The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 19341 IHE BLYTHEVILLE COUB1EB NEWS THE oouRoa raws oo. a B. BABOOQg. Kltor a W, UOOB, Adwtkuv Bole Katlaul AernrUung Axkuuu DkUlca, Ine, New Vort, Chicago, Oetrclt, 8t Loul*, DtUM, K»%»d City.Menipliii. . Published Every AJtertoon xxccct Siuia»y. entered as second ulsss matter it tlio post office at Bij'lhevllle, Arkansas, under act o[ Congress, October 9, 1911. Served ny ?nn Untie;) RATES Hy carrier in me C'.ly ol BiyOicville, 16c per week or *6.5fl i»r year In «dv«na. By mall within a radius of 60 roU«, 13.00 per your, 91.51) for the monihs. 85o for lijxe raontbt; by mall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, KM \xi year, In taws seven «4i< ( eight, $10.00 l>t'i year, payable Ui »clvanco. hastened to lii'i 1 Milt: w;is Alexiiiulur Kerensky—another revolutionary who found the revolution running out from under him, ;ind who dares not return to Hussia. So the c/iir'.s ghost must have smiled a grim little .smile. A revolution is such an inciileulahle thiny. Slai'liiij; one is like loosing .some great, iinconiTollable force of nature. The solid hind itself seems to lnx'ak U)>—and the one who stalled it all is no .safer than anyone else. —Hniee ('alton. End o/ Revolutionist Is Grim Reminder If tin: liisl c/ar <if Russia Iliis ii (fluisl, lliiil simile must have iiiiliilfjnl in ;ui ironic dntt'kle or two Di^ olrii-r diiy—;i cluiclvlc at a death-bod. Knr a hliml, noiirly tlonf woman of ilO-otlil was ilyinK in :i C/ccliosloviikiiin village 1 near FniKiii', and tin; (fliosl of tlio \:\<l I'Xiirs could lit; imnlonud if it found soiwilhiny grimly amusintj in tltu circumstances. This woman was Katliiirina Hresch- ko-Hre.schl<owskayfi; and since thai nanit! is prelly long and unpronounceable, it is simpler to refer to her by the tille she used lo wear so proudly —"grandmother of the Russian revolution." She was already an old woman when the last Uonuinoir was shot to deiilh in a cellar at Ekaterinburg; and before that finie she had spent no less than 50 years of her life in'out 1 , or another of the czar's prisons Tor revolutionary activities. She hail been one 'of 'that • devoted bund (if Knssimi dreamer.'; who haled autocracy and oppression and risked the worst that the czar could do to \m\\K them to an end. Well, these dreamers finally had their way. The czars government fell, the Siberian prisons were emptied, and the great era of democracy and freedom seemed it I last ready to dinvn across Russia. And • then tlic revolution rai| out from under its little grandmother. Jnsload of freedom and democracy. Russia got Communism. Tlic czar was •" dead, an dhis nobles were either dead or in exile; but there was no place in the new order for those who had given their lives to the light against czarism, unless they happened lo believe in the particular kind nf revolution that Russia's new rulers were haiKliviK out. * * * So I his atfinn veteran of the czar's .prisons had to flee from Russia, jusl like any purse-proud nobleman. She went to foreign lands, remarking that she had wailed half a century for the downfall of the czars and was willing to wait equally long, if need he, fur Ihe downfall of the Bolsheviks. And when she came to her deathbed, at last, one of the friends who How Romantic! Then: is an odd human touch to thai case of thV Chicago ex-sailor who found that he could win his girl's favor only by [Kising as a hold, bad gun- man—anil who, because of thai fact, got himself into a jam with th epolice. This man found that his girl admired hoodlums. So, although he was a perfectly law-abiding citizen, he told her that he was one of the country's leading unde.