The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on August 19, 1930 · 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1930
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E BISMARCK TRIBUNE raj The Weather Probably ahowen tceicst aadl day Noc mucb Chans in IwapuMuw ESTABLISHED 1878 BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA TUESDAY AUGUST 19 1930 xRlCE FIVE CENTS IR5flfl00fiira Don (Ktad M$ North Dakotrt Oldest Newspaper Zuta's POUCE CHIEF EDITOR AND POUTKIAN ARE IN PAY CHECK UST Chicago State's Attorney Con-tinuM Probe Into Dtallngt of Slain aangttor OFFERS TO REPAY SPURNED Evaiwton Chief Wrote Litter to Zuta Asking for Leu of $400 (TlIC— A Aug 1— t-TWO By UM USUI payable to Matt Owfnr Harry W Starr of Um thirteenth nuaoto am-mcl mm takes mm the Bute winisliii today and auda pubUe ay Ona cheek waa datad October ft late aad the ottMr October IS of Um exarrwae elected to Um ate senate In November of that yaar Be a ramllil-tT far nalectkm on tba Ee- pubnsan Mews at we ana chairman Of UM ntttaa which last Mar Intaatiaatafl the "imfflTTtf — — " Uw Chlosae sanitary district The antenamtBta on Um ehoflks w- lui — iiintiiiMl aa ta atavl'a handwriting Um atetea attoravaaid aad explain tbo uaa of dm a tba etty odttor of the Chicago Dally lavmMgalnra doMag through Uw 11 km tnund the rrotauB" aad "John Craig' -in - M ta WVUMam O Tl Banian bo baa far tbraa yaara btaa heed of Um poUoa department m Um urf wealthy north shore rnirmitri wMh a la (or MOO! Freeman admitted borrowing that amount from um vim everted Ha mid ha bad offered to repay Um money but never dkL lavtwMgaion ealled la Joba Craig --i o th ami ha iden- lifted bia signature on an uncancelled checs tor see tnlri nf bain by Sum wbea at wanted a -v- u in -After a ma maumi tha aliawk Aid Mat through the benkso I InquMa "bout it frarn Buta" Craig reJated -Be aid UW matter vu all right X re-ffiun that t did rot da bulnem in uutway aad X gam ntaai Um oeab "X Baked f for my cheek aad be aid he bad lorn n up Invastlsaton aald may naa aces told by Um hank an wtilah tba abash 7 kA kJ -- hail aoeount waa in his wifeie aama but that um bank had honored check he bad atgaed Cbiaf Aaked for It UM evidence placed before Free-Baa waa a latter written on etetionery of um aaaehm police departmeat nfoUowa: -neer Jack Tia teiaaorarUy la need of fotir Ct for a couple of month Can you let ma mm Ut The bearer tie not tooiTwhat U la ao put it in envelope and ami H aad addram It to me "yourompal BUI rroimcn -p Bv—WU ut you know um night of Um party aa be aura and mm caMrfaa F Rathbun pedal aeeb-aat atata-e attorney PJntoto- aaf ita the UVing wmm i iwpsrtar aald Chief nwmen 4 the algsatura waa ale aU ha could not remember writ- tag UM letter Bwta wm ntJacr ettlna the lean bawaver not long after ha OC MB mwmo- money badly jma! ude three by? hlm in a autt landlord He mid he ta eat money from a "btl nu in Cnieeao" aad Una man tetro- dneed him to Euta who later aava him Um money The pnttea ehlaf weat ta leu aama time laamVha told ftathfcua and of fend to pay him WTi but the i nag-eter aatd ntevmr mind" Frumin quoted lata aa eaylag "Ohiaf yea eem to be poor Wait wbffla aad get it aU together" rieemen told the aattatant pic—-cuter tha money never wea repaid but be aaid -Zwta never got any fa-vora from me in hU life nor did be ever aak for any" Zuta one of the leaden of Um Vtonn-AleUo gang faction waa abet and killed In a Dclafletd Wla daaea hall August 1 t Would Save Sweetie Gnide and Himself Cam bride Uam Aug 1— Xarvay rrMtane a-euld mve guide eveeuieert end hlnuw'f from the deacr In a aprech he revealed thet he hi 4 elen 1" p- rr" fa he bov hi inrrvrd Miw i'i tn hei taahlcr RecQrds Iwt?ofog Wins in Cross Mom fWinelder la-yeajr-oid Jeney watt wishes before