The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, '(AUK,)' COURIER NEWS Warringtdn, Lloyd On Injured List; Light Workout Held Injuries may keep Dan Wan-iiigton, Chick captain, mid Sonny Lloyd, offensive spearhead, out of I lie Chiekasuws' lineup against RiisseHvillc, at least (lie .starting }iue-ii|}, it .was revealed today. Dan Is suffering from nn Injured* tee, the injury having been nggni vated when D.IU'L, looi'fcot vincli'i 1 some other player's foot, cleats and all. •Sonny ripped a fingernail making a tackle mid the nail has been removed and tils finger Is necessarily rather tender for the present. However, though Coach Dlltly lias made no commitment it Is hollered that the game will find the pair in there If the Rtissellvlllc aggregation shows stout, resistance. Coaeh Dildy sent his charges through a light drill Monday afternoon and then ordered' them to the sliowcrs. Apparently the biggest task confronting the chick mentors nl present is guarding against over- conndericc on the part of Hie squad. Rnssellvllle nnd .Forrest City, Die remaining opponents of the Chlckasaws, do not rank on n par with oilier teams the Dildy Dynamiters have met this season and there may be a tendency lo let down In the remaining games no! particularly relish being on the small end of the scoring sheet. Aixl yet, Iti spite of the loss that we know must have been iv billet- pill for tlieih to swallow, we have not been able lo hear where any Soulli Bend player or any member of Ihclr party ever ultercd one word about UlythcviUe, our foo(b:ill team or our citizenship except somelhlnt' highly complimentary. Yo Olcle Scribe respectfully suggests Hint any crew Ihat can handle Its losses and disappointments us well ns llicy handled theirs would very probably be able also to keep themselves well within the bounds of good sportsmanship If (hey were on the winning end of (lie sccrc. We hope the people of South Bend, Indiana, can know just what a favorable impression their representatives from Rilcy High did make on Ihclr Irlp south. So fur ns (his department Is concerned, we have for them n feeling of (he highest regard, and we inihesl- going, to be a pretty long Utlncly proclaim. Idem ns true hop to Rnssellvillc and no definite sportsmen upon the basis of their word has been received here vet conduct in niythevlHc. as to whether the contest wll be . singed in the afternoon or ni' night. However, the Chlctaisaws should be notified not Inter than tomorrow ns to the time of the game. The Dope Bucket Bj J. P. FRIEND CHANCE—It's nn 111 .wind that blows nobody good. The slrcak of • bad luck that tagged Sonny Lloyd as lie ripped off a finger nail during; Friday's' game with'(Uley •High may give "Pounding Paul" Black• wood, the high stepping fullback, a chance he has beivv waiting for nil season. For th. is every In- dicatlcn that Lloyd will not start against Russellville this week, nnd may not be used at all. Sooooooo, the job falls squarely on the mammoth shoulders of the tall Blackwood. Paul's case this year has been odd. Every time he appeared ready to step right Into the first string lineup something. happened which threw him for a loss. Before the season Paul was counted on to be the logical successor to Murray Thompson. In the training period he looked great which cniised the coaches to rub their hands in keen anticipation. But shortly before the fiist game he turned up with a bruised leg. The assignment wns given to Willis Ford who was In 'perfect condition. It was some time before Paul was ready. Then came . the untimely death of his brother in an .automobile accident. The shock had a Ircmeudous effect on him. Prlcr to the Jonosboro game he again reached his peak but injured his arm after a few brilliant power drives. Now he is In tip lop shape as revealed by his great exhibition In the Riley game last, week. It has been seasons since the Chicks boasted a low, hard driving, full back who ran with his knees churrhig high. He looks like a natural. ,,, ,. , . »» iiitrji.' i> iiiui goes ns inr His misfortunes have retarded body without seeming lo PAYOFF BY 1IAUKY (iltAVSON NKA Service Sports lidilor Tlie sale of Dominic DIMnggio was delayed by his eyes. His thlck- lenscd glosses 'frightened scouts. But Joseph Cronln <lfd not have lo piny with Ddm DiMngglo, which Ihe manager of Ihe Red Sox did this full, to know that there was nothing wrong with the peepers of (lie 