Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas on July 27, 1888 · Page 4
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Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas · Page 4

Fort Scott, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1888
Page 4
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FRIDAY. JULY 27, iSSS. rORT SCOIT CBIKA HALL. !' dtlhtr to AX1' PART OF THE CJT2', fromftly, etrry mammtr t Frui Jars, Pints, K&rf, or Half Gallon, Extra Rubbtrs, Extra Ttf t-r Jars nt.' tcfs Any vrr you s I htm. 1 c o 1 1 We carry the mot complete line of Glass Top, Tin Top. and Open Top Jelly Tumblers. Particular attention paid to packing order for the country. TOBT SCOTT CHINA HALL BOOS ITOEE. BOOK STORE HAS MOVED TO 115 South Main St., First dcor south of Fort Scott Furniture Stored school or MUSIC All People WILL SAVE TIME& MONEY Bv placing their children In our SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Where everr step from the foundation upward f taken in the bet, the quickest and the row logical manner possible. OUR GRANDEST SUCCESS At present Is the Summer Norma! attended br over 150 bright pupils. Prof. Bryant fs giving weekly forty private lessons, beides teaching over seventy pupils fn class. Those ho de-ire to begin prirate instruction next month, or in September, should reserve their hours now. We have a private Piano Department, in which the terms are so low that the poorest can patronize and receive the very highest class of instruction. Notice. Parties wishing livery of any description are requested to call on Tallman & Legg, 1 13 West Wall street, who are now open and ready to furnish ail kinds cf Urery. Having new and first-class rigs throughout we are satisfied we can please all who may-, give us a call. Also the best of attention given to boarding horse. Very respectfully, Tallmav, & Legg. Lemon, Vanilla, Chocolate and Tntti Frntti Ice Cream at Julius Conn's to-day. All cream Ice Cream 30 cents a quart at Bach man Bros. Lemon and Pino Apple Water Ice at Julius Conn's. Everybody eats Jersey Ice Cream. Julius Conn's . Did you erer drink a Milk Snake at Bachmann Bros f If not, do so at the first opportunity, and you will serer take your Milk Shakes at any other place after that. HENRY J. BUT 11:2, Heal Estate and Loan Broker. Loan money on city on farm real estate. Will make the lowest rate of interest. Money readj when papers are signed. Office in room 1, Union block. Fort Scott, Kansas. Lemon, Vanilla. Chocolate and Tutti Frutti Ice Cream at Julius Conn's to-day. For Sale. A horse and phaeton. Call at 201 Main street. Try a dish of Tutti Frutti Ice Cream at Julius Conn's to-day. Everybody acknowledges the ct that Julius Conn's is headquarters for Ic Cream and Milk Ctk aad don't you forget it. 11 Town Talk and Takings. She took her son upon her knee, And raised on high the penal shin ;le; or is there any doubt that he, When It descended, felt it tingle. And after each resounding thwack Another came, and then another; And with each blow she cried: Oh, Jack, How could Jul v so to jour mother? Dear in mind the big ratification meet court ing next lhnnxJar nignt on the houte square. There I a young attorney in this citr so extremely literary that when he goes fishing he ues nothing but hook-worms for bait. There was music in the air again last night, riar.os in all parts of the citv, the Cornet band and the boys with the fife nn4 forums, : MtlUrs. J. W. Davis & Co, who are handling about all the flax seed that comes into this market, sent two Car loads to Indianapolis yesterday. Mr. Fisher left on the afternoon train for Fort Scott, and will return this evening with Crawford. Gilmore's wound is severe, but no serious results- are apprehended." At the Yu.n? Men's Republican cl meeting last night it was decided to have a uniformed rank for paraae occasions, and a committee was appointed to work the matter up. Drunkenness and disturbing the peace was the charee against A. M. Towner when he was arrested bv Constable Hewitt yesterday and taken be'ore Jus tice Margrave. The committee of arrangements for the reunion of the Sixth Kansas cavalry ! which meets In this citv next month, are sparing no pains to make this the b?t meeting the regiment has ever had. In the trial of David Wells and Frank Morrison, or rather preliminary examination, David Wells was bound over, but Frank Morrison was discharged, there being no evidence found against him. The committee on finances appointed at