taking act from SUFFRAGIST PIONEER IS GLOOMY OVER WOMAN'S PART IN POLITICS EmUy Newell Blair Saye Woman Laadora Took Tee Much for Gnrrteff After Victory mmiy eaatBalgaad for in lilt la about Una known today in bar ooatrlbuttOBhO firet aoaabalaue ana —to a fat cemrnnlwm of opinlone aa women and the- baBot gwtberad by Um league of Woman Voter to mark tba tenth birthday of feminine suffrage m America AH theee vmwb gathered from notables of both scxee are to be pub-hshed for the anniversary en August N of the signing by former Secretary ef State Colby of Um proeli nation t actually culminated Um move- ment -X am afraid- lira Blair aaid -the aaffraglBta have made Um tame mis take aa the temperance group sou ef then thought that with their vic tory they had only to derma tnen-Dodtlon: and so tuK aa Um Woman's Christian Temperance Union stopped tta edueationaJ work far temperaaee 1 devoted Itself to claiming Me eighteenth amendment worked aa Um suffragists stopped their edurationa Of COflallrtHgT DMPW BaW WfJOTr" aa had a right to equality and devot ed themattevt to ether Interseia- htary S Wooiley presldfiit of Mount Kotyoke eoUege la responding to Um leegue Query said- "Tha granting or tne surrrage 10 Bmea has not fetoucht about the mUlenniiimbot It has meeatadeelded There are lndlfferrnt eltlaeaa among but the addi tion ef women certainly has meant large tnmeie la the number of cltl- aa wno are ansa eonsounniaaa ana iteJHgVr" Bald Newton D Baker former war eretary: -The yean of sspertsncs Um nineteenth amendment are not enough to enable ma to e any poawive jaegamn u to a which women in ganeni have ef their suffrage privilege" B XX Aug la being re-1 id desks are 'rv - WMBlrhjen Aag Mewtn Blair who "fyaakly quite discouraged f ow teaeher K B Bomtag betag the bridge when Um driver was principal Total enrollment last yaar blinded by duet Ollnd suffered in-waa 100 temal aad other lajurtaa Too Bad Oyster Isn't Hen She Lays Half Million Eggs in Single Year hvm am IB— jawserotaef-!000avear of UM Atlantic eoaet oyster to 10— das' She eroducM from lioooooo to pawning W mm- — ilajmooo cars ounng one lutln rrnm BS ta mee eaeh oytter may rpawn five or ate times during a single sea-sen tha annual egg production of a single oyster may approximate half a The feat was reported to a fathering ef BiologaU of International repute ehrie state and federal health aotbortttes aad aheUflah commission-en from several atatss at the eon- ventlen of the National Aasociation of Shellfish CoeamlavJonari and the I Oyster Orowen and Dealer aasoei-I atlon of North Ameriea Ine I It ra cited bv Dr P S OeJteef f of the U S bureau nf fiaheiM a s I man com men pi aw in the lire of n ev"- Ven h morst l tM (Jr- a- —m nf rv VO egg la bou an hour or MOW - Country Flight Or IT J- allot ramlvliM hU fatbeni Waotfleld K J airport in an attempt PROHIBITION AGENT ISUNDER SUSPENSION Administrator at Albany N V Charged With Miaoonduct Others Disciplined Washington Aug II— vvV-Oeorn OoMlng prohibition administrator at Albany New Tork wat under Indefinite suspension today on charses in-vorvtog personal misconduct which if sustained will result la his dismissal from the servlee ProhlMUon Director Woodcock who announced yesterday he would punish illegal personal behavior of agents said Oeldlng was charged with muv eenductwlth scrsral sUnographcrB In his efflee The ehartea brought by Um gin themselves are on flic with Um civil service eoromlssion which has Dower to oust Um admin istrator from Um government service woodcock said the charges first made hut Jury la and that tberoua-h Investigation naa made which lad him to believe Um gkie were In "ao way to blame ' Two other agents Robert T Myrtle ef Milwaukee aad Basil N Quinn of Washington D C were given five-day