The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1939
Page 3
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M9NDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1939 Chicks To Play At Russcll- ville In Top Conference w . L, 7 o 4 ) Game Team Pine Blurr ,, Liltle Hock Hope Fort Smllli El Dorado .. North Little Hot Springs' Hussellvilli; . Blythcvllle .. Forrest City | lion ton ' Camden Jonesboro ... Oarksville. Fordyce 0 ock I.cacliiij,' Scorers Pet. I MO .800 .800 .151) .000 .502 .500 .500 .400 .333 .333 .2110 .101 .167 .000 Player T. PAT. Til. Rob Hutson (P. u.) ..a 3 48 LcfUvich (P. B.) ____ 7 3 45 Rowland (It. Sjjg.) ..7 2 41 Forsjior (N. L. ft.) .. s 0 -12 Moore (Bent on) ____ 0 2 3» Ellen Ufope) ...... G 36 Wiurlngton (B'ville) 5 3 33 E. Keetou (R'ville) ..5 2 32 Jones (P. Smith) ____ 4 1 25 Taylor (Hope) ...... 4 24 Games This Week Blytlievillc at Russellville, Friday night. Pordyce night. nt E! Dorado, Friday North Little Rock at Port Smith, Friday night. Cmndcn at Little Rock, Saturday afternoon. By 3. 1'. FRIEND The Arkansas High School Conference moves into the semi-finals this week with four conference tilts and a quartet of other contests involving loop members composing the menu. Two gnmes are scheduled for _BLYTHEY!LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW3 surprise as the felines were doped the stronger. FOITMI City, beaten by Jonesboro and North Little Roek, took, n kick nt the clopebiicket with nil unexpected 19-H win over Jfus- sellvlllo. Ciimdeii broke into the iviii column willi an easy 20-0 win over ForUycc. Blythcvllle save Arkansas football a definite boost with an impressive 39-0 win over James Whitcomb Riley High of Sowtli Bend, Ind., In an Intcrsccllonal battle. Tlic Chicks rolled up 32 jwints in the first linlf and plnyed conser- in Nnsliville Ihe E! nnd third and fourth Dorado downed lienton downed Catholic High In other non-conference games, Papooses To Play Fairview Blythcvllle fans have their Thursday, five for Friday and one on Saturday. Our own Blythcvllle Chicks, vic- lorious in their last four games, which Include brilliant triumphs over Hope and Jonesboro, conference members, and the intersec- tlonal game with the strong Hiley High Wildcats from South Benri, Ind., travel to Russellville to do battle with Coach Wallace Bailey's Tornado, Friday. It will be the first athletic contest between the two schools. Two Play Early Pine Bluff and Ctarksville get the jump on the others by scheduling games a. day ahead. The Zebras, assured of at least a tie in the title race, have an mtersec- tional engagement with Georgia Military Academy nt Atlanta, Ga., Thursday afternoon. That night Clarksvilte entertains the Red Devils from Atkins at home. Oilier than the Chick-Russell- ,yille sctto, which is certain to nt- tract plenty of attention because of the fast comeback of the tribe and their first appearance at Russellville, the Port Smith-North Lil- tlc Rock battle is the No. 1 game of the week. Victorious over Little Rock by a two touchdown margin and beaten by Pine Bluff by Ihe same S'core, the Grizzlies will lioifi si slight edge over the Wildcats. Their advantage is increased by the fact that they are playing in Fort Smith. • . •. In recent years when El Dorado pnd Fordyce came together each season it was considered a classic worth attending. But not so this time. The oil city Wildcats appear to have entirely too much on the ball for the hapless Red Bugs outfit which has yet to bag a game of any sort. It will be played at El Dorado. Joncsboro vs. Walnul'Ilidge Idle last week the courageous Jonesboro Golden Hurricane swings into action ngninsl Walnut Kldgc. The game is slated for Woodland Field in the Cratghend center. Hot Springs and Mnlvorn tniigle in a non-conference game at the Spa to complete the Friday list. While outsicte the fold, the Leopards have dished out misery aplenty to loop members ami should make it Interesting for the Trojans bo- fore succumbing lo superior weipht and numbers. As a tuneup for the annual scrap with North LHtle Rock, the Little Rock Tigers take on Camden at the capital city Saturday afternoon. The Panthers