The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB. BLYTHEViLLE. (AMI) COURIER NgW? TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, .1984 JHB BUTXHEVILLI COUB1KE WBWJI MMW oo, *,B. * W. MrcrtttBV D»llk», Inc., N.w York, Chicago, Ortrctt, at, Locta, Dallte, S*TC** FubUihed Ever; Aftercooo CxccM Sunday. entered »s Mcond ulsss m»tt«r »t tlw port oftioc »t Biythertlle, Arkansas, under act of COBCtM, Oe- tober 9, 1917. Served Pru» R&TU By carrier m the csy or BlTUiertW, Iks p*( •«k or 18.50 P«r year In KUancc, By nail witliln a wllus ot SO mile*, tlJM pel •ear tl 50 for ilx moniks, I5c for tijre mcetlx; »y m«U lii posui vmte two to »U, ' 1 ^«***» a«.50 per year, in zones seven UK* etjct, per yonr, payable In advance. War of Machines May End Mass Slaughter Kunijii'ni! slnilcgisls liolieve that Hit: !io>:(. war will l»c a war of rapid movu- nicnl, with trench warfare almost olj- solule anil with the infiintvy omipy- iiiK ;i secondary plate. Italian I'XiHM'ls say their recent army mimuiivtii-j show that assault by I'asl ,-, tanks and swiftly moving shock troop will Ijivuk any trench line the lighting out into the j Ui-ititin cruaU's its lirsi purnianunt tank brigade, Krance studies the movement of troops by airplane, and America^ iiil(lKiriiies -agree.thai.trench warfare is probably a tiling of,'t)iiv past. All'lhi; rellecls.lhe^oi'ce-Miich new . inventions arc exerting. Tho' whole Ht:iein.'e ol warfiire seotns about ti> swing (irjt WKM>r llio-se pivots wliieh htnnan ht- gcluiity provides every few cenltiries; and' while weapons are becoming ullrii- scii'iililic, llie inililary art itself may be reverting lo the i-omlitiuiu; of bygone generation,-;. » » » It is iHKisibk 1 , thai is. Unit we are going back In the relatively small, highly prufosioiiiilizixl army sudi as was the vugne 1'ur teiiliirujs prior to the French revolution. Kor n long, long limr; hefuiT. thai, the mass army which depended un ,«liuur .weigh_t of numbers for its lriunii>h wag practically unheard nf. Mven the iarff- esi nations hud .small armies, by niud- ern standards. Military science wits rorinnlizud and intricate 1 . H look year-.s In create a professional soldier; mice created, liinv- evtr, he was invincible In all opponents except those its fully trained as himself. Then t'Uiuu the Krencli ruvululiun, and the application of conscription. Time and again tile French defeated better troops by the simple process of overwhelming them with numbers. The art of war changed. Annies grew enormously. Numbers became more important than iirorcssiu|ial- skill. Tins condition lusted In Ihe present, day. [Jut llie tide began to turn several years ago. The machine gun gave one man the fire-power of a company; the airplane became more iiotent. than the cavalry regiment; the tank acquired the JiiUinv power of a brigade. The result ha« been to lessen the im- iwrtance of mere size. As thing arc now, the strength of an army depends on its equipment and training, not on its sixc. Because of this it may be that we shall never again sec armies as gigantic as those of the World War. And that, in its turn, would mean thiil lilt! frightful mass .slaughter of 1UM-18 would not be duplicated. —Bruce Catton. Another Winter Coming The critical imlure of