Times-Advocate from Escondido, California on May 15, 1981 · 22
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Times-Advocate from Escondido, California · 22

Escondido, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1981
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riMMTirii -"innmi i I l' B-8 TIMES-ADVOCATE, ESCONDIDO, CA., FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1981 Canada's role in hostage escape focus of CBS special flUIIIIIIIII. ? SOFT I WATER I By JERRY BUCK LOS ANGELES (AP) Just as the Canadians were able to spirit six U.S. Embassy employes out of Iran during the hostage crisis, so did the producers of Escape from Iran manage to make Toronto look like Tehran. Stanley Rubin, the executive producer, and his crew found so many places to stand in for Iranian sites that they began calling the city Tehronto. Rubin even canceled plans to shoot the exterior scenes in a Middle Eastern country. Escape From Iran: The Canadian Caper, which tells how Canadas ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, and his staff rescued the six Americans and got them safely out of the country, will be broadcast at 8 Sunday night on Channels 8, 2. It was an all-Canadian production with the exception of producer Rubin, director Lamont Johnson, and one member of the cast. Gordon Pinsent, one of Canadas top stars, plays Ambassador Taylor. Tisa Yang, the only non-Canadian in the cast, plays Pat Taylor, because of the special requirement that she be Australian-Chinese and speak with a New England accent. "The Canadians are the heroes of the piece, and be- ' Oliver ' Boyfriend ' under way in Vista NORTH COUNTY - They dont plan small in Vista. Maybe the facilities in Brengle Terrace Park are currently inadequate for theatrical productions, and maybe the adult education department of the Vista Unified School District is slightly underfunded for a season of outdoor musicals, but the plans are well under way for such a season that may make Brengle Terrace the Starlight Bowl of North County. Oliver and The Boyfriend, two upbeat, family-style Broadway musicals have been chosen for presentation in late July. Kathy Logan, drama instructor at Vista High School who has staged Cabaret, Fiddler on the Roof and Man of La Mancha among others, will direct. The first round of auditions were held this week and cast members will be enrolled in a Vista Adult Education theater class starting July 6. Backing the project are Jack Price, Vista school district superintendent; Jim Porter, director of parks and recreation; John Downey, director of adult education; Vista Mayor Gloria McClelland and Marge Cosh, president of the school district board of trustees. Price is a devotee of theater and Downey has been involved as a performer and director of theatrical projects in other corhmunities. Porter has promised the parks district cooperation for constructing lighting and other necessities. The plan is for each show to have three performances on two weekends, with full sets, costumes and a small orchestra, Downey said. Logan will have the support of several colleagues. Ken Gammie, band director at Vista High School, will conduct the orchestra. Ed Perez, a professional dance instructor from Stage Seven dance studio in San Diego, will be choreographer. Richard P. Deussen, a graduate student in technical theater at San Diego State University will design the sets. John Mensching, who worked on Cabaret and several Palomar College productions, will design the lighting. Jazz, symphony share stage at UCSD concerts cause the man who started the movie, Les Harris, is Canadian, we felt an obligation to do at least part of it in Canada, said Rubin. We started out thinking of Tehran as a desert town. But we soon learned its a modem city and that it snows there. In fact, the day they got the hostages out there was snow on the ground. It was art director Carol Spier who convinced Rubin that he did not need to go to Egypt or Israel to film the outdoor scenes. She turned a large buildinng on the Canadian National Exposition grounds into Tehran Airport. Portraits of the Ayotollah Khomeini and slogans in Farsi, the Iranian