The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina on July 1, 1917 · Page 10
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The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 10

Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 1, 1917
Page 10
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THE MORNING STAR, WILMINGTON; N. C. SUNDAY, JULY l; l9l 7. TEN I; SUrdftlER SCHOOL HALF OVER 4 Man Special Feature on University Program Past "Week Fourth to 'I Be Big- Day. (Special Star Correspondence). Chapel Hill, n1 C., June 30. TheUni--, versity of North Carolina - Summer l t School passes the half way mark of : . the present session the coming week, r ' Class work has inow reached the point where results may begin to be seen,, tnd, the libraries and reading rooms ...are crowded during leisure hours, with - eager readers. The, present session of the Summer School has been characterized by tne " large number of men and women who .have come here to remain the entire six weeks and carry on work for credit. Hence there is little of the shifting attendance of several years ago, when mot of the students were normal stu- dents. Attendance has been climbing by little during the past week and now the total number in attendance is around 800, .which compares favorably with the attendance at this time last year. The second term, with two im- portant teachers' institutes, will most likely carry the attendance well beyond 1,000. ' Many special features have found place on the program of the past week. Last 'night the KNorth Carolina Story Tellers' League held its annual meeting here, with Mrs. R. E. Ranson presiding. A business session was held in the afternoon and story telling, plays and : games were indulged in. Friday night Col. Fred A. Olds, of Raleigh, delighted a packed house with his stories of va- : rious types.. Mr.. N. W. Walker praised Colonel Olds' work highly in introducing him to the audience. Preparations are busily going on now for the elaborate celebration of July 4. Durham will assist in the observance of the tday. There will be the usual procession at 10: o'clock in the morning. The officers of the University, and of the Summer School, the officials of the town, a delegation of the Red Cross a military contingent from Durham and the student body will take part in it. Following the procession, a patriotic cantata will be given, under the direction . of Mrs. Frank Byram, of the "Washington City schools. The music . of this cantata was written by Mr. W. - P.- Mercer, . of Edgecombe county, and is "adapted to the well known ode of Dr. Henry Van; Dyke, "Pro Patrla," Miss. Dicie Howell, of Scotland Neck, will take the--part of America. There are niany other special roles in the cantata and attractive choruses. It has been produced with great success In Washington and other large cities. In the afternoon a brilliant patriotic pageanrwill be given under the direc- tion of Prof. A.; Vermont. ' This will symbolize America's expanding in internationalism, beginning with the representation of the lifeof the early settlers and concluding with America's entering into the world war. DR. D. B. GRAY GIVES SEASIDE AUDIENCE REFRESHING' CRUISE (Continued, From Page One.) - Dr. Weston Bruner followed with a masterly address on ''Winning to Christ Through the Sunday School," declaring that the Sunday school was" the . church's most glorious opportunity of winning souls to Christ. Every church can pot be popular and have throngs of people to attend its services, but every church can, through the Sunday school, win every "boy and girl in the Sunday school ! to Christ. Miss Annie Ruth Caldwellled the W. M. U. Conference, speaking on "Comrades in Service The T. W. A. and G. A." Dr. Vines' Address. In the outset of his address on "The : Christian Minister and the War," Dr. Vines declared that a position of neu- - trality. is utterly untenable a'nd im.-possible for a minister. "The Christian-minister must have convictions on all great-issues," he continued. "Dante, in his Inferno, put those who are neutral in the everlasting fight between. . right and wrong-in the lowest place in hell." I . "I' met a gentleman some timo ago, just prior to President Wilson's notable address in . which; he declared that the United States wee - in- -a. -state- of - w-ar with' Germany and asked the power of Congress to . declare that, we ; - in wrar with Germany. This gentleman remarked, 'I do not think the United States wants war. My reply was, 'If . the United States does not want war, the. United States ought to want war.' - This shows my personal attitude'in this matter, . and this has been my attitude ever since the Lusitania. went down. "My feeling. of , hostility to Germany has been accentuated mainly by two things. The declaration of the German chancellor that the treaty with, Belgium was a mere scrap of paperj , which outlawed Germany among.