the Young Men's Republican club meeting last night will call upon Republican business men during the fore part of next week to solicit funds for cam paign purposes. The Republicans of this city would have ratified with enthusiasm over the nomination of any good man for Gover nor at Topeka, but they will be particularly jubilant over the selection of Hum phrey, their hrst choice. The big job of plastering on the Inter state hotel is at last completed and the house i now about ready for occupancv This tlesant 10b of plastering, which is worth going to see, was done by A Courtney and son of this city. To give the Monitor patrons the sat Ufaction of going to bed with a full know ledge of who was going to be the next Governor f Kansas, we issued an extra announcing the nomination of Mr. Humphrey at Topeka yesterday. The Scofield Gas company are mak ing some large improvements in their machinery, among which are two im mense generators. This company pro pose to keep abreast of all improvements and the requirements 01 the puonc Constable Todd went out day before veterday and arrested Santa Conner, of Garland," who is charged with disturbing the peace of that neighborhood latrlv. Todd brought his prisoner before Justice Coon, and his trial was fixed for the 31st, next Tuesday. The West End Social Club met last evening at the residence of Theodore Herzberger, on llilman street. A very pleasant program was rendered by the club to a number of invited guests. All kinds of parlor games were indulged in after which a bountiful repast was served and all returned to their homes. Judge Guthrie, of Topeka, has decided that the search and seizure clause of the Murray law is sufficient to warrant search anywhere, and confiscation of all liquors found, which are proven to have been kept for sale in violation of the prohibi Hon law. Under his ruling a seizure to the amount of $1,447 worth of liquor in Topeka was confiscated. Usually, when a man leaves a lot of money to a woman, the will provides that the money is to be forfeited to an orphan asvlum in case the woman marries. But queer things are always happening in Atchison. Some time ago an Atchison widow fell heir to Jjaao, but the will provide that the money shall not be paid over until the widow marries! Kanas Notes' in Kansas City Star: "It has been discovered that the reason nobody ever claimed the $1,000 bounty which the legislature of Kansas offered vears ago to the first man who would raise a family of thirteen children in the state is because of the obstacle which the itinerant system to which the Methodist clergy are subjected offers to competition for such a prize." Some of the KansasDemocrats were awful mad w hen they learned that the President had appointed a Republican postmaster at Wenoka, in Kiowa . county. Upon inquiry, however, it was discovered that there wasn't a Democrat in the county that could read writing well enough to cistriDute tne mans, conse quently. Cleveland was obliged to ap point a Repub.ican. The charter for the "Welcome Gas Light company" of Fort Scott was filed in the olT.ce of'secretarv of state in To peka day b-rfore yesterday. The capital stock of the company is placed at 5.100,-orn, and the directors'are: C. H. Rundel, Chicago: A. E. Smvthe. New York, II C. Moore, G. L. Kennedy, . D. Hill, G P. Knanp and C. S. French, of Fort Scott This is one of the most important charters filed for some time. A large party of young folks supplemented bv a number of older ones con gregated at the lawn and church to enjoy the social of the Congregational Society of Christian Endeavo An abundance of refreshments were served, ice cream and peaches and cream were dealt out in profusion, and the music and literary exercises were sandwiched In so that nothing w as left to be desired to make the occasion perfectly enjoyable. Lucky fellows here and there turn up over the globe a having fallen heir to large fortunes. Usually the stories are true, but if one follows them up they w ill find that suddenly acquired wealth goes a quick as it came, many times leaving trains of evils in its trail which can never be exterminated. The latest lucky man i Pete Wilson, a brakeman on the Gulf, who is said to have had $;oo,ooo left him by a relative in England. We hope Pete Will have the good sene to go and get his monev. then come back and invest it safelv in Fort Scott real estate. There are now damage suits of various kind pending against the city of Topeka Sijrcgating $17,000, an enormous