The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1936
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1936 Wires Tell How Too Feels About Tuesday's Voliii" BI/YTI1EVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 0. TI ,. < ci swamps Ihwealt tor bher- inspired by Ihe Democratic' L css Tj ian *?5 flflfl Nnu. landslide rcgUteral in yesterdays Hldll ,p£J,UUU INOW election, Joe Isaacs, pioneer Blv-i Needed lo Pll! Uicvlllc merchant, paid his respects by telegram today to three iiMiional figures today. To Franklin D. Roosevelt, re- - ••• j»uvi elected president of the United d<l)r a " <l totl!i >' ^roneht tile nice EiutoA by a record-breaking ma- Slix !tKtor i' <"'"> to $«,735. it was '•:-I'v. he wired: - ,; nimaimroil at noon todav by J. i the' hii,i M?!l u '' oo!!s .' Secretary.of the cnm- fire hydrants In llio. sub-dlvisl'on' nnd though several flrrmon rush-1 I'd to tt'ie scene they were'fore-! cd lo slond, by and watch Hie could be leiuned ..,. - ...... ..„ insurance on tuc property which lind beon occupied E i TjutMlug burn, i So fnr ns couli (hero wns no Imu paign Over the Top Additional contributions 'yester- iff; Re-apportionment Vote Heavy As was to be expected Missis- si] -|ii ccunty voters did their part "Ccngratulatlo in sweeping President Franklin slide as you sa\ I). Roosevelt to a second term in well us our home, wnicn we ctiinc yesterday's general election. They very near losing. May. Ood bless !?' aho cast an unusually heavy gen- "nil preserve yon so we mn vlvt- " eral election vote tor Amendment them hell again in four years from *«? n '"}'^° K to the slate constitution, which new." - ™" > uo ""d .'"l l.'ovides an effective method of TO Alfred F qmtn, ; rnv, ' , k , ? " ln " 525 ' ( .nrorcing re-apportionment of the ernor of Nev-'Yo rl ho «i B? •" - •" •' " - l ° """"' stale legislature. message- ' Hale Jackson, only Democratic- "Get 'the brown derby tin, >1<\l^!iinji tin- n ...*....... -.. i_ _..,„ _ . «.«*nn \lliMj u|l( I tOJl i- teen liviii'j in the IIOIKC recently but slie-. was not at 1 - - - " discovered. ," , . ssure csmlun- hls T, nt llere °' a satmial factory 1 1VOI|I(1 -P™"..; rs.ula,- c .n"" '= «* were actm Thweatt. , , With no particular incentive for 0 n qutelt count officials in many v precincts still had not turned in tl boxes to the county clerk and county treasurer at noon today. H is doubtful if much In the way of a complete count cnn be obtained before the county election tonrd meets Friday to certify the returns. ,. :, l ; '(!|:'[| With Mississippi county to reap a definite, reward three represen- intlvcs Instead of one and a senator cf its own instead of sharing one with two other counties—if the re-apportionment amendment . Mr *- Carle Brownlee, S3 wile ucninrci A carries, county voters piled up a °' M - P- Brownlee, prominent Dell Roy Koonce substantially bigger vote for nicrclinnt and farmer, died ««»nce the fnmtlv Hoyd U\M Wife of Del! Merchant and,?-' knowtatged follow: C. H. Whistle J. E. Husson .-.iiuion-Warren Hdw. Co., Memphis ... Gay & Billimjs 0. A. Richards .. '. Elise Moore '...'. W. D. ChnmHin '.'_"_ Moore's Cnfc Peerless Cleansrs VV. T. Barnetl ..... W. H. Stovall Kirkindall's 5-10-25o (Store E. R. Jackson ... G. E. Keck . ... not previously ac- Planter Succumbs Sudden Altack •v.nsils gave so J4 i;- nnci there num !M ui contributions | of Jj mn)y W JHJ ams Suffers than 520,000 renm.m New Injury to Leg Hl.v! Fighting- Fira Jimmy ^yilllalns re-lnjincd : a leg. hurt, while aiding nrj-njliters U;.