language, were posted, and men in military garb were stationed as the six Americans went through immigration posing as Canadians. The Board of Education building in Scarboro, in north Toronto, was the site of the American Embassy. West Park Hospital was the chancellory and its cafeteria was the consulate. Many other buildings were used as various sites in Tehran. We were under a lot of pressure to get this movie out, said Rubin. We started in January and we wont get the answer print until two days before it goes on the air. PENNIES PER DAY FREE INSTALLATION .SERVISOFT 745 8383 r11 i it k.j .. r.rr., J26-3040 ALL SEATS $100 in Coi of Jerry Lewie In "HARDLY WORKING" plue Dom DeLuise In "FATSO" Both pq ESGONDIDOIDRIVEUN THfATR LONELYlJN DESPAIR? SOMEONECARES 2ii 745IRRAY Pctio Playhouse Community Theatre Presents CHILDREN'S HOUR Directed by Connie Boyd May 8 thru May 30 THURS FRI SAT. PM SUNDAYS (MAT 17 A Ml 1 PM RESERVATIONS 74-tt General Admission 3.50 6enlorcJtlzen62&over 3.00 Youths under 18 ?.00 The Vineyard Shopping Center 1511 East Valley Parkway at Hose Street Escondido plenty ot tree parking J theatre i SIX BIZARRE MURDERS.. ( Happy Birthday fonts 1-1 LSU M.-Thur. 1:35 1:55 Fit. 8:11-7:104:31 Sat. t Sun 3 00-5 10-7 20-130 THEATRE II A giant of a man against a general seeking glory ... a spectacular adventure ot arch enemies in battle. ALL SEATS ANYTIME T Under naw management It'a auper clean and quiat now. Plaaaa coma In and anfoy It 2 , ANY WHICH WAY TOUCAN Weekend: 2:20-6:30-10:40 Weekdays: 0:30-10:40 (Fri. only) EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE Weekend: 12:20-4:30-6:40 Weekdays: 8:40 Both PG THE THIEF Weekend: 2:35-6:50-11:00 Weekdays: 6:50-11:00 (Fri. only) THE FOXES Weekend: 12:35-4:50-9:05 Weekdays: 9:05 Both R wTJyJ!? L fM.-Thurs.7: 00 Fri. 5: A 8:00 Sat. & Sun. 2:30- S;45- 9;00 If Oceanside-Carlsbari Movie Guide mann 6 RANCHO BERNARDO 485-8641 1 1 740 BERNARDO PLAZA COURT FOREIGN FILM FESTICAL REGULAR PRICES CALL THEATRE FOR SHOWTIMES SHOWING FRIDAY, MAY IS k ACADEMY AWARD WINNER s&T h ! Kniter C orman Presents W fA Tin Drum SWEPT AWAY El PLUS Seven Beauties eu LA JOLLA Big band jazz and an American symphony will share the honors at the Jolla Civic-University Symphony concerts at 8 p.m. tomorrow and 3 p.m. Sunday, May 17 and 28, in Mandeville auditorium. UCSDs Cecil Lytle and violinist Janos Negyesy, concert performers and music professors at UCSD, will be soloists. The program of American music also will feature the UCSD Jazz Ensemble, directed by James Cheatham and the 100-voice Civic-University Chorus. Thomas Nee conducts the ensemble, which unites student and community musicians. Lytle, who is at home with jazz and rock piano or with traditional and contemporary classics, will join the symphony in the rarely heard Duke Ellington work, Golden Broom and the Green Apple. The Jazz Ensemble will lead into that work with a collection of Ellington favorites called A Tribute to the Duke. Negyesy will be soloist with the orchestra in the premiere performance of Garden by UCSD faculty composer Robert Erickson, honored this year by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters for his contribution to American music. William Rices choral work, Ye Watchers and Holy Ones, will be performed by the orchestra and chorus and the audience will be invited to participate. Charles Ives Symphony No. 3 and Tabuh-Tabuhan by Colin McPhee, with Robert Brown and David Ward-Steinman of the San Diego State University music faculty as percussion soloists, are the other works on the program. 'n When Chudi Cedi tallis about The Swingin' l&ars,' you ought to listen. n Hear all the great Big Band music of the 30's, 40's and 50's. Listen to big band "On Location" broadcasts, interviews with the 'Swingin' Years" stars, the Collectors' Corner of hard to find records. And the Sweet and Swing styles of all the famous bands of those great dancing years. Chuck Cecil, America's 1 expert on Big Bands, brings it all to you on "The Swingin' Years!' It's worth a listen. Gaunino'GineiSSFour 4339 1 BARGAIN PRICES H OP Until 9tK pm IV1KY DA Yl STARTS FRIDAY C AMINO 4 IN CONCERT A ON FILM AT LASTI "PAUL McCAtTNEY 4 WINGS SHOW" Plus THE WHO "KIDS ARE ALRIGHT" Wkdya: Wlnga: 8:15-10:18 Kids: 1:1$ Sat. A Sun: Winga: 2:28-8:18-10:15 Klda: 1? 