have been bashed around from pillar to post and should offer little more thau n workout for the defending champions. Coach Clyde Van Sickle likely will take the opportunity to give his reserves a chance to shine. Two scoreless tics featured play within the conference last week. Little Rock spoiled the perfect record of Pine Bluff by playing the touted Zebras to a. dogfall in n veritable sea of mud at Jordan stadium. Sheer statistics gave the Duniuray Dead n C-4 edge In first downs. They also penetrated farther into Little Hock territory but. lacked the necessary punch lo swim over Ihe final stripe. North Little Rock and Hot Springs also felt the effects of the elements and were unable to produce a tally in llielr mud battle. Sparked by a 92-yard sprint by Uie fleet Bobby Ellen, the Hope Bobcats won their ninth game of Ihe year by drubbing Clarksville 18-0, The high score was tlic only last opportunity to sec n home game this season when the Junior High Papooses face the strcng Fiilrvlcw Juniors of Memphis here Thursday night. Thi Chicks -uound up their home schedule against Ritey High of South Bend, Ind., here last Friday night and Thursday's battle will be the last for the Juniors. Cooach Jchn Ed James, who has received the raster of the Hfem- phians from Coach Tom Fleet, said the weight chart gives the visitors a decided advantage in this department but he Is hoping that Blythe- vllle's si>eedy backs and wide-open style of play will offset the beef. Anctlier thing that will tend to place the Papooses in the role of underdogs (s tlic fact that two of the Blythevillc regulars arc listed as doubtful starters. Fullback Tommy Little THIS hurt in the Newport game and did not sec service last week against the jonesbrro Juniors and unless he lias fully recovered by Thursday night Coach James will not send him into the game. The other doubtful starter is Bobby Walden, defensive end star, who was recently thrown for a loss by Old Man Flu. in the event that Little is net available Thursday night his chief Understudy T. H. Caraway will step into the lullback slot. The starting assignment at left end if Walden cannot play will lie between Harry "Hank" Haines and Gregory Adkins who alternated at the flank position against Jonesboro last week. With Little on the bench the ball-carrying duties will be up to the • Paptoses' two fleet runners, Herman Besharse and J._T. Victory, whose ground gaining lias been a fealUr'e of ; the Junior team's play this year.; The Dope Bucket IMPRESSED — Coaches Forrest Wood nnrt Harold Koss of Ihe Kilcy Wildcats tossed plenty of bcu(|iieli> nl Norman "Monk" Mosley, Sonny Lloyd, Bill Godwin, Danny warrlngUm, Alvln Justice, Hugh Jlnrbeit nnd John Pmilk for their grent performances Friday night ns (he Chicks turned back the Invading Hoosicrs. When Informed (hat. the touchdown twins, Sonny nnd Monk, were only sophojnores nnd hiul two more years yet lo play, Couch Wood exclaimed: "I'hcwl What players they should be when they lire ready to finish. Right n ow (hey nre llnlshed bnll players with plenty of nbillly and class. I Imve not. seen two belter backs In Ihe entire state of Indlnnn." Koss, line couch, nntuvnly pnld more nttentton to the Chick forward wall nnd was Impressed by the clear superiority of the Maroon forwards over his own proteges. "If any one had told me thai Rlley's line would have been pushed nnd shoved around like they were Friday night I would have lold him lie was crazy," he said. picked mythical eleven. His choices and comment follow: Now Is Ihe time to speak of cabbage, kings, nnd' nll-stiite foot- bull teams which arc u tj'OiU wnj for newspapers to get n lot of names printed but. whJcli actiinlli represent, little but sectional pride Hoy llosson, sports odllm- of Hie Hot Springs News Km Is (fclllii(f :in rcirly start In his chillers. He's picking an ull-cini- fercncc Pleven xml Is usklng the niil of sports Cilltors of newspapers In conference towns. That Includes Ihis column but when I get to picking nil-state foolteU tennis, it's lime for Hitler and Chamberlain to settle their Issues over « poker table. Nevertheless (purely through spirit of