The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE.SIX BLYTHEV1LLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1939 PilPl BETTER FHA Sees Atlractive Appearance As Factor In Lasting Value The Federal Housing Administration !;i prompted by a threefold motive in pushing its drive for sound construction methods and • better designs for homes throughout the country. These motives, according to Administrator Stewart McDonald, arc: Protection from unsound methods and design; consequent • increase in a property's marketability, thus protecting the interest of the lending institution; reduction of the possibility (hat the structure ivlll become quickly undesirable and prove a loss to FHA's mortgage-Insurance fund. Factors For Marketability A house to be marketable, Mr. .McDonald points out, must be durable In construction, planned for convenience !n living, and adc- •quately arranged and equipped for safety, light, and sanitation. It I must be pleasing and well-proportioned in design and possessed of an attractiveness that promises permanence In appeal—a factor the Federal Housing Administration is stressing increasingly in its .mortgage-insuring operations, ri.ins Reflect Architects' Use "One gratifying- measure of progress in the matter of architectural design noted in recent montlis Is the Increasing use by prospective home buyers of the services of architects," Mr. McDonald said. "This Is reflected in the plans -which accompany applications for mortgage insurance .reaching the .various state mid district offices of the FHA. When bur operations first got underway It was-not unsual to receive crude .and Ill-conceived plans, drawn In some instances on wrapjiping paper. : . ' "Tlie Federal Housing Administration sponsors no particular style of architecture but insists tliat . houses offered as security for mortgages to be insured by FHA nufct .be weir designed. This we consider of far-greater Importance than .the 'particular architectural style employed." . -, " Model For Minimum Means J Formula Is Given For Whitewash ; In spite of the longer-wearing qualities of paint, many home owners prefer tlie quaint charm of whitewashed buildings. Many southern Colonial homes owe much of their picturesque mellowness to their whitewashed brick walls, while whitewashed dining - r o o m , walls are still sought by mimy owners of ranch houses. A good formula for ranking whitewash is to stir 10 pounds of lime into. eight quarts of water. When smooth and creamy, add wa-- ter In small quantities to obtain tlie brushing or spraying consistency wauled. A 10-yjound sack will make about four gallons. Authorities recommended the addition of a little bluing to bring out whiteness, while addition ct about.four ounces ,of alum will help prevent the white wnsh Ironi rubbing oft One pound of common salt or one pound cement will help make the mixture waterproof. .Whitewashing of buildings Is one of the eligible. modernization projects that may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of tlie Federal Housing Administration. Wall Stripes New Horizontal wall dramatic to the average home ........v...^ owner, but this style of treatment holes In is becoming more and more ------ • • Tin's small home, containing two bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, illustrates how com- forlnMc living quarters may be obtained in Ihc imuiniiint- cost field. Assigned a valuation of $4,2!>0 by Hie Federal Housing Administration, tlie home was bnill in loiwi ivitli a mortgage of $3,800 insured by flic FHA. Monthly payments on Ibis ullractivc house amount (o only $21MG, exclusive of local taxes and h.-.znrd insurance. FLOOR.- PLAN Your Home •CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Prevent Paint Dllslers The average home owner who rices ills own painting frequently overlooks many little elements that may mean\the difference between a load cr n bad job. In painting the inlerlor, the home owner should bear In mind that a highly humidified air-conditioning system . may cause condensation \Uiich leads lo \vater blisters. Replace Cracked Panes Besides being unsightly, cracked window panes arc aiirthcr source of heat loss. Although bothersome to replace, they should not be tolerated. Often window panes are cracked because of less of putty. Moisture absorbed by the frames causes the wood to swell, and this cracks the glass through pressure. Tlie Mod- crnb.atlon Credit. Plan of the Federal Housing Administration miy be used to finance replacement c'f wimlo.v panes ns well us unifying and glazing windows which nre iii n state of disrepair. Funds for making Improvements of this sort are obtained from lending institutions qualified by FHA. New Repair Plastic Aviilnhle Home cwners may find the solu- I i- • T . i " on '° "'<> Problem of how to make interior Treatment petty repairs in a nf - lV n "S- hardenlng paste now bcin^ sold, it stripes sound Is recommended for irany^puruoses. Including filling cf cracks ant! nail floors, sealing crocks n around bathtubs and other plumb- the woodwork of the windows. If the walls arc of masonry, the joints between the masonry walls and the window frames should be thoroughly caulked. If the walls arc of wood, shrinkagc.Jias probably token place, and the joints in the wood m 1st be caulked. Tow or cotton candlowick may be used as the itacklng. and this should be raised with while lead and packed .in tightly. There are. many commercial caulking compounds which may be used. Uoof Painting A bnd roof can cause more annoyance during Winter weather than nt any other season of the year, so home owners are urged to check llieir roofs before the severe bliisU of Winter arrive. Most, roiflng authorities recommend that the tin roof be painted immediately upon installation and every two years thereafter. In cases where galvanized sheet metal is In preparing a Improvements', as last-minute repairs meet eligibility re home owner may that funds for sue ttiinable from quail stitutlons under Hi Ing Administrate (foil Credit Plan. Commercial Bi May Be Commercial build have antiquated fr arranged window- have little appeal public. The