The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. M.WH 2(1 1941 EXPERTS DPI Pill IE RI.Y7T1F.VIU.R,, (ARK.) COUR1EK .W\VS World War Experience Of Some Members To Help Planning Board WASHINGTON ..UP)—Th* nsen \vho are formulating U. s. industrial planning for the liuraUcn o: periods arc; espor:;.. on ih,-. "problem"' laijoi- it mi ihe unm- a :ui ii;,v.v ,uj- dor wn.v condiiMns. The QiYicv. 1 o: Prodi!.'/Uon M:m- ag-emem':: planning ocaui is tuuior tiie likeooii o: Sanniei iii:-ii.\rci Puller \vlio was in charge of .-;u-el and machine :ool proc-uremem- far the navy during Uie World War. For his services during the war, Fuller \von commendation ironi Bernard Baruch, chairman of ilie World War Indrt-sirifi- Board. William E. Levis. of the phummu board, served in the Infantry during the World War and also advised Uie production planning division of ihe .sui'MC-on <^ni'rar.i oft'i:*'. He is a member oi the officers' reserve corps. Hopkins to Give Advice Harry L. Hopkins, former .secretary of commerce, and receiu emissary to Great. Britain for President Roosevelt, will advise the board on [he defense miuirwnem.s of Grcut Britain. John L. Pratt, former executive vice president for General Moior.s. Is an experienced mechanic and chemist and has made a study of industrial mobilization as a member of (he War Resources Board. The naval representative, Ad- mind William H. Stamuey. retired, was chief of naval operations from 1933 to 1937 and frequently .served as acting .secretary ot the navy during Uie ion- illness of the line- Secretary Claude Swan:-en. Admiral Standley was a delegate to ihe 1935 London Naval Conierc-nce and signed the naval treaty on behalf of i his country. The army member. Major-Gen. James H. Burns, has served in this country, Mexico. France and ihe Philippines. He has been assigned 10 the office of ihe assistant, secretary of war, office of the chief ordnance officer, office of the chief of staff and wa.s recently appointed to the of rice of the undersecretary of \var. Engineer-Educator ..\[ ( ls Robert E. Doherty, president of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, is nationally,.known as an engineering educator. • He has experience in the testing, designing and construction engineering fields', Labor Ls represented on the board by Geojv W. Meany, .secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Labor and James B. Carey. Secretary of the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Carey 'British Bombers Were Active Losr Night,, /' Missouri Will Serve 580 Rural Families Mission. Board Official Will Speak At Church 'V!L! !•;. MM, \!:MV!I ; The HI-V. S, lj. \Villlimi:;. a^mcl- • m ol Hi* miltv, oi ate ^>cn".ary of the home mission 11}'.\ linn*. \va. u<v.i;n early Oils ho;mi i»i' Uir UnlttM Brethren in iho .•Soiuh"'.!^ Miv.-0-H-i <.'h:T;'h. will Vie the >;-,.uviu] sponker •»ro:i served by the Pembvo!- ; at (he micMvcvk prayer r.crvice at. !lv First Oluiivh of ihc Nii/areiH' to CiU'tin IviiuT, coopcra- U'lttlcht, tiv.' manuner \vjih heatiqna-;, r, The Rrv. Dr. William;;, who irav- t.if project is exiHH-leti ;n be ,1s oxlonslvHy lor iln» Home Mis- upU'lrd wiilu'n ch-.h 'k.s. CoMsirwMon i. by the Wiih-o Knvmecnnj.' and Con- ; ('niversity Ohmvh in'Kansas City r.u'don Compauv o! Tulsa. oklu. jllr has u minislev in ui«> i)!,> now hn<" \vill add :> ( U) ra- ; Uniti'it Urrthn-n Churoli for nf-arlv nu membor.s io the CDoperuiivc j 2. r > years. wlilrh !•; alvejidv serving i7(iH mem- | Sorvloo will bottln ttt 7:30 o'clock, bors on 5»0 miles «>« ii m . s m )>-.