cooperation, understand) I will make u report to Sports K( Rosscn as fellows: FIRST TEAM LnFittc. Pine lilulf, left End; Prlddy, Hot Springs, lull Tackle; Atkinson, Pine Dlull, Left Guard; Godwin, Blylhcvlltc, Center; Qulm- by, Hope, Right Guard; Justice Blythevillc, Right Tackle; Miiack Little Rock, night Kiitl; nlnckivell, El Dorado, Quarterback; Rob llill- soii, Pine Bind, Halfback; Huylies Little Rock, Haltbiick; Rowland, Hot Springs, Fullback. SECOND TEAM Osmcnl, Jonesuora, Lett, End; Donnldscn, Little Rock, Left, Tiick- le; lirecdijig, nope, Left • aiiard; Kennedy, Pine Bliilr Center; That has been our strongest point, Chllds, Hot Springs, Right Guard 1 all year. In fact, It was largely Ferguson, Pine Bluir Rfeht Tack- thfough their play that we have le; Warrlngton, Blyt'lievllle Right been winning our games. But Ihcy End; DauBherly, Jonesboro Qinr- dldn t have a chnnce against Ely- to-back; Lloyd, Blythevllle' Ilnlf- thevillc. Boy, what a line." back; Lcltwlch; Pine Bluir', Hnlf- "I am not surprised that Wnr- lington and Godwin are all slate. As Mr ns I nm concerned (hey arc sill-American. They have everything. They are head anci shoulders over the Indiana centers and ends. 1 like the way this boy Justice worked. He was seldom out of position, to say least of being on tlic ground. He lins strength. And the big boy in the backfield (Paulk) nnd the back who Intercepted the touchdown puss in the last half (Harbert) did all right, too." Asked as to the relative strength of the Dilrty Dynamiters and the best In Indiana, Coach Woods said they didn't play that brand of football in the stale. With the possible exception of one team, Evansville, he' was convinced there was not a team in the state which could give Blythevlltc a battle. He rated his own team third strongest, just a step behind the others. He couldn't believe that there were three teams In Arkansas which had beaten the locals, and said lie was glad his team didn't have to play the others if they are better. PICKS — Billy Shelton, sports editor of the Jonesboro Tribune, rates Bill Godwin and Alvln Justice as all-State, and places Danny Warrington nnd Sonny Lloyd on the second team in his recently back; Carter, Little Rock, Fullback. To save you the trouble of totaling them up, that's six from Pine Bluff, four from lilylhevllle, ami Little Rock, three from Hot Springs, two from Joncsboro and Hope, anci one from El Dorado. The players from Hope nnd Little liock nro the ones I haven't seen in action. Get Vitamins in Garden, Not Store, Scientist Says BOSTON, Mass.' (UP)—The best source for vitamins Is the garden and market—not the drug store— Dr. Elmer V. McCoIlum of Johns Hopkins University told llostor University students. All essential nutrients except Vitamin D may be found In the garden, he said, find thnt vitamin is plentiful in fish oils, milk -and yeast. There are abundant resources for the maintenance of a high standard of nutrition without recourse to the drag store or laboratory for synthetic vitamins. "The use of herbs by primitive people . . cause the brought health to'a sick Individual merely by supplying that whicl the body lacked." worked," he said, "bc- hcrbs. roots or bark Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Ta/e of Two Arkansas Cities AND THEIR TELEPHONE SYSTEMS ytt!evil!e lias 35 telephone customers, sowed by a telephone system made to order for their needs. An operator and one assistant handle the 150 calls a day. BIGVILLE POPULATION 107,000 Bigvillc lias 16,000 telephone customers who make sonic 165,000 calls a day. Bigvillc's telephone system is big, complex... a hundred thousand miles of wire.., millions of dollars worth of intricate telephone equipment manned by hundreds of telephony workers. Bigville's telephone system is tailor- made for Bigville. The Southwestern Belt Telephone Company serves some 85 Arkansas cities—from the smallest to the largest. In Littleviile, Mediumville, Bjgvillc our job is the same—to furnish fast, accurate, dependable telephone service, at a price that is reasonable to you, (4K| SOUTH WESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. lonj Oitlonce I, n«xl b«i| to b«!ng th«r« In 5 Miss fouls SoonciV es and Duke Trips North Carolina »v H.MIHY I nltwl I'n'sv SIHII-IS Killlor YORK, NOV. ao.