suspensions yesterday for their behavior in quarrels with motorists over traffic rule Myrtle the director said attempted to arrest e motorist and drew a gun when asked to ahow his authority Quinn was mid to have struck a driver and taken Mm to police station exceeding his authority Acknowledging Um penal lies to be mild Woodcock said he sought through these punuhments to check amise ana proBUsea mare menu MBBiiirm If neoeseary The dry chief refused to go Into de- tafta of Um Ooidlng cam Re said tha administrator's record on the whota appean to be good ' i -Tra- CAB BITS BBIDOB Oread Perk Aug II— Arthur MODELED Ollnd Oslo Minn U in ssTious oondl-1— Rave-1 bob la a hospital hare the result of aa automobile accident near East Orand Porks The ear driven by v-n-a Boff Oslo hit Um aula of Ona butdom of the mg waa so warn wny so icw 01 inea mynaa uiauia mn uinuie win one reason is that otner epicure beside humane like their oyster the Wish for instance But remedy a— 0Lm—rinm ku km fMind I for etarfUh deeniction has been touno Miss Louise Palmer of the U n ia a maner " reau of fisheries aaid aatawbamem las tamawm ovster bed st tne Beginning m iiooo "v--—---ui atu aau aa littia aa is ounces I The three an Arthur Mcndrnasit in 3000 ration ef water kills adult I starfish m a few m Inula Althoueh evstsn an no taboo lor iuman con umpton ddiine the four monhs without the tradi'lonai R dence has found a "a and ummer vc- r-f o— diced b J M Lemon rf the U S buneu of f wirne 7 ka yn demnnt-ted he d -r - rar be -ao i" f-nee--1 r eHi - ""--" "v "- i"d 'mot s'j" LAWYERS HEAR SELVES RAPPED KIND WORDS FOR PRISONERS French Bantam Car To Invade America Detroit Aog it — m— Another of fecabm orishi IB IO ita appearance (a the WUIlam CL Dnraat noted tive flnanciar announced today that Duraat Motors Ttw' bae euuiraoxaei to manufacture 100JKM of the Msthta can now built la tha B E C Mattes factory In fstraabonrg Praaee of peraonnel of Durant Motor Xaew that bring! him again into the active ox tne company TAHITI'S PASSENGERS GOME WITH VENTURA TO AMERICAN PORT Majority Will PraeMd White Crow and Fow Others WHI Remain at Page Page Pace Paso Aug is Ventura waa duo at this naval bam at l p m today iB:N p m f B T with Um 117 persona rescued from the British steamer Tahiti which want down hi the eouth Pe dfie yesterday after being la diitrem ear three days Of the 111 persons rescued let of the Tahiti jrew aad ojsrngiri will disembark Tha ether pemengen will con tinue to San Itancteco aboard Um Ventura Meanwhile Um Ventura reported -all well" Bound from WsUlneton to Baa Itaaelaeo the Tahiti lost tta starboard propeller about 409 miles east of Baretoaga Cook Islands A leak developed aad holds and engine room became flooded Ships in the vidntty of the disabled vessel rushed to na ClfOOLMA'AMS WILL NOW BAYS TO STAY TEAK Seattle Aug II— Two Seattle Behool teachers may be forced to re main for a rear on the Island of Barotonga as a result of UM sinking of the liner Tahiti The teachers Mise Jean Lane and Mrs Irene Lansing planned to return IO ine uniiva mummem an im muu This liner stonaed at Rajotonge once a year and was the only transpacific ship calling there She sank while approaching Um Island Mlm tone and Mrs Lansing cabled relatives of their predicament The government may be asked to provide special traniportatlon for Um teachers RISCCC BT VENTURA IS THRILLING ONE Wellington N Z Aug Pint stories from passengers of the 111 - feted Pad fie passenger liner Tahiti reaching here today from Pago Pago Indicated meaterlv see-manshlp on the pan of Um e plain of both the Tahiti and tha rescue ship Ventura prevented an appalling -TTv r Zrt 3f criminally atraulllns two small white at head Um Tahiti s captain t' I 111 k aoo masked men order for psmengen