the unemployment relief picture in the United States is graphically shown by the news that just about one-fourth of the inhabitants of New York City are now receiving .substantial relief of some kind. Public Welfare Commissioner Mod- son says that fully 200,000 New York families are on relief now, and that the number may rise In half a million before the end of tin; year. The effort to lind the money to finance this tremendous relief load is jarring Now York to its foundations, naturally enough. Such a load cannot be borne indefinitely. It cannot U; borne at all without full public rctiliy.ution of the prime importance of keeping people limn starvation. If the New York case were mi isolated instance, things would not be su bad. LUil it is not. All across the country (he situation is very similar. It .is not' pleasant to think of what may happen if a substantial and lasting industrial revival does not come very soon. After Four Centuries Centuries ago, when the Spaniards were looting the incalculably lich I runs-lire chests of the Incas of I'eru, the job of gelling ihe gold home safely was a ticklish and uncertain one. llroat galleons look the bullion across the Atlantic, Init in spile of the fact that the whole Spanish navy was sent out to guard Ihern.'Englisli corsairs got their hands on plenty of it. The noble art of hi-jacking was performed in a way to turn Hie Spaniards' hair gray. One is reminded of this, somehow, liy the extreme precautions that had to be taken when the federal government, began to move 12,0(10,000,01)1) in gold from lh« San Francisco mint to the Denver mint. A. small army of police, federal men, mid soldiers was on hand hi guard it. Two hundred machine guns were ready to shoot down hi-jackers. The moral is unpleasant, but clear. Conditions in the United States today are very much like those on the high seas in the lawless Ib'th century. SIDE GLANCES By George Cluk brolher, Irving McClurklu of Cl Dorado. he F.T.A. org&uUuUou will have iu first mectinc Wtduesday afternoon at,3:30 p. in. after being disbanded for the summer nionllis. Mis. II. A. KimbrouBh 1ms been confined to her home with Illness for the past lev days. 1 THIS ^CURIOUS WORLD B g WHIUm on Hnftman News Mi-ss Lura Arnold of Qulln. Mo., the guest u( her aunt, Mrs. C. L. Crabb iiiid'Mr. Crabb. The condition o[ Mrs. S. T. Una-kin, who Is In the Blylheville hospital, Is reported unchanged. .Mrslin Blllle Ray, who is In [he Ulylhcville hosplsliil Is Improved. Miss Elizabeth Boothe of Risco. Mo. Is the guest of relatives lieie. Mrs. Kale Chandler of Promised Land was the guest of her grandson. Henry Chandler and family tile past week. Mis. Sid Cliandler and children of Cooler, Mo., wore quests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cliandler Sunday morning. 3. T. Brackin and children visited Mrs. Brackin in the lilythe- villc hospital Sunday. Mrs. Onnls Browning of Blythc- vlllc was the guest, of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Walker lust week. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayre and daughter, Yvonne, motored to Bly- llicvllle Saturday afternoon via Cooter, Ma. where they visited Mrs. Sayrc's father. A. S. Miller, and family. Hulon Holmes spent the weekend here with Mrs. Holuius and daubers. I'cggy and Billle Jean. Ml-=s Vcrdic Brewer was tlie- of Misses Marie and WUlic B. Ray Sunday nigln. DINOSAUR HAD NO MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN A THR££-WE£KS-~Qt.D AV/7BV/ 6RICK MORTAO. 