The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington on November 29, 1962 · 14
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The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington · 14

Spokane, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1962
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2 - The Spokesman-Review, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1962. Budget Chief Named to Foreign Aid Job David Bell Is Chosen by Kennedy WASHINGTON (CTPS)President Kennedy Wednesday appointed David E. Bell, budget director, as administrator of the foreign aid program. The President replaced Bell as budget director with Kermit Gordon, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers. There was no announcement of a successor to Gordon on the three-member economic council. Bell was named administrator of the Agency for International Development (AID) to succeed Fowler Hamilton, a New York City lawyer who recently announced his Intention to resign. The White House said President Kennedy has accepted Hamilton's resignation, effective Dec. 7. Change In December Bell will continue as budget director until late December to help the President prepare the budget for the 1964 fiscal year beginning next July 1 which Kennedy will present to Congress in January. Between the time of Hamilton's resignation and Bell's taking over as foreign aid administrator, the program will be run by Frank M. Coffin, deputy aid administrator. Bell has been budget director since Jan. 21, 1961, the day after President Kennedy took office. Gordon also has been a member of the Council of Economic Advisers since the President entered the White House. Hamilton', was the first administrator of aid, a relatively new agency created in September 1961 to consolidate the various primes of the foreign assistance program. Senate Must Act Bell and Gordon were given recess appointments. Their nominations will be sent to the Senate for confirmation in January. Bell, 43, is a native of Jamestown, N.D., and was educated at Pomona College in California and Harvard University. lie began his government career in 1942 as a budget bureau employe. Before he became budget director, he was secretary of Harvard's graduate School of Public Administration. Gordon, 46, is a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of Swarthmore College. He is a former Rhodes Scholar. lie entered government service in 1941 with the Office of Price Administration. He was an economics professor at Williams College when appointed to the Council of Economic Advisers. Meeting With Nikita moscow (AMCanadian Ambassador Arnold Smith conferred Wednesday in the Kremlin with Premier Khrushchey on what Moscow radio called certain international problems. Further details were not disclosed. THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW PRESENTS 9 , Todav s 'television Prom (LIations are turDisbed by the Mations and oubtect to change by them.) THURSDAY 110-117 I KNIN-TV I littEM-TV . tilltt-TV (Channel 6NBC) 7'55-1 E. Partner (1'1Cntliwiltal Clsrtn. 30Goton hforgen 11 8'45Itut en Morren 9 00xSos, 15 hen 9 ',5--KNI1C NIrws 9 Yr. 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Weather 11;30--Destre" x.Denotes live program z-Denotes color TV. t Channel 4.C BS) 7:25Farm Report 30xCollege of Air 8:soCaptain Kangaroo 9 00Jack Ls Loons Show 9 30xl Love Lucy 10 00xlisal McCoys 10 liosPete and Gladys 11 00-41,eve al Lae 11 25exCliS News 11 30sSearch, Tomorow 11 45xGuiding 1,16111, 12 00Take Four 12 :t43--sAs World Turns 1 00Yestrde's Newared 1 15Song Shen 1 30--sllielseharty 2 00--sMilliontbre 2 30sTell the Truth 2 55---sCIIS News 3 00ssecret Storm 3 30xEdee of Stidd 4: OtiMr. Wallaby 6K Jack 5 30Drarnet 6 00News 6 15sWalte1 Cronkite 6 30-13a1 Ntasteraort 7 00Yeat Hear 7 30---xNtr. Ed lebrPerry MR5111 9 00exl he Nur,es 10 00sAllred Illtebcock 11 00News 1 1 30szTonIght MOSCOW (AP) The Communist party and the Soviet government NVednesday ordered into effect an inspection system making every workman a watchman against cheating and poor workmanship. This implements a decision' reached by the party's Central Committee last week. A joint state-party control or inspectionl system was set up for all production in the Soviet Union. Alexander Shelepin, 44, former director of the secret police, has been put in charge of it. This inspection system is one of the major agencies by which the government hopes to speed pro, duction, get the most out of every worker and trap embezzlers. Goal Explained Every worker and every executive clearly is expected to keep watch on all his fellows, even while he himself is under the scrutiny of official and party watchers. The job of the new agency, as outlined by the Soviet Communist party paper Pravda. is: "To render active aid to party and government in fulfillment of the Communist party program. in the organization of systematic checking of the fulfillment of party and Spohnne fladio Today KIM (590 geNBC) 5a0A Wake Up Tune 2 Doi News :i0A 2 15P Music On GO 6 45A Roundup Tme 5 Otti, News 011A F.:YO. Openers 515P Music On Go 745A News ' 6 00P News OA Toney Man Niorgan 6,50A Phil Crobine 6 li$1, Hall of Fame 9 45A News 00P Wuld Ton,row 10 Hsewves Hitt R :40P Ninisic in Nit 12'iop News 1000P News 12'15P IF, Farmer 10'15P NItisie in Night 12.40P Money Man 12,00M Sign Ott Kill(?11,731 ' (96.1 Mrs p.m. to midnight) Musk and News, (MO KG-4 BO Broadcasting 24 hour!, Each Dee 6110A Dr. M'IntYra 1215P Bob Phnlina b WA News I 18,T1 Allen Wolter 45A Sayvie Choel 5 nol, L. Thomas 7 WA World NeW8 5 1!