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Newbern Daily Progress from New Bern, North Carolina • Page 2

New Bern, North Carolina
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

I'w to be siajor ur.xciMi, THIS PROGRESS. I puTtcat wdwte lhi Sila oiVw Ik wtttw-frrje t.rt ra.seJ. itnn 1 but reinal. i (I pritgrtf ug successfully, 'cable and and lie euro and st.a.iy, ti if r.i-y were deli turned in the rekiannv ii.cln.lin'i either did "u' '''injtc i vwv l'Mi of ground to which er 1 UK BCBKLS Oft a lll'-AULV rillK aU'T Th enemr aleotl antil adrancing foeeaq will. in Mbf.tit tbiiiy hen ll.ry opaned- a yoL'U-i arid that the wl ur renders will lenru with deep re- thut tho minded, pallant, a.

Her'a i de .11 lire upon th -ru, and I lien ft il back a abort .,.,.1 tiwKoiim. ri.i. vmruMtuT nsrsn. 11 ttu till tViiwuo l'U" 13 111' ii nil t- micii ihv 4.

I lliff'Hi'wiTii-nt new of tb mncuntion of ir- the i At! I rao, im'il long pa-t one. was ambulated Lctiird tlm miiiieil cte -It UK. Kil l. JOT. EDITOR.

NEWBERN, 3ST. O. 1I0SDAY EVEXUtl, SEPT. 22, 182. waa nominated a cauet at vt est i own, thof.ny a general kkuiau out iiamtMii.

luar'n B.4Mi:'Kcn itciuain uiir ieti nv u-r- frortt iVtUlfvlVanta and irra'duatfed in I Tn-r wrbeutlwo Hiwunl tlire hun.lrp.l i n'ili orjirtilltriy, ni nif ill. I Vn to a late b'ir folnjt there waa nalnmiirjr in all of wl'imu but Wi mtrkrd iTrerisioii I wliils uor tlMmir. a iimifii i liit Mur men eooi) rtfntvrred tin ir line, and Wera orderrd to a seCAtitd rltatge. NotiihitAiiding lite lt. 'litlSi of tle mrnit up an aloinat perp "iidit uiir uttep amid rm-k aud amterbruah i ho now Inniie awl paslwd an.

with ctwa of nittn.vo to -their a'lee'Miiea. to wlitim ihfy thia time applied tliaTtiyonet with tif or. Hie itme C.l:f Vr.ttU. dotieraU rioter inloi.ih' rrtderkk i ajmival0r the! fiy hckfI nbuot eight oVIncli SunJuy lit. I piji Miiitihvir titi itiijii dotieraU rirer inloiHi i'inn at i ajmivalof tins! fiy eacael about eight o'rlncli Sunday night.

ieiv.s.jiit their tiin mipl'iiK-titthmujh ami JliCkiraii. IIu wa-i l.rovetcd tuul ihre that 0nial iand'at tlitir wijr to ijreeoe wtla "b-: fur tlrral wa.W I '1 urnsido KJ uiarche'J to ilvyai Ferry and ul l.b.m'a 1 pf nteri, dnaiire Oil tllO lit nf it. bermg froa, lo eig hi i.hj lt iho L. 21 Lipiitpiintit of nriln ...1 i A ln.l,,,l Itvm MUiUbUrR, wen 1 but l.mj IliK-s ol et lVngrcM will be issued every veiling kl 5 u'xluck. AdverliatiiMiiii inii no-lice for puhlicalion must be handed in by li) 1-8 o'clock A.

M. if received after that honr, they will tic over till the ntxl day. ti. Tho Wockly J'rogiesa will ready Saturday fureoooi.a at 9 o'clock. 1 i SUrfPll.lrre "Kise tnin, 'captured an aij of General hie burstui): iititlula ii ascended hiph into 'e iierniued by our rilK KtBULS CAJlSllT RKSI5T Till? BYOIir.T.

Thia hat the eff ct to tot them to flight in dii iitiiii a litihtlrt'd wrra'hs of Finiike air. ted -lb" iU tlmt cut tlieir aay Uwoujgh froiwlittiiMt on-Monday afteinuon, who was matting 13, 1847, fur gullatitryhi ilexiuo; warn appointed brigadier geiieratl.of.volun-teei-s, Nov. 12, 1SC1 anil was al'ter- Hauler firry, arrivni lure litis iiiiiriiing, and war intra Harper r.rrv to H'tom-aboro with order, no attempt b-iiig niada by thatn lo dvfeud II fifty wore bae narked t-lrfrrl'll rr.ln...n uiiiin.i 1 ti lltL-H tsli Of ft LJii- pt. lit, niiotiiieuiir the ettpuuiiiitiii ui iiie uince. iitrt -tfiiii, tr lite misly t-nifkeaccnil imirKs Tiia RKBcba A 1 IIIKU CIIAKUE wanU -bh rfleaFatah juitt rote; veil- at hecduuaitera 1 "1 aoppoaed wa a.

Ilooiieabom, wliieh our terrible: aildh-rv was lironaht to 3U MOI'KTAIS rr.MH. VMi f. m.e?r.r5,, .1 1 'I say lias reet.s.-til tl.o I'otonac f.nd in our -J rain shot ShelM-ai indeed ra.v- A Wa. Lihoim, editor of the Ar-as it Nitty Jouritul, 3 'Hon Boston, is our sole igont for. thit city.

