The News-Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1921 · 3
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The News-Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 3

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1921
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ft. K LLOYD MIFFLIN, WRITER AND PAINTER DIES AT NORWOOD LLOYD Author of National Fame, 74, Succombs to Five Year Illness Wrote Six Hundred Sonnets and - Many Popular - Books IloY'd Mifflin, author, artist end poet, died Saturday at 8:30 o'clock at his home, the Mifflin homestead, at Norwood, near Columbia. aged seventy-five years. He ' had been in ill health and confined to bed for the past five years... This distill- -, guished and internationally , known literary man, described as Pennsylvania's greatest poet spent the evening of- his life in I the famous Mifflin homestead among the rustic scenes and , quaint hills that surround the Mifflin 'mansion, at Norwood. He had been a patient sufferer mince Illness compelled a eessation of his favorite work. Mr. Mifflin, is survived by two brothers, Dr. Houston Mifflin, residing on the homestead, and Charles W. Mifflin. at Exeter, New Hampshire. The funeral will be held on Tuesday afternoon, July 19, at 2 o'clock, standard time, from the Presbyterian church, Columbia. Interment will be made in Mount Bethel cemetery, Rev. George Wells Ely, pastor of the church, will conduct. the services. ' This celebrated poet and painter was the son of John Houston Mifflin. The Minns are one of the oldest families in Pennsylvania, the first of the family in this - country ' having been Job Mifflin of Warminster, Wiltshire, England, who, accompanied by his son, also named John, settled on the banks. of the..Delawi-tre river between the years, 1675 and 1679. William Pnn granted them a plot of ground on the banks of the Schuylkill river, about 1690, and there, at Fountain Green, they erected the Mifflin homestead. They were members of the Society of Friends, and gave to the State of Pennsylvania one Governor and several others who became more or less eminent, including. Warner Mitiiit, the Quaker pni-' lanehropist. ' The son of a talented father who had been devoted to painting poetry, it was quite natural that i.e should take to the same line Of etudy and he beame a student of these arts at an early age. He was educated at the Washington Classical Institute No cigarette has the same delicious flavor as Lucky Strike. Because Lucky Strike is the toasted cigarate 31IFFLIN and by firivate tutors.. Born in Old Homestead Lloyd Mifflin was born In Columbia, In which locality his anceators had (fettled. September 15, 1846, in the old how, that still stands at the corner of Second and Walnut streets, and is now occupied by the Pennsylvania Railroad, Y. M. C. A. After roceivig his classical course, Lloyd Mifflin took up the study of painting in his father's studio. This was in 1868 and 1869. He then went to Germany, where he studied under. Herman Herzog and was lit Italy in 1871 and 1872 . ' He exhibited pictures in American exhibitions after his return, but all the time gave some. attention to his poetry. For ..!. time he lectured though Pennsylvania on the attractive subject of "Conversation as a Fine