applic for redesigning an expenditure of i frcm qualified Icn under FHA's Mode Plan, may restore mand of outmode .other places of bu Every Family Could Enjo used, the roof should not be painted for at least six months after Installation, as this period of conditioning is necessary to free the surface from acids which otherwise may tend [o loosen the patnt. Peeling paint should be removed with steel wool, sandpaper, or a wire brush before new paint is applied. as other requirements, the ' in mind n's Modenilza- to the buy In; money, available stores nnd fashionable interior treatment for modem homes. One paint magazine suggests the •use of five stripes, beginning with a stripe at the ceiling of a light- shade and deeping the color progressively until the floor line Is reached. If a more striking effect is desired, a narrow strip of a still darker color may be used to divide each stripe. This kind of painting, as well as other interior painting, is eligible for financing under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Strips of masking taps -are recommended to insure even lines when walls are painted in a stripe design. ine fixtures, filling cracks In walls nnd woodwork, as well as mendinp furniture. Fluorescent lights New Vojne Fluorescent lighting has taken great strides in the home since first intrcduccd, larqely became of its decorative qualities. Modem entrance llslits. vort irsil side lights on bathroom mirrors, side-wall lights, as ivcll as several other uses have served to launch fluorescent lighting ns a fashionable trend. Installation of these lighting fixtures, as well as replacing dd fixtures with those of fluorescent qualities, may be accomplished under Die FHA'5 Modernization Credit Plan. Match-Scratch Marks Can Now Be Removed Scratch marks from matches on thin tW^i fV*"«""iY " ""7 u "" guu painted woodwork are unsightly £?u. ,^f,'" Wa L Sl as ,'" " ract| „__» •- . »_ .. U..JI6..HJ cauv an nouses Intro ic on n .n. Air Leakage It has been estimated that in winter about one-third of the home's heat escapes through the roof. Ceiling insulation is less difficult large extent, from entering around Luxury of MODERN HOT WATER FACILITIES If every property owner realized how easily and inexpensively these facilities can he installed. Many families still use the old fashioned tea kettle for healing water for the dishes, for shaving, bathinrr and other daily requirements. This is needless now, because property owners may install hot water facilities by securing an FHA loan, repayable in easy installments. Your plumber will be glad (o advise you concerning SU ch improvements. BLVTHESILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Jrgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Ihcir Locations Should Be Selected With Care No longer arc Hie wimions of n home viewed only as fiincticnal mills. Today the} 1 tire called upon lo serve Important archltcclimil .•UK! decorative uses as well. In planning window locations, the e builder is ..urged b.v one mi- lly on windows to keep these c points in mind: (I) Deter- e liow a "picture window" cr a er window can Ire designed for living room, the dining room tin- kitchen, or the ijedrom to frame some pleasant exterior scene i2i Which way will the house face? It may be important in determining what can be done with window to utilize sunlight for more cheerful nnd Interesting Interiors. (3) In direction do the prevailin« winds btow? Directio much In the interest of su n may mean ummer coolness or winter warmth, especially if tlie specifications do not include in ulr-conditioning unit. Often architects have achieved nterestlng results by placing a -.rciiiincnt window lo frame a tree n the manner of a "living picture " Its changing pattern from spring to fall and throughout the winter nakes for n scene that is always efrcsWng. Similarly pleasing effects arc obtained if the surround- ng landscape permits a view of a weep of river, a winding creek, or even a brond expanse cf ••ol' 1 '-and. ' ""° Older homes arc often character- zed by their lack of windows but ircscnt owners need not surrender heir desire for a bright nnd cheery view. Under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, new windows may be .installed wherever needed or vlierever , a. good view makes one desirable, where a home is to be provided with new -windows to make use of exterior landscape possibilities, it is generally rcc-m- nended that -solid,'large panes be used instead of eadecl types. the many-prmed Cracked Plaster Needs Paint Care Q us lions and Answers :s Q. What is tlie proper height noises and permit locating the for klchen counters and stove and house forwardI on the lot so that slnk to)xs? the rear tojxs A. Nearly all commercially available kitchen equipment such ns sinks and stoves have a height of 3G inches, while ready-built kitchen counters arc adjustable to the height of the individual using the equipment. A convenient working height lias 'Iwcn found to be 34 or 35 Inches from Die uoor. Q. What patnt should be used on radiators? A. Ordinary house paints and enamels of nny color may be used ns a finishing coat for radiators. Rndlator.s should not be painted while hot, and care should be taken (hat the paint has dried thoroughly before tlie heat is turned on. Q. I want to build on my lot, which faces n main highway. How should I plan to locale ray house? My lot is 150 feet deep. A. If the front building line has 'en established, it may be necessary or desirable to conform to it in locating the house. If n building line has not been established, the location of the house will be Influenced by the house plan and by conditions bearing on the development of the site. Living rooms and bedrooms placed toward the rear ol the house «.flord privacy and protection from street the rear portion can be developed lor garden area. If it Is essential to place the living rooms at the front of the house, location of the house well back from the road will be helpful in getting away from traffic noises. Addition- ill qutet and privacy can be obtained by planting trees, shrubs, and hedges of proper