to take to um' ui eooacs huHata All aboard the Tahiti were grata-1° A'i-lrtBt ldBnttance to the mil lJTrti yTTa£ns? thh5ri?nn ZJ W0 SufSJS £l distressed Tahiti But although 1 she possible to the dlssblerl and the PtuyUyu lacked Pear ruled the TahlU for three dan but throughout their narrowing experience the pasaengen wen orderly sad obedient to tha dictates of wiser minas wnen tne grw gooa fortune ef rescue came to tnem tne woman pasaengen first wen inns-f erred then Um men and finally the When all hands en aboard the Ventwa an attempt mas made to lave the malt In her holds with some ef tha begs ainad Ukm °" J?iLP K(TTS'!Jd for mon when the TahlU hirehed end took not her roll The wane swept over hs bows which failed to rite again Then 1 ih- doomed liner stnightcntd on tn even bf "t r?U1?? l?P" peered in a boiling white whirlpool Charge Three Boys With Office Theft ' "1ST - J iTLm ihre I SSLoiRM in thel Rankinion voutns wen neio in ine i ZIZr?Zr tSTm 10i his family at the JaU had re-equipment to transfer um Tahiti 'tlrsd whcn eaUing aiRlehlsnd county tail tedsv Police i said they had obtained confess sn to I ttwft of a cash reetater from e motor John Cox and Duan MaeQuaen both 31 The trio at arres'ed at Oracevie Minn Of he I1M In the essh reenter "men ' taken from 'he --a hr- bu BM a -eecAfred The reenter fwid in s dieh iifmg the roadside near Campbell M n so TRtrnr ntlf v- f a e e-sf'i- p - Many Denver Attorney Bays New Type ef Criminal la Respenaible for Prison Riots Chicago Aug It— — Kind words for prison Inmates and harsh ones for lawvem were spoken yesterday at the preliminary eoufoionco of Um American Bar BssnrtsMnn which formally Opens Ita ISM convention tomorrow At a group meeting of auoroevs Just lee Royal A Stone of Um Minnesota euoreme court told of attend ing a play where the audienea showed audible approval of a character state ment "If X had a son preparing to be a lawver rd kill ami" I -it wasnt tha actor's saying this hhat disturbed me particularly" Jus-Ijjee atone said "it was tha marked approval or the aiMMneo cnai ooiner-d No profession la put on a lower plane tnan our "The answer la Intensive efficient local bar association Let us put our profession to high in ethics and efficiency that no ether can equal lu" New Crlmmale TOarmy William w Great Denver attor- told the criminal law section of UM avMciation that Idleness aad ever- erowdlng of convicts aad tne evolution of a new type of criminal were iwmonsrale for prtaon riota Orant chairman of a commit tee appointed by Oov WUIlam H Adams to investigate the Oolorado prleoa outbreak a year ago deeorlbod the old time criminal aa "one who took hi BMBanno who served hie sentence often in idleness occasionally en Uw reek pile and who aubmltted to 111 treatment la poor quartera Be re- garded It a part ef Um game" The new type of criminal Orant aid not only different la himself but "infests the rem oc ine mmulation with discontent ment against any kind of discipline aad an unscrupulous disregard for Um rights feelings and obUgatlon of the rest of the world that so far aa I know has never been duplicated " Pl!n1sMh"itas Mawhlif The things of Immediate Interest to eon vtet orant mid am where he ta to live what ha ta to wear aon eat hrhat work be la to do and wast op- la the Oolorado stats prison Um attorney said there are cells for MO men In which more then S00 live Nowhere Orant aald ta Um maxim "the devil finds mischief for MM hands to do" so true as la Um penitentiary "In practically bO of the Institutions at uhlch riots hsve tsken place then has not been sufficient work to keep Inmetm busy ' NEGRO LYNCHED BY NORTH CAROLINA MOB It Hangsd and Riddled With Bullets After Jail Is Entered by Ruse Tarboro N C Aug II— on-Oilier Moore M negro charged