6ECOA\ES HARDER AS IF GROWS OLDER. LIME CHANGES BACK TO LIMESTONE, "Y( u don't .st'cin In reali/.e what a nietss Huron*. 1 is in." Test Reveal Diseases Due to Loss of Needed Viliamins I1Y l».t. MOKItlS KISHBKIS | deficiencies and only rldllnr, Juurual uf the American i reeled. Mrtllcal Assoclathin, and «f Ily- I Niytii blindness olio Ls cor- the Hralth You probably are veil aware by this lime th^t a complete absence of vitamins from your body will bi'lnj; about certain diseases. The names of these diseases ,have been itcflnltcly coupled with tlicsc vitamin deficiencies. Ot.!:cr dbicases probably arc iis- Mjriated with niodrralc dolleii'iicies o[ the vilniulns. !in<t there lire loubllcss breakdowas of the tissues mil lucuoiis of some iwrls of the body which can be attributed tu liese deficiencies. Oiie Sheriff llnnls Stolen Uridgrs NEW MADJtlD, Mo. IUI')—Sher- ff 5am Harris is looking for ton- stolen bi-iilfjeb. No fooling. TliiovL's Tlnl off four dismantled steel bridges used to span drainage ditches, with a loss to the county of $30.000. IN ENGLAND: DAFFODILS HAVE SOLO FOR $4OOO PER DOZEN. O Ifc** IY fcc* SCHVKL MC Mortar is made by mi.xing lime, sanil. anil water. A.s the water- dries out. carbon dioxide is lakcn in fioni the air, aim tile mlstuiu cvcnliially chairgc\s back to limestone ngiiln. Sometimes it becomes harder thun ihe bricks themselves. NEXT: ilow much energy does i 411-watt ekclrir Inilb m\atr.'l may bofcve ttie serious conditioi failed .sorophthalmia occurs, wlienj there is a lack of vitamin A. Wilh (he x-ray it is possible to -.-PC Ihr earliest signs of rickets, a condition affecting the giowtli o! EACH CLUB ;fc> tJttAHHXlHi llie lony bones, due to deficiency of vitamin D. IOIILJ before Hit' deficiency is observed in the form nf bir.v-lcgs. You must remember that our knowledge of vilamins is. after all. comparatively recent. Hardly at) years have passed since this con( ceplion \va« first brought lo lighl. i With the great many studies now h«s listed four signs | uelng nude in laboratories tliroiigh- iniO'1'.S It A 1 :nt: KIIIAV 11 II It N. IS which indicate wlicther any disease Is dtic, to lack of a specific vitamin. The first of these Ls that, the condition in question mii£l <lifiap[>c:u wholly or in |>art when the vitamin is taken. This will not occur it serious damage to the tissues l:as already taken place. It, will nut otcur If the body cannot nbsoib the vilainins. and It will not nccur if tile condition ts due to .several SYI.VIA HIM:HH. 11*7 in 8>itirr» pnnftlp. Hoot* in forced I" rr*T>;ii fixiMi Ihe .