B. Pile Bemedy. 0. B. Catarrh Cure. JOHXST<))y :BROS feblod&wly W. J. HUGHBS~&SONSCO. DR. HORNE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES] Have Cured lO.OOO Ruptures Ic 15 Years. I "I suirercfl with s nouhle rupture 5 years. TOOT Electric Truss onroi mo In 3% montte. 3. G. PHJLPOT " Sept 24, 'M. _ Chattanooga, Tone. "Tour .Electric Truss cured myrnptiire otter snffortnit 15 years. MRS. A. BOUGHIT." ^bsecou, N. J. Oct. 8, 'SO. "I am cured sound anrt well by wc.irlns your Electrla Truss. B. HAKTET." Duvls City, Iowa. Aue. 17, m Thoonly (Ttnlllnq Elcptrlc TrilMl n.xl Kelt OomMnC^ b> the vorl(l.6O.paecinii«truf<><l book •ratiViK.md' DR. HORNE, INVENTOR, 180 WABASH AVE., CHIC* WHOLESALE DOORS, SASH, BLINDS, LUMBER. N. W. Cor. Fourteeiitn and Maple Sis. LOUSVILLE, KY- LOGANSPORT this'paper. . . New York Express, dally.... 2:65 am n Wayne (Pas.)Accm., excpt Sunday 80S a a Kan aty & Toledo Ex., excpt sundayllJ5 a m Atlantic Express.dally 4:(I6p jn Accommodation Frt, excpt Sunday.. 9:26 p m .' WIST Boniro. Pacific Express, dally.... 7:52 a m Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 12-15 p m Kan city Ex., except Sunday : 3.-J5 p m Lafayette (Pae.)Aocm., excpt Sunday 6.flS p m 8t Louis Ex, dally 1032 pro Eel Klvcr Dlv., LosaiUK^ort, Went Side. {.Betivoen io^iniKport and Clilll. BAST BOUND. Accomodatlon,leave, except Sunday.lOKX) a m Acconiodatlon, Leave " , "j 4:40 p m IVEST'EOUOT). AccomodatloniArrlve.except Sunday, 8:10 a m Accomodatlon. Arrive, " " *10 p m W. L. DOUGLAS d*O OLJ^^C' "^^ ° tihcr spocial- •TJ^ ^S ^^ \J ff. ties for Gantiemon, ye T^ * m ^^ mm 'Ln<lIes,-ctc,,a*OAVDir- W. ^.'l>OUGliAb> Brockton, IttaHv. SoWby J. B. WINTERS: ii ; janiaamo-eoa

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