Any contract entered into by him, for advertising or fnibacrip-jtion on our; lociwjht, will be ratified by Anodier tljnrgo and the Vnemy' were diiren and In wlniff tiiroujh the v-" -Ifieiieral McCUlhin liaa cnaed hun with tre Iriulnfiil. 1 A ..1 I I i l.i a li ti l.nrMl it til Ian. httf llin-t' nuke nn'J it rn. memloua foree tins Md il Mii.rnsliij and len -c i A.i hoi" nrareh ol Ihebeiry, g.uiiK ll.e le.m-f id an, I earing, phumltiu' lip the earth, thate beyond the jteaa or summit ol hm heiglit Into an a H'hil ui ileal and t9truel'on fell ieu auaee, nflurding them uo akoi er except J.10 tell 111 1110 batUO- Ol ftOUin prt heleasafed eonmiand. whiilier li had hi i fill ve auituuiunu vr aipiurcu beared Mountain, on Sunday, uivMt 'cam found about aeut by i I.e leeeived I I'ke hull into ll.o very uinhl ol' the icbel hosts.

'w tlio de.pateb from Colun.d Mil. a on 'Aloiidaj earn.R aiming them must have been ap desc.ndiug alope. morning thai Lu as in Jauiter. I palhn. liut still they ept to their guna and rae KI.BCU TASE KKfeu kklllND a (TOXB I1U, THE SEWS.

The news from Maryland is all thai the 1-lth while heroically engaged nrunViliiamiport, and none tiro miles on tlm otlitr side of tho 'ftU'urapliic and railroad couiniunication to ti ii v.e in the Uisctisnre ot ins uutv. niic liii.itfiriS.flii, IB. 1-2. hiawry and lesi.iuuoii, iiiJeeJ, ourtli a wati tenpenetl la-t nitlir, showing Pnsentrer from reiiinl.

iiiitliii; pa tinu.ti llie 11,010 lo. daringly engaged in ovei'seping that the place had bei totally ibaudoutd by the rfcbils and occupied by our troops. f.m llaiper'a Ferry who repo.t otB A0VAX.T5. the pnirender ot nmper 9 reny 011 Monday nii'in I ing, after a 'moat tletermineil defence, and the iue llilauiry r. giiiienls nwn f.ivward with deiith of I'oloiiel Miln, who wn killed by i the inmost -inn and nriier.

'1 litre were Hel.iud this Ihey took refuge from the galling fire of (ieneral Hatch's, men. That elfieer, pei-ceiving this niivement, dashed along his lines ami slit.uT.'l." Hoys, 0.i inusi drive them trom I lutl'l lin-e With a yell that sent terror into lua reLe! ranks. A roturu CUAUUK DHIVES thlu t'ECX this BKrr.a-CB. The charje was snade. and after feeble resiatanca al the sione wall, the rebels scattered like sbaep, havinir 1 tie ground a iuh llieir dead and wounded 1 or IIAIUT.Il'S ISRV.

hell, culling cdToiie ofjiijlepa e-j hut IV (Hrpth.T,TinT.wiier'-nn-'nr ll(t anil AceoTitinir to these Col. Miles oyacua ihe remiiui 11 at mute ill. hi ii the whoW. can bo wished for. iue total rout o1 1 tho rcbuk at Sharpsburg, by General McClellart, Tuesday, is reported, and their flight across tlte Potomac at that -point.

On-iJjHidayjijojjiing Gonenil Pleasanton came up with thclF rear guard at Boonsboro, and drove tlieui two guns and killing thfrt of the enemy. General Itich- a'rdson, who waa in tho advance, followed up the rebel and found in line of battle, in the afternoon, on change in the line of his skirmiriliers, a niinie ball from the rillo of a rebel sharpshooter pilt an end to his earthly earecr. Ho died a soldier's death, engaged iu upholding his country's lie was the very goul of integrity arttl scorned a mean man and a mean act, and the soldiers of his divksiou lsved him with more than a filial af- Pfrnre Ibe I'lttee br -Xw Uaia Hard 1-ighliBji, aV. seroie ill ilea terl Maryland fTeijhts, tiaturday neiiiug, were tliums universal com- explodipg one of In, heavy Kui.a, aud throwuis i Nl) Vl.t, a calll otheia down the roefe. The officers were allowed lo go out with their 1 WasntNOTOX, Sept II, llitt.

id. arm. and hreea. and -he men with their im-i new iruupa-ni 1 ms into a.n.y Great anxiety has been manifested all day to ii. 1 1 .1 hi 111 iit-i ti it 11 tile Ittli, unit irntii IIUMI.ISS AUTII.LEKY SIICLL TH learn the fate of Farrr and its saliant i n.i".

i itiiq uiV'Hk'I t'i'e 1." hitd I ilii a igr that. WI.F tupuillllttli -( Ifc-was known' ibat they wera The railroad bridge and f'otomae IrrMie wei lis lite pi ge i't -ncory. this General Hatch's forces were storming completely Buirounded by (fie rebel forces, I tnnilin(r. nnrl Iho li.wero r. piuud to lit iehls.

fectionj Which Was heartily returned and had been sustaining a fiireo ami unequal lh Maryhmd II ihe glli.s of our no ii iha.Hv tr.i-'iles ii li ttii iiiy Mid the eaniiott-; heihis on the liht of the gap. General ileriis Mere liuomng their 1 Franklin's artillery, which had attained tho uii feai'iul noise and i leihi onthe opposite side of the gap, co opera- of the conflict fur two whole days, imj that no rein-j Ths following is from the tj their commander. l.rt fHi.iiptild eTCTtt ihitw Mtirtinslmrtp Ait'triCm, from 1' rnl. rick Ill prrs-d li.rwi.rd by shelling the enemy opposing General On the battle-fields of North Caroli had arrived. Those, who ki.lw well the brave eo.iibin.

tones and Jackson r-Hrile- r. ,1 thai ml tho woikaat Harper I'eny yeaterday na, Gen. acted an -important i.ti.iu. titles it.t I utiitiiiiii. nit.r.t litu rosistunrti.