21-year-old-brother of Joe nnd Vincc. A ,3fiO baiting average in a Double AA loop, with most of the games played at night, Is sufficient proof of that. D. DiMngglo batted .30G In the Pacific Const League In 1937 and .307 last year. The third DIMaggio husn't -the liower of either of his brothers, but gets his bat In trout of the ball more often than Vince. who comes back with the Reds In the spring. Occasionally he does lilt n long one up or over Ihe left-field Tence. but -schooled observers doubt that he'll ever be a home-run manufacturer like Yankee Joe or even Vlncc. The newest major leaguer from San Francisco's Telegraph Hill weighs 170 pounds, but appears lighter. He has nicely built shoul- ' ?rs. A long, loping sliide and a placid countenance stamp him ns a Dl- MnURio. FOUR ASSISTS FROM CGNTKIt KIEI.I) IN DAY He is a natural, instinctive ball plnyer with a great arm, another DIMagcio trait. A right-handed hilling center- fielder like his brothers, he made four assists in a double-header threw cut two men attempt- Ins lo score and two others at third base. They take no liberties with this baby. He's ns fine a judge of a fly ball as there Is nnd goes ns fnr ns any- him a full season. Had he been able to go all season ns he now appears he would be set fcr a college career. But he has seen little action and ns a result he has not developed as he should. He has ability; not only ns a runner, but a kicker and passer. The experience received this year topped by much play in the next two games, and a full campaign In '•)<) should just about get him ready for a fine college career. He is eligible for another year and Is counted on to return. Teamed with the touchdown twins, Sonny and Monk, he should give theChicksoneoftlie best ball carrying departments in school history and will go a long ways toward solving tlie problems that are certain to be present by the large graduation list SPORTSMANSHIP — The Riley Returns To Form 'SIIPU1S FDBIfilLL Conference Does Right Well In Interactional X^ Competition Invent- By CARL UJNDQUIST United Press Staff Correspondent . Nov play lough fortball in Conference, but few r Ing the country is tlinl Us name was 011 the level. As a patriot we would be the last to say that this country hasn't as many gluttons for punishment ns any other na- m er a, fihf Uon ' Bul m " atlc " has eno "Bh the i«r«?&- =*« g SHSr • Now Hint promoter Mendel Tho return to form of Monk Moslcy has been a bright spot in recent games of the Blythcvlllc Chlekasaws, Mosley, playing 'under severe handicaps when he did get into a game, hud a tough time during the early part of the season nnd while the Chlcfcnsaws were facing .heir toughest foes. The rapidity with .which Moslcy, the last 'of the 'amotis Moslcy Irio, has reached peak form since recovering from his h 'J" rlcs a Hromliieiil part in recent chick triumphs. Giants a coiintcr-altraction for Yankee Joe, But (here Is no one allachcd to e Giants capable of doing anything outstanding In n business way. Like oilier lame baseball organi- sations^ tlie Giants hnve resorted to lights Instead or going out and getting themselves a ball club. Sullivan Beats Papooses Workout For Game I A tough scrimmage session to- dny followed by n comparatively light drill tomorrow will finish Conch John Ed James' preparations for the Invasion of Ihe strong Fnlrvlcvr Juniors of Memphis who Siniih; Robetis I T "IV11 Fulrvlcvr Juniors of Memphis whi -iGSCS 10 JJllLOll' arc scheduled to meet the ijlythe Papooses 'nf- Haley Field High School Wildcats, of South Bend, Indiana, certainly earned some sort of palm for genuine good sportsmanship on the occasion of their recent visit to Blythc- ville. It has been said, probably a million times, that a true sportsman must know how to win and also know how to lose. In other words, he must know how lo win without crowing, and he must know how lo lose without beefing. It seems to us, from our observations, that it really is even harder for ' a fellow to-be a good loser than to be a good winner. Atry- ner. try- way, whether that be true or not, we certainly are In a ' position of wanting to hand the fleece-lined bath tub, or some other prize, to the youngsters from Indiana, and to the officials of their school who accompanied them, for their con- ilmself. He !»