The Weekly Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 29, 1840 · Page 4
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The Weekly Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 4

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1840
Page 4
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1 I" I 3 (.! I" r f -'fc Hi: "I, li ih 1 if is- -1 -I FOETRF A PICTURE. BY J. GIBBL GILBERT. A farm house glistening in the rays Of the declining sun ; Its owner sitting in the door, His daily labor done. Broad chested and strong armed is" he, Sun-tinted, bluff, and hale;--One hand Sustains his pipe, add oo Uplifts his cup of ale. The waving fields of silken corn 'Gleam in the setting sun, Allowing to their evening fold Come brindle, black, and dun. The milk maid trips across the lawn, To claim their pearly store, The watch-dog trotting at her heels, The terrier Trim before. Hard by, beneath her father's tree, Ay, in her father's chair, With heav'ns own mildness in her face, The farmer's wifeits there ! With eager eyes she peers among The fruit o'erladeu trees, Catching, yith anxious ear, the sounds Borne onward by the breeze. Now dips the orb beneath the hills, His noontide glory past, And evening's purple shroud enfolds His waning splendor fast. The rays stream flickering up the sky In arrowy flights they run The shadows vanish from the turf He sinks the day is done. Now swift along the mountain's side, Released from village school, Two guileless, merry children leap, ! Absolved from rod ,and rule. , Health sits .upon their rosy cheek?, Loud rings their boyhh glee, One springing into mother's lap, And one to father's knee. Hither, ye toiling slaves of wealth, Ambition's fooh, look here ! Heave not your breasts with boiling thoughts ? . Start not a welcome tear ? Did all the trophies ye have won Of bliss bring half the store That animates this humble pair Beside their cottage door 1 LIMERICK, DEC. 2. Irish Teetotalism- Extraordinary Scene When I alluded in my last to faiher Matthew, 1 little thought that 1 should hive had aga:n to ppeak of him in connection with a scene, such ns I believe, in Europe, could not find its parallel. I had heard ol his fascinating influence nmohsr the lower classes, and of their firm be lief th it if they tasted spiritous liq lors after taking the priest's pledge, some great and heavy misfortune would be sure, to overtake them, bui I was, notwithstanding, wholly unprepared for what I this day witnessed... The reverend gentlemen' was expected in Limerick on Saturduy, as he was invited to preach a. charity sermon on the Sunday, and in order to prevent confusion it was announced that those who wished to take the pledge should enrol their nmes beforehand. ' O i Saturday night the number of names enrolled, I am told, was not less than twenty thousnnd. After the srrmon en Sunday, which sermon was eminently productive to the charity, the reverend gentleman proceeded to the Court EIousc to receive .the p'edges, and remained there until ten o'clock at night, the people taking the pledge by twenties at a lime, Notwithstanding the numbers thus disposed of, the state of the city this morning beggars description. At an early hour, the house of Mr. Dunbar, in Mtillow street, where the priest took up his residence, was surrounded by thousands of people from the country, until the pressure became so great that the atre railing gave way,. and a young woman was unfortunately killed upon the spot. The reverend pentleman resumed his exertions at the "Court House where he remained until the afternoon, when mailers assumed in its neighborhood, an alarming appearance. The Court fronts the Shannon, and is surrounded by an iron railing the pressure from within became so great that boats were placed to pick the people up if it ' should give way. The event thus foreseen soon afterwards occurred, and the precaution was the means of saving those who were precipitated into the river. Father Matthew by this time got alarmed for the s ifety of the people, and his alarm was fully and grraily justified by what Boon afterwards occurred. A woman was crushed to death in the crowd, and several men. when the iron railing1 towards the street was carried away to theextent of many yards, were thrown down and trampled upon by the crow&. - Three are said to have been picked up dead, and one with his arm broken, besides others more or less severely injured. The dragoons were sent for and the reverend gentleman was escorted back to Mllow street. The numbers who by this time had thronged into the town to take the pledge, have been estimated as high as from 60.000 to 70.000; for comparatively few of its inhabitants were among the disciples, many of them having taken the pledge previously, and vet the various vehicles and the steamboats were laden with new converts to temperance, indeed the latter dangerously so. In Mallow street nnd Catharine street, the dragoons kept a lane ' in the centre sufficiently wide for two people to walk abreast, and on each side of this lane the -people knelt in the 'mud, while the reverend C-mleman passed through, repeating after htm a nearly as I could catch them, the following words: "I solemnly promise to abstain from all intoxicating liquors, and by my advice and example to persuade others to abstain also." Crowd after crowd thus takethe pledgo and piss away, but to make room for succeeding throngs rushing to beome his disciples. It is now dark, and yet still are the streets. I have named filled--with suppliants kneeling to take the pledge. Irish enthusiasm I never witnessed, but wht is most singular, to those not aware of the results heretofore produced in similar circum- nances, is. that amongst such a crowd elsewhere nreven in Ireland itself, not one-tenth so many . 