90-4 20-8:18 pm (PO) NOW PLAYING AT CAMlNO 4 NEW ADVENTURE! FORDED BY A OOD, FORETOLD BY A WIZARD "IXCALIBUR" Wkdys: 8:15 4 9:15 pm ... Sat A Sun: 12:30-3:20-8:18-9:15 pm ' ' STARTS FRIDAY CAMlNO 4 TERROR WILL STRIKE THE CLASS OF '811 "GRADUATION DAY Wkdya: 8:10-8 05-10 00 pm Sat 4 Sun: 12:30-2:25-4:15 8:10-8:05-10:00 pm (R) ENDS SOON AT CAMINQ4 NEW SUSPENSE! SYLVESTER STALLONE "NIGHT HAWKS" Wkdya: S:S7:45-9:4Spm Sat. 5 Sun: 1!:40-t:36-4:U-8:30-8:3010:28 pm (R) BARGAIN PRICES $3.0 Until QtOS pm EVERY DA Yll STARTS FRIDAY PLAZA 5 'AIRPLANE'S BOB HAYES IS BACK A FUNNIER THAN EVER In "TAKE THIS JOB 4 SHOVE IT" Wkdya: 5:307:40-9:45 pm PQ) Sat A Sun: 1:15-3 : 20-5 30-7:40-10 05 pm STARTS) FRIDAY AT PLAZA 5 DOLLY PARTON JANE FONDA and LILY TOMLIN In "NINE TO FIVE" (PG) Wkdya: 5:307:5019:05 pm Sat A Sun: 11:55-3:10-5:307:5010:05 pm NOW PLAYING AT PLAZAS THE BOOV COUNT CONTINUES. . "FRIDAY THE 13th PART 1" Wkdya: 1:00-7:80-9:40 pm (R) SatOSun: 1:15-3y0-8:3O-7 38-9-4P pm STARTS FRIDAY AT PLAZA 5 ANTHONY OUINN OLIVER REED in "LION OF THE DESERT" Wkdya: 0:25 A 9:25 pm Sat A Sun: 12:30-3:25-0:25-0:25 pm IPO) NOW PLAYING AT PLAZAS NEW FUNI WHEN MEN WERE ANIMALSI RINOO STARR In "CAVEMAN" Wkdya: 9:054:1011:00 pm Sat. A Sun: 12:30-2:20-8:15 t fmm RIVE INS 1 mil last of 15 on Minion Avo (Hwy 79 OCEANSIDf 757 )384 MIDNITE SHOWS PLAZA S FRI. A SAT "R&Kr HOM06 PICTURE MOW" A On 2nd Scrim. .LED ZEPPELIN "SONG REMAINS SAME tn stereo. STARTS FRIDAY - STAli ThEaTRE Cornor 4th A Hill St. J1LU1L CHUCK NORRIS "SLAUGHTER IN S.F." Plus TATTOOED CONNECTION' iUflTS STARTS FRIDAY VALLEY Dl HILARIOUS COMEOYI BOB HAVES In 'TAKE THIS JOI AND SHOVE IT" Plu"THE BALTIMORE lUlLETlPO) STARTS FRIDAY VALLEY Dl CHUCK NORRIS IS BACK AGAIN! "SLAUGHTER IN SAN FRANCISCO" Plui:"GRADUATION DAY" (R) .-tmMllllTVf let lim.rB wrrdMiffHTiHi Corner lit A Nmimr St. OCIANBIPB m-AMI JAMES CAAN In "THIEF" PluaJOOIE FOSTER () "FOXES.' 3 ADULT HITSI "NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRLS", "NEW A0V. Of SNOW WHITE" end "TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS" (i 1L THE BODY COUNT COnTneT' "FRIDAY THE 11th PART 1" Plu.:"MY RIOQOT VALENTINE" (R ll.no 7J.TC087 if J hfiffi. KOWN 1450 AM Weeknights 6pm to 8pm ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A LOG HOME? WE HAVE A FREE BROCHURE FOR YOU! ! ! R PAIfllOjGiHiONtESl Mon.-Fri. 6:00-8:00 610:00 Send for Free Brochure or Send $5.00 for 40 pg. full color plan book. Name. I I Address. I City. .Sate. -Zip. I Location of Building Site. I I I Ph. I li.A COUPON J OR CALL FOR APPOINTMENT TO TOUR MODEL HOMES Log Cabin Co. Drawer 1167, Idyll wild, CA. 92349 or call collect (714) 659-2137 OFFICER HOURS 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. DAILY 54670 North Circle Drive Idyllwild, CA Sat. & Sun. 2:00-4:00 6:00-8:00 10:00 Tit kiiAki wsiixmawrn i All Seats '2" During Bargain Time . Mon, thru Fri. 'til 6:00, Sat, & Sun, 'til 2:00 IL I3S Wm RPssiaa 745-1331 Box Offica Opens 7:33 p.m. Being brought beck by popular demand. On ot thie year WgcoinedV MU muet nd Thure., Hey llet. JANE FONDA LILY TOMLIN DOLLY PARTON L IPGI Shows 8:20 p.m. Repeats Approx. 12:15 am PLUS EYEWITNESS Another good movie and a real spine chiller! Shows Approx. 10:30 p.m. R CARLOAD ADMISSION PRICES monn 6 RANCHO BERNARDO 11740 BtRNARDO PLAZA CT 485-8641 ALL SEATS $2.00 BARGAIN MATINEE EVERYDAY FROM NOON-8 EXCE EXCEPT SAT., SUN. & HOLIDAYS FROM NOON-3 ALL SEATS $2.00 onn 8 FWY 78 A! EL CAMlNO REAlT 439-7008 OCEANSIDE AU BARGAIN MATINEE AIL SEATS EVERYDAY FROM NOON-6 EXCEPT SEATS SAT., & SUN, t HOLIDAYS NOON-3 4 ACADEMY JWARDSJ ft . . ID0NALD " ( SUTHERLAND Ordinary IB I ; People PREVIEW OF If?? ;30A ATLANTIC CITY 5:65-8:00 FRI. ONLY tide 10:18 lGOLDII HAWN flic nm "as no laughing matter 7:15 F3ACA0EMY AWARDS- NASTASSIAiajfe 1 KINSKI TESS 1:30-5:00-i:30py Ill n.U K A 30 '0 35 M:X.IAMIX-plus- R1MI THEGREAT 1 1 SAnnm LL J o E 17:00-4 15-8:30 LAUREN BACALL I MAUREEN STAPLETON the fan , I fJt iwnilBu

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