*. 1 more than n year ago,' .when n car lie was driving crashed Inlo 'tin: rear end or n imrkJd truck on Highway 18, about n m.le v::sl of Dell, last nlglit. The injury, howcycr, was not b2 ileved to lie as serious as It nrs appeared. Williams IUSD sustained a slight scalp wound. Several occupants- of the truck sustained minor Injuries and were given first aid treaimcnt al th scene of the accident. W. E. Armstrong, revenue depart- mem. olficcr. wl:o Investigated. Ihc accident, said that the- tiuck ha< been stopped on the highway whsr a wheel came oil. , . The ownsr, J. p. Crowder of NJ\I Edinburgh, Ark., and H. O. Mar- timlfile, driver, hnd gone to Manila to obtain necessary parts 101 repairing the wheel, leaving Houston Crowder, Elmer Matkln, Glarty: Crowder. Mary Crowder and Louis tJ. W. Sykes .' (0 D r. J. A. Saliba " [ Dr. O. M. Usrcy .. s. E. vaii ........;;;;; f J. Norris iMoon wife Bernard A. Qoocii "]!" $ 500.00 100.00 ir.ooi 100.00 25.00 ,. 2500 5000 50.00 250.00 100.00 10000 100.UJ 100.00 100.00 25.00 25.00 150.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 Amendment home Hail 25 than any other »^ck last ni L „, _^ Dell about nine hours >1. C. eTsuff ered a stroke of E'tert Huffman Mrs. Brownlee had been Carl Gnns'ke • lr llG'llth fit ti t. T r rn ^ • • • ^* iixux,, •.•-: ] ™ vly ,, llart be en feeling un_ W. L. Lambert •s through "* u . n "V well prior to the stroke Harman Taylor uship. ofll- ^" c " came without warning. Mrs Grater's Store ,_.,.!-,„* • ornivnlpo m 01^,1 I_T^_«. .. 25.00J Marlindale bc'hind. All are collon «• 25.00. pickers on the Hert L;wis fnrn south of Roseland. 25.00 Visibility iras poor, diie to rain 25.00 «-hEii Williams' car crashed Into 25.00^ Ihe truck. It is understood that 15.00' Williams said thj truck was 111115.001 lighted bi.t those in the truck proposal submitted. Amendments No. 22 and No. 23 and Initiated, Acts No. 1 and No 3 also received inibstitntial approval of voters at 10 boxes. The solid Democratic ticket, from presidential e'i?ctor< slate, county and townsuip. oiu- - t »unuut warning. Mrs uratier'a Store ii-A^n v n n n "i"" ", cere received an overwhelming Brownlce moved to Dell with M?' O. Shonyo ''^ , ^ lc l ' Mck al vote. Anything less would have »«"""« and their fami, y atout & J. A len ™" considerably damaged. been more than a surprise in this '« Vears ago. . Burke i,dw. Co !™°°i „„„„ .... traditionary Democratic slate and ..She is survived by her husband Gcor « c Dysinger t-m.r- -\ t r, » '"LIU, .- . " . 25.00 1,250.00 - -- *•• till, 1,1 UL.A. claimed lights were on the front nnri rear of the truck. y, Eoth the truck and car were rninit" 13,,) 11 I , it, —I-.MCU uy ner llUSBand ^'""'S 1 - ujaniger count.. But Hie enthusiasm in three sons. M. p ,-,. E , " u ; Z. A. Mcuuis.on tnp vnld rn-r t3.iA~n.r n ii ,T*.. . r.