-'irahles. jle had'shol several cops, he snid, had broken onl ol' Uvo prisons ami one jail; all in all, he added, he was a regular little Dillinger. Impressed, she accepted him, and they were happy. Then they i|ii!UTelcd. .Sho called the pulice and they took him in tow, and lie had to confess that his wickedness was all imagination. Even then, however., he begged them not to tell his girl. It' he was to regain her favor, he would have to retain the glamour of the bail man. It's idl i|iiite amusing, this little tale —until you rellcct that a lot of energetic young men have actually turned to crime because of just such altitude on the part of some empty-headed girl. . - -••-''•• .;-••• "•-•'.•• SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Extremes in Motoring \Villiam Collins, head of Ihe Cu»k anmty highway police in Illinois, believes that ncckers and naggers cause more traffic accidents than do drunken drivers. Kngaged cuiiples, he said, indulge in Ihe traditional hy-play of engaged couples as they drive along the road. Heing thus occupied, they fail to watch their driving closely. I'resenlly—bang! and there's another smash-up. With married couples it often works the other way. They i|iinvrcl, as married folk occasionally tio, get all wrap- jwd up in their quarrel, forget about the lurzards of traffic—and, again, there's another smash-up on (he highways. The moral seems lo be that any activity which diverts any part of a motorist's attention from the joli of driving is likely lo have serious consequences. TfceEittr 1 . Letter Bu 3U In»h*d of 118 To the editor:/ In my lait letter upon the sub- eel of cotton seed there occurred an error which 1 wish to correct. In giving the manufactured contents of a ton ousted, Hie figures 148 were used when it should have been 348 pounds. However, the 46.5 Gallons was down correctly. I wish to see this correction in your paper for all alone I have teen very careful to use the correct figures as obtained from recognized autl'pritntlve sources and flirt her as these letters are intended to acquaint the farmer with his own Interest, it Is pi< er that ho have llic correct informal ion. 'flunking yon, Mr. Editor, for indulging me thus far. HEX BAKER. "Now, lei's pretend I'm young Mr. Carson, calling on yon for (he lirst time." Hunters Used Auto as Trap for Sage Hens RED LODGE, MonU (UP)—Ever trap safje hens with an automobile lor bait? Four men did near here recently. They were Dr. L. A, Ciates. James Hughes. John Johnstons and Ellis Shrlver. With but one gun among them, they tramped from their car in pursuit of a flock of hens. They shot three, but the gull jammed. When they returned to the ma- chlnc some hours x later, however, they found that the birds had peeked a hole through the vest ndow and were roosting in the r. They plugged up the hole, and ought 'em hack alive. Human Body Needs Salt to Avoid Heat Stroke Danger of heat cramps and heat cxliai i lion lias been eliminated when the wolkors made use ot these luhli IIV DIE. M OUR IS FISHKK1N Kditor, .Tiiurnal nf the AliH'ririt Mvdir.vl Assunatiim, ami (if