- the nations of the earth, and indicated her-attltude of lawlessness and purpose to sling standards down; and the fact that, . after a trip to England, I have been convinced that the English people are the most religious people on earth, and that they stand for all that is best in our civilization." J The speaker then read a number of passages of Scripture In which God's . wrath against sin and wickedness were . shown, and war was shown not to be ; out of harmony with God's purposes. While Christianity will ultimately de-stroy war, we are living in a real and not ideal age. The divine warrant for a righteous war is proven by the at- ..' titude of -the church in all ages, con- ' firmed by the teachings of Christ and - Paul and the general trend of New Testament ethics. The speaker then launched out upon a number of appeals or cogent reasons .for the present world war, which were ;' wonderfully convincing. Appeal to Patriotism. His first appeal was to Patriotism, : I'which," declared he, "is a divine im-pulse inseparably : connected with religious intuition.. For America not to have declared .war would have been .suicidal. There was no escape from : declaration of hostilities, if our material and very .national exAtence war, - to be preserved." I . ; v'Obsessed with materialism, our na- tion -was in grave danger of assuming , an attitude of indifference to the projection of our own citizens, and in pre- ATTENTION CARPENTERS. All members of Local No. 477, United . f Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, ;1 are requested to meet at their Lodge room at 2:00 o'clock this (Sunday) af-K , tarnooa to attend the funeral of Broth er v. w. .rveynoias. ' - o . . .- . J. H. BUNN, V , I . . :-, :." . -v ' - -President. tvn Can Spend an Enjoyable Fourth .latoLumlna, at, small expense. , Plenty of wnusement for everybody. Adv, serving a neutrality "wKich would have destroyed our claim to' righteousness, and started us on the road to degeneracy and inevitable ruin. In a burst of "eloquence, some alternatives of war "were given, reciting with magic effect the story of Charles Martel, who fought the battle of Toors in 732 A. D., turning back the Mohammedan hordes and saving Europe from Moslem rule. Also the' American revolution, the wars of Cromwell. And then he shouted, "If it is not right to go , to war, tear down our monument to the soldiers who fought at King's Mountain; take down the monument to the signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence in Charlotte! They are all criminals, not heroes and martyrs. If all war is wrong, then a police force is wrong. We should have no navy." . His next appeal was to the analogy of the home. "This war is the protection ' of our homes. We have been invaded. If your mother, or wife or daughter had gone down in one of the ships sunk by ' the . ruthlessness and f rightfulness of German warfare, we would not hesitate to -want war with Germany. Our flag must protect every citizen, so faras is within the power of the ''government, or else the flag means nothing. We are fighting for our homes and -our loved ones. Life would not be worth living with German domination." Appeal - to . Humanity. : An appeal to humanity was made. "The crimes of" Germany are innumerable and horrible. The crushing of Belgium, the murder of little children and women by submarines and aeroplanes, the deportation of the Belgians, the destruction of the Armenians, the rape of women; in short, there is no crime in all the catalogue of . crimes which Germany Kas not committed. She is the mad dog among the nations. She must be crushed and destroyed or else civilization is wrecked. The Kaiser is the greatest criminal since Nero. - In fact, I should apologize to the shades-of Nero." An appeal to democracy. "The world must be made safe for democracy," is a sentence that should Ting through the' length and breadth of the land, and thrilj the world. Our fathers fought to democratize America. We are fighting to make a planet democratic. Democracy or autocracy will win. .As much as I deplore and hate' war, I feel that this war must not stop until the house of Hohenzollern is overthrown, whether it takes six months or six years. We must win the war, and we shall win it. America has never lost a war yet and she will not lose this one. Another strong appeal was made o authority, to the position of many great Christian ministers, like Dr. Newell Dwight HiHis, Billy' Sunday, A. C. Dixon and others, who have spoken out, declaring that our nation should enter the world war; Luther and ' Augustine and other great Chris-tion leaders of the past favored righteous war. . There were many Christian soldiers in the Roman army. "There is not one word in the New Testament against' war," he declared. "The Master said, !'If they smite thee oh thy right cheek, turn the other also,' dor?t resist; but this reference is to personaJroffenses. John the Baptist did not tell the' soldiers to cease to fight when they asked him what they must' do. The centurion was not told to cease to be a soldier. While the principles -of love and mercy and justice will finally destroy war, Christianity recognizes the necessity .for war until