The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 3
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WESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE "The House That Grows" ^O M IE-ID V Interesting Drawings of House That Grows Are Now Obtainable Once upon a time, there was a htw young couple who were very much in love and wanted to get tnartkd. Thtir trouble was they didn't have much money. At night they would sit on her father's porch and plan a little home with B garden and flowers and Eh rubs *nd vines and talk about the things young people in love talk about. They were, indeed, very But times w«re hard and money "•as scarce and it seemed like all U» nice little houses they liked cost so much money and they began to wonder whether they would ever save enough to buy the kind of a little home they dreamed sboul. Then one day. after they liacl just about despaired of ever flailing anything they could af- I ford, she was looking through a paper and came upon a picture | of a pretty little house that 'could | be built a little bit at a time. And that night when he came to call, she showed it to him and they were so happy for now they could be married for there was money enough saved to build the first portion of The House That Grows. And so they were married and moved into the little house and in a couple of years, when times were better, they built the 'second portion of the house and made one at the bedrooms Into a pretty nursery and they lived happily ever after. The end. Starting as three rooms and a bath, today's home eventually becomes five full sized rooms and a pleasant screened-in porch. The exterior Is shown to be stucco but whitewashed common brick or whit* shingles could be used equally as well. Wood shingles are laid In uneven lines on the roof and In the gable on the front, scalloped weatherboarding Is placed perpendicularly. The first unit is made up of living room, kitchen, bath and a bedroom. With the addition of the two bedrooms later, the original bedroom is converted Into a din- Ing room. This is simple and ac- DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO C Hwe CAMTORONCENN49A SNGtHG \jJAlTEa N A RE?- TWlCWft AND SWU3ED A llfcl &rt.V* SIDNEY once OHTUE NEW YoQU. STAGE. WITH A AMRj.6 AWO1102 FOOT PLAN 5-E-28 — Complete working drawings for House Plan 5-E-28 may be obtained by sending $1.00 to the Home Features Service at 25 E. Jackson Blvd.. Chicago, 111. Payment should be made by cash or money order. Building Activity On Increase In Biytheville and Vicinity The erection of a number of. Dr. H. C. Sims is having his new substantial buildings and residences and the extensive improvement of many others in Blythevllle and vicinity has caused a building boom within the past two weeks. Th? most expensive structure is the new Little River Gin, store home, recently pudchased from Otto Kochtitzky. painted white and a new composition roof laid. Improvements to the interior Include a new fireplace. A new renting cottage is being built by Dr. c. B. Lunsford on bulldinz and house beine erected i North 16th street cludln<* machinery. These will complied this week. Otto complished bv closing up the door- \ berry, of Dell, is secretary Ijav now leading from the present treasurer of the company. What To Do This Week 1. Modernizing heating plant 3r make arrangements to Install Arcola or other heating system. 2. Provide extra bedroom by subdividing large room or by using waste space In the attic. 3. Build new closets. 