The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4, BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUBIBR NBWS '& CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily vale per line lor cuu.secu- livo imcrtUms: (Five average words to ;i line) One time per line lOc Two times ucr line i»r d;iy .. OSc Three limes \ter line per day .. We Six times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per line We Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or aix limes and stopped before expiration will ix charged for the number o[ limes the ad appeared and aHustmeut of bill made. PAGE SECTION s Wants Air kiiidi pali)t : and forty work done, Cheapest 'prices.- JOHN HEARN Barnett Auto Sales Cu. SCHOOLS J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We recharge, rebuild ail makes. Generators & Starters. Repaired. At Tom \V. Juksoo's Station ASH & SECONIt 1'hoiie 8 — KenUrtue 217.W. SALE GIVE AWAY PRICES Colonial twin beds, Deep Sleep jniattresscs; chest drawers; Moore's ... „. ... , i Airtight Heater; Bid ladles; Up- All Classified Advertising copy I bolstered chair; complete Dining submitted by persons residue out- room suite. PARKHUHSTS side of the city must be accompanied, by cash. Rales may be 30-C-lf ONE hand operated CALCULATOR. Call easily computed from above table. I No responsibility will be taken- for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising orcered for Irregular' insertions take the one time ratc.| Br06 '- ugici -'PHILLIPS' ^ USED CARS AUTO GLASS ABK-MO LUHBtK CO. PHONE. 40 Gregg SHORTHAND. Twentieth Century BOOKKEEPING ' mid 1'YPING. Enroll now. Mre. L. M. Burnclte. Phone 824-W. __ UOOM 4 J50AKD GOOD McaLs and Kouma. STOLEN 112 lirh-rs. Mrs. -I 1 . K. Watson »l Cherry, 1'huiw Wfi. WAHD'S Hcd mid wlilte bicycle. «lih bU-k tires. 1 until have this bl- l 'Klc lo do my work u WANTED TO KENT FEMALE HEM' WANTEU TWO, THREE or FOUR UNFUR- Experienced liomokueiKr tor lam- NISHED Rooms for permanent Ity ol six to live in home. W. K. renters. Call 256-W. Illullmurk, Ut. I. llox 31. luiniutiou lending to Us recovery, I1KWAIU3. Douglas Hummock, J1J N. 8th St. He-mi Conner News \Viini AIM. OUR BOARDING HOUSE THREE DAY Sl'ECIALS 'M FORD DK UJXE TUDOR S52S '33 FORD TUDOR W13 '38 PLYMOUTH SEDAN .... $113 '» OAKLAND SUDAN JllKi 2!) KOIKiK SEDAN JlUi; TRUCKS and TRAlLbRS '« CHEVROLCr TRUCK. 131 Inch Whetlbase, Closed Cab, Dnal Wlireh $313 '3'i FORD TRUCK. Cluscd Cab, Daal Wheels $260 MONROE at Meyer 21c k9-21 CLOSING OUT Reconditioned electric, refrigerators. Good coiiditlott—Successful operation GUARANTEED. Sizes, from 5 cubic feet food storage space to 12 cubic feet. You may sec these units today. f. B. GEE SALES CIO. N N 407 Main St. FOB1> Cab .... PICH-UI-. Closed $185 AUTO ACCESSORIES lev:'! 1 see ugaln. Come a:: our juices on m WOLF AHIAN Wu Sell \VholrsiilB and nclall fhonr nil - - - 12K K. Main R1HS driving ut •biibly will In. Comilo parts. Kill. $1.00, 1 Retail He Quit FniiHrj fin Irfrn' 15 A ft R E. Vt. <Ul>)— Francis Alwrn. Isn't in thg poiilli'y business »ny mdio.