sum, and alarming, one would think. But then, during City Attorney Bird's administration caes aggregating $53,000 have been disposed of at an aggregate cost to the city of but $500 and costs of one suit; so at "the same rate the $178,000 need not alarm anyone. Of the $500 which the city has "had to pay $400 was for two cases each of which was compromised before trial and resulted in a verdict of $100 and costs. In regard to the capture of Crawford, the Nevada cutter," by Mapes and iiewim mc V . "V r i stabDing o. y . uumore m me oc pi the neck with a knife Saturday night, I -funtxirA at Knrt Srntt. Nfarkhal I Fisher knew the young man's haunts.and when he found he had jumped the town, he wrote Deputy United States Marshal i. B. Mapes, at fort Scott, to look out for im. This morning Mr. Fisher received the following teleeram: 'Fort Scott, Ks July 25. Have your man in tail here. Come on first train. J. B. Mapes.' W hen the commercial traveler, A. B. Tavlor, was shot by Edith Todd In Gar-nett, Ukt Sunday night, and was taken up and carried to his hotel, the Fourth Avenue house, the proprietor, C. I. Bennett, refused to let him be brought in. He brutally said that he "wm keeping a hotel, not a hospital, and wanted live men, not dead ones." The now getting his just reward at the hands of the traveling men. On Monday night about a dozen of them, with a number of the citizens of Garnett, met in the par-lorsof the St. James hotel, where Mr. Tajlor u cheerful! rcccired and cared for. Ther then passed a series of resolutions condemning the act of Mr. Ben- UCTll ill UJIIJUiSJIUCU ici ii , aiiu rmiestlncr all travelincr men t c taVur" I 1 e, o ----- . the Fourth Avenue hotel hereafter, and s-top at the St. James. ! The Young Men's Harrison and Morton club held a rousing business meeting last night, to consider important matters ! pertaining to the campaign, and to ar- ranSe preliminaries for the ratification ! meeting next Thursday night In court house square. It was decided, n,ht),in that ic k ;aa this meeting for the accommodation of ladies and other spectators. The meeting was especially enthusiastic and sev- leral impromptu speeches were made that had the right iThg all through. Everybody wants to be on hand next Thursday night, for all can expect something of interest. Are you weak and weary, overworked ( an,l tir-H If-w-H' Saritananlla is iust the medicine to purify vour blood and give vou strength. Personal. Mr. Wm. Raseman- has been sick iince last Friday with typhoid fever. Mr. J. W. Dukes, of Mapleton, was on the streets of Fort Scott yesterday. Sedalia Democrat: Mrs. Jno. Kaiser is the guest of her 6ister at Fort Scott, Kansas. Mrs. Cora Smith, of the Booth and Barrett dramatic company, is visiting her parents in this city. Mis Rose of Parsons' most charming voung ladies, is visiting with M16S rannie Prager. Mr. S. Hes6, who has been euflcrin with rheumatism, left the city yesterday 1 l I f , 1 - - . ' l T " ior n:s nome in csi irgima. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Houghton are en tertaining their old friends Mr. and Mrs, A. R. Newton, of Kansas City. Col. J. Messeck, of Little Rock, the courteous and enterprising land commis sioner of the Pacific railroads, is in the citv. Mr. J. S. Judd, one of the old timers here, came up from Ottawa yesterday to look after the crops on his farm in this county. Professor H. A. Doughty, leaves to-day for St. John, Stafford county, Kan sas, where he instructs in the county normal during August. Messrs. J. Messenger and B. Martin started west this week to take views over that portion of this state and perhaps in Colorado. Mr. D. S. Lake, the proprietor of the Shenandoah nursery, of Page county Iowa, is in Fort Scoit, looking over the mammoth nurseries of this city. The Tribune announced that Mrs Chapman, the estimable wife of the pro pnetor of that paper. Is now rapidly con valescing from her recent severe illness, Hon. Eugene F. Ware, of Fort Scott read a poem on Kansas' greatness, before the state convention day before yester terday which was most enthusiastically cheered. Springfield Herald: G. A. Merri- weather, assistant engineer on the Fort Scott A: Memphis, arrived in this city yesterday morning for a short stay in the citv. Parsons Sun: Conductor W. K Maxwell, of the Missouri Pacific, acci dentally fell down stairs at his residence last Saturday and was considerably in jured in the back. An important addition was made to the mechanical skill of the citv vester day, bv