The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1934
Page 3
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SAftfRDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, .1984 BLYTHEVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS nun sim run Plans to Construct Two New Independent Steel Mills PAGE THREE Munich Youth Wins National Soap Box Championship DETROIT, Sept. •!.—Henry Fort today declared his independence or tteel manufacturers, announcing thai he will spend »13,OOO.OOQ to ' build two new steel mills al bear- born, to make all- (lie steel needed Jpr his vast Industrial empire. | The Ford statement said the construction program will take about eight months and will cost between »12.000.000 and $13,000.000. "When the new mills are ready [ Ited can produce 3.000 cars a day ( without buying a pound ol steel i la the market,." the announcement | Mid. . WUJ Supply Every Need Tb* plants are expected to turn out 1,500 tons of finished steel a day, 3« different kinds, to supply ] every need of the Ford plant and I the other for-flung mills of the I ford organization. I The move will place Ford In a position enjoyed by no other large manufacturer in the world, completely independent ol the steel manufacturing concerns. For some time Ford has been threatening to do this, and for several years has maintained equipment for milking. special kinds' of Ford steel at Dear-1 born. I The expense of the project is| estimated at K50.00C for new! buildings; J6.000.COO for^ steel making equipment—a blooming mill, i reheating furnaces, rougrlng mills, hot finishing mills, cold -mills, pickling tanks and annealing furnaces; and $6,000,000 for new power-equipment to energize the steel mills. The mills will employ approximately 600 additional men. It is estimated that the Ford project will Increase production of the Detroit steel area by 25 H«r ^nt. At present mills in the De^ ! troit district, including the Newt$n Steel Company at Mich., have a total production capacity of 6,000 tons daily. NEXT WEEK at Blytheoille's Fheatres THE in/ The 1 uivk's nt ll>c MM lliuitcr upi'iis will) a inimical :,tin l .v Sunday In adilllliui lo llu' uvular •iinvlo ultiiicliuns. Manila Hnillh, iliUji 1 , smell .riullii Mar, ulih Will- U'l I'k-hon and his 12 HTOrilir.ij artists will pic.'.'.'in music us "'I'll-; 'ainuiiS Midnight SlrpiHTf." This lulori-d milt h illivcl limn Die 1'nWlx thralcv tcinr. Tlic shows slavl nl •_' p.m. and ronllmK' Ihrutii'.li tin 1 evi'iiinu. With a umirrfnl slnry of e]ilr Mvei-p. inn 1 of the MroniM'.st casl: : u--:ri]]blc[| in iiianv unions und dl- nvl'.'d by oiii- of Hollywood's »<•«•, fax Film's "Tin- Wnilll Moves Oil" com;'* lo llir ](!!/ limit!'] 1 on Sun- ilay and Mumlny, hcrnldi-d us "(hi Icive stoiy of a ci'iiliivy." ilroilcd by thf 'I'linorous Mnclc- i[:iy nmt Friday, In iicUlltlon lo Ti-.icy, Hie iiiri llMlllU'S Ill-lei) Muck. lll'U'll MOr- 1'iui, JDiivlit Jack I loll. 11 younx llu'-ycar-uld iii'tov; Arlliui' 1'l Kcn. unil liyiiiu' Ovi'iiiian. II hTis n lonchnix. dranulU. Mory of Itiri', 1 of life's '•smmil- nili'iV HIM UUTO'S Iho slillll call-flee vuinlc \vlio lives lot' laiu;h;--a «lrl who Is an im'Oin- lii'lent, ln;l)i!i'« viiiHh'Vllk' ]i-i[ur Micr, llluiLijj (o KiillU' her own 111" 1 till wliu Mriiiiuli's ilr;,|XM.ilcly l guide Unit of lici- youiii! i,un; iih'l! the Imy himself. 