the brotherhood of man is achieved and this planet Is controlled by the Gospel. Appeal to the Heroic. " The last appeal, which closed with a powerful peroration, was to the heroic, i "I am firmly convinced," said he, "that this war is an awful surgical operation, . which will save the nation from decay, and preserve civilization from utter corruption; and what is more, will contribute to the 'restoration of the Christian religion to Its purity and real mission on the earth. Seriousness, dependence, faith, sacrifice and suffering are essential to the Christian propaganda. : "As - we look death in the face and realize the meaning of life, that we are citizens of eternity, our people will come to themselves, and when the smoke of battle has passed away, we shall learn the folly of war and enter upon a new era of brotherhood and altruism' and spirituality, which 'will bring about the " triumph of the kingdom of Christ among men." WAR TAX BILL COMPLETED BY- FINANCE COMMITTEE (Continued From Page One.) 600,000; freight transportation $77,500,-000; passenger "transportation $37,500,-000; automobiles $40,000,000 (payable under, the revised b.iH . by pleasure car owners and- not manufacturers); amusement admissions $23,000,000,. and first class mail $50,000,000 (by retaining the 1 cent increase' for first class mail and striking out the increase upon post cards). , . The committee struck j out entirely the House 10 per cent, general tariff tax upon virtually all imports. It substituted consumption taxes of 1-2 cent a pound oh sugar, 2 cerits on coffee, 5 cents on tea and 3 cents on cocoa and substitutes. All Spanish war stamp taxes would be virtually re-imposed under the bjll, the committee adding a new tax of one cent each on bank checks over $5. Other changes in the revised bill include a prohibitive tax to stop manufacture' of distilled beverages, while taxes. .on other intoxicants, are vir-cually doubled; elimination: of House taxes of $6,000,000 on inheritances and $108,000,000 retroactive taxes upon .1916 incomes; repeal -of the special 12 1-2 per cent, tax on war munitions; repeal of the "draw back" re-export allowance given sugar refiners; extension to parcel post packages of a tax of one cent for each 25 cents paid for express transportation; - elimination of House .taxes on consumers 'electric light, pow er and gas bills, all insurance, jewelry, club dues, tires and tubes, musical instruments, motion picture, films and chewing gum. SUBSTITUTE DRAFTED FOR 'DRY' AMENDMENT (Continued From Page One.) the President authority to commandeer existing stocks of distilled spirits. Senator Chamberlain said tonight it was not probable that -the bill would be passed before the' Fourth of July recess. - Changes in" the bill will ' be discussed tomorrow with the agriculture committee and with Herbert C. Hoover. Wide Federal authority was advocated by Senator Lewis in a speech lasting over three hours today. He said the President could be trusted in exercising the great powers given and urged prompt action. . Hear 1 Thoe Concerts Today at Lamina; by KneiBel's orchestra, 3:45 and 8:45 p.- in, -A-dyy;-" . PERSHING IS HAPPY OVER THE SAFE LANDING OF TROOPS (Continued From Page One.) Admiral Gleaves should call on him or he on the admiral. "The point is that I want to see him," the general declared.. It was accordingly arranged, as more convenient, that General Pershing should go to the flagship as soon as he was free from the task of inspection. Toward the middle of the afternoon General Pershing returned ashore and he probably will go to Pdris tomorrow (Friday). The debarkation of the I American troops has become almost an 1 old story to this French town and the interest of the inhabitants has centered all day around the commander of the forces. ' ' , Fighting Men Swarm Streets. The weather has been so inclement that only moderate sized crowds have been present to" wlcome the strangers. The streets, however, have been enlivened with swarms of soldiers and sailors. Their activities occupied all of yesterday and last night. Many of the inhabitants watched in wondering fashion the marching and counter marching as if to question whether the French or the Americans owned the town. Soldiers Delighted With Camp. The troops were comfortable in canr today notwithstanding the rain. - General Pershing expressed his satisfaction with the camp, which stands on high ground.' Although drinking water must be brought from a considerable distance, it is of an excellent quality. The sudden influx of the American forces has almost exhausted the town's stocks of supplies, such as tobacco, matches and other articles not in the army ration, and prices are gradually advancing. All the necessities, however, are abundantly present. AMERICAN MILITARY FOLIC: TO HELP PRESERVE ORDER A French Port, June 2S (delayed by censor) The French authorities today turned over to the American military police the necessary authority for maintaining discipline in this town which is now overwhelmingly American in appearance and public