the arrival here of Mr. V. P. Ark an accomplished machinist late from London, England. Mr. Charles Rothfuss, from Cincin nati, OHio, a nephew of our fellow towns man Mr. A. F. Rothfuss, is in the citv the guest of the latter gentleman and family. He will spend several days in the citv and then will go to Leaven worth, where he will probably reside in the future. List of Letters. The following is a list of the letters re maining uncalled for in the postomce at Fort Scott, Kansas, for the week ending Saturday, July 21, 1666: LADIES LIST. Mis Minnie Arnia, Mrs. Anne E. Bris coe, Miss i. M. Ulern, Miss May Lonom, Mrs. Mary Defreas, Mrs. Annie Davis, Miss Jiemina Doubtful, Miss Mary Gard ener, Miss Sadie loodpastner, Miss Mary J. Howard, Miss Belle Hodson, Miss Bina lohnson, Mrs. Oeo. I . lohnson, Mrs Emma Kaler, Mrs. Kint Miller, Miss Minnie Martin, Miss Blanche Myton, Miss Mary Milds, Mrs. Bell Merdick, Mrs Minerva Readinger, Miss Bertha Roe, Miss Nora Stiers, Miss Julia A. Stewart, Mrs. Elizabeth Slaughters, Mrs. Bettie Shriver, Miss May Schrim, Miss Mattie Shade. Mrs. F. B.'Tourner. Mrs. Mollie Tavlor, Miss Nellie Warren, Mrs. II West. Miss Alice Winton, Mrs. Annie Wilson, Miss Lizzie Williams. GENTS LIST. W. Arnold, W. Beck, W. Brown, T. Back, J. J. Bolinger, B. T. Bratton, John . Uurke, W . Crabtree, Oeo. w . crane, Wm. Custard, I. B. Crcighton, Paul Cor- rege, M. Cosgriff, F. L. Cook, F. R.Cook, Wm. Cook, Mealt. Camel, J. Duck, L. Davis, Geo. Fritz, M. P. Fuller, Percy Grove, Geo. A. Grant, C. M. Gossin, A. Ilan'.in, G. M. Hargrave, S. Herriman, Wm. Hobest, Wm. Iloptanstall, W. O. Jeffrev, L. L.Johnson, L. S.Johnson, C. Y. Johnson, D. E.Jones, S. P.Jones,' W. B. King, Wm. Lashure, J. E. Leslie, O. Loring, H. Lyles, F. Lallal, G. P. Miller, A. Maronev,D. Moore, W. A. Martin, J. McCaw, J. W. McRosey, A. E. Martin, J. C. Neel, E. Norman, E." A. Parson, Bert Parker. Jas. Russell. Ed Riggs, L. Reynolds, II. Robinson, Geo. Robinson, R. Stone, Chas. Snyder, Spencer Simpson, M. Wallach, L. Warren, N. Warrell, Ely Webb, A. Williamson. Jas. N. Wisdom, W. B. Woods, Jim Williams, C. II. Williams, Ben Yates. Persons calling for any of the above list of letters w ill please say "advertised," and give date of list. . r . Cottrell, i-ostmasier. Buy cotton batt, too, of Stephenson. Dissolution Notice. July 24, iSSS. Klockson & McCreedy have this day dissolved partnership in the butcher busi ness by mutual consent. George Klock son continues in business on east V all street, and pays all debts of the firm up to date, and collects all bills due the eat Wall street shop. Fred McCreedv will continue the butcher business on the cor ner of Sixth and Margrave streets, and collect all bills due the shop on Sixth and Margrave streets. IjEORGE KLOCKSON", Fred McCreedt. Stephenson's new carpets are very at- tractive. It is an irksome task to accustom one's self to wear new teeth, but when the plate is perfectly made, as Dr. Stevens makes them, no dimculty is experienced. Best makes and latest designs of car pets at Stephenson's, and at lowest prices. Extracting teeth is a job to be dreaded, but by the methods nsed by Dr. Stevens the most delicate nervous system is in no wise shocked. Dental work done by Dr. Stevens not onice i in me nui dioch, never fails ?J ive fatisfaction. Luscious, mellow peaches swimming in pure, country cream, only 10 cents a plate at Randolph's old stand, corner Wall street and Scott avenue,. Thursday and Friday. Window shades, Stephenson's. best fixtures, at When They Leave TJa, The exodus t-f ur bodily t-oub ei is doubly wel-om U belr d-jnur- i8 unarvo-npxnlrtf tj pala. It Is the fault of tne bet f com mend -bie cathartics, 1iicd act solely upou ibe bov-K t bat to vtwra'lK they ilpe an weaken these org-aos. fcoitefter'a&omach Bit en pro-duea a laxatKe el-, bjt oeifHr eue pain or weaken the abdominal region of the totn ach. Tola m re-emlt ently thealterative which a coo5t.pated, billons or dyspeit e -roa should us. lnee a resort to It Id vd no bodily diafomfort nor r rodoees a violent rca- 00. The liver is aroused, ib fooiaeh brnetted, asd the babit of k dy edify and pormaaeot-ty improved by It. Fever and ague, rheum 1 1 m aad kidoey trouble are among the mmie ies for which recorded ciprriea e baa provd ttto ba effl aclous. It t a whoteMme appetizer, and a f . HM ltHl MnlllMMf ni. k itoieb - C!aturUn aareotioi and teC-area 0 r if I ffl f n r u U I 1 I 1 u i r 1 I f i U m. e a mm -- im 1 1 v 1 f mm mm 1 Customers. Buy gent's Stephenson. furnishing goods of Dr. Stevens' dental rooms in the Hill block is the favorite resort for all people who desire the best work. The doctor is an experienced and skillful dentist, and his charges are low. Stephenson makes a specialty of gent's furnishing goods. If you have any dental work to be done, call on Dr. Stevens, in the Hill block, and examine his specimens of plates, etc., before you make a final de cision. Have your prescriptions filled at Clar ence Hall's Drug store on Main street. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cutss bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever- sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and post tively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For 6ale by Prichard tiros. A Through Sleeper to Chicago. Every afternoon at 3:55 o'clock, upon arrival of trains from the West, a mag nificent Pullman Sleeping car leaves To peka for Chicago via the Great Rock Island Route, making close connections with the famous "limited fiver" running through without change, arriving at Chicago the following morning. This is certainly the quickest and most convenient means of transportation between points in Kansas and the city of Chicago. For accommodations in this car please notify 3'our local agent, and he will be glad to make such reservations as you may require by telegraph. New and fresh Perfumeries at Clar ence Hall's Drug store on Main street hird door south of postoffice. MEMPHIS ROUTE, Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis U.K. formerly Gulf Route Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad, Offers you the most pleasant and de sirable route to Kansas City and all points, East, North and West; to Memphis and all points South. At Kansas Cm-, connections are made at Union Depot with all through trains for Chicago, it. Louis and the tast; to St. Paul, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, and the West and Northwest. Via this line, entire train with Free Reclining Chair Car and Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car runs through to Memphis, Tenn. ; through coach Kansas Citv to Bristol via Chattanooga and Knoxville. There is no other direct route from the West to Jacksonville, Pensacola, Nashville, Chat tanooga, and all Southern cities. lhis route, via iioxie, is over one hun dred miles the shortest line to Little Rock, Hot Springs, and points in Arkansas. Write for large map and time-tables, showing through connections. .before purchasing your ticket, call upon a ticket agent of this Company, or write to the undersigned for rates. Spe cial rates and arrangements for parties and their movables, going South to lo cate. Send for a copy of the Missouri and Kansas Farmer, giving full information relative to the cheap lands of Southwest Missouri. Mailed free. J. E. Lockwood, Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Agent, Kansas City, Mo. "Peaches and cream" at J. H. Ran dolph s old stand Ihursday evening, served by the ladies of the Second Pres bvterian church. INCREASED TRALN SERVICE. "Rock iBland Route." Alwavs appreciative of the best inter ests of the traveling public, the Chicago, Kansas iV Nebraska Kailwav, (St. Joseph & Iowa K. R. Co., Lessee,) Kock Island Route," announces in addition to its al ready complete train service two new passenger trains, between Kansas City and St. Joseph and Norton, Kansas One of these trains leaves St. Joseph daily at 9:15 p. m., and runs through to Norton via liorton Junction, rairDury and Belleville, arriving at Norton at 10:20 the following morning. Returning, it leaves Horton daily at 5:40 p. m arriving at St. Joseph at 7 o'clock the next morning. The other new train leaves Kansas Citv daily at 0:0; p. m. and runs throusrh to Norton via Topeka, McFar and, Manhattan, Clay Center, Clyde ana Belleville, arriving at Norton at 10:20 the morni; g following. Returning, it leaves Norton daily at ;uo p. m., arriving at Kansas City the next morning at 6:35. Pl'LLMAX PALACE SLEEPING CARS run throusrh both ways on these trains be- ween St. Joseph and Norton via liorton unction and r asrbury, and between Kansas Citv and Norton via McFarland, Clay Center and Belleville. Lemp's export beer at B. Neubauer's, Nevada, Mo. A Woman's Discovery. "Another wonderful discovery 1 been made and that, too, by a lady of this county. Disease fastened its clutches unon her and for seven years she with stood its severest tests, but her vital or gans were undermined and death seemed imminent, tor tnree monins sne couerhed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night, and with one bottle had been miraculously cured. Hei name is Mrs. Luther LuU." Thus writes W. C Hamrick & Co. of Shelby, North Carolina. Get a free trial bottle at Prichard Bros, drug store. Ia Neuralgia Killing You by Inches If yon are a sufferer from this excruciatingly painful disease; rr If on havesiek headache, a-re throat. lame back, frosted feet, scalds r barn-, try B'lird' Snow Liniment- It is an unfailin enre for all pain. It posees tterliDK merit and hna been recommended fmm one to mothor until It nas found its way Into every state In the Unioo. 