with on a ruse the mob carried the negro ° W hooM spproximauly 100 yards IS mllcc from here Then they strung tree and find scores of millets into hi bods- Deputy R a wsuon wno uvea him early today Believing it to be an officer with a prisoner ha went ta Um door and ealled "Have vou get a man for met" Someone in the mob answered affirmatively and Watson unbolted Um door As ha did he saw Um crowd of masked men and made an effort to throw tne bolt Tha men rushed through forced him into his or nee and took ell the keva from a peg en the wall 1 The man uBuoekad ecu Alter call oil AftaaMa Amaaeoat WjawtBa Y"PsaB BMafPa rirJ— h m m— t UnUI Mtmjr IVtattwl eawiw mares vgeaw 1 hUdeeth without a word ajjeriff W E Bard en notified 001 aa tne men drove off want in j the tynehen Be reaehed tha lMnl after the mob had d7-j5d afld found tha body Wat- tonsald mme of the men In the mob hld bttn recognised This the first qmeniBf in North Carolina atnee 1M1 Wealthy Girl Dies In Her Own New Car Newport R I Aug II— wMl Vsry Pope 17-t ear-old daughter of 'Mr and Mn John Russell Pupe of New York end Newport ta dead hen he tlctim of her own automobile s recent gift ef her grandmother A prospective debutente In the faahinn-sbls summer color she -a y ijured last neht a hen her machine olllded wth nnther ear She suffered a fractured kull snd dl'd bc- fore reaching s hopil N4VE NEW LI NCR ROOM Ka "Jerk v D Aue II -W i -ri a Hae rrf-k ha'-g twe - -f h Pi4 t--x tae- -vr" - -1' ri ii -- — ei—sc Public Men She's Feminine UmveS If Mrs Catherine B Packard who disappeared a year ago has reappeared after bar husband Oaoree identified a body as hen and remarried She to shown on Um courthouse steps at Springfield Vt with authorities who an trying to straigmen BOY OF 18 SETS NEW FLYING RECORD ACROSS UNITED STATES LOCAL WOMAN IS INJURED IN FIRE Mrs W P Knott Suffers Cuts en Arm Following Explosion In Heme Mn W P Knott 1404 Thaver 81 today was recovering from the effect of shock end cut on her arm mhleh resulted from an explosion in her home Monday night Mrs Knott as washing etothe- In her basement when the laundry stove exploded Mr Knott aald the mum of the explosion had not been dt-termlned The stove was between Mr Knott and the cellar sups and she wi trapped by the flame which followed the blast She escaped however by leaping upon a nearbv table pushing out the glass In a cellar window and crawling through the window to Um outside Her arm was cut la Um effort and three aUtchea wen necessary ta close the wound Mr Knott Hid this morning that the injury was not serious and that Mn Knott waa recovering from the shock of her narrow escape The flames wen extinguished by the fin department after Um house had been damaged by smoke WATCHED COMMUNITY GROW wm minrt M n An IB — Jacob Bender farm machinery dealer 1 baa been a resident of New England 1 17 yean Then wen only two build ings in tne town wnen ne amveo— one owned by Am Gardner Um other by W C Mcxenae Dieuneon Um closest rail point at that time Scientist Prophesied 58 Years Ago Where Population Center Would Be Washington Aug it— t— A preeh-' — aa — MMMiM w — - -- — Um spot at which the 1D0 center of popnleUon of the Unttvd Btatmi would be found pointed lo todav by aarenes E Batehw ensua geeg-npher aa tha most accurst esMmsta available at tht ttegt ef the compu- Dndavtaklna on 'hi beau of tm— tl mwitimm eeuBtry fo tree the movement of RUgerd 'hen argued In thM fssh-i that mythical halanrc point frim luton Th geographical rncr of thei IBM resting plan BaUeHelet mid at United BtstM map li ust b1ow the this point of the calculations he could middle ef the northern boundary ef not improve on the eld figure Kansas Owing e the compwtiv In 1173 he said a brilliant but lit- Infertility of the territory hing