The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1939
Page 8
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PA'&E EIGHT. BLYTHEVILLE, '(ABK.)' COURIER NEWS J^M • ' 1 ' ' TH ' "'f' ^M^ 7 "^ ^~^""'" : •"!•>. ' " ~~ : '"'" r "'' '."~ ''" " SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1939 Chickasaws DefeatSouth Bend Team 39 To 6 BlytiiGville Shows Ti ' n ° ^ * r !-»«••-..-. _7m~~~ ci^—^rrr- -• " ^^ i Class In Decisive Intersectional Win Riley High School of South Beiul traveled many miles to see how a high school team imikes (ho offensive imdivon style, credited to the Notre Dame Irish of South Rend dick and dropped a decisive 30 to C intmecUoiu.l ga mo to the « yllievi e Chickasaws here last night befbrc a good crowd It was Ihe final home game ol* . •It'll Soon Be Mr. and Mrs. Ihe Chickasaws' season .(Russell vllle and Forrest City remain to be played) and .It was the end of Tenn. Teachers), head linesman- the season for the visitors"Troiii South Bend. Paiticipatlng In their last home pj rs i. , Bobo (Miss, A. & M.), field Judge Game Slatislirs Hugh Httiberl, John Paulk, Jack ''There was never much doubt NO' Soft " lV |mssei °? ±5,i l ! e ...° i ! tco ! M _ of . thc same^Ris or'kickoH.;::;;:;:; 3 co nly. Rllcy 3 G3 3D 3 0 0 1 0 nr= o after Sonny Lloyd scored on a four mage O r yard run m the first quarter. The Y Is s'n'd . visitors weie outweighed am! fall s ssss did fc'lck-Vfs , 2 80 No. punts 4 """" " HO Despite Uie Chicks' weight advantage, however, it was the first half in which (he Dildy Dynamlt- Penaltles 25 Individual Rushing Record 38.1 26 .1 25 downs) instead of the usual sec- Lloyd „ ond half debacle"' when one team Ford 7 wears the other down. Some idea Harbert"'"" V"' i of the disparily behvcn the of- Blackwooc'l'"' "5 tensive strength of the teams may Saliba '" i be gained from the first down Wnrringlon 2 figures, (he Chicks regisleiing 15 Pa ulk ' i and the Wildcats thiec. Again Hood ""' they reveal the difference between Baxter '"" ! the first and second halves. The Chicks registered four first downs In the first quarter and seven in 0 2 0 a 2 0 0 0 0 11 45 388 24 the second while the visitors fall- ( R |i cy ) ed to make one. Each team marie Klsli two in the third quarter and the Vodlck Chicks two In the fourth when the Mfclkc Wildcats made one. Mnn-m Moslcy was in top form last «! night and with Lloyd supplied Bullock 15.4 8.3 5.7 5.8 5.0 6.7 8.0 1.0 Tries G'n L:st G'n 2.0 3.7 4.5 most of the chicks' offensive Du.mick '"" 4 Punch. Monk's 53-yard sprint set the stage for the game's first .score and it was nice running even _ though Mlelke, offensive threat of the visitors, did come from nowhere to haul him down near the goal line. Monk passed '24 yards to Warrington for the second touchdown nnd It was a perfect play, Warrington taking the pass. m the end zone after the-passer had calmly stood his giound and! faked another throw before loss- W; n , r vp _ mg to Warrington as onnishing WinS nee tacklers surrounded him. Mosley figured in tlie third touchdown by racing 51 yards through n broken field for the score. Sonny Lloyd smashed over lor the fourth touchdown from the cne foot line just when it appeared that the visir goal line stand. ed the fifth „ yard knee raising guard and again Chicks looked- ; not reach pa fourth down. Joe DIMngglo, New York Yankees' slar outfielder, nnd uoromy Arnold, film actress, fiic Intention 1 0 wed application In San Man- Cisco, setting Nov. 10th as nuptial date. Six.