(••iorA. Rulh jilt-Is live IH l,HT«-liMrck, iaxkluniiblc Nc»v tlnrl Hurt l>iimili*1«d, Hu.jlx :tr- rct>l* Ihr :illL-»tTo*i nf It'liSS 1»jijl»frl«»(r«,-i,,r. JIIIS. KAntl'rtN return* fn;nt n Irlp «NI wf limn aiMl Jluwln 4rvn«l» hrr l*rnril> On fmimlae (hp marrlrjt KUMJI i*hn lake* fcer 10 lite *tilh hi* brolbrr and hU trllr. KB** ha* n« Juh BNtl nplinrvmir nn food all laslcil curiously like old | A few girls iioJdcil lo Kuala. That • iled cabija^c, tlic sirl bad ^ivcu hdl Aliss Ap.fel from the awuipg material.'; javo lier u [>lciisa,nt smile, iioots bad liniclicil wilb her one day. She was from ut'Flato. She bail, silo conliilcil. taken training but badn't bepn it ii|i- in favtir of llio inevitable [sandwich ami soft drink which [comprises llic niiu-ilay meal of eo \ many thousands, i She win selling ?1S a week now ami thuiiMil it wondcrliil. True! ablo "tu stand tlic saff." out the world. It Is likely Hint much additional information of value ( will soon become available. Par- r liciilarly important in connection is the fact that, certain vila- mins arc now Isolated in pure form. While it may not be necessary U) take these vitamins inlo Ihe body in pure form, the use of these in cxiKi-lniciitnlioii will valuable information. yield much The- Reding complex, together with that of visiting, whieli it largely ovcrlajis. occupies almost half the lolal leisure time which mast people have. —Dr. Cccrgc A. Lundberg. Columbia University. Wiisou Personal Mis. Waller Card, Mrs. J. II. Cruin. her daughter, Miss Iluby. and son, Jimmy, reliirned tiom Chicago Saturday where they al- and Mr.s. Henry Goldman last wuck. Mr. and Mis. Charles Klkins have inovctl inlo the irsldcncc forincily occii[iied l)\- Miss bailie Morion. KiiBcnc ilairis of Rogers. Ark., arrived Satmday and is coaching Ihe football learn this week. Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Burksdale have tone lo Corinth, Miss., where they arc the guesls of Mrs. Usrks- dnlc's inotlier. Mrs. E. H. Hedges. OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams A LOT o' NERVE , B LTT, HE CAIN'T L'lCK THE.T ROBIM — TH 1 ROBlM'S TOO 6>G PER MM. tended Ihe fair. Mrs. Eva Kirlin and Mrs. A. J. Lltlle of Keller have returned from lliekman. Ky.. where they weic the ism-Ms of Mr. und Mrs. H. T. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Moray Cinty ol Bertram). Mo., and Rev. and Mrs. J. R. O'Rcar of Sikcslon, Mo., arc Ihe Biu'Sls of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. I Only. i Mr. and Mrs. b. W. Collins were I week-end giicsls of Mr. and Mrs. I C. D. Brewer at Jackson. Tcnn. Mis.s Jewell Counts hail :IF her I gncits last week Milton IlicKs of] 1'aragoiild. Ark., and Jnmes Zim- \ merman, of Union City. Tcnn. Miss Kathiyn O Itcllly has ic-' turned lo tier home at Memphis alter several days visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Apple. Mis. Charles Lane has as her tjui'sl lliis \\cek. her niece. Mis. James Martin of Jonesboro. Mrs. Annie Perry of Aimuirl is visiiuid Mr. i,nd Mrs. T. J. C'nuy nnd family. Mrs. Pciry will have' charge of the school cafeteria thH year. llannon Gray left Sunday for Dalesvilte, Ark., where he uiil cn- er Arkansas collcsc. Mrs. Anne Maxwell xnnrl ion. Jugciic icturiied Saturday Iroin Hot Springs where rhey ,s|icnt Itnee weeks. Rny Mann has son? lo Jone&boia where IIP win re-enter JoursUoro college for his second year. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. |- ( have ns tlicir giiesU; Ihjb Mrs. T. 'I 1 . Branch, who IIHS been visltinu tier daughter. Mis. N. B. Ellis, returned lo her home at, McinpliLs Satin day. • rr blm n« ttf look for « Ji»l> n f«uii«T5 IS.Mir.l. ulri friend. 