'Sunken people are to be found. And I saw more people to "day drunk, than I have eer . , Been in nay life. This however, is easily accounted for. It is not to be supposed that all those who go to Mr. Matthew are drunkards, but the great mass of them have beVn in the Y'liabit of occasional hard drinking. They re-i."! ve to go to him and take the pledge, and it is a strange anomaly that those who are about to forego drinking spirit forever, on the day beore tbey take the pledge get drank by way of taking1 their last farewell of the "sweets" of drunkenness, U is still a fact, as I have been credibly informed that even those who thus riot in debauchery until the pledge is actually taken, ore never known to touch spirits afterwards. They say that Mr. Matthew has reduced the revenue on spirits in Cork alone to the extent of I 0,000. If he pro ceeds as successfully elsewhere as in Limerick tbere can be no q;test;on but half the distilleries in Ireland will be. obliged to give up business. So densely crowded is the town that the price of bread roe from 21 tp 6J., and was at this price snatched from the baskets of the bakers men by the famishing1 multitude, and the peasantry from the neighboring counties were obliged, having no othtr shelter from the weather, to pay lOd each for standi:)? room in the cellars of the old town. Loninn Paper. FROM Tilt OLO DOMINION. MR. BYNUM AND HIS TRADUCERS. The Federal lettor writers at Washington have furnished the whig prss with columns of abuse against Mr. Bynnm, which has heen copied m all their papers throughout the country. The saying of Mr. Jtfferson, thnt a Lie would travel a thousand miles while Truth was pul ling on hisJboots, has been verified in this instance, but the truth has come at last, and we find the statements of the whigs worth just as much 93 all there facts ihore is no truth in them. Let us now hear what will be said by puffers of the warlike Stauly and the chivalrous Jennifer. The following lttter was communica ted to the Globe : Washington City, Jan. 7, 1840. Messrs. Blaib axd Rives : I have seen, in the report of the Globe, but more fully in the National Intelligencer, the remarks of n Mem ber of Congress frim North Carolina, in which he is represented as having said in the House of Representatives, on the 3d inst that he had, on some former occasion, " insulted me," and for which I hud threatened to call him to account, &c. This h is been seized on and circulated by some of the Utters written from Washington, with a view of m v disparagement. Now. sir, I should hive claimed credit, if what has been reported had been true, -whh every honorable, highminded man in the community. lor pafsing uith silence any thing coming from such a source, after the exposures of Dr. .Dan-can : but the fict is. J am not aware of ever having made any threats, or having been in suited by the individual who claims she honor of having done so, and thus becomes the trump etet (most modestly) of his own heroism; ai;d if he says' it was dose in the loose cf Representatives, then I appeal to the whole Democra tic party, and the Speaker at the, head, who ought to know b-st of the insults and threats that wefe passed on the fior of the House of Repr.-?eii!itivi s. Or I would appeal to the Journals of the House, cr the repor's of the day, if such facts appear on them. Not that I claim the less en dit for passing such a thing unnoticed, but I feel it due to truth to contradict what are not facts in relation to my own conduct. In the debate alluded to, on the 2J inst, I did not hear the offensive remarks of either of my as salients at tint time, as reported. As to their insinuations about gentleman, they are not more contemptible than laughable. If to be a gentleman is to receive the sanction of a clique of a few bullying members of Congress, who have apparently constituted themselves into a board of honor, to decide on the claims of others to the standing of gentlemnn a clique, too, composed of the most beggaily, broken, bankrupt, drunken, prodigal and prnfiigait materials that have e-ver been asembUid in the same body no mm of worth, of morals, industry, or prudence, hut must feel honored in their denials to him of such s tnction, and of the claim to be such a gentleman as one of themselves. These remarks I should hive made sooner ihrongh your coIutuds, in reply to -vhat I have seen reported, but did not hear, but for my indisposition, which hns confined me to my bed until this tim-. Your?, with great respect, J. A. BYNUM. 1 K S3 AD. FRESH LOAF BREAD will be -H-J ready for delivery every morning (Sundays excepted) at sun rise. CRACKERS, by the keg or barrel, will b? furnished at the following prices : Butter, per lb. - 10 cents, .Water, do. - - - 9 do. The subscribers, having employed Mr. Tc.nnos-ky, a first rate Baker, from Europe, can recommend their BREAD and CRACKERS as beinjj equal to any made in this country. LAWRENCE & CHRISTOPHERS. Pcaleigh, Jao. 15, 1310. 272-3t. FOStWASlBIflG AG EXT. The undersigned Wi'ivld inform ln lriends and the public, that he will attend to the receiving ic forwarding of goods, & produce, at the Franklin Depot, on commissions. Spe cial atlcwon will at all times be given, and the strict est attention paia wan goou. &c entrusted to his care, and ever exertion will be made. to give entire satisfac- lion. January 1.5th 1840 SILAS WINSTON. 