-.1-' Atl.n Wolter Bbb Blutnos N,W8 7 31,5 NeWS fi 1!1P I lichne 7 OA Bon Phi Itins 6 :ioP Frank Firrron PAHA NVA 8 7 IN.f, News. 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Worker Spy System Put Into Effect (Channel SABC) 8:00Breakfast with Mum 8:30NW Farmer 8:45Outen Morgen 9:00Guten Moraen V 8:15Mornine Movie 10:30Romper Room II :DOshine Wyman 11:30Yours for a Song 12 AalxTenn Ernie Ford 1 30Father KII0W6 Befit 00TPIPSCODe 1 30Burns 81 Alien 2 00sDav in Court 2 25sttliciday Report 2 30sSeven Keys 3:041xQueen for a Day 3 31txWho Do You Trust 4:00Popeye 4: 30Dtseover1 5 AmPioneers 5:30You Asked For It 6:00N,a,neat 8:115sEvenwir Fter,Ort 6:39---Neszsbeat 7.00Sea Hunt 7:311sOzzle Az flarriet 8.00xDonna Reed 8!30Leave to Beaver 800sMy Three Sons 0-30sMeHale's Navy to:ooaPremiere 11:00Nieht Beat 11:30Movie KUM IfiX IN (920 KC) 530A Farm News 5 3eP Newswheel 5 45A T 0 Callehn 6 no)14 Dave Honda:, 1014,A JeTTY trinve 7Mn14 Woody Wdwrd 2 (1,1, INdY Woodwrd II: op sonny Day COOP Dave Holiday 2.00A Stan Off (99.9 MC) - Ettmo leant It: On a.m. to WOO a.m. tenorair Prolorommout 11.04) cm. to to Am Man oil lilt EM 1970 KCBrondruntinc from 6 a.m. until 1 ctn. l 6:IVA KREM & Cut 4'enP R. MacArthur II) 11,1A Dare Page 8:00P Joe Melelc 12.0uN Jun Juluiston 1:u0A Sam Ott IflI::I-I'3t (9? q MC-9 n in. until nildnicht) Iuic With A Guiden 1 ouch KZUN (630 KCBroadeastine from 5:66 a.m. until 416 P.M) 6'00A Farm Hdlines 8(1A Rob Angel 6 15A NO) Aiwa 9 3nA 14ob swartZ 11,00A World News 1.3uP ktete Johnson Z I IN- F1111 (WI MC-6 cm. to 11 MM.) Snoutraxting 8 cm to 4 p.m. 4-00P Mimic 7:0oP Serenade 6.00P Eve Atelodalf 6:0oP Reveries government directives, in further improvement of the leadership in Communist construction, in the maintenance of party and state discipline in Socialist legality." Bank llobbery Suspect Jailed TACOMA (AP)--A lone gunman held up the 35th and Union branch of the National Bank of Washington here shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday and fled with an undetermined amount of cash. Police arrested a man at his home a short time later after tracing a sports car which a witness said sped away from the bank. The robber forced a cashier to empty a till after displaying a gun. ' ADVERTISEMENT Husbands Scold if Wives Look Old ,Nrg is' 1 PO"; p,,,po -0-442. ,.-d'-s1" o-,0a:11, ,,4;,:,.G 0,194. .. (4,,,I' Mo..,,,,Z ,,,;, -, ---Vt;!: -.' A4Z-4 ir.- -6 :",-;, ... .0,-. -tgil HOW TO GET THERE: Simply drive out East Trent until you reach the underpass where Trent becomes Wellesley. Continue East on Wellesley ... you can't miss it! SISTER PAT GETS CIIORE SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) Patricia Lawford, President Kennedy's sister. was ordered by a judge Wednesday to visit children injured in traffic accidents and to make a report on wrecked cars observed at a wrecking yard. Municipal Judge W. Blair Gibbens imposed sentence after Mrs. Lawford, 34, wife of actor Peter Lawford, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving with an expired driver's license. The plea was entered through her attorney. Edward R. Mc-Bale, and Mrs. Lawford remained silent throughout. She was cited Sept. 15 after her car was involved in a minor traffic accident. 4464itt4444444444444,A,4 Car License 'Notices Set OLYMPIA (AP) Shortly after Christmas Washington's motorists will be receiving pre-billing notices for renewal of their automobile license plates, State Licenses Director Louise S. Taylor announced Wednesday. New 1963 plates go on sale at all county auditors' offices Jan. I. By law, motorists will have until Jan 31 to obtain them. The new plates-bearing green letters on a white background are to last for five years. Licenses will be renewed in 1964 and subsequent years by purchase of license plate tabs. The pre-billing notices will be in the mail Dec. 26. Mrs. Taylor said about 1.5 million will be mailed out for renewal of all categories of licenses, including trailers, buses, taxicabs, trucks and other vehicles besides passenger automobiles. The state has ordered 2 million sets of license plates at a cost of about 31-cents per set. a LOT Lone, Weekend to Be Allowed OLYMPIA (AP)Gov. Rosel lini Wednesday gave state em ployes their choice of taking ei ther a four-day Christmas week end or a four-day New Year'r holiday. Rose Mid notified the heads of all state agencies, boards and commissions that state employes may have as a day off either Monday, Dec. 24, or Monday, Dec. 31. Both Christmas - and New Year's Day fall on Tuesdays. The governor said he would encourage all state agencies to retain about half of their staffs on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31. ADVERTIhEMENT How Nucoa margarine lifigiateirao the saturated fat load in your diet With polv-unsatttratel natural poly-unsaturates that help balance off the saturated fats In your diet. Penny for penny, Nucoa gives you more poly-unsatttratesmore than other margarines. So change to delicious new Nucoa and lighten, the saturated fat load in your family's diet. 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