'I'hjll Kilrhf llu hn^ n Jnh In JTI m»< tMkc U»w4» \ v. she Kot» in r d«T nn< rn- II.MIHVAV. nil nnnnlinrc* h c ml hill hr v:in- tk him. bhc it was mil ciioush—il «as not near- I' 1 ""'!" but nut overly stronK. Very ly cnough-lo kceii body mill sou! "cai was Miss Aiifcl. in bcr dark crisii organdie frill lliis. Anicriea'a ureatcal P vau| . and richest city, but It enabled tier, j at the throat. in the ilay's phrase, lo "get by." That was all anyone asked. . • Duivn In t;rceujviLTi Village 1n the MJW <.i» UN WITH Tin; vronv UllAI'THK XXI11 IT was a raw. gray "Cuing to lie .a hi;; day. dear." sfie wlii^iH'rcu" ;L:J they swung along Inward llmir .pusts on Hie seventh apiirlnic!Lt of a lar^e. frieuclly ami M' oor - i-iillicr untitly Mrs. Moniiev, siic bail i I!r>ols nodticil. • -Moiiilay was at- a box of a roo:n fur 5o a week. 'ways terrible cicii with a loiuj. Sometimes when llic wcallier waa lazy Sunday behind. At live rjVlork i not ton biirl sbc walked Iu work. was a raw. morning. Jtouls, I a mutter uf ^0-odrl l>!ocks. Kuvciulier I never walked at niylil. however. | •0=^1 Her tired liuily |iri)!ci-tcil (bat [iar-; ri-; on Mftndays yonr feet acncrl wttii a sluw f steady. Ijlijidin^ ache. . . .. ...... . .. .. Thirty-folirlll street tliroiigh whirl- j lluilar cconu'iny. lit: insli began. It Hii'ils slio did nut rcaliy draw ing cihlic:) of rain that Ihrcalcm-il : At ril ,. :l „.,,,.„ ,.„,._. [ iaa ; ,n-! Incalb unlil 11:^0. She harl been nuimciilarily to turn inlii cuijw iya3. |lumil . ci] i|1; K;is Bu||11 . ,,, j.'huida ! MI tmsy K!IU ba<i actually forgot- conscious—iu KiiHe. uf a «na wins !.. in ,\ u,;,! she was lo lit left licliinil, [ ten the 15 minutes' relict wbicb fur a lime ;it least," IJuuU liiul : waj due her. Tiiu last custoiller aliser. : teiulerci! it 510 hill. iKer at llic pit of her siuinacli. ! in ^pite ot llic II ...... ei.'nf her nml Hie razor edgn nf Hi-.; wind W | |:|L I "I'll luke (lie i^r'jka^c witii ma." . , l.nry'a htill used llii aiiliiiuntcd nii'jcs—of a reuse of nilvenlnrc. ]i,vo1ber anil bi.i v.'ilc ua; iinlhink- i rliansu cmnejor tjsloni. Tbe r»t- Tlis jub at'ii was already an • alitc. Kiiha's i-im^citirjii that she ' lumer's uirjiiry wan rlejiosilcil ifl-« ulfl Htory lo her. Slie bail been in i;o hail; Iu her faliier's li'jiiie bail-^url of metal ciiirlic atiing with Iho Ihe cliiuU ileiKirlnU'iii for nuiic: mcl uilli silence, llie bitrnce of,sales slip ami dispatched In Ibe than four weeks now. the lowliest dcleat. ;ih:msi tif fonlcniiiu iibei pneumatic ud?e whieli blnjl lo the of all llic clerks. Sbc hail soue • bad IK:CII Hidlcii. voicelc 1 -.- for a ilay ; uelber resiuns where a rasbicr Ibruuyli llic agoai^iu^ first weeks _ or iwo u^ be wcnl tiriskly abom • niaile the proper cban^c. of Icaruiiii; lo stand on her feel all , i lie l>:i«iue<n of iiackiu;. Hiie hail | T | ]c C u s t 0 n\cr tapped bcr fo'ct toy, r.uiytwJ that the human lioiiy . been conscious of '•" : - 1 ' 1 — Luxora Society — Personal e<md slauil so miicli imrc torlurc without wlLliiiiierins. At nigiit it Mildred and Marie Caih Kingslaiul. Alk. MLss Joyce Matin viMiinj: her grand jvoieiil*. Mr. ami Mis. A Norwood al Cleveland. Miss. week Mrs. R. u Munror and daiajh- ler, Kullnyn. have reliunrl " K their home al Nashville. Tcnn a I lei jeveial weeks visil with