height to absorb and deflect these noises. Q. How should I take care of a linoleum floor which lias been neither waxed nor varnished? A. Sweep the floor with a .soft brush and dust with an oiled or dry mop. For more thorough cleanings use a cloth wrung out of suds made with lukewarm water ami n mild soap, rinse with clear water, and dry. Only a small space should be wet at a time. A linoleum-covered floor should never be flooded with water. Q. Who may apply lor an PHA- insured loan, and to whom Is the application made? A. Any responsible person with an assured income, good credit, and a reasonable ability to repay the loan may apply for an FHA- insiired loan.' Application should be made to any bank, building' and loan association, or other financial institution approved by the Federal Housing Administration. Cupid's Messengei New Materials Give Color To Bathroom For years china dominated the bathroom scene, but recently bathroom accessories have appeared in metals, plastics, and glass to challenge china's monopoly. Towel bars, soap dishes, and other accessories now add color and life to the bathroom, as the choice of materials has widened to fit every requirement and color. Old bathrooms may be modernized and brought up to dnte with new fixtures and accessories, which I may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Not only is new beauty introduced through striking color accents but utility is heightened in modern bathroom accessories. Many of the new models are of unbreakable nnit nanshattering materials. manufacturer who s,ays they are primarily intended to produce pictorial panels for interior jobs. Each stencil is composed of three plates—the first for putting on the lightest color, the second for medium tones, and the third for the darkest color. Pictorial stencils may be included in a painting or papering job j being financed under a Modernization Credit Plan loan of the Federal Housing Administration. Board Will Rule On Fitness of Red Teacher Painting . over piaster that Is lined with "map" or "hair line'' cracks requires a special knowledge of paints, for if ordinary paint j s applied, the oils are drawn in(o the cracks, thus changing the color Coach Lanterns Now Made For Entrances Old-time coach lanterns, once salvaged from junk yards for use as entrance lights on Colonial homes, are now being manufactured expressly for that purpose. nnd producing a streaked job. Painting authorities recommend j • Obtainable in all sizes and shapes, for both outdoor nnd indoor use. these Colonial lanterns and brackets come with complete electrical connections and socket. Eligible for installation under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, the lanterns may be obtained in polished or antique brass and bronze finish. irldginx tlie cracks through sealing with some plgmentrd .sealer or Hat paint with varnish added Either of these materials used should be brushed into and over the cracks thoroughly without thinning. When thinned their efficacy will be reduced. After tlie first coat is dry any ;ood Hat paint may be applied and the cracks will no longer be visible. Hair-line cracks arc too small to be dug out and repaired, leaving this the most practical method of treatment. Larger cracks cannot be sealed satisfactorily,- however, and should be repaired. Painting is one of the many eligible repair items which may be financed under the •Modernlzatibn Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Stencils On Walls Can Liven Rooms Pictorial wall stencils can often be used to bring life to an otherwise unattractive room. They frequently are used to good advantage in the mirstry. A new line of pictorial stencils has been announced recently by a "A MILD WINTER" Thai's the forecast for homes with modern winter comforts such as storm sashes, atfic insulation, weather-stripping. Needed home repairs and improvements may be made at once and paid fnr by the month on the KHA plan. We \vill give you details on FHA insured loans for home modernization. THE fiRKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Quality Service NEW YORK (UP)—The school board of examiners must decide whether an avowed Communist may be employed as a City school teacher following passage by the legislature iast May of a law which forbids employment of teachers who advocate violent overthrow of the government. An applicant for a license, whose name was withheld, said lie was an active member of the Young Communist League. It v;a: '.he first instance of such an application. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CI1ICKASAWDA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Harry Baugh, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7075 Miriam A. Baugli, Defendant. Tlie defendant, Miriam A. Bnugh, is warned to appear within thirty (Jays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint' of the plaintiff, Harry Baugli. Dated this Gth day of Nov., 1839. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. Vlrgl] Orcene (Atty. for PHf.) Claude P. Cooper (Atty. Ad Litem) 7-14-21-28 Parental objection kept Eileen Herrick, heroine of New York's Romeo and Juliet drama of thwarted courtship, from seeing her sweetheart George Lowtlier, 3rd. But he learned her affection was steadfast—thanks to her friend Helen Stedman (above), who delivered Eileen's love-letters lo Lowtlier. STANDARD TIRES AND XOUS; qip T.'« 4.40-2*4.50-21 •OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW/.' AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As JJAc Per Week- Low As UW On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget BIgr. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 Shingles o that can't curl up and blow away CERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL SHINGLES will give you roofing satisfaction. The first cosl is loir, they can be applied rifihl over any oW roof, they give insulation value, they reduce insurance rales, they LAST. No down payment required on a new CKK- TAINTEED UNIVERSAL ROOF. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100

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