11 flve-yr:tr-oli! j nun, li.c only re:>l llilin; in Ills, Richberg Grins In NRA Battle mollier's make-Lctk-vr life. I'u11 1 hmijles me ilirriids of ihHr lives, Ihrowliii! Iliem loiii'llii'r In. dramatic Munition, lloiv they I lelne Cavroll anil I'liinrhul Tone. I lli;hl and ereiilinilly win Inlnus Ihe | he inchnli'b lti'^in:iLtl Di'iiny. him [o n happy clliiiux. I le^Irled. Uuivuum. t.uuise Inessjv, •• j :<nul Houlh'ii, l.iiniMti'ii ll:n .-, Dud- Thi? mid mcM iaiiias-• ;ey niui'i'.s, Jose Mojlvu. I'ruiik (lie, yet Hie most exeltlni; ami U.if-[ Melton, llrenila Fowler, llii.wll Illnn of all of K. H. Vim Dim's Simpson, Wnllei 1 MiCliall. Miurrll? muuliT inyslery dramas, "1'lw Corday, Chailfi; Hasllii, ivniy Dmiioii Minder CaKe." comes to Norton. Cieow Irving, IVvdlimml | the Itll/ the^iei 1 on SaUnilay. Rehiniiaim-Hcliik. Gcoi-uelli 1 Hhiul- j The first iniink'r of tile series cs. llnlUvxvll Hcililk'K. Ivan Sirau- lakrs iilncc tit tile Urugon 1'uol >'un, rmnk Monin unil Hlcpln l\'l-|un the vast estate al-n imiHIinll- clilt. lluiinlie .seietiUsL wheie une.sts liuve •— Ki'tlieied for u Wi^k enil ]iiuly- Al "Tile Cat's Taw," nl Ihe • Illl?:nn cvenlni; buthlni; parly ii.ic "I 'i'nesdiiy inul WednesiLuy, is llK'llht 1 unesis niul the llaia'e ol lli f : (ir)»lii!ii lllle of Die Clarence Ilml- jslMer of ll»> seleiillsl, a part play- c<l by Clcorgc Meeker, dive:, KEEPS HP SIEflDHOLlIE Dealers Sales Keeping ,0n Little Varying Level, Manufacturers Find Eleven-year-old Robert Turner [photo No. 2) of Muncle, Ind.. won the national cliamploiis)ilp. four years in college, mid the plaudits of CO.OOO watchers, ns he flashed (photo No. 1) across the finish line at Dayton, Ohio, in the rnsl annual All-Aineileim Soap llox Derby, SIMIII- Monroe, roied by 34 leading American newspapers and the Chevrolet Motor Company. Part of the huge is pictured in No. 3. Grnhum McNmnec. famous NBC sports announcer, who described the Derby on a natio i.wlile radio hook-up, is shown (No. 4) as he broadcast while (ravelinu down the graded course in a typical soap box racer. Jack Furstenber B 15, of Omaha, won llie E. V. Rickcnbaeker trophy lor tlic fa.sU.s: heat, and the Charles -P. Kettering cup for "the best constructrf rac ?r <No. 5). This wns llie only "closed job" entered In tills year's cvenl. in which 34 champions from as many cities were selected; by time trials from more than 20.000 boys who bulk unil raced Ihcir own creations. mm H Tiger Star Presentation Is High Spot in Ford Day Program With 30,000 fans—a great many of them dealers, salesmen, guests of the Dearborn branch—cheering the ceremony, Harry Mack, manager of the Dearborn branch presented Charley Gehringer witli a brand new V-8, at Navin Field. Detroit. Saturday. August 11. The gift was that of the dealer group in appreciation of the fine work done for them by the Tiger star over the "mike" in his evening recap, of the sport news of the day. The Gehringer presentation was one high spot in "Ford Day" at Detroit last Saturday. The other came "in the evening, when nearly 5,000 Ford men and their families filled the Michigan Theater for the and trucks totaled 1,111, a gain j midnight performance and heard 'the musical missionary of the V-8 in a solid hour of harmony and entertainment. The Mlcmgnn, where Waring re- the China's War ;*r- Hero in U. S. •DETROIT, Sept. 1.