Ac- At Roanoke, ho distii.iyuii.Irnd T' "i'l to have desperalo -7 .0 na'i 110. tit itiiott until million ui me but 11 ot. erillltlM ilUfi'P Kitttm liM Wl 1 olltitled to I nns the enemy lo inse ipmleis wild the Mi'" I 'y hd been mnwrceo ny the reoeia r.iU and ll.e bayonet, am! lo decide ihe contest 1 his cross th-e, and the iinpetut.s.ty of Uatcb I Xo" irmiiiUT of ennmm nt' of VT at. the STojiE waix CON'CLi'DKD tdb bombs citiivi Ihi-m. Ifitir was nublc wwitic, 10 I rctr the fnn-i his cuvit ii'l cmnpt-l i bp 0ipera.

HAcn men, who himself with great bravery, and his- llatpaf's i etry snfTenltrvd to thoTebelsj hnhtlii tha while flag. vOiher acrotutts are at len o'clock Mimday'lorenoun. All tly tti- killed or fatally before the soners ami nere priruled. I he inirrei.d.-r. Ail our fu ices et re nori.bor.

cavalry, ahout twenty-lire hlndi vd tiTnumbtr, ing li.titui, stnee of limn have mnvnl at Fredir brilliant and successful New bcrn, will not soon be forgotten by th. hi tliia nr.ii.t nin. VaalinVsaA hV 011 Simdav cuius da on a lek. ben the Mien kit ihe enemy passed Jl'ddletown, natsal-iba tho hills near Sharpsburg. While deavoring to discover their strength and the full, nature of their, position, which occupied iho evening, the -er portion of the army came up, resulfwasa desperate engagement at SharpabHrg Tuesday, which ia said to liavebeon a-gUiribua -vtetory Iop-ohf-ami8, terminating in a disorderly flight of tho rebel army across the river.

Harper's Ferry-, which was gallantly held by Col. and Gen. White against an overwhelming force for two days or more, was compelled to sur participants in that memorublo event ILrit to tl.u -Mtu-vtuitl l.lo.nml OIlU.l" -pttAtii; J10 u.u.n to. LUIXX SLLyia-ilx- tt.v.,oJt l.ttt In two I a hail lltit tut. mill, mln.n itiltl ejnta.d a 1L 11111 Llllir 111 IIOI'II.

HO WilS Sill'- 1 tve,!. Ih tttea ntrt u1uau he 1 of our heavy artillery, i ceasation i.f lurlher optrntmns. OI NIRM, HATCH WlltNDEIl. tin; vas nrsC'ivh'ifD kiiCsS of Iho wonds. i fleneral Hatch received a hall in the eaif of rested tint in the lb: ess resnnit'd ItTy 1 he lire i anil hicre.w-d in! Its il.ete vtas r.i al our whole iiru- lur "us bhito ol" cessful, driving his enemies from their! "''I--, rehols icport that they (Ihe cavalry) had a Severe iljht, and lost two masked batteries in dismay.

three hundred in killed, wouiuled and prj. When General Durnside. was called iu'the opetaiiun: Ahout iletiw-'itiil men ncveftpturcd by to rtsiutorce the army ot C.en ctlel-1 ri.u jn ut Uiih1 Kulttndtr. lan, it was Gen. Itcno's furtunu to be 1 cannot lentil ihe nuinhir? of tho relicts, i but tiny were very latuo.

Tho right a as one of the chosen number to. nceoin-1 0)1 Rl(lin)i our pjtny him. In the recent, on UiB Jf.r,yJjisrrliFrg;hi3 IMI, at iu Virginia, ho sustained himself with the Mnrylut.U side, lo Ihia lliey did not his leg during the tiht near the which com-pelitd him to nillidraw from the field. fTKI.Xr.'lll OK HIS BllltiBK His brigade, Itirmerly GmiciaI Auger's, twel-ve hundred men previous-to enu ring Ihe recent fu-bt, their numbers hiving been redut't'd by aciivo bitd long marches be la tcli the liappaiuniinck aud the I'oluioac. asooaiiTii rot acEBMH fi.e.

'I iu' iiit once ordered Celt's tliv.sroll i'o lie s.i.l 1. 1 tile ll, lillppotted 1 tjy tifiieial -Wilcox's ilivishnt. iittniii'i. IVnviMniijI lirig-idc was 'Ihe first that came into the tiht: As St. on as they tiie i Iw-fi tii.t ol eurih I i a I I i.

ei, i rry. fJitKrvrAsri S. pt Th( rnvrilry wli-cli I i i ny Ust r.L'bt at eiutit n't-lfrk, ii'-re ht Oil" u'cli'vh. 1 tit-y fMCni.stv'ti (.1 Tweilili I It iii.i lit iuicnt, l'irt MiiryljiiVt Hpmo' pjtft ot tho Kielitli Nt (irk piittfiit, sn.l ji'Mtion ot hti linlitiua regiment, nuiiibcriti nbunt tb n. hit it upentn.w an al llarM'r T) nhl tl i-iisiry t'oice ft I Ot.Htoiisii tut ihrlr way m.t.