llyccia. the Urnlth MuRaitnu Yon need salt not just to season' The worker should, of course, he your food and make It piilalaelv, protected as much as possible but to make up for Ihe great losi ai; lieat exhaustion and heat of this important element [mm ciamps by proper arrangement of your Ijocly when you perspire. his environment. This becomes all the more im- We have not vet come to the [Mi]taut if you l,api>cn to lx; work- place wr:cre furnace rooms are air ing at u trade that causes consider- crr.ditioned. bm. :t is possible. b\ able perspiration, such as those in m^ins of exhaust fans, by bakeries, in laundries; in kitchens uvihlies of ventilation and ro':iea- nd furnace rooms. 1:011, lo give workers In industries 11 has Ijcen found that the ins.-, of *vhoro they arc subjected to heal irgc amounts of salt in the MVOIU op]v>:'timit yfor short periods awa; s probahly the chief reason for Irom the heat, during which it ei teat cramps and heat exhaustion, bodies will get a chance to rccove ,This type of exhaustion de- from the strain uiul stress of wot] •elopes moic frequently dming unlcr such conditions, summer, but yon should ab-o be! The human body is finite capabl lireparcd ayainsi it even in um-jof taking care of itself if -jivei Howevelt knows his bnsincfs. I'm "that way" about (he federal government. He's running it ami I hnven't even bothered him tn that. — Scivitor llucy P. Lout;. Ucinocrnl, Loubiiiiia. .er where heal is a serious faiioi Should anyone in such work i.v- •nmc suddenly faint, put h:tn Hat on Ins back al once, keep him warm, rub any muscles ttul may be involved In crumps ai:d give him hoi cofTce us u stimulant. Of course, you should also and for a doctor at once, so that the exact nature uf the fainting attack may be (le-teimini'il. * t • Bin. as I have said, you'll find (hat probably the chief reason for the faint ing spoil is the lack ol sull'icicm salt in the sysirm. by !ts lass through sweat. To overcome this c.nisi 1 . it is now customary lo mat;c i.p the Irss if Kilt by having available small liiblets which contain about 1 gram ior 15 giains) of tatiic salt. You dissolve this in a glass o[ water each time you lake a drink. Hccords are now availabb from a ;;real many induslri:,! plains and Ihe) r-how (hat cveiv case half a chance. A man who work a fe\v hours and has a rest pciioc can then micleitakc additions hours of work, whereas ronlini ons elfort under sncli eondilioi might lead to serious physical lls turbances. Busy With Harvest Of Russian HAVE POWER TO REPLACE LOST IN ACCIDENTS/ HOTTEST WEATHER. DOES NOT OCCUR. ANYWHERE NEAR. THE fGXJATO/3., BUT IN AREAS NEAR THE TROPICS OF CANCER AND CAPRICORN. VOtJN'G STURGEONS HAVE TEETH/ ADULTS More than 25 per cent of the to- Itruck output of the United ales in 1933, approximately DO.- 0 vehicles, were sold in foreign mitries. DEATH VALLEY, in California, is one of the hottest spots in llfl wucld. A temperature of 134 was registered there on July 10, Azi/ia. Tripolitanla, North Africa, claims to have recorded a tempenV| lure of 136. NKXT: Whit stranee belief do the Maya Indians have abm | vultures?' IIKCIN ni-:iu: TODAY Si I, VIA ItlVlHIS. cirl IN I.archnrrk, Inahinnalilr Nrw Yurk »nl>Hrl». rii-MLr- HOOTS lt.Vi:UUIl.V. Due to Svlvr.V- m:\U- rhiti* C"*sit>< Hint* f* Hiked l« him angry, "nnnallins w Ho he said, which plagued her most of the lime.