The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1941
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE. • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line — • lOc !Vo times per line per day OSc Three times per line per day..OCc Bix times per line per day 05c Month rate per line 60c Card of Thanks &QC & 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before 'expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment \i bill made. All Classified Advertising copy >ubmitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accom- • panied by cash. Rates may be eas:- 'Iy computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. PRICE JITTERS For Rent Front 3 Room Apartment, Furnished. 809 Henrn St. j Two large Furnishrd rooms with kitchenette. 708 W, Main St. Desirable bedroom, twin beil-s. Men; preferred. 1017 Walnut, Phoni' • 102. aa-ck-r A Used Car Price May He Low at $500 or High at SI00 . . 4 Hoom Apartment, 719 Ash St.. A ear should be judged by phone 727. u,wk-tt continued performance, rath-1- er than by original perform- ' ance. Therefore it is wise to buy only where the WORD of the DEALER is absolute- Now Sears-Roebuck RADIOS AT DISCOUNT TOR CASH! Radio Hospital Ingrain Uhig. io;< E Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Storo Phone 5-10 Wanted 1040 FORD DELUXE TUDOH For Sale Excellent grado soybean Iray S9.GO, per ton. Alfalfa hay $12^00 per' ton ni my barn l 1 -, niile.s north- of Bassett. I. A. Sims. 25pk2 No. 1 Alfnlfn Hoy $15.00 per ton. See Jean Bradbury, 3 miles .south Rosehmd. 25-pk-l ly DEPENDABLE. Uuy With Confidence $580 $355 $199 $99 $174 1'2-ck-d Well appointed 4 room upartmeiu, with good heating plant. Cull 1U7. lil-ck-u CHEVROLET MASTER COACH 1Mb' CHEVROLET COACH .......... JIM CHEVROLET SEDAN ......... 1935 FORD TUDOR .., I'ick-ups & 1!- Tons Corona adding machine. One Corona Standard Portable Typewriter. Like new. Can be seen ac Don Edwards. Phono 511. 21ckU 1937 FORD PICK-UP Nice New 4 Room House on Lot 75xi75—$650.00. Roili&on & Cagle. Ill North 2nd St. Phone 1138. . 34-ck-lf 1937 Ford Pickup, in good condition. Bargain i'or cash, Phone 1040-W. 24-ck-2« 194(1 'Chevrolet 2-door.' Very reasonable for cash. Sirnpu 'Apartments. Main and Second, Apartment No. 2. 24-pk-31 Big type Poland China pigs. Registered and vaccinated. Out ol sows weighing from 650 to 800 pounds. Write Arthur Aeforcl, Steele. Mo. g-pk-4-8 One complete 2 or 3 chair Barbel- Shop Equipment. Also, one complete Shoe'Shop Equipment. Real Bargain. Call 764. F. Simon. 7-ck-tf $197 $379 $488 $245 $395 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phones 810-1122 5th & Walnut Sis. JMionc SUM 122 1938 CHEVROLET ^ TON PICKUP 1940 FORD PICKUP 19 a? G.M.C. IV.- RUCK 1938 CHEVROLET I'. TON TRUCK AT... 3 room furnished aparimont. Private bath and (jt!ra»e. -;oi So, Lake St. l<)-ck-U FOR RENT—Two-room unfurnished • apartment. Lights, \ am! hot water furnished. Couple only. J129 West Ash. Three room Jurnijjhoil apartment. Newly decorated. COiJ N. Fifili. 17-ck-M Bedroom. Steam la-iU. 818 West Walnut. 17-ck-tI No. i "Alfalfa Hay. good recleaned Seed Soybeans. Avksoys and Dei- stas. Burdette Plantation, Bur- detie. Arkansas. " 7-pk.