The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ELYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 Rivals Pass Up Chances lo Gain On Gianls and Tigers The Giants and the Tigers \vcrc idle Monday but their nenn'.st rivals fallvcl lo tnkc wlvniitiiifp of Labor nsy double he;ulm find Enlii on U;o major league leaders. The Cubs and Cardlmils. wont into a Ue for second place In the Notional loop, six BIHIU-S behind | the Giants. The Cardinals lost a pair of games to the Bucs; 12 to |2 nnd 6 lo 5, tossing them back- word. The Cubs split ivro with the Cincinnati Reds, winning G to 3, nnd losing, G (o 4. Tilt; Brooklyn Dodgers shutout the Boston Unucs 1 lo 0 uiut then prcrculcd to Uent lliem ngaln, 4 to -2. The Yankees beat t'io Athletics 10 ii> 1 us L/'liy CinjncK tinned in [hji. '.Mill victory of lhe sensvn. They lo^t the second game however. 10 • ID 3 and lost n ijooil clifince to s;am on the Idle Bengals, held thai .way by rain. • | The Cleveland Indians lumijcd lo i wins in both ends of n double bill nt St. lyjuis. The llrowns wore on Hie losing end as [lie Indians trl- n:nj)h:'cl 9 10 5 nnd U tu 4. Jtx- Cronln, Senators .shuiLsiop and manager was lust fur Uic tca- 'son a.s he bioke 11 bone In his right 11 rin in n colllslrm wllli Wc-s Ferrcll, Ilnston Rod Sox Imrlcr. The Nats lost one t?amc, li to :i mid ili'd tinuthfr In ticlil innlnns. 1 to 4. Tuesday - Weds. Mai. 2::)n, U)-2r.t- Nile 7:00. 10-HRr From fcpy- IiooH spent-i dreamy China... he's hurled pell- BY ARTKRENZ Chicks Score Two Shutouts; Volunteers Best Smokies in Two Games The pace setting New Orleans Pelicans of the Southern Assocln- i llun trimmed the Little Hock ; Tinvolws twice at New Orlenns I yesterday. The scores were 5 to 4 nnd 8 to 4.. Tlie Chiitlanoot;n Lookouts and Atlanta Crackers divided a pair. The Crackers' won the second, 4 ; lo 3. nfier the Lookouts Inid nn- '• noxcd the first, 3 to 1. | The Memphis Clilcks blanked Hie. : Birmingham Barons In two games. The .scores were 10 lo 0 ami 2 to l 0 with Touchstone and Howard i Itirnlng tlic (rick. The N.islivllie Vols beat the Knoxvilli; Smokies in I wo games. The scores were 8 lo 5 nnd 3 to 2. by Harry Grayson DETROIT—The battling Bengals, us Mickey Cochrane calls them at notary Club luncheons, are home for the sprint- down the stretch after one of the most siice?fisful road tripe, artistically and the »ftcrnoon that Howe spent in' varieties of pests.' They kept Rote'l the dugout. i up until all hours, and telephomil On a Tuesday In Boston, 16,000[him later than that. Wlien Coch- wer« prestnt to see the Sclioolooy i rane had the telephone discon- mtke it IS strtlfht, and there Is [ ""ted. they banged at his ace's door at an early hour. "Gosh a'mighty, I'm glad that's over," says the Schoolboy, tightening his belt and cocking his mighty riylit arm for another bine .streak. Girl Sleeps on Tombstoi* TIFFIN, O. (UP)-Search lor i missing 14-year-old Fostorla, o Blrl turned here following reports C l u lj .. . -.:•..• ,pOO who witnessed his first reverse of a young girl's sleeping In a All but four of tlie Detroit' out-' lnc * ?™ e 24'was the Dlg°est in cemetery near Tiffin. Tlie girl was, fit's remaining 23 games are to be [ilayed at Navln Piclt!. • OI little question but that a good shore of the 46,000 who stormed the gales of Fenway Park on Sunday came in th« hope of getting a peek at the phenomenal young man. Howe equaled the American league record for straight .winning performances before 15,000, the largest baseball assemblage In Wash- 1U11U II 1^0. HI L.ObM.UI!V Kim -IUUU1- -. ,, v l -. dally, ever taken by a bWtall' I"*' 0 " ln ' s *"""; *"* lhe 34 '' . . • J -.. . •-'•• rWl Ufhrt u'ltnacccH I.I.. fli-cr r/ii'orcp since the world series Rowe' perhaps Is tlie principal . , itirprir.ed asleep on a tombstone. but leaped on a bicycle and rodo wU1 The AAAAAAAs, Red Sox, Sen-. reawn why • tne Tigers w ators and Yankees come for' fnur r orm before' nearly 750.000 persons engagements each before the Tig- Bl . home , hu Eeason era venture. Into enemy . territory Flm , Heaviest llitftr lor Hit last time to keep a four-1 Coch rane has an idea that lhe enrne appointment in St.. Louis. 