Ai'fi 1 olr'nniintr puiU th' )- larlcJ, Bii'l in ttutrtii'ir th-ir ay wri'ini'l ttn enemy wi't-'fil he iiiij hu on tcjn'Iiin tic iiii port itirui shw trai'u tl' waio wlbcli thpy I'lip tilled. i It hinipil out to hi' fJr'nv LfHifltr? am-nu' nition Irnin. wiih-h ti.Tljimt 1 ft J'irr-fowii Ht tcr spl im; liU divii'iii wit'i Til Wfr1 hrl'f fli: pniit rt i ha-tii tti heihuo Iimh. CJhii.

I'njiu at Ci etllt ami ga.l llltry ami WOll new lion- reply, nut yet ready to cuiuiueiiee ihe into their rai.U. 'ihe veuians of IhU eighty of the old member hi i the ,,1,1 ranka. was composed mainly of Contest. emits in all eonie litres hundred -men. liey tiuight spleniii lly, nevertheless llihlaitdeis at '1 eiivui sltadilv came up,": in men lo break lIo had his IuVution to hi country's with hU hknd uud nation inounia tho Ions of gnltatit chieftain, and his annj that of an idolized leader.

Hid bodv will rest in a Piddier'e On Sattml-iy rthiU wit nn atfick M-itl artillery on on, l-m on Uiu Maryluml LiciglitA, i Has siiimriiil by a laigi! inCnmiy and thu coniintint Ihe dny. j'TluTe 'i-r tnid many hi A wouilv'd i iluiitig lliis (iiit on v'uW-i, 'I be rebel say tlify linn unlv one briarle of bifantrv rim but tl.vrc no sign of back ax- neciocxr or p.toe of hikd. Ml aii UmI I An instance, ia mentioned io a bleb naof tba render at ten o'clock on Monday morning, but to what purpose The rebels had to abawdon it suddenly Tuesday, in such haste that they had not time to parole more than half the prisoners, the vest being discharged, unconditionally, of course. It is probable that the fighting at Sharpsburg gave them timely notice that tho place was able, and that the banks of the Potomac was no place for them. It was rumored Tuesday that 'General Burn- sido now occupies Harper's Ferry.

Goloucl Miles was wounded in the ac- tion. It was said that ho has sinqe died, but this lacks confirmation. reerniiN, a HtrApping coiiliiiiued a r.hei at the store itali Lin musket hisag fa' re. arul. perceiving Ilia ilariL-er of ho Ilia lirsi cn vioft: Tttnun.

't, ill ihe i -1' kied of un- A ccri. I.on U'ptjrcd in una batire. I eon our iaitle the ii'ly, III' lo Vt ll so nut hliu iii a bode. Tlu ii.v.'MHr.v. seized hun by the threat compel-, his tvi-rtv'n u-oi 1 1 it 1.

icim.iiiI etttt id I I. tit n.rv it ti-rt u'w lliA 'I it'rl v.sectttitl Itiin lib Vrntl t- 1 1 1 I ii'XMii If'ijr. D. 'i'u-Miiiv ttivi'i. VmL- Aloiit sevniitv-hve piisniiers weie t'iij'tllie i i I in in ii, a his memory will ever -bo green in the liout? mrmeriy V' JI; "'V Iloeefllieii, issaidlohavc slleiid- IlCiirls Ot lllS COinmailU anil associates.

I'lilont Moaely, and the t.allhal.ll i i m. i not a nntuth ami It is a great loss, but wo bow in chas v.o:ce id he gave I lie -Older t'har jt-1 bnyoiiots and, i.h one wild cry and an impetuous, ilTi-sif tihle dash, ilia whole hi ia le I forward, hieaking all the I ter.nj niiuiy's eel, 1 r.hels i-Tip tiny 11 like i before us, uuauiii loiijr to reit liie i fm i uis urtaeLof iiur-uieu Illtil.B lUutS.INt) PRWOXEIU TAKEN. Om iitiornisut says there were at least lliree tlio'is'uid rebel piisoners takeil by us. Seme of thece state that Geuetal Leo nils severely iLX. UENO rtU I.ienteMiuit sulin conversed with one of tha stall' tf (ten.

Keno. who informed him that that nlli.vr waa tiitied-ationt rmtmiSleca en tened acquiescence to the supreme will of that Great Dictator, to cull w-e must soonor cr later all respond. New Voik. tlllur regioieiita were there, but lU1rliittg, u. Uniim.

A-e. the above named sustained lilt) brunt of the, wi.h iilhrri.Hivr; had na Unit li at I Ley fight. etiiild do to keep the iMnwd 4'ttiin li.t'iiii. Ihe About four P. M.

cur ahandoncti duiihio dyed Uttiiera ahilii'tluy uiu luu way lleigbta, the rebel having been i piini. reinlorced uvcrpoweriu tin io.i rr The icirut waa made, in good order. The! THE IMMC Ol" 1 11 V. KlilZIfLSi, artillery was spiked anil our wounded tirken ayiay. Ilia day the rcljels made tlicir.i.rddeu XJemunriaai ef llMrpr.r.'a rrr' We give a detailed descritrtion to ine siipet inlvnillng a change in tha iiik nt in Ls Tttn'ii cavkji im I', poiii.ut of bis skiiHiiihvrs.