273-8t. IS MECISII; begs leave to inform her friends and the public, that she has oneneda Se minary for Young Ladies, iu the room formerly occupied by Miss Whit well. As she has 'made the Science of Education her study for some years, and bad the advantage of much experience, she flatters herself that it will be in her power to give entire satisfaction to judicious Parents. Raleigh, Jan. 11, 1840. 273 2t. EMALE SCHOOL. PITTSBO ROUGH,-Miss M ana J. fTnlmpa' KfhrwJ be opened in Pittsborough, on the" 1st day of February next, she has procured the services of a competent assistant in the School, and will give instruction to a few young girls in the ordinary branches of English education, viz: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Arithmetic, and Geography, wiih History, Botany Moral Philosophy, Kheioric, and other branches that mav be desired. 3 Tuition, for reading, writing, grammar, arithmetic and geography, Eight Dollars per Session of twenty one weeks. ' For the above, with History. Botan. Mni pk;w phy, and Rhetoric, Twelve Dollars and Fifty CentsJ Miss Holmes will taite a few girfs to board at $10 per month, including all expenses. Tuition and board in all cases paid in advance. Board in other respectable honses at the same rates. It desired. Instruction in French, Latin and Music on the Piano Forte will be j.yen, at 810 per Session, for Latin or French, and $25 per Session lor Music on the Piano Forte. January IS, 1840. 273 4t. AL.E of TOWN LOTS. Will be sold to the high--?est bidder, in the Town of Smiihtield, Johnston coumy, on Tuesday the 25ih day of February next, (being the Second day of Johnston County Court, three very eligible Town Lots, on hich are the large and commodious store, and dwelling house, lately occupied by lisce & Utley, an excellent Gin House, kitchen, smoke house, warehouse, & all other necessary and convenient ouihouses. The convenience of the whole for a Mercharuile establishment can scarcely be exceeded, a tew alterations would also make it an excellent stand, for a Tavern, its situation is In the heart of the Village, near the Court Hoose, Terms will be accommodating. THOS RICE, Surviving Partner . . . .. , s of RICE & UTLEY. Smuhfield, January 15rh 1840. ' 273.-3 tar three times. DISSOIiTJTIOif. The Copartnership hereto-, fore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of Christophers & Smith, expired this day by limitation. All those indebted to the concern .are requested to make immediate settlement whh John J. Christophers, as turtner indulgence i-uuum oc given. 1 JOHN J. CHRISTOPHERS. ELDItlDGE SMITH. Raleigtf, Jan. 1,1840. 273 3t. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Wake county. Court of Equity, Fail Term, A. D. 1838. Original Bill. David W. Stone against Joseph B. Hinton and wife Margaret Thomas B. Dashiell, and Graysoo Dashiell, Sarah Ellen Dashiell, and Elizabeth Mary Dashiell. Tt aDDearingr to the satisfaction of this Court that . ,i C .U. w, : l Tv.. Thomas Dasuieil, one ui mc iuuvc uiciiuuiieil jjk fandnntq is not an inhabitant of this Slate : It is there fori- ordered that publication be made in the North Carolina Standard, for 6 weeks, for the said Defendants to nanear at the next lerm ot this Court, to be held in :hp of Raleieh, on the first Monday after the fourth Monday of March next,Xo plead to, or file his answer tnsTid hill, or Judgment pro conlesso will be taken against him. Witness Henry W. Miller, Clerk of our said Court the first Monday after the fourth Monday of Septem ber. A. D. 133S. HENRI" W. MILLER, C. & M. E. January, 1, 1S40. ($5 62$) 270-61. npr i'SllID BATS. M. T. STEEDS has ? inst received aod opened some of the most Splen did BEAVER, MOLESKIN' and PLAIN RUSSIA Hats, ever made in the United States, to whiqh he would respectfully invite the attention ol.the citizeas of North Carolina, assuring them, that his Store is the Place to call if they want a Handsome, Durante, and Chean HaU . Call at the "New. Fashionable and Cheap, North Carolina Hat Store. Next door to Ml. B. B. Smith's, Fayelteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. Jan. 22, 1840. 273-tf. IkTOTICE. SALE OF LAND AND NEGOR.ES 1 Pursuant to the terms of a deed of trust to me exe cuted, by the late Btirwell Perry, of the county of Wake, for the purpo?.e therein mentioned. I shall offer (orsaleon Monday the lOih day of Febuary next, on the premises, that valuable plantation belonging 10 wit said Perrv. Ivins in the county of Wake on. Neuse Riv er. containing, about two thousand acres, onwhich is an exiellent Sa'v and Grist Mill, also, twenty-Nine valuable Negro Slaves, or so much of said property, as inny be sufficient to discharge the debts secured by said deed. Noten with approved security at six and twelv months, negotiable ai;d payable at lhe Bank of the Siaie ot North Carolina, will be received in payment The liUe to the property is unquestionable. WESLEY JONES, Trustee. Jan. 9, 1840. 