The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEV1LLE, .(AUK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY; MARCH 26," 1941 Chicks'Relay Team Points For State Track Title Entire Foursome Back; Best Has 26-Man Roster Yankees Have Ingredients For Winning '9' ST. PETEnsnURG. Fhv. March 2i3.--The New York Yankees have Southern Cal Coach Plans To Blitzkrieg Gridskrie2 i|{y United I' Very quietly .the double-cross is being ^sl it will be stock fixture in Trojan well-known plays next season. But- the one tor: point the veteran tutor emphasizes the T- Formation, the gridskrki', • .strongly is ilm no system— t, y, i hat carried Stanford and thejq-t, x or 2— is any better than ihe with n ban'.- in 19-51 or one that may take two years to iuui the- winning touch. Whether tile Yanks regain their BY LAYMON1) CKl'MI' Of The Courier News SlatV Mitchell Best is idling nilhor Dialed thos<j spring as he sends his '25-mnu lilythovilli 1 hi^h sriiool track ^ ,. , . .. . * . Ai*; 1 \\ ' i i ^ ]Jii'..iii>r> ^nv\iivjj, M. »»>ifcu.n,i i i * j A out to do their daily workout stniis. .Mitt-nell is track coach | Hi. m i U)> rookie shortstop. Ls drafted ' lost laurel this season SK-MLS likely j hsmle.-a football 10 hintfp on: 1. How fast the young season, And it's being done by tho man who is filmed from Exeter to Slippery Rock as the outstanding apostle of hit-'em~tirst-:.ind hit-'em- develop; '2. Wiie.tiier Phil at the local high school and his fact that his 880-yard relay squad is back intact this season. Last season the relay foursome* copped second place in the state ! championship meet, when 'hey fin- ' ished Jess Uian a yard back oi the winners in a stirring: match (hat was almost a photo-finish. I The relay team consists of George Trusty, Leroy Ross and—you guessed it—Monk Mosley and Sonny Lloyd. Coach Best reasons that ii he doesn't, win ihe relay omit j at the state meet this year he'll i Just have to give up trying in future years, because this four- > joy li'i?s in the j and 3. whether Bill Dickey, veteran Yankee cat/cher. regains som>.' ol iiis former glory. Only time will tpl) about the .voting pitchers, but. there are enough of strong, rangy boy.s ilu 1 Yanks love .so well in camp to build 11 complete .staff for' most club.s. If iind when Uimito gets nabbed in the draft, it'll hurt the iH'W Yankee team, lllmuo is thc best looking young- ball player In Florida. Dickey nose-dived from .:i02 to -247 at ihe plate last- sou- UP»—The Brooklyn Dodders are I son. lit' looks good mid. despite, his gers Facing Flag Drive With Lack of Harmony CLEARAVATKR. Fin.. March 2 goiny to .-jlioov the works in an some, with experience and ability Ulfon to win the 1941 National to back its competitive efforts. Is .! League pennant, if they achieve just about the finest he ever ox- ! Uirir so:il H will surprise n lot of peeks to coach. < folks. They have not been very Plan Few Dual Meets '•• ""Passive in Florida and n lack Other than ihe stale meet at Little Rock in May, there's only one j event scheduled on the track from ! of harmony on the club is evident. Already two players have been fined and another one virtually 12 years in the harness, doesn't appear burned out. Buddy P,osnr and Ken Sylvesui will back up, Dickey. Gordon Will Do ut 1st The grand experimeni. of shifting Joe Gordon from second to first- base is a success. Gordon will be playing first base by the time the This is by no means an unseasonable discussion. Spring- football pnu-ticf- is In full sway at most of tho college stands in the country. And nowhere is LOS ANGELES. March 26. — Freddie .Stce.le, having .stepped into h ring for the first time in two years and tested his punches againsv an assortment of sparring Byrd Wins BOSJ! to Florida — No Word of Jimmy Afiron nyrcl. Blythcvil!r> \velior- weiglu who with Jimmy Luusi'ord recently joined HIP fight. iroupo of in Florida, \vojj i -six-round decision in, Tump* last Joe