The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1939 HOPEFUL BLYTIIEVILLE (A«K.) COURIER NEWS Typical Of 1939 Christmas Cards Many, Designed By Noted Artists, Arc Worth F raining J>Y JMKIAN YOUNG NKA Service ClafT Correspondent Religious Ihcmes and those definitely in (he mood of (he Victorian era are Ural choice in grcel- ii\g cards fcr Cliristmns 103B. EJchlniss ol thft great cathedrals of Europe, strictly religious texts, breathing the .spirit of "on earth peace, good will toward men," mid sciitiincnlal renderings of exquisite angels and scenes laid In the Holy Laud arc far the best-sellers. Even in cards designed for children to send ami receive, the religious note is prevalent. No doubt the American Artists' Ore up is largely responsible for the idea that a Christmas card can very well be something worth framing or at least keeping around for more than momentary enjoyment. This organization presents on Christmas cards tlie work of some of our outstanding American artists. Included among tlie handsome cards—all suitable for framing— are four of Adolf Dclin's water colors and prints, and nineteen of Rockwell Kent's paintings, water colors ami prints. Lauren Ford's, pictures in (his collection arc part | c . cl m 'he branches. Inside, two of a series comprising "The Ageless "Billed candles—one blue, one red Story." AND THERE AIIE STIM, SOME SANTAS On the non-religious and not- inlendeii-to-be-framed cards, such typically Victorian cycle-built-for-t\vo, group. , , ... .„ „„„._. „. 4 ,, w i nu IMOVJJILI ,-JL Ul Mil; i LUl^MJUS C 111 CIS 111 III' 1 At lower right Is a smart Victorian card showing a Clay Nineties blade on sknto.s mid a prim bc-lurred companion. el of silver on which there's a feathery evergreen tree with several cheerful little bluebirds pos- suppcrt—the simple Creeling. Another, in the same mood of frivolity, shows a sweet little modernistic lamb prancing across a -- - ->. „„„... cll ' c te . of blue, outlined with bits typically Victorian motifs r,s a Ul- of evergreen. And the cover for cycle-built-for-t\vo, arc amusing. tne °W favorite, "Twas the Night Also eye-catching are: a belle with | Boforc Christrens," is a doll's bed bustle and chignon; a dashing Wade with handle-bar moustache; a cat curled cozily on a higli- with a doll with real golden hair Greetings, by the way, are simpler than formerly. In most cases icrtainly as tar as dc luxe cards backed chnir of authentic: design; coaching and hunting scenes in the spirit of Mcrrie England. Apart from the period motifs, reindeer and Santa Clans and Christmas trees are popular, ap- : lllas and Ha l jiearing in a wide variety of cards j nothing more. from actual photographs to mod- — ernistic treatments. Hobbies ami' p,.' J a .. Ur... O; sports (particularly skating rmd i " " aS DI S skiing) are well represented. An- " imals, including walruses, seals, H;ns, tigers-and giraffes as well us lambs and deer, arc available. eel iind white sweater, presented I the crown from a white satin pll-' low lo Captain Mitchell, who was j assisted by the Captain of the visiting team in crowning the queen, who reigned after the coronation during: the game. •COURTS 1U ' C concerned, there's sv dearth l oi ™"e and sentimental prose. hc entered a nl i The . maority say "Merry Christ- Uharee ol , 4k . Illas ancl Ha PM' New Year" and! 1< - LM ' Municipal court sessions of the pnsl two days have been filled with many cases of driving charges, a number -:f which were disposed of .yesterday. Walter Dixon was fined $25 after irivi driving. James Jarmon pleaded guilty to (Continued from Page 1) nnd agricultural conservation programs. Ur. R. E. Schirmer, county health physician, and George Sliainliii. sanitary engineer, reviewed accomplishments In tlielr fields of w;rfc including venereal and contagious disease control, typhoid and diph- Tlie jewel-toned cards postivc- ly are striking. The 'most outstanding combination of jewel For Luxora School UJXORA, .Ark.—Friday, Nov. 17, marked (he second annual Homecoming of Luxora high school students, and the big events of the s fined nch^ H ,S,rSi SS£ »-'» '""ion, enforcing ,..,,:..-._ _, .. 