Art" but soon dedicated himself to poetry in his delightful home, Norwood, near Columbia: His first book of verse was not pnllished until 1896. The first book was "The Hills,' which was issued privately, , in that year. Then followed the other publications which soon won a place in the literary world for this remarkable man. ' - Wrote 600 Sonnets ' In all, Mr. Mifflin has written six hundred sonnets. Nearly- five hundred' of these have been ' Publisked. That alone is the work of a lifetime, especially when it is remembered that Shakespelre's sonnets number only 150 and Guittone wrote only , 217. Same of Mr. Mifflin's sonnets appeared in different magazines and several were illustrated by Thomas Moran, who was one of the poet's friends and one of his masters in the art of paint-- Mr. Mifflin began to write poetry at an early age, but refrained from publishing anything until late in life. He did print a! Poem; "The Frozen Fields," in Scribner's Magazine, when he was still young and this was his lirst published poem. , It was not until he was 'last fifty years that he ' began to issue volumes of his verse. As an example of this great poet's modesty, It need only be .mentioned that, he does not possess a comPlete set of his own volumes, and book sellers have been known to seek everywhere to secure certain issues.' As a painter,- Mr. Mifflin has developed himself to painting poetic landscapes. He continued at the easel some years. In hisilatter days he spent the time in revising what was his last book, "As Twilight Falls." In this work he was assisted by a friend. Wrote Popular Books Popularbooks written by Mr.. Mifflin include:. "The Hillt" privately in 1896; "At the Gatest of Song," printed 'n 1897, in Boston and reprinted in London in1901; "The Slopes a Hein 111 and Other Poems: 1898; "Echoes of Greek Idylls," in 1899; "The Fields I Di-Wn and L4ter Sonnets," 1900; "Ode on the Semi: Centennial of Franklin and Marshall Collegs, 1903,". "Birthdays of Distinguished 18th Century American," with poetical quotations from poems of Mr. Mifflin, 1897; "Castalian Days, 1903; "The Fleeing NymPh and Other Verse," 1905; "Collected. Sonnets .of L)oyd Mifflin," 1905; "My Lady of' Dreams," 1906; "Toward the. 17.3- lands," 1908; "Flower and Thorn," 1909; "As Twilight Falls," 1916. 1 1 DINNER GIVEN YESTERDAY IN HONOR OF NEWLY-WEDS. I ' A wedding dinner in honor of Mr. 1 and Mrs. Ray Alerstock; who was married on June 30, was given yesterday afternoon at the Lincoln Hotel by the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weaver, of 502 Smith Sbippen street, There wee pesent about 40 guest from the city and county. Mr. and Mrs. Aierstock have just returned from a wedding trip to Niagara Falls, Erie and points in Canada. , After Sepfember 1 they will be at home to their friends at their new "'"xee a East End avenue. THIS LANUASTElt NMI JOURNAL MONDAY MOTININg, JULY is, 1ri21. 