-Man Joineiv G T'U T lilt In ame At Youths No Longer Seek Arduous Line Post, Say Mentors By CIIAUI.KS P. McMAHON Unileil Press SlafT Corrcsrmmluil CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—Football fledglings should give up rosy dreams of broken-field running tor a 70-yard touchdown or snatching a earnc-winning pass In the dying minutes of the game it they want a place on the team. That Is Uie advice of nay Hide, shrewd and analytical head coach at Ihe Cnso School of Applied Science. • If you want to gel out there and do-or-oie. says Ride, am! incidentally earn the gratitude of some harassed coach just develop Info a good fast, burly tncklc—say about Finds Arkansas Prep Football Of High Order But Shows He Lacks Punch To Go Against Heavyweights NEW YOHK, Nov. 18. (UP)—Billy Cain Is still light heavyweight champion of the world but—like an automobile out of gas—where does he go from here? Thc Pittsburgh Kill retained his title at Madison Square Garden last night in 15 heart-stopping minds, 15 rounds of flawless boxhi" against a lough and nigged guj named Gus Lesnevlch. But thc victory only showed again that Conn can't punch hard enough to go against heavyweights. Like a new nnd shiny automobile, he Is a perfect piece or fighting machinuj If he only had the gas to give htm a punch. Lesnevlch looked good for the rst three rounds, but after that ie was a novice taking a boxing esson from a boy with the swiftest surest left hand that has alvvn around these parts In five years There have been stories lhat Conn would grow bigger, would pick up power as he grew, but last night he weighed only 171 1-4 auci ln the 13th round he hit Lesnevlch Tor Foriegn ShipsJOiilyl'T high school foot- sa ^VediZ t)V 11,0 t»vH 1I ,»1lln SUS P e ™.™ '" U evc with everything except the microphones that hung above his head. Ous ttok It and came on for more. The victory leaves Billy sort of Tnc brand „ „ iw .- .„,„,,„.,.,.. ,„ ,„,,, , „ ball displayed by the' Blytheville 1 P ,1 ,, mid-air. He has whip- Chicks is unquestionably-a per or' 5£? j B " tlie 8«d middle weights and to that seen „,, Indiana prep proifS he ^ "' " as High Wildcats of South Bend who , BV .- „ ,,, were on the losing end of a 39-G the fl"w r« • 1" d " score at Haley Field last night. hard dght that """^ * fftst as Blytheville's , and we heels VC met SOlUe Of the hnsfc-ln TnrU- ,..tU. ' di said last night poach \Vood x&rs K =g ... courageously ing the game. 0 [ was particularly ^ way out ° f com ' „ -,.«v, utn ijr nn,r,uj—oily tiUUlHj ^ 200 pounds of rugged brawn. You Tlie Soilt!l Bcllcl „ A- ~ •,\ it ' th!ng to B11 'y's speed. He probably are disappoinierl would be fogged ,.p before hi c ," Conch ,\Vood get under way with his daz ? ; -. footwork and his waspy left. ' at show Conn le will get.a Job—and an educa ^Northwestern needs tackles. * ftc l'f l V of 41'visitors were equal- of UiosTralfd" iSirnir"bo« roiVn Notre Dame needs tackles. MInno- l * enthusiastic over-the reception hits hard with either hand and sola needs tackles. Tim oirvnim,,! given Ihem by Blvtheville fans.,;.- i »,im i, .„„„..' »..","... . - a ™ , _„ " " •"-'-"^ Miv.nii;.>. mauiiu- " ""-* ""^ ivv^iwyjj j )us narg Wltn either hum! am! sola needs tackles. The Cleveland 6 ! ™» them by Blytheville fans.,,,;-. , who 'i s willing to take three to land Rams need-tackle whv „„„„,- "We have nlwavs heard,.'^ one. Last nlghl it was n sUn«ln1 M\t ntitrnV- !«<•*- i i. _ » . . _ ""oH'E JOINER, Ark., Nov. 18.-Scprin» . . . In cveiy quarter, the Shawnce Indians showed tremendous power in cordiol you people him from all angles that "out hk downfall. That left hook especially with coaches Shortly afterwards It puts souvenir cotton bolls going along. Mielke but the Wild-'crossed the goal on an""end"'™n' iu " u . sll "'B tneir tackles. It puts ,---Ion to score their after a fumble recovery gave them cvcr J'" !lll 8 up to Ihe tackle, who *down in the third quarter the ball. lncm comes out with the gory end autl When he Intercepted n heave by' Halfback Garey, who was TV- ' thc cwl eets thl 6 lor S' ««!•" Haroert on the South Benders' 40 ronza's whole show kept the vis ! Rllle knows of whnl lle ' s spenk- •ii lo t 111 raced tc tllE Blylhe- Hors In the game'with two touch B ' He I' 1 "!'" 