• the most Intelligent of the DiMngglos. The Boston Red Sox paid the San Francisco club plenty for Dominic DIMaggio and ' Larry 'owcll, a young left-handed pilch- IIR prospect who remains on the golden slope another year. Joe Cronln closed the deal himself. Billy Evans, the eld umpire who heads the Red Sox farms and s the organization's chief forager knew nothing about the transaction until it wns consummated. Charley Graham, president of the Seals, who has peddled so many stars, was asking $75.000 in cash and players (or Dominic dnr- Ins the season. He probably got lucre . . . with Dominic sailing right through and winning the most valuable player GU01I AimSEB-GIANTS TO BUY J). nniAGGIO If Dominic clicks In the Hub. he will not be the first outstanding hitter who wore cheaters. If spectacles did anything, tney Magnified the ball for Chick ar-.tcy, whose big slick helped Hie Cardinals to four nags. In going lo Boston and Cronin. Dominic rcnorls lo On boyhood Idol of his brother Joe. Cronin's success with the nuin?.- ig Ted Williams will encourage him to stick Dominic DIMaggio >"•<- i M|jm/oiv> uv iiiuuy rlciu Injuries caused two substitutions' Thursday night in the final, foot- on last night's mat card at the '• b !! e ,1'! 1C to bc plnyiul '" 1!1 >' tllc Legion arena, but fans saw two vllle tllls scnstm Coach Jnmcs today wns still mi- entertaining mutches in spite of the last minute switches in the program. Charles Sinkey, who was unable to appear because of a leg Injury, had his place on the ami taken by Tiger Smith of Okla., who lost two straight falls to Bob Sullivnn, 218-pound Alabama performer, in the curlain riser. Sullivan won the lirst in 15 minutes with Ihe crab hold and the second in five minutes with frcnl crotch and body slam. The finale \vas a slugging match between "Red" Roberts of Uttle Bock and Jack Dillon, 250-pomici giant, with the latter winning after Roberts had stood toe to toe and battled him in an exhibition thnl left the-fans wild with excitement. Dillon look Ihe first with a front crotch and body slam In 24 minutes, then Roberts retaliated by taking the second In 10 minutes with kicks and a body pin. Dillon scored the final one In 20 minutes, again cinpl;ying the body slams. Ninety-five per cent of nil HID bathtubs in tho world arc owned by Americans. decided about his .slnrling combination nnd was hoping thnt either Fullback Tonimy Little 01 Left End Bobby Walden. or both Information lnlerscctlomircom'pcUtknth£'v'e-i'r , , Now tlmt I 11 ' 0111011 ' 1 ' Mcnde l l ™ 'is are undefeated ove Aside from the Knms \tnTo takcn the r "' st sle » '» «horto.lng son., and well mnlehcd . ™ ' "» " Aside from Ihe Kansas stntc Boston College game, at Boston Saturday, Hie Big six has concluded its Intei'sectlonnl schedule, and Its record Is something to wonder ntr Tlie "Big 1 Four" of this league- Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas State—have engaged 15 teams outside their own conference this season nnd were beaten hut once. They brought lie me 12 victories and two ties. This quartet piled ui> 203 points lo their opponents' 72. Although the conference's oilier two clubs, Kansas and Icwa State, had only mediocre seasons, their Intersectional records blended with those of the "Big Four," still give Ihe conference as a whole a clear cut superiority over oilier sections. The complete records shows 14 victories, two lies and .six de- feals in 22 games outside the circuit. In compiling this record, the conference won two games frcm Big Ten opponents, tied one and lost one. Against the powerful Southwestern Conference, the Big Six achieved two victories, a lie, and no defeats. The record against the Eoeky Mountain Big Seven League shows three victories and one defeat. The sister Missouri Valley Conference was the only league to score an even break, winning two of its four gsinies against Ihc Big Six. Agaiiut such major Independents as Pitt, NYU, Mnrquclle and George Washington, the Big six won three record prob- duller than of n Mnrathot wear out their feel patience of the folk waiting out of live. Nebraska's outside ably stands above the others because cf its high calibercd opposition. The Cornhuskers humbled Minnesota C-0, Pitt 14-13 nnd Baylor 20-0, and played Indiana to n 7-7 tie. It was the first time a Nebraska team ever licked Pitt nnd Minnesota in the same season. Missouri, with Paul Chrislman engineering most of the plays, waii victorious over NYU 20-7; Colorado, leader of the Big Seven, 30-0; and Washington of the Missouri Valley, 14-0. The only Tiger loss came ngninst Ohio State, Big Ten leaa^ cr, 19-0, hi the opening game of the year. Oklahoma first burst the Northwestern bubble, 23-0; then toppled Texas, Southwestern Con- forence title aspirant, 24-0; nnd Oklahoma Aggies of the Valley circuit, -H-0. • The • only i- Sooner blemish was the 7-7 lie "with Southern Methodist. Kansas Slate won lno major oulside eames, defeating Marquette 3-0 and Colorado 20-0. Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLEMORE than the average of the 30 other of the largest-selling * brands tested ... coolest of NEW YORK, Nov. 21 (UP)-If —' Mil[i °"s know P. A. they haven't rim out of Nobel! smokes rich, tasty, yet Who knows but what next year ho would promote n four-day six-day race, and the year after ihafc 'a three-day six-day race And llicn —All I How sweet lo even dream of it—he might continue reducing the event until nothing would be left but a one-second six-day nice. A one-second six-day race would ; Ideal, it would be a inoney- laklnif iJiing, too. We know thousands of person? who would pny their money to sec It If they knew " would end almost Instantanc- Sfi'iliKW If TJtf-i ««« it.;.,,, tt,r.i ,,„.„„„ t *~i\s\ I1JUJH TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1939 SlarU Sllmtuy and cairt sports events that take up too aren't going to be enough unde- ich time, we hope ihc operators fca ted other such events will follow his -•"""• a lead. ppng o as iej- have Thnt track event, the Marathon, the I'^st feiv Saturdays. . . ' Tcn- conld be reduced by 15 or 20 miles "essce vs. Texas A. & M. would be without hurting any feelings, un- " 1C W B Now Year's Day game if It less you ccimt the feelings of cou!cj b e arranged, but it doesn't Marathon runners themselves, and "IWar likely because either would ' O to , we don't. There fs nothing much ere s nong uc BO to the Rose B:ivl if Invited the first three Hours H °»cvcr, It still is a possibility be-' lion, as (lie hardy oafs ca " SD Tulane, a team that can ! n.. i.. »«,. n ..... i,« have the Sugar Bowl anytime It is ' ready, is reported a strong favorite the them at the finish line. Tho cross- country run could stand a little reducing, too. Start the fellows be hind a big tree around a bend in the road, throw a bucket of water over them lo stimulate weariness, and let 'em run for it. Something conk] be cut off thnt 500-mlte race at Indianapolis without doing any damage. Most of the acticn is packed in the last 100 miles or so, so why mnke the drivers and the spectators suffer an extra 400 miles? Yacht racing, of coin-so, we'd leave alone. In fact, yachts don't race far enough. Our -idea of the perfect yacht race would lie one that took the boats around (lie world 17 times, with the finish in a permanently ice-locked harbor in Little America, or smack dub in the middle of the Sargasso sea. Come to think of it, it might be n good Idea to '. shorten sports cclumns, too. Or have you stopped thinking, and just let the various quiz experts of the air do your thinking for you. What is 'saithern" football Alabama and Tulane broken it, ', --.. — UV.VH5 myvjim; for the eastern Rose Bowl nomination. . . . This would leave the New Orleans enterprise a clear field for Tennessee nnd the Aggies. . They can make more money thaii playing in Miami's Orange Bowl Another question the record crowd? . . were reported to „ ^ with 52,000 two Saturdays" ago. . . . Duke and North Carolina claimed it with 50,800 last week. ... Is the southwest included in these "record" figures. . . . Any reliable information on this mystery would iie welcome. ... Little Davey O'Brien finally has lit his stride in the pro game . . . He's completed 40 aerials in Philadelphia's last two games, creating new records of. 19 and 21 completions on successive Sundays . . . Art Roonsy likes Walter Klesling Insects destroy to one-tenth of .... .„>. , planted In the United States. from one-(if tli all the crops In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince filbert burned • 86 Degrees prizes by this time we would like Io urge that one be given to Mr. Harry (Handlebars) Mendel for what Is surely the most humanitarian net of the year. Out of the kindness of his heart, which must throb like a hang — i "iuiui.ii, ui UULII, wiiicn must tnrou like a nang- might be able lo start the gnme. overed head for all mankind, Mr. Both hnve been out with injuries Mendel has created the five-day and were not In uniform „., the si x . d(l y Wcvcle mcc . It ucgail in °J! yh a fast Mndlson S(1U!lre Gl "' (ie » last night, V n Tlnvrmn., . ........ . .. _ MILD, COOL ... free from the tongue-parching "bite" of excess heat. Rolls faster, neater loo! 70 fine roll- your-own from gg right in there and let him play out his string. And If he plays It out as well as Cronin is confident he will it will mean shipment or bench duty for Roger Cramer. Like Joe, Dominic was schooled accompanied tnem, for their con- b v Prant rvnV, 4u ^ lluul>JU duct In BJytheville last Friday and'cL^t M ?,?„'' lh , e P rofo " n(1 Saturday. student of hitting who manages . '''" the Seals. ^,<te'e.Grr>h urged the Giants to! conclusion in the *hole course o* him tailor-made for Pilday mghv's game that they do< pimtaic would have given Soy Beans We Arc Huycrs For A)I Varieties (if Soybeans. Sec or Phone Us for Highest Daily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So, R.R, St. Phono 555 o It is being advertised as, cigarettes six-day race it will actually last i in every »i,iu.tiLiti'iuii H,~VI;IM;U ironi uoacn" Tom Fleet of the'.FairviCiy teamj Dut nvc - ndicntcs that the Memphis squad I Should Mr. Mendel be given a ' will bc composed of. 22 players, iP rlze lhere 's Ihu chance that the many of whom weigh as much asi'recognition oi his services would regular high school As spur him on to even greater deeds.' n matter of fact, the Fain-lew • squad Includes one tatktc. Bill Rayner,, who weighs 240 pounds, • although Rayner Is not listed In the starting line-up. Heaviest man who will start agninsl the Pajiooses be the Fairvietv fullback, -•"••••." IKUIAICK, Charles Pugh, who pulls the beam TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE'-MEMPHIS- i handy tin i THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE n. R. 1; R«*>«« Tab. Co. jtoii-S«I«a), N.C. COIIICTED II Picking Up Items Mere And There By LESLIE AVF.RY United Press Stair Correspondent NEW YORK, Nov. 21.-Notes from What's wrong with Georgetown vs. Bradley Tech for one of tho g SP hits are undefeated over tuo : sea - for the big bowl games if keep dropping oil as (her have ns «ueh oC the Pittsburgh pirates nnd •will retain him next year. . . . Grec'ii Bay Coach Curley Lambeau denies Don Hutson is slipping and would be replaced by Harry Ja-i cunskl, the ox-Forclhiun' star , . , Lambeau thinks Don is the best pass receiver In pro football and has several more good seasons In his system, ... Despite Us mediocre success, the Brooklyn Dodgers broke its Ebbcts Field attendance record with 130,291 paid admissions for the season. . . . The Dcdgcr- Glant.s game.drew the biggest attendance In Brooklyn history 34 032, and at least sioOO were turned away Irom the gales. . . . Armaiid Nicralai of the Pirntes hasn't missed kicking a point after touchdown in three years, bocting 32 successful placements in a row. . . The Chicago asars Is the only' club ever to gain more than 500 yards in a National League game. . did It against Brooklyn They In 1935 and against Philadelphia last week. Approximately 21,500,000" American homes irt'c equipped with radio, according to statistics REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilaas Now Managed by Waller Cox, Jr."' •AW] B. M. MIHTJI.V See Us For Anti-Freeze! World's largest seliins straight bourbon! PROOF... COPY81GHT 1939. SCHEJ-UEY DISIHIERS CORPORATION. NEWYOKK CITY LovV Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges FARM LOANS Wilson and Worthington First National Rank Bldg.. Biytheville, Ark, Authorized mortgage Loan Solicitors for The Prudential Insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON WASHER WRINGER ALL 3 FOR $C(}.95 SMALL DOWN PAYMENT; LINER AL TERMS! IMAGINE! .... complete home laundry equipment for all your washing and ironing. Yes price includes (his genuine T11OK Speed Ironcr. Irons everything from sheets to shirts in '/• the lime, 1/1(1 Ihe effort. . HURRY - - - SUPPLY LIMITED Our slock is limiled on this wonderful bargain ofl'cr. Sec them loday. It's a Real Value. LOOK CHECK ~ « Genuine THOK Ironcr lias full 26'' shoe. • Wringer is a I.ovell Cushion Holl Safety Mode). — COMPARE porcelain Washer lub on alt sides. i Has a powerful sclf-lubrl- caling molor. KARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. J. W. Adams, Mgr. 5th & Main St. Phone

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