Louis in Detroit last week. Simon Failed To Gain, Thinks Hank By HENRY McLK.MORE United Press Sniff Correspondent DAYTON A BEACH, Pla., March 26. (UP)—It would be interesting to know, to the penny, just how much Abe Simon made for fi& strategy partners, announced today that he night over Prankie Thomas of SI. Petersburg, FJa. Byrd weighed in tu U5. hi* opponent at HI. Lr/Mffwd, heavyweight who xvas U> have made his first profassiounl flight Attempt lust night, ^w.'is not on the eanl. Heavyweight psu Comiskey won en a technical knockout in the 1 don't mean iho amount of the check that Promoter Mike'Jacobs handed him. bm how much acuuilly was left for Abe after his manager, Jimmy Johnston, had taken what* i ~— — I am sure was his sfeeable out, lwico for the H handlers and spamny partners had been paid oil', and the other 101 \iib-, picked tip. My guess is that it, \vss a pretty as heavyweight, charn- > third round over Mike AUano ol j , :ionship payoffs go/ancfihal con- of the deepest indigo being con-j vva c mu!y 10 bogin lho bftLllc for ;New York. Melio Eettrna. form?!- spring the terrliie beaMn- he eoeted more leverLshly than at rtcovc rv of his lost, middleweight ^htheavy champ, defeated Jack took Abe was ulnlosL as badl T un _ Southern California Thai would crown> - Marshall of Dallas, via the same derpaW as lhose unfonunale who this season—the district meei at ] suspended. Van Mimgo was fined U C uson opens like lie'd been there Arkansas State college, Jone.sboro. j s -°° l01 ' breaking- training in Ha- all his and the Dodgers have advised him to j gel into condition at his own expense. If lie joins ihe club he must pay his own room and board utuil he can play. Phclps is at ! Jo U ""^ lae in April. But a dual meet or I vrma nmi Hu * h Ca *<* was 1 ' ined two probablv will be scheduled | s25 for ^Porting four clays late. soon to prepare the locul young- ! B * be phel l* hfls n ° l sters for the bigger meets. Lettcrmen on tlie squad include Mosley, Lloyd, Koss and Trusty, of course. They are versatile athletes and at least one of thc quartet competes in every other track event except the high jump. Then there's weiglit-man Bo C o p p e d g e. dasher Arthur Hudson and weight and javelin-hurter Everett Crcsslow. Incidentally, amon-j achievements home in Odenton. Md.. insisting he has sinus trouble. Hlame Walker i'or Ills Dixie Walker, who led thc Dodgers in hitting last season with .308, has been relegated to the background. The Dodgers are blaming him for their failure to give thc Reds a closer race last vear. of Lloyd and Mosley. two of Blytheville's all-time great high school - hiw faU jn short cemer r - iel(L athletes, last season were the following feats at the state meet: Lloyd won second in the broad jump and Mosley placed fifth m the 100-yard dash. Many Distance Men saying Walter let too maiiv base The pressure is heavy on Kirby Higbc from the Phillies and Catcher Mickey Owen from the Curds, two players for whom the Dodger? shelled out S175.GOO. The Dodders Squadmen include, other than j Yanks last Jettermen. James Cobb, Bobby Wai- j anci owen den, Hershei Besharse. Wallace Smith. Caries Deal Elmer Stone. played their varsity against the 7.0 \ —Hif.jbe pitchinv; catching—and were TTr , T ~ i .- T ,, Higbc and Wvatt should be big . W H. Bohanning. Hays Spracllev. | winners bm lhe b t u Edgar Cain. Jimmy Allen. Jame,-, , can Needham, Gregory Atkins. Charles in 'the wav of a left- Parker Phillip Sisk. Bill Tom .Stew- ; nclhi bul art- Johnny Odell, Melvm West, hander is Wesley Flowers, who has Red Rolfe. whose bat tiny aver£(• tumbled exactly V9 points to j a puny .250 lust season, lias been looking well at third. Manager Joe McCarthy says Rolfe gives every sign of coming back. If so, Lhe infield is nil set with Gor- ihe Kansas City kids —-Prickly al second and Rimito at short—in the middle and Rolfe at third. If Uncle Sam drafts Rir/uto frank Crosetti will have