27'J-is. !T7""'Reg!S!er," insert till day of sale. NEW ORLEANS MAMMOTH LOTTER3T. By the following Notarial Certificate, it will be seen that the Numbers were being placed in the Wheel ; the Drawing will take place as soon as thai operation is completed. We shall, therefore, continue to sell tickets in this Lottery till further notice. SYLVESTER & CO. Sote Agents. January 15, 1810 156 Broadway, N. Y. UZf I, Ilermogene Cantrelle, appointed by Lucien Hermann. Esq. notary public, to be present at, and to witness the depositing in the wheel ot tbe numbers in Grand Real Estate Lottery, (Schmidt & Hamilton, managers,) do hereby certify and make knwn that 1 was personally present, and did witness this day the depositing of each and every number in the said wheel after the same had been first exhibited to public view. Numbers deposited, up to December 20, 1839 26,300. New Orleans, December 31, 1839. (Signed) H. CANTRELLE. irTM. LUCIEN HERMANN, notary public, do hereby certilv tbat H$rmgene Cpntrelle, has been ap-, i , t . t ' i J .1 ! pointed Dy ne ur me purpose, aoove uu-iuioueu, aim that I have this day closed said wheel and affixed the seal of my office thereto, and taken in my own charge and keeping the key ot said wheel. New OrleansDecember 31, 1S39. (Signed) LXjCIEN HERMANN, Notary Public. January, 1S10 , 270 if. WORTHY THE ATTENTION OF THE PUB- ;. a : ........... c;., 1 c,,.,z a., tOtSZtH unlit Pttllttif. X UI OU'C J. 1tG J i CWUOti fcjiti.rt, W't . Tne subscriber finding it impossible, from h.s ex ten-.' IVC C II (lC 1JICII L3 IEJ UIIU.IICI CiaiC, IU UCIU16 liltll and attention to his business here, requisite to its being propei ly couducted, offers For Sale or Rent the EAGLE HOTEL, in the City of Raleigh, at present occupied by him. The Hotel, as every one knows, acquainted with it, is as desirable property as can be owned, it the Proprietor can give his personal attention to it. It is now thoroughly furnished, and the purchaser or lessee could take immediate possession. Few situations in the United States offer so fine a chance for the profitable investment of money. ALSO, a Lot of GROUND, containing o acres, with a new Dwelling, stone Siab'e and Barn. ALSO, a PLANTATION on Crab Tree Creek, witt in 2 miles of Raleigh, containing 6S7 acres, and including all necessary buildings for a comfortable residence. ALSO, 50 acres of Wood LAND, about 4 miles from the City, lying near the old Hillsboro' Road. The above Property will be sold on accommodating term!:. Persons desirous of owning the whole, or any part thereof, are requested to make early application. The subscriber also offers For Sale the whole of his valuable stock of BLOODED HORSES, as follows, viz: No. 1. MARIA WEST, dam of Wagner and Fanny, foaled in 1S27, by Marion, dam Citizen, now in foal ly imp. Priam. Produce entered in tSheTrial Stake, Nashville, Tenn., $1000 entrance, to be run the day previous to the Peyton Stake : also, in the great Produce Slake, near New Orleans, $5000 entrance, 4 mile heats, Fallot LS43. (bee Spirit of ifu Times, after January, for number of Entrances.) No. 2 FOLLY John Richards, dam imp. Chance, foaled in 182S. now in foal bv imp. Priam Produce entered in Produee Stake, 1843, mile heats, to be run over the State Course, near Raleigh, 1000 entrance ; also, at New Market, Va , $1000. (See Spirit of the Times, after January, for the number of the Entrances.) No. 3 MARY BLOUNT, c. m. by Sir Charles, dam by Alfred, foaled in 1P33, No. 4. LADY ROLAND, b. m. by'Tariff, dam Ball's Florizel, now in foal by imp Priam. No. 5 MARY ANN, b. m. by Gohanna, dam by Sir Charles, now in foal by imp Priam. No. 6 LADY CHESTERFIELD, s. m. foaled in 1830, by Arab, her dam by imp. Knowsby, now in foal by imp. Priam. No. 7 LAMA, s. m. foaled In 1830, by Sir Charles, dam imp Buzzard, now in foal by imp. Priam. No. 8.-A Dun Mare, foaled in 1832, by SirCharles, now in foal by Red Wasp. No. 9 One half of s. f. FANNY, by Eclipse, out ol No. 1, 3 years old half owned by Col. Hampton, of S. Carolina, and now in his possession. No. 1CT DOLLY THARP, b. f. 2 years old, by imp. Shakspeare, out of No. 2 won her Sweepstakes over the State Course, near Raleigh, 9 subscribers, $200 each. No. 11 RAIL ROAD, g c. 2 years old, by imp. Felt, dam by Young Friday. No. 12..-Half ot b. f. FANNY DINGLE, by imp. Chateau Margaux, foaled iu 1837 the other half owned by Thos. Doswell, Hanover county, Va, No. 13. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1838, by imp Priam out of No. 4 engaged at New Market, Va., 33 subscribers, $300 each ; also, at the State Course, $1000 entrance. (See Spirit of the Times, after January lor number of Entries.) , No. 14 A Bay Filly, foaled in 1818, by Lyman rout of No. 5 engaged at New Market, Va., 33 subscribers, $300 entrance, Spring 3 year olds. No. 15 A Bay Filly, foaled in 1839, by Andrew out of No. 1 engaged in the great Peyton Stake for 150 000, and is considered one of the most promising entries in the Stake. 6 No. 16 A Bay Filly, foaled in 1839, by imp Priam out of No. 5. ' No 17. A Bay Filly, foaled in 1839, by imp. Priam out of No. 6. J V-f"m The whole of the above Blooded Stock of HOBSP1? will be sold at Public Sale, on the 1st day of July next tTme f Raleigh' if not Private'y sold.before that nriPPiiCjlionSJ P;rsona,1y or b? letter, can be made, ntil the day of sale, at Raleigh, N. C. J. C. ROGERS. 271-tf. j Jan. 1, 1849. YAtfCEYVIIXE ACADEMY.-The ei-ercises of this institution, will re.commence.on Wed nesday the 23d ol January, an terminate on jupe w. 23d. Instruction will be given in all the branches ot education, usually tanglit in otnr . such a manner, it is telieved, as will render the school worthy of the confidence, and patronage ui me Puumu Particular otteation, will be given to lhe moral improvement of i he students, and care taken to prevent the too prevateci vices oi iuuuic.., ...... TERMS OF TCTTIOW. Ancient Languages, arm Geography ami Grammar,- "u All other English studies, b .00 Board may be had in the best families on better termsihan in any other Village-. lianne,nia January 15 1840. 272-4t. List of Letters remaining in the Post- Office at Roxboro1, JS. J., Uuarter ending 31s December, 1839 : 4Miss Laura Allen. ' R-Parham Brooks, Rev. Robert O. Burton. -C.-James Clay, Clerk of County Court. Z?.