-He nud 20 hen.;. at Ui{beginning of the week, but Ht the end of uic week he didn't have a single one. A thlcf.'stole seven, tlie ncxi day a doK got all but, three, ami to nnikc u clean job of It the )*bmH»U "GaWest" POND DU liAC, Wls. tUP) -,6 weekly "gu*»»< fest," a petluck picnic for toys and young mci out of work, Is a feature at Taylor Park liere. Tlie youltu bring theit own food and discuss tfco depression, how to gel a job, the drouth President Roosevelt and other thief returned and took the vcat. currait events. KEAL ESTATE FOR SALE 40 acre Ozark farm near (own small frame house, bail), running water, halt cleared. Price $370 $100 cash, Balance terms. J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. 57 acres, on good highway, neai school and church. Black loam mil. two small lio\ises. Lund wil produce bale and better this year PRICE $45 per acre CASH & TERMS NABORS TltAlLEK. Pole Type ? 38 1 location on good street. Shnde and shrubbery. Replacement value, '$3,000. PHILLIPS' USED CARLO! OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9:31) t'oruei Wrtl'iut & lit Sti. Pouue 813 D1UECTCHY OUR PRICE $1250 Part Caih, Balance Terms. W. M. BURINS - Grand Leader Building. SEEDS & PLANTS Cobb Undertaking.) AMBULANUe; Phone 28 Alfjifa and an kinds of Pasture Seed. Seed Ejr, Wheat, Tnrtj! I Oats, Red Rust Proof Oals, Turin! p Seed, Mustard, Rape, Kak. i All varieties lladishes & Spiiia | BEST PRICES ! OBHtfT STORE CO. Modurnizc your country homo with n Dcniing WATER system, $1() no. HUBDARD HUW. CO. li-ck-10-U COJIE TO OBERST STORE CO. for :ill Hiiitlwarc & "P'ecU. We specialize on HAKNKSS. Call 115 & ask for Pat Tor dcn\mi- mirations of Stndebaktr, 'Terra plane, curb. Willis &, Austin W* bell PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE rma Witons WiNCHESTER Shot Unn Shells Bcbt Prices On COTTON SACKS PAUL BYRUM Opposite ciu j'oatofficc Building Phone 232 FOKRKNT t'OIl RENT I-'UBNISHED APARTMENT. Gall "4-W. 3-ck-tf Furnished aparlinciil lor reul. 305 Douijaii. ic[[ My Home, FURNISHED or UNFURNISHED. Mre. Pc;irl Stewart, 000 W. Ath. 3 room FURNISHED apartment, downstairs. Vacant Sept. 1. phone Sm. 108 W.. Kentucky. «cktf MODERN' 3 room fnraetwd or un- Inrmshed uparlmrnt over Kirby Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-clc-tt Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. I-ck-tt PERSONAL KKi'AIRING Wh UUY LINCOLN HEAD PEN- NiliS—Will pay up to $^.uu cacli n over (en years old. Jnuiun HeiinicL vvoiili up 10 S51.0J eacn. ticiid 1ft; lor Buying Caluloi!. Con uneiilal coin La.. jJox l(i CilgO. W. J. KNOX liaving ma<le .shoes for abnormal led. knows lio\i- u, REl'AIK sliuca for ABNORMAL feel. Tree Home Loan Estimates Roofing, Painting. Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ' 10c k9-IO SHOE REBUILDING 14 Ycure of Satisfactory Service PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 S. Second. BIytlieville, Ark. Factory Althwiztd ! RIGIDAIRE SERVICK Factory Trained MtchiBkb Day 61—Phont—Nljht 3«2 E, B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. TERMITE Proofing Insurince UNDER THE AUTTMITE' PLAN. E. C. KbMKwci. Lkr. t.V Phone IN WASHINGS Neatly Done. Mrs. Vancr, 1BIG Short Walnut, corner I7IH strccl. sic kS-31 CLEA1SEKS, TAILORS BK S«mibte — economical. Have juur felt hats reHofked now. 