1 ' eml. lackle, guard i^iSr^ 1 """ --^^tsr^=^-~ b - ' ~" ^ So^te*—^ reau^MTurss ss cut back momentarily and God- ns Garey raced 05 yard , , - rl °,°t atlva ' ltaEC 0[ llle break Powe '' ff'ves enabled the In IT' C ?" were not t" 1 ^ ? Ut '- he VW '° rS dinns '° SCOre llu;ir three ^ - be a' rn rid were not to be denied on the only downs In Ihe Ihird nnrt fnnrH, ,.,?«' scoring opportunity (hey had nil periods, Saiiba (2) and Brownlw n M J 1 " f*' 0 ge " ncross """ nfght. Kish, fullback, picked up counting A pass set u tho h ^ ' , ,' es IIB! " )C " s ° fnst lhat hD four yards through the line and Tyronza scorp wtih r a , hns to bc a emtns - Most - °f the then l ns f. n „„„!„. .,-».." "V. 11 .V ? sco «.«tlh Garey racing | great professional league tackles Washington years ago. !lark. coach of Ihe market for a few thinks a tackle needs In the . g ° U ncrOSS tllat then lost a yard at right tackle' Mielke slashed through lor~ four On fourth down with hopes of Chick fans for a standolT rising Vodek knifed thruogh the line and shot well into thc end zone standing up en a neatly executed play Mosley showed his versatility last night by drop kicking two extra points. Warrington place kicked for one. The lineups: Blytheville (39) I5 around end. Baxter Johnson Bickerstaff Godwin Bennett Justice Warrington Paulk Mosley Harberl Lloyd L.E. L.T. L.G. C. B.G. B.T. C R,E. Q.B. L.H. B.H. P.B. Scores by quarters; -^ """" ri3 19 •J.. 0 0 Barfoot, Roberts [To Tangle . .. Chief Barfoot, 200-pound Indian Collier performer from Cherokee, N. C, Haenes will appear on the mat 'program Ernsberjer at the American Legion arena demons here Monday night. Thc big chief Hamun will mepi an unmannercd goni Young knowr. .'o the trade as "Red" Rob"'-'- "'- '" Ll«le Rock heavyweight Rilcy (G)' Walz "as appeared In the local X -,_..-,» ,- "i'i'^>i< vu MI uii; luLiii y«,ick arena several times In the past Itflelke Little is known here of Ihe wrest- Klsh »»g ability of Barfoot, but Roberts is known to local fans as a guy who wastes lltlie time on fincss* u - - - . . „ Pursuing the policy that a slug tS^^'^eT^sr ; s-ss*s? ^iiT a Cppped^AoJSavVl'le?'H^^ IT^ n °"e™~ 1 > «*- 7. 6 u— 6 Copped^'^ouns'avlie"HM ia-'!T W * f 0 " 811 an "'*™'»l to at%,V ! % t0:d ' P ° rd ' B^«aiS>" nfa y i "Zt " 10Se W!l ° f °" OW t!l - e . .f-Battenbcrir. Gliw.isr nM> m «„. „• s P° rt However, If the ,,*• • * wi«, iw^x>. \i\iieyj . V f-Battenbcrg, Glazlsr, Bohm, Barany, Early, Nemeth, " '•Scoring-; Touchdowns—Lloyd (2) (scrimmage); Warrington (1) (pass' ^"Harhlrt^n 1 ? "', \^ m - Alabarna." Bolh SuTkey^ •uottf. W.SS.J , ( ?. asslnlcrcep - van P» 11 thc te »'» w ffi' ^H±!l°?x. ta *,/" 1 .. Llo ^> «»-Pou««« m«t it-Uc-berts of sen- matter to (1) ~ fscrlmmage) ; (scrimmage).' \0dlck (l) Sach match \vill be a two-oul-ot Extra 1 points— Mosley (2) (drop ' ktek '- three fall affair. Tho Dctrolt rlver Climes " -- f- ......... x-u^tji. imj|\n;s that I have seen have been veterans, men who had been around n long time." Tlie Qualifications for a tackle, according to Clark, call for a big man. He should be about 200 pounds—a combination of Tarzaii and Hercules—fairly fast, rangy and one who doesn't mind getting his body in the way of six others.- lie's got lo be smart. He must be able to pull out of the line nnd do the job of the running guard on reverse plays. Hays Revolve Around Tackle Modern football centers on Ilia tackle post. Tlie primary play in any offense is the "off tackle" play, designed lo dislodge thc offensive tackle, dump the defensive end, and snake between them. Once thc play is established, the variations follow — inside tackle, around end, mousetraps, delayed bucks, spinners and reverses. Thus the dulles of a tackle arc —well, arduous. "There's always plenty of "Rui- cy Dans' on the market," said •-'" "• *vv \JI II Vi A. rtftiUt from a natural disinclination to get sucli a constantly bruising job, the post calls for many qualifications that most can't measure up VX ' I "Good fullbacks and centers always seem to be plentiful. Ends are developed easier than tackles and there's little shortage of running guards In blocking backs, but the tackles Just seem to tie hidden away somewhere." . i Ride offered one last word: I "Give me two good tackles—and I'll give you two good teams!" .