The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTIIEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, J93-H THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS oxauBi raws 00. PUBLISH*! a B. BAHOOOK, Kltor H. W. HAOIU, AanrtKDtf Bole ItaUooal Adtertlung D*1UM, toe, New York, ChtcafO. it, 8k Loull, DHJM, K«K»3 CHy.MempbJi. Published Ever; ARercaou cxccct Entered us second ulsss matter at UK post oiTlcc at B:ylhcvllle, Ar- kunsas, undct act of. Congress, October 3. 1917. Served DV '.nf tlnltea HATES By mrier m uic cay ol BivtliovWe, l&e per neck or *6.50 per ye" in «dv»mc. By mall within a radius of M miles, 1300 per your, $1.50 lor ilx months, 85c for Ihrce montni; Sy mall In pcslal zones two to «lx. Inclusive, KM per year, In zones seven fun' tight, $10.00 INI yet i, payable In advance. hastened lo her side w;is Alexamlw Kercnsky—another revolutionary who found the revolution running out from under him, and who dares not return to Uussiu. So thi! czar's tfhosl must huvc! smiled a jjrim little smile. A revolution is such an iiH'aleiihilile thiiif. SUii'ling tint; is lil<e loo.sint; some «re;it, miruntrolliioli! force, of nature. Tile solid bud ilsrlf sinus to liivuk u|>—and Ihi! OIK? who shirlcd it all is no .safer than anyone else. — lil'UTO OlllOII. End oj Revolutionist Is Grim Reminder If the 1 last tx:>r of Russia has gliosl, that shade must have in an ironic chuckle or two the othur day—a cliucklo at a death-lied. For a blind, nearly (loaf woman of ilO-odd was dyiiiR in a Czechoslovakian village near Prague, and the (,'liusl of till 1 la^t call's could he pardonyd if It found something grimly ainnsinn in the circumstances. This woman was Katharina Nrcsch- ko-lJresehkowskaya; and since that name is pretty long and un])rononnce- able, it is simpler to refer to her by the title she used to wear .so proudly —"Ki'iimlniolliur ol' the Russian revolution." She was already an old woman when the last HoniiinolV was shot to deatli in a cellar at Ekaterinburg; and before that lime she had spent nn lens than 50 years of her life in'one or another of the fxar's prisons for revolutionary activities. * • • She had been one (if that-devoted- band of Russian dreamer.s who haled autocracy and oppression and risked the worst thai the czar could do to brine them to an end. Well, these dreamers finally had their way. The czars government fell, the Siberian prisons were emptied, and tlic great era of democracy anil freedom seemed at hist ready to dawn across Russia. And • then the revolution raij out from under its little i;raiulinotliur. Instead of freedom and democracy, Russia got Communism. The czar was • dead, an tlhis- nobles were either dead or in exile; but there was no plac-c in the new order for those who had given their lives to the light against cziirism, unless they happened to believe in the particular kind of re-volution that Russia's new rulers were handing out. * + * So thi.s aging veteran of the czar's prisons had to lice from Russia, just like any purse-prowl nobleman. She went to foreign lands, remarking that she had waited half a century for the downfall of the czars and was willing to wait equally long, if need Uc, fur the downfall of the Dolsheviks. And when she came to her deathbed, ill last, one of the friends who How Romantic! There is an odd human (niich to llial case of thV Chicago ex-sailor who found Dial lie could win his girl's favor only by posing as a bold, bad gunman—and who, because of that fact, got himself into a jam with th cpolice. Tin's man found that his girl