-4-7 Stock:bar-n and lots located at Manila, Arkansas. Delia Implements, Inc. 28-ck-tf Good work mules. Gash or terms. See Floyd Simpson, Delta Implements, Inc.. Blytheville, Ark." 28-ck-tf Baby Chicks Marilyn Hatchery Phone 742 Blytheville Notice Wanted to Buy One National Cash Register, electric model preferred, Oiie Adding Machine. Kur- rpijghs preferred. One typewriter. All must he in best 1 of condition and priced 2 and 3 room furnished apartments. Reasonable. 1315 W. Main. 15-ck-ti 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan. i4-ck-tf KKBU1LT «LUE IUBWON Tractors & Equipment ALL GUARANTEED DELTA Implements, Inc. KOK SALIC US H. Ash Si. 5 room* A; l)iit!i- l'rie« *;'^i{5l).0l) ( $3i)0.(H) cash, b«l- HIICO $25.UO monthly. l'obi>esslon ul on«c. THOMAS I.ANJ) CO. H. C. Cuiupbt'U, Minnows for Sale For Sale or Trade Colored Woman cook (o live on Sioro. at JJynun'c Pimm- MO. G. a Hawks. 24-ck-J!0 K. Main. used cars. Longest .terms. Sid Bryeans, 1%' mile:, -12- North on Highway 61. '8pk4-H 40 Models-Galore Chevrolets - Fords - Plymouth Cars - Pickups and Trucks Buy Ahead of the Bi & Spring Market and Save $50 to $100 gas—Tank i:ar (n your cur. (TctracthyJ <Ju>>) JOVNKU OIL CO. U. S. Highway t>), North i 2-i-nouf 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Call 1018-W. Mrs. A. Wcrt. H-ek-U Comfort-able bedroom, Private entrance. 515 Walnut. Pliono 351 13-cR-tl Bedrooms, ne;ir bath. HoL witter. Rea-sonabJo. 50G Walnut. Phonr 1144. .l2-ck-4-12 Bedroom, ono block from postolTice 301 North Broadway. Phone 970 i 12-ck-tl DON EDWARDS "The TypewrUn- Mut\" ROYAL. SMITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON I'ORTALJU5 TYPEWKITERS GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING PHONK oil (Every Transaction Mujl Be Satisfactory) EFFECTS OF 'SPINAL LESIONS Chronic vmebrn! strains arc ciniM-d by cureless, .slouchy liiibiu of sitilny. .sl.'indins nnd Inmm.-Hii- injury. Tlwy not only cause; pain in ibc neck, siiou'nicr.i und ))ju'k but .symijtuins of 'sr;ititicn and rhcumaliMii. di.sturbanru- of < irculation. which ull'c-cls (he lunclionins 01 intcrnn! onjans :IIH! ^hnid::. lowi-rs !)ocly resistance from the result in;: nrrve i>rcsMin', ni:il:!ac. one tiiorc MIS- i.'optibli: to colds, sinuiti.s. di«c.sti\.- (ii-,turbanct\s, hcurt. tiilinrnts. etc. ' Obtcopathic udju.MmcMil.s cornxis .such .strains und conditions. BUS. MIES & NIES Clinic; I5M j\l:im Stock No. •"•—••—•• 49 64B 77 40 355 65 81 34 317A 36 373 Model 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1939 1937 MAKE , Chovrolcl Deluxe Town Sedan ! Cltcvrulol Deluxe Tmvn Sudan C'lu'vrolol Deluxe t'otipo Kurd V8 Twlor Ford VR (ill Tudor I'lymciulh Deluxe Sednii Kuril V,S VS5' !'k'lv-iiii Truck Chevnilct 1 (., Tun Oil) & <;iiussi« |)I»|KC ;i/.i Stake )t<xly Truck Chevrolet Call Over ISiiifine Truck C.M.O. l'» 'INtu ',1 Spc.i-.d 'rnirk »V lUtily Was $675 $675 $625 $625 $635 $625 $549 $595 $550 $485 $325 Now $575 $595 $545 $559 $497 $529 $435 $545 $450 $345 $239 Save $100 ?80 $80 S66 $138 S9G $54 $59 $140 92—More on Our Big Used Car Lot—92 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights and Loy Eich Chevrolet C PHONE 633 Comfortable room, next to bain. I One block from Hotel Noble. ! Phone 978. .I2-ck-U i , three-room apartments with bath. 13C Sycamore. 'Phone 104R or-28." 