| belligerent nations. loaded with supplies destined for! OFFEiyjTlPS VI a k e s Suggestions For Safe Driving During Winter Season TRENTON, N. J. (UP)—Arthur W. Magce, state motor vehicle commissioner, offers the following afe winter driving tips: 1. Check electrical and exhaust jto make himself comfortable without calling for a uurse and they ; are arranged so that he will not | throw himself out of bed should he press nil the buttons at cnee. One switch raises Hie head of Hie bed, another lowers it, other-, control thc footof ihe bed, a Ihird set removes a center section. The bed Has seeps to make "climbing into bed" a thing «r the past, The bar to which ti-ays and reading tacks are attache! may be used by the patient to chin himself wen recovery is sufficient to require exercise. The bed i weighs about* 300 pounds. Dr. Frennd, who got the idea while working at Ford Hospital In Detroit, said that he in- chains, defrosters and other vital equipment in good condition for Be 'when needed. Distribute the car's load evenly. 2. Speeds on ice should not be 'xcessive even with abrasives on he ice or with tire chains. Blind, Since Birth, Youth ' Trains To Be Detective VERM1LLTON, S. D. (UP)_A1- thoiigh blind since birth, Vernon Williams is determined to be a, crime detector. Williams, a junior law student: at thc University of South Dakota,' has developed Is other senses aralj intuition so" strongly that ' he travels without aid of any kind. A reader, supplied by the NYA, does all the necessary reading for him and also takes notes for him. He is given the same examination as other law students but is placed in a .separate room where he c'ic- tates the answers to K stenographer. Self Starting Wipers Assure Clean Goggles ic ice ur wim tire cnains. rr iw n \r *r~^~ ,„„, „ _3, The common practices of low- w^d^.d^^S Homecoming Day Is Success As Keiser Runs Wild ' Team Keiser defeated Marlon, 54 to 13 In the feature event of Keiser high' school's Homecoming Friday afternoon. The Keiser team scored almost fit will with forward and lateral pass combinations being highly successful. The teams arc six-man combinations. ,. A large crowd attended thc game with Reiser business houses being clcsed. The Keiser band staged' an exhibition between halves. : A dance was heir! last night. ^ Boxer Obeys, Scores K. 0. But Gets the Wrong Mian OREENSBURG, Pa. (rjp)_ E dd!e Mccloskey told his fighter Just, hew to score the knockout As soon as the opening gong sounds,' he Instructed Babe Malom*. rush in there and flatlcn the foe with a surprise blow. short, chopping right to the head. Only a person with an adding machjne could toll jlujw^ijiany tim fs Conn hit Lesnevlch"* insftiatlrmtd 13th round. But Gus shoo'k 'cm iff and came wading In and the only answer to that is that Conn hasn't , any steam behind his punches." Conn must be an Irritating fellow to fight. Every time Lesnevlch looked up last night that soggy, red leather glcve on Conn's left hand was in his face. Sometimes It was jabbing him on the nose; other times it was smacking him on the right side of the head—but always It was there. Giving away too many Inches in height and reach. Lesnevich just had to stand there and take ft and hope that luck would give him a shot fcr the button. Luck conspired with Conn to see that that never happened. For hi addition to being a flnshy boxer, Conn Is a great defensive fighter. He stands dead hi his tracks at times and Dicks away blows with bcth gloves, other times ho shifts a couple of inches nnd makes his opponent miss so badly that it looks silly. Pate has been lavish in the things she has given Conn, but rate Is a fickle dame and she withheld wing lire pressure or of incrcas- ing the load give only slightly " more traction and not nearly sufficient, for all- around safety. 