The friends of Capt, 1). A. l'ell, A. D. C.

to Gen. Bunwide, will bo pleased rlireelinii, with lln day of tlte battle of South Alountairi, fought on Sunday, which will bo found iHtensely in testing. Gn. McCkl-lan was on tho field-at an early hour appewincu iii IU.jjIik, is on ler it. mi.tiie.

av.d st'aMrrt-il nci Ihe in the living iy in evniiiiih and ll.e ih il, the every inlioi; im, to learn that he bus been paroled, and ii "rut a side, ahout a mile ami a half from I ll.o n.r. rebel If W.T I't'i Thtir! cerp apnearcl tni'tit. 1,1 lies bull. -111! is now at liberty. S'l-t t.

Tiie fi.l'.oa ing iiiipnr'anl tcltigeiict has iusi an the day, highly inspiriting tiro troops 1.1 ink il. anfl iiirnt iiccd upera I I tion. They lr.i!:d Camp Hill, 'and nt Iho third shell tli-uppeiired. 'lhty, htitvever, coiit.iiiii-'tl in jippear al lilts peinl al i been leceivt-d. Itpuamw pliasj upon the fuidiihiM of all at ll.ti t.i rs l-'i'iiy, sn i 'shows tha', iillhiineli lets nuiliieei i inleihet'iice Iri'iu it.

nil il 5.1et'h Han din ing lo i (itHUoNS PATTntiY PUKNCK? TIIR UtllEL OVJta, HHUIt AiiB C.Vl'TtttKll. An of tho nthff of (leneriil Hatch, who tnis )t niiiv-fiJ hei'. xtnlrit tht tiihlioin' but. 'ery si'i'i-otU'i, by Ihe inturtry nCJiin biipiHc, 8ilfUf( ilit hatlcrku of iht rlMlg tlh- tj', MiiMiftnwH. on Suiidy.

and ui in' pni-tM ff hhv aitiUt-ry were CHptured, wilU (jii.ioncli. cry m'oi khlan on tut mb n. K'rly in tht dnv (i 'n'rnl MclTlelUn rod ninny h' lii.ri n-mie-w bAt luicun. by the tldirrii. Important War News.

ANOTHER GREAT VICTORY i itileivalit ihiuiigh the day, tiotn ilhiitaiidiiig liy Ins presence. Howell Cobb, and a 'largo body of his Georgia tio were said to bo captured iu a charge by General Hancock's division. General Cobb is reported wounded. The de-btruction done to the rebels in the pur our lire. tinv, i iiviiiy run evmcn.iy piihic s'licitt-n, Durinj Salunl-iy t'iry wero plnniln'e Utteriea unwilling, to an ait the approach of his iheie.

whirh wtoii I ll.divar i violet ions army, tven in the tumg prtsiiiiMi 11-ighla and llai p. i' i Duiii.g Haturiltv hele, hv ti ov.i l.tdin.i'g nun In rs, ihe Cttui t'Hfi-l. tjiiit.hvr yr. v.tii vju tn k'ti, Aii'l thu tit t'ldii Im. liter uf tilt) putfik' oiiytj huh i in

Tin: ii i i.i, sor yivr vmii vMig rt i'li mil in Hflitit lini't now iiit'uf ciTi.TMi eiiiii njt t.ttt'i.i:ttirii our h' ncl len. i-r o4r -vivtury iiniii' f' iiu: 'I i.e rt'tn nt ii. tiifiiiy vvi ion partly iirttl tt hi- r.Hil. -iy lo th ir i i.t t.c I ti ui-fit fivi id ih uay i iuu-'y as it Tut; wo NMitTtt ruw.uiK imgimcm I 'V-a ht i'h a dt'rfo i ph rutinn anl inti'ii: i "ticli fl kCfttiv'v hv foiifi-i vi'l.

Th. BY McCLLLLAN, The Rebels Completely Routed iu Maryland. nlri iin. 'ii lee a. ho nenle lb, ir -wnpeiu nnc: in it ree on llie ('li-iih wu lii.i.pik,) Tiny weie In.

in J'oiivar II. itbls, but did lint Mtnrn suit towards the river on Monday wiisj sthd.nw ri'icn he Wr it-conized tiie eiilimsiiism i wh en rtiiniHtit-d uii bqiiiida. Ua'tiiij in tuiiit nt th Twenty tuifrth NVw Vork regi-I nt, he xclaifni'd "ltnyn, yon Iwtb diiTfuthrj -my fimn those liiljn, and now you nmat fol-I low lh'-m up y1, buy, follow hem An.l small art si, ii titiik'i Mil, and li, Wni'e were ct I. surre. .1 all.

ue.ilv lujid lighting, and all. Miles 1 a I ht 'Jl! seriously wounded' and cap.icitnled fit tni'thcr panic, palioii in the nl jinsiiiou The is ul. einnhi'd to nielit from ibis lima It is utnWstinid lorriiiu. General MeClellau sent back thousand prisoners to Frederick. 'Ono whole brigade was cut to nieces tliv Jl'-rntJ cui ft M'tUt'li nt at Kn ii.

r.i.l. It iit 'It-it iiMttn -nt tii" tups siml to hvbrett piiittil with ntw lift, for thy fought lika ti- 1 l'v' Ii 1 1 inn jtt Miif i rj ijji in I r.i hnn i liirl.t witff the North ('Mfoliiin Surrcmhr of Iurnrn l'ii nj ly (hn. While, and its Sailil L'caca-altuii by the JUbdn, lls-ro'c Dtfiiiee ut Ihe l'lu-e tj i oloix I ilntt was en'rnnaiid ail this ittne. Ih iiend While wls preeijl and engaged in llie el, but deelint'd n-k eetliinantl, allllOllgb was it'inh n-d to biui by Mtii- i (in t-u ing wat infantry, shir I I n.ii.iiit; on n.e t'lia- lelown lurupitve.