—The manner in which Dodge dealers' sales •re riolding to a steady, little varying • volume, ia s'gsin shown by the ; latest of-the reports issued weekly by the office of A. van- DerZee,- general, manager of Ddoge Brothers Corporation. Figures^ .detailing the activities of the Dodge organization for the week ending August 18 reveal that the combined car and truck deliveries made by Dodge dealers hi that time accounted for 5589 new vehicles, as against 5.505 delivered during, the preceding week. The week's reported deliveries of Dodge • passenger cars alone, amounted to 1,966, as against 1,894 the week before. Plymouth sales made by Dodge dealers In the six- day • period were 2.512 while deliveries of Dodge commercial cars HOLD BIG TEST lip IKE Pontiac Demonstration Put On in Extensive Fashion WAKM.VC OKDKlt IN TUB CHANCEIJY COURT. CHICKAHAWHA D I STIt I (J'!'. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. All- KANSAS. Dtnn ThumiKon. Plainllir. No. 5707 vs. Kinesl Tlimii|xson, nefendnnl. The ilefnulniit, Truest Thump- InKlon KellniHl nm-cl. which sii]i lillrtl llvj plot tor UiL' [trst comedy Harold Llnyd liir, bioimlil lo llie :cvcpn In two years. l.luyil ainwais lirsl In "The C:il'.i I'nw" ns llie POD of 1111 Amerlran inlsslnmiry, who hai .spnit ^•lrtll:ll- ly all his life with his talhi'r In the Interior of China. At t\venlv- SCATU. lits folk (eel U Is llmu fur him U) iclinii lo liln native linul. and .seek himself a wITt'. lie thus IK Ihitiu'ii inlo th'j mut'l.strom t)l life In mi Amerlciui clly ol 4<W.(H),'J [al first like a fish out of wiilcr. Hi- tinknnwiniily hecomes the lool o( [unscrupulous pnlllclnns, lint, when he uccumcs mayor of llie city, thru accident. In 1 tvlcs lo u|i|ily Chl- in'sc|ihy to his o|MMnUfjns of the govrriiinrnl. Met-kvi 1 , dive.', into Ihc imUnul iwul »l vuilec und lulls lo come up. A nc\v Phllo Vane? comt 11 ; lo tin 1 i-crcMi In lht l iR'i.son of Warren Wlllliim and he 1 carries out llii 1 pan of the iinllshctl and Minn 1 - vvluil .Mi|x iclluni-, dcU'clKr with an easy lovtiliidt 1 . Seryl. Mcalh s nnulli Einjenr I'nlleUi! uiul Uoh- ll McWlnli- has Ills old role nl HMiicl AKorncy Mnrkham. Kiyht .siisix'ct.i lire Involvul In Hi'.' crime including Hulx-rl Ilar- uit, the sck'iillsi. MnrGiiri'l i.lml- Miy. hl.s .slsler, llcli.'ii I.oucll. his molher, anil four of lhi> K'l'^U, Lyli! Tultul. Diiriilhy Tra', Oi-urB-' K. Hloue and William Davidson, us well as (he linllcr. A tirnad siullo Fillouo oil the. fueii of Donald Illclilicrr, as ho I'uiiM-Kcd from Iho crlllcnl Whllii llousn conferenecs al wlilcli dlfn fi?reueos of policy on tlic (utnro ot Nlti\ ivuro Ironcil nut. Illfli- lii'in. dlrvr.tnr of tlic National Hmtriji'iii'y Council. Is belluvol lo liavc "di'.lil" uoiiic of his ideas to l'k« The dome.Mlc market nhsorr.ed 1.7-t:i,'n3 of the new vehicles maiiii- fnelured In llie United Slates last son. Is' wnineil .hlrty days In n Die caption hereof mid In California of 124 units preceding we«k's 12.6% truck over sales. the In releasing the figures quoted. Mr. vanDefZee points out that field .... „ Investigations made for the pur-1 showed for the entire week. pose of keeping fingers closely on the pulse of car demand show en- couraaing prospects for an active Fall season In practically all sections of