Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 20, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1895
Page 7
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THE STKOflGEST MAN. HENRY W. LANE OF A GIANT. AMHERST "Well-Santa Claasmast have run oat o'Soap when he left you." Even the children recognize Santa I Claus Soapasoneof thegpodigjg of life-and why not? It keep their home clean and makes then mother happy. Try it in your home. Sold everywhere. Made only by! The N. K. Fairtank Company, CHICAGO. [AST COLLEGE TEAM, SlIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CRACK CLUB. ,,t Tenr It H™'t »U Comer* ami Tlil'n r will C roust Hut* wit Niitloniil itiul | 0 Ll.«:r !.«<"(.''"' Oreiini/utlo'is - The I Playe". Hotchklss last "and" did It well. He hits rather freely throws well and shows wonderful improvement over his playing ear y last year. He has been taking infield practice and It would be no great sur- pT-lse to see him covering second base. Butler has had little practice thus far, but he shows good stylo in his Playing Hurt will doubtless catch, md Cooper legs, and forearms are the slrmwi 1 . Lane betters him in lung strength and far surpasses him in the dip and pull wp , which means treat Bt remit h of cheat and uppev'arms. Their weights are almost identical. Another feature in connection with Lane's strength Is his great lun" capacity, which Instructor Melli<*an says is a very vital point. Lanes capacity is 553 liters, or 337.7 cubic Inches. Very few noted strong men have nad such a large and essential ung capacitv. Lane's record for the pu 1-up is second only to the record of 6a times made by Dr. H. H. S^lye, while a student at Amherst. The average man cannot pull up or dip more than twice, and it is said of the famous oarsman, Edward Hanlon, that he could not dip once. It is interesting to note- that in a preliminary trial of leg strength Lane broke a heavy iron hook attached to the machine, and in the final test he brought the Indicator with a snap 1 against the limit so that Instructor Nelligan declares that the record would have gone fully 75 kilograms higher had the cupacity of the machine allowed. Three important girth measurements are as follows: Chest, expanded, 39.1 inches; biceps, contracted, 13.5 inches; right thigh. 21.7 inches. At his first examination just after en- Lane Is in no sense a terlng college, his total strength was is but 150 pounds, and ' 1,616.7 pounds, and at the end of sopho- ' ' ' '"- ' more he had Increased to 2,200 pounds, or just 1,000 kilograms. To" show that Lane's strength comes largely through He Is » Scholar a» Well, DcinonstnltlnK tl.« Fact Tlmt IJn.il>* and n™wn G ToKether—Two J'louw Training Work Wontlcni. HE STUDENTS at Amherst talk of nothing but the remarkable record for total strength made a few days ago by Henry W. Lane. '95. of Keen..'. N. H. His wonderful performance stamps him as one of the strongest men in the world, and reflects credit Upon Dr Edward Hitchcock and In- sTuctor Nelligan. who have charge o the department of physical culture « Amherst. Lane Is not only a superb athlete, but an excellent scholar. He Is one of the first tour men In thsenior class and a member of. the Phi Beta MONO THE COL- legt ball clubs nchuduled to cross bats with the le;ig- ; uers in exhibition \ , games this year, Is '• the University of j Illinois nine. Tho i organlza t I o n Is; probably thestrong- j X>st professional col- ' k-gf club west of the- Alteghonlos and llways stands high at the close oC the lollege league »,a»on. The club has leen In training since the middle of Jan- ,ry, and It Is expected that the players The first two named are nuw Cooper has the advantage of much longer experience. Second base is the I ,1s year a few .words about the . Kill not be without Interest. This ht-i- ion "here were three candidates tor Ihe box one a substitute for Fredrlck- m Vand another in '94. with three , for catcher, one the regular back- Itop In -93 and one a "sub" last year. A CAPT. HASKELL. most doubtful position. "Ml<lset" Pulton "brother of the player oC 1SD2 ana w stands 5 feet 7V4 Inches in height. His canary appearance in «>e cla« room or on the street gives not the slightest indication of his enormous strength,.and It is or.ly when he appears in his Hkht ey'nna/um training dress that his mus cular development Is seen. Even then some of the more prominent musclesi o the arm. chest rind thigh have not that excessive bulging appearance of unusual strength seen in some and strong men. Lane's str in his all-round development of muscles, lungs and grit. He is very compact.y built, and there is actually not one ounce of superfluous flesh upon him, and every muscle when contracted is exceedingly ^hVmos^m^kable result C, hUj worlc is Ms "total strength, which means his ability to use all the muscles oC his body to the best advantage ,11 s development has not been produced by any specially long training Involving an unusual amount of time, but by attend- In the regular class gymnasium drills He has participated in the annual gymnastic exhibitions. and