-,n m ^ _._ , , •"•• ""^i Hnd „ ... _ 1LJIL " 1 jjuu IJU - ujiuiiisiiisiii in t»'iL*e so] is \j p j.. -, the vole for Roosevelt (Demo- Dallns, and two d'aii-iitp, cratic presidential electors ap- rene and Louise Aho ««rvf, • paired (o transcend mere party her are three brothers win Pn! obhgat.ons as voter after voter Icr and Horace Potter of PoUs expressed his satisfaction, to all Camp, Miss., nnd Earl Potte? of uthm hearing, .of the opportunity Dell, and a sister Mrs F T R° to cast a ballot for him. | lee of Dell ' Rj <f ar-MSi Sf^s .,„"= != , :^, s with the nnll „ ..uiu.. 1UJ Ul> r ar - °- W - ^"'ght 100.00 100.001 Opening the door of a. rcfrig- 25.00, orator raises Die temperature from one to three degrees. ™-l\Vo _Qscep|a ," boxes buT'lcaving'home "'at' Leach- Rev. iy of Clarendon.'ni "('. ,, , ' interment will o\a7.e ol Unknown :em ct?: Destroys Unoccu wm- Dwelling ion - southwest of Blytlieville. v »l- - WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhoul Cibxrl—And You'll Jump 0« I of B«i ia the Mornio| Faiia' ID Go , '. -The liver Bhnuld T>our out tag pounds of liquid Ul,. ,nlo yourUwtls J,,i!,.. H il,i»li!« a not llo;vmit fn^ly. you r fnoiltlcwin't dirait. , 11 Jlisl .lecuja in the Inwcb. (iu lilont, up jour f'J.IlBtli Yoil'irrt mn.tiLal^l. Your ^^llOle3i•sl•Jmi3 iujmunr*] anil you rt*t«o(ir SUIIK unj the \vorlil looksTiimk. .; only nullia.1,tf ts . A mor. lion-ellnovcincnldiHao'I cri M ilie caiue It Ute lh»J<.- Kxxl. oM Carter's |,«(|i Ij, cr J ilin '.oi:t:l IKtai; two fjoutiila of bi follow ins m-olv an li make you feel "u p flntl up" H,. n n. Iwi. Kciille. ycl nmnzlnir in Jrmkinn Ijile HOIT l " d '-' JA/orCnricr-s IMk l.iver Pills hi btubl>ornly refuse anything eUe. 25c. 657; against 05. Initiated Act. No. i, the Ca2orl iree text book proposal, for( 978- against C33. Initiated Act. No. 3, to reform nnd simplify criminal procedure •for. 1.430; against, Ifli. , No advance sale of tickets for The three mil! road tax, omil-'"' e Q lytheviI!e-Newport football ' < :;!J™. 1 !.. th( LP" IlM tallot, ™, f™ e ™y "fght will be held TK1WY AliSTRACT'& REALTY CO. Alislracls, Lands & Loans K. M. Terry, r res. ana nlgr. I'tione fi!7 Rlylhcvillc, Ark. Vn Advance Ticket Sale For Game V/Hh Newport , \ ra , apparentiy voted by electors at thls ' b ° TCS> ' a those b3 ' w - Blythevilie and Osceola, where, " a .° r schools. , it Ms announced todiv McClurkin, superin end- l,^ -- 1- 01411.1 n ![{. n rl- turned over Federal Court Orders Refund to^Hog Shippers EAST ST. LOUTS. III.—The St. ' \ Lcuis. Livestcck Exchange and 38 J Affiliated coinniissimi companies .? v.ere ordered hy a three-judge federal court in East St. Louis yes-' i terday to refund to hog shippers n fund of between $20000 and 530,000, representing commissions charged in excess of the rates set by Secretary of Agriculture Wallace. he sold at the Sif r mlay nl * ht - Adult adn win oe 50 cents, students 'he sixth grade 25 cents an sixth grade and below, lo ( ELECTRIC A~ACETYI.E.XE~ WELDING AT REST PRICES I'hOMPT SERVICE Barksdale. Mfg. Co PHONE ID WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who win guarantee to repair your radio to first class cond'- llnn. A Complete Line of Tubes and Parts - - Best Prices Hubliard Tire & Ual. Co. Phone 476 NOTICE To Our Customers We are now closing our rc- t»ir rtcjiiirlinpul nnd gas ^Ui ion at 9 p. M * riny, however we wll , , nain . "In all night scrvlce at the Hlythcvillc Motor Sales Co. Phone 1000 for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. BILLINC Kindling -jnw Located al iu i north seoonff ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU nON FtnVARIJS, Proprietor A " ^"",11^"!^"'^^"^.