admiral hoodlums. So, although he was a perfectly law-abiding cili/en, lie tuld her that lie was one of the country's leading undesirables, lie had'shol several cops, he .said, had broken out of two prisons and one jail; all in all, lie iidded, be was a regular little Uillinger. Impressed, she accepted him, and they were happy. Then they <|UuiTeled. She called the iwlice and they look him in tow, and he had to confess that his wickedness all imagination. Kven then, however, he begged them not to tell his girl. 11^ he was to regain her favor, he would have lo retain the glamour ol' the bad man. It's all quite amusing, this litlle tale —until you relied that a lot of energetic young men have actually turned lo crime because til' jus[ such attitude on the part of some emptv-heiuled girl. - - •"••• -.- '••--••• SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Extremes in Motoring William Collins, head of the Cook county highway polite in Illinois, believes that ncckers and naggers cause more traffic accidents than du drunken drivers. Kngaged couples, he said, indulge in Ihc traditional by-play of engaged couples as they drive along the- road. Iking thus occupied, they fail to watch I heir driving closely. Presently—bang! and there's another smash-up. With married couples it often works the other way. They quarrel, as married folk occasionally do, get all wrapped up in their quarrel, forget about the hazards of traffic—and, again, there's another smash-up on the highways. The moral seems lo be (hat any activity which diverts any part, of a motorist's attention from the job of driving is likely lo have serious consequences. TbeEttrt Utter 3tt lutewi of 1W :To the editor:') In my last letter upon the sub- Icct of cotton seed there occurred an error which I wish to correct. In giving the manufactured contents of a ton oilseed, the figures 148 were used when it should have been 348 pounds. However, the 46.5 yalton.s' was down correctly, I wish to sec this correction in your paper for all along; I have teen very careful to use the correct figures us obtained from rcc- ogntod autrDrilittlve sources ar.d further as these letters are Intended to acquaint tlic fanner with his own interest, it Is proper that he have the correct Information. Thanking you, Mr. Editor, for indulging me thus tar. HEX BAKER. 'Now, let's pretend I'm young Mr. Carson, calling on yon for the first time." Hunters Used Auto as Trap for Sage Hens HE!) LODGE. Mont. (UP)—Kver trap .sage hens with nn automobrto lor bail? Four men did near here recently. They were Dr. L. A. Gales, James Hughes, John Johnston:: n:id Ellis Shrlvcr. With but one sun among them, they trained from Ihelr car In pursuit ol a flock of hens. They sliol three, bni the gun jammed. When they returned to the machine some hours v later, however, (hey (omul that the birds had necked a hole through llic rear window and ivere roosting In the car. They plugged up the hole, and brought 'em back alive. 1 THIS CURIOL LOST IN ACCIDENTS/ HOTTEST WEATHER DOES NOT OCCUR. -ANYWHERE NEAB. THE IN AREAS NEAB. THE TROPICS OF CANCER ANO CAPRICORN. VOUNG STURGEONS HAVE TEETH/ ADULTS Human Body Needs Salt to Avoid Heat Stroke Danger UY I)U. MORKIS FISIIHI-MN .of heat cranjps and heat exhaus- Kdllur, .Iciirnal nf thr Anirriran lion has been ellmlnntcd when the Medical Association, and nf wolkers made use of these tablets. Jlyscia, llic Urallh Magazim ... You need salt not just to sea-soii. The worker shoukl. of course, be your too<l anil make it palatable, protected as much ILS possible