1 Mies Minerva elmith. of tit South Queen attest4 pen tho week-end at Atlantio City, . , MOS Lillian Itohan, of 501 WPM James troet. will leava lathy for 'Irldtroport4 Vona., whom she will end t'wo 'weeks with friends. Mrs, Charlet Ziegler and POlt Motttrd. of Harsher, spent 046 week-end .1th rotative' in this city. Mr.' and Mrs, William Matcher and .hildron. of Pittsburgh, are vimitinft , 104111,0o anti friends in Lancaster. ? Mras S. 11. Martin and doulatot 5414g 7mma O. yartin. R re apanding aeverni -oaks at West Willow. . Miaa Mtriarn le.ock. Mark nt the Ste-ens House, la Ideating friends In Derolt. Mioh. , , Mrs. John Gera and daughter, loreno and, Veronica. of Wool Vino troot, have won to TIoaton for R ,finthsu trip. . Mho Anna Shaul' and Mims Anna ' lumpton hay. gone to Niagara' and loveland. Ohio. I F. FL Duchor and T. Warren Mat.- , 'er spent MI week-and at Port Nor. 'o, N. J. , . MINS mg Drown. of Reading, la the !loot of Mr. and Mrs. F. Mown, of '5 West Lemon atreet. Mrs. Nathan C. Schaefer and daugh WHITE HANDS.' The problem of keeping the hands oft and white is always a complicated one, because in the winter they dry and chap, and in the,summer they become brown and sunburned., Most of us hate wearing gloves always in the summer, and many of us find that In the winter not even thick glove are a sufficient protection. , To make it still worse, it is hard to ru1 . oil on the hands during the day because of the dust the oily skin will collect and it is impossibble to use oil at night, without staining the bedclothes, unless one is willing to sleep with gloves on. Altogether the inconveniences are 'so many that most women, without meaning to do it, neglect their hands shamefully. Obviously the best thing is to find some lotion that is not greasy. Personally, I have found the Honey Almond Lotion best for this because it bletches the skin and keeps it white. and is not sticky nor greasy. It is a bit difficult to make, but not Impossibly so. Here is my formula: HONEY-ALMOND LOTION. Quince seed 1-3 ounce. ' Cold water.'..... 1 pint Steep this overnight for 12 hours, strain without presure; then take one ounce of sweet almonds, ',blanch these In hot water, and while they are still warm and wet, pound them fine. To this milky substance, which must be strained of course, add , Glycerine ........ .. ..1 ounce Boric acid 30 grains Oil of bitter almonds..., 4 drops Pure itoney-.... 1-2 ounce X. Y. Z..---Deep- breathing will 'do much to counteract the effects of office work and restore your color. Take three deep breaths before an 'open window as you dtess in the morning and before retiring; also, any time during the day when you feel the need of it. Eileen.You will need a course of treatments to remove the scars. Try a few treatments at a reliable beauty parlor before you do anything yourself. ' Brunette.Witn your rich coloring, grey will beT,Very becoming. Not Customers But Friends That's how we feel Dombach and Bissinger 113 N. Prince St. G R A.N.D Mon-day and Tuesday DOROTHY DALTON "BEHIND MASKS" A Paramount picture adapted from the story "Jeanne of the Marshes" by E. Phillips bppenhelm. , Cast includes Julia Swa3rne Gordon and Frederick Vogeding. Also Mack Sennett Comedy. , Last four days MARY PICRFORTi In "The Love Light" !6 toelm 41200att45..: aA.A.0.1mm.o.m4 balloMmiaoket04..4 I wooks at At lantio City. Mien Flitenhoth bilion of Mt. Alta. Is U. guard of tho Miereta Hicreat of Wilford Orange etreet Me, and Mrs. ilaymond trariew anti son. tbf !Aural 1)pt., aro timitilm Mr. and Mrs. W. It, MOM.. Judge Roller and family wont to Plagiesmaro on Petunia, to opond