'Ihe tcjMin approaches. Avoid Ihe rash. UNIQUE CLEANINU SERVICE WAITED POSITION as BOOJtKEEPER or STENOGRAPHER. ExpcriEiiced. Good references. Write Ruth Hol- mdii, Btowah. or Plionc R. H. Wil- molh, Eton-all. WANTED WANTED: Binall CASH REGISTER. PHONE. 917. 28-c-tI "AIJTOtt'OlIYi" Save Time and b; Mb'mg our complete stock ol Auto ReplacciKiit Parts HIBBARO HASDWAKE CO. Autuinotlve D*pt. - • PbOM 476 Sc-k.1-6 Experienced Stenographer deblrcs office work. Wrile P. O. Box SST. C;OAL&WOOD Unloading ~ car of . BRILLIANT COAL, Asli & B. R. Take ad- valilagc of early and . truck price. BRILLIANT COAL CO. 4-ck-7 My Cnl Is Black but I. treat JOB vliilr. Kill up now, JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE in STRAYED J25 REAVARD for return of two C-year-old ' black marc mules. Weight, 1,200 Lbs., which strayed from my place I 1 ? miles nortlwast Number 9 gin on state llna. Me- C»nn & Co., Cooter, Mo. 4p kll FR1KN1) OR FOE? % VOU KNOW.JfXWE.l W^S I ' WHEN YOU -QONT sKv . MAYBC. IF we OOMT srAavi T'DCATM, FIRST.' IF ONLV I HAD AN AWE OK SUMPtM'. SO WE C'D GtT U* SOMC MfAT T'WT, (T WOULDN'T K 30 SAD. Bl>r I'M SURE SICK OF EATIN' NOT5 AMP FRW1T.' , FOOIY DO YA.THINK WE'LL EVEB GET OUTA THIS MN6L6? I CEflTAIMCC WHY? DON'T VOU' WAS AGAINST fAE,SEE—^N -v.i , k . v/ - rulMr , vrai inm.-C^HVT 7= T HNVETO HO\ST TW T31STOESS ^ ^NYTVA1NG,YOU LOOk toRl h SIGNAL TOR CAS\-\,SO I CAM GET •B^CU: TO CW\C/\GO—/\N," I PUT TV-V WASP OM TVV MfvObOl LO/XN--^ HE SHU1EKS TOR. SECURITY--S< I C51VE W\M TW" DEEti TO rv\Y CSOLD M1ME,"TH'UTTLE W\OE^ TH X BkS CROOK <,ELL' fV\Y MINE OF . \ DONT YOU GO ? f HE £CD, A-ND TOOL A LOT)' or- PEOPLE? UNCLE iA-WB, I YOU WERE HtUE, VOUSA\P' V. MA.KE fAE I "V T>\GEO!MS QUIET 1 THOOOHT I HEARD SUMPIN MOVIN' OVER THERE/ AW, ITS JUST 50MC LITTLt ANIMAL, OUT TOR A STUOU.- C'MON.WC GrOTTA 6IT OUTATHIS Note/ EVER MAOE A NOISE LIKE THAT/ LISTEN,' HUMA ! MY NAME" t ALLEV OOP/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES KATHUH CRUUK, I«)T KKFKCI'IVK! WOHU\VO ABOUT OW.XM O.V.. MOW 1 . Vu. 1.WV Wt VT.R A COWtROTONfc. .'F f^ CV.OVi^ BOTTOM OF XtR RUNNING HIM IMOOKD! DOO TIRED OMO BRUISED E MIGHT. KER,TH«T,NOB1V«TC»«>RKCH.L6CrK>J Of HIS EXPSKSIVE fiEE' vou \SUBE, ueR6 PLBNTV HAPDOM ?/IF WE'REGOM6' CX.D BOY, / TO 10IM THfiT EftSY. /4lO,OOO, PODMfcP U1H.OCATS", •SLEEP IM TH " ClRCWM OF '.Ey:;-!ERS THE ER HcDIsPftiMeD 3»CK AT HIS LODQE, SALESMAN SAM JAIL DELIVER WELL, CM OFPTOTH' DOG POUND, ;\ VEAH .' BUDDY; i OUESS ALLTM'HOUSDS /TH'GUV THOTfe A P1PTY TRICK OUT, PUPS? I HWENT TH' HEP.RT Tfl GO -rHROCJGH UUTTH IT' TA PLOV OM TH' APE 'IN TH' yJAGOKl, NOW,' • • ^^l-^? 7 x\^,C/- Y\v. CITY DOG- CftTCHE tn*'° "FM£t< • =?J r £* s^yvw/A.——£ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WITH HIS OWN NUTTY, PLEASE I ASKED You....CUT \ AND ) LETS-GST-BACK f TO'CAMP" j-J . -^' Aw, LET'S V/AIT AND SSE WHAT HE HAS IT'S KINDA- HARD TO ' SEE...THE CURRENT Til[KIG3 SO ! ' BUT I MAYBE I T-K'sva? SAVV vbO' ukte'THIS'6sPORE, ; CHARUE! HOLD THE POLE AND I'LL WA.VE XI /4 LOOK DOWN THERE, TO SEE V/HAT I»THE WORLD . HAVE X HOOKED? YOO'RE AS WHITE fS /\ SHEET,'j, " OH..OH.'>\ SKULL AND MY WISH TO HAVE YoO KNOW, MY BOY! THROV/ THE POLS AWAY, AW LET'S COl

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