- f!n(. usually-ho Hu <! fn rrtwrr»n lion in I,['.M>. Mtvi n*l£» hrr 1n ut:irrj him l tiriHtN tlmr (• lM»k h When Mr*. HarhMrN fniM * trip «H*I nl li <l r v >i d « k*»r *nulhrr'» nbuMt her nilkdrnwnl trwm iKc rial*, llwotn jutfm In Nr» Yurk un a xh*ip|»lM|c irlf> n*4 oi» tttr ir.iln rnrMBHlrr* HMU *«h*» l*r#* hrr lo mxrry fctm »ir»( *»f. Shr nisrer 1 *. It*** KWT* f« fipemi ifce NlKfct nilh hi A fiiMllf. lejiviwfj. H«*lk nt a was kind, in LI thoroughly uniinasi- ! unlive way. To this glvl who bad nouu ne- ilteen liahied and petted all lier life "'. "* J(! j* |Ihe experience of living as a member of this household was a dcvas- aml maturing one. The old Would they cut her, turn aw a; | (heir eyes? SliB nut on her last year's* fal I tweed, still smart. She hud pressei-l it herself. (How easy it had beeiT in the old days lo telephone tin 1 ] tailor (o eome uround!) Sho darnec f her gloves. •.ue. seen frpra tins vantage, beeme,, Oll |]|0 s( t , [( , r £nirils . lift I now unbelievably soft and easy. , , , , ht , hluo .=| !S\li:il had sue. done with her lm>*.| (|ilV . (llc ilir „.,,, a sort o[ lmil * her money; Why. eve,, her o'.J| in ' 1t . sllc liftcd her chin an( , 'scanty allowance now seemed prod-1^,,,,^ ., lonE with aniraatloll f She left the mean street with It: I TNry Hrr wnrrittf nn* nVrn hi* hrlde lo hi* h "We've ^;ol In j;et hii.'O. Wu've simply out of this yut to." she niunmircd one u-;irm mukiiiu^ In 'n«it l |i»>»-r r bnirir"T 7o r rt : ^« Seiucmlier. She. was alone occasional jmlMd tree behind her I Atiead, in the dazzling cloarncs: I , Mm wife, GLORIA, MTC I jdoiia was perfectly happy strull-|-,n her life nan irienilly plai-e\*A{ nlo weeks! i"B down Ahinliiitian's l-'oiiriccnih I which one wcni on happy Jaitnt^ GREAT UEND, Kan. (UP^—A new and strange kind of harvest is nuclei 1 way in some of OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams Films Bring Out 'Debutante' —/ DON'T LET HIM FLUTTER LIKE THAT- 1 HE'LL BREAK HIS , ,. LE&. HOLD HIM Ml STILL WHILE YOU'RE TAKIN' HIS FOOT OF FIME.WHEM VVt'H-IT IS FINER '' .WHEM V '' L Kansas as a icsiilt of the drouth. It is the Russian thistle harvest. Tim Hustles, usually considered among the worst of Ihe weed plagues, is being put up extensively [or cattle roughage during the winter. This plant is nbont tlic only one that grew well tills simimcr. im (Iconic farmers have harvested a considerable crop. Agronomists say the thistles make good hay if cnt before they are too mature. ol the distant horizon, she conU I jsee Ihe city's towers ami spires] i- ^Ihe flat. Cloria hail left the Imuse |New York! She wasn't- terrified ***• '.n few moments before nn one of'by it. its vastness and Now CD ox UTI-II TtiK STDIIY 'her periodical -V..i.tmiim" orgies i c ,, cc b-<-;nise flic hail kn CHAl'TKR XXI . • AS the days melted in Hoots' realization ot what she i ::trcpl ' sti "''" s aL tllc W:>T " la:l " ei i lo lilcst|lr n1 " 1 Sllu l» ani1 rcslail l •.ipiins m tbc winilnws. sniping a! rants. Of course it was nol thJ hiirt done, the Eerlou--uc53 of llic- jl|ot ..i.u^oum, ;ml | B -,v a llowins a! ;a ine now. She was one ot a vasl slep sl,c hail taken that August | diillble decker siiiulwleh at a crou'il- i ^['my, sfrnsBling for a foothohll inorniiiK almojl overwhelmed her. | I'd ™du fnuntiiin counter, l.ou auilislie slarcd out nf ihc window al She would have ilif.l rather llmu '• t;lori;l " evcr managed to save ajme iraii, rushed over tho bridal , . , . , . ,, nicnn.v. The iiiEtallmeiit collcclor liier hands clenched in her inemlf admit that her imirnnse to Kii33' wa , a ,.,„„„„ ,.,.,„,.,, ;ll lhc Ilo ,, r ;,,,, K , uv< .._ * luul Ireen a mistake; but Ihcre it {»( ihc tut. I'.ul Gloria came home i ..j lauil |-, n ,, somciii'mg " "sV waa. Nulure, for her own purposes, from Ihese exjKiililioni It iimiiihanl , , o i,| ii L .i L;t .