-Wniiam Daniel, S. M. Dickens, 2. F.-Thomas J. Farrar, iames franklin. 7i.-jane Hamlet. ..-Dr. C. H. Jordan. ys.-Seth Mcuue, Thomas T. Morris. P.-Sokmon Panter. tf.-Miss Martha Rany, John J. Rogers. -TVThomas I. Terrell. fK.-Jacoben Wilson, ioner vv imams. " . A. T. FIT TS. f.M. Roxboro', N. C Jan. 1, 1840. 72-3t. SOMETHING ESTRA. E. HALL & Co. are now opening a fresh and b-.-auiifpr assort ment.uf Goods in their fine consisting, in part, of Gentlemen's best Beaver Brush, and Satin Beaver HATS, from the most approved Manufactories in New York and Philadelphia, and which, in point ot beauty and excellence, cannot be surpassed. Also Fur, Seal and otter CAPS, some of which are very superior. Light and heavy "Calf BOOTS, manufactured by Miles, decidedly the best Boot maker in Philadelphiatogether with a general s-ortmnt of wa!er pumfand Riil Road BOOTS and BROGANS WOOL HATS, &c. all of which will be sold at jiiices which cannot fail to give atisfaction, tu those disposed to purchase. Call at the sign of the Large Black Hat. PC? Daily expected a fine lot of Fashionably cut, and well made CLOTHING for Gentlemen's wear. E. HALL & Co. O.-toberD 1839. , 258 if. Forest Pleasaol Grove Acade niV, The TiUMee of this Academy nave the nleaviire of announcing to lhe Public, that they have engased for the ensuingyear Mbs MARTHA R. RICHARDSON, a vounsr Ladv from the North, who comes highly recommended, to. take charge of this Institution. The Session wiil commence ou the first Monday in Ftbruarv next In addition to the usual branches of Instruction, the Greek, Latin, French and Italian Languages will be taught, together with Music, fainting, oi-c. This Academy i .situated jn Wake Forest, 12 miles North ot Raleigh, and within 4mileSof Wake Forest College, 4n a healthy section ofcOtHitry. Board can'be had in the neighborhood, at 7 per month, or 35 per Session of five months, TUITION PER SESSION. Latin and Greek, 10 00 English Grammar and Geography, 7 50 Lower Branches. &,c. 5 00 Drawing and Painting will be taught to all who desire it, but there will be an extra charge for the same, as n usual ia other Schools JOHN LIGON, Sec'y. Dec. 25, 1S39. 269-6t. Will. B, DUtfX lives within six hundred yards of Wake Forest Pleasant Grove Academy, and will board six or eight young ladies at S'ii 00 per month. - Jait' 15, 1S39. 272-tf. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Wayne count y Court of Pias & Quarter Sessions. Nov. lerm, 1333 Stringer Croom, vs. Alexander Croom and Richard Bunion. Original Attachment. IT appearing to 1 he satisfaction oT the Court that the detn:iiant 1:1 i Lis ca'c a mm 1 esider.i of said Siate: It . - , . . , . , f ,s 'herrf.-re, ihai pub l.eatu.u be made for s, snccesMvely, notifying him to appear at the next Court t f Pleas and Qnawer Sessions t be held for said coBi.ty. ct the Court House in Way nesborough, on the 3rd Monday of February next, ihen and shire io replevy or plead to issue, or ldgment iinal will be entered a him. and she effect levied oa condemned to so isiy ihe p'aintifTs demand. W une.s, Jno. A. Gre n clerk of our said Court, at of- fice the 3rd Monday of November, 189. JNO. A. GREEN. Cl'k. Jan. 1, IS 10. (Pr.adv. S5 62$ ) ro Gt. rpURMEJt &HfJIIES keep coas antly for Jl sale the following Musical Works: Th3 Boston Handie'and Hayden's Collection, Masons Sacred Harp, Jones' Evening Melodies, Smith & Little's Collection, Missouri Hirmony, The Ameri can Harp, Tempi i Carmina or Songs of the Temple, Music of the Chnrcu, American Psalmody, The Harmonist, Dyres Philadelphia Collection, National Church Harmony, The Lyrist : Violin, Flute, Guitar, Piano Forte, and Fife Preceptors, with an extensive and valuab! of the most approved Editions of American and European Books, in History, Biography, Travels & Voyages, Theology, Poetry, Atts .5c Sciences, Classical and School Books, in Latin, Greek. German, Spanish, French and English. Together with a general asxirtment of American and English Stationary. Musical Instruments, of almost descnption I WIlhJ lartTe collec 11 at The N. i Violin andGuiiar Stnnes, together collection ot music lor the Piano. C. Book Store, if you wish to find articles of the above line good and Cheap. TURNER & HUGHES. Jan. 22, 1840. 273-tf. YANCEYVILrJG FEMALE ACADEMY.-The undersigned have the pleasure to announce to the public, thai they have secured the services of Miss j XVlaria u. uonverse, iaie oi ruenmonu, v . " and those of Miss M. W. Havks, as assistant in the a-bove institution. From the high character these young ladies enjoy with all who have had an opportunity of becoming acquainted with their qualifications, we have great confidence in presenting their claims to the public as worthy of the highest consideration. They are not without experience in teaching and where they have heretofore taught, their patrons have held them in high estimation as is manifested by the daily and hourly applications now made lor admission into their present school on behalf of their former pupils. Connected with the institution is a Musical Department, now under the direction of Mr. J. A. E. Winkler, a native of Germany, a gentleman of reputation in his line, who will give instruction in any or all of the branches of music. Board can be obtained in the village at the very low rate, of $6 00 per month, exclusive of candles, and the prices of tuition will be found, we think, unusually low. They are as follows, to wit : For spelling, reading and writing, $6 00 English Grammar, Geography, and Arithmetic, 9 00 . -.T 1 1 Tf. 1 , nisiory, .astronomy, iaiurai muni i Philosophy, &c. J Music on Piano, Do. Guitar, .Drawing andainting, 12 00 20 00 16 00 8" 00 5 00 5 00 10 00 Mezzotinto Painting, exra fhiental Tinting, extra French and German by Mr. Winkler, eacH An extra charge of fifty cents for each pupil will be made for the contingent uses of the school, and each musical scholar will "be charged l 50 for the use of the instruments. GEORGE WILLIAMSON. JEREMIAH GRAVES, ABNER MILES, PAUL A. HARDISON, THOS. D. JOHNSTON, N. M.