6 UIHIV.I ""- , iic;il(|i anil siiiiilaiy regulations among hotels, restaurants nml dairies, 4,000 sanitary toilets c;nslruct- ccl in rural areas, health talks'and' moving pic(ur« shown hi the 140 I influence of liquor and wa $100. "Buddy" Barnett was fined $50 on a guilty plea to a charge of leaving the scene cf an nucident but $40 of the fine was suspended. A plea of guilty to a charge of reckless driving cost Walter Hopsnn $25. •solid;.green with- a broad' ovetlaid panel of gold as the background for holly leaves in repousse yold and green. The verse within is ereen or gold. STOCK MARKET FIGURES USED Also attractive are combinations of jewel red with gold or silver. Amulhysl and sapphire tones aiid soft mixtures of turqncise and aquamarine with coral arc used with notable effect. Sunset glows on snow-clad landscapes are achieved with the misted tones of star sapphires .-mid rubies, moonstones and rose quarts. - ----- ........ , ----the crowning of tlie football queen Tom Warren was fined $50 on a Ten men ana women were tried °" charges <[ public drunkenness' which' preceded the game.' As the Luxora blind led tlio procession, the'football reserve squad around the decorated in charge of child abandonment. He schools of the county. Mrs. W. D, Biirkoll, Bassett. chairman of the board of directors for Die c:unt,y library stated that the 5,500 books ill the library had circulated 00,000 limes among the 58 sub-stations. One hundred sixty- seven teachers of the county havo collections -in ; their classroom.? or, formed an arch throne, which was black and gold, the school colcrs, license, to await Hie entrance of the qiiwn, i A bond was forfeited in the cose Miss Billy Lnngskm, elected by the I ot Charles Gray on a charge of football stiiiad, wearing a white •"»'""'• "•- . .-„ ,-»^- ^Mtiv\,i»ujj,-> ju ; ujujj Lim-aiuuiiis or granted an appeal to circuit schools. Branch stations are being court and his bond fixed at $200.1 planned for Lcachvillc and Sunset' Florence Rice was fined $50 on a "--' "• • • — charge of selling liquor with:ut a pleated skirt and white jacket of baby Buffalo leather, carrying an arm bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums tied with black and yellow salin ribbons, escorted by Ollie Mitchell, football captain. Maids attending the queen were Siliman, Nola Belt, Raybon: Among the new contemporary j Staufield, and Gladys Leigh, dress- cards is one made fran newspaper pugcs of stock market quotations, wilii red figures looking appropriately happy or dejected according ed in yellow angora sweaters, black skirts, and wore corsages of yellow chrysanthemums tied with the school colors, black and gold, es- disturbing the peace. Preston Jones pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault with intent I: kill but the case has not yet been heard. Emily Jones entered a not guilty pica to a charge of selling liquor without a license. Ida Simms entered a similar pica to a similar charge. to the market. And, of course, cuiieci by members of the football Ulc Miss Christine- Jchnson, crown bearer, wearing'white pleat- there i.5 a wide selection of chie folders iiito which your own photograph or a picture of your children or your house may be pasted. Among the cards in lighter vein is a scarlet folder with front pan- If you want a perfect, mild, gfcntle whiskey, try Nationai's rAGLE. And compare its price, its body, its aroma and its taste with any blend at any price. NATIONAL'S "The King of Blends" 90 Proof— -10% straight wWsiey, 60% grim neutral spirits. National Distillers Products Corporation. N'cw York City. Game in New York JAMESTOWN, N. Y. (UP) — William Fitzgerald went squirrel hunting and bagged a monkey on his first slr.t. The simian had escaped about six week ago from a Grceiihurst home. Pnrk Clubhouse, Basselt. The five new members elected to the coilnly equalization board who will serve (or two years arc Roy Wnltori, Blytlici'ille; 1'. M. Nelson, Lcachvillc; E. B. \Vcodiml. Manila; W. P. M. Ferguson, Cnrsrm lake} C. L. Moore, Osccola. As !i compllnienlsiry tribute to his long years of service, Mnglslrntc" W. P. M. Ferguson of tlie Carson i«ifce c;mnumlty, -who has attended evei-y session of Ihe court for the past 35 years, wns clpcled to honor- Wert Optometrigt "HE MAKES 'EM SEK" Orer Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 We've Joined (he Coast-io-Coast Selling of j&rajvu .pZAgy/fetz double stccl-braccd oversize _ ... deeper tops . . . wood araincffcclsorSAMSONHYDE wiiich1ooksli'.