Inil to make up for llic yreal If^^Hyainst heat exhaustion and beat of this inirxirliinl eh-mcnl from runups by proper arrangement of your hody when you perspire. hi? environment. This 1 becomes nil the more im- We have not vet come lo the (Hiilant if you hapi>en to be. work- place where furnace rooms are air iiiif at a trade that causes consider- conditioned, bin- ;t is jiossLLlc. by able perspiration, such as those in m.ans of exhaust fans, by .s'i j takerifs, in lauiuhlcs* in kitchens tnjinir-s of ventilation and rcnea- uul furnace looms. i irpn. lo give workers in industries It has been found that the in.v- o! ,vhci'? they are subjected tu heal. arye amounts of salt in the suviu opportimit yfor short periods away Is probably the chief reason lor trom the heat, timing which tl.oir lical cramps and heat exhaustion, bodies will get n chance to rcc-over ,'1'his type of exhaustion do- Iroin the strata «i«l stress of \votl; vcloix's jiioic frequently dininj; nnlcr such conditions. .snminer. but yon should ab-o b:; The human body is finite, capable prepared against il even in win- of taking cure of itself if ^iven If a chance. A man who 'vcrfcs few hours ami has a rcht pciiod n then undertake additional hours of work, whereas continuous effort under such conditions might lead to serious physical lls- Uirbances. More than 25 |>er cent of the lo- ta Hruck output of the Unlteo Stales in 193S, approximately 90,000 vehicles, were sold in foreign countries. DEATH VALLEY, in California, is one ol the hottest spots in thl world. A teni|>crature of 134 was registered there on July 10, 19i:j Azizin. Tripolitania, North Africa, claims to have recorded » tempera] lure of 136. NKXT: What strange telfef do the Maya Indians have alxn'| vultures?' ni:<;i.\ IIKRK KIDAV |hi rn angry, llo bated, he said, which plagued lier most of the time | i. S \^rri,\«""' I V^tr,. r S" 1 .\™ i"cn«:illiiis women." ilul usually .lie ) Would (hey cvit her, turn awaj ,\'; r r,,im'; ! ' rl ; 1 ,' '''""V't •"• < " >1 ,', S ' j«' ; 'sii"(l. i"^i liiorouslily uniinasi. llleir c> ' esr "'. • '. • UAI-.lttlUN. Hue to bjHin'fi M:I||- => j o vpar'G* fnl ••I ..... BU«IP. n«.«i« '• <»k«i 10 Inniive v/nv. To this sir) wlio bad , b , m \, CI> "crlatl sears lal r,-.i4;» (r,m the .lu.ior.. • " tweed, still smart. Slic had prcsscf ac- j been babied ami pefled all lier life her of. this household was a rtcvas- ; ami maturing; ouc. The old tcr where licnt is n serious factor I]) ,n person's occupation. Slioitki tinyono in sucli M'oik be- corn? .suddenly iuinl, pitt liitn Hat oti his back at once, keep him warm, nib tiny nmsck-s liiat may be Involved in cramps imtl give liicn hot cofTcc: ns n stirmiiaiu. Of course, yon should rtlso s^nii (01 a doctor at once, so thai tl:v exaut natuve i>f the fainilny aitnek may be deteunJnctl. » * « Hut. us 1 hnvc wiid. you'll find (hat. piol\il)ly Ihc chief for KoospvuM knows his business. I'm "Ihnt \\iiy" about lliv federal government. He's running it ami I haven't even bothered him In tlml. — Senator llucy P. laj\s, IX'tnocnit, Busy With Harvest Of n*lo» hrt to v»niT? Mm I>ut Kix»ti 3A" ^, r "\,.V^i"",T.°H"": We. seen from this vimingc. seemed «1 r m d n fct-r Miulhrr'n Irnrnln^ !10W lllllielievallly solt and easy. l£t.' H™\,'Ku"\l"xl«™"k'*Z ! W|1HI l1 '" 1 S|1C <|0 » C wil1 ' ller ''"'?