a month. antl ?dm Richard Mom of Pbilado, iphia. apont tho wook-and with Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Hoover, of Weot Ora n at raft. Mimi Miriam nallor, of Harrisburg. spout the weok-onit with hor parent& Mr. anti Mrs. John , M. Hailer. of Woods avanne, Mown Myrtle 'Lawman and Tlerthn Hart have left for a trip to NiagarS Palls. tit Pt. Lawronce and pointe in Canada. Mims Mary Evelyn ONeill an4 Min Florence Dochtorman of this iI are on an Wended vacation to Columbia. Harrimburg, Wormlersburg. Chamb. ersburg sad leayattsburg, The 'attar place is tba home of Mli tyN,IIL whtlt le an mployoe of the local Weateen rnion Telegraph (Ace. Ponn Plotters. tton.ald Doan. of North rrince rpen et AtlAntle City. ter. Mine Mary. ere apending severel Minn izilinaheth Miley. of Mt. Alt. . friends in Pomeroy. the 'nein of the Milgrim. Mine. et cleorge ti.eniat. of Ttilhnliville. N. Meet Orange sieeft, 1.. spent . the week-end es the good et htis and Mrs. ilaymond Fariew end litr. and Mrs. James ro Martin. of 'Ana on. tit 'Aare!. ore tattling, Mr. earner Avenue. anti Frederick etreete nd Mrs. W. it. while, 11. Leigh Morrie. et Tritahinsten, Judge Reiter and faintly went to lostoomoro on potoritor to "pod o special assistant to the Attorney Oeneral of Juetice, arrived in this rill on Saturday rtininN flpetti the Mr. anti Mrs. Richard limo of 'biladelpnia. opent the week-end with rend:Ith trtilts...q.thea ie. an 41 Mrs. O. hi. Hoover. of Wood eo' "1.1 fin" wann au"' "' itonfro eireet. SRO Wret King street. Mr. and Mra. John Wertz, and htioie Mien Miriant 'Yeller, of lterristiorg. Helen Warts. of York. spent the week. pent the week-owl with hue parents. ond with Mrs. CI. W. Wert.. of 11 Vest tr, anti Mrs. John M. Hailer, lAnnon etreet. Voila. event's, - balmier' Myrtle 'Lawman anti Tlerthit 19'1111? mot of trust Ktnq street. has gOne to Asibury Perk to tart boive left for n trip to Niagara 'alio, the Pt. Lawrence an4 rointa in et"hd three wel'he with he 00", Lb', tolled Delohleri of Morris Mina. It spent the Week in Mims Mary Evelyn O'Neill on4 Miss 3,, end lorenes Doehterman of this e1I aye Lattooster, n en ttended vaeation to Columbia, MINN Node Wing. Ot the Ninaley tarrinburg. Wormlevsburg. Chonib. APorttnonte, has gone to Nolon's rebury Slid Ireyettsburg., The latter Point, !Atka ttoptaeong. N. L where lace is the home of MIMI O'NeilL writ) oren4 her vacation. an employee of the torn Windom Mrs. Annie IL Xing, of the Nine.. 'Mon Telegraph Oleo, Penn Sonars. heel Apartment'', has gone to Letort tonnald DRAM, of North rrince Pa. where he will spend Nome time greet, event the week-end with with friends. Betty.Take three yeast cakes each day until your skin ig clear. Your pimples come from impurities in. the digestive system. Stenographer.