has won countless prizes, but, strange to say. he has never been a member of the college teams. Lane has devoted about tvvo hours every day to exercising under Dr Hitchcock's directions for the health of the body His wonderful record shows simply what may be gained from constant gymnnsium work. Lane began a careful system of twining on the first flay of last January under the direction of Instructor Nelligan. His object was to set into condition for new records. Sin'"e then he has been hard at work practicing s.trength tests as adopted by the gymnasium directors. According to the Springfield Republican the strength test which resulted In the biff record was made in the statistics room at the Pratt gymnasium, where every student in college has to go through the same program of measurements und tests three times during his course Dr. HHolK-ock, head o( the lieges' ~oC 'hard work. Carnahan, who 'layed first base and pitched in the 93 earn does not seem to approach his -u Korm In practice games ho 1ms tared Ker worse than Kinsman, a new man F little experience, Hotchklss as- d Fredrlckson last year, but he Coems unable to locate the Plato. He 13 Kurd worker, watches the bases we 1. hi a Eood base runner, but Is inferior to in St, Vitus' Dance, THE MODERN TREATMENT. 4tU« M.b.l »o"«L. Cur ' 1 !."' nn 'a*i""' > due. (From the Niagara falli A'cai^.) at the eight-ycar old daug htar , Ontario Avenue, hadjaon " It is nbout t\YO years Btrieken with St. a halt since w Been . V.tijs'. dance bythe weakening effects of la grippe rheumatUm. Three local P''^' 0 '^ wore called in as was also one doctor of con- iMerable reputation from Niagara 1' alls, N.Y., but nthofaoe of the P^cr.pUons ot these phy.i«mn S »nd the best of c"™. Mabel grew ranUllT worse. Sho could not bo left alone n * P nfnnt und was as helpless w an fofant as she luul no control of her limbs at all. She • either walk without assmtance BM y for a.hort I at the "result."" In less than three „ _ > was 80 much better that the dread disease almost entirely disappeared, anJ• «>* wills were discontinued. In a tow montns, Wever °h« showed that the symptoms had notbeen'ontirely ennlicatcil Irom hcrsystern «, I had tot^^^Jff^Z short the for" third""but Lowes appears to have the boat of it. He played the position last year, and Is showing good form this soring Lowes is a fair batter and a good man on the bases. It was believed that there were no better college out- flrlders in the west last year than noys- de f. Frees and Baum. They will hold their positions, though they have not cot into form. Koysden and Baum cover a lot of territory. Frees Is slow, but all three are sure fielders. The success of the team will depend largely on how well the candidates for pitcher develop. _____ AQUATIC. Capt. G. H. Brew^T of the Yale freshmen crew, has resigned on account of an old Injury. . . The Mayence (Germany) Jlowing club will send a crew to Henley for the Grand 'lenge cup. G bear offers to row Emmett, H -, or Wlngate. He steers cl | ine, Sullivan and Barry. aur has written that he la w Harding for the cham- the world, if a purse of »I 000 bo put up. B M. Goetchlnl, of Tale, Is coaching the'Naval Academy boat crew for its race with the University of Pennsylvania, June 1. The cadets are arranging t^ o matches for May. Cornell University crew have entered for the Waterford, Ireland, regatta. The Pennsylvania crew are ro-.ving every day upon the Schuylkill river. I George W, Statzell, o£ the Pennsylvania Barge club, has bevn Induced to . again accept the chairmanship of tut.- People's regatta committee, which :s a guarantee that the big Fourth of. July regatta on the Schuylkill will be as big a success as usual. DoosiTt Look Any Too Woll. •he games played by the National leasrue we hope the latter surmise will so pooHv attended as to cause quite heavv losses in some instances to the visitors This would indicate either that the southern public has become apathetic as regards base ball or is saving Its money for the more interesting Southern league championship contests. For the snke of the striisslins Southern league we hope the latter surmise will porve to be a correct one. BACK VIEW. his faithful worlc in the gymnasium, his frfshman record .is given as follows: Weifc'lit, 1ST pounds); pull up. 20 times; dlp-"0 times; lung's, 37.D pounds; back," 4<H pounds; legs, 512.6 pounds; right foi-e;irm. 81.4 pounds; left forearm, 68.J pounds; total strength, 3,616.7 pounds; lunjr nnpacity. .