|f. --| «j,n|>|y nnlst " bad llnown a veil ol glamour over ] "' 1lcr si»il=—a velvet liat "just I K |, p (,.,,, l]lt! i, e ^ s pa|icr wai... this particular young man. Mnnn-l lilic tllc "I'lown shops." a sleazy .,,, i-uim,,., j,, ]lcr |lllrs ,,. Tlierfij lit nifhts. scent of roses in ihojl" nk " llk VCJt - ;1 " :llr °' " i(JVC5 would bi; ihr : ;.i:encics first. Es'l hcilKes. the snell of pliyeical ncnr-' wlncli ivoulil shrink hniielcjily in pL . r i c:uc -r .\- o . 5 |i e | in dn't KIIJ-.J ness liad blinded her lo I,i3 iniiier. llie llr ' 1 ""sliins- llargaiiis were , |J,K iver.-:.-i't there some 'thfug^l teMloiis. Nmv. niiite smlili-nly. shr, ulnriil ' s vcr > - bri!l11 ' "' lif(l - " cr !whk-l,'l re,,«ire saw him wilt, clear eyes. He was l '" rci '" 'hawrrs overllo'.vc.l wiili , ... J lat.e Irliinned nii;hi.^o'.vus with LEND HIS VALU^BI.E TIME AN' BRAIN,TO GET A LITTLE THING LIKE A SPARROW OUT OF A MESS— THAT'S A FINE TRAIT IN A BIO SHOT. SHOT PER A Bl; TO BUTT SO.XUTH:.VI' HH DG'^r KN'CW A Ti-JiMG ABOUT -11-I-.M IT »A'OULO Bti FEP, K,e ER -VOLI-- HIS WASTED Ii TIME IS WORTH MORC-, 1 AND IT TAKES OR MORE N^ CARRV OUT Hi> MISTAKES'. Adventurers Plan to Make Own Breeze for Sailing VANCOUVER. Q. C. (UP)— All attempt to circle the Rlobe In a 32-foot sailing craft equipped with a home-madi! auxiliary power plnnt is to be made by Ian McDonald, of Calgary, and Willinin Banks, of Vancouver. The two adventurers rigscrt Uic I power plant from an old motorcycle engine and an airplane propeller. When they arc becalmed they will make their own breeze by ptittiiii,' inlo use a "k:ckcr" rt££ up from th; propeller and cnsine. Booia lolil liersrir. set tins lirr This w»s Uie day Kuss turily. Althousb she celcbralcd her • t™c!,en <liiii]>:.;i the inth hirthrhiy early in Sciucmlrer •. " lor "" 13 |l: "' cr '"' l "" '"- 'hail,she wns years o!.lcr-or fell il-lli j l*^' ui ;™., :U .."'. B . "™ p K "" l "[l e.\fiericnc:u arid vvbduni. Wiien she] pjssefl yoimi; girls DJ, the street she | glaiucil in them eiiriuu>ly. (jirl viantc:! :l . . . rU. there «'cre - f J i ;icn but rl'e was ellgiltle for'; Lafy'o \va? 10 b!o;-ks nwny. TerJ [in? t-ity lihuk^ of crowds, riillit liKliij. nf niilllni; las iooii uMliic'l tliein briokly. imf icllt-il by ynisth nnd a lorveuf lo herself. - 'foira, Aft.r ;;,-.; =:,uk afternoon rr^r. I ';«e,u,: =eme coll. ^rate ditlel,,^, rlllvr ' Shower of Frogs Slowed Down Train ROAXOKE. Va. tUI')—A Ehowcr of frn^s for .1 time menaced traffic on the N. & W. Railway at I'arni. Va. Engineer W. T. Gibson salrt that as Ihe Tacgcr local \va.s moving cast a cloud of small frogs ironed to swrcp (town on tho tracks in tlv: path of the train and lie wns forced lo slo\v "her" down. Like a tocijl Jcb Kept in ss- cluiieii until tinio tor licr com- ins-out paily. blond. U-ycar- clJ June Lang li.i^ bun hidden away In a studio luining she bad received fruni her parent a struppcrl anrl ucully ailclicssedl "SwitchM. npr. uiull. cjp." lumk