tie known methematleian Jullu est Of that meridian it Is rertalnl Ersamua Hileard citimated th- cen- 'he center of aopiiiatlor a hen a per- iter of population would cling close to 'the thirtv-nlnth panllel of tatitudc I snd would mme 1M miles a est ward between 1171 and IMO snd sn sdded U miles between 1100 and 1130 I Kllesrd f jrther p-apheaised this hjpothetlcal point will be abw 10 'mile east of St Lout in the r 3000 Thia he forecst' ould he Jutt sbou' I's ul'lmate ard "( eni— r eobld 'hereafie- be dep-nded m nair'a n - Bpp-aairs'lor of rqjlb- -jT- 8' Ixxj a r ea poiv Ir he "l"i p-vp -w : — p r pub' ue-l - Sr-b--t Vvth H a-1 -le the - -e - r — r s- i- v -he --- -' pnois v ' h mi P'a'M "" - — t - -mm — -1 i- - t '-J — S J j ' Enoch Arden ansantig yyaa paete out tne strange inngw Eddie Schneider Cuts Off More Than Four Houre From Ol'd Junior Mark Los Angeles Aug II — in-A slight eighteen-year-old Jeney cttv youth Eddie Schneider today hela the junior record for the fastest westward crossing of the United States Landing at Um Municipal airport at dusk yesterday the oung filer completed his tnnscontlnrntal ei casing In a total flvtitg time of U noun 41 minutes just 4 hours 33 mlntiiM tew than required bv the formr record holder the late Prank Mdsborough of New York Schneider left Wsstfleld N J August 14 flying onlv during tne dav time Be Mid he experienced much stormy aesthrr elong the route end damaged hi plane slightly once when he struck a tree in landing at AJtoona Pa 1 Schneider llrsl lended t Long Beach Municipal airport 1 Uncertain when he was the toung filer asked an airport sttendant and waa told he was at "The Municipal Airport" The answer led tV-tinei-der to believe he had narhed hi destination Berral minutes later he discovered hit error Upon reaching Loa Angelet Municipal airport Schneider took no chances of making a similar n-lstaka To fifty enthusiast who nn out to meet him he shouted "Hey I want to know for sun before I cut off my motor ta this the Loa AngelM Municipal sirportT" He said later he was undecided when he would start back In an effort to beat Um eastward record of M hours II minutes also set by Oolds-borough i ean up to that time and eaeh tue-j seeding census has been tabulated as i- —-iiIm Mntn alh mrmnttc me rrj wrara igm to fW" fhiprloa" fn ahleh KUesrt sld the populstion center would sdvenri 129 mile ne missed ir by but Tl miles— it moved INS 1 H band hi orooheev na or thei statistic at hind but im s me'he- k — — ( — ftMM hi aiMilf mm I manent ratio of dlstribu'ion shall1 hate been reached rsnno he fan west ef the Mlwlasippl ritr And tlnre there is to rest duperi't nfi northern end ou'hern sone ' lil be near the middle la 'ude nf M it- gren placln t not far fron t-e city of St Lout He then took s 'enta-lt t por rear Bt Lous as i'-ii stS m-r"d t-e center of er vward a -a' based rr 'he irovr-nen' r s dersde he considered v-n-i The r js ds'a-ce - ea "r- too "o nn 4 - e ea -e 1 'n ei r "he r-ee- ce-wt mi rt V rvr- " --- — r mv ' — - — I — - --' - V r" ' ' v - " —mr mi STATE LACKS FUNDS FOR NEW HIGHWAYS NATION CANNOT HEI North Dakota Unable to Match U S Allotment of $2001- 841 Loses Money 50000 SHEEP ARE COMING Secretary Hyde Named by President se Chairman of National Drought Relief Work Indications are that North Dakota will lose a large portion of It federal road aid became of lark of funds for aew highway eoMtructloB according to officials of the state highway eam- Tha state ha been allotted 13401 -Ml for new construction but mutt match thia amount if the federal fund are to become 'available for road work Previously North Dakota received approximately 11200 000 Officials believed it would be difficult to match tha old Bitot ment aad that It would be practically Impossible