1 severing of Howe's string will do Tlie Willie Sox drop, oil in. De- 1 i, lm g(XK i. it will relieve (he ten- iroit, (or a single .skirmish, and l s . iQn , although for a 22-year-old kid or the two that arc to close the , wno knew little of the oulside world campaign, by which lime Coch-j umll nf struck .Hie big time a vane hopes to be in a position tajyear ago last spring the big boy away before she could be questlon- HARWICH. Mass. (UP)—Tr.ete l phrcy to lose Ills temper. He kick- : Probably the most accurate clocks will uj no more arguments about cd his wife so linrd Hint .her false'in Hie world are two ai Oreeindcl Hfhtlni; the kitchen lire at George. IceUi fell out. The court'convicted. Observatory, In England. Each Humphrey's home. A quarrel over him of nssanlt and ballcry nnd gave clicked every 30 seconds by a psn- who should Ujjlit it caused Hum- 'him a suspended sentence. i dulum swiiiginj; in a vacuum. Robinson Drug Store Cowboys Soundly Beaten The Robinson Drug -store Cowboys, champions of the Blythevllle Commercial Soft Ball league ran inlo a overwhelming defeat, in slate soft ball loiiiimmcnl play at Conway ycsterdny. The Cowboys were boalcn by the representatives of n LiUle "Rock pnpor by the lop-sided score of 18 to 0 according to rc]K>rts. which incidentally were mtlHT meager here. GRANT MITCHELL Floor tfifr Solurday Evening Poll Slory ,by ClAPtNCE BU01NOTON KEllANO • " ' Dirtclril t) SAM tAYlOR. A fOX BEIEA5E ' Paramount News Cnnietlv Firemen Slolr Slaluc's Fingers CHICAGO cUl 1 )— In front, of a South Side fire station stands n stntiic of Christopher Columbus, dedicated lo firemen who losl Ihelr lives in n fire In 1H31. The I bron/e fingers of the right hand are missing, it is said, because oi a fireman's Ihtrst. He drilled o(T tee lingers ami sold ilicm to u jiinkinau tor enough money to buy Ihre'j drinks. 1'lans Oniury of 1'fiijrcss WOI.THAM, Mass. (UP) — Chicago is not the olily cily to Imvc a Ce'ilurj- of Progress. Waltliam, Ilic Watch City, liiis planned lor ft Century of Progress In October. at which time il cclebrntcs Us ccnlennry. AVOID ACCIDENTS BY KEEPING YOUR CAR READY FOR EMERGENCIES THE PENALTY OF CARELESSNESS Arciilenln are caused hy CBrcle*tnc«i und ncglcrt. There ure many part* in your car vliicll can wear Han. ihin vlirll lubrication ncglcclcd. Scr that jour car i* hibri- r;itcd correell). HaT{:ain grcaie jobs only lejil >ou inlu a fulse frrling of rcsi up overworked stars for tlie world series. Lynwood Rowe may have failed stood up mighty well. Rowe also may be able to get some rest, now thiu he no longer 10 break the American League rec-1 pointng toward ahurling record. ord for consecutive victories when ! tt is doubtful if any athlete ever he AAAAAA's snapped his string nt 16, but on the Tigers' swing along the Atlantic seabord the Arkansan established an itttend- was stampeded as was the hill-billy in Philadelphia the three days before the AAAAAAA's made u shooting gallery of the Infield. SHOE SHOP Across the Street From Roxy Theatre High class shoe repairing with the latest type machinery and quality material. We Are As Ne»r ¥ou As Yeir TtkpbciK Fret call for ft delivery service PHONE 121 Paul Hargrove . H. B. CataptwU ... o = ^ __ ,._ „ once mark that pitchers are likely "Already' the "obngln« objective of 1 to ue