4. Kalsomim or whiten cell- ings throughout the house. KITCHEN bedroom and adding one leading to : t]ie kitchen. Additional sleeping .accommodations, are offered by the in-a-door bed which opens Into the living room. If the space allowed in for dining is, too small, a corner of the large living room may be furnished for dining accommodations. ' A careful study of the first unit plan" will show that living conditions for a comparatively small family are adequately provided for. Because the room dimensions are comparatively small, construction costs should be correspondingly small. An estimate based upon the complete working drawings would be an accurate way of determining the cost ol this hon\e. The drawings may be obtained by sending $1.00 to th« Home Features Ser- Tice at 25 E Jackson Blvd., Chi- cggb, HI. \ Waste Oil Killed Dwks NEW LONDON, Conn. (UP)—Oil pumped from the bilges of large vessels on long Island Sound, penetrated the feathers of hundreds of black ducks, prevented them from flying and caused their death. Work has started on J. W. Sliouse's new duolex apartment on Walnut; St. Each apartment will have five rooms.and senarate heating nlants. - The bulldins will be of white frame, .with a brick foundation and a composition roof. The cost is estimated at S5.000. It is expected to vemBer 1. be completed by No- Plenty of Gnndpu LXJDLOW. Mass. (UP) — Homer Lavote, Jr.. seven, has plentv of grandpas. He has two grandfathers »nd three great-grandfathers. The five grandparents have a to- Ul ol 125 descendants. If we dig down into the earth to * depth of about 25,000 feet, we find « temperature of approximately 200 degrees. Parkhurst's store has been doubled in size by removing a partition in the adjoining building formerly occuoied by the Army store. In addition to tearing out the wall, the double room has been redecnnited and the four windows remodeled with archways between them Mr. Parkhurst. who has been in business here 30 years, enlarged the building so as to expand his stock for the coming "days of prosperity" he announced. Jo?' Elkins, who lived here a short time before moving to Talui- lah. La., is having a five room residence and garage constructed on his farm east of Burdette. This will be occupied by his son-in-law. Frank Harris. A large glassed in sleeping porch- room has been added to the Res-' coe Crafton home at a cost 01 $1.000. The residence is also being redecorated throughout. Other similar sleeping porches are being added to the J. H. Elkins home and the A. O. Shlbley residence. The Elkins 1 sleeping roof is on the first floor of their home. The Shibleys room was; placed on the second floor above i the rear porch, of their new home on Kentucky avenue. This was recently purchased from P. Johns,' of Luxora. This stucco house is; being redecorated on the inside and' outside. j -•••.: .list' myed Safe ' . . ONSET,' Mass.' (UP)- -When firemen arrived at;the home here of Mrs.: Alice McLean, she explained that there wasn't really any fire, but that her landlord allegedly had threatened tq fire the house and she wanted to "be on the safe new roof and redecorating, and the Nick Dawson home Smith which has a new being repainted. root and is Smith Golnr to Cincinnati CINCINNATI (UP) — Alfred' F. will pay his first visit to Cincinnati when he comes here in October',to attend the National (Conference of Catholic Charities. He will address the first general session of the four-day conference at Music Hail, Oct. 7. Half-T»n Tartle Caujht ROCKLAND,. Me. (UP) -Charles Bowen, a lobsterman, was iible to supply the whole town with turtle soup recently. He Jiauled up a half-ton turtle that measured seven feet from nose to tail. He had to sink a rowboat beneath it to eel it ashore. New 1 Deal fUn* started NEDERLAND. Tex. (UP)-Construction of the first Beauxart Oai'dens home«t«ad, a federal government "new deal" project, has started two miles west of here. The first dwelling to be erected four-room