ami a brict. cold nule.ailvis-1 "Alert. ut«bln woman, over ing. her that her father did not executive ability." hear from her again she hail liEid nn furllicr wurd from Larclmeck. She seldom wcut ovcr- lo' New York no*. Khe. tiad no tchool for actir.; tlneo* >ejr? of after vith her tjy It ready iL' f. .u-!i Uie scrcfin first titlure. They Unvcrtily GcLs Snil LAWRENCB. Kan. (UP1 — Two thousand cubic yards of Knw River bottom soli were removed to the site of olrt Snow Hall at Uic Unl- vcrEily of Kansas to insnr? svo of foliage iiiccl In lanrtbcaping the tract. Soil en the crest of Mount Orend. \vherc Ihe untveirsity 15 situated was found to be too 6t<ille for even hardy plants. ' According tn Hie Anisrtcan Automobile AfLocnt:on. more than 300.000 men a;'? nan- at work- on 5000 road projects. by half n hnii] 1 ,d questions, moil ot thei^l jioiiinlnis i|nile irrrlMauU Vo'.jl | lileil this. A Kuriuiis yoiiiit woni'l i cm willi -A \\eep voice talked I you about the anus and Ideals ."> • * " jlbo Ing slorc and yon woni awas K.oiR'iicrl her puric. Uic dark .'moved np by a HEW hope. M:,> blua kidski:i envelope the had!5* V'. 5 .. 1 '" 15 llcsl woek - vo " w<iul junj;ht s,o cAsuulIy last was still train hiokins b,,l 11" • HJIm behifid one o! Ihoae busy cciuc [l 10 lers. Lace or. houks or chintzes ehnnge pur^e was she shonV Tart time at S'.'.IHi » it»y. t'on out Us contents. Thirts' ical?. Tlicl 1 '"*' 5 of llllU - lio "is thought cc ilitiirlcr Iviiss Inid sivcn her yci'.er- slalically. he almost Si: money to spend and Glurin. discovering that Hoots had a real talent tor housework, was Iciiviuj more mid more (or her lo do in the shabby Hat. When questioned about their plnns llnss usually inunibled something vngue ahoul starling (or Florida a little later. IJools had learned now thai the tar which he bad driven about Die village lhal summer was nol really bis. II had been lakcu back by the company beuinse uf defaulted payments How they were ID get in Klorida — -- — - -,,.<.., .. . j , she -had no Isasl Idea bu! lur a ; some counter. Maybe the bj^-niciit ! a samst the stubborn glass doc, lone tlmt she trusted in Kiiis ln'°! iht dime store. She'd do H. Sue!'*"* 11 "UB3 cutvavd. collldtc, keap his word, asalnst her letter | wouldn't wait around till Rii«S| U|11 ' " 5^1 wl ;u wss cntenug. tr ludsnifiil aud indeed her couiuiun : . c anie home, till Ulorla came dawil-: 6c n;e. : tins. in Milli. her bargain of ihp! 'Isabel!" The name tumblf • • • May. -Shs'd co over, lo' N'ew Vork^'ut tclurs :he IM:| time to thin COMETI.MtS. ii: tbe dead of uljhl. JU<1. *t* If lu!le . wastl't b'-'iiistulu^ Tht oilier cirl widened ..n;i£r let Rues :» bi!'cry. UtiJt.Iixm he^i: lijt i;u tSs '.--.u • ~~'.Ta Bs day. The nickel she hail raved. ; s >" lviil ' Ilivur 5 I'^id 512 for he Uiiss had licen Elianic-fiKcd bin s ! 10rls sil "'- ! . hut what did lus blnslcrins about It. signify? "Stick with me. kid, and you'll 1 I-acyV Khc l>:td lioiight Iliinc wear diamonds." \\e hafl *.ii<l. HB!'"' IC . alwajs. IHouses, slnve remembered heal Ins hii father; l>rvl(y lailorc'l un'.lerlhinse. No fay that lo his mother. |'^r hislie.-t li'ipc was in be ou U> oilier fi.le of tho counter, a salt alip in her baud. She pilled all her slren»l Thirty ccnlf. Kive wills for vray tare lo Iho clly. Five teuls bac.k. Sha could have luucb at. d:

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