-JflO litres. As Lane weitrhs only thirteen pounds more than he did four years ago, the above comparison sh.ovvs that there has been a gro-vth of muscle, not 1 of fat. Lane now holds the college record for dip. strength of b*ck and legs, and has lied the record for the rlprht forearm. The colleee average for total strength Is 4S2 kilograms, or 1.0fi0.4 pounds. Few men In college can pull up or dip more than fifteen times. At the beginning of this term the Idea came to him to try for" a college record at his senior and final examination, so during, the past two months he has pursued his dally training under the supervision of Instructor Nellisan. with the above very gratifying results. Lane w.is born at Keeno. N. H., April 2, 1S71. His father Is a prominent, business man and manufacturer of Keene. and was formerly a director of the Connecticut River rail- con d The Lane family has always had some local repute for strength of arms, and young Lane grew up with a fondness for light gymnastic work. He fitted up a simple gymnasium in his home, and while in the high school pursued regular worlc in the gymnasium. He graduated from high school at the head of his class in JSS9. and took two years of special Study before entering Amherst. Mi)l«r'» I-atest Portrait. Henry Milier is one of the best known lovers on the New York stage. This picture shows him in his make up as the hero of Henry Arthur Jones latest Mr. Miller has large, soulful a tender voice that is softly mod- them Tir \Villi-ims' I'm ; D .\Viiliams' ri f ,m ; through the «so of tul>. ik Pills contain, in a con- V8flh«MCtady, N. Y. VIGOR OF MEN Easily. Quickly, Permanently Bwtortd. . I>cbimy, and an tie train " » of eril* from early errors or later excesses. th« results of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full strength, development and tone given to aovcry organ and portion of the body. Simple, natural methods. Immedl- ate impro^•emen^ seen Allure Imposiihle. 2.000 r?ff« nc «t,,^ k •xplan»tlan »ad proofs mailed (sealed) tree. •RIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N.Y. HENRY W. LANE. physical department; Dr. Seelye, his as- sl'tant, and Instructor Nelligan were all present during the trial, which lasted about an hour and a half. Their pre B ence and participation in the examination and test Insures the perfect reliability of every figure given. To faciliate comparison with other records the measure• men is were made according to the system arranged by Dr. Hitchcock of Amherst, Dr. Sargent of Harvard, and Dr. Anderson of Yale, and adopted by the American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education. This system is in use at Harvard, and differs in only two or three points from the one ordinarily used at Amherst. The total strength is secured as follows: One-tenth of the weight Is multiplied by the sum of the number of times the roa.n dips and pulls up with his arms; to this is added the strength of lungs, legs, back, and forearm, (or grip), and the sum of all gives the total strength. Lane's figures are as follows: Weight, 150.7 pounds, or CS.a kilo- jcrarns. Pull up, 4S times. ' Dip. 4r> times. Strength of back. 330 kilograms, or .1. pounds. '• Strength of legs. CM kilograms, or I.o64 pounds. Strength Of lungs. 2-t kilograms, or Si P °Strangth of right forearm, 72 kilograms, or 153.-I pounds. Strength of left forearm, 5S kilograms, or 127.6 pounds. Total strength. 1.737.5 kilograms, o.SA> pounds, or nearly two tons. The previous record was hfld by E. Klein of Harvard, whose total strength Is 1445 6 kilograms, or 31SO.S pounds. S. L Foster Harvard, 'S3,'has a record of 1348.8 kilograms, or 2967.3 pounds. H. R. Na»h Tufts, '97. holds the next best record at 1302 kilograms, or 2S64.4 pounds. jt is Interesting to compare the Individual tests (of Lane and Klein, and E0 te where the former Is superior. Klein's figures are as follows: Weight, 150 pounds; pull up. 10 tim«s; dip 20 times; back 748 pounds: leys. IS^S pounds; lungs, 50.6 pounds; right forearm. 171.6 pounds; left forearm. 138.6 seen that while Klein's back. for Infants and Children. of Ca.tori* T»h the million, of p.r.on.. r «rmit n. to .p.ak -• » ^ithoot th. be.t remedy for Ittf«»t tk. world h« know*. It fa ChUdr«« B>« it. health. It will .»T- cMld'« medicine. Ca«torl« d»»troy« C»«tori Ca.tort* p,rcT.ent»vgmt«ng; Save Cord. Ca»tori» cure* Pl>rrhm» and Wind Colic. Ca»torift rellevet Teething Trouble*. C««torU cm-e* Conntlpation and Flatulency.. C..tori» n Cottoria d . not conta oyimn.or other n.rootlo property.. the gfHnp healthy and natnrul allow that it 1. " jn»t a. good" and " will bottle, only. It i. n°t .old injbolk, nj^yt^^ !£Sg See that you get C- A-S-T-O-R-I-A- The fao-idmile of Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. BOYS HEAD-TO-FOOT OUTFITS Consisting of double-bre«st«d cont—two pairs ot ' ~~ 'THE .HUB CHICAGO THE WOF3L0 For k eep.n S the S^sten, 1 n CURES Constipation Act- on the Blood, Dispels Colds and Fevers Pleasing and R*" 1 ™ *° c , exlon Rnd W Beauune DRUSQIST9 . IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN, tbey are always those grown SELF-SACRIFICING LOVER. he-lrt I muter.' Some people think that in his latest make up th Crow Bird handicap at and 'each used a Parker, Lefever, Toll's and Wesley Richards. Fourteen i used E C. powder, four used Schuluz. nod four used American Wood Co. Only ' Sne us" dim P°nrs new powder The r£nge wa» from forty-five to fifty-six grains. by , ,hat th« « occupation of seed growin George Harrison 617, 623 Broadway. fr^r" Perfect health is maintained by ecpcUinff from the ^^ eco ^c?^Ts £S%£*£Z FIX/IQN.TONIC-' AXATIVE

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