-ROAN, L. A..GWYNN, JOHN KERR. Jr. JOHN H. GRAVES, ALLENGUNN, Trustees. Yancey ville January, 18, 1840. 273-3t. WANTED, ax mis urr iuii, a coy irom i to 16 yearsr old, a9 an .apprentice to the Printing business. One from the country woum be preierrea. Jan. 8, 1840. J 271-tf. JUST PUBLISHED AND READY FOR DELIV-erv, at the North Carolina Boek Store A DIGEST OF ALL THE REPORTED DECISIONS OF THE COURTS IN NORTH CAROLINA, COMMENCING WITH THE EARLIEST REPORTER AND INCLUDING THE DECISIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT AT THEIR JUSE TERM, PREPARED BY Hon. JAS. IREDELL, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Turner & Hughes, the Proprietors, respectfully ask the patronage of the public for this work, which has been published at great expense. It contains near a thousand pages, and is, therefore, necessarily divided into two royal octavo volnmesof about five hundred pages each, printed on good type and fiae paper, and well Lound. Price, nine Dollars a copy. It is recommended not only to professional men, all of whom will doubtless possess themselves of it, to direct and abridge iheir labors, but it is also urged upon the notice of all Just ices, Sheriffs, and other judicial officers, as affording them an exposition in a lew words, of the points which the Supreme Court of North Caro lina has decided in relation to their duties. For a sim ilar reason, tt is recommended to private gentlemen, who may have an inclination or feel an interest to know the determination of the Supreme Court, which consti tute, so lar as they decide, the law of the land, as im perative as any Act oi Assembly, anu as binding in their operation upon every member of the community. Jan S, 1840. Z71-U. N' EW CHEAP & FASHIONABLE II AT & CAP STORE Bargains ! Bargains.'.' Bargains! ! I The subscriber has iust opened, at his new store, a large assortment of HATS and CAPS, of a variety of shapes, Ace, fiom common to superfine qualities, the whole or any part of which he will sell very cheap. The New Store is the place at which you can bu'y bargains. Call and see! One trial will prove that STEEDS is sellins greater bargains in HATS and CAPS than- are generally sold. M. T. STEEDS, New Store, next door to Mr. B. B. Smith's. Jan. 1, 18-10. 270 if. CHEAP! CHEAP! ! CHEAP I'.! CHEAP! 1 !! Fur HATS, Wool HATS. Fur CAPS, Hair Seal CAPS, Sealette CAPS, and Cloth CAPS, forsaleal the unheard of low prices introduced by M. T. STEEDS, at the New Store text door to Mr. B.. B. Smith's. Jan. 1, 1840. 270 tf. LOOK AT THIS ! Boy's CAPSTor sale at thirty-seven and a half cents! If these are not barsains where can they be found ? But these areonly a part of the bargains which STEEDi has for his patrons. Call and see. The place to buy cheap HATS and CAPS is next door to Mr. B. B- Smith's, Fayetieville street. To prove the fact needs but a call, which is respeciful-ly solicited bv M. T. STEEDS. Jan. 1, 1840. 270 tf. A EMI I T 1ST It ATO 5.' NOTICE. North Carolina, Duplin County, October 22d. 1839. r p III E subscriber having qualified as Administrator u;i me jwaie 01 me itev. iexanaer jriciver, ae ceed a October Term 1839, hereby notice all persons indebted to said estate, to make immediate payment aud all hiving claims against the estate of lhe said deceased, of any kind whatever, are requested to present the same authenticated as the law directs within the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be plead iu bar of recovery. JAS. PEARSALL, Adminstrator. Dec. 25, 1S39. (pr. adv. SI ) 269 13t. BOOTS aud SHOES. The subscriber respectfully in forms his friends and the public, that he still continues at his old Stand, south side of the Market House. where he has on hand a quantity of Boots and Shoes of his own manufacture, and keeps no other. Articles in his line made in French oranv oiher style that may be wanted. JOHN HOLLOWAY. Raleigh, N C. Oct. 30, 1S39. 2(51 if. TTOTICE. Was committed ts the jail of Wake -Ll county, on the 3rd of March lflt, a negro man v ho says his name is HENRY, and that he belongs to Receen Turner, of Kentucky. He is aboui b feet 2 or 3 inches high, quite black, -spare made, stammers when speaking, and is about 22 years old. The owner i re- ! HY X C. - .V V - u , 1 ana tauc nun a jr, o- e.x wm, u,ie iaw i V- B- BUu V bh"'f iUay l' GOODS AT COST. By virtue of a Deed of Trust, made to me by William HP K , . . y- t- 1 1 f 1 h i o nili fM r ii r r o o ihdrcin t rus(i fi uiJ I ()ffer fof al jne cos ye , va,ua. aortmen: of JEWELLERY, GC GOLD & SILVER WATCHES, PLATED WARE, &c. &c. at the old stand. Those who are desirous of possessing articles of this kind, will now have an opportunity of supplying themselves at low prices. All persons indebted to the late firm ot Thomson & Beckwith, oi to william Thomson, are desired to setile the sarre, or they will be put into an officer's hand for collection. THOMAS LORING. Dec. 7th, 1839. ' 2rV7-if. STATE OF NORTH CAItOLIXA,-Wake Coujsty. The Subscriber havfng at November sessions, A.D 1839, of Wake County Court, qualified a? Administrator to the estate of Burwell Perry, deceased; hereby gives notice to a;l persons having debts, claims, or demands against the said Burwell Perry, deceased, tu present them to him for payment, properly authenticated, wiihin the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be plead in bar of ftieir recovery." . And those indebted to said intestate are requested to make m mediate payment. JAS. D. NEWSOM, Adm'r. Wake :ounty, Nor. 24, 1839. 