to take over ut short again- Croselti is far from through, although he hit only .194 year. The outfield worry—lack of right handed hitters—is a minor one. Charley Keller, who plans to ywe. up his home run king aspirations and concentrate on straight-away hitting, will be in left; Joe DiMaggio. American League chump, in tenter and Tommy Henrich, a vastly under-rated ball player, in ri»ht. Of the seven outfielders in camp, only DiMaggio and b'lenchy Bordugaray. who hit .348 ;u Kansas City, are right- handed hitters. The reserves, George Selkirk. Tommy Holmes and Mike. Chartak all swing from the left be the Baliwick of Howard Jones, who knows he must overcome, -the "T" or quit. .May 15e Worthwhile Jones thinks maybe he can do it with a new spell-binder known simply a.s the "Y". If he's right. there are apt to be more new football formations next fall than there are letters in alphabet soup. But Jones admonishes, as he jots diagrams on the back of calling cards and rubs his greying hair:, "Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I will do it. I'm simply suit- Ing that it's an idea that may be worthwhile. It's strictly an experiment nt present—although I must admit it looks good." To observers who take their football without a chaser, this news may seem heresy of the vintage type. For almost since that His reason—-competition is easier now, than when he was champ. He made his decision after a month of training, during which he critically examined himself for .signs of serious physical softening. He found none. He .^aid his legs, arms and wind are as jiood as ever, jicod enough to carry him back to the top. "This isn't just one of those half-hearted comebacks that some fellows make," he explained "I'm route in the ninth. Tommy Gomez, young Tnmpa soldier who re- knyced Ernest Reams' wing. Potratti of New York in the second round. Cards Look Good ST. PETERSBURG, Flu.. March 26. iUP;~~The at. Louis Cardinals meet the Brooklyn Dodders in an exhibition game here today before leaving; St. Petersburg for good. used to have to play tag wit?) the lions to make a Roman holiday. Won't Have. Confidence Yet it is difficult- to feel too sorry for Simon. He didiri have to fight Louis in the flrsi. place. That's really making money the hard way. When you get a knot cn your head with every dollar, even gold loses its appeal. Abe would have been wiser had he net broke and I'm not trvin« , i , ,. . <s* *, *.» «, w * i v X-**W*\,ltLllV.* A. I 1 V.41 il 1 i.3 • ij \*.J trade on my name just to pick up. L Three w H Breecht easy cash, i ve decisively whipped; Mnrrqv r,:,,,.^ nnr , Mmi , oil „. seme of- the best middleweight around before and 1 know I can do it again." Steele retired hue in 1938 after losing two of the only three bouts he dropped in 146 trips into lhe The Cards yesterday " came from I :akeu oue ° r 50 alternatives. He could have borrowed a beard and a cane and posed as a Spanish war pensioner or worked at fifty cents an hour testing used para- behind in the eighth inning to 10 beat the Cleveland Indians. H to Murray Bickson and Newel) Kimball. held the Indians to four hits. Pastor Took Beating:, Too A fellow like Simon is in jeopardy when he gels in there with 1 don't believe you could reputable physician Louis, find couldn't tell that a man take a beating about the head such as Simon took from the champion and ever be the same again, mentally or physically. Simon Is just the type who suffers the most at the nands of Louis. He is a giant in stature, strong as young redwood and unimaginative enough to be foolishly brave. The light, ^iass-chinned boys go out quickly and thus miss rounds of pummeling. Simon can take It—he probably is proud of his ability to absorb punishment—and that leads to slaughter. Bob Pastor is a good example of what happens to a man who takes Cubs Vic Augcls ONTARIO. Cal.. March 26'. (UP.t —The Chicago Cubs arrive today for the first of a two-game serie-; a 10-or-i5 round beating from Louis. Pastor got his from I>ouis —11 rounds of it—in the same De, ,„. . , „ , . . . U-oit where Simon got his. Before The best prooj 01 what a beaimg hai fi&ht Pastor could really lftke Abe did take in those 13 rounds , unch Bul l rainy day when Noah launched the j nn %- He lost bv a technical knock-; ^^ tnc Los An o- e i es Angels, thei Hcad js side. McCarthy has 19 hurlers. nine , . s, i the , ookjncr ovsn< , slor Bill . Robert Berrymrm, Donald Chilton | Swift wiu b " e No \ ;.