Mr? Montoe's sislcr, Mre. K. P Cul linn. Mrs. Oordoti Lnwlu<n sutul las 1 Mi. and H. 6. Ciiinon al Monettc week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. McDcarman liad as llieir guest Saturday night and Sunday Mr. McDearman's brother, M. E. McDcarman of Halls. Tennessee. Tlicir nclccs. Mi-sses vlary Ann and Jean Wyse ot McinphU. were llieir guests Sim- day night and Monday. The many friends of Mr. J. W. Spann will regret In learn thai lie las been ill for the past few days. Mrs. Thro. F. Hudson has as her ;nesl. Mrs. Agnes E. Simonson. ol Gerard. Illinois. Mrs. Simonson formerly marie her home in Luxora. Tlic following slndenls have rc- lurncd to ihcir resixxtivc colleges: Misses Ue.sslc Eleanor Thwcall and .Mildred Majors — Arkansas State College. Jonesboro: Miss Elizabeth Lucns—Magnolia A. nnd M. College. Magnolia, Arkansas. The many friends of Miss Nora Wise will be glad to learn lhat slic lias returned to her home here nnd is making sKlifactory improvement following a recent oi>crntion which she underwent nl tlic Bap- list Hospital at Memphis. Mrs. Bnford Thwcall and Mrs. Culiu Lundrum accompanied Mrs. Thweall's daiighlcr, Mibs Kuth- ijti Jane Brown, lo Joncsboro tu- day where Fhc cnlercd Arkansas Stale ColU'BC. Mrs. H. W. Thomas ]>:!-. been confined to her home lor the past two weeks with Illness. Miss Mnxlne Brown relumed Friday evening after being a pa„._ tient al Oartley-Raiusey Ko.->ii!tal, Mrs. H. 6. cinnon al Monettc, for Iwo weeks. Ar!t - Mr. and Mis Dean McCltirkin Mrs. Harry rkreers and chit- had as their guest this week-cm ' tiren, James and Mary Virginia,!Mr. McCluikin had js their guest guestF o'. Mr. !M= v r:k-rml Mr 1 bcr. | ujlh nervous iiuiialiciicu and UuoL>. Ibi! letter from I.a.-y'.s bml conic; au.sweriim nueilloiis, Uirowjns out ihe eve of HUH 6 "'tl^i-tu™. | holt after bolt. mcnsuriiiB. ctilUn^. Jicen bcaven Ic huhhlc back lo 1 H | ]( . n;in - ]j[ CI;i !ly jinnpcrt at llic »MS conscious of tbe narrowed eyes her rmm iu plung? thusc acliins ,.|i al]tc n U3 .. | lil( | viewed (lie situ-land frown, of llie waiting wuuian. feet into a tub of warm water. I .,, ioll c ,,| tl ,i y . j t i, a ,| 5C cmr;cl lo. "Where on earth is inv ehangeJ" Merely to icsl. to sit iicrttctly still .i,i nl |ic ,-f ct ily all rislil llial bis lilack eyes siui|i]>eil an^rity. Kazins into nothinsncos bad liccn a ' vv jf c b |, m ,|(t nianase lo cxisl on; "I'll see. Jiibl a niouicut. sort ot ijuivcrins bliss. 'ihi.t bl;m . lie bad not wailed to | ninilam." Slie was tiasl that slasc nuw. sco bcr sclllcil. Hij Irain bad letl! ftuuls clickcii (lie tubs several Sbc cunhl 'make out a sales check ;lbc »cry ni^bl slie harl moved inlo i limes. Tlicrc was in response. Sba withuiil trcinblin:;. Slic knew tlicMhc funnelled ruciai at .Mr. 1 . Moo ; wcnl to .liic telephone 1 and called culor.> and tho designs: llic Vic-' ncy's. Uho oiwralur Iwlow slair?. Thn * * * 'ciiitumci's impatience grew, dec'p- \V/1'I'I<, that was over now; llicjciicrl. '* |iliy.-iial wicin.h uf inirling i "Tlicrc—there scums lo ba aome with lluj.; was over. Hbc hail been ! liifiiciiUy," Hrrji.^ cxplaineif. a bride a few tluirt iiiunlhs asu. I "So I sec." The woman til her Now E!LC «as rrun[ilcl'Jy alom. Ill ! lips furirm-ly. "Cut! tbe depart- her liciivl die stili conlidcntly ci-Mnenl rnnin^cr. plca.