• "! n .kupxlnic trip n»H*im ekf irain -her inniicy? U'iiy. even lier old ' r«r«i**i»rft HUM wh» item* hrr 10 ; scant v allowance now seemed marry him mrxt day. slie iiBrrri. | • , ' l»l"'"'" f ' r * ""'"*' "*"" "'' " j "We've K ot Ic get out of this Tfcrr »rr miirrlf d mid llii»« i place. We've simply gut to." slic • it lierseir. (Ho»- easy it had beet I in Ihe old days lo telephone tlu'l tailor to come avouml!) SUe darnel | lier On tho street, her spirits • lift | ed. It was so bri:-;ht and bluo the air had a sort of tonii'l in it. She lifted her chin am \ stepped along with animation ] She left the mean street with it: I pallid tree behind her I in the dazzling cloarncs: I . innniiLirrd one wurrn inorHhig in O f Uic distunt horizon, she couU I .late Sopteinlicr. Shc-.wns :ilonc In sec Ihc cily's towers ancJ spires j ;thc 1UI. CJIoria had left Xlie house j NOW York! She wasn't- terrific * !a few inuiitonla dofoie uu one ol i,y it, its va^tLiess and indiRf her periodical •^"•f.iinins" orgies ^cmrc. b^unso ?he hail kno\vn x \s-iss perfectly happy siruLl-^H | L or life na a friendly place ' ihc fnuuing sn?U is iht- lack of sufficient salt iti the SV.SU-HI, by tit. las.s tlitough sweat. To overcome this rau.^o. it now customary to nuke up the loss if Pitlt l>y having available s 1'iitilcls \vhich con\;iui uboul j;r;im (or 15 grains* of (;>ti!c; salt. Yon di^olvc Ihls In a glass of water each thiie ymt take ;i cirink. Records arc now ttvaibbl? froni a [irent many indLisliiul plaius autt they show (hat almost every ca-jc GREAT BEND, Kail. (UP>_—A r.civ ar.d strange kind of harvest is under way in some parts of Kansas as a result of the drouth, ft is the Russian thistle harvest. The thistles, usually considered among the worst of the weed plagues, is being put up extensively lor cattle roughage tiuriny Ihe winter. This plant is about, tho only one that grew well this Mimmer. an dsomc farmers have harvested a considerable ciop. Agronomists say the thistles make good hay if. ml before they • i arc loo mature. Films Bring Ollt Adventurers Plan to Make token >l» IirHr ID hi. m>nr1ment. II '^ n rhrnp null HUT- did pritcr »«<JlMSM'A hrulhrr nn,t !•*. XOW CO OX WITH TIIK STDI1V CIIAi'TKfl XXI . .... , ,.„ , AS llic days melted into weeks ' ins down Manhattan's Fourteenth {which one weal on happy jaMn ^ V Moots' realiznlion of what she ; :itrc(!t ' ' : " iri "= :>l tll ° wox "«'»"«-i to theater ami shops and reslau , , , , . , , j'liims in Hie windows. sin\iius a ranis. Of course, it. wns not llail done, the serimisueoS of Hie f ttgi t i, 1K . 0 | lU( , ;ln ,i S w:illowin S a Uainc now. She was one of n vas step she hail lakcn liiat Aususl ' double-decker samhvii-h at a crowd- jarmy. siriiselins lor a foothold nioiiliag iilmojl uverwliclmeil her. ; cd Fuda foiinlain counter. I.nil andjyhe blared out ui the window a Sho wonhl have Hied rather Iban i (;I " ria " cv ' cr nli "^ lo K;l " : '! liie lrai[l r ' 1Hll( -' n over ""> hridsel i lienny. Tlic iiiEtalluieni collector I her hands drnchcd in her mend was a familiar (i^iire at llic donric-d n luiil been a mistake; bin thure il' r ,f |], c |]- U . nm i;ioriii came home waa. Nutnre. for her owti iitirpo.-cs. from ihcse admit tliat her inarrin^c lo hnd thrown a rcil of slHinmir over ! '" llrr this particular young man. Mno:i-' Iilic ll "'lit nilils. scent ijf roses in the l llnk sll "I must find something." she | tohl berb-clf. "1 simply must." —a velvet Jiat ••just S | 10 |,. lrt 1]lc i, CWS | 1!lp(?r wan 1 'I bho;i.i." a sleazy-. |( | M ,| urn .| ,,, ticr p,, rse . Tiieri ; | ., sccnl .jf roses in the ; '""* - I1K vc -' i - •' l' :iir " r B |livcs I would IK ilu- .