--The realon that exercise is prescribed for reduotiod and also for developing, is because it restores by quickening the circulation-- it consumes the fatty tissues while it builds up the muscles. Obesity is not health and flabby thin muscles are not; but firm muscles with a moderate amount of fat, show perfect health, and exercise will give them to you. All inquiries addresed to Miss Forbes in care of the "Beauty Chats" department will be answered in these columns in their turn. This requires considerable time, however. owing to the great number received. So if a personal or quicker reply is desired. a stamped and self-addresmed envelope must be enclosed with' the question. The Editor. My husband throws food around with his fork when he talks duting meals.Mrs. H. D. What Does Your Husband Do? 4 Monday, Tueaday, Wednseday Featuring CULLEN LANDIS And an all Star Cast Last half weekKATIIERINE MACDONALD In "MY LADY'S LATCIIKEY",. NEW HIPPODROME Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday "RED FOAM" A Ralph Ince Production Featuring ZENA KEEFE Lyman H. lIcrwe's Ride on "A RUNAWAY TRAIN" ' Held Over For Three Days ' Longer Monday,. 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Must font For Dalt Joe "Cants. Dave Looher, Bill Flick and Ira Zook will leave for the Susquehanna river early Me morning on a nehing trip. They will be well supplied with everything. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Irwin and daughter, Naamah, of Bethlehem, and Mr. and Ms. Joseph rederick, and son, Edward, of Allentown, motored to Lancaster and spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Iforgart, of 659 West Orange street. GOWNS $1.10, 2 for $2. White and Flesh Nainsook 'Gowns with satin yoke lace and ribbon trimmed. VESTS 25 cts. Extra quality fine gauze vests. Regular and extra sizeti. GINGTUAI 1212 cts. yd. Plain colors, stripes and clhecks. 27 inches wide.. TOWELS 18 cts. 8. for 50 cents. White Turkish Towels good size and quality at such low prices. HOSE 15 cts. pr. Or 2 for 25 cents. Good quality black lisle hose. Seamless. Double toe and heel. Regular and extra etzet WORK SHIRTS 58 cts. Or a pair for 81.10. Good quailty blue chambray. Cut full sizes, 1412 to 17. WASH SUITS $1.10 Boys Wash Suits, Risme S te 8 years. Oliver Twist and belted coat sults. ROMPERS 48 cts. for DO cents, Plain blue ehambray for little tots I to 6 years. - Inspection of Women 's Feet Rouses London 's Curiosity (By Vniverent Fterrice.) Landon, July IY.Which country prawns4i women with the largest feet? This oneetion rope from on In. premien of women'e feet An Bond street tinting the bueieet hotly nt the morninn. Wmtten of many tintiOtt &Alen tweed, dieplaylog "under., otaudinael" that varied tionsiderehly In share anti Mae, Dutch Rnd norman women hers the illetest toot In the world," mid far, Hobert Wortley, Court chimp. diet. "Their feet are flat, and they went Owen which emtlhaalea their flatnem women hare the iarrytt feet, but they It re nerrow. Japaowto WOMPti he the emalleet feet of Rito htld AMPEleibliS the meet homititilL heeattee they ere well oared for frnm Tooth. "After iho American feet I sward ,-- READ BIBLE AS WIFE PREPARED TO ELOPE (rnited Preen) Oreve YIlles N. Y., July le"When manle no longer able to control the love of hte wife &nil when ehe yoftena for another It la hie duty to eten amide." 