10-ck-tf All or any part, of RJghter Truck Terminals Warehouse, Platform. Office. Phone 727 or U2. T-ck-4-7 'i room fiirn'shecl a]>artnicn[. Close in. 212 So. Franklin. Phone 1115 7-ck-tf •right':-. Torn Co. Little Hard- REPOSSESSED TIRES All Sizes TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Large bedroom, -^wm beds. Steam hea t. Men preferred. Chickasawba and number 1. Comei 10th. Phone 23-ck-ti Found Truck Tire tuici Wheel on .South Highway 61. Call 9!)4. lM-pk-28 For Sale or Rent 4 Room House on Highway 13. 125 West Main St. 25-pk-29 When you eat American Lady canned gi>ods you can_ truthfully say that you are "eatnfig the best. Frozen Foods, Eagle Stamps. We .Deliver. Phone 1133. 1'ICKARD'S GRO. & MKT. Farms For Sale WE MAKE STORM SEWER — ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co, Phones 253 & 60 D. S. Laney Ed Wiseman Osceola, Ark. NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Improved and Cut-Over Land ANY SIZE TRACTS Small Down Payment FARM LOANS AT -LOW RATE OF INTEREST Riales Land Co.. Cooper mdg. Across from CHy Hall .Phone '109 iy LEARN TO TYPE TFIE TOUCH METHOD ON Brand New Typewriters Instructions ?1.00 per Month Mrs. Don Edwards FOR SALE APPROVED ALFALFA SEED PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores CHAMPION in 5. 2 st. Phone 5U Welding Electric and Acclyjrnc WELDING Vender and Body Work «nd Lawn Mower Sharpening D. W. CRANFORD Uell. Ark. Persona] Arouse Sluggisli Liver, work o3 '.he bile to rid yourself of constipa- lion, :gas pains, "and thai sour, k feeling. Take one box-of HIRST'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS rmrf Beam and Peas o/ Various Variety Also Car of STONEVILIE Pedigreed IS and 4^8 LR, Matthews m Co. WEEK i A RECORD MAKING TIKE j AT RECORD MAKING I TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone Sir Wadbing, Iroi) Quilts or Blanhcb 15c cacf» Maytag \Vasher—Urying Room VHIic Ijell Green, behind City Ice 'lant, H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-10-9 Stoneville Amteador Stoneville 2-8 R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. ALLKY 001* He's Go I You, Doom Y V. T. HA - i > ME* HAW/' —* ' AMD/' RlDlCULOU*?.' ; ; . -•"----;^yajve ^EMUP >-;;7; -^ TO ^5 ^ M *i, rv* \i/i LA r \ — i l«;«-Sl fc j VVrl*\i \ Vilr f-'-^P'U'^L 1 ^* i UWCA.e SAM BH^IMP-'C' '? VOU'VE. GOT WOULD ' LIKE TO ,- - PEHHAPS SiOT BUT ,<\ AVIATOR'S JACKET IS A RATHER I OR. EOV GOOD HEWewS, 1 TH £ G-\Wl f WHAT WOIJLD A PED BL; /-- DIDN'T U EXPECT TO SEE VOU STEP T-^OM YOU? -OJ KMOW WOULD L BE- •'•rf?ri&W" / fK<&:M\ ^^\^^z&~J- •--' \\ . V-.T'.'.V:??*?'^ BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES ftpoak Up, .lohn! BY EDGAR MARTIN WASH TUBBS UKE CLfl,Wb OF IRON, MY HANDS WILL SHUT \ OFF THE BREATH OF LIFE! VVILLSHUT l iV\SLLBEFREBTO...TOC B ROY CRANJS / TELL ME ' "" / MORE OF YOUR «WTERE5TIW6 PL THIS ONE'S FOK VICKI,WHOM vou TO BURS'ALIUEi AMD'THIS ' FOR. 8AS-S1LA, t>yjw6 IM As HOSPITAL ^iTy\T/j»^^^'"- ; '^'' •"' *-—^^^i '" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LOOK AT THIAT, ) Irs A WOULD VOLJ/ 7 MU*>EU*A ' I KMOW ir SOUMOS SILLY, &ur OUR PLANE" 1 AMD YOU \^/^o r <q - - ' ' ANJD~._ ., .... AGfc'MTS DID rOUR. G^K.^ <306M, CHIEF scorr, ANlO A- T-TV ' APE "rve c^ir V/MOEV'ER DID r< PIECE IT.SURE V./AS NOW, L'M TO ' DO SOMETMIWG THOROUGH/ BE A CLUE.'CAM COPS. W1 DY NEA SERVICE, INC.. Vij T. M; aFG. U. 5. V*,T. Qff\*~* RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAW r"^ 1 ^ sot GOAT vH.i-s.<sfSs ,' auT v«JH a T A'Re: V tVrr-ro'HEUp/ R *-'.s c*.ptufce o r-ocT/ - y

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