-.uoiicici; lirst. licilgcs. Ihe tiioii .,[ (.hyfii-al near- ; wlllrl1 W'" 11 ' 1 shrink huiielejily lti| (lL . r i cntc -; Xn. sliu hadn't auyj ness had hlimlcd her to bis iuiper- lllft l ' r ~<- «'-iElim?. Dargiiius wcrc ;u , lt lvc tedious. Now. n uite suddenly, slit i W-iria's v « v >- I'nalli uf life. Her j v[l - K] , saw him with dear eyes. He M-aE; 1 ""^" 1 /'"wcrs outflowed a line physical snccUnen, he was I ^ :KR simbrowncd. he had excellent lectli ! rrjl - VE<l W-tms. OUT OUR WAY -_/ DOMT LET HIM FLUTTER LIKE HE'LL BREAK HIS LE(b. HOLD HIM STILL WHILE YOU'RE TAKIN' HIS poor OUT OP THA.T Bv Williams ] FINER A Bl<3. SHOT V.'!L1_ \ cpp A &>' LEND HIS VALUABLE \ ^o KUTT^l'^O TIME AN'BRAIN,TO 5ON:UTH;.M' HH GET A LITTLE THING | DG^' i" KNOW A LIKE A SPARROW TWiMCii ABOUT OUT OF A MESS- / 7!''- |ANI 'T WOULD THAT'S A FlME / t>t- H£P, i->,~ ER ^ ' ^OLI — HIS WASTED TIM££ IS WCRTH M0£?t= AND IT TAV'.ES CSJE OR MORE r-' = sj 'i CARRV OLIV !MISTAKES. a toclal deb kciil in t€» n until lituo for her com.- Own Breeze for Sailing VANCOUVER. B. G. (UP1- All altempt to circle the £lobo in a 32-foot .sailitie craft, equipped with u home-made auxiliary po\v- ' cr plant Is to be made by Ian McDonald, of Calgary, and Wlllinm Danks. of Vancouver. The two advcKturers rigged the power plant from an old motorcycle engine and an airplane propci- er. When they are 'jccalmcrl thr-y will make their own breeze hy lulling into a "kicker" risked up Irom llic projxjllcr -and cngi : Hoots told herself, te'.tius her iltis UK first girl to Uluhlwruly. This IVUB the day llnss conic alive to this iliffcrence afler, 1 ' 1 " 1 B""" ovcr 10 J=««' ent Slic was not lad heard il wa^ possible to gc-v| in over at I^iey's, "Personally.'|| she saiil, Inwcrinj: her voice, work—hish^.l come aiivo 10 11113 iniicreiicc ancr -•-•- - - . .. unly nailflJe cloncal \vnrk—lust],, inarriiiBC. Unt she « !13 youns anil ?»" Ie ;' ;l »™ '"»" •«><•."! . a J , 0 "' clao.s stuff, vou naderslanrl. Hnf the l^son was a bitter one. Uor Uoois liacl rather nit railli 111 !ic»« | ) _. K . V . S _ K(;!| „ |nj , VO1 « sioic acccntanrc of Hie situation : nebulous jn,,. After t h= had h, : ;, E | ;,.,„., ,,,, r „, a . nL , ; .. T ; u , v ;,-J spoke volumes for lior srowins m,i-! lilc , t [ u - v , nl . tom \ bcj " 1(> , lle !tlir,t. Tlicv w,,,,- t inv«LiK:ite." I lurily. Alllmusli she celebrated lier j Hip:in she spread Hit i <tH?r i>ul r,n Ehe driiiu- j, "s was Ifl Wwks away. TCT! liinliday early in September i'"""""S I' a " rr "<><• "« "'"- "'»"'; i | 0!1 < ciiv blocks of rrowdr.. wiis years o!dcr-or fell il-ln •»"'!• "I^ 1 ,'" tlle . ! lclp Willlt ^!, |ir:il!ic li K !,|,. experience and wivdom. Whtn she passed yoimi; nirls on llie slrect slie at them citriini.-ly. page:. Uirl nanled . . . pirl | ^ wanted . . . nb. Ilicre were " fj I iVri'ici'l j'obj upEii lurl .l7e was cllcible fur' „ _ "i niillini: tasi? lhe;n briskly. i i nnil a fcr'vc "Stono. j store." "SLeito: ! I ruiii." S r ad : dcn't. : Shower of Frogs Slowed Down Train ROANOKE. Va. I UP I—A sllOW'Cf of froj;s for a limo menaced trnt- lic on the N. <t \V. Railway at Farm. Va. Engineer \V. T. Gib$oti said thai as Ihc lacs^r local was moving cast n cloud of small frogs .'coined to sucrp down on tho Itncks in th'.' path of the train anrt lie. wns forced lo jlo* "her" flown. Unvcr>ily fJels Soil LAWRENCB. Kan. IUI>> — Two thousand cubic yards of Knw River bottom soil were lemoved lo the Mtc of o!rt Snow Hall at the University of Kansas In insure srowtl of foliage used In landscaping the tract. Soil cm thr crest of Mount I ing-out parly, blond. 