5 W. J. MOORE, agent. Go to Bachmann Bros, and call for the most popular drink in the country Ferrine the best nerve, brain and blood tonic in the market. As there have been some statements made that the anthracite coal we are now delivering is cheap as Colorado coal, we here state that it is positively the genuine Schuylkill. White Ash Pennsylvania an thracite, samples of which can be seen at I . mAS- W r.,.lA w.Uht n-n A quality. Popkcss & Dl rkek. ( Try a dish, of Tutti Frutti Tee1 ACB Cream at Julius Couii to-day. "ir1 RrrvRnnMQrTO JFTneFolciiiroC - II l 1 tri I AfewGooDs, DtlYQ n7 uu X.0W Prices- . (?) n 1 E-i I I I II LJ n n 1 u Full StocK EVERY THING mm I IMT ss i U 'v r t City Book Store Will sell from now until August 15th, Books, Hammocks, Croquet Sets, Wall P.aper and Baby Carriages at and below- cost. Corne and see us. Attend the Dickson School of Short Hand and Typewriting if you wish to fit yourself for a good position in twelve weeks. Terms easy. Classes day or night. 404 Hill building. Five different flavors of Ice Cream at Julius Conn's to-day at 25 cents a quart. Buy best and cheapest cotton batts for quilts and comtorts of Market bquare Dry Ooods More (on Market Square.) Eat Ice Cream at Julius Conn's , and be happy. Cows Wanted. amith, the milk man, still wants cows Will bring ou milk in exchange for them in any amount per day required. Address, J. Z. Smith, City. Look at silk mitts for 15 cents, calico, muslin, shirting, dress goods, etc., at Mar ket Square Dry Goods Sto-e (on Market Square.) Everybody acknowledges the fact that Julius Conn's is head quarters for Ice Cream and Milk Shakes and don't youforget it. Eight per cent money on larms and as low rates as any one on city property, by Harris x .Feirson. All cream Ice Cream 30 cents a quart at Bachmann Bros. Harris & Peirson make loans on farm at S per cent, and city leans at best rate Storage. J. M. Fife, 213 Wail street. MACADAM. Bids Wanted. Notice' is hereby given that sealed pro posals will be received at the othce ot the city clerk until 3 o'clock p. m., Tuesday, August Tth, ibs, tor the macadamizing of Wall street, between Main and Judson streets, according to plans and specifica tions on file in the office of the city clerk. Bids must be made on a cash basis and must be accompanied by a good and suf ficient bond, the right to reject any or all bids is reserved. Charles DeMoisy, Citv Engineer. Fort Scott, Kas., July 25,'iSSS. The ladies of the Presbyterian church on the North Side will conduct a festival at J. II. Randolph's old stand, Thursday and Friday evenings, for the benefit of the building fund of that church. Ad mission 10 cents. Refreshments will be served, peaches and cream, cakes, ice cream, etc. No extortionate prices, In- nocen and amustng games in whieh all are free to take part. The friends of the Presbyterian church, and the public in general, are cordially invited. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. 'Winslow s Soothing Syrup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. 2Z cents a bottle. Kalamazoo Celery received day at Bachmann Bros. every j Jersey Ice Cream 25 cents a quart at Julius Cohn's. UNION LOAN & TRUST COMPANY Successor to VanFossen & Wilcoa Investment Company. Loans monev on larms and unim proved land in Kansas and Missouri, and on Fort Scott real estate. Loans promptly closed. Rates always the best. Officers: William Babcock, jr., president; Henry Wilcox, vice president; Arthur C Ferry, secretary and treas urer. Offices at Nos. 100 ana m First treet. Fort Scott, Kansas Kalamazoo Celery received day at Bachmaun Bros. Kalamazoo Celery received day at Bachmann Bros. every every Why do you want to p ay 40 cents a quart for Ice Cream when you can buy the very best for 30 cents at BACHMANN BEOS. aii cream ice uream 33 cents a quart at Bachmann Bros. Try a dish of Tutti Frutti Ice Cream at Julius Cohn's to-day. CMl on Harris & Peirson for Sper cent money. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream at Ju lius Cohn's to-day All cream Ice Cream 30 cents a quart at Bachmann Bros. -juu. Vi El Qifr PURE (B35ME Ita inferior excellence proven la mQlioM of homea for more tban a quarter of a centnry. it tm bmI bv th CnltBdV States Government. aoned fey the Beads of the Great Universe 1 un a te Btroiurest, rarest ana non nwuf fai. Dr. Frtee'e Cream Baking Powder dots Boteoataua Ammonia, Lima, or Alam. Bold PRICK BAKING TOWDKH CO. JTev fork. CBkago. Loafs. I V m irterviiiiifS ft Inrn-e U i n RarlorGoods, I M " PROFESSIONAL, CARD. DR. LOO BIKER WILL TREAT ALL Ms and Surgical Diseases At her dispensary, No. 8 Market Square, (up stairs) Fort Scott, Kansas, Such as Rheumatism, Piles, Dropsy, Kidnev Diseases, Chills Falling of Womb, Dysentery, . Epileptic Fits, Liver Diseases, Menstruation. Old Sores, Leucorrhcea, Dyspepsia, Constipation, St. Vitus Dance, Painful I have made diseases of women a specialty for years, and my success has been such that I feel confident that I can treat these cases as successfully as can be done anywhere. Ladies, do not be discour aged; no matter how many physicians you have tried, or how long standing your disease may be, but come and see me. Consultation free DR. LOO BAKER, No. 8 Market Square, Up stairs. name ca a paezins-e 01 -r c- is guarantee 01 excellence. ARiOSA 4 COFFEE is liert in all first-c3ass stores from the Atlantic to th. Pacific. COFFEE Is never good when exposed to the air. Always buy this brand in hermetically nvf tjott"ntt PAfiKAGES. vfij w BONO BROKERS. MAUN & CO. BROKERS rtr MUNICIPAL BONDS, WATER-GAS LOANS. Capital Secured fcr Legitimate Enterprises. CORNER FIRST AND MAIN, Fort Scott, Kansas. ' yD'rect,Route EXCELSIOR SPR HoOUTH KANSAS CITY Kort ckew, tuns ttbiea, or nv lafot mation 10 rezard t' th ii ie. aopi fo any tickets in the sjnthwa-it -r t- J. H HI and. gcre'l agent O. M & sr. Paul Ky., 6 0 svieware street, Kan sas City, M. BOSWEL'. MILLER, A. V. Ii LARPEVTER, General a laaer. ' enl las. aoa l'tit Aift J. K. uckkk, Asst Gen'l Van-g'r. GE1.H. HKAFoKD.As-'t Gen'l Pas9.S?T' Dr. btevens, the popular and accomp lished dentist of Fort Scott, always keeps up with new improvements, and his or fice is fully supplied with the best mod ern appliances. Look Out for Cholera Maguire's Benne Plant, Forty-fiye years ago. Infallible for Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus Children's Teething; and if taken in time is a sure preventative of Asiatic Cholera Baby Carriages below cost at City Book Store. 'William's Australian Herb Pills. If you are yellow, bilious, constipated with baadacbe. bad breath, drowsy, no appetite took oat, toot liver is oat of order. One box of the pills will drive all the tr able away and make a new belli? out of you. Price 23 cents. . w. j. muokk. Agent Kalamazoo Celery received every day at Bachmann Bros. J. W. Davis has just received a car load of flour made of old wheat. Bachmann Bros, take the lead in the Ice Cream business this season, as well in Price as in Quality. A fine line of ladies French and American kid hand-sewed, A, B, C, D and widths. Bostox Shoe House. All cream Ice Cream 30 cents a quart at Bachman Bros. 0 IINNC4A-X Stillwater ., northfieldI y Jf Faribault! R. 4 A V DELAWARfcl rREVPORTrROCKFORp, monTicELLcl iw O cco Pior,'lHo" SlGOURNEYr (T I GAULT IrtSr... Jt"UXm I'"7LAW80N r 1 - DB7 In Our lew Quarters With a larger than ever before, and will offer better prices in all lines of (Koods. We invite onr friends and patrons to call. J. H. RANDOLPH New Brake Block on Main Street. xix-.x.xxrxrav goods. THE rVT'ATCHLESS." NEW YORK MILLINERY STORE, i.OULAKDR FURNITURE COMPANY. GOODLHR FUIITiE CO, Sole Agents for the ASBESTOS CASKET, absolutely Water Proof and Air Proof, the best Casket In the world. Black and White Hearse in attendance. Charges reasonable. 0. W. OOODLASSEB. J Undertaker. MERCHANT TAILOR. 