structure. Commit Us for Your Home Modernizing & Repairs MULE HIDE ROOFING "Not a kick in a million feet" ARKMO LUMBER CO. PETE THE fPLUMBER Certified by the HOLC Member of the National Ass'n. of Master Plumbers, member of the Arkansas Ass'n. of Master Plumbers, member of the Eastern Arkansas Ass'n. of Master Plumbers, member of NRA. "In Good Standing With All." Specializes in PLUMBING & HEATING vising, The woman 111 the conn- s' ifllh sour crcnm nml cabbage wnys nt linnd need never fall to vo her fimilly thni "proiei-llve" croquettes, creamed cc'.Ay, Ice-box rolls, carrot .struws, filled ccnklvs, gmins juice. . DINNKfl — ' Steamed lliese -- .... hndclcci:, shoc.strlni} potntoi's, lima (warn In , -- s l>m >' '"-''I' J' 01 ' crcnm, cabbage nml green penner Illuming to use a heml ol c.H>- Ul.ul, | W acli shortcake, milk cof- ii'-tu llu.' lu\s( iKlvnndigi!. 'fee. Cut, tin 1 fush' hoiiil of cabbinjo! i llic nlKlil ash ls«'iv,il runlHi-l, U'lth Hill. EniflaiiU. held, the r. You on Imvc a snlail of,grave ol n man who died In 1175; inMcil cjibljnue und cither ve s -jh e w »s burled upside down on iibles («• .simply use o!il-fiisl!loiH'il|,;oi-scback lo be really for the JiKlg- slliw ' i mem diiy when llic world would b? (.'rlsjjinj 1'r.MTilurr : rovi'i'si'd. according'lo the popular Kor (lie day's luncheon combine MM nt Unit time. ft-over llsh wllh well crlsjicd ibliiiKi! for n Kilud. ua cub- Guve Way <m Mountain Tup IKO sliiml in roM mitc-i- half tin MT . WASHINGTON, Mass. HIP) .wir be ore using. This mute It _ A 8 ronp or nclore recently prc- •llcloiisly cilbj) niul ti'ndcr. | WI , tC( | „ plnv nt0| , Mt wnshlngton, U* next night peppers MuiriMl „ mlli: above sea level nml hlgi-.t-a llti ruubiiiiv niul llnely clicked. |jnlnt In New K'nglaml 1'iit iirnrldi! 'mi i|j|K'i!/lns; unit '_ ' uijrLshliiif iniiln (Hull. 1 Trafhrr Us«l Currtnl Eveii(s The lust (iiiniter of the licail ol j CLKVKLANU IUP)—Prof. C. V. iubat;<; Ls used In a vegetable oup. Crouton.';, unions and tum:i- blend [lidr llnvors in u .savory that tnily delicious. The din ti l llnely shrcddcil lu cnrrelun. 1 nil minced iiiul served in the I Illblc truths. roll], miikliii; n Ihlck riill-iiicnl j:. nip, or (hi; whole can be sdnlned' lul n ck'tir xouj) sei ml. A cut heni\ of cnbuugc cun be C|)t 111 perfect cuiulllluii lor sev- inl iliiys In tlie Ice tos If wra]i]i»il n wnxed |xi|ier. Tomorrow's >Irnu BHEAKfAS 1 !' — CllillCll Clllltl- oii|:e, brownrd linsh with lonmlu EIIIICC, whole wlital lu;ust, liuiicy. milk, cotfei'. LUNCHEON — fftiniuh niul nut 'lliomas, president of Pcnn Col- li'Hi'. Y. M. C. A. co-opcrallvi! In: million, In a) years of Sunday .'chool Icaelitim always Ins striven cinictit events with Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance 'I rhone 79? actively boiling iviiU'r niul tin ns much of llic wnU'i 1 us i>o when servlnu. Cnubiiiw loi minerals during llio iruoidiii; cess, nml the ivnli-r contains them. Tin- cooklnx iwrlnd Is [ippreclubly sliorteiiiMl If cuubn^c Is (luoly slui'ililci! teforc cooking. However, one of the uses of i'iit>tiii|je Is raw. 11 contains r.ccefsnry vitamins, but shiue they mx> very sr'-.billve to hciil, snme must Ire sacrificed In cooking. CumMncs Well When wnnlcd in Its raw slnle it iiniM Ix? very crisp and finely shredded. Try combining il with apples and mils, celery, urccn pepper, grniccl cnrrot.s. or chopped beats—one or all of them, lt'3 splcndlil with grapefruit nncl shredded pineapple, too. Shvcddc'l cabbage served with French clres- Spanish Woman Dead at 103 : ALICANTE, Spain (UP) — Mrs. Maria Miralles, .103. died here nf- ter enjoying good health until BV MARY E. IIAGI'K ftK\ Service Staff Writer Caljluijjc Is one of tile best food bargains the home-maker can Und, nnd if she exerts her skill, she can prepare it so it rivals the cultured cauliflower nml swanky brussels sprout. Actually, cabbage Is n more val- ua !c food than cauliflower, ami properly cooked. Is more delicalt-jsliiR In which celery sted ly flavored tliini either cMiuliflnwcrj l:i>2n nitilnl niiikr.s n (irslrnblc siil- or brusseiii sprouls. j rid w-itli B nmc or purk. Then there. Always cook cnubage or any ol I i!