-six major imeli-aled [;,,il,, M u , ams (tonmmk; the Umu'i! Klutes lodny wllh (hi- sMsoii In n s ir,. stl (wn ,^,, k ,. Here they i,re. ranked nppinent onler of ih,Ir - to Impiutlnl IVIX the collected Iroin coast to 1. 'IVnne.ssir, iiiil;cut«i. and iinscorcd on. 3. .ScmtlH'rn CiiHfornlii, unbenleu but liod by Oregon, •1. Tulanc, unbeaten bill Hod b v North Cnrolliia. 6. Cornell, nnlienten and untied, Ijut (led by u. blanfoid nml Sanlu Clnrn. were tws Important casualties over Hie weekend. North Carolina, unbeaten until Saturday and apparently licnded .strnlRlit for a bowl gninc, met an Inspired nml lucky mike team and went down to defeat, 13 ) 0 3, okliihoma, klnn- pln of the Midwest, lost to Missouri 1 lo G. Cicoi[;c|own. playing n schedule that hardly entitles it to be ranked among (he major (cams, kept Its mulcfciied record by runntiiR over Kew York University, M k- 0. Duquesne, also unbeaten, had an open date last Saturday. Nothing, H sccms , is BO(| lo stop Tennessee. There arc two games remaining- on the Volunteers 1 schedule, but they have r.n open date this Saturday nnd plenty of Itmc (s gel ready for Kentucky nnd Auburn. Texas A. and M. also .scons on Its wny to a perfect season. The tenm rests this Saturday and (hen meets Texas on Nov. 30. Cornell, safely past the Dartmouth lhrcat, goes against Pennsylvania (his Salurday and should not have to? much trouble. Tulnne JHIS Sewance and Louisiana State still In Its jjnlli. bill those two giant lines that the Green Wave boasts ought (o be able to do those jobs The biggest thrcnt to any cf the Today's Sport Parade "> HHNKV MCI.KMOIIK NI5W VOHK. NIIV. W iljl'l- Munday's urld-lrony; Ciiliiinbhi's ruilicr inuiiny |,|»n swam nut over lis hnid in 'nilmic's CMu-ii Wiivc unit only iiitlfirlul ijBlHi'Hllnii by ixm i,|(ti(. betwcc'u "Hi hnlvcs snvHi n [,';m , >v(1|1 wijiji- iiiuii a jr,-8 dro-nniiiu. . . Not Hint lied nuwain. the 'IMIune TOiith, dlctn'l do his to keep Ihe Wave from i-ollini: too high . • . throiiishcut the nmne lut kepi inilllni; out 2'l».pound payers nii ( | sulislluiilng mil,, fellows who wi'lubcd only 23!t iKiunds. . . . Illniillng Ki'iillicrs will di'lny Its Infill «l«'ttlni! two iirrks this sonson ta peiiull New vorkers (o B et over I hi- shock of Tiiliini' . , All tlic Wuve's rlijliv tackle, M"fC ( >lliiin, needs to doubt,, for i>rim; c.nncra :»'c four buck Icrlli. .\- ,\- x Iowa Lsn'l (;„!,„; lo wall imothrr ycnr lo cast Its yules lor a presidential llckrl, II will sctiic rljjhl now fa- (Joncli Kldlw Anderson as priwlden and llnllbnck Nile Klnnlck a,s vli:i« pri'sUleut ... on smmd ll'on«ht, pi'ilmp.',- ICInnlck would make n belter secretary of labor. In hwlliiB the Hiukeyr.s to u victory six is is fnced l>y .Soutlievn Cnllfornlii. for ihl s wuiurdny they roll Into south Ilcnd, Ind., to dike on Notre Hume in (he football game cf the week. Kven If the Trojans Bel by thai ono, they still have Washington and UCLA to hnnillo »nd It is piisslble tlmt the USC- UOIiA ginne on »re. 9 «|ll determine the western representative In Ihe nose Howl. of the lilsh Upset, of the day—Iowa Stale's 10 too vjcUry over n highly favored Kansciii otate team, Plnycr of (he day—Nile Klnnick of Iowa, sllfkesl passer In Ihc college ranks this season. Going Into Ihe fourth period u in c lx) | n ( s 01! . lilnd n powerful Mlniies:(n team, tclnnlck threw two Imichdnvcn passes atul hauled the game out of Iho fire, 13 to 9. Disappointment of Ihc day — Dartmouth, which collapsed completely bcfcre Cornell's thrusts and took n ;ir, to o licking. Surprise of the day—How Chl- cjgo ever scored 25 points against Olicrllii. same.s ihis Saturday—Notre Dame, vs, Southern California nl South Heml and Michigan vs. Ohio- Slate al Ann Arbor, •PAGE THREE over .VhuiMoln, ho played his sixth consecutive game wltlicut relief . The Chicago football tcanrtuiaH- IIMI for ercjilnau by proving It can <Hsh It out ns well as lake It Afler s . . (he Impresivc total of 0 points against 2M In four games with Jfarvard. Mlelilgnn, Virginia nnd Ohio .Stule, the Maroons crushed powerful Oherlln 25-0 ' Northwestern lin.s the "pei/ecl 30" team. It's the bust of the year. . . Hiilli'd before die season us the lenni tlmt couldn't lose, the .Norlli- wcstcrns nre isolng to end the year with a record as snoUytti a lc:pard Kill spots before his eyes. Notre Dame has been winning no close one.s Hint I think the many Irish cinneru eye ut C'artlci- Held io catch the photo finish, . . . N.