„.! u J( , ixV . v . rietohor Sprui-p, pruuor, '.H'O! Dunklin niut Now Madriti unnouncod. flint Speaks *,<, Chicago Program WILSON. March -JO.-C. L. lijrtl, :>ii!)!'nii!.eiHii'ui of Wilson .scliool:;'. i' ; sciu'Unlod to sponk. in Chicago '•odav on the program to be pro* .suited by Die Nonh Central ASSO- cuuiou i»f Collcjji'^ and PAGE THREE Abunfjftni plant life is contained" hi the ocean down to about 400 ifHM, All nnimal lifo in the sea dpunnd.s on it for existence. Vh<- ".s-ubji'i'tr '"Hie -Stimulative ttl'hvu of the Evaluative CrHeriis is to be pt wn< ed by lour repre- J .senintlve.s irom various .slui.f.3 of' i lie Middle Writ. MY. Bird was acromp:in!ed on the trij> to Chicago by ,). M. Burnett of Uie Shawnee .school af Joiner. .'iori :ui<] Ohmvh l-Ivertion Soeiely. w.vo. tUP) ..... IVople aslml so niiiny cjuestion.s that finally Unhvr.sHv of Wyoming muhorl- ui'M had movie:; made of their woolly" sheep. •-^"•••>vaa^^^\%vA^\ > »jj^.iii^a^^^^^^^|^^^^ This unusual picture shows British bombers over Nazi-held Dutch const amid glare of searchllrtits __ They're on way to blast military targets on continent »"b»«*. is a member of the board for ihe j National Consumer's Leaiaic and iuis served on Labor Department ! committees. He nlso was :i U. 5?. i labor ddesaie to ihe 1939 Ilnvana | Conference. I • Following a long study of the . productioji experiences o! ihe i World War. the industrial mobil- I ixalion plan of the war and navy j departments and the procedures of j the OPM and the defense com; mission, ihe board will recommend j to Production Director John D. i Biggers ihe planjiing of present j and future production for defense | find civilian requirements. (Appropriation Bills j Signed By Governor i LITTLE ROCK, March 2(5. > DPI i-Governor Homer M. Adkins early ! this afternoon annmnced lie had | signed i!7 ai;propr!ai.ion bills dur- j irA v tlie morning, making a tonl i of moi-e than 100 signed since yes! terdny afternoon. " j i Me said he would not sign any i mere measures nfter today, but a j number of bills will be allowed to [Income iaw without his signature. jj. E. English and Mrs. Herbert i Slokt'ly, both of Manila, and Mrs. i Cliiiord Nowlin. Mrs. Lesier Crano i and Mrs. Kennard I^uie, all of De-• , truii, and four sons, George. Hoi i Springs; W. E. and Perry, both oi I Manila, and Leonard liallard of Detroit. Hanna 'I'uneral Home is in charge. | Inheritance Tax Job Goes To Elmer Peal CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Mnrcl^ 26'.—Elmer Peal. Carmhersville at- ' torncy. has been named siaie in- ; heritancu tax field a^em for the j .southern .section of the state by Slate Treasurer Wilson Bell. He, succeeds John M. Dalton of Ken- ; neii. wi\o held a similar posiiion diu'ing (he administration of Suue Treasurer Robert w. Winn. terdny. The parents said they came here from near Wnlnui Rld\;e in Law- renee couniv. Orchesti-:i Attends Cotu-erl ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UPi—The old saw about the postman iaking a walk on his day off held true attain here, but in an entirely different occupation. The lourlnu 1 Minneapolis symphony orcneswa attended a concert by the St. Louis symphony orehe.stm in a body. -ejirt C^>uner NCWS vvnnt nd.s Aged Manila Woman To Be Buried Friday Airs. Jcsie Alma Ballard. 