life. In order to assist the Americans to keep order, however, the authorities have issued new and stringent regulations which forbid the sale of spirituous liquors to any men in uniform, which regulate the hours the men may be admitted to or served in cafes and restaurants and which specify that disputes and disorders referred to and decided by the Americans. ANTI-AMERICANISM STIRS U. S. ENVOY (Continued From Page One.) capitalistic venture -which made peace more remote instead of advancing ?lt. This, together with the steady campaign which the principal socialist or gans in Denmark had been waging for some time against the good, faith f the United States, ascribing to President Wilson and the American govern ment sordid methods, forced the Ameri can minister to act. M. Stauning, in the course of a Speech, defended his action in attending the Stockholm conferences, pointing out that he had entered the cabinet in his capacity as chairman of the socialist party 'at the request of other parties and . reserved the right to act as his party saw fit. e was ready to leave the cabinet, he said, if his presence was incompatible with the work at Stockholm and announced that he would submit the question of his resignation to a party caucus of the socialist mem bers of parliament. BAKER REPUDIATES COAL PRICE PLAN (Continued From Page One.) sidered that the government had accomplished a notable achievement in inducing the coal operators to agree to a price far below that now effective. Secretary Lane, a central figure in the conference, and otheir officials declined to comment, but it was pointed out that Secretary Baker spoke, only in his capacity as head of the defense council and that he did not attempt to repudiate the approval given the operators' new price scale by Interior Department and Federal Trade Commission officials. May Become Cabinet Issue. ' "Those Who take a different view believe that in the near future there may he an issue in the cabinet-that will involve the very problem presented in this case. Some members of the cabinet are understood to feel that the best way to handle big business interests in this war time is to appeal to their sense of ' patriotism and fair play and that a. little more than ordinary prot would not be a bad thing ii it would stimulate production. Another group is understood to feel that there must be a constant use of the great power of government to coerce business i, this time to give the lowest possible prices. How deep the difference goes has not become apparent but it is possible that a re-appearance will lead to many difficulties among officials. VIRGINIA THREATENED WITH A LABOR CRISIS (Continued From Page One.) factory in this section oftha state yesterday and sought work at Petersb irg, while all the carpenters engaged in work on a wholesale grocery building here struck today and went to '.hat city when their demand for 50 cents an hour was refused. Farmers say it is proving impossible to get men to harvest their crops or help in -the late planting, and r Industrial plants, whose products are ital necessities, are alleged to be in sore straits for -labor. Labor , leaders here say that the entire industrial "situation in the state is in danger, of. being upset, and the farmers complain - that while one branch of the government is trying to induce them to raise larger crops, the War' Department, - by the methods of labor it permits to ba used at the cantonments, is . making- It impossible. " - ----- . NORTH CAROLINA, WITH 22 OTHER STATES NOW "BONE DRY" (Continued From Page One.) sota, New Hampshire, New York,- Ohio and Texas.' -The following are affected at future dates: Alaska, January 1, 1918; Indiana, April 3, 1918; Michigan, -April 30, 1918; Montana, December 31, 1918; and Utah, August 1, 1917. 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An unconfirmed report was to the effect that one of the tugs guiding the big vessel had its liawser cast off tdo s'oonJ Employes of a provision company put out in a launch and picked up three dead bodies and three more who had been reaiu unconscious as they were knocked into the river by the falling tower. " 87 SEIZED SHIPS TURNED OVER TO SHIPPING BOARD . .. Washington, Jvne' 30. Eighty-seven: of the German merchant ships seized in American ports at. the outbreak of war, were turned over 'by President Wilson to the Shipping, Board today for operation. The other fourteen already are in possession -of. the Navy Department. Title to the' vessels was vested in the President in a resolution passed by Congress in May. Many of them already have been-repaired and put into service by the Shipping Board. The total tannage of the 87 ships exceeds 500,00,0. 