-illi Carolina's fear that, the boys would have to-spend New Yeiii-'.-i i),vy away from the folks nl home is all vanished how . . . Uuke took cure of lhal , Tr-niwssi'i! will iu»T""cj,',n Ihc Iteo l(:wl If it can'i cover ground any faster (ban It did «nalmt Vnndor- blll , . . Tim Vohmlcers lost llnvu .vnnls 1'iijihleiif In an hour's piny . . . but they caino out on top. Ill-O, and it's not hor you piny Ihc gnnio, bul whi'lhi'i- you win or low. . . . Michigan's ciciYiit tf Pcnn- sylvunlii pi-need • tlmt Ihei'c'.s still hni'm In Tom Harmon . . . Missouri liowlcd alonn n bowl bid by bowling over Oklahoma . . . The Okeys pto,yed solltnlre wllh I'nul Chrlslman all aflcrno:n nnd forgot llu'i-o were 10 other Ml.wourl play- I'l'S. . . . Tlu' enthusiastic: Dartmouth boys iOui Ijct on (he IStg Clri'cn urn ]>iiy- Ing o[f today—mid how. . . . Cornell ran pell-mell over the New Hampshire beys to continue im- defcnlcd. . . . Sntiirdny the 18lh mljjht us well have been vvlclny the ISlh for Pitt niKl Alnbnmn, liccnusc ihclr respective Jinxes failed to hold. I'lll losl to Nebraska for Iho second tlmu In 18 years while Alnbnmn wns whipped by Georgia Tech for Ihc first lime In seven. . . . After los- ing to Fordham, the St. Mary's Kotbal! team staried home by way of Mexico "Ahere wo arc sure Pub- II II I-.I »u*V * UO~ Ilclty Director Tom Poucly will give the matadors plenty of competition in throwing the bull. . . , prince- ton couldn't boat Vole until the mst nine minutes cf their game nnd as y a !e has been called the worst team In New, Haven history even by ILi coach, we are wonder- Ing what that makes 1'rinceton, . . . H. V. u.'s Violets, a handsome corsaijc "»lion the season started have continued shrinking until they're ilovn to bculonntoe size. The 8o-i:nl!c<l "pure snow" that foils from the clouds contains chlorine compounds, sulphates nimnunln, phosphorus, and nl- trnlcs. Freshes) Stock Guaranteed Rest PHcw ftirby Stores RKMEMKER LEFTY'S Service Station for and Mobilf/as Now Miiniiffcd by . Wnllcr Cox, Jr.' ("id 13. M. iMuvray See Us For Anti-Freeze! WRESTLING Charles Sinkey vs. Boh Sullivan Chief Barfoot vs. ~Red Roherts ARENA, MONDAY s P.M. "Chevrolet* FIRST Again Among fhe Lowesf^riced Cars, Here's TH E LO N GE ST 0 F TH E LOT! 181 inches Tlic Muster SS Sport Sedan, J7/0* From front of grille to rear of body—for length where length counts—Chevrolet for '40 is the longest of all lowest-priced tarsi In addition to being Ihe streamlined beauty leader of "Automobile Row"— in addition to being the ablest all-round performer in its field— This new Chevrolet for 19-10 is nlso the Inntfcst of all lowest-priced cars—bar none I It's a whopping 181 inches long from the front of its fashionable grille to the rear of its beautifully curved body ... which means it has length where length counts . . . which means it's the longest automobile in the lowest price field 1 All tests will tell you "Chevrolet's FIRST Again," so eye/V.. .tryit... buy it—today'. NOWHERE ELSE-FEATURES UKE THESEI NEW "BOVAl ClIPfER" SiniNO • BIGGER INSIDE AND OUTSIDE • NEW FUU-VISION BODIES BY FISHER • NEW EXCIUSIVE VACOslM-POWER SHIfT • "THE RIDE ROYAl"—Chavrolal'i Feifacled Knm-Aclion Riding Syitom* • SUPER-SIIENT VAIVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE • PERFECTED HYDRAUUC BRAKES • ALl- SI1ENT SYNCRO-MESH TRANSMISSION • IARCER T1PTOE-MATIC CWKH • N|Wi-SEAlED BEAM HEADLIGHTS WITH SEPARATE PARKING LIGHTS • IMPROVED SHOCK'PROOF STEERING* • NEW CRYSTAI-CIEAR HI : TEST SAFETY PLATE GIASS • NEW SAFE-MOCK HOOD Cfievro/of hat more than 175 important modern features. n Special DC Luscand Master ticLlwe Series. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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