'Thus epoke Itobert Dureau of the Church of Ito ltneeo., who woe the beauty honor to the Trench., W AM A 11, whose foot le a triumph 9f grace, while daneing hita riVOtt Hal attraction to the Spanish feint- nine foot" Mr. Wortley bias gttended some of the mat dimtirignimhed feet in the country, One dey, when he was walking with the late King Edward In a park near Cromer, the .tingnald ha wimhed him to attend to his feet "I3ut before yet do my feat" said King Edward, you must let me see how you rare for your own." And then and there, in the middle of the park, the chiropodist was obliged to take oiT hie alias and mocks, and ',how bin feet to him Sovereign. "No woman ham beautiful feet," Wild another ohlropodiet" Why mlinuM they, mince men arm demanded from monkeys? I maw the foot pos. Reseed by the oriminal of "Trilby," and It Witt' not beautiful." .M ltrr-. GERMAN OFFICERS GET - SENTENCE IN PRISON .imm.limmeolmo . (Aesoeinted Preis!) Le !polo, Germany. Jujy enant Dittmar and Lieutenant Ito Mt. charged with murder In the drat degree for firing on life-boata after the Canaditte hospital Alp Lland,)- very Castle had been torpedoes in the summer of 19111, were each eentenctql today t ofour venni imprisonment. anomemmomoNegnMpdaummImmmo 01 ooseisant of the fact that his wife . wan preparing to elope and ealmly read hie Bible while ohs was no do- AN AGREZABLII 'COUPLE log. --- lie declares that he will not apply Mr. Psokeome men an born for g divorce nor try to regain his great, moms achieve greatness and two children whieh Mrs. Dureau took Mrs. reckYes, sad some just with her, grate On gout ..---e--,--------------------------------------,-----3, 0 AVOID SKIN TROUBLE BY USING 1 I TROUTMAN'S Je.''4X271 A truly medicated and antiseptic soap. For the complexion, Toilet, Bath and Nrsery. For shaving and Shampooing. Sold by all Drug and Department Stores. Free amnia 'Won reunwitnoy. J. Troutman, Lane.. 1.11. 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MS LANUASTER NMI JOURNAL ItONDAN' 1tORNINg, eTULY is, 1 ri21 , . . , ... , T .. LLOYD. MIFFLUit viltrrEll AND . i, oh.- ----k 11111.,7't1,"'""1"1.1'1"'"" s's. . . .. , pAINTEJ1 DIEs AT NowttooD . . .411Pli3.41' (:)ellat A lilaiil:)s (t, , . , . r 4 , r ,,,,,,.,;,,,,,..t,:.,,-;,,,,r!rt.-1:,.---,-,::'--,,-7--,,:.,,....,..,,,, , r,,, p-,, ..-1' , i JP , 4' 4deq, PisY '',' ' ' ',' . N.., iA ''. : k 0" Vk )1) & 6 110" I lk ' ' 4: .t.'l "..1:1.011t d.1 le . 01 ,,... 4.4( .,. ,,.0.4..., , ".';',-.,,- :.;.:, :,,,,:.,,..'...,-,-.,,,,-,-,s, 4 I) 6S lirtt -1 I gip , 1 ;';',' ;i,-.4.- . k ., ... . .L .. - .. . ., -.., ; . f- , . ,' -1,.'4.Irr'1:. : l'..., ' '',..... :,kk 4.101i.'''., ....,....",c .. , , x - ., .-1;.,;,,:,.,' ,;.,-,..-7,,77,-;.'4,;..,:,,.:.'-,,,:;:i -:777 . L 0 A ,'"..i7;001:N::, '''.. ...4 7. .A:' Ai: i. .::: S, si:1 1""6.1'"""'""1"141111116111111604SC:1" 0 , n, . ..-- . , , ,.,i:.,,k, ' :,,', '; .; ', '. ',:, .'. -q . i i'.40.7.,ii..? '.4.z.',': ,.z,, Q ' ' ' , , , I , Miss Minor ith. ot it o ' rn ettn f Mnth wooks at Aftmite City. ' ter, litsa Mary. o ro open din g g er , 1 ;' 0;er,'"'e . r,,,, ,-,.,., ,,....,;, ,.,,(....-,:, .,...;,s. , . . . ..,., .,.. . , ...... .... ...., , r:,,. ,, r Queen 'stool, 'pont the wee-end sit Mot FIlisahrth hilloy, of Nit. Alto. ?Hondo in Pomeroy Atientio Mit ... . is tho gurit of tho Mionot Clistno of Ooorge Don Ilq. of Ittlholwills, 0 Mill !Alden Itoban, et 501 WPM -- -, 0'o :: -. '''' '..,; .-.. !,0!..:':,::-. ..''..,..: li,,,. .,....ik i WIlfroot Ortnoto ptreot, ' inmes lirllt Will ifiliV iltioV ter I.. spent the wtsk-ond ea the ifill's 'Irldoreport4 Cann,. whorl" she wilt Mr end Mok nerfoond Feriew end Niro end Mrs. Jima Po Ittertin, Of I. It It.. nd Veronica. Mre. 0r 'nowt two 'weeks with frionds. 