^ { -'j ' T , i carryovers and 10 newcomers. Thu- jind LP.SIcr Merrill ' _ . . _- ....". ' ." h<.v:t. InnVinu nitr'ht-r in fnrnn is and Lester Merrill. They're lined up as follows: Carleton. Fvemo Wicker. Lee Gris- Steve Raclnmok. Max Ma-J best louking pitcher in camp is Hank Borowv. a last minute, adcii- T ., v. . . , -. , _, .^<jiii, ^-itvv; ixd^iiuniiA.. ,VIH.\ ;vi:i_uii, . , , , i • n . • • - .-.^..,. bashes—Lloyd. Mosley. Trusty, i^ Howarcl MlUs and Al shcrci . nrc , "on to the -squad who technically difference of a run of 10 yards Deal, Besharse, Stone. Smith, Spradley, Hudson, Allen. Stewart. Distance—Trusty. Ross. Hudson. Stone. Smith. Besharse. Coppedgs, Bohanning. Cain, Merrill, Needham. Odell, Sisk. Berryman. Chiiton. i West, Atkins. Allen, Weights—Coppedgf. Lloyd. Waiden. Cobb, Crosslow. Javelin—Crosslow. Lloyd. Pole vault—Cain. Spradley. High jump—Walden. 1 l^sharse. Spradley. Hurdles—WaUleu. Ross. Besharse. Broad jump—Lloyd and Medley. i ; j l' in tho miestion niiirk cla^^. Manager Leo Durochc-r is certain young Pete Reiser, a sjreat pros- still remains ihe property of Yanks' Nev/ark farm. ark, Howard Jones has been teaching football along a single, fixed idea. That idea was power. And down through the years it has met with admirable success—at Iowa, Yale, Duke. Syracuse. Ohio State anci now—at U.S.C. Variation of Thc "T" But since what- popularly is known a.s the "Stanford incident" fall, the west coast. 1ms.. rubbed its eyes wide open. Jones explains: ' ' "Essentially, the "Y" is a variation of the "T". But it has one advantage. The fullback plays closest to {he line—with the quarter behind and a little to his left. The halves play far back and form the base of the "Y's" triangle. The distinct ixdvantage I see is that, it permits one good blocking back to remain ahead of the ball." In the "T" set-up, the ball carrier usually is sprung into me nnd then left to shift for himself. That is. unless linesmen can break through the opposing wall to take care of the secondary. In. the "Y" set-up—if it works— one advance guard always will be on duty. And tic may mean the or cut to Fred Apostoli—whom he had beaten before—and then he was stopped by Al Hostak in a round in Seattle. in Detroit, is the fact that he has signed to tight Louis again. The next evidence of what Louis' fists did to him will come in the re- never go 13 again. lie will know hf only minor league opponents this ! tu i'ii b out -spring. Yesterday at Los Angeles i Fot ' one the Cubs whipped the Pittsburgh I Cfm ' 1 - u ' ck Louis. That will soften ! Pirates. 10 to 5. Lou Stringer bat- j him some and lnerc never was Giants Play Reds MIAMI, Pla., March 2(5. (.UP)— ted out a homer with the bases i uhin— not even on one of those loaded in the third inning. ' Outran Borglum Mountain Me- i mortal chins — which could take The New York Giants open a two- i LOS ANGELES, Cal.. March 20. • licks Abe's did and be the same game exhibition series with the • Cincinnati Reds today. A four-run blast in thc sixth inning gave the Philadelphia Phillies a (j-5 win over (UP)—Fresh from a 9 to tJ win j afterwards. over the Philadelphia Athletics, the j Boxing should have tt law tc Chicago White Sox face the Pius- I protect men like Simon against burgh pirafes today. To date the themselves. It could be a law sim- the Giants yesterday to end the j Sox have won seven of 11 exlubi-i iiar to the one that says a man'. 