65- yraivokl reiildeiii of Manila for L>'J years, died ""a i. 3:10 a.m. today •i- \Vn!K lf(;:;pitai tollo-.vini; a brief Girl Writes Note Before Leaving Home Yesterday A 12-year-old girl who left a note j.saying thnt she "was going back I io Lawrence county," was sought j today after .she left her home near jBlytheville on Clear Lake Road. | The girl, Lorene Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Phillips, left home shortly afler noon yes- Kr.nera! "ne p.m.. MeihodiMi R. u'rvicfs will be held nl Friday a I the Manila church. Burial will be Cemt'tt-ry. . incHide Uie husband. uid: five daiiiiiitcr.s. Mrs. — — • ' • •• •> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^i^ mm ^fm mt ^ • GOLDS developing THIS QUICK, At f\rst sneeze, sniffle, HANDY WAY Or ™?®- 1 ^i^tion, put a little Vicks Va-tro- i not up eiich nostvil. It a stimulating I action aids Nature's defenses against i the cold. Keep it handy. Use it early VI ^IK^ 1^5 2% 2? ATTENTION FARMERS Corn Planting Time Is Here Again! SBR OR WR1TK ME FOR Funk's "6" Hybrid Seed Corn The Rest You Can Huy KK V* UllSLiBttW' Rt. 1, Manila. Ark. COMPARE THE TRUCK Point for Point for Durable, Trucfc-Bui'/f Quality • COMPARE THE PRICE ;| See What Equ/pmenf and Features Are Included in the Price of fach PRICED WITH THE LOWEST Chassis.. *5QO" Pick-Ups*630S? (WITH COWL) n . Jf«* wwv Atl • f • «k ^ i SITIOIC / %il «? Ihoocic ^C0li m * AllCId , . luU^ v^nassis.. 330 » c i * n . A (WITH CAB) Makp^ /All nlP ' wvcuvvo • • I ^f\y «> Above pri«$ are delivered at Detroit, Federal taxes included Transportation, state and local taxes (if an?) extra. All pncej shorn are for V4-ton except $take model which « for */4.toa. 112 standard cha»si$ and bodj rnodelj available. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE f. COOK AT Low-Priced TRUCK Low-Priced TRUCK Low-Priced Be^Af- TRUCKS DEPEND ON DODGE WSrtU TRUCKS A TffUCtC THAT FITS YOUff JOB .' 117 E. Main BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Phone 808 WHITE PETROLEUM JELLV WK PILL ALL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU .MONEY Stewart-RobJnson Drug Co. Or. W. p. Brewer Dentist Biytheville. Arkansas Specials! Extractions - - - - $1.00 i ? u)I Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 included) Phone 414 Phone 23 Phone 789 FOR CASH THIS WEEK END Main & Division Main & Broadway Main & 2nd BROMO QUININE WIOUTH WASH i Ami PINT MOTH BALLS 13' SHOE POLISH \TLAS ZINC OXIDE OINTMWI' i-o'/.. runt: me New Revlcm Lip Stick 60c Box 5OO Perfection CLEANSING H MOLLE TISSUES B Shave Cream Revlon Polish 6Cc Raptor Blades c TABIETS BOTTLE 100 (LIMIT I) 50c TOOTH POWDER (LIMIT 2) TOILET TISSUE or lOc LUX SOAP (LIMIT 3) • Sac Size SPANA Tooth Paste Bottle 12 Glycerine Suppositories AJiili or li\f(int OLAFSEN ATOL (ABDG) CAPSULES Bolt!; 25 , . MATCHES PINT Size Milk SOc Size ITALIAN Magnesia Size Glycerine & Rosewater •t-az. Dottle C Size ALKA- SELTZER G Qti'.tluy PLAYING CARDS 2-I)ks. Kile -Wale Ha tii room Scale SYRUP of FIGS KKl./.KKS 5-oz Blades Shick 20s - - 69c Gillette 10s - 39c Gem 12s 39c lOc Blades - 6c Tyson RUBBER GLOVES c I-lb. Medicinal EPSOM SALTS 14" Light, White MINERAL OIL *6 C PINT 25c Size Chocolate EX-LAX 25c Size WALGREEN Magnesia i r&QTnp Tooth Pastel CASTOR OIL 4-ounce 4 £* AO Heavy Weight WASH CLOTHS {Mnochlc or2'l P i n o c h 1 r or Briclcc decks in smart, color I ul new cU 1 - $-50 Weighs up to 250 Ibs. Your choice oi' color. Pr:i) BilV Quiz Kooks What's the; Answer? Durablc "Tyton" Hot WATER BOTTLE or SYRINGE 2-Ot. Capacity 1f\c Choics .... Molded in 1-piece live rut HAND BRUSH QUALITY «BRISTLES ZiJ C DJER KISS TALCUM 25e TIN Campho • Lyptus OINTMENT For Chest Colds Pkg. of 15—6 3 /4 Inch Business Envelopes ALL-METAL SHOE TREES EYE WASH [HOLD THREE GARMEMTSI CEDAR-PAK GARMENT BAG Protects your .Cloihes! . OCTME—wtth Eye Cap, 6-oz. 49 FLOOR WAX POWDER 16-os. Site

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