the country. "The most gratifying aspect of our sales records." says Mr. van- DerZee. "is that they are not the accompaniment of sudden business acceleration, but proofs of steadiness and growth. A considerable percentage of present-day auto-j mobile buying is done by persons who are acquiring their first cars. ports the biggest business of summer. Trucks constituted 13 1-2 per cent of the motor vehicles registered last year. "Chlna'i only hope Is to resist and resist." General Tsai Ting Kal, i commander of the famous 13lh Houte Army that held the Japanese in check >l Shanghai, asserted on his arrival In New York, adding tbat ho would join forces with any faction read; to Icillcate Uaelf to driTlnj Japanese troops erage of 85 to out of bia Dative land. MUROC LAKE. Cnl.—A new hlyh was set in motor car demonstrating here today when 2CO members of the Pontiac oreanizn- tion and 22 newspapermen from all parts of Southern California participated in a field day devoted to testing of speed, economy and riding ease .on the dry bed of tins famous proving ground. Preparations made .several day's in advance by a crew sent out to this desert lake from Lo -sAnyeles 110 miles away included laying out a two-mile stralght-away speed way. a five mile economy course and a 200-yard knee-nclion track Holes from six lo twelve inches in depth were dug in the knee action course. A cook tent and large mess lent were set up at the edge of Lhe olti lake bed. All members of llie parly tool! part in the three tests. Twclv; to appear the conn wllhln hiuned answer he complaint of the jiliihilhf, Demi riioi]i]xson. Dated tills llilh (lay ol Aiifjnst 1B3-I. It. L. CiA'lNKS, Cleik. Uy Elliott Saitaln, Jj. CJ. F. o. Douglas, Ally. W-IH-7-M Lee Triicy, the fost-lalklnf;. hand-waving surecn aclor, rcliirns to the screen after an aljsoiice of veiiil iiioiiUus, in Paiamounl'.s "You llelonij lo Me," the first picture lie makes tinder u long-t?rni aclinij contract ul Ilie PHr.imonnl Mndlos. It lr. at Ihe Hit/. Thuvs- Local Praises V-8 EMiLlllps Molor Cuiniiany, IJIyllit'villi 1 , ArkaiiMus. I purchn-vcd n New Ford V-fi SiMlini from you alioul nine months ufii. I nm witling you for I think you will lie pleased lo know Ihu K'.ilMiU'tLon K hfts udordcd me. I Ret nlmnl 3fl mllc.s per K n Hon Arlluir Aylcs-| 0 [ unioline anil hnvc ndiictl- no wnilli. nUlionch Uavlilson is final- j Ol ] ijomecn ihousnnd mile chaiig- ly eliminated by Ills o\\n nuirder | fs . | | mvi . oxiicriciKcd no trouble ' Aylciwonh when !)•.• Is knock- ; whulcvi-r with this cnr. ed unconscious und left lor dead At the. close (if last year. of the 3,040,111)0 miles of roads in the Unllod Slate 1 : were surlaceil and n tolal ol IM.OIIO miles hud I cmioklcr It llin Iwst pevform- Ini; eur I have ever driven and Kindly recommend it to luvyone ciiiulilerlnu a new cnr purchase. II. \V. Wylie, niythcvlllc, Ark. Read Courier News Want Ads. stock cars were used and in 85 speed dashes across . Ihe lake Ihc cars ranged in speed from an av- 93 miles an hour. Economy tests which were conducted at from 30 to 45 miles I an hour showed from 19 to 24 1VAKN'lN(i IN . THE CHANCKRY COURT, CHICKASAWHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Bud Jmncs. Plalnliir, No. 57GI1 vs. Mamie, UereiKbiH. The ilefcndaiu, Mnrntc James, is warned lo iipjiear within thirty