slioollng at for years. Uport-i writers and photographers, i Rowe found himself unequal to tlie Srhtxjlboy Packs 'Em in Rowe exhibited his high hard one nnd crackling curve before al- mosl 200,000 people in five EtarLs. More than 77,000. one of the biggest tournouts in the history of the sport, paid to see (he Schoolboy complete the sweep of a double-header with the Yankees, ami upwards of 46.000 saw the lanky one return to shut out, Joe McCarthy's athletes uftcr only two days' rest to give his team an even break In another bargain bill. The patronage tumbled to 8.000 o. demand when the- managing editors of a score of newspapers and magazines had the same hunch at the same lime. Reporters from Nev York and elsewhere swarmed over the Schoolboy; each seeking his life story. Sob sisters cornered him. and commenced grinding out copy about, the lion-hearted giant from. lhe. green hills of Arkansas being the reincarnation of a Greelc god. With interviewers camel. <;ive Us Your Order for COAL now while delivery cost is the lowest. We handle R*d Ash, Monta- vallo, Ark. Smokeless. New River. Manchester. Zeigler,' Kentucky and Deducted Buckwheat for stokers. GAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 agents of all descriptions and all CHICAGO' 1934 WORLDS FAIR » HOTELATLANTIC P" * 3 m* til Trumpeter Label - - - A small thing to look to Re sure you buy all-wool clothes this fall! Guard against dangerous unseen wear -with . . . I •*!• ubrication Visitors to the World's Fair will find Motel Atlantic most conveniently located in the Loop with its Theatres... Smart-Shops..tho business and financial districts... yet only a few minutes to the Fair Grounds. FAMOUS FOR GERMAN COOKING 450 ROOMS FROM 6^OO A DAY * it, with Bath Our Own 200 Car Garctf* Send for a FREE copy of Chef's Recip Owner -Mana(jemenf Ernest RoessJer Frederick Teich A CCIDENTS happen quickly anil \vithoul notice. 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Be Sure You Get ALL yi SAFETY f FAaORS l-fHOf£R TRAINING, . . blUlf **A [ciila* •! •orrt«t lion. TJiey know tkdr bwlMMl 1-ACCURATE CHARTS. . . Tk« CVerti mied tm M>f«»ll« SxatloM >r* p*«p»r«4 k.Mt yo 4— WGHT GK AttS . . . SOTM! Affcr MAGNOLIA 'Stay wifh Magnolia and yov jlay aheod/" STATIONS • nd DEALERS B-M-M rS AN IMPORTANT WARNING Because'-the markets are alive with FABRIC CHEATSr=-=Fabries that are made from 20 to 80 per cent cheap substitutes for wool. Ask for Maf/nolia Products nt the following: E. B. WOODSON MAGNOUA \VHOI.KSA1.K AGENT Fri^ro Y.irds - - rimne 41[t MAGXOUA SKRVICK STATION Ash & Hrnndn.iy - - I'honc 315 MAGNOLIA SKUV1CE STATION M\ln & Lilly - - Thonr 19S MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Sixth ,V- Chlckmwha - - Phone .5** MAGNOLIA SKKVICE STATION South DtvMon St. - - l*honr 544 The trouble is--you can't tell by looking at a fabric whether it's all-wool or a fabric cheat. You've got to de- j>end on a label that guarantees all-wool--t h e famous Hart Scliaftner & Marx Truni|>eter. .-», Or yon have to test the fabrics with caustic soda which completely dissolves animal fiber-a n d leaves vegetable matter like cotton intact. j THE CAUSTIC SODA ALL-WOOL TEST LOOKS LIKE THIS UART SCHAKKNER & *» MARX use this infallible all-wool test on every fabric they use in their clothes. If you don't want your clothes to fade, thrink, stain your shirts and wear threadbare quickly—get the Trumpeter label—it Kuaranlees all-wool —our store features it. • THIS IS ALL WOOl, Here the caustic soda eats away tlie wool leaving a clean hole In the all-wool fabric. THIS is A FABRIC CHEAT The fibers yon see are vcge- lablc matter—after the woo) Is cat«n away by caustic soda. New Mead Clothing Co.

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