<clca(hcT!Tlicy'rc ^U'rdy . . . durable .. . bcauti- mishcdl . 2 NEW COASTER ASH TRAYS FREE! ly Sell for Jl.00 tlr o moltti tnbltll Unbieokobtel Slide on end off withcuf ?f?orll A real card pslrly gift —included with each table. Eliminate clultcring top of table with bottles, glasses, ash trays! _.; ; MA^L A_NJ>_ PHO_N_E_ ORU_ERS FILLED I "° mi ^_._ [STYLE NO. "y life nicvhbcrshli) In (ho bort-, »»'. I'Vrgusoii nskcd tlmt his immo «" "milled from tlio llckct yrar "'"I that or his nc-l|jhb:r, J. 0. Ciillom, bo sittalUiKcd for nts. Mr. WRIISOII was appointed miiGlstmlo <»}' uovemor Jell Davis In 1904; tlio U'-'xt your he was defeated by llio »f«ro candidate "Old" Atkins who recolvrd tweniy-settm votes to his oissiurai. Alkins vvus iH-rsimdwl by «• Si. Hill to relinquish the place lo HTRMSOU. other HCBWS who scivert us magistrates In those early M'ws iM-re j. li. Jilgslns in Modem "wnsliip. nml UHJ ngC (i Tandy, .still »«iig in Osrooln, who served hero several yeiivs. PAGE FIVE OAKLAND, CHI. cupj—AH divorce courts huve nol yet nttntn- r» Hie streamlined speed clinrnc- cristie of Uonc, After winning an mtoilocnloiy decree o[ dl\'orcc 25 is BUO, Mrs. Lllllnn M. OCiigl)- ior (Innlly Imd Mio decree miulo nnal here, Tlie documeiil was ycl- ww win, n BC whcll (ho Ihcse arc typical of the smartest Ereclliig cards lor Christmas 1939. Rockwell Kent's'drawing (comer) of ship and sail silhouetted against the sky Is irom H collection of very tamable cards by noted ', America!) artists. Adolf Dehn's (center, below) is one of the handsomest of (lie reunions cards In tills M SCHilL! At yom favorite pickle _...,. led Lo,,,!,,,, Dry Uuiillcd f,,,,,, Kurt iKiilril iptrtli. (.,,,,)ri K l,i Mjv. 5<!i. IJistillcri Cotp., New Yoik t:ii Greatest enemy of economy hi bccimsc tin's amazing gasoline is winter dfivliig is die cliokc. When higher test . . . more volatile . '-, . it is used fur sinning, or while tliu readier to vaporize quickly and even- moior is wiirnii.ij. u/>, yoitr gat lnuk ly for faster swtting and smoother if hciiifi tlruimil 5 to 1} limes acceleration. faslcr l-'.'iiu iioriinil! , • , » . ',. I" nny weather, it needs the foirf Hie only w;iy to Slop ibis waste /'oJJ/6/<?diokc,arncu!crmitelyproved of your nioiicy, is to Us)i, iml higher by continuous lobbriKofy surveys. priced, Imi IlKilinitTiiSTGAsoi.lNli. This is wliy: Wiih heavy crude oil i,,, *. •> c (i °" ' "*"• S "" luolwUly coiiW 1101 prod'ucc u spray. ,.„ 11,1 ,/'.' " "' ~ "I ,, .„ j., ' . .' ' tolrn high test,.. ntSiiyOfnni;e«nd Hut l'liilli|is 66 Poly Gits, would Dlack C6 Shield .., because Phillips linn into a line vrijior at.tlic first is die Woinu's Unaim PROUUCSR liglit pressure on ilic rubber bulb .., of italilt'nl liijjli test gasoline. IT'S AN OLD Custom moro than tlirec hundred years ago-a- small group of meiiTT? h~a«ly^m'nest77aTn^CGpd-feai> ing . . . finished their harvest and prepared~t1ien> selves for winter, It was their first harvest in the'Nelv World, and gratitude was in their hearts. "•""""" * ,Wc of today would see little in their lot to occasion gratitude. Strangers in a strange land . . . >ith'no luxuries and few comforts, menaced by hostile Indians ancl food shortage . ... those PilgrinrFathers set aside a day of Thanksgivmg'foFthTylil ings. Thus they established a custom that is er than o.ur BepublicT. . oIu l«*«te^^~. Momentous changes have come into American life. Growth has built a country which, morc'Than any other in the world, gives itsi.inhabitants souridly s su£ ficientreasons for considering themscIveT" / blesseci ""•*»*-- •-»»"-• —••-»•. .-.j^. .-. *-_, ^^oja^.ii.t^^iK ... loi 1 returning sincere Thanksgiving. In the vast and many-sided development tliat pro- duced modern American life, advertising life, adveT- tising played its part. It has been a vital ally of industrial growth ancl production; it has fostered'hoT KJR4**'-'£3af*'^*».-fct < «.-; J\ ,, % - Miti- ^-sk"crt est dealing, helped to bring many comforts""and luxuries within the reach of all; it has been . . and is a f.«VJT«OTi'-V<V»S f »w^V-^tlS.. - ..'-<«-/"v»»«v- staunch protector of the buying public.'

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