days in ihc coml named in the caption lierrof and aaiwer 111 complaint of Hie plnlniitl, Uiul James. Dated this IWli clay of August 193^. • ( H. b. UAINRS, Clerk. By Elliutt Rartain, D; C. '.. DoujjUis, ; Ally. OUR BOARDING HOUSE liv Aberr 40 Beto —or 105 Above Same to V-8 Statement by Walter F. Peck moi! carrier. Marsfleld. Wisconsin: "I h»ve- driven this car 81.197 miles in thirteen months, over all kinds of roads as well as in all kinds of weather conditions—the coldest dav being 41 degrees below zero at Prentice, Wisconsin — the hottest 6>.y being 105 degrees above zero at Spencer. Wiscorisin. "Mv mail route, a distance of 111 miles—one way—requiring stops nt seventeen towns ns well as several arterial highways, railroad crossings, etc.. has to be run in four hours time. I have never missed a trip or been late. 1 have made over 25.000 complete stops and the original brakes, pistons pins, rings, etc, are still in the rar and the day before I traded U. 1 checked my mileage and was teltiiK. seventeen miles per gallon of gasoline. I have hnd the valves ground once." Some 4,525.000 men and women of this country derive thetr in comes directly or Indirectly from occupation* Identified with owner ship, operation or use of motoi (chicles. Mid CourUr Ntwi ftant Adi. PAY OUR EYPtViStS * WVAY.I WOULDN'T THINK OF YT-—BUT, \F YOU WITH TORCE, I HAVtTlS,SU6 PAPER •RESISTANCE / / SUCH A T>RORTASLt TW/U I WKNT YOU TO VACATION WERE AS rA\ TREAT/—-VES, ILL TON YOUR AS TOR THANKS.. YOU CAN (SAVE YT TO SOME POKER SHARKS WHO BECAME IN IAY NET—AND TO A. "RACE AORSE NAMED \ BUI YOULL ? HAVE us ON rasps^g^ sSELLY ~ "BOAT "BEPORE SINK I miles per gallon. The ride test over the 200-yaiu course was a comparison licUveen i 1935 mode! car and a new I Pmuiac will) knei' action. Tin course was so rough Dial it wns (lilficiill to remain in llie sent ol tlic oluer inorlel even nt live mlli-s an hour speed. THE CHALLENGE OF THE FORD V-8 Get the FACTS Before You Get the Car .MANY I'ltiiniK for performance fur i-;ir* in the low-price livid. six*', t'fonoiny, <li«i);n :inil (|iinlily arc made As its prospective buyer of a I'ord, or* any i.llier Ford V-8 Beats Death In Race to Hospital A nutshell lodged In the throat of the tiny son of U-iurin Avaiu. Andalusia. Afnbama. The hospilal, nt Birmingham., was 220 miles away. Through the ni-jln.1 with the .speedometer needle touching 80 nt. times, streaked Avanl'.sj v-8. Dcalh Hew ix'side it. Inn Death lost. . . . -My Fold got the toy there iij airplane lime—tlmv icurs nnd 40 minutes. It saved lii 1 life," says ..JUuirin Avnnt. D THEY XiCWN TO BED ROCK IN THBT*"PURSE©- CHIEF JOYNER& BONIFTELD TEXACO l > IlOUU(n'H know the Tads, for Ihi 1 money. Then you tan decide for yourself which you have a rijfhl tu ear j;ivi;s you Ihe most The fi:rd V-S challenges ;tny car in the U>«-price Drtiinl iniints or on Uital dollar-l'or-doll;ir valiii 1 . •ill lo lieal it mi these im- 18 To 22 Miles Per Gal. On Gas No Gil Added Between IMG Mile Changes Leads In Sales Over Entire U. S, A. And It Costs You $50 Less Than Any Other Full Size Car l''or ICxiimpIc: The New Ford V-S Tudor. I'lilly (\is1s Von Onlv : Delivered in HtythoviUe, DKIVK THK NHW V-S. I 1 HONK «II-777 TODAY Phillips Motor Co. Aiilhori/ed Dealer Watch the Fords Go By

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