267 13t ripO COACH ITIAKERS Being about to te- jh move fr.-mi this Siate, I offer for sale all my materials and unfinished work, together with my tools and fixtures. I have also a Labor Saving Machine, propelled by horse power, which is of great advantage in a Coach Making establishment. To any one who is disposed to carry on this business, and is & good workman, few places any where offer the same. advantages, as timber can be had in great abundance, and no place in my kno wledge is more healthy. Any person who is disposed to purchase the above articles, can get a great bargain in them, and terms made easy. Early application is desirable, as 1 expect to leave by the 15th or 20th of next month. . THOMAS COBBS. December 4, 1839. 266-tf PINK ROOT WANTED. (Spigelia Nan-landica Carolina Pink ) The subscribers are in want of three or four hundred pounds of fresh Cirolina Pink Root, for which a liberal price will be given. Sale will be found for the article by applying to Messrs. W. 31. MASON CO., Messrs WILLIAMS $ HAYWOOD, of Raleigh, N. C , and F. S. MARSHALL, of Halifax, N. C. BRAGGS & THOMAS, Petersburg, Va. Sept. 4, 1S39- 253 tf. VALUABLE PLANTATION FOR "SALEI now offer for sale, my Plantation lying in the forks of Neuse River, Crabtree, and Walnut Creeks, 6 miles East of Raleigh containing about three hundred and fifty-seven acres. Also another piece adjoing the other containing about Ninety Acres. There is ground enough opened on the former tract, to work -to advantage five or six hands. There is on this tract a comfortable dwelling house, and good negro houses, &c together with an excellent young Apple Orchard, of choice fruit. The other tract is entirely in wood. It is useless to give a discription of this land, further than to say, that lor location, aud fertility, it is not surpassed by any tract of us size in this County. Those disposed to purchase and wishing to view the premises, will call on the subscriber at Raleigh,.or the overseer on the premises who will show the land. For terms apply to the subscriber 1 1 '.em TH0- COBBS. Jan. 1, 1S40. 270-tf (Star, and Register, tf.) STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, ) SURRY COUK. I K Superior Court of law, September Term,' a. D. I839 George-W. Roberts, vs. Elizabeth Roberts. Petition for Divorce. i The defendant called and failed. Judgment pro con fesso. Ordered by the court that publication be ma(t i ' iui mice uiuiniin 111 me viunna vv aicnman and th Raleigh Standard, for the Defendant to appear at th! next Term of our said Court, to be held for said Coun ty, at the Court House iu Rockford on the 5th Monday after the 3rd Monday in February next then and there to answer to the alegalion in said Bill, or the prayer 0' the petition will be granted. Witness, Winston Somers, C'erk of said Court atrf fice the 5th Monday after the 3rd Monday in Ausn.!, A. D. 1839. S ' WINSTON SOMERS, C. S. C Dec. 25, 1839. (pr. adv. $7$.) 269 LD SIR ARCHIE CHARACTER, oneoffh. few remaining thorough bred sons of Old Sir a. chie, is now offered for sale very low, or to farm out next season, if application be made by the 1st of flia'ch next, or sooner. Chakacter is rising 15 years old is a beautiful deet sorrel, 5 feet 3 inches high has been successful in run. ning at Hillsborough and other places, and his colts are now on the turf and running with much success. Character was got by the celebrated Old Sir Archie-his dam by the imported Druid grandam the famon" Old Mark Anthony his g. grandam by the imported Old Jolly Roger, out of a thorough bred Race Mare -HisT colts are large and likely. To Le convinced o( tl lact, it is only necessary to visit Pomona and see tlipm UZr 1 have a few fine blooded MARES, very cheap ALSO, several fine Devon BULL YE A R LINGS and HEIFERS for sale said to be the best blood ivEn? lanu, iui uic pracuiui c aimer. For further particular, apply fa SETH JONES Pomona, near Raleigh, Dec. 18, 1839. 268 tf. t30 REWARD. 1 will give the above reward of 1 ffi Thirty Dollars to any person who will appiehend 4 and deliver to me, or confine in jail so that 1 can sn him, my negro man TOM, who ran away from mea-bout the 9th of February last. TOM is about forty-two or forty-three years old, about five feet five or six inches highl rather light built, -of light complexion, almost of the Indian order, lank or hollow jawed, wears his hair combed pi in front, w,hen spoken to has a do-vn look; J no particular mark recollected, except a scar from a se- 1 vere cut on his right fore finger. It is believed he has with him Free Papers belonging to James Lucas or L. cust, who froze to deatrrin January last in the neighborhood ; since which his Free Papers have not been founi or heard of ; and I have no doubt TOM is now passing himself a. James Lucas or Locust as a free man. 1 have r;ason tp believe that he is occasionally lurking aboui Louisbutg. as 1 bought him of Mr Josiah Bridges oi that vicinity. All persons are cautioned against employing, harboring, carrying away, or assisting him to get away, at the law will in every case be rigidly enforced. RICHARD SHORT. Vicksville P. O., Nash county, N. C. August 21, 1839. 253-tf. OTATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Wayne coumy. I KJ Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Nov. terra. 