TlierebeSs 1 aUn li. ailiibry fi.mi the naino bin i ll.e tlamagf. wilt. mid In two or three ln.lirs ll-e Ulilillg was eltlireiy stl-peil- is. ti th r.

wtis a cluruu victory, of I 'I 111 Un. fi i KiHitii-h ihy urtMiistly proud. by ono of the new-Michigan regiments. I "What their tiro did not ac complish vti9 finibhed with the bay-1 it the Tv i'iity-'l l.inifrlfi l.ffm!ii IK- hwJi.ti1' i is pert, hnt tin-ft i fit thi ri cur.ili'rff b.t.irt, im niiii tii.p i 1 n'Mir i it. i ii.

tr rm -i Mtni'P nti itji uii ifu iimiji4r tit piitj-ri, atn ly-! ii't tja.laiid, the coaiinainlcrf lb AlMUll two 1' .11 Itle elii'iny iceeeilcl in geiiitig llu ir batit ries in po.iiion on I.eii'h.ii OVKIt TWO DAVS llAUU I'lljlVnNG. net. Our.troops fought magnificently tlironghout. The retreat of 'he' rebel's is described as a seattering rout. Tim L'hh of ihe I'arnlry mm I ami a heavy niuil-fy fitt.

was rum iiit iieej by Ihistii t-i'oultaiietiti-ly- from Kmnlan and M.irvlai Height. and tVi.1.1 the tliieclioii t.f Ciiatle.l.iwn tin, 'I lie fiom hatch 9 com van cosraosirD with their roi- t'lM'OHkV HOT I HOIS I A. It ill itt tbnt hpou thi orfrtHnm Ifateh' fnf-oi's'Ui-ro opp.tttrii tii-ih ftajiiu rt.lil tmopti with whom ut Tlitm nnhtHre (Jap bitl ft! 'I iy bclor-. A vyhpi-nf tins tii L'oion snl'ti HVJtilei ibeniarlves of the nppnitut Ity .19 n'pay tit n-bris bn tbo tHiiut thay leciMTtvJ up-no tti4t ot PH-ii ht fortitno enter! lo tvur ilit- Uiter, hihI ( wnr erv whj Hull ft art Now our titi.f, 'WliBrij'i Uull Uunl now No McDowell UrHtis this time. An dijeer tt Ui is j-t urnvf 'rmn II ir n-i fVrrv, rt nurt-.

ih.n tit rrinU i tut tl.t phi'' in jrwt Ifit ru, fir' -ic rt ttri-xt ri- tr Jt.t lift in iurh -m'i ift Juii'l tK thr pr.w't uti-t wimh, -in-re (itr.i.Nrvm., 111. isc-i, A ha ri vnc i ili-tt (i Mrl'IiiUii tlcltfiU.l ii'i I.x sli'vvl jivI llnl uiinl.iy, wi.ii wit s'u htt iiui ili.ii tin rt'lirW w-r tlyitig in tvery lt nut nt ibny Ui'il. Thia Iicwm nut ri hrr trnl mv jj.i U'iI v't'iyw nml rtd ii. lusiiiy f-- "Urti' ial unJ ibv ft rs ieinj i.rastU', o. Tlielr t'aptiire if l-ongtrpft'i Ata-lllllllilill 'I ihit llil.e il ut wai.

Pot, lie Our. b.illetit-s fiuin ll.ihvar II, iritis, an ii. tact, ev ry lintt bi. broultt U. bear upon "the enemy repiie.l.

line iliis was taking place II, ere was a 'ner I ii.tanti etigageuiHiil on the 'li'iili t.n 1 tui uj, ike. enr force The 1)U tW iiwtl Hill fiit a i i con irsr. Tht bnttle ftii'tn twl h'tly rfttpit'! (inf. (lur inr tho whlr 1 with rpfk-ls bm fry, ii hk i ii vjij ui unr nnti yobui ti-trnni'V. Vhnvt-r ijn-y cmiu' tip with thr (Jii' U.y tiny puvo tht'in tin' hnyon.

in hrgo (Jn-i In b' Kltfpil.i.rilt"! in Mm OiaM' cp-pi'ovt-d iyl l'-ti th tipiij Tiicit wh4 no tnoru bnttlo tloiiii tin-in'to HtM i ii n' tii rt NO. It tt in pnl'H'it Clr'iftnl r- tirOtt-il'V t'liiitlf'l, b-v I'll ti! tbrfiib thi-bntin, I al I bile ili'i-rUi'L. im-ti If I'osli-r II om- This mganizatioii turned tnit hist iSuiuluy afternoon, iu a ileal new uniform with fall uu-tier command of Dr. J. Mmith.