'H I", lbt 1411r0111 114. ere v601111101' Mr. eatoter etivonue, ent the Week end Froderiok rtr . i 0 '"';'''''','40'"',-, ; '';' ,ot.',- ',I.,''.,, ,:"' ::.:::'::,:::',':-::,., li:,,,,:,) ; '. ::i'h Atm Chariot Ziegler and lOn Ttich end Mrs. Wo 11. Otithrio, 11, Leigh Morris' Weshington. I 7 ..,,si:.,,,, 4,4,,e ,.,,IN.V.:,..:,,F.t 7 5,!k!'""..::::,,,,.:. .:, . ..:, :' ,.".:''. :.1 44.. 4'.? .: I. ,k . 4 d . of ,. litrahey, spent Olt, wolak-enot dude s Roller d faintly wont to a D lilt sonistant to the Atto" 1 '':.0-,.. i -stk.:': ,..P' 0;' '' .4.-:"'''' -.':ii, :"-:'':':.,:''''''',:'" 1:'...sQ;: '"7; th rolatios in ti cit Plagiemor on Satur lrhs y. . so da t y o opon ol a 4 1- I '''-14':..i,-...;';' 4'...c4'-i.,';'.;''."....7i): ::,: :,-' -Z er:k1:.,i.::;.:.;:;.:::,'-':!',:.7.4 !': Ornorel of 171101t1011, lttirld in this 't , . Mr.' and Mrs, William Sietcher and Ittenih. 5':!: :: .1.'':':':.':':.-'?...i.:4,:i?....14, '':,!.. --4",- ':';;.i':,,.'..",:";.?'.a, on Saturday efoning till spend Mr. snit Richard Ilroo k of woeummit loth hie 1,4mor who oro .:4O. -t:",s'::'-:':'-:', ::;-':.,:.'' :.".:i',.'-.1.,;tlite-- 5.....,:ix,,..::;..:rk,..! - ,,,,,ix,, .hiloiren. of Pittsburgh,' are lotting l'hiltdolphilt. opont tho wook-ond with T4 ,.,',:r ,f,,,::.,:... ., ..;,.: :':,',,,,:..,,:- 0: :.' Vtt!1' - Ittil000 anti friends in lAncotor. !'ff'e',i rm 1 tiouts of MN end lirs, Jahn Tillie '', Mr, ft. et Martin and &molt's- miol lir. and Mre. O et Weet g . M. Hoover, enii Weet King street. I i''- .,,.:it...e4 , :, ;;,:!"::::,::::::;,.:,.::-,;,:,.::,;':::i.:,...:::, " i,.: 7ns O. arti ylL oorrrni R re sponding Orong o otreot. I " L, '.:.;4:;..i',..':,:,:::f::'..-:'.,(11.',:.1'.:':::::':::-:::''...:O:' '' lo:-. --oaks at .111st Willow. Mimi Miriam lIallor, of Harrisburg. Mr, end Mr a. John W and ertz , li 0 , i'4,..1,; ....'.':1-: , , : 1, ,... .1t. .,,,,,,4,,: . : ::..i,-... . lielon Warts , P C York, spont the we 4 ond with Mrs. CI. 'W. Wort., of el 1 ,,K.!,4.t.::.t....,::':',i::ii.,n."4e.'1.'.::?1.:1":i -411,1,F4s.:..-A.... ,..:-..,;, .',:.,:; ,,or.,,,, ...,.,, ,...,::,:,.,,,,,,,, ''1,.' ---7,::-.:',:(...,,:..:,;::,.k. :4,:,.":.,;:.:.,,:., .1.'Ai Misa bitritm Pluck. Mork nt the Ste- spent the wook-onii with hr parctotg:tt. ,,:, A. , 'na House, la floating frionii in 1)0 Mr. unit Mrs. John M. Haller' I Amon etreet ' ! ,,:,-6f.,,..r"';':-10p,;!..::,,.;.i4.:..,:.:J;.-iT-.,,...:-.:.,,,.:,..,,i,-,,!,::, ,...',t,H.l'i'.' rolt. Mich. . Woods tventos, Mrs. John Otors end deughtors. Minors Myrtle ITawmen and llarthn :':,'Z';.-''' ''.::::1.0.,,,s5:, :.:.c.,..g....,. ...;f:,:W .: .:', '' htro, 'limn? 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Canada. -eii:-4),'":'4,:';'.:,-.,,,.:'..9.,'- :.,::: ; :.:...N,, .k.:-,4,-vt ,,,:.4.:.,,-.,, lliaa Anna Mary Sheub end Mim Anna Mims Evelyn O'Neill and Mill Plithil sr k end ,,,;.Al t o.,44t,,,i.w..r.:5.. , ,:::ii;,:-,.:;) ii;-,.,:,-,-..,:.:.:,-:,,..:,,,,,,,,,i,r.,00?::'::.::,:::',.:i. . tumpton hay. gone to Niegart . and Florence Dochtorman of this pit, 'we Lancaster. I ?.-.- . ... . ... ...