-e." l?cdcd l;n=5 tu M'-nl fur her. j Mr. Uli:..-, Iii 3 wliilo rnniniion KliL- was in tlic c:np!nic5' clc- j prucMiiiiin^ biin r,nc of Ijacy'9 valur liiiw, xrminin- ii[nvarrl. Sixth ] "trouble ,u;?;pr<:," c.ilui up, smilinr; S'liitlicrn wciir. licach nnv • lirtialicly. Inriiiii c»libiii;e roves, tbe blue , chinlr. willi tlic while Bias ilesisu which all llic dccuriitoro were us-'. trip, llic Hlar.^ in red ami while nnd all the others. She knew whii'li were 7D ccnl:i a y.irtl and- wblch were Ic^s. She felt sonic- linicj an lliuiinb she never \\aiitcd < (o sec > i.pray of liyar. inllis ur a funnel of rictpliininm ai;aiu. It Khi: liad a Injure of her own, she • ilclrrniiiicil. siivuscly eyeing llic ! ui'cllas anil curk Minilaic, a peacli- . us liurilc of women al llie 'colored jersey suit 0:1 a broiitttl „ „,.. „ Monday ta!c.--. she wunlil have Ibc j-nianiK-niiin. lulling clcsiiully on a cii.'loincr. "Tin: clt; chairs iipbulslercd i:i leather, lbr.j.j,,,,| hcacfi under briliiaiit siinnlal- come back." "f save tlii.i yumm n-<nmn a 510 Ijill age.^ ago." biiappcrl llic irata o cltanso liasu't - ome Intk." wiiirbws luiiig In uilijotli. :c<l dayli^bt. Uools cauglit tier .Mr. Ulits ipicsliuucd Mwils, tele- This was Muiulay again. Half bieaib. S!ie would liny just eucb plioncil, tame bark fro-Mihig. Miss I'asl ciglil. Tlic iluors ul llic blfs," Ualhiii? snil a3 iliiil before ^lic U'Toolc. he said, n-[,-,rlcrl no S19 store woulil tncoi-nlly be Huns opuui 'ell In J"l" Uiiss. She liatl 53 bavcd bill bad been tcnl through tha uiirl women from liiooklsn. SlHleu | toward bcr Ikkcl. . . . Uisl week tubes from Uiij ii;uiu:i lur the past Itiauil. from Wcalclicblcr. from iijj-itlic bad liopcil tu tavc more bin ! lialf Iionr. tusii 1'ark Avenue, (rum llie Ulic had bail a cold and had had: -|;nt " Boot-5 iuol' -[r<l "you ci* HIOII.V. from Chelsea anil Queens |lo buy mcrliuiic-i throal aslrin- me put it into the lul,- alou!; w'itii and Tcancck would ru=b in. fire, gent ami somo lubbers. . . . | Jimr M i C3 sl |.,,. H , " . cd h .. l/anls o! Ihu . . . iu of (Mil. Is I Tlic dieting room smcllcil of wet ; ..^iic face toward Mr Hli- - ' ' thii . Miist Itoic mich do «ool aiicl clicip tccnl. Otrhtdlll-, .. t tLlw crjUiinir" / uccri tor n c/irji^c toitnyc sliii ion- , i«S around, luncbiu; un llieir bair. |j[ lc ,| arrOEanl -.boulder" - " °' _ come f"icfc iicif ,tto«ins booto iulu lockers. Ajinu-[ "It will bo tinrle goi>r r Mr Bliss Ihe cJiliid tfrjurtmcnl jlilc of wordj . . . i at.mrcd bcr. He liflcVbis *y«•' | "Ami I ju=l Mid In biin. 1 i-ald, ibrow-3 iu Bonlo* ilircclion—i very ' * " rtthat du jou lukc n; for?' . . . j aloof, as:uicd. liniKi-c.ibl" VOUD'S; JUiAllV tlis lic.ird llieir liarsb.l"We victit lo Uailio (lily. . . . Oil, ! man. lie ncut off nilh ibe eus- dcnKiuUine. clauiurhiR vutccs. | Ibc build WIM luvcly." . . . "it's tumcr in io.v. erf Uy \\hcrc i "(TO tu lunch, dear/' eiiil Mary Aslerion. ens of Boot 5' counter of Memphis, Ttif air uuultl lliickco. Sci.ip$ uf: Coty's I'ari?: d'you hko il." paper would colleit bcbltirj couul-i "A double decker al Urn Barrel ers. Kalesbooks would uuilrlrnln?- ; t-ni" . . . 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