They uiudu a fiuo appearnntv, and w'4 enitvd hi battle. 1'lte rbel. wef-te i 1 ve atioiig f-'iin and (In ft W'liilo was going on tile I ilnthli tiilsrd I llie liver Mli'l "brelii'tll elf Iho arliMeiv nccoiupanu-a with the Drum Corps' ii i ii ai (.. iiiiikh HVIMirD, Ilov.cll (hl oiiii.led aud I li lt on laryland II. iritis ex.

ept Ilia three i ytilis. I the night Kniilty llni rt htls had i pbnvl ntbliiiotiitl bntii ri, in and si ne, ftom or M.1.fS-it. in, 1m', The i carjilt I. ut. fol.

nml Mnjnr Kin8 in rniiMi th Fir-t Nt-w Yoik ravulrv. MclU- up 'siiiuiiH fur lb J'-Uiicu of thi.t tl.i(f he Invi tl tn well kit, completely I1, M'. Itmti a towunls Hir tim: i.i:vy wa v.ociKn. ihjJrttM putittf. I ney, 111 Owe r.ooxsnoKo, Sept.

15, 18il3 battle of Son i li iiintain waa lough ye.strrdjjvifiiU in a roinplelc vie ory lo the army llie I'o'oinuc, The battle field wsa l.H-ile.l iii a g'tg'" of Pha iiioun on the turnpike road between Middletown and Uoona-btr i. Iliiiing lliu forenoon Ihe filing was by arlil-Ury, ciid. a.oi ii'g lo ascertain the rebel atrenglh and posiiion. About twelve lb oorpt (ii iiiral II, 1,11 was nl.Ured lo ascend tlio inoiiidaiu on (he I ami make an aMack 011 ilie ci.ioi.'s llai.k. At three o'clock General n.i'a ii.opsgei into at thin.

The rallle of miukitiy half an houraaa terrible, when 1 tie eiiiiny nave way, having our-tMin in poa-stsiou ol 1t1.1l porliiarnl thu lidge. 'I In. nn in iiAGEurrowx totally eyacvA 1 IVntiFavlvauia line, briruinz in ahotit Wcrnpturnl nn iimnptotf ntimbt-r of priFonem, rybij ir.nt Minijlt rs tin pi, kt flnd yen o-Ay nMnrivl th.nt bo tut vm 1 siiriotiniii me i ion lore.s. About eiclit A. Mile, waa teearely wt, lln, led in tha tl leg by a piece ol shell.

Af-' ter ibis the e. inn. slid was aaMlnnd by (Itinera! White. Keiltf. lint ru nig .13 as hat) TKIliY Till-: A''VV.

AXoTliEit ittho3lass. paid Gen. IVbtcrV Jlead (inartersa visit, also the I'rovosi Jlarshal. They proceeded to call upon Ciipt. J.

C. Shighr, who made them a Jicat, pilhy Fpeech, assuring them, that Qiiartermaarcr, he had bail rtupiisi-tions upon him for various things, but never bcfoie for a speech. Alter humorously entertaining them for a np, '1 lit-y nc lon of tiie crutnv. Thr mati'trr tU'. wuiy iil imi Imn Hi ifbol to i rtbfN ftnTunii i'ibdly-hi lull aot r-n-iu rtiica.

amitlar, atitj p. rh iht-ir linil r-citouifg. ai.roia nvtr. hui.kk i sbfiiit twfl m.b's this fhSp i'f nt five 1 2m 'tm on mi min. ami t'orrtnl nniieipaii tl, it wa.

ibniil.t useleps lo lur IbcM-anniiiT Md 'HiV 'r the hht. aud ll.j wo.ks, with ad Thia marnim at ir', 'h asan-! A M. I .1 i lulii lienersl llnl. with ihe bight III cuvitry and tapl. in piiimt i 'MI, nim in I II' M-li MH ill 11 il I tVlVili.

lleinlti mf llie Itniflo Viiih mr cnmi I'l challs bnMo.VKtfnTJ alter Ibi. ellilliy. I (,, .1 t( iil-Mi mf tiie i 4iudu tit, i.v sn.iM.sHiv,,. At lliHimsltsftf hi. came up Willi the Xin'h land I Ihiueh in.

a leivs'e in iho M.irvland while, ho invited them to partako of Virginia Py, ith a batlery, a. 'ing as rear eavttiry. iio weie psloled, i a.rived lieia tlua Illinois est airy charged alii uvnuing. I gttjttl. licit th the IIiij ugh Ihe tow il and two tmlea out on 1 in tse.v In, k.

1,1 lilell li tet we ha ted 'nunr 11 i iiH at this pninl, cxreiitinB jof bo and t' Inn rsne" ill' elm 1 ni. w. lo lliu ar il'er. kllM bX bU ui t.entril lln.k' wing il.rough In body.

nival is iMijt.i I i-i'etil lin ker, cmirminiliiig McDowfir,, ed v', i for the p.irpoa. of down turnpike, cr-pluiiiig two ol 1 ill in mi li, -cp in. isyi. and k.llcd and wounded and look i 1 'egret to have Lauuouute 11.4 auriei.det their gu "fiis cheer, hich they" were not back-wlird in'toeju'mHing to. After calling upon various parlies, they reluinetl to their house, well pleaicd thoir jaunt.