--&i.5,,,'::- ,;., .0,,,,,:;.,..,:e,::.,,:.,,,.. Miss Poole Ring. of the Nia t , 4 ,i ...1, , , it.,,..r..........b....'" tit .. ..., L1.:4,-;:,i--::,......:,:'."'::,'1,t1.",",,,.,'... leveiond. Ohio. I on an ostended vaeation to (InIumbia, 1,s,:.--,,,,c.:,.i...i:.....:::,..4.....:,.,,.:::,.,...::.--:-:-,... F, el. Dueller and T. warren hi et.- Iiarrioburg, Wormiorsburg. Chentb A Partinlihillo bill one to ?al '.',0'...,ti'..-'...',",t,t' -..,,,,, o''.,':,.!:N.:::"i.4,.' ..':.f,.:...,,.!5,.; '";',:';' L P ' 7' :::':::,. ?.:,?':. . ( '':'' ' ;.::'','',. ::';i,:'.. 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FESTIVAL REACH $3 0 L , . , IMEll . ... 011111ED Intercourse. July 17.--)rhe , , .. , . , ,, 111.11 0 (i. 2 al '1 , . , roceipta at the annual telltinl he Aiwa , LLOYD MIFFLIN ) . ' ; 7- ' . . L. . the Interoourse rndependent Ord. , 1 and by Private tutors.. . , - 1 k r r Ab 11, V11 . I lci ovnaz Ur quivni- iriny sto U5011 VU a tamped and self-addressed envelope . -- ------ dust be enclosed with' the question. 'he Editor. , , - sno410.. ' - .,,,..1''''''. diC' I ef ', , , ' . ,' i ' " 1.1. I ze,,,,eiriii, i., , , ,.., ., 0 , , . , ,. , tig .4 i V , ... granix-rfirt 1 Igiti k II 1 iN 4 St a h 3 Iii.4tirtirisorrpfar-i- "9-1 ir ,,ii t !AkT ildittlyin . ,,.. , - , - ..-,-.1 EICOnorny " ;f ?,-,6 ., ..- :ffi.... Lator.raGart- , now anit BARGAIN SPOT 1 0111111111110F LANCASTER" , . , .. ma . arl . . , My husband throws food around . with his fork when he talks duting 4,- neals.Mrs. H. D. . Muslin Underthi . ngs , , , . . What Does Your Husband Do? ' I I 4;le . .1 i . lisTs,.,, 4,,,,, Special Bargan Table HAMILTON i to. . , ,, i. i . , 4 ' n . . A.4,., - . itp. do,! ,88c 2 FOR $1.65 Monday, Tuesday, Wednseday e. ' ' 1 It I , . REX BEACH'S , , hk Atc Exceptional quality undermuslins ow this table. Dainty) edlk camisoles, silk bloomers, Chemise, Embroidered Gowns flesh and . i , "GOING SOME"' . 41)4, 1 1..:'', . white.' White satins Petticoats and other garments. ' 'Mill l.;141:0' Featuring t , f Ile .' . '1 iil ,,e,1 , , ANOTHER BARGAIN TABLE, 95c 2 for $1.80 I, 4051 7; r '.1. k..l, t ' CULLEN LANDIS 40. . t kis.' ' Look for this table you'll find some real bargains. Cool Voile And an all Star Cast Waists. Middy Blouses, Little tote rompers, Boy's Suits, lilen'g Over-Last half weekKATIIERINE , ails and a dozen and on other bargains. ses loitiol , that i , , '' neat cuffs. .1 heeke. , 4 1 , p , , - : I r.. li-p-44 1.1 4 ' , r i p . "IT'S TOASTED" C I 1 leett -,, , tiol e , , d '7..., : ,,,,. ,.,...;:,..::.:,.-, . ,....t :...::..'.::.:,,..:::..,.:.i.i;:..:...;,..:.,..:.,:-:.,.:..::::..i., ,.-.,...: .,:....:;. ::;:.::::.:-.;.::.......g:...f:M.I.:.:5...'::,...'...:::;,..:.:...)::-....,::,.....,..:,::-.....,.:.;:.::-,..::..,:.?4..1.:.::;74,,.1'..:-........ : ... ...: .1,- t, c421!:::::4614;;1-1","."!;":6',:;.....' .....1.'":: E..,ii' ."... : . . -. . .:::..:"::...:.,:..::'.,:' ...- elt. ...H.:4W :.,..,:;,s ': 44;174111M f? :::':.:..?::e4i;.14,... ..A.C'1: :;'...::'''''f) ,. ':kr.,;111.' 1r : it orizarf4i6i,e,, 4 f,.. .10,.-si 11 ic, 4 Ail" .:11,';1":',,, ,.....roir . 4it 4 ,5.4110 o hi... . i,,,:;..;,, ''::;'t:..!y .....r I ::., 7 ' ...6iz. ArAdlithi ........ :....:::::0:::::,:::..pj:Itr,...,..:,"::4;;.:;:,::,::-.'.5:::;:::..: i, ::::::::::.,::::;;,..:::.,:',:::::

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