11-ycav- I rjicsri. where the university Is old June l.aug h,>= l-un lild- jjituated was found to be too Bterlle "Was I really lint Glnpid „,„• |none of ilicm. imseetnp lasl year?" she often said ! lo hcrec.ll. Alur ;;,:.: =!dLk afternoon -,%;;, £hc hail rcuctvcd from her parents a strapped anil iically adilicsEPdl "Swid-li!"'!. opr. mult. ex|i." iriink ami a lirict, cold iiote.ailvis-1 "Alan, ivihibta woriiaii. over 1 ing Her Dial her father did not executives alulily." wish to hear from her ag^in she Imd had no furlhcr word from Larcbneck. She tcldom weui over lo'New Vork now. She. had no money lo spend and 'Gloria, dis- Th- : r "> ra . YD;] inn.dc 1 HM! a by Lal[ a jdrcd nucati.jiis. most of l Hl covcriiiK. that Uools liad a real talent for lionsewnrk. w-aj leaving more and more for her lo du in Ihe shabby flat. When questioned alont their plans [cuss usually innniblerl some thing r.igne about starling tor Florida a little lalcr. IJoots Had learned now that tlic car ublch he had driven about the village thai summer was nol really his. It batl licrn taken buck by the company because of defaulted payments How luey were lo set la Florida jlilcd liiij. A vf-rious yount wonv'l Jan witu a ii«(i voire talked I von ahum the anus and ideals o * * * [llio I'ig slore and yon went awnj •:. opened her i>uric. the dark i buoyed up hy a now hope. Ma> had -^ c t!l ' 5 limc neil week you woul bine kld^kln envelope s'.ie so c.tsually lasl spring- II was still sm.irl n^ t>\lt be behind on™ o! lliuse busy cone tcra. Lace or. books or cluntzci change purso was limp: she shook l ' 3Ii linic il[ 5- •'•><> •< day- l-'oii out Its contents. Thirty cenlj. Tlic! lla >' s °' "'at. Unuls Itioughl <•' ciiurter i;os» had given her jesler- ! statically, would tic alnio=L Si: : day. Tlic- nkkcl she had suvtrf. 5 Sylvia Kiiers ;,iild 51^ for hc= ] Huts liad b'ccn sbanie-fmcd but sports thou.--, but what did Ilia uilcrins about It. It-isuify? "Stick wiili me. kid. and you'll i 1-^ey'sT s|i c iiacl honjiit thint ' wear diamnnrts." bo had >.ihl. a l«'.i>.-. remembered hcai Inu bio father j 1'^tly t.iilorc'l j"cr higher l mouses, glove umlcrthings. N°° say that to his mother. |" cr i"Blie=i hnpo was In be oti ill Thirty ccntv. five cents for biib-j 0 , 1 . 11 " si ." c ", f lll = counter, a sah •«y lare to the clly. Vive tents a " l> la tl=r ha nd. '"•- her ftreust back. Hha could have Inuch a'. she -hadno »n; Idea but (ur Ion? turn she trusted in llu== m kesp bis word, a^alnsl her iwller She viltcd all tiie stubborn glass doc-, den away In a sl',;'li^ 11. lining s-thoel lor aclin-: N»M. after tliico >ears of iii'..,ii;U(> study, ieJ'Iy lo -.i.i.-ii tlic screen v.ith her sdv It . vci'.h Jt? ".'J They lor even hardy plants. According lo the American Automobile Assoeiicon. more than 3CO.- 000 men rond projects. HOW at work on SOOO some coun'cr. Maybe the "' Ihe dime store. Sus'd do II. She :*".•••» sa-uii; culv.jrd. collide Couldn't wait armind till Rii»!| Blln a S"l «Uu »'as ealerml - Judiuieut and Indeed her cuuimun "Me home, nil Olorla came dawd-.- lure - C ea;e. jllns.m «lili. lier (jJrjaln ol ihs'. "U-ibcr." Tut name ' •• • clay. Sbe'd ru o>cr. to New York ml ' bciur; shs ha:! Unie lo thin S OMETIMES, lii ibt d«i(i ot uliiit. jut l. -^ ! f tli;re wasn't bumelhliij Tbt oilier givl widened 'hi i!:i tUcuihl ;f L;s: u:c'.i;r --J ~ auj.lljliiB— st's'tciili) do a;-cs ' Mv Jetr, rrtsrcv her '.»srs t«!I '.!;:;i j^d Utt. s!.»!.'l! =^!>' s- 1 :*' Sia= I ES!; ^-' cr-.s -'-"-' 4 -"P :roa:V nsisr Ul Ruy sss hi:- try. It i;:J^£ . fn-21 Less: I' hi: «» ths l-^t . "~;Io £Js Conlinutd).

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