1 exhibition series tied at one-all. | tion games. ' MR. can't be placed in jeopard} FLORSHEIM SHOES AS SEEN IN TIME-MARCH 31 punch. But Louis so softened Paster that the feather-punching 3illy Conn was able to knock him )ut In n later bout. ^ Speaking of Simon's returi.* -natch with Louis, what impels a .nan to buy a ticket for a Louis •js. Pushover bout? Does he buy it for the privilege )f watelling a great champion in iction? Does he buy it in the hope jf being on hand when the cham- jion is Finally beaten? Or does' he buy it for the same reason that Spaniards buy bull-fight tickets? 1 - Plead Courier News want ads 1 Iie j one for a touchdown. If the? "Y" works, as Jones hopes.'. Page, Hicks Win j can hit. run and throw but he- 1 never nhived center hc>forc. Joe , Medwk'k will nlav left and the PINEHURST. N'. C.. March 2G. tUi-M•—Di-fending Champion Estclle Livwson Page nnri Medalist Elini-"» veteran Paul Waner is showing tin- j beth Hickr, led a contingent of four i evacctedly good form in rtehi. i favorites into the second round of! the annual North-South women's Walkpr. Joe Vo*mik nirl Jimmy Wn.sdell will he the utilitv men. The clos/; of the Dcxliors is centered in their inileld of Doll illi at fir-a. Pete Coscirart at second. Pe^wee Rcf'sf m short and golf championship today. NEW YORK. March 26. 'UP' Middleweight Charnmuu Ken Over-I a1?er _P 1urOPh1(ir -. . Lew . Ri °;" iro '^ lui will gamble i;is crown against Billy .Scose of Farrefi. Pr... at Macl- ison Square- Gr.rden on MAY 23 under the terms of mi^ilt^ii's first "Damon and Pythias" contract. Tni- CDntraj; provides that Soo>c.-. if viciorioas. will defend ;he title yo days against O\erliu or Overlin's siablemaje. G e o r y i c Abrams of Washington. ' Promoter Mike Jacobs L\!SO sin- nounced date chaniies for two fights at tho Garden. The Joe LouU-Ab:- Simon return heavyweight title bo\u was moved a week to May 9. and the L'..-\v Jenkins-Bob Montgomery non-title 10-rounder wa« set back'u week to Mav IS Reart Yanks Finally Lose ST. PETERoBURC.. Pin.. March 215. iDPi—An inter-;-hu> practice Cookie Lavasctio at third. Reese | ui , ;nc \ v ill icature drills at the New i.s a chnmpionship b'lll player and j York Yankees' training grounds today. The Brooklyn Dodgers cracked the Yankees' spring winning streak at seven in a vow yesterday with an 11-inning. 2-1 victory. The the Reds and Johnny Hudson will ' Dodgers play IMP .Si. Louis Cardi- the onlv possible doubt about him Ls whether he I.s ruwd enoirh to play 154 ^anii 1 ^ at toil snee.d. Man- Save your feet. *. wear *SOFTIES*... special Spun-Soft Comfort Sock .--SOFT-but not thick... beautiful blendings... exclusively Inter it-oven. You couldn't buy more pulling: less Ball-Bearing Steering and Dower at any price, in any engine CMC's exclusive Cradle- Coil Seats size: And these /our-pnccJ General that are "as comfortable as your Motors Trucks also give you effort- car."Try a value-built CMC today . Tmie Poymenh through oar own VMAC Plan of »owo*f ovoilcble rofet LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main :HORPOWERFUL rtssa T«Rr--seTV5rTar Pnrr MUSCLE IN YoURMoTofc Phone 32!) LY for 49 years Florsheim has lived up to an obligation ro thc men of Ameriov—to make thc finest shoes men and materials can produce. Today Florsheim style is an established Easier tradition, Florsheim quality the acknowledged standard of fine shoe value. Illustrated, THE DEAKBORX, S-88-i AliM/ Styles $Q^^ a " d $1Q CMC AMERICA'S LOW-PRICED TRUCKS OF VALUE GASOLINE-DIESEL MEAD'S 322 Main As Usual The Best Is Always At MEAD'S Crosby Square REACH WITH PRIDE LW. HARPER is such superb whiskey because, in making it,cosf isno ob;ecf.The one, the only guiding principle that controls every precious drop Js: Make il as fine as whiskey can be— regard/ess of cosf. Th« Cold Medal Whiikty BOTTLED IN BOND I. W. HARPER 322 MAIN 322

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