16:;it. M James Griswold vs. Edmund H. Whitfield! p,( Original Attachment. - 'if1' IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that th? f-defendant in this case is a non-resident ol this Sttte : It is ordered, therefore, that publication be made, for sn weeks successively, notifying him to appear at the neit r Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for said . coun'.y, at the Court House in Wayne?borough, on the, 3rd Monday of February next, then and there to replevy J1 or plead 'o issue, or judgment final will be entered a-1 1 gainst him and the effects levied on condemned losai- isfv.the plaintiff's ciemand. Witness, Jno. A. Green clerk ol our said Court, atf o3i;e the 3rd Monday of November, 1S39. JNO. A. GREEN, CV;. Jan. 1.1S40. ($5 62$) 270-7t. 10 REWARD. Rarwiwav, on ihe 6th of Jam- I arv last, my Negro woman LUCY she is dark - t complexion, a little inclinec! te yellow in the tace ; si! !! is about 40 years of age, 4 leet 5 or 6 Inches high; arid is supposed to be lurking about Raleigh. I will. give. $ 10for her apprehension and Confinement in auy jj; in -this State, and $25 if caught jn any other Slate an ' confined so that I can get her. ! s R. J. HOPKINS. Wakefield, N. C. Aug. 21, 1839- il-tf. THE INDIAN EL.IXIE&; A CURE FOR Coughs, Asthma, fy Infiainmodion of the Lungs, Is a vegetable extract, of an agreeable taste, and certain in its happy results.1 The secret of making this pleasant elixir was communicated by an Indian chief, or rhediciner as he was caiied, to an English physician attached to the command of Gen. Wolfe, after the ca pitulation of Quebec, as an aci of gratitude for some t. favor he had received during the progress of that affair. Shottly after this transaction the professional gentleman was recalled, (by the decease of some wealthy con nexions at home,) to the possession of an ample for- time.- Although the doctor abandoned his former pursuits, he never relinquished ihe practice ol the ''Indian Elixir," which he prescribed to a very great extent wili- y out receiving any compensation whatever, except tbe ' reward which attends the performance of a good action. After the death of the doctor, from the same humane mnllTTpa VIC I oi Ol n ft i n ti- r.nlinnArl Un . F t U ...ul.iu, u i o mv. iittiu 1.'IJIIUUCU 11IG U.C UI LUC It' ceipt for a long time, as our dimerous icstimonala will show, till the increasing demand made if necessary that they should form some such arrangement as should deliver them from the trouble, and yet not diminish its usefulness. The heir, therefore, finally willed to di the business entirely by agency; making only so moderate a charge, as merely to defray the expenses of pre- paring the medicine. With a view to this object, the : executors have appointed C. E. HOIT the sole agent for North America and the West India Islands twho will reside in New-York, and appoint such sub.agen! as, in hife judgment, necessity may require. Certificates and letters of recommendaiion -may be had of the ageiits. where many.of the originals may be examined, which would satisfy the most fastidious. As the article is not sold with a desire to make the profit an object, the folly of a false represention must appear obvious ti eyery reasonable person. Price Si per bottle. -For ale by Thomas Loring, General Agent, ai the office of the North Carolina Standard, Raleigh. Also, by William Ware, Wilmington, N C. and by Allen Parks Hillshoro'. May Sth, 1839. 236-tf. Eloil's Cure tor tine TootBi-achc. IHTS preparation (a wash) is applied to the part A affected, and without the disagreeable necessity oi extracting the tooth, instantly removes the most prrrurintinir nnin. Ttvtrn,nlin iv.i.. . :. ly remedies cancer sores a disease prevalent among children. By swallowing a teaspoonfal morning and evening, an acid or fool stomach is corrected. It p i 0 r.... - j b.g,.,i,g me iuiuui, ii coihuicii- 3 sweetens the breath, and is the best cleanser and preserver of the teth, now known. Those who desire to obtain this article must be particular to inquire for Hoit's Cure for the Toothache, as others are in ihe market ; and he would not wish to assume the merit or censure which justly belongs to another. Among ihe thousands who have used Hoit's Cure for the Toothache, no instance is known of its having. failed in effecting a perfect cure. The following letter, attesting to the efficacy of Hoit s Cure for the Toothache" is from a gentleman r well known in the literary world as the author of the ) "Letters about the Hudson' and other productions of toerit ; and will, undoubtedly, be read with interest. . To C. E. Hoit My dear Sir It affords me great M pleasure to bear testimony to the efficacy of your "Cvn ; f or the Tooth ache." It has been used in my family. and proved entirely successful in giving immediate f and permanent relief to one of the most irritating and disagreeable paius that "flesh is heir to" viz: tff tooth ache. your very obliged, Arc. FREEMAN HUNT. . New York March, 18 1839. For the ToothacheHold the wa?h in the mouth (ill k the pain ceases. . ; For Sore Mouth Garele three i:tnf: a d.iv. v' For acid stomach Swallow a tea spoon full morning and night. For Cleaning Teeth Use it with a brush, which also sweetens the Breath. The above medicine is for sale at the office of THE NORTH CAROLINA STANDARD. Price 50 cents per bottle it will be sold at a liberal discount by he quantity. T. LORING, General Ageat. For sale also by WILLIAM WARE of Wilmington, N. C. Raleigh, Feb. 6, 1838. a2J-tf. r. St.

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