> lllc <- n 'er popular sour crcnm Its family In an uncovered nnn. I^I_J:^^l=mrr . This prevents the forming of Ihc !gas which gives off the unplcajiniit odor EO obnoxious to mosi of us. Cooking It uncovered, nnd for n short time, also keeps 11 from becoming strong nnd unpalatable. sight days'.before-her death. She i Over-cooking of en basso cause Is.; survived • by 38 ' grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. She performed her. daily tasks until her &?ath. household Read Courier News Wani Ads. loss of much food value mill tends to make the vegetable difficult for j some people to digest, i | Loses Mircrals in Itniling j Another pointer for preparing cabbage is to put It on to cool: m MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS ('ily A 1 F:irm I'mprrtivs. S|trclal Title Srrvirc Colonial and Modern Fixtures, SI. 75 & Up MAKE YOUR HOME ATTRACTIVK WITH LATEST IJOHT FIXTUHKS Walpole Electric Shop I'hone :m EXPERT WIKING GUARANTEED THK COMPOSITION ROOFING AT OLD PRICES 160 J.b. Hex-ShingU-s, • Red or Green. Per Square $4.95 Phone 40 PLAY SAFE - - Be certain that you have ample fire anil storm protection on your home and house furnishings. Phone 12 First National Insurance Co. Insurance Of All Kinds 125 Lb. Twin Lock Shingles, Red or Green. Per Square 77 Lb. Paroid Roll Roofing. Per Square $3.95 $3.60 65 Lb. I'aroid Roll Roofing. Per Square $2.70 55 Lb. Hibbard Roil RooHng. Per Square $1.58 45 Lb. Hihbard Roll Roofing. Per Square 35 Lb. Hihbard Roll Roofing. Per Square $1.35 $1.08 HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. Land For Sale nrnr Sirrlf, . n p.lvrd Jiighw liun^alnw. bedrooms. SIR mon- 2(1 arrrs vhirr nr, SI. ISO. •10 ntrcs mar Holland, im- irnvnl, SH.CllO. fin arrrr nenr Armnrrl. most •ill in cultivation. Sl.iiOO. HARGAINS IN HOMES Prcltv sturco icmliirkv Ave., 3 ?1.SM— 5200 cash, Ililv. Slurrn huny.ilow, 3 bed- rrnms. nrc-tty lot. Krnturkv Ave.. S2.0(H)_S2M) casli, SIR nirnthly. /^ Si.v room cnllaRp. Chlcki- Miwlia Ave. AH imi>rovrmcr/-'s. S3.(HM— Small cash r-^jnifnt, Inlaurr like rtnl. Sevrn room rcsiilrnct. Kentucky Ave™ F.haclr trees. S3.- S0<> — Snnlt rash raymcnl. hi'lanr-p nmnlhly. rridf AilHilloii. ."> rooms A l.^lh, two lots. Rravel slreci, S5.i<l— S100 rash, S10 monthly. Slurro buriralow, Krntwlty Ave.. hot water hral, flrt I pbrc, 53.000 — Small rash payment, balance monthly. KisM room residence. Ken- lurky Ave. Rents .it S25. SI.>SO— S.MO rasli. S2S monthly. Sevrn room collage, TIrarn St. at high school, Sl/!50— i S2Sn rnsli, SIS montlily. I'ixr rooms and hath on TIcarn, near liieh school, WOO — S100 cash. $12.50 monthly. THOMAS LAND co u Invites you to visit his improved and enlarged store, across from bakery. Here you may see a complete new stock of lovely thing's for "Better Homes," including breakfast and dinner sets, glassware, pictures, lamps, radios, el- eotric refrigerators and washing machines. Also School Books and Supplies. We* what now makes a good O *p root- The Shu's the Limit to our ROOFING SERVICE Make Your Old Roof Bloom Again With Youth by Re-roofinj P.irrht Over the Old Roof With ' CKRTAINTEKD UNI VKRSAL SHINGLES We Know What Makes a Good Roof and We Guarantee Fullest Satisfaction " E.C.ROBINSON «s, LUMBER CO. PHONIC too

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