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R., taking! rate to Norfolk, Va.; shipping point Wallace N. C. A. C. L. R. R. "Timber," Box 167 Burgaw, N. C. j je 26-7t THE "CROWE 1,1 SANATORIUM" HAS been reopened under new management for the I cure of drug and alcoholic addicts. Best staff of consulting physicians on all special diseases that can be secured. Terms reasonable.' Entire privacy for both men and women. Results prompt an3 "thorough. Apply at once, to "Crowell Sanatorium," No. 9 N. Caldwell St.,-Charlotte, N. C. Long distance phone 2907-J. jy l-lt CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS WIL- mington soon. Men and women de-siring government clerkships, depart-, mental, post office, railw&y mail, cus-tpms. Write for free particulars to J. C. Leonard! (Former Government Examiner), Kenois Bldg., Washington, D. C. jy l-lt FOR RENT SIX ROOM COTTAGE AT Winter Park, and good garden space. Only $10 a month. See James and James, Inc., agents. jy l-lt NOTICE THE FIRM OF W. R. DOSH- er & Co. have: associated with them Mr. Hall Whitney, a man of practical plumbing experience, who in the absence of the senior member of the firm will give attention to all work given us. Your patronage solicited. - . Jy i-7t SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCE unnecessary. New specialty proposition; moderate priced goods for general trade. Splendid commission contract- for North Carolina, vacancy n.ow. $35.00 weekly for expenses. Continental Jewelry Co., 16726 Contl. nental Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. i jy l-lt SALESMEN WANTED FOR SPLENDID advertising proposition. Experiener. not absolutely necessary. Esy to make from $3,000 to $5,000 a year in commissions. "Worth ' i Investigating. Don't write unless you ae a live wire. Vlr.ginla4Carolina Brokerage Co., selling agents, Richmond, Va. . KNOW? FURNITURE FOR THE BEACH. WE have man pieces of furniture which is a little damaged.' With a little brushing up will be fine for beach purposes or you can use it and save money in any place you want to put it, home in the city or in the country. See us and we will save you dollars in these war times, don't make any mistake, 19 and 21 South Front street. Sterling Furniture Co., phon 60. E. H. Sneed. Mgr. ma 13-tf LIMES, LEMONS, CALIFORNIA ORAN-f ges, fancy box apples, cabbage, new potatoes, onions, full line soda fountain supplies just received. Send U3 your orders. Bear Produce & Mdse. Co. (Wholesale), Phones 452-453, Wilmington, N.- C. ma 5-tj FOR SALE ONE GO H. P. RETURN tubular boiler; one Glen Cove planer and matcher, 6x10 inches; one gasoline locomotive, 6-inch gauge. Address "Machinery," Box 167, Burgaw, N. C. ' je 26-7t 500 ACRES OF LAND FOR SALIO. Will double in value within live years. An excellent cattle and truck proposition. Easily accessible. W. A. McGirt, Masonic Temple, je 27-2t OLD NEWSPAPERS SUITABLE FOR wrapping' or placing under carpets; limited number for sale at 20 cents per hundred while thoy last, at The Star office. mh 8-tf PREPARED .FOR YOU PUR3 AND clean Dix-e bread, 10 cents the loaf. Liberty bread, 6c the loaf. Made in Wilmington by modern methods and under strictly sanitary conditions at the Globe Baking Company's Renovated Bakery. The cleanest bakery in Carolina. On sale at your dealers. Buy it now. ma 19-tf 4TH OF JULY ATTRACTIONS AT LU- mina. Athletic contests, cool verandas, free moving pictures, dancing, delightful music. Every convenience for picnic parties. ' je 30-2t GOOD THINGS TO EAT AT REDUCED, prices Three nice spring chickens, $1.00, dressed or alive; lamb and mutton, 20c pound; country butter, 35o pound, fresh in; good beef roasts, 20c pound. Try us on chickens. Batson's Meat Market, Phone 72. je 28-tf FOR SALE GOOD PAYING HOTEL IN town of 2,500. Three railroads and only hotel. Old established business. Green Realty Co., Georgetown, S. C. je 28-7t 616 ORANGE STREET WE HAVE FOR rent a six room cottage with a growing garden, all conveniences. Rent only $16 a month. See James . & James, Inc. jy 1-1 GRAPE WINE FOR SALE FINEST Scuppernong grape wine in lots of "2 gallons. Apply to J. F. Keyes, R. F. D., No. 2, Carolina Beach road. je 30-7t I HAVE A 60 FOOT TUG THAT I DE- slre to put to work. Prefer a logging contract but will take anything else. Address at present, W. E. Perryclear Wilson, N. C. je 29-3t FOR SALE A TENT, 40X70 FEETj bale ring top; 8 foot wall, 25 side poles. Edison No. 5 Kinetoscope picture machine complete. One set Marionettes. All for $125.00. Write quick if you want a bargain. Address "Clerk," care Imperial Hotel, - Wilmington, N. C. je 29-7t WANTED A CLERK FOR SODA AND pool parlor, one that has some knowledge of the business. References required. P. O. Box 684j City, je 29-3t WAITED EXPERIENCED SAW FIL. er, for small circular mill. Address, J. N. Bryant, Wilmington, N. C. je, 11-tf. NON-GLARE LENS Law goes into effect July 1st We can supply you NOW Tires due to advance now at any time. Let us serve you now and save money. H. L. FEN NELL Phone 05. 105-07-09 N. Second St. WANTED :-: WANTED 10,0001 pounds Bees Wax. 10,000 pounds Wool. Ij 10,000 pounds Cow Hides. Shipments solicited; highest cash price. Quotation furnished. Samuel jBear, Sr., & Sons 311 North Front St. W. B. COOPER & CO. Cotton Merchants, Wilmington, N. 0. fCWtOHl Jjri-lt 'J V. . ... . yr-v..vr--sv.;'v.'--i.

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