4. Maintain adequate vision through windshields and windows. Circulate fresh air by opening the cowl ventilator, rather than side windows which lends to suck ex- hause gasses through the floor boards. 5. On wet, and even dry pavement always anticipate- ice on bridges in shaded spots, nroiuul curves and over lulls and when thawing temperatures arc dropping. G. Start by releasing the clutch slowly, with engine Idling and the car in low gear and accelerate slowly to avoid spinning the real- wheels. 7. Pump the brakes In stopping, even when using chains, to keep the wheels rolling. Slow down in gear to about 10 miles an hour, then release the clutch for the final stop. 8. Keep a steady foot on the accelerator lo avoid spinning Ihe rear wheels. If a skid starts, turn Uie front wheels in the direction from him the thing he needs most In his business—a right hand punch that whistles a lullaby as it explodes on the buttcn, ~i i-rana uu me marxci, said ""»" "e nan inougni would be a Clark. "But you just can't find n lc! >P »t his opponent. Imteid he tackle. You've got to develop Ihem slipped and crashed face-fW nn and It takes a lot of work Aside Uw canvas. Sugary Reaction From Crash SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—A truck carrying 10,000 pounds of sugar crashed Into a high pressure fire hydrant here and set off a verila- corner, ble geyser. Traffic passed over I.**' f,. ' ,""" bel1 ™ aclc sweetened pavements for hours nf- i ad thought would be a forwards. the rear is skidding. 9. When it is slippery try out the brakes occasionally to get the feel of the road. Keep speed down and car in gear. Avoid situations requiring sudden stops and sudden changes in direction. Push Buttons Control New Hospital Bed MT. CAHMBL, 111. (0P)-An automatic hospital bed, controlled by eight switches at thc patient's fingertips, lias been installed here at the local hospital by its Inventor, Dr. H. E. Freund. The switches enable thc patient Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Malonek was cctinted out in the •"• second of the first round. A coffln Is considered a gift for an aged PRKSCRFfinNS^r Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & Fint P i, one WRESTLING Charles Sinkey vs. Bob Sullivan Chief Barfoot vs. Red Roberts , . windshield wipers haven't arrived jet, but Dr. G. Harvey Cameron, of the Hamilton College physics department, and Dr. Karl Gnippe, Utica ctolaryngologlst, have perfected something close to it. Seeking to save time for bron- choscopisls probing stomachs for swallowed articles, earners: n and C.ruppe invented a self-cleaning; pair of goggles for the surgeon's use. The principal feature is the use of a clean, uncoatcrt length of film mounted on two rollers and so affixed lhat it will glide over the goggles. The receiving roller is supplied «ith a winding and rachet mechanism . actuated by vertical movements with a cross- arm, which In turn is motivated by the opening and closing of tlie bronchoscopist's ja\v. All the bronchrscopist has to do Is move his jaw downward and a clean portion of film slips across his goggles, 'me roll contains four feet of 122 centimeter dim — cr enough for a normal examination. For Best Results In Baking—Use Shibleyjs^ Best" PRESCRIPTIONS eahesJ Stock -eeo 1 Best Prices Drug Stores FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER MERICAN LEGION ARENA. MONDAY 8 P.M. Only A Few Days To Pay LEVEE TAXES Books Will Close Dec. 1st Will Be In Csceola . . Nov. 13 to 18 Blytheville.... Nov. 20 to 39 Pay Bow--Avoid Penalty Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch, Collector Arkansas BlyUicville,

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