to take advantage of the estkV 000 increase granted By tha federal roremment this year unless soma action ta taken by the legtalatun to obtain additional revenue for building new highways May Try It Again Then has been a heavy drain ea tale highway fuwL for maintenance purposes of facials said Defeat of tha proposal to Increase gasoline tax from throe to four emu at Um June primary waa a setback to the commission which had hoped to derive additional revenue la thia manner Although no definite plan have aade u ta belieied probable that aa effort will be made before the legtalatun to obtain legislation of either Increasing the gasoline tax or Um motor vehicle registration fee aa a means for obtaining new revenue Unlet mm action ta taken to obtain mon money for highway construct ton hem aver the state tand to nee as high as one mlUlen dolle-rederal aid Bala Helps Stale Rain In practically eter lection u th state today brought much need-o moisture to panned farm hinds It was the most general rainun tlnee the beginning of the record breaking heat saa nearly tao months ago The showers wen heaviest in southeastern North Dakota and extended into eastern South Dakota Dlendala received the heaviet fall in tha state with 3M Inches for the 24 -hour period ending at I a m tod at Napoleon recorded 3 05 inrhe Oakes 1 01 Bismarck 1 03 Drake Jamestown M Lisbon 34 M-x 33 Mlnot 07 and Portal 01 Beach which received 3 OS Inches rain during the week-end reported 14 inch additional todav Tha molstum win greatlv alleviate damage done to f crags land and will aid In putting tilled toil In shape for fall plow in MONTANA SENDING lejeg SHEEP HERE Helens Mont Aug II — iW Neg llatiena an under way to tend MOOC Montana feeder lambs Into North Dakota and 30 000 Into southern Indians for feeding in those state as s result ef drought In this state This was made known bv M E BtebMne secretary of the Montana Wool O roarers eisoeiatlen Railroad hate granted a half -rate to thlppen if Um lamb an returned to Men-tana If the animals an sent dine to market from Um North Dakota and Indiana feeding grounds the reduced freight charge will not be svsllsble atebMBB sxplalned NAME SECRETARY BYDE RELIEF BOARD BEAD Washington Aug II— sacn-tary Hyde waa appointed by President Hoover today aa chairman ef the national drought relief committee The head of tha agricultun department has already moved to amon that fanner will get the benefit ef reduction made on freight shipment of grain In arleua sections having instructed county agents in affected regions lo watch tha report en the vmntion The rational nltar committee is to coordinate federal activities for reoperation with the group being set up In stricken states The movement of reea tor livestock into drought -ft rirk en areas will n-eeits tmmedieta attention The ag-rlrulmn departmeBt aesB'i hava been charged by Mr Hvda ta look ts the Interests of the farmer in watching applies Mon of tha redured shipping rates Other member ef tne nstonal committee will be Chairman Legga ol the Pede-al rem Board' Paul Bettor federal fsrm loan commissioner Roy A Young Ooterner ef the federal reserve board John Barton Pavne rhatrman or the American Red Cros R K Alih'on praddint of the Am-e-lcsn Rai'wav association Ogden V! urde- Secretary of the Trees-jr end Henry M Robinson pres-idert of he rrst National Bank ef Los Ante e Pre der t Hoover announced Um Ktd sppolrtire-t sating spproxl-ns'ev W ecntifs were now em-b-scri -n re drought region - — d "on a-e regarded by re- ef f " c as setou The real tj-d— the stricken farm- si in -- expected to be - v— ne wlnte-u i -a'd -aparts - -t k gfc sras ' -i - -li -y— ed — -L' -- s non-acuM areaa NfspapfrHRCHIVE® NfwspaperBRCHIVE® —

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