Their lloeo Carriage was prettily trimmed with flowera and flag. Harper I ny, with al! Ilnr I 'rces and stores prtsuji tbiiru, lo tin niuti vlm-k Muinlity muru- liicliarusoi, a ilivisioii being in ad 1 have prent 1 a ni inbiti.iin Vi-i that llie iiist iliiitnl tt'-rii of scrr a--s nl. i ur at ma in th. t. gi.n.

tin tl btl ol' ,1 ihe fii-viV eMiii in liotii the fmht liri liio ai vinr to the uminiMil benrr, tn I' i.ti iii-'i Im-'u- in'i mint b.nou-j iiiiti i.wnnnvet ii Hi i urn, nn! liie-A'nvi vin.j u-wr id ikt etn eiv lln. I on I "ie rtrxneii. II I he lien, wb-ie icb, had i.latiled 1 atn ninven upon in bailtr ih.uig cn-i n-ialiM damage. i neuiy nbnut two hniira holnre suiid twn. Her, tho Fiibty two- intlvH ami a a Ir- ui i hi.

vn WtT furi. M.iryUi.l ll-inhts. Hkir-luH- he enuo up wili the emmv in Utk Imcc, misliini tbrut.j;!iiit tho Uiy anJ ws Uo orcupitii a loii; tl of biiU. 1 liiy riiji-f im tuitliijn i tot tiemy at Uf'rib UuWiU a I mj ol b.i'.llu uii li.ikj ai.J a kan i'li ci tult lt. 1 mai npov- ti, t.K iii.

Min as in ilie ia-e on Ihe other ridge of the nioun-Al tl.r, lieneiil' f. 1 tllt gral alaughter. Tba 1. 1,, y. I in lighi nn 1 ihe li.uiv fu'ili -and ri'" 1" uioie here than al an.

of uenl. tii I ik iiitii. i the hsftlh' lA'. We publithed on Friday, what purported to be an account of a desperate bat tie near riyiuoiiih, Wo oh- In n.s. I I'll 1 1 ill.

a wy. 11 lilt. II, I iten it wim dim il. thJlfll It WU itlm.n.e 0 I tlm bin 'lit ilknioon waa tm-ni in werlalnii.R Ih appit.a.hing In 'ihi hattlu look po-ilior, and f.itce the rebels, noi a aiilli -lent "bder wa. given lo spike Hie Tuns ah.

I Jhc Moil kl ilei, nw lb-bpful u.i.iiii a diviemn tiiuler (ii-ni'ral'llooker. waa woundid. ti 11 tho report from tho Xorfiitlc i Ut 4 niiinher in mir ti oona l.aviinf eo'no tin tti Lrn. hi. li mum I III In.

III llie It I (iereriKhhbona' composed of Ih iiiti. and condensed it- mu'i'iiu v. 01 an tneu.rm. n-- or iw i nil. a II, in, th Ih in rt.

I iii-m 1 he mi, nnti iit.w',u eneiiing nta enemy cull. try. ootid. Sixth and Setcntli tViacontln. and ttli'ni 1 llni bndv vl oeli', hn ttiin. J( ROW lUriW Ollt UI III! UII Ullllll 1 1 eeniCU I io our retieaui.g I AulsniiH, r.epr, 111,11.... leil Sll llml a pil I i our Well Til i.i iin.s. in a nu rrows-. On rp' riung ih" t'rii -u tve 1 It, riei'il" bhe lilliriCIUlOJl Il'Olll urgllllllliXlO CIlU, BIUI i bur a luumr thill llan I as lonil i), and bioi.glu away I 11 thfc Nuii icemh a regiments, wer ordered Ih im ne up tht of the iniiuntaiii. Thia hr il m.t ii.l nil after (link, wbti laeled till lienilr nine o'clock.

Till nhnti 1,1, -i I the ri h. 1 ti ar gunid mil ,,1 a id Aiiiiicka alrtmirl of a tltniro on Iho part I nml won a elniioilN vie'ir V. ia nttesiej hisiioa tiled at llni baa-. Ii, 'if inr, Our I'mcn llni. advnip I hly I 1 .1.....1 1....

.1....1 ....1 iiimri im, i. liei pusiiivii, wbi li was wt.ll boiiij iiju iu iiioiiuiiit iuio vniuiHi A. uimj S. I. 1 'i, t'- tllOHL'll Ollt of II liltlo tilt'kut hl'llsll.

to Tho roeihtif im. lligeure ennlli mil. mi l.n'ijnn Jl, gli'S Mib elieilld belli lo jininl rl of -tveiti "ht hob'ed il the. til keep Una I I ieh 1 11. in i.t. killed and worn tied. Aiunng the dead ia ('apt. Ihe that niphl I hi' liilrrn! adranro In hall mil 1 1. iitjiu thai (In the nt 21 inntiting, at a -i 3" linn-, the 1,1 by Ih lui il Mel'l, Pan, the p.

,11 the lit of a.i'r.le eii, i i.n cl, ll.t' en. nn. ol llu.r V. 11 rliiliii.r.X 1. 'V.

nt I es ,,1 li rs nn ttlilw-t II, film Send Wisconsin, The rebel Wile mr alotul a mile, v. hen t.tb tu hrg ttle as in by pnrlion of Sum. Ihe I ff tit. ii h'llu hit ll weia tllll bi.1 1 1 nn I d. I be istiinoi kepi up r- nil lav.

illn dvllig iiit.cti i the It It -f Ho jte ilUtllor of tho fubrifntloll iK'HCI VO JUlll- lout the dtv, cast a gh.or.1 I. poll li con iel.tlipl.t, aliU we trust it will bv-tnctcl w.iy at a M. hour be Ihe in wa of Ihe h. Lti. Ikiji.t Fit-y I 1 a 11

1 1 in tii.l II lleli ill' a trstil'te 11 'i li I Ins .1.. I.i 1,1.1 1,1. 1 ii. .1. I.

a in 1 his. Il 1 1 Mui.ti. 11, Hint k. Wltttl ini who In hi ihe dtiilug th hi I "(la r.t'.l Ir it vie t.oi J. i.l X' ainl .1, at 1.

tttii ,11. ri.

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