««»'-. «• PAGE THREE} - . THOKSDAY. Campho-Lyptus COLDTREATMENT „ COUCH SYRUP - c< 25c OINTMENT NOSE DROPS With Dropptr m --»•••• ^ 65c Dispenser Italian Balm| "59 ( "Old Mill" X|i -^7,; r . , Chocolate 1 ^i?,!?'*' Malted MilkU*" AL 3Qe I 2-Lh. sir, I Tub *- ' "SSI c He.v, Qrad« , MINERAL OIL Hew Stationery, new stYJcs.ors. Fountain Syringe,jojapletc Cod Liver Oil Kolynos SATIJKDAY' GARDENIA FULL PINT "Afonarc/i' HOT WATER l<* >f I BOTTLE SSJ-...49" SOc Barbasol Shaving Cream SOc r Feenamint Laxative Gum ccJ fo apirin* TA« (fL-..,j , of. thrifty, MODESS 0 .L45c M»dr..T. loflr.l SS-vQ-^ ..,., ^L GarJenia—The Ntii> Quality l!, a ,,t y C.r<)«nliLlp,tkk-Co!d Crcan.-1 r. u , Cl«anslne Cream—Fac» Powder- "My Baby's TALCUM POWDER Lorfi « ^«3> c •Tin. ,,(£«,"» C SOc Frostllla „., Lollon JO* Maybloom «» c 60cPomp«ian .. t Lux Soap . |_ 91.25 Kreml Q . e Hail To,,ic J)0 50e Campana *•,, D'eiVin d / 25c Jergen's <.. l.ollot] ....... .-|JJ Talcum / -_ "All.P,itpoie"a. . V / SOcHennafoam .», Shampoo ...... Ov SPECIALS SOcForhan's «.- Tooll,!',,!, 34 75c Llsteriiic efl Anliaiplir, Mor. . . 33 AsplrlnTnblots,.*, i.r.rain. lloUl.oriOO £3 Olive Oil ._ e ^"I'inl J I SOc Prophylactic .- TooiliUmik . . . .4«V HwlaSoap «. , ., .. Oemci Evcrrcady H!..l t t l t( d af .s Adlerika -- Ft'ih St,,ch M&BER GLOVES SPjiIro . . 4Sc THE OBLIGATION try Wai • jcicd I ON ELECTRlCflg. t TOOTH BRUSHES Aliorltd nylc, & co | ot tochooie from. BREAD TOASTER $1.00 NUJOL Mineral Oil 7S L A\ " n /;;,7^ EL^TlRIC . r Valentine^!! c.^* 1 ^. & ELECTRIC HAIR 1^ "0 TONE ^ J CPOPCORN" POPPER IRON Swivel Cor0 Curling Iron Worth More! TRIED M & M? If you have, [hen nobody has (o tell JOT that Maltingly & jM ( , orc is just about the smoothest, mellowest low-priced whiskey you ever smacked your lips over i M & M is ALL \VHISKEY-|W fine straight whiskies, bltuJeiJ logelher You'll cheer M '& M's FRANKFORT DISTltlEHIES, INCORPORATED IOUISVI11E • BALTIMORE 99 C \ I-UI.I. PINT Keal ,1,1 /* rS3«.000 in ft\,,, ,„-. ,,.-,, ia\!)nT ' "V" 5 * \l i"' 'abKnamin.eonlfii.Tunt U J. I p '" "' «liil«. I Kl\ PEPSODENT tl TOOTH PASTE Tube "ANTISEPTIC $1.OO Bolt .79 ABDOJj Ksil Dandnrfii e tSc jcalp viRoi Olafs ABDG CAPSULES tAPSULES BH """"."Ol (f -tT" »^-..89cl»H.p5U U«;ld up you, syilf ' m B Towrl— f*W3i . •/ SCAlnit rn,,A -_.l ^_i I .,,• i~i_|.. * « IJ ^-N^-™*^ aca; nl | coug^"!,' n j" c ' 0 1j' • OnlvJl! Bo« of 100. . . 2.79 I %**&' UpsetStomach? <3ian* Size ju-Ooux (Po-Do) Ani) 10 Po-Do RAZOR BLADES All J& g\. - 3Sc VAPO.RUB ',. CEI1TIFIED Mllii of MafinesU TOOTH PASTE 2 tf|i.«-Y ForpJ .1 ft II SHAVING "Clironmastcr" Electric Bell Alarm Cloclt Fully ^ J 9 Cu.uanleciJoJ^—.— Suptiict «oitm=rikip mjikt* Ihii clock an o-it- 2- WAV SOCKETS SOc "Mastercrjft" 3-Way Electric HEftTING PAD Approval ||SiyffVG |LL ETTr HALiluniVERT pf!r^ c 1 NOSE ! OIL CAPSULES 1 BLADES * ™W&K. fOHTIFIED 25'i ^L LA »°E PACKAGE JU^ai^ $1.25 Creosoted Emulsion 79c 25cCo!d Caps, SL: CRRO- JJULSION ^«T *& i txyi\f .00 piw; tfftK HAIR TONIC - OF! NESTLE'S i Chocoiatc Bars Box A& $1.25 Pinkham tfeg. Com. SOc Vicks Nose Drops Aetna Radio •y ~^£ Viscolized MILK of $1 Nervine SO-c DR. ZIPJO PADS tantlard White) ? tfi *s!» i?W Mfl tSiHij $1.25 Peruna $1 Wampotes Preparation • Sie sromo Quiiiiiie $1.25 Pefrolagai 91 ^5 Combination Fountain Syringe and Hot Water Bottle Electric Heat Pads Guaranteed $1.49 to $5 Main and Broadway

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