1871 Ei MERCHANT TAILOR, MANUFACTURER 0F- Fall Dress Sails, Frock Masonic Uniforms, K. of P. A full and complete line of Goods, Employ only the best workmen. AGENTS 10,000 AGENTS WANTED to supply F FTY MILLION people with THE LIFE Or By the Author of BEN. HARRISON ben.hur. GKN. LEW WALLACE, the Life-long friend of General Harrion. is writing th on!v authorize Biography. "o man livtna: inore competent." fcx-Gov Fortfr MILLION'S have re8l BEN HUR and want BEN HARRISON. Selling immensely. v mail $2 00. Great Money Making: Book, outfits, 5"cent9. HUBBARD BkOS., Kansas City, Mo. UQUORS. piCKWICK CLUB HAND-MADE Sour Mast) I WHISKEY. The Cream of Kentucky Distillation. We will furniPh this excellent brand in any quantity at tne toiiowtiuj 6tnctiy distillers prices: Three year old perirallon 12.00 Five year old. per gallon 3.00 Seven year old, per gallon 4.00 Ten year old, per gallon 5,00 SHERMAN BRO'S, Proprietors, KANSAS GITY LIQUOR GO. 112 Selaware Street, KANSAS CITY, t t MISSOURI. Pleased to quote bottom wholesale prices 011 any quantities of Imported and Pomefitic Wines, Brandies, Gins. Ale, Porter or Fancy liquors. DRUGSAJDMEDICJNES G. W. GRAEN X CO., 1H01ISALE I P.ETfilL DEALERS ID Drugs & Medicines FORT SCOTT, KANSAS. Chemicals, Paints, Varnishes, oils and ye stuffs. Physicians Prescriptions Accuratsly C:r:p3undcd PAIN lift. Paint. Paint. DO YOU Desire to do your own Painting This Spring? It so, get vour Choice of The Ten Leading Colors for this season at $1.00 PER GALLON, -AT C. ROSENBERG'S, Q2AXEB, IN Oifs, Brushes, Class, Etc., Cor. Main J Fort Scott, Kansas. KNO 8ECOND 8T R. W.Tansill & Co.VXtfi SS State St., C'blemso. Every Tmi for W. J. MO ORE, Druggist, Sole Agent, - - FORT SCOTT, KAN INSURANCE. J. G. 0.GDEN, (Successor to A. Graff & Sec) General Fire, Life, Lightning asd Tornado INSURANCE AGENT. seiis$ 25 0 , 000 , 000Oll? The Largest Insurance Agency ia Scuthero -Tj5aoi OSes u mi or state Bant, Fort Scott, Kansas. WEAK Oztam, WKClltlTII TO I L KB br tb H I w IM rmav mi. wpteine purpoM. vumz or nrs.TivcyV'BAKjicu, p. , nuki, aoolbuif current, of thr"u ail mik fuujtof aVi(otoi8tisr.h. Cleetria ha lipuoua. rt aireeuv b tug UD Current ' ?-fell ifi-taotlv or vcforfeut 1&.CGI) im uflMM imprornnTBOTCr ui onwr ei. worn amiptw TbtSaadt it.. M1M. m IRNSHHuD. 1, MHMMi. .m GOODS. Stock of (Roods REMOVAL SALE I I will sell all summer goods at less than cost for the next fifteen days, rather than move them. Will move my stock of Millinery Goods od or about August 1st, to the-Reynolds building, recently vacated by J. H Randolph. Old store for rent. J T. COLT MAN. Undertakers & Embalmers Robes & Shrouds always on hand. tcucphonc aa. GootJIander Furniture Co., 12 & 14 Scott Aienne. tl888 Sails, Basines5 Saitv Uniforms, R. R. Uniforms. H. BROWN, Fort Scott, Ida. WANTED. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Tne only Sne Seamless Shoe in 1 he world made wltMoat racKs or nMls A sf llsh and durable as those costtnir aor $6 i d having no--taoks or to wear the kixk-kidk" or hurt the-teet maks th-m asmio'txhl-- d weil fttlng is a band made she. Cny the bet. NobO' cenuine t.n ess stamped on bottom "W. L. Oonlas t'i Hhoe. warranted:" W. z, l. COLAS 4 BOOB, the original and only band wed welts4shoe.whicb equals ena-torn made shoes costing from $ 10 f 9 w. i, DocoLi euue is unez-jelled Ii.r henvy wtar W. C DOUGLAS S3 fHOR is worn by ail Boys, and Is the btt shoe In the world. All the above goods are made In Congress'. Button and Lace, and If ot sol by your leOer, write to W.L. DOCOLAS, Brockton, Haas. tW "THE Kan gaff. FAMOUS," Agent, Fort Scott To the Public! As cutting and slashing is the order of th d ay, I herewith reduce rhe price of our cele brated JERSEY ICE CREAM to 25ca au'rt or $1 a gallon, deliv ered FREE 01 charge to any part of the city JULIUS COHIST, Manufacturer and dis- y mm . penser 01 celebrated Ice Cream, Soda and Mineral Waters, and Ch oice Confections. THE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL ENROLLS 875 PUPILS FOR THE YEAR, 82 Kansas Counties and IS State and Territories Represented I Teacher seeking a school in which to prepar themselves mors fully for their work, will Had unequalled opportunities at the State Normal School. Young men and women who may intend to teach can find no such facilities for obtaining a knowledge of all that Is lateet and best In appliances sad methods, anywhere else in the State. ' Parent desiring a school In which their children will receive a liberal education, and at the asm time become thoroughly fitted for the honorable profession of teaching, are reminded that it can be accomplif bed here with less expense than at any other school In Kansas. Railroad fare in exeeas of $8 la refunded to all Kansas students. Tmnoa